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Lilly Lane

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Lilly locked herself in a bathroom stall and sampled a line of coke.  She loved the stuff even more than sex, chocolate ice cream and Keanu Reeves.  It rocketed throughout her brain and made her feel as though her whole body were on fire.  Wow!  Oh, that was so much better.  She felt great.  She looked down at her jutting breasts, her narrow waist, her perfect ass and legs.  She felt like Supergirl!  She shook her head to orient herself and danced back to class, her feet barely touching the ground.  Her step-brother Kevin motioned to her from across the hall, but she just glared at him, imagining she was roasting him alive with a laser beam from her eyes and laughing to herself at her cleverness.  She settled into her seat in math class only then remembering that today was a unit geometry test.  "No matter," she giggled and attacked the questions, scribbling proofs with wild abandon, until she had finished the test with fifteen minutes to spare and handed it in with a bright smile and curtsey to her stuffy teacher.  It was a good thing, she thought, because she was starting to feel fatigued as the hit wore off and the more normal feelings associated with only four hours of sleep reasserted themselves. 

She settled back into her seat and touched up her lips, noticing the worried glances of the students around her.  Even Wally Bormand, the class genius, seemed to be having trouble with one problem, and a few nagging doubts began to surface in her mind, quickly confirmed by Mr. Harding's loud clearing of his throat.

"Um, Miss Lane, would you come up here please?"  She nodded and walked up the aisle, less confidently than before.  "I don't take kindly to this kind of joking, young lady!"

"Joking?" she replied, uncertainly.

"I don't care whether it IS obvious to a two year old that a tangent is perpendicular to the radius drawn to the point of intersection on the perimeter of a circle.  You must still PROVE it to get credit in my class," he responded, his voice rising.  "And the relationship between a sign and cosign has NOTHING to do with whether one's father does or does not help you BUY A CAR!!"

Lilly frowned, covering her ears.  "Well there's no need to shout at me.  You're giving me a headache!"  She peered at him.  "Did I get anything else wrong?" she went on, meekly.

"You got nothing right!  Nothing even remotely makes sense.  Are you on drugs, Miss Lane?  Are you ENTIRELY sane?"

Just then, the bell rang and the rest of the class, laughing at the exchange, scurried to complete their answers and turn in their papers, while Lilly slipped out the door and left school, worried that Mr. Harding would report her and that she'd get searched before she'd had a chance to stash her coke.

She snuck out of school and walked home, happy too to miss gym class and that awful Ms. Robust, whom she and her friends mockingly called Ms. No- bust.  That woman loved to torture her, especially to make her run in place or do push-ups, so that she could watch Lilly's breasts bounce up and down.  No matter how she bound them or what kind of sports bra she wore, Lilly couldn't stop them.  She blushed just thinking about the way Ms. Robust looked at her.  It was much worse than the boys' attention, Lilly thought.  They could be gross too, but at least some of them gave her a little bit of a thrill.

She dumped the coke in the usual hiding place, then tried to decide whether to go back to school.  Gym class would almost be over, but how would she explain missing gym.  Besides, Spanish was next, and she could never remember the words.  At least if she stayed out she could blame it on her period or something.  Her mother might be back soon, so she couldn't stay home.  No.  She'd do the mall.  Maybe someone would be there.

Lilly wandered down the aisles of the Gap.  It was the same stuff she'd seen last week.  So boring.  She was about to leave when she noticed some guys, older, one or two of them even a little cute.  They were picking through the pants.  She wandered closer, fingering a sweater.  It didn't take them long to see her.

"Hey, you doing some shopping?"

"Yeah, a little," she answered.  "Nothing looks too good today.  I was just leaving."

The guy laughed.  "You got a great bod.  I bet anything looks good on you."

"Thanks, but, you know, it's not that --

"We're having a party tonight. End of mid-terms.  You know?"

"Uh, well I --

The other guys came over.  "I told you she was in high school, Jake."

Lilly blushed and looked down.  "You guys go to Rutgers in Camden?"

"Yeah," Jake answered.  "What are you, a senior?"

"Uh-huh," she lied.

"See guys, at least she's legal.  Come on."  The four guys huddled and talked among themselves.  Jake argued, "I wouldn't throw her out of bed, would you?  She's better looking than anyone we asked.  Who cares if she's in high school?"

Tom, a tall thin blond with a mustache nodded.  "I bet she goes for older guys."

Boris, a fat boy with a dark stubble around his chin laughed.  "Yeah, and maybe we'll get lucky with her."

Jethro agreed.  "And even if she says she doesn't want to, I'm telling you that so long as she doesn't scream, it means she really wants --

"Shut up, Jeth!  We're not going to get into THAT again," Jake said firmly.  Jethro glared at him but didn't say anything else.  Instead he looked over at Lilly, staring at her breasts and licking his lips.

"Yeah, so what's your name?  I'm Jake."


"Do you have a car, Lilly?" 

She shook her head.  "But, uh, I know how to get there.  It's not far from my house."

Tom spoke up.  "Your parents let you out on a school night?  Oh, I'm Tom."

"Of course they do!  What do you think I am?  Like, fifteen?"

They all smiled.  "Oh no!  You look at least twenty!"

Lilly looked down shyly.  "Well, I'm not THAT old, but, uh, thanks.  So where is it?"

"Duggamore Hall.  Eight o'clock."

"Yeah, we bring the beer, you bring the body," Jethro leered.  Jake hit him. 

Lilly laughed nervously.  "OK.  Sounds like fun.  Like, see you."  She left, feeling a little better. 

At home, she went upstairs and pretended to do her homework.  She heard her mother, giggling on the phone, probably drunk.  Kevin was playing the stereo, some loud heavy metal.  She hated it, but she didn't want to attract any attention so she said nothing.  She wanted another hit but decided against it.  She might get more at the party.  So she warmed up a couple of pizza slices and then chewed a few sticks of celery for her breath, then started getting ready to go out.  It was easy.  No one in her family even looked in on her.  She knew just what she wanted to wear -- the tube top that Leslie said made her look like a whore.  Tough!  She was just jealous of her breasts.  Leslie was a 34-C but looked tiny next to Lilly.  "Oh, you guys are so great!" she said, looking down at her chest.  Now she was in a good mood again, and slipped out the door to go to the party.

It was just getting dark when she got to Duggamore Hall.  It wasn't hard to find, with the loud music and the crowd of students gathered in front of the dorm, drinking.  She looked around for Jake -- he seemed to be the nice one -- but couldn't find him.  Instead, she ran into Boris and Jethro. 

"Hey, it's the high school girl.  She came!"  Boris said.  "Hey Lilly!  Have a beer with us!"  He grabbed a plastic cup and filled it from the keg and brought it over.  "So, isn't this great?"

Lilly nodded.  "Yeah.  It's, uh, loud."

"You can come with us.  We know where it's quieter," Jethro suggested.

"Um, that's OK.  I thought I'd, you know, look for, uh, Jake."  Lilly nervously took a few swallows from her beer.

"Oh, he's not here.  He's with his girlfriend," Boris said.

"His girlfriend.  But I --

"Oh, he's a tricky one.  You're better off with us.  We'll show you a good time.  Not like some of these guys.  Like that one," Jethro pointed at a boy with long black hair and a t-shirt.  "He goes crazy with high school girls -- just to show off.  He loves to barf on them."

Lilly stuck her tongue out.  She started to feel very uncomfortable.  Somehow her beer cup was empty, and Boris had another waiting.  She took it obediently.  The music seemed to be getting louder. 

"Maybe I --

"What'd you say?" Boris shouted.  "Let's go back to our house.  It's too noisy!"

"I just ... OK." Anything to get away from this noise, she thought.  Boris took her hand and led her through the crowd, Jethro following close behind.  She thought she saw Jake in a crowd, but wasn't sure.  It was getting dark.  Before she knew it she was inside an empty dorm. 

"You like coke?"  Jethro asked.  Lilly looked greedily at the bulging bag of powder.  "I bet you do!  I can always tell."  He arranged a line and took out some McDonald's straws.  Lilly was glad that at least they were wrapped.  Everything in the room was so dirty!  She snorted her line and closed her eyes.  Oh, it was so-o-o good!  She smiled happily.

"See, I told you she'd go for it," Jethro said to Boris.  "Hey, babes, you like our coke?  Let's do some dancing.  I want to see your tits shake."  He put on some music and started bobbing up and down. 

Lilly felt great.  She loved that song!  These guys were a little creepy, but they had great coke.  She wished she were in college now.  It would be so much fun to party on Wednesday nights!  She got into the music and her body swayed.  "Yeah, babes, shake it!  Shake it!" she heard Boris say.  Her eyes were closed.  It was much nicer that way, not looking at Boris's stomach or the stubble on his chin that he hadn't even bothered to shave.  Suddenly she felt a hand on her top, pulling it down.  Her breasts popped out.

"Look at those tits man!  They're huge!" Jethro exclaimed.  Lilly tried to pull her top back up, but Jethro grabbed her hands.  "No, no, baby!  Don't stop now, just when we were going good!"

"Leave me alone!" she cried, kicking Jethro in the shin as hard as she could.  He yelled and she broke away, but unfortunately, she was only wearing sandals, and the sole caught in his pants, ripping the string that held the sandal on her foot. She stumbled backwards and fell into Boris's soft belly.  He grabbed her around the chest, feeling her bosom.

"Wow, I can't believe these tits!" he crowed.  Lilly elbowed him sharply in the stomach and he groaned, letting out air, but held on to her, grabbing her wrist at she tried to get away.  She struggled.  "Hey, Jeth!  Help me.  She's pretty strong!"  Lilly punched him with her free hand and half freed herself, but Jethro blocked her escape and took her other wrist, pinning her against the wall.  She pulled at her arms, but could not get away from the two of them, who leered at the struggling girl.

"She's like perfect, Jeth.  I've never seen a girl like this naked.  But you know, she's strong.  She's got tits and muscles too."

Jethro traced his fingers up her body, feeling her legs, her ass, her breasts, and tracing a line down her arm, pausing at the small biceps that arched politely out of her arm as she tried to pull free.

"They're just girl muscles, Boris.  We can handle her."

"Yeah, like, but I never saw--

"You never saw a lot of stuff, Boris."  Jethro unbuttoned his blue jeans.  "Now, missy, where do you want it?"

"No!" she moaned, sobbing.  "Don't!  Please no!"

There was banging on the door.  "Hey, who's in there?  Lilly, are you there?"

Jethro put his hand over her mouth and punched her in the stomach, indicating she'd get hit again if she made a noise.

"Just me and Boris, Jakey.  Go back to your party.  Maybe you'll find Lilly there.  We couldn't find her so we came back here to watch the Phillies.  Man they suck!"

A key turned in the door.  It opened and Jake burst in.  "Fuck!  You guys are such idiots.  Let her go!"  Jethro didn't move.  "I mean it!  Or I'll call the cops."  He stamped his feet.  Boris looked at Jethro, and Jethro glared at Jake.  "Fuck you, man.  Fuck you!"  He let her go, motioning for Boris to do the same, then swinging her by her top into Jake, knocking him over.  They looked up at Boris and Jethro, who stepped over them, leaving the dorm to go back to the party.

Jake turned away while Lilly adjusted her top.  "I'm really sorry, Lilly.  I didn't know you were with them."

Lilly frowned.  "It's all stretched out now.  It won't stay up.  And my shoes are ruined.  They cost me $40."

"I'm sorry."

"Yeah, yeah. I know. God!  What creeps!"  She fiddled with the tube, tying it to make it tighter.  "Damn, it's really ruined. It was so hot!"

"I saw you leave with them."

"They said you were with your girlfriend.  You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend.  So where is she?"

"Girlfriend?  I don't have a girlfriend.  They lied to you.  They are such jerks."

Lilly stared at him.  "Yeah?  Fuck."  She closed her eyes.  She had such a headache.  "Like, you don't have any coke, do you?"

"No.  I don't use the stuff."

She looked around the room and spotted Jethro's bag, which she pocketed after removing a pinch and inhaling it.  She looked at Jake.  "You won't tell, right?  I mean, he deserves it."

Jake shook his head.  "You are really -- never mind.  It's none of my business.  No.  I didn't see it.  I was ... taking a leak, and when I came out, you were gone."  He walked into the bathroom.  Lilly slipped out the door, carefully looked around to make sure Jethro and Boris were not waiting for her, and took the long way home out the other side of the campus.


Clark looked up at the clock in the newsroom.  Six-thirty, and Lois had still not returned from her interview.  He knew it had been a mistake.  Leo Lutorres was a dangerous man; his organization was in trouble, thanks to good detective work, and a little help from Superman.  His offer to tell "his side" of the story to Lois, from an undisclosed location, was suspicious from the start, and now ...

Clark quickly scanned Metropolis, using his super vision, hearing and even his sense of smell to locate Lois.  Within minutes he'd found her, held captive in an underground vault, five miles north of the city.  He was about to change into his suit when Perry White grabbed his arm.

"Look at this!  A demand from Leo to release his henchmen.  Otherwise he'll amputate one part of Lois's body every six hours and deliver them to the Daily Planet!  He's threatening to start with her breasts!!!  We've got to do something.  I'll phone the Governor."

"Uh, yes, Mr. White.  I'll see if I can get in touch with Superman."

"Yes, Kent!  You do that!!"

Clark disappeared into a spare office and emerged from the window as ... Superman!!  He flew at super-speed to the vault, arriving in an instant.  There was no obvious entrance, so using his strength and flying power, he tunneled through the ground, boring through the rock and then layers of steel to burst into the room where Lois was held.  She was struggling helplessly against the ropes that bound her, her chest heaving with the exertion, but then relaxed when she saw her hero.

"Superman!!  Thank God you're here.  They've left me here for hours.  I thought you'd never find me."

"You're alone?!  They threatened to harm you."

"I'm fine Superman, but I ...

Suddenly, a green ray shot at Superman.  He was startled.

"Superman, what is it?"

"Kryptonite!  It's a trap!"  He shook his head.  "It's a weak dose. I think I can ...

Another ray, orange in color, shot at Superman.  Ignoring it, he walked toward Lois, breaking the ropes with his hands, took her in his arms and lifted off the ground slowly, the two of them rising to the top of the vault.  Before he reached it, the rays cut off, and Superman entered the tunnel, then increased his speed until the two of them stood once more on the surface, where he put Lois down and rested, waiting for his full powers to return.

Meanwhile, underground, a small orange jewel, embedded in the chair where Lois was tied, glowed brightly.


One hundred miles away, in a secluded area of a suburban high school, a man in a dark raincoat was speaking with an attractive young girl of sixteen.  She stuck her hands in her jeans pockets, shivering against the wind, and then wrapped her arms around her ample bust, trying to keep warm. "I don't understand," Lilly said suspiciously.  "No one gives out this much coke for free.  Are you trying to set me up or something?  Are you a cop?"

The man laughed.  "Far from it, Lilly.  But you're right.  I do want something from you.  Your time."  She looked up at him, enraged and slapped him on the cheek.  He put his finger along the bright red line of blood.  "A feisty little girl!  Good.  You'll need all your nerve if this is to work."  He reached into his coat and took out a large pouch of white powder.  "Now, why don't you just take this as a first installment.  Sell it, and buy yourself a nice dress or two.  Or give it to your friends.  I'm sure they'd like it.  Or, perhaps, replace a few stolen items you haven't told your parents about?  Yes, I know all about you.  I can be of great help to you.  You'll see.  Try it.  It's as pure as it comes.  There's a lot more of it, if you need it.  All you have to do is come to me when I call you."

"Yeah?"  She took it and examined it closely, reaching in to sniff it gently.  "It looks real.  But what then?  What do I have to do?"

He laughed again.  "Nothing difficult.  All you will have to do is destroy Superman!"  She stared at him.  "Oh yes.  You'll find it as easy as can be, if you do what I tell you."

"You're crazy!"

"Maybe.  But you have a lot to gain from doing as I ask.  And even more to lose if you don't."


Two weeks later.

Superman knocked on the window of Lois Lane's apartment, thirty stories above the streets of Metropolis. 

"Superman!  I'm so glad to see you! I...I have a personal favor to ask you."

"Why, sure Lois.  May I come in?"  Lois nodded and opened the window, and the Man of Steel flew in and landed gracefully on her carpet.  "What can I do?"

"It's my niece, Superman.  She's a ... oh it's so embarrassing.  She's a drug dealer.  She's been caught giving pure cocaine to high school  and middle school students in Cherry Hill.  It isn't her first time.  She's been arrested for shoplifting, underage drinking, breaking curfew and truancy.  But this is the first felony and it''s so shameful."  Lois looked down at the carpet.  "My sister-in-law has never been able to discipline her -- she'd rather drink with her friends than talk to her own daughter.  My black sheep brother, her real father, disappeared years ago.  Her step-father doesn't really care.  As far as he's concerned she's just a problem.  And ... and I don't spend enough time with her either.  She's ... she's not a very nice girl, Superman.  She has no interest in other people, no interest in anything except herself and how pretty she may look that day.  And what's worse, she has a mean streak.  She'll turn against anyone who tries to befriend her."

"She sounds like a real handful."

Lois laughed bitterly.  "That's for sure.  Part of the problem, Superman, is she's always been very mature for her age ... I mean, she's very well-developed ... in every way . . . ever since she was only ten or so.  As selfish and cold as she is, she's always been able to get everything she wants.  Her body is so ... well,  boys will do anything for attention from her, and she's very manipulative."  She sighed.  "Not that she even uses that talent well.  She's ... so STUPID.  I mean, with a body like that she could ... but she hangs around with low lifes, and she's practically failing out of school.  What a mess family is sometimes."

"Lois.  I'm so sorry.  How can I help?"

Lois smiled grimly.  "I've gotten her out on bail, at least until her trial.  She won't talk to me at all and won't cooperate with her lawyer, but she says she'll talk to you.  I don't know why.  I hate to bother you, but maybe you can make an impression on her, make a difference.  Maybe there's still time to help her."

"I'll do what I can Lois.  You know, though, that the law must be allowed to take its path.  I cannot interfere with that."

"Oh, I know Superman.  I would never ask you to."

Superman winked at her.  "I'll talk to her right now, Lois."  He flew out the window toward Cherry Hill.


Lilly Lane sat waiting on her basement couch.  She was watching Friends, but was not really paying attention.  She hated all the girls on that show, especially Monica, who was so prissy and perfect.  The boys weren't much better, but there was nothing else on.  Leo said "he" would come tonight, but how did Leo know, and what would happen if "he" did show up? 

She was really in over her head now.  She had half a mind not to go through with it.  Maybe Superman really would help her.  He was, after all, a man, and men always gave her what she wanted.  Almost always.  That cop was a real creep.  Pushing her against the wall when she wiggled her tits at him.  Her wonderful tits.  She couldn't believe he wouldn't let her off, especially after she let him squeeze them.  He was really rough too.  Men!  They could be so annoying!

She looked down at her breasts again.  Wonderful things, they were.  Not that there was anything wrong with the rest of her body.  But ever since she was nine, and the first little nubs of flesh started to emerge from her chest, a good six months before anyone else in her class, her breasts had served her well.  In fifth grade, when they were already the size of baseballs, she'd caught the few male teachers in primary school, who rarely had anything to focus on their girl students, staring at her.  It didn't take much to translate the staring into a record of "A" grades.  Life only improved from there.  She recalled her growth spurt at ages 12 and 13, so that by seventh grade she towered over everyone in her class, with larger breasts than any other girl in the school, even the high school freshmen. 

It was like being a goddess, as if she'd breathed a different air.  She walked around, six to ten inches taller than all her classmates, more mature, and with her size and maturity, stronger too than all of them except for the most athletic boys.  They all stared at her, completely intimidated, as she indulged her every whim, exulting in her girl power.

It wasn't long before she lost that power.  The boys grew taller too and a lot stronger.  Her incredible figure still attracted their attention, but she had to be careful.  Boys could be mean too, especially if she provoked them too much, and more than once she'd had to endure the touch of a boy who disgusted her.  She hated that, hated having to be careful around them.  They could be so much fun, if only she could make them behave!  And the teachers no longer seemed so impressed.  They were, like, so careful with her.  And of course, the women saw right through her.

Footsteps pounded down the stairs.  It was Kevin, her fifteen year old step-brother.

"Hi sis.  Letting 'em hang out tonight?"

"Shut up, Kev!  Go back to your cage, OK?"

"Yeah?  I think I want to watch TV with you.  Right here."  He flopped down on the couch next to her.  "What's this?  Friends?  Monica has nice tits, but yours are bigger, aren't they?"  He grabbed her t-shirt and pulled on it, peeking inside.  "Yup!  They are!"

"Kevin!  You're a disgusting pervert!"  She grabbed his wrist and tried to wrest his hand away from her shirt.  She gave it her all, but he'd gotten a lot stronger the last year, since his hormones had kicked in, and he pinned her arm back onto the couch, forcing her chest outward while he looked down at her cleavage.

"Gotcha, sis!  You used to be able to beat me, but that was last year!  Now, be good and I won't tell your Mom about the stash you still have in your room, OK?"  She glared at him, while he grinned at her, reached into her t-shirt for a quick feel and then sprung up and dashed up the stairs.  "Bye, Lills.  Thanks for the cuddle!  Tell Mom I went to Mark's house."

Lilly buried her head between her knees and screamed into the fabric, then stood up and straightened herself out again.  She'd kill him one day, she really would, she vowed, and then tried to settle down, but between her anger at Kevin and her nervousness about seeing Superman, she found it hard to concentrate on the show.

Before too much longer, the doorbell rang.  Maybe it's "him."  She sighed.  She didn't know exactly what she would do. 

She looked down at her outfit -- her usual "slutty" clothes, her mother would say -- a t-shirt two sizes too small, a push-up bra, cut off shorts.  That funny orange jewel ring Leo gave her.  She hoped it wasn't radioactive or anything.  Well, whatever.  It's not like Leo had anything against her that he'd want to harm her.  But Leo was as untrustworthy as other men, probably even more so.  She knew he was using her.  But maybe she'd get something out of it.  Superman was a man too, after all, probably a pretty frustrated one, if Leo was right.  Well, she'd just have to go with it and hope things would work out.  Things usually did, in some muddled kind of way.  At least until just recently ....

The door rang again, twice this time, shocking her out of her reverie.  She called out, "It's open!  Come on downstairs!" then tucked her legs more neatly beneath her.  She knew she'd make a good impression, but wanted Superman to see her whole body at the right moment.  She pulled her shirt down and smoothed it, taking care that it was showing  a generous amount of cleavage, and waited for him.

The door opened.  "Er, Miss Lane?" he said, his voice deep and powerful even though he spoke tentatively.

She called out.  "Superman!?  I heard you would be coming.  I'm down here."

Superman raised his eyebrows.  Lois had said she would not tip her off.  "Yes, well then, I'll just come down then, Miss Lane."

"Please call me Lilly."

Superman walked down the stairs and peered into the room, looked her over and blushed slightly as he took in her voluptuous bust.  Yes, quite a handful, he thought, then pinched himself as he felt himself responding immediately to the sight of her breasts pushing hard against her tight t-shirt, even overflowing through the V-neck.    She has four "L's" in her name, he thought, trying to distract himself from her physical endowments.  Two "L's" always meant something significant would happen, and she had four.  And she lives in Cherry Hill, in Cherry Hill Estates, on Cherry Hill Boulevard.  She was as overendowed with "L"s as with breasts.  His heart beat a bit more rapidly, and then he reminded himself this was a routine visit, a favor,  There was no need to be suspicious.  There.  He was under control.  He stood in front of her and looked down at her sternly. 

"I don't know you, Miss Lane, but as you know I have known your Aunt for a long time, and she is very concerned about you.  I advise you to give up your bad ways, or else you will come to grief."

Lilly swallowed, trying to remember exactly what Leo had told her.  She held out her hands to him, compressing her breasts between her arms.  "Oh, Superman!  I thought you were, like, more with it than that!   I'm just trying to have a little fun!  I'm not, like, a criminal."

"Miss Lane --

"Oh, please call me Lilly!"  She did a little dip with her shoulders for emphasis, knowing no man could ignore the seismic shifts it produced under her shirt and watched with satisfaction as Superman's eyes followed the movement of her breasts.

"Lilly."  A slightly different note had crept into Superman's voice.  "You must accept responsibility for your behavior.  You're not a child anymore." 

"I know that," Lilly said petulantly, flouncing her hair and setting off another set of reverberations beneath her shirt.  "But what happened isn't fair.  I was set up.  They were Leo's drugs.  He gave them to me, and I'm sure he told the cops or something.  And now I'm the one who has to suffer."  Her lower lip stuck out and trembled a little.  Even Lilly felt sorry for herself.

Superman's eyes flashed.  "Leo?"

"Uh-huh.  Leo Lutorres."


"Do you know him, Superman?" she asked innocently.

"He's an arch-fiend, an evil man.  He kidnapped your Aunt Lois only two weeks ago."

"Auntie Lois?  So, like, maybe he did this to me just to get at her?  God!  I feel, like, so used!"

Superman looked at her.  "It's entirely possible.  But you bear responsibility too," he added firmly.  "You took those drugs willingly, didn't you?"

Lilly's hands fluttered, and she awkwardly hugged her chest, compressing her bosom so that more flesh showed on the scoop neck of her t-shirt.  "I-I ... yes.  But so does everyone!"

"It's against the law, Lilly.  I'm sure you know that."

"Yeah, well, but so are a lot of things people do.  I was just giving other people things that they wanted."  She smiled at Superman.  "I'm good at that, you know."

Superman cleared his throat and looked down at his tights nervously.  "Ah, yes, ahem."

"And it's my own business what I do with my body, isn't it?"  She watched with satisfaction Superman's reaction to that statement, which she'd written down in advance to say.

"Lilly, I --

Taking advantage of Superman's sudden awkwardness, she stood up, leaning forward and unfolding her legs, propping her arms against the coffee table in front of her to allow Superman a full view inside her t-shirt, bending her legs as she put her feet on the floor alongside the table, and then rising slowly, enjoying the surprise of showing Superman that she was just a few inches shorter than he was -- in fact, she noted with satisfaction, her legs were just as long as his.  Her blue eyes stared up into his, watching them shift uncomfortably down to her breasts, which thrust outward toward his muscular chest, and then back up to her eyes.  She loved the feeling of power it gave her.  Even standing next to a man infinitely stronger than she was she knew she was safe with him, and therefore she felt in control.  The thought made her a little dizzy, as did the realization that his powerful loins were just inches from hers, the margin closing rapidly as Superman became aroused. 

"Uh, Lilly," he went on awkwardly.  "I'm sure you've heard enough lectures from your parents, from the police and from other adults.  Let me assure you that while it may be your own body, uh, your actions do affect others.  Your Aunt Lois, for one, is concerned about you and wants to help you.  You have the potential to live a wonderful life.  You are a beautiful young woman -- as, uh, anyone can see.  But your future is in your hands.  You must convince the police that you will abandon drugs.  You must stay away from people like Leo Lutorres.  If you do, I will help you.  But you must take the first step."

She pouted. "You mean, I have to abandon my friends before you'll help me?  I thought you were going to get me off and get me another chance!"  The creep.  It wasn't working. 

Superman shook his head.  "No.  I won't do that, not until I am convinced it will make a difference."

So, he wouldn't help her.  Well so much for her own persuasive abilities.  She'd have to try it Leo's way, and this was her chance.  "Oh, Superman!" she breathed, "if you won't help me, what will I do!"  She wobbled a little and pretended to faint, just as Leo had told her to do, holding up the hand with the ringed finger and letting Superman catch and grip it firmly to support her.  Her knees buckled and he supported her with his hand before laying her down on the couch.  She was feeling a strange tingle run up and down her body, like an electric charge and she didn't want it to stop.  Mmmmm, the touch of a Superman!  She forced herself to open her eyes and look up at him.  "I -- I -- I'm sorry, Superman.  I don't know what came over me.  It's just so hard.  I mean, I don't know what to do!  I've never been in so much trouble before."

Superman's brow furrowed.  He had felt a moment of weakness as he had taken her hand, almost like Kryptonite, but different.  The feeling seemed to pass once he let go, but he still felt a residual unease.  He struggled to concentrate on his mission, although he knew his words sounded trite and unconvincing.  "Yes, well, uh, I've told you what you must do.  You have a little time to think about it before the law takes the next step.  And your Aunt and I would both help you -- if first you help yourself!"  He tried to sound firm, but he didn't feel right, and his voice shook a little.  Damn, she was an attractive girl!  He tried to force himself to concentrate.

Lilly wrapped her arms around her chest, again compressing her bosom.  Ha!  Look at Superman ogle her!  Let him.   He wasn't getting anything from her, that was for sure.  And now it was done, whatever it was.  That delicious feeling was fading away too.  So much for that.  Now she just wanted him to leave.  She snorted.  "Great!  So that's it?  I have to do what you want too before you'll help?  Everybody wants to tell me what to do.  Well, I guess I'll just have to deal with it my own way, then.  Thanks a lot, Superman.  Thanks for nothing!"  She smoothed her t-shirt over her bosom again to leave Superman with one last image of her figure and then turned away, facing the wall. 

Superman felt his erection start to build again.  He had to end this now; he couldn't seem to control himself.  "Very well, but Lilly, my ... um offer ... um ... stands.  It's up to you.  Goodbye -- for now.  Your Aunt Lois can reach me if you ... uh ... change your mind." 

Lilly said nothing, enjoying the hesitation in his voice.  She could tell she had gotten to him.  Superman bounded up the stairs and left.  Lilly heard the whistle of the wind as he flew away.

She shook her head.  Well, Leo was right  He did nothing.  She should have known it anyway.  It was everybody for himself, or herself.  She felt the ring with her finger and turned it around.  It sure was ugly.  Well, she'd wear it for now, like Leo told her, and see what happened.  She had definitely felt something when Superman touched her and she was feeling pretty good now, as if she'd just had a line or two.  Then she remembered she had homework.  Spanish vocabulary lists!  The worst! 

She walked deliberately over to her desk in her basement bedroom, pulled her Spanish book out of her book bag and stared at the words, feeling more and more angry at Superman for not helping her.  After all, what harm would it have done to him?  It would just be a favor to Auntie Lois!  He was so high and mighty, so self-righteous.  And she knew he was attracted to her.  Every man was.  Too bad that didn't make them do what she wanted.  It was so unfair.  What was a girl supposed to do?!

She wrote down the words and the English meanings, then folded the paper to see how many she remembered.  Noticias, news.  OK.  Abogado, lawyer.  That's easy.  It sort of sounds like advocate.  That's what they do, right?  Periodico.  Periodic?  No, magazine, she remembered, like periodical section in the library.  She always thought it was weird they'd called it that.  Funny, she hadn't thought of that word for years.  She went down the rest of the list.  It was so boring!  Still, she got seventeen right!  It must have been easy words tonight.  Should she do it again?  Nah!  Seventeen was good enough.  She didn't have to be perfect.  She stood up and smoothed her t-shirt, appraising herself.  Should she change before going out?  She did look a little slutty.  But, fuck it, it was hot out.  She'd go down to the mall and maybe pick something up there.


Superman flew back up, northeast to Metropolis.  What a shame, he thought.  That girl had so much going for her, and yet she would throw it all away on drugs and associating with criminals.  Superman could see he had no influence on her.  She would do as she pleased until life itself taught her to discipline her wants.  She was beautiful, but either society -- or some man -- would show her the limits, or the danger, of her beauty's power.  Until then she would go her own way, believing nothing would happen to her.  Youth and beauty have their own illusions of invulnerability, he mused, but neither one lasts.  And only when invulnerability or its illusion vanished would wisdom be possible.

Satisfied with this bit of philosophy, he hurtled down to an isolated street to change back to his "civilian" clothes.  The image of Lilly came back to him and he struggled to put her out of his mind.  What WAS it about her?  He'd seen thousands of girls more attractive than she was and had always been able to push their images aside to concentrate on his missions.  He had to restrain himself anyway, and he'd become accustomed to it.  So why couldn't he control himself this time!  He shook his head.  Maybe he had been exposed to some kryptonite.  With Lutorres involved, anything was possible.

Not paying attention, he landed hard, stumbling a little, and hit a building, cracking a few bricks before he could stop himself completely.  He looked around nervously.  At least no one saw.  He heated the wall and pressed the bricks together, repairing the damage, then cooled them quickly with a blast of super-breath and walked briskly to the Daily Planet building, blaming Lilly for distracting him.


Lilly took a bus to the mall and hurried inside.  She didn't see anyone she wanted to hang with, so she headed down to her favorite shop, stopping on the way to finger a few blouses and a skirt.  Normally she would have tried a few on, but the security guard knew her and he was watching her closely and making her uncomfortable.  Pretty stupid of him.  With what she was wearing, she'd have no place to hide anything she lifted anyway.  She leaned over to give him a good look, then sneered to say, look what you can't have!  She liked the way he stiffened and glared at her.  Men!  So predictable!  She walked over to her shop, but the regular sales girl wasn't there and the manager was watching her too.  Shit!  She hadn't stolen anything there for months!  Well, that decided it.  She'd have to come back later when she was better prepared and lift something, just to teach them.  She lingered a while longer, knowing she was preventing him from doing his paperwork while he watched her. 

He looked at her directly.  "Would you mind?  We're closing now."  He pointed at the clock.  Lilly shrugged, pretended to look around a bit more, then left the store.  What a wasted trip!  The mall was almost empty.  She walked more quickly.  And now she was going to be cold.  She turned down another corridor that would take her closer to the bus, then felt a hand on her shoulder.  She turned around suddenly.  It was the security guard.

"Hey!  I saw you take something.  You better come with me."  He pointed to a security office next to them.

"Get out of here!  I didn't take anything."

"Oh yes you did.  I know your tricks.  I'm going to have to search you.  Too bad all the girls left already.  I'll have to do it myself."  He grinned and with his hand on her back, guided her inside.

"No way!   I'll scream."

"I wouldn't, if I were you.  You'll only make it worse for yourself.  You tried that last time, and remember what we found, inside your bra?  A nice set of earrings it was.  And I have another right here, a nicer one."  He showed her something in his open hand.  "You never know what else I might find, if I had to search you for real.  If I came up with these it could be a felony.  But maybe I should try a little pat down first."  He reached toward her breasts.

"Get away!" she cried, sniveling a little, then pushed him.  He looked up, surprised that she moved him back a couple of inches.

"Oh yeah?  You're not going to cooperate?  Well, I'll show you."  He advanced again. 

Under other circumstances, Lilly might have tolerated a few feels, but she was cold and anxious and disgusted by the fat, unshaven man.  She aimed her knee at his crotch and hit him as hard as she could.

"AAAGH!" he cried, crumpling to the floor, the earrings flying out of his hands and landing a few feet away.  He twitched a bit, but seemed otherwise completely still. 

Lilly wrinkled her nose.  Being a man surely has a few bad points, she thought, then pocketed the jewelry for her trouble and left him there.  She was sure he'd be all right soon enough.  She slipped out of the door and barely made the bus, waiting to examine the earrings until she got them safely home.

She took them upstairs and was admiring them when the phone rang.  It was Leo.

"Well, Lilly, so you've met the magnificent Superman.  Did the great man help you?"

Lilly scowled.  Leo was so oily!  "Yeah, sure!  It went just like you said.  He told me he would only help if I changed."

"Of course he did.  So what did you do?  Are you going to go straight?"

Lilly sighed.  "No way!  I did what you told me, but I still don't know what's going on"  She looked down at the ring, which was glowing.  "Is this ring radioactive?"

"Oh no.  Not in the least."

"Well, why does it glow?  Am I going to get cancer or something?"

"You'll be just fine.  Now, how are you feeling?  Did you finish your homework?"

"MY HOMEWORK?!  Who do you think you are, my mother?"

"Just answer me, Lilly.  You had some Spanish vocabulary, right?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"  She chewed her nail.  "It was easy."

"Hah!  It's my business to know.  Well, good, very good.  I'll be seeing you, Lilly.  Soon."

"Wait!  You haven't told me -- fuck!  He hung up!  What a creep!"


The next day started well.  Lilly awoke early and showered before Kevin could grab the bathroom and stink it up.  She made it down to breakfast in time to see her step-Dad.  Even he noticed her mood and gave her a brief smile but in seconds he remembered that with her court hearing just three weeks away, he had to frown at her to make her understand how angry he was.  With that, he gave her a stern wave and left.  Lilly stuck her tongue out at him as he went through the door, and of course he picked just that moment to turn around and give her some useless advice, which turned into a five minute lecture on respecting her parents that ended only when Kevin, who had been gloating in the doorway, reminded him that he would miss his train if he didn't leave.

He nodded.  "Thanks, son.  At least someone in this household keeps a clear head.  We'll talk more later, young lady!  I'll teach you manners and discipline if it's the last thing I do!"  He left, slamming the door.

Lilly glared at Kevin and he, smirking, met her eyes.  They stared each other down for a minute, then Kevin broke it off, blinking.  Ah, a small victory, thought Lilly.


Clark stared worriedly at the news coming in on his screen.  Using a giant armored vehicle, Leo Lutorres had launched an attack on Metropolis City Jail to engineer the escape of some of his henchmen.  Clark excused himself to roar into action as Superman, but he felt some misgivings.  He had not felt fully up to strength for weeks, and he knew Leo would have some kind of trick planned for him.  Well, he could not shirk his duty.  He hurled himself out of the 45th floor window, and momentarily panicked as he began plunging down before stabilizing.  His aerial balance was definitely off.  He recovered and began navigating the narrowing streets on his way downtown.  A mile away, he started to hear the battering sound of the tank breaking through the jail's walls.  He accelerated but nearly hit two buildings, so he had to slow his pace again.  What was wrong with him?  His heart pounded with an unnamable fear. 

From a hidden corner Leo saw the Man of Steel approach his tank.  Superman stopped in mid-air, appraising the situation, then hurtled down beneath the tank to carry it away.  Lutorres waited, then watched the tank rise into the air two feet, then five feet, then ten.  The turret swiveled, and with the change in its balance the tank slid out from Superman's grip and onto its side.  The belts turned furiously and the tank righted itself and headed at Superman, pushing him backwards into the building and renewing its assault on the walls until he pushed it out again, barely able to overcome the supercharged motor Leo had installed.  He pounded on the specially alloyed metal, denting it with each blow, but unable to pierce it to reach the drivers inside.  "Excellent," Leo said to himself.  "Before he was just able to penetrate it, but now ... it's only a matter of time."  He gave a few instructions by radio and a jet blast shot out from beneath the tank, lifting it into the air, while Superman struggled to hold it, letting go when it fired random missiles around the city.  Superman raced to retrieve them, but was able to capture only three of the seven projectiles.  Meanwhile, the tank, now an airship, disappeared into the sky and the damaged prison was left unguarded, leaving many to escape.

"You're finished Superman!" Leo cackled.


Lilly strolled down the hall of the school into the bright afternoon and sighed with perfect contentment.  A few days ago it had been her Math and Spanish tests, for which she had barely studied but had gotten perfect scores.  Then it was the sunglasses she no longer needed to shield her sensitive eyes from bright sunlight.  In fact, her vision had improved so much she felt she could almost see through the fibers in Tad Barkam's pants this morning in homeroom to examine the hard-on she gave him when she teasingly rubbed his chest.  Cute!  Yesterday morning she had started the first painless period of her life.   And last night she had gone out with Brent Holford and drunk him under the table!  It was so funny, chugging vodka after vodka and hardly even feeling it, while he, the mighty quarterback star, looked greener and greener with each shot.  She left him after he barfed it all up, the smell making her sicker than the liquor had.  And he didn't even show up at school today, while she felt as good as if she'd had ten hours of sleep instead of the four she'd actually had.

Her body was changing too.  Her waist was firmer and a little smaller, her chest and shoulders a bit larger and there was even a little more muscle showing on her arms.  And her legs were killers!  She's never seen such gorgeous legs on anyone.  Long and hard, rounded with firm calf muscles.  Her thighs didn't jiggle at all, even when she stamped her feet.  Sure the changes threw off the fit of her clothing a little, but it was nearly summer anyway, and if her tops were even a little tighter around the bust, well, she didn't mind that!

She knew it was because of Superman.  The changes had started right after she'd seen him, when the ring started glowing on her finger.  She was getting stronger and stronger every day.  Sometimes it happened in bursts, sometimes just gradually, but the pace seemed to be increasing all the time and it never stopped.  She was sure that she was already at least twice as strong as any boy in school, though she was keeping THAT a secret.  She was getting smarter too.  Her homework took her just fifteen minutes and she could memorize anything just by looking at it.  But it was more than memory. She understood things now too!  Anything, from chemistry to biology to physics was easy to learn.  Just to see if she could do it, she went to the Rutgers library to see if she could understand the freshman biology curriculum.  She did that in half an hour, and by the end of the afternoon she'd read through five more courses as well.  She'd memorized species classification, was current on the human genome project and would have completed the first two years of medical school study as well if some creepy guys hadn't made fun of her, so instead she left.  She knew she could answer any question in class she wanted, but she kept her mouth shut.  Being known as a brain would be even worse than everyone thinking she was some kind of amazon.

Meanwhile Superman seemed to have vanished from sight.  He'd had a disastrous day in Metropolis almost a week ago.  Over a thousand people had died from Leo's attack on the jail, seventy criminals had escaped, and Superman seemed tired and distracted when he was interviewed on TV afterwards.  He hadn't responded to anyone since -- not even to Aunt Lois, who had made a public appeal for him.  Everything was going wrong with him, just as it was going right for her!  Served him right!

Lost in thought, she suddenly noticed that she had already arrived home.  She dumped her book bag on the stairs and tried to decide whether it was worth going to the mall to buy some new tops.  She felt the one she had on pulling around her bust and after her attempts at adjusting it failed she decided that she really did need something that fit better.

"I don't think you did it right.  Let me try."

It was Kevin.  He'd snuck around in back of her and was now draping his hand over her shoulder, fondling her bosom.  She scowled.  "Get away, creep!" she warned and bent over slightly, pushing him with her butt.  He stumbled backwards into the wall.

He grabbed his shoulder.  "You bitch!  That hurt!"

"Maybe it's time you learned to keep your hands to yourself and treat me more with more respect!"

"Don't give yourself airs, you little piece of trash.  You're good for nothing but a feel, just like your always-drunk-on-her-ass-mother.  If I can't convince my Dad how worthless she is, well, at least I can get something out of you.  And the sooner you learn that's all your good for, the better."

"You little shit!" she screamed.  He made her so mad.  She wasn't sure she would be able to control herself, but she didn't care.  "It's time you learned to behave, you twerp!"  She walked over to him and put her hands on her hips, thrusting her chest out at him, daring him to do something.  She saw his arm twitch.  He was going to slap her.  Well, he had a surprise coming!  She brought her hand up and before his arm even got moving she was ready, catching his wrist and pinning it back against the wall.  She let him push against her, enjoying the frustration in his eyes.  She teased, "What's the matter, little boy?   Are you weaker than your sister?"  He hit at her with his left hand, but in the twisted position he was in against the wall, his arm bounced harmlessly off her shoulder and she quickly grabbed that one too and pushed it back against the wall.  He was pinned now.  She leaned in to him, letting her breasts shake a little.  "You're not as tough as you thought, letting a mere girl pin you like this.  I am a girl, am I not?  And you're the boy?"

His face grew red as he struggled harder to free himself.  "What's going on here?  You're not this strong!"

"Maybe you're not as strong as you think!  Or maybe I've been eating my spinach!"

He tensed his muscles again, his adolescent biceps straining and bulging.  He looked at his sister's arms, with noticeable, but much slighter bulges.  Try as he could, he could not break away.  Now she'd really get back at him for all the times he'd taken advantage of her.  She leaned more of her weight into him and lifted one foot up so that her toes rested on top of his balls. In her highest, babylike voice, she asked, "So, Kevin, like, tell me.  Would it really hurt a lot if my little toes pushed right here?"

He stared at her in alarm.  "No.  Please, Lilly.  Please don't," he begged.  She wriggled her toes a little, feeling his balls roll around beneath them.  Kevin squirmed under the painful pressure.  "AhhhGH!  Nooo!"

"Will you look at that!  I don't even have to press hard on them, and you're moaning already.  You're SO sensitive, Kevin."  She flexed her toe further, feeling his soft flesh.  "I could crush them with just one push from my big toe."  He stared at her, horrified.  "It would be so easy, wouldn't it?  Just think about what that would be like, Kevin."  He nodded.  "Right?  I said RIGHT?  How about, 'Yes ma'am!"  She wiggled her toe, feeling his balls roll around underneath. 

"YES MA'AM!" he cried.  She smiled and let him go.  He slumped onto the floor in relief clutching himself and looked up at her.  "Oh god!  Oh god!" he cried, whimpering and shaking.

"Now kiss the toes that spared you."

He looked up at her, made half a move to get up and start the fight again, and then obediently kissed her toes.

"Lick them too."

"What?  Lilly, you're taking this too far!"  He stood up and faced her, then realized he was looking up at her slightly, even though she was wearing only sandals.  He should be an inch taller.  "Hey, what's going on here?  Am I shrinking or something?"

"Uh-uh.  I've gotten bigger!  It's the new Lilly, Kevin!"  She balled her hand into a fist, but instead of hitting him, showed off her new biceps.  "See?  I've been working out!"  She put her hands on the sides of his torso and hoisted him in the air.

"Nooo!  Please Lilly, please!  Don't hurt me!"

She stopped abruptly.  "Hmmph!"  She dropped him.  "Now, crawl back to my feet and lick each toe, all over.  In between too.  Mmmm, that's it.  Very good.  Faster with your tongue.  Good, good job, Kevin.  That's enough for now.  Except ... except because you made me late, you need to give me $10 for a cab to the mall and another $20 for shopping."

Kevin was about to say something, but decided not to, and went upstairs to his room to get her the money.


Hard at work in his Fortress of Solitude Superman tested himself yet again.  His strength was still declining, down to 80% of its original level.  His other powers were dropping too, each at a different rate, including his super-mind.  Soon, he would lose the intellectual power and quickness to operate the special instruments he had developed, and at some time after that, the ability to leave and lock the fortress and fly back to Metropolis.  And still, he had not found the cause of the problem.  He knew it had something to do with the ring on Lilly Lane's finger, the ring he had touched.  If only he could retrieve the ring!  But each time he even thought of that girl, he became aroused, and that only seemed to quicken the weakening process.  He felt with dismay his erection pounding away at his shorts.  A quick test confirmed it -- his strength had dropped another 0.5% in less than 5 minutes.  He struggled to control himself.  Unless he understood what was happening, he'd never be able to stop or reverse the process.

He stared at the display.  The readings were confusing.  Even now, he wasn't sure he had the ability to make any meaningful progress.  There was only one thing to do.  He shut the Fortress, locking it with a code he could remember even with an ordinary mind and flew off unsteadily, rising and falling with the air currents, moving painfully slowly as the arctic cold tore at his weakened body.  At this pace, he only hoped he could make it before his flying power was no longer enough to overcome gravity and the headwinds.


Lilly skipped all the way to the mall.  Even if that stupid judge wanted to send her to jail, what could he do to her now?  She was getting stronger and stronger all the time.  She skipped again and sailed into the air, traveling ten feet with just the touch of her feet on the ground.  It almost took more effort to stay earthbound!  Poor Superman, she giggled.  Imagine how he would feel when he realized all of his powers were being transferred to her!  She almost felt sorry for him.  Almost, but didn't.  He could've helped her before, but he wouldn't -- not unless she would do what he told her to do.  Well, now she didn't need his help. 

Bobby Faro drove by in his Porsche, first waving at her, then gunning it.    He was cute and he had a great car.  She smiled and waved back, and when he stopped she got in.

"Hey, Lilly!  What's doing?"

"Oh, nothing much.  Just going down to the mall for some shopping.  Can you give me a lift?"

"OK.  But wouldn't you rather go out?  I'm meeting some friends in Philly to go drinking."

Lilly considered it.  "Naah.  Not tonight.  I wanted to --

"Hey look!  It's Superman!  He sure looks funny.  Look how slowly he's flying.  Hey, he's not flying, he's jumping!  Wonder what's wrong with him.  Hey, what're you hiding for?"

"Ssh!  I don't want him to see me."

"What makes you think he's looking for you?  Just because you got in a little trouble?  Anyway, you can't hide from him, not unless I had a lead car!  Ha-ha-ha!"

"Just be quiet, ok?"  She grabbed his leg and squeezed.

"Ouch!  You got a real grip!  Ok, Ok.  Hey, he's looking this way, really staring.  I bet he's using those X-ray eyes!"  Bobby looked down.  "Wow!  Look at your ring!  It's glowing!"

Lilly moaned.  It was like a burst of energy just hit her eyes and suddenly her vision changed completely, as though she could see everything ahead of her at the same time, even microscopically, down to the smallest particle.  Penetrating through every substance, and as far as she could imagine.  It was frightening until slowly she adjusted, almost as though her brain was growing to process all of the additional information too.

"What's he doing now, Bobby?" she whispered.

"I don't know.  It's like, he just covered his eyes, and now he's looking around, like he's lost.  He's going the other way, I think toward Cherry Hill Estates.  Isn't that where you live, Lilly?"

"Yeah.  Hey, Bobby, maybe I will go with you.  Ok?"

"Great!  You sure don't want to see him, do you?  Hey, don't worry.  I'll have you back by the morning."

"Uh, right, Bobby.  Like, by four, ok?  It's a school night."  She laughed and sat back up in the car.  Superman would never find her now.


Superman landed heavily at the top of Cherry Hill Boulevard.  He felt exhausted, and realized suddenly that he was hungry.  He had to eat.  But he had no money.  He'd call Lois.  He wracked his brains for her number, but he had no idea what it was.  So many million facts he had at his disposal, but with his powers weakening, the connections that tied them together were no longer working.  As Clark he had credit cards but he never used them, and he couldn't remember their numbers.  Information.  He'd phone information.  He tried some public telephones, but without change he couldn't even get her number.  Finally, a policeman stopped and, looking at him suspiciously, asked if he needed help.

"Oh yes, officer.  I have to ... eat.  Please!  I'm, uh losing my powers!"  There!  It was embarrassing, but he'd said it.  The policeman looked skeptically at Superman.  "Oh yes, I really am Superman.  You must believe me."  He put one hand on the officer's car and lifted the front end several feet off the ground, then put it down slowly. 

"All right, Superman.  You don't look well, you know, but lifting my car, well, that's good enough.  Anything you want, just come with me."

Superman followed him and sitting with him at a diner, ate ravenously, burped, and then asked how he could contact Lois.  The policeman took him to the station, and after some hurried explanation, gave him a phone.  "Uh, you'll have to call collect.  You understand, Superman?  Budget cutting.  Department rules."  Superman nodded.

It took several calls to track Lois down, but he finally reached her on her cell phone.

"Lois, it's me, Superman."

"Superman?  Huh, funny, you sound just like Clark!  Why are you calling me on the phone?  And where have you been?!"

"Lois.  I'm in great danger.  I'm losing my powers, and I think your niece, Lilly, has something to do with it, in league with Leo Lutorres, but I don't know how.  I need to find her, but ... first I (yawn) need a place to sleep.  I've been trying to get here for days, and with my powers fading, I'm exhausted."

"Where are you?"

"Cherry Hill."

"I'll come right down, but it will take a couple of hours.  Superman, uh, you mean you can't fly?"

Superman sighed.  "I can jump about a thousand yards at a time, but ... I need rest.  I'm at the Cherry Hill North police station.  I'll wait here for you and ... nap a little.  Lois ... thanks."


It had been a wasted evening.  There were no "friends" there, just some stupid high school boys from South Philly who kept ogling her, which was pretty much all Bobby was doing.  Now they were driving home, but Bobby driving on the strength of five beers was barely keeping the car pointed straight.  Oh where were the police when you needed them!

"Bobby!  Cut it out!! You're driving like a maniac!" Lilly shouted.

"Gaad, Lilly!  Don't be such a scaredy cat!  I'm a great driver.  Look at this thing go!"

"Stay on the right side!!  You idiot!  You almost hit that car!"

"I didn't did I?  Hey look, it'll do 160!  Hey, whadya do that for?"

"You were going to hit the barrier.  I just moved the wheel."

"Just let me drive, all right?"

"You're drunk.  I never should have let you drive."

"Yeah, what're you gonna do?  You don't even have a license.  Sheesh!"

"Aaagh watch out for the --

The car crashed into a concrete support for an overpass, spinning wildly and tumbling off the road halfway down an embankment.  The driver's side of the car was crushed.  Bobby was injured, saved from immediate death by his airbag, but he was bleeding badly.

"Lilly.  Lilly.  Are you alive?" he groaned faintly.  "Help me, help me, somebody!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm ok," she said, feeling her arm.  She was shaken up, but nothing felt damaged.  A jagged piece of metal was folded back at her stomach, right up against her skin.  She gulped.  She wasn't hurt, but the metal was completely deformed.  She felt something gritty on her face and brushed if off.  It was shards of glass, but her face and fingers weren't even scratched.  Wow!  She must be nearly invulnerable now.   The power transfer must be accelerating!

She looked over at Bobby.  There was blood everywhere.  His arm and chest were pinned by the door, his arm squashed flat.  It was really disgusting.

He groaned.  "Help me.  Help!"

Lilly looked over at him.  This was an important night for her.  Superman was around, his power was pouring into her.  The last thing she wanted to do was spend the rest of the night in some emergency room, and then to have everyone know she'd been out with Bobby.  He really turned out to be kind of a lame guy, even with his Porsche.  No, she wasn't going to help.  She pushed on her door.  The metal gave way and after pushing out the metal in front of her, she eased herself out.

"Aggh!  You didn't tell me you were Supergirl!  Help me!  Get me out of here.  Lilly!  Oooh, it hurts so much."

Lilly grimaced.  There really was no nice way to tell him she wasn't going to help.

"Uh, sorry Bobby, but I'm going now.  I have to see somebody.  Another time ... maybe."  She looked back.  What if he survived?  What would he tell people about her being super and not helping?   People would say things about her running out on him.  What if ....  She leaned against the car and pushed, just a little.  Nothing happened.  She gripped the fender with one hand and pulled, then used the other one as well.  The car rose slowly, started sliding on the remaining two wheels and then began turning again, down the hill.  Bobby screamed but when the car stopped all was silent.  She used her super-vision to peek inside.  He was dead.  His liver and heart were completely crushed, and his blood and organs were all over the car.  Lilly wrinkled her nose, then climbed up the hill and ran back to Cherry Hill along the side of the road, in the dark.  She figured she was doing about forty miles per hour, not as fast as Bobby was driving, or even as the other cars on the highway.  But a lot safer.  She looked around Cherry Hill as she ran, searching for Superman.  He couldn't be far away.  It was time to see him again.


The policeman led Lois into one of the empty cells, where Superman was sleeping, snoring loudly.  "It doesn't seem right, Miss Lane.  He sure is strong, but he just doesn't look like the Superman I've seen on TV."

She nodded.  She'd never known him to need sleep.  She cleared her throat and his eyes opened immediately.  "Lois.  Thank you for coming."

"Oh Superman!  After all you've done for me, it's the least I could do."

Superman tried the door, but it was locked.  He looked at the guard.

"If it's okay with you, Superman, I'd love to see you break out.  It would cost me, but it'd be worth it to see you."

He sighed and gripped the bars, pushing them gently.  Slowly the hinges deformed and the door fell outward.

"Wow!  Thanks Superman!"

He smiled ruefully and Lois took his arm, silently, looking at him closely.  They left the station and got into Lois's car.

"Superman!" she exclaimed, after starting the motor.  "I didn't want to say anything in there, but ... you're so much smaller -- just a couple of inches taller than me.  Your suit looks so loose on you!  And --

"I know.  The loss of my powers is changing my body mass too.  I've never really exercised as normal humans do, you know, to push my muscles to the limit, and without my powers my muscle mass is shrinking to reflect that.  I'm losing height too, but I don't know why.  Even my thought processes have been ... impaired."

"This is awful.  And my niece is the cause of it all!  But how?"

"She was wearing a ring with some type of mineral on it that must have been activated when I touched her -- no, no Lois, not like that.  Lilly fainted, or maybe pretended to faint, and I held her up.  I noticed something then, but didn't realize how far it would go."

They pulled into a Motel 6, where Lois ran inside to get a key then pulled the car in front of the room.  "Sorry, Superman, but it was all I could get on such short notice."

"Thank you Lois.  It's very good of you.  I'll just go right to sleep."  They went inside and Superman collapsed onto one of the hard double beds, asleep in an instant, while Lois looked at the exhausted superhero, smoothing the folds in his once tight costume and lovingly stroking his back, stopping only when Superman groaned and turned over, his large erection plainly evident.  Lois reached down to touch it, caressing him gently, longing to give him the release he deserved but was forbidden due to the danger of his super-sperm fertilizing the whole planet, then sighed and lay down on the next bed, but the presence of the man she had always loved so close to her made it impossible to sleep.  She turned to stare at him, marveling at the still enormous power of the sleeping hero.  Unable to resist the temptation, she got up and lay down beside him, lightly stroking his face.  He shifted position and put his arm around her, pulling her closer, his still great strength making it impossible for her to move.  She could feel his pulse through the rhythmic pounding of his penis, as it beat against her insistently.  She began to fear she would be crushed and tried to push him away, but her arms were helpless against him.  "Superman!  Superman!!" she called, trying to rouse him. 

His eyelids fluttered. "Mmmm, oh Lilly!  Lilly!" he murmured, clutching Lois even more tightly. 

"Lilly?!!!" Lois screamed and Superman awoke, startled. 

"Lilly?  Is she here?"   He looked at Lois and quickly opened his arms.  Lois slid out and stood up, more angry than embarrassed. 

"No, you big oaf!  It's just me, plain old Lois.  You've been dreaming of my niece!"

Superman sighed, then looking down at his aroused member, blushed.  "I'm, I'm sorry Lois.  I can't control my dreams.  It means nothing, of course.  Except ... except that I must not have such dreams, not until I stop this draining of my powers, which only becomes accelerated when I - - I --

"I'm sorry, Superman.  It was my fault.  I ... I'll stay on my side of the room.  I promise."

He smiled sadly and closed his eyes to sleep once more.


Superman awoke in a dark room, the heavy curtains blocking all but a thin ribbon of light falling across the mottled carpet.  He looked over at the clock.  It was three in the afternoon.  He'd slept fifteen hours!  He jumped out of bed.

"Lois!  Lois?  Are you there?"

The shape in the next bed turned over and murmured throatily, "MMMmmmmm, Superman.  I thought you'd never wake up."

"I -- Lilly!"

She sat up and switched on the light.  She was dressed again in the t- shirt and shorts she'd worn when she first met Superman, but now the clothing was stretched skin-tight on her enlarged and more muscular body.  She got up slowly, enjoying his reaction to her height, as she was now several inches taller than Superman.  She laughed.  "A lot has changed since the last time we met, Superman.  Before, I needed your help, but now I think I can handle my problems on my own."

Superman jumped out of bed and faced her.  "Some things change, but you have the same problems -- you're still the same selfish, immature girl you were before." 

Her eyes flashed.  "And you're the same self-righteous prick YOU were before.  I didn't know that the ring would take away your powers, but I'm GLAD it did!  You deserve it!"

"I haven't lost them yet.  I will stop you."

"Ha!  Don't make me laugh.  I've been getting bigger and stronger all night long.  I think I'm already too much for you to handle!"  She stretched, thrusting her breasts outward.  "I really turn you on, Superman, don't I?  I've been taking your power, bit by bit, for months.  It started slowly, but it's increasing geometrically, and whenever you're thinking of my body, the transfer accelerates by a factor of ten!  You've been having some pretty exciting dreams, haven't you, you naughty man!"  She smiled.  "Just look at us.  I've grown four inches -- two overnight!  And you're barely as tall as Aunt Lois now.  And where are your muscles, Superman?  Hmmm?"  Superman glanced at her, then looked away.  "Look at me when I'm talking to you!"  She put her hands on his shoulders and turned him.  He slapped them off, then picked her up and threw her across the room.  She crashed through the wall, bits of plaster covering her.  She stood up, unscathed, and jumped back to him, slapping him on the face.  Superman's head spun back and he backed off, holding his reddened face and fingering a long scratch her fingernail made along his cheek, amazed at the sight of his own blood.  He glared at her, and seeing the ring on her finger, sprung for it, but quicker than he, Lilly closed her hand around it and elbowed him sharply in the stomach.

"Oooof!" he cried, doubling over.  He hurled himself back at her, grabbing her waist to tackle and pin her, but as they landed, instead of fighting she wrapped her arms and legs around him and held the shrunken Superman against her, rubbing his face on her full chest while she massaged his penis against her.

"MMMmmmm, doesn't that feel nice Superman?  My breasts are a lot larger than Aunt Lois's, and you can nuzzle them as hard as you want.  Just let yourself go, baby.  Ahh, yes, I can feel you responding to me, that fantastic prick of yours wants me so badly, doesn't it?"  She put her hand on his butt and pressed him closer, rocking him slightly.  Realizing his mistake, he struggled to pull himself away, but she hung on powerfully.  Her legs were almost unmovable.  Her thick arms flexed hugely as he pushed desperately at her shoulders.  He felt her hands slipping and pressed harder, his head rising off her bosom.  She met his eyes and pursed her lips, kissing the air between them, and then pushed out her breasts, which loomed gigantically in front of him.  "Come on, Superman," she breathed.  "You know you want them.  My nipples would feel so good with your lips around them.  My breasts are so soft, so warm."  Her arms slipped from his body, but her legs still held him fast as she pumped her pubis against him.  Unngh!  His whole body tingled.  He had to get away from her!

"You're shameless, Lilly!  Shameless!"

She closed her eyes blissfully as she continued to rub against him, her legs holding him in place despite the power of Superman's arms.  "Oh yes!  You're right I am, and I know it!  But I'm not just a little high school slut anymore.  I'm going to be a Super-girl -- super-strong, super-vision, invincible!  Who would ever have guessed!"

"You ... can't ... do this!  It's ... not right!"

"Oh just listen to Mr. Right-and-wrong!  So self-righteous, even while he tries to dig a hole into a little sixteen year old with his big boner!  I can feel you pushing against me, even as you pretend to try to get away.  Oh don't you mind! I don't!  I know what's making me stronger.  I know a lot of things now.  I'm a LOT smarter than I used to be.  Super-smart, actually."  Superman glared at her and seeing she had his attention again she shifted her breasts again.  "And I still have such nice tits!  I know you like 'em, Superman.  You can't help liking them.  Sexually speaking, you're completely in my control."  She squeezed her legs tighter, pulling Superman closer.  "Aren't my legs STRONG, Superman?"  He grunted, straining to free himself.  "Maybe even stronger than yours?"

"No!  Can't ... be."

She giggled, shaking her breasts at him once again, and rubbing against him.  "I don't know, Superman.  You've been hot for me like this for a long time, long enough to give an earthman blue balls.  Or are you immune to that?"

"You ... witch!"

"Uh-uh.  Nothing magical about it.  It's what any girl can do, Supe, to a guy who has the hots for her.  But I'm not just ANY girl now, am I?"  She lifted her hands and flexed her arms, admiring biceps that were now 50% larger than Superman's had ever been. 

Superman's eyes opened in shock at their size.  "Great Caesar's Ghost!"

She laughed.  "I knew you'd like them.  And the more you like them, the bigger they get.  Want to try throwing me through another wall?  But enough of this -- for now!"  She uncoiled her legs and let Superman get up, then stood up too, a full head taller than he.

Superman swallowed, refusing to look at her.  "Lois.  Where's Lois?"

"She's with Leo.  She's safe, I think.  Why don't you look for her with your X-ray vision and check it out, like you were looking for me?"

"I ... can't."

"No, of course you can't.  I have that power.  All of it, and your super-hearing, super-breath, invulnerability and super-mind too."  She held out her hand, ticking off her fingers as she spoke.  "Not to mention most of your strength.  Here, I'll help you."  She looked toward the west wall of the room.  "Why, he's not far at all.  He's got her in a warehouse, in Northeast Philadelphia.  I can even give you the address, 29000 Franklin Roosevelt Boulevard.   That street sign on the corner opposite the warehouse isn't at all hard to read.  Does that help you?  It's less than 10 miles away."

"What is he doing to her?"

"I won't tell you that.   You'll have to go there yourself and see."

Superman fumed.  "Why you little -- she's your own Aunt.  Don't you even care about her enough not to leave her in the hands of that evil fiend?"

"Leo's not so bad.  Come on, we'll fly over together, like we're pals.  You can teach me how, so I don't bump into any planes when I get all of your power."  Superman ignored her and jumped out the door.  Lilly clicked her tongue.  "If you still know how," she added to herself.

Superman blinked at the bright sunlight and ran down the driveway to the road, orienting himself for the trip to the warehouse.  He was on Kaighn Avenue, and seeing a sign for Philadelphia set off running toward it at greater and greater speed and leaped into the air.  His feet left the ground and he sailed through the air ... and returned to earth 100 feet down the road.  His heart sunk.  Is this all that was left of his ability to fly -- even after a full rest?  But then, he'd been dreaming all night and then aroused even more while she lay against him. Who knew how powerful she was now?  But then, he couldn't worry about that.  He had to save Lois, no matter what the cost!

He kept running, soaring over intersections and cars, but avoiding houses and even tractor-trailers after the wake of one sent him spinning to the ground unexpectedly.  People were pointing at him, some even laughing, but he was still making rapid progress.  He'd be there in less than fifteen minutes, he was sure, if he didn't get lost.

Meanwhile, Lois squirmed against the rope, trying to make some room for herself against the chair, but it was no use.  Somehow each time she stretched the rope it snapped back tighter than before, leaving her worse off.  The ropes now were digging into her arms, cutting off the circulation.  She heard footsteps.

"Leo!  I should have known it was you."

"My dear Lois Lane.  Why do you fight me so?  I mean you no harm --  although it is a shame you're such a sucker for Superman.  But then, after today he'll be irrelevant, helpless to stop me and then, why, you won't matter either.  You can go back to being a star reporter for the Daily Planet.  Or will you still be a star, without Superman to feed you all those exclusive scoops?  Perhaps, you'll just be a plain reporter, maybe even a woman's reporter, doing style pages, or even recipes.  Unless, of course, you made other, uh, useful contacts.  And gave them a good reason to give you information in return for, say, sympathetic coverage of Leo Lutorres's enterprises."  He laughed.

"I'd never be your shill, you monster!"  She struggled again to escape, to slap or scratch Lutorres, but the rope snapped back even tighter.

"It's a wonderful invention of mine, isn't it?  Making the strength of the victim lead to her own demise.  Just like what will soon happen to poor Superman.  So you see Miss Lane, you must play by my rules, or else you will die."

"Untie her Leo, or I ... will take care of ... you for good!"

Lutorres spun around.  "Well, it's the not-so-Super-man, here at last.  Did you find your way all right?  Want a rest a minute to catch your breath?  It might have been faster for you by taxi."  Superman leapt across the room pushing Leo aside and taking the rope in his hands.  "Don't be in such a rush Superman.  You wouldn't want to be the cause of your dear Lois's asphyxiation would you?  Unless you're strong enough to break it you might find your efforts have an unfortunate side effect, and by the looks of you I wouldn't be too sure you're up to it.  Tell him Lois."

"Superman," she gasped.  "The rope ... each time I pull it ... it stretches ... then gets tighter until ... can't ... breathe."  She closed her mouth, taking rapid, shallow breaths.

"You fiend!" Superman roared and grabbed the evil scientist, lifting him up into the air to threaten him.

"Now, now, Superman, don't forget your vow not to kill.  And if you did anything to me I wouldn't be around to help rescue Lois.  Besides," he motioned with his eyes to the left, "they would be very angry."

Superman looked over and saw three hulking men, each over 6'6" and weighing more than 350 pounds of solid muscle.  Dressed only in shorts, they flexed their huge muscles menacingly.  They were joined by a red- haired woman, almost 6'2", wearing a one piece swimsuit.  Her slim, athletic torso complemented surprisingly muscular arms.

"Hey, look at the shrimpy Superman.  He's just tall enough to suck my tits!" she said.  "His muscles are as big as mine were when I was eleven.  What a disappointment Leo.  Hey, I reached puberty a long time ago.  What do you think guys?"  She flexed her own arms, her muscles peaking to a jagged point.  "I'm a little worried it might not be a fair fight," she laughed.  The others joined in, all the time advancing until they surrounded the red-caped hero. 

"You better put the boss down, little man," one of the men said.  "Or else Rosie and us might get mad at you."  and with that, he fired a shot at Superman's jaw.  Superman made no motion to stop it, but he staggered when the man's fist hit him full force, while the man held his fist and howled, gritting his teeth.  The second man butted his head against Superman's forehead, and howled in pain while Superman shook his head a bit, unsteady from the collision.  When he saw the third wind up to punch him in the stomach, he dropped Lutorres into the path of the blow, which connected solidly with Leo's solar plexus.  Leo screamed in pain.

"Duh, sorry, boss.  It was supposed to hit the Superman."

"You idiot!" he gasped.  "Just get him."

With that, Rosie whirled and planted a kick at Superman's stomach, driving him backward with a "whooof."  He bent over, only to have the first and third man each grab one of his arms and pull him upright.   Rosie bared her teeth and let out a rapid combination of jabs into his stomach, with enough power to incapacitate any normal man.  But even a weakened Superman withstood the blows, then twisted and slowly lifted his arms to pick up the hulking men and throw them across the warehouse, knocking them out as they crashed into the walls.  He turned to Rosie, looking up at the amazonic woman.

"Forgive me, ma'am.  Although I don't like to hit ladies, I'm afraid you've disqualified yourself from that category for now."  He punched her jaw, intending to knock her out, but the blow merely turned her head, turning her fearful look into scorn.

"What a powderpuff!" she mocked, and taking advantage of his shocked look, hurled a vicious kick between Superman's legs.  He grunted and coughed.

Lois groaned, "Superman ... you can't ... pull punches ... anymore.  Hit her ... hard."

Superman nodded grimly.  He set himself and fired again, and his blow lifted Rosie several feet off the ground, knocking her out.  Lois smiled faintly and blew Superman a kiss. Breathing heavily, Superman smiled at her.

"Wowee, Superman.  I didn't think you still had it in you."  Lilly teased, smirking.  All eyes turned to look at her, still dressed in her t-shirt and cut-offs.  She advanced further into the room, hands on her hips, swiveling them as she walked.  "You know, Superman, Northeast Philly's a lot closer than it used to be, now that I can fly."  She smiled and with a push from her toes, lifted off the ground and floated into the air, drifting past Superman's straining reach, and landing just behind Lois.  "Here you go, Auntie Lois.  Lilly will rescue you, since Superman can't."  She placed the rope between the nails of her thumb and forefinger and pressed them together.  The rope snapped and Lois took several deep breaths and stood up, backing away from Lilly and moving next to Superman. 

"Lilly!  That was unnecessary.  We need her out of the way." Lutorres said sharply.

"What for?  I'm in control of the situation Leo.  She can't do anything to me now."  She looked at Lois, clutching Superman's hand.  "It is inconvenient, though, to have you around just now.  I'm sorry about this Auntie.  Maybe I'll make it up to you someday."  She flew over to her and before Superman could react, delivered a quick blow, knocking her slumping into Superman's hands, unconscious.  "Or, maybe I won't," she giggled, flying around the room with a flourish and landing next to Leo.

Superman laid Lois down on a table gently.  "You ungrateful child!  How can you treat her that way?  After what she's done for you!"

"She did nothing, except give me a lot of boring, useless advice and then send you to lecture me. And you did nothing for me.  At least you would have done nothing, if not for Leo.  But instead, heh-heh, you've given me just about all you have to give!"

"Not if I can help it."  Superman walked toward her and Lilly gently pushed Lutorres from her. 

"You go away now too, Leo.  I'll handle Superman.  I'll come get you when I'm done."

"Lilly, we agreed --

She pursed her lips and blew, sending Lutorres tumbling backwards onto his ass, then sliding along the floor to the wall.  She pursed her lips again and inhaled, then smiled when Lutorres flinched and she blew a kiss at him instead.  "I'll call you Leo.  Promise."  She winked.  Leo glared and left.

She turned back to Superman, who stood next to her, poised for a fight but stymied by the realization that he was looking up at a girl nearly a foot taller than he, with broad shoulders and powerfully muscular arms, with round biceps that, even though completely relaxed, were bunched into softballs that pushed out the sleeves of her tiny t-shirt, which itself barely covered the bottoms of her breasts.  Her chest, including her overly generous bosom, was over fifty inches around, while her waist was less than twenty.  She put her hand to her intimidating chest and roared.  "Ha-ha-ha-ha!  Would you just look at the little Superman?  What were you, Krypton's ninety-eight pound weakling?"  She held her arms out and flexed, and the muscles swelled higher, rising to the size of footballs along her upper arms, her expanding pectoral muscles pointing her breasts upwards through the v-neck of her t-shirt and sharply outwards, until they were pushing against Superman's shapeless chest, invisible inside his oversized costume.  "And YOU'RE going to stop ME?!!"

"I must!" he declared and fired a blow with all of his strength to her jaw, just as he had done to Rosie.  His fist landed solidly, and he cried out in pain as Lilly stood, grinning and unmoved.

"You can't," she replied.  "You can't do anything me at all, Superman.  I'm the one who's 'super' now, and you are little more than an ordinary man."  She grabbed his hands with hers and lifted him so that his eyes were level with hers.  He strained to free himself, his thin arms shaking, his face reddening with the effort to pry open her fingers or pull away from her, but the combined strength of both his arms, once able to move mountains, were unable to move hers even the barest fraction of an inch.  He struggled to use his flying power, but all he could do was to cause his legs to drift slowly higher, his hands still caught in her iron grip. 

She looked into his eyes calmly.  "You're finished, Superman.  You have less than 5% of your old strength now.  After last night I already had half of your super-strength and I drained away another 30% while we 'wrestled.'  And the more of your powers I have, the more rapidly I drain what little you have left!  I bet you're invincibility is completely gone now too."  She tightened her grip and Superman let out a moan and then closed his eyes in pain, locking his mouth shut.  "Oh, you poor dear!  That was just a little pinch!  Am I squeezing too tightly for you?  I wouldn't want you to fall down and hurt yourself.  You might skin your little knees!"  She shifted her hands to his uniform and held him by the loose fabric around his shoulders, his body drooping in pain and humiliation, while her muscles continued to grow. 

He looked down, too ashamed by his weakness to look her in the eye, only to be confronted by the massive expanse of her chest, the bulging missiles of her enormous breasts billowing in his face, blocking everything else from view.  He stared, unable to take his eyes from them.  Their mass, their roundness, the way they filled all space between them made him feel even more helpless and weak.  He wanted to escape from this awful defeat, to fold his body around their yielding softness.  His insistent erection throbbed and she pulled him even closer so that his head pressed against her breasts.

"My wonderful tits, Superman. Can't resist them even now, can you?  I'll show you more, let your desire speed your destruction!"  She put him down and stripped off her shirt in an instant and, holding his cheeks with her hands so that he could not turn away even if he wished, floated off the ground, dangling her immense breasts before his eyes.  Superman stared at them transfixed, so large, round and pink, the aureoles high and perfectly circular, the base of her nipples protruding outwards and the nipples themselves so thick and pouty that many women would have proudly traded the aureoles alone for their own entire breasts.  Superman reached out, feeling the firm softness, the bountiful life- giving glands whose elixir could feed thousands of babies, but for him fed only his desire for her and drew into her the fading remnants of his powers.  He could almost feel his own super energy draining into her, see her muscles expanding before his eyes as she drank in his power, growing still taller and more muscular, her body ever more impervious to him.

"No!" he declared, closing his eyes.  "I cannot give in to this."  He looked up at her eyes, floating above him, gloating in her victory.  "I beg you, Lilly.  Leave me just this last bit of my strength.  I'm no threat to you.  But let me continue my life's work, to fight for truth, justice, and the American Way.  I may not be a true Superman any longer, but I'm still a strong man.  I can still make a difference in this world.  You aren't evil.  Wayward perhaps, but you must have some good in you, some understanding of why, for the sake of humanity, it cannot be wrong to leave one man, who has dedicated his life to protect and help the ordinary man, in possession of greater than human strength. Please.  For the sake of everyone."

She looked deep into the eyes of the fading superhero, shrinking before her eyes into a small, nerdy, older man, and smiled, shaking her head. "Very touching, Superman.  A plea for mercy and help.  Like I wanted from you.  And all you gave me was a stupid pep talk.  Well, the tables have turned.  I want it all, Superman.  All the world has to give me, Superman, and all you have to give me.  I'll spare you your life, but no more than that.  You can fight evil if you like with all your paltry strength, do good, contribute to charity, join neighborhood watch if you want, and I won't bother you, so long as you don't get in MY way, that is."  She settled down onto the floor again, Superman's eyes now reaching only the level of her breasts.  "Ha-ha.  How perfectly appropriate it is."  Still holding the fabric of his costume, she pulled her hands apart and shred it in two, leaving Superman naked, his pounding erection pointing directly at her. 

"What the -- ?"

"Your costume was as affected by the ring as you are, as was my little t-shirt and shorts.  Now your famous uniform is just about as ordinary as anything you could buy at the local costume store.  And my cute little t-shirt and cut-offs, well, if I had known I this would happen I would have dressed better for our first meeting, but now that shirt is as super as I am.  It will be the only fabric on earth that will withstand superspeed, not to mention bullets, rockets and whatever other silly weapons you or others may use to fight me.  The truth is, it will suit me fine.  I will be a SuperVixen, a SuperSEXYGIRL, fighting a never-ending battle for fun, for sex, for excitement!"

"And now, to seal my power, I must absorb your DNA, transform my own cells with the chemical reactions manufactured by yours.  You see, without that, my strength would vanish with your death.  My powers now come from a constant energy stream from you to me, through the ninth dimension."  She spun around.  "Isn't that right Leo?  You were going to tell me that, I'm sure."

Leo stood behind her, startled.  "Why Lilly!  Of course I --

She turned around and with super-speed grabbed a small device out of Leo's hand, then shook her head.  "No.  I don't think so.  You were using me, Leo, and now that I've drained almost everything from Superman I've just about outlived my usefulness to you.  It was time to destroy me too, right?  And it would have worked if I hadn't known about the weapons you're carrying.  Too bad you had to get so close to me to use them.  I have very good hearing now, Leo."

"Now, Lilly!  You misunderstand me.  I was just backing you up, in case something happened," he said reassuringly.  "You're still a young girl, while I've been battling Superman for years.  I know his tricks."

"Very touching.  But I already have enough power to overcome Superman.  Now Leo, about my powers ... you were going to tell me how finish the process, right?"

"What do you mean?  You have nearly all of them already.  I don't know what you're talking about."

"You don't?  Hmmm.  I got a little curious last night, bored even, while Superman hear slept next to me, dreaming of me, so while I was hanging around feeling my strength and powers grow, I snooped around with my supereyes.  It didn't take long for me to find, read and understand your notes on this project, back at LootCorp."

"But that's impossible! They're filed in a lead box.  Superman couldn't see through it!"

"He couldn't, but I guess I can."  She smiled.  "Maybe I have better eyes than he did."

Leo grimaced.  "Nevertheless, if you think I'll --

He vanished in a puff of smoke, vaporized by a blast of heat vision from Lilly.

"You killed him!" Superman cried.

Lilly turned and shrugged.  "It was the only way.  He would have tried to get me for the rest of his life.  I don't want to have to worry about that!  You know Superman, it was really stupid of you to let him live all these years.  And if you hadn't, why, you'd still be Superman today."  Lois stirred slightly.  "Oh, oh. Auntie's waking up.  Come on, Superman, let's get this over with.  I don't want to suck you off in front of Auntie.  That would embarrass even me!"  She floated over to the weakened hero, now barely taller than five feet, his thin frame engulfed by Lilly's height and musculature.  "Come to me, little boy!"  She held him up in front of her and extended her tongue, which after her growth and his decline was now as long as his penis.  She curled her tongue and enveloped it neatly, squeezing it, massaging it, mastering its rhythm and its needs.  She thought to herself, "Oh, yes, Superman, I can feel it coming.  Already a taste of your semen is rippling through me, recombining my DNA, replacing my mitochondria with Kryptonian energy cells."

"NO!  You can't use me this way.  I will not --

Lilly held her shrunken foe firmly, his feet bouncing off her steel-hard body, the impact bruising his toes until he cried out in pain.  Lilly's tongue brushed the sensitive underside of his penis while she thought, "He just doesn't know when he's beaten.  No matter.  He'll learn soon enough what it's like not to be super.  Ah, yes, it's coming!"  She swallowed greedily as the long-frustrated man ejaculated copious amounts of semen into her waiting mouth.  She drained him dry, then let him slide to the ground, his body still shrinking.  Now seven feet tall, she flexed her mighty muscles in victory over Superman, who knelt weakly at her feet, frantically feeling his diminished body.

Then suddenly, she began to shrink, slowly at first, then more and more rapidly, until she again stood 5'9", her arms once again their well- toned, but not superhuman size.

"Superman!  Something's happened!" Lois, who had silently and helplessly watched the final denouement of Lilly's conquest of Superman, ran to her fallen hero, helping him to stand.  "OH, you poor baby.  You're no taller than a boy!  But you'll always be Superman to me!"

Superman looked up to the startled Lilly, who was examining her arms and chest.  "Something in my semen must have counteracted the effects of that ring.  Leo must have tricked her.  He must have put fake plans in a regular strongbox, knowing she would turn on him, just as she's turned on everyone who has helped her.  But he didn't count on her horrible cruelty.  He didn't realize that this young girl ... would kill him so soon."  He looked grimly at Lilly, then at Lois.  "I'm afraid, Lois, we must turn her in and let justice take its course.  I'm ... so sorry."

Lois glared at Lilly.  "Well I'm not, Superman.  This stupid little sexpot has destroyed your superpowers and robbed Earth of its greatest champion."

Lilly looked at them, bored and disgusted.  "Are you two finished yet?  How much more of this do I have to listen too?"

"This is just the beginning, young lady," Lois lectured.  "You've had the greatest gifts a young woman could have:  beauty, power, love.  And you've used them only for sordid destruction -- of others and of yourself!  You disgust me!" 

Lilly snorted.  "Wow!  You're so good with words, Auntie Lois.  Maybe you should write for a living or something."

"Oooh!  You're so fresh!" Lois took Lilly's wrist. "And when I'm through with you -- 

Lois tugged on her, but Lilly stayed rooted in place. 

"I'm not going anywhere with you, Auntie."

"Oh yes you are.  And if I, and Superman, can't make you, then I'm sure one policeman can do the job."

Lilly smiled.  "No, Auntie."  She lifted her arm, took Lois's and lifted her surprised Aunt six inches off the ground, then jumped a foot into the air and hovered there, enjoying the spectacle of her Aunt frantically kicking her legs in the empty air.  "You stupid old cow.  I didn't lose my powers.  Superman's DNA just made my body more efficient.  I have the same power now, but apparently I no longer need the extra mass to hold it.  In fact," she chuckled, "the combination of Kryptonian and human DNA makes me more powerful than Superman was.  So I don't think I'm going to jail today Auntie.  Or ever."  She stuck her fingernail into Lois's wrist and Lois screamed in pain and fell to the ground, clutching at the stab wound on her arm. 

"You two are such losers!  Well, goodbye!  Thanks for everything!  And I do mean everything!"  She flew out the door and into the sky.

Superman looked up at Lois and shook his head.  "I can't believe this happened.  What a nightmare.  At least ... at least we still have each other." 

Lois nodded, putting her bloody hand to his face while her eyes surveyed his weakness, his thin chest, his soft arms.  Was this really Superman?  This boy/man whose head was barely as high as her breast.  What did she feel for him, this shell of a man.  She took his hand and pulled him toward her.  He stumbled into her body, unable to resist her modest strength.  She stared at him, amazed.  But she had to know.

"Superman!  Are you ... that weak?" Lois asked, embarrassed for him.   "Try to get away from me.  Please."  She held his hand and felt him tugging, but his efforts scarcely registered on her. 

Her eyes strayed to his crotch and recoiled at the sight of his erect, thumb-sized penis, then looked away.  "Superman ... I ... I'm not sure I

He swallowed and looked down.  "I ... understand Lois.  I guess I ... I'm not the man you ... used to love."

"Oh Superman!  I'm so, so sorry!" she cried and ran from the building, sobbing.

Superman sighed.  He wanted to cry, but superheroes don't cry.  He clenched his fist, staring at his tiny, bony arm.  Someone tapped him on the shoulder.  He turned and his head butted against the rock-hard abdomen of ... Rosie.

"Well, well, little pip-squeak.  You're an interesting sight to wake up to."  She took his arm and pulled it up.  "Not much left here, is there?"  She pulled him off the ground, lifting him easily.  "You hit me pretty hard before, but I don't think you got it in you anymore."  She pulled back her other hand and punched him solidly in the face, her fist pushing his protective arm aside without even slowing down. 

Superman's face snapped back. "Ugh!" he moaned, tumbling to the floor.

"Now we're even."  She smiled.  "But I like to be ahead!"  She pulled him to his feet and hit him in the face, alternating blows between both hands, not using even a fraction of her strength so to keep him on his feet, within range, but hard enough to hurt him and push him back relentlessly, letting him set himself to defend himself, then blowing through his stance with ease, again and again, until his body sagged, his face cut and bruised.  She lifted him by his armpits.  "I almost feel bad about beating such a weakling," she grinned, "but I don't.  You put my brother in jail, where he got sick.  Now he's got AIDS and he's as weak as you are.  You deserve whatever you get from me.  I'm not even close to finished yet!"  She held him higher, her muscles flexing larger.  "Leo told me I'd get my chance.  I didn't believe him, but I went along, just to see.  So now what does it feel like, Superman?  Being the weakling!  Feeling every drop of pain I inflict?  Being at the mercy of my muscles, of my hatred?"  She shook him, squeezing his soft upper arms in her strong hands until he cried out.  She threw him to the ground and pounced on top of him, pinning him with one arm while she pounded his ass time after time.  "I've got no place to go, and all the time in the world.  This is for what you did to Johnny McGregor, Superman.  Take that!  And that!  And that!"


Jethro walked back from the mailroom studying his mid-term grades.  He was close to failing, but still hanging in there.  He calculated that his average was still good enough for at least one more term of partying.  Then it would be serious talk time with the Dean and then his Dad.  But that was months away.  He heard something behind him and turned around.

"Hey!  Look who's here.  The high school girl.  What was your name again?"

"Lilly."  She smiled.  "So, uh, you flunking out or something?"  She stretched, pointing her breasts toward the sky.

"No.  Of course not!" he scowled.  "Hey.  It was you who took my coke.  You better give it back."  He pounced to grab her, but she jumped away too quickly and he missed.  He tried again, and again, but she kept scampering away out of his reach.  "You little bitch.  Fine.  I'll find you, though.  Aren't too many girls who look like you.  And when I do --

"When you do you'll what?" she teased. 

"What I started to do last time."  Jethro was pleased that with all the chattering he had maneuvered her to a secluded part of the campus.  He lunged at her again and this time landed right on her and prepared to tackle her.  But somehow they didn't land as he had expected.  She twisted somehow and landed on top of him, and before he could stop her she was sitting on his arms, pinning him to the ground with her legs.

Lilly looked confused, then like she suddenly understood something.  "Oh, I get it," she said.  "You're one of these guys who likes the woman to be in control, right?"  She rubbed herself against him.  "Mmmm, that's nice."  She started rubbing against him more quickly, trying to satisfy herself but then stopped, looking puzzled.  "But, like, what's in it for you?"  She shrugged, and started rubbing against his chest harder.

"Hey, cut it out, that hurts."

"Well if you don't like it, stop me.  I thought this was your thing."

He bucked a couple of times but couldn't budge her, and she was pressing against his chest harder and harder.  He was having some trouble breathing.  "It's ... not ... what I

She wrinkled her nose.  "Oh I know that you silly."  She stopped for a moment and pull open his shirt, ripping a couple of buttons off in the process.

"Hey, that was a new shirt!"

"Awww!  I'm so sorry.  It was getting in the way.  Maybe your Mommy can buy you another one."

"My Mo -- hey, you better watch what you say.  I'm getting really pissed off."

Lilly ignored him, getting more into it, breathing more heavily, "Oh yes, oh yes, ahh, ahhh, AAHHH, AAAAAHHHHHHH!  YYESSSSSS!"  She slumped over, slightly, relaxed, a soft smile on her face.  "Oh yeah!"

Jethro was moaning.  "Oh my god!  I think you broke something in there.  Oh god!  Get off me!!"

Lilly backed up slightly and felt around his chest.  "Gee, I doubt it.  I don't feel anything sharp.  It's probably just a bruise."  She rolled off and bounced to her feet.  She felt her breasts and massaged them a little.  "Oh, my whole BODY just feels so GOOD after coming."  She looked at Jethro, slowly rising to his feet.  "Well, bye."

"You fucking cunt!  What're you doing, just walking away like that?  I'm hurt."

Lilly rolled her eyes.  "Yeah?  So like what am I supposed to do?  Kiss it and make it better?"

"Damn you!  Just go fuck yourself!"

Lilly tossed her shoulder and walked ahead of him, just quickly enough that he couldn't follow her without hurting himself, but slowly enough that he could watch her ass wiggle.  She scanned the campus for Boris and spotted him at a dining hall table with his buddies.  She headed toward him, slowing down so that Jethro could see where she was going and join her.

She entered the large dining room, which was empty except for Boris's table, and walked through the room slowly, knowing they were all staring at her.  She waited for Boris to make the first move.

"Hey," she heard him say quietly to his buddies, "I know that girl.  She's the one I told you about -- the high school girl.  She came to the party at Duggamore."

The guys at the table leered.  "Get her to come over here.  We want to see her up close."

"OK, OK.  Just give me a minute."  Boris walked up to her.  "Hey!  Who are you looking for?"

Lilly turned to him, her hands on her hips, her stretch showing her bust to its best advantage.  "Why, I'm looking for you, Boris.  I was looking for you."  She held out her hand and softly padded his oversized stomach.  "You know, I felt really badly about what happened last time.  I've sort of been thinking about you a lot lately."

He stared at her in disbelief.  "Uh, well ...."

"Are those your friends over there?  The ones pointing at us, jumping up and down?"

Boris laughed nervously.  "Yeah, that's them.  But ...

"Come on!"  She took his hand.  "I want to meet them."

"But --"  Boris was confused.  He had helped Jethro try to rape her.  Why was she being so flirty with him now?  And she seemed different from how he remembered her, more confident.  Something was wrong.  He hesitated.

Lilly clasped her arm around his.  "You're not embarrassed by me, are you?"  She took a step, half pulling Boris.  He shrugged and walked with her back to the table.

"Uh guys," he said, "this is"  Shit!  He didn't even remember her name.

"Lilly!" she chirped.  "Hi!"

The guys around the table stared at her and said hello.  "You going to come to Rutgers next year Lilly?  I'll be your big brother!" one guy said.  They all laughed.

"Oh no!  I'm just a sophomore!"  She squeezed Boris's arm.  "Wow!  College guys! And I'm just talking to you!"

"You're very mature, Lilly," another said.

She laughed, pulling her hand to her chest and "inadvertently" compressing Boris's arm.  "Oh you guys!  You're so nice!"

Boris winced.  "Ouch."

Lilly pretended she didn't hear.  She unhooked Boris arm, but quickly grabbed his hand, lacing her fingers around it excitedly.  "Boris showed me his dorm when I went to the party.  I didn't know anybody here, so he and his friend Jethro made sure I wasn't alone."

Meanwhile, Jethro has caught up to her and entered the dining room walking stiffly.  He saw her holding Boris's hand and walked up to them cautiously.

"Oh, and there's Jethro too."  She reached out quickly and caught his hand too.  "Oh, my!  Now I've got both of you again.  We're all holding hands, just like before."

"What were you doing, guys?  Having a menage a trois?" said Burt, who was taking Introductory French.

Lilly shook her head.  "Uh-uh.  They were just basically holding me.  So I couldn't get away."  She looked at them dramatically.  "I think they were going to rape me!"  The boys at the table were silent.  Two of them had heard a slightly different story, but they also knew Jethro.  And now that they could see her, they knew Boris was not the kind of guy that a girl who looked like Lilly would go for.  "But they didn't. You know why?  Because I got lucky."  She smiled.  "And then I got even luckier.  And now I know that these guys will never, ever do that again, to me or any other girl." She squeezed their hands tightly and they both moaned, tried to get away, and dropped to their knees.  "Will you look at them? What weaklings!"

Jethro shook his head.  "Guys!  Get her away from me.  I ... can't.  She's really strong!"

Lilly made a face.  "Oh, come on!  I'm a sixteen year old girl!  You guys wouldn't gang up on me, would you?"  She flashed a smile, stretched her arms and shook her breasts.  "See?"  Boris's friends stared at her.  "Yeah, you see, all right."  She squeezed Boris's hand harder until his bones cracked and crumbled into dust.  He screamed in pain and dropped to the floor.  Then she turned to Jethro, closed her fist and let loose a quick punch up between his legs, her fist rising several inches into his crotch.  He crumpled onto the floor, unconscious.

She curtseyed to the table and addressed the shocked students.  "You see, I've been working out!  See ya' guys!" she called out and skipped and danced out of the room.


One month later at breakfast.

"A perfect report card!  I'm so proud of you honey!"  Lilly's mother beamed.  "If only your step-brother hadn't fallen into such a slump.  We'd just be the perfect family."

"Yeah Mom."  Lilly smiled.  "And I'm really proud of you too.  You're not drinking at all now."

Her mother shot her a look.  "Now Lilly.  You promised not to bring that up again. I am b-b-behaving, like you told me.  S-s-o don't --

"Oh Mom!  I just wanted to make sure."  She smiled more broadly.  "Where's Dad?  He's going to be late."

"Please dear!  He had a late night.  I thought he could --

Lilly glared.  "He's supposed to be down here at 7:37, every morning!  He's got 13 minutes to eat his Special K and drink his orange juice -- without gulping.  It's so disgusting when he does that, and so inconsiderate.  And then he has to catch his train.  If he can't live up to his agreements then --

"Oh, but Lilly dear, he's working so hard.  And he needs his sleep.  You don't, of course, but he's ... you know ... ordinary."

"He has to follow the rules.  It's time he learned that.  Discipline is important.  He used to tell me that.  Well, it's true for him too!   He'll have to be punished."

"Oh but Lilly darling.  He can't take that any more."

"Why?  I make him do no more than he should do himself.  Is it bad for him to clean the house, instead of you doing it?"

"But he did it last night.  And the night before.  He's not a child.  It hurts his pride."

Lilly grinned.  "He'll have to earn his pride ... by acting properly."  She looked up brightly.  "All right!  It's 'Kevin time!'  You'll have to tell Dad.  And no slip ups!  No missed corners!  Otherwise he'll have to do it all over again.  Remember, I see everything, every speck of dust."  She jumped up and flew downstairs to her brother's room in the basement, knowing her parents wouldn't dare bother her down there.

Kevin was sound asleep, snoring.  Lilly grabbed the back corner of his mattress and lifted it above her head, rolling a startled Kevin to the floor.  "You're late!  GET UP!"

"Huh?  Wha?  I just --

"It's a quarter to eight," she said calmly. 

He looked over to the clock.  Of course she was right.  "Please, Lilly.  Please.  I need to sleep!"  Lilly crossed her arms.  "It's not fair.  I can't keep doing this."

"You're lucky I let you have three hours a night."

"But I need seven at least.  Or eight.  I don't have super-powers like you."

"I know," she replied happily.  "Too bad for you.  Now, come on, get started.  You don't want to be late for school do you?  You're in enough trouble already." He nodded, sleepily.  Lilly quickly undressed, her perfect body awaiting her step-brother's tongue.  He slowly bent down.  "Move it, Kevin.  Don't make me impatient.  You never used to take so much time to touch me before."  She spread her legs slightly, and smiled as his tongue entered her.  He had improved a lot in the past two weeks.  At first, he seemed to miss her sensitive spots as often as not, and it would almost more frustrating than pleasurable.  But he quickly got the hang of it, especially when she started waking him up every hour at night to practice.  Now she was letting him sleep three hours at a stretch, and if he kept improving she'd increase it to four.  But for now, he still needed the practice.

"A bit faster, Kevin.  You're slowing down."  Ah, yes, better.  He was servicing her six times a day now.  She was sure his tongue was getting a little stronger, even while the rest of his body deteriorated from lack of sleep and exercise.  It was fun to watch that happen.  "Very good.  Right there.  Uh-huh."  His grades were dropping too.  He'd failed his last three tests and was sure to do badly in math today, while she would soon be on the Honor List. It served him right, the way he used to lord over his grades to her, bullying her, abusing her.  Oh yes, the first one was coming. She pushed closer to him and catching her signal he quickened his tongue.  Mmmmm yes!  She lightly touched her nipples.  They had become so much more sensitive with her super-powers.  She could almost make herself come with that sensation alone.  But it was more fun having Kevin do it.  She let out a great sigh.  He continued, then stopped, withdrawing his tongue.  "One more," she said.

"But I'll be late again!"

Lilly shrugged.  "That's not my problem."  She looked over at the desk.  "Is that your math homework there?  You tried to do it instead of sleeping?  I really admire your working so hard!"  She read it over quickly.  "Too bad you keep falling asleep in class.  You only got three right, you know.  You're just not getting the hang of differential equations.  You'll never make it into the honors program next year Kevin.  It's really very easy, Kevin, if you'd just put your mind to it.  I learned it in just a few seconds." 

He started sobbing, closing his eyes in a futile effort to stop the tears from running.  "Kevin!  You're so emotional.  You know how that slows you down.  You can't tongue me when you keep gasping for breath."

He pounded his fists against her rock-hard stomach, crying out from the pain.  He tried hitting her shapely thighs, but it was the same.  It was so unfair.  She looked the same, yet she was completely invulnerable.  He could do nothing to hurt her.  His father and her mother refused even to say anything to her anymore, just looking the other way when he complained, and she had sworn she would kill him if he said a word about it to anyone outside the family.  She would do it too.  He put his head on the floor in despair.  "I can't take this! Why don't you just beat me up and be done with it!" 

She laughed.  "That would be so easy, Kevin.  But how would I do it?  I could flick my pinkie and send you into space, or maybe burrow my finger inside your chest and pluck out your heart.  Or what if I just pulled off your arms and legs and left you to bleed?  I know!  I could beam some radiation into your head and fry your brains -- you wouldn't even know it happened."  She giggled.  "What do you think?"

Kevin was staring at her in horror.

"Well, it was YOUR idea to talk about it.  Oh, so long as you're down there on the floor, do my toes, would you?  We'll get to my second "O" afterwards.  There's a whole half hour before I have to leave."

Kevin whimpered, "But you fly there in an instant.  And I have to shower, and dress, and eat, and then it takes me twenty minutes to get to school.  I'll end up in the principal's office again.  Detention. And then," he added, trying to appeal to her, "I'll be late for our afternoon session."

"That's ok.  I have plans for this afternoon.  We'll just double up when I get back.  Toes?"  He started licking again.  "That's nice.  Very calming.  No, you see, Kevin, showing you my strength was fun once, watching you strain against me, knowing your muscles about as powerful against mine as those of a flea, and then lifting you up with my finger, watching the terror in your eyes as you wondered what I would do to you.  But now this is much better.  I know how you feel, and that's what makes it so worthwhile.  It's fun for me, and it leaves no mess.  There, that's enough.  You can do the second one now.  Make it a really good one, and I'll let you go."  She looked at him seriously.  "But it's fun to think about, isn't it?" she added mischievously as she pressed his face closer to her clit.


Superman, dressed in a blue t-shirt and red shorts, swept the floor, his heart pounding.  He had only a few minutes before Rosie would be home, and he hadn't even started on dinner yet.  She told him to cook for four.  It would have to be chicken.  The beef would take too long to defrost.  The chicken breasts were still in the fridge.  He could manage a nice sauce.  The key turned in the door. Oh no!  They were early.

"He's right in here," he heard her say.  "You'll just have to believe me then."  She entered the kitchen.  "WHAT?  You're still just cleaning."

"Y-you said five o'clock. I

"Yeah?  So what?  You'll get yours later, for not thinking ahead.  I'll do our dinner.  Girls, this is Superman.  And Superman, these are my nieces, Samantha and Marcia.  My brother's kids."

Superman looked at the two girls, who looked back at him in wonder.  It was their father he had put in jail.  They were young, he knew, just 11 and 13, and soon their father would be dead.  "I'm glad to meet you girls.  I -- I'm sorry about your father. He

Rosie pushed Superman and he hurled across the room.  "Shut up Superman.  They don't want your sympathy."  She nodded.  "Yes, yes, it's him.  He's lost his powers so don't be afraid of him.  He's really weak, I promise."

"Are you really Superman?" Marcia, the younger one, asked.  Superman nodded.  She bit her lip, crying.  "You killed my Daddy!"

"No, I did not.  I never killed anyone.  He's serving his debt to society for his crimes.  It's a disease that's killing him."

Samantha shook her head.  "You put him in jail, where it wasn't safe.  He used to be strong and healthy, but thanks to you he's going to be dead of AIDS.  He weighs only seventy pounds now.  And it's your fault."

"I'm sorry.  I

Marcia ran up to him and pushed him, and Superman staggered backwards.  "Hey, I

"Now girls!  Not in here."  She winked at Superman.  "They're pretty upset, but I'm sure they'll feel better later.  Now Samantha and Marcia, you can play in the living room while I get dinner ready."  The girls looked disappointed, but left.  "I thought it would be good for them to meet you."

"Uh, sure, I guess."

"I have to do something to help them get over it."  She took his arm and brought him into the living room.  "Girls, show Superman your muscles."

Marcia smiled, flexing her biceps.  "Like this, Aunt Rosie?"  She held up her arm and a solid bump appeared. 

"Very nice, dear.  Samantha?  You too."

She stared at Superman with narrowed eyes and flexed her arm.  A muscle peak appeared, equal to any high school boy's.  She looked down at a newspaper with a picture of Superman flying on the front page and the headline:  "WHERE IS HE?"

Rosie smiled proudly.  "We're all pretty strong in my family, Superman." 

"Yeah, that's him for sure," Samantha said.  She smiled and walked up to him.  She was almost 5'4", and the diminished former superhero came up only to her nose.  She put up her hands to box him.  "Come on, Superman.  Fight me."

"I don't

"Defend yourself, or I'll hit you anyway!"  Samantha waited a few seconds, then ripped a jab into Superman's face.  His nose spurted in blood.

"Samantha!  Remember what I told you, honey.  Take your time.  I want your sister to have a chance too."  She left for the kitchen.

"OK Aunt Rosie.  I will," Samantha called out.  She grabbed Superman's arms and squeezed his biceps.  "Auntie was right!  Your arms are so small!  Mine are bigger!  My muscles are bigger than Superman's!"  She flexed again, shoving her solid biceps into his face.  "Admit it."

Superman nodded helplessly.  "Yes, they're bigger.  They're much bigger than mine."

"You don't have any.  You're weak as a baby.  Right?"

"Yes, yes I am.  I - I know that.

"Let me try, Sammy."

"OK Marce."  She held him tightly and walk toward her sister pushing him.  "Here.  I'll hold him for you."

"You don't have to! I can do it myself."  Samantha pushed Superman toward Marcia, who caught him.  She was tall too, for an eleven year old, but was still a few inches shorter than he.  She angrily looked up at him and, holding him by the shoulders, shook him back and forth, Superman's head flopping weakly, his legs barely able to keep him standing as her strong arms dragged him around like a doll.  "Murderer!" she cried, hitting him in the stomach, her fist penetrating deeply into Superman's gut.  He covered his mid-section with both arms, but Marcia pulled them away and held both of his wrists in one hand while she slapped his face with the other and kicked him, then threw him on the floor.  "Look at me!  I'm beating up Superman!" she crowed.  She jumped on top of him and pinned him, enjoying his feeble efforts to dislodge her.  "He's like a little boy, isn't he.  A very bad little boy!"  She bounced on his tender stomach a few times, enjoying his cries of pain. 

"Girls!  Wash up for dinner."

"But Aunt Rosie!  I only got a short turn," Samantha complained.

"Samantha!  Don't talk back! I told you, Superman isn't going anywhere, and you'll be here the whole weekend.  So eat now and keep your strength up.  Alright?"

Samantha looked at Superman, who was on the floor, probing his tender stomach.  "OK.  What about him?"

"He can eat later, after you've gone up to bed.  Now come in girls.  We have a lot to do this weekend."


The bell rang.  Lilly aced another math test.  She turned down for the eighth time Colin Marks's request for some tutoring.  She knew what he really wanted, and she had no interest in any high school boys.  Not now at least.  She had already decided what she wanted to do this afternoon.

She stowed her books in her locker and walked toward the mall, then up to a little used bathroom she knew where she changed into her usual costume.  After that, she flew at super speed to her favorite designer store in Manhattan and lifted an outfit she had already selected with her super-vision, moving too quickly for any alarms to register.  She tucked it inside her t-shirt for protection and in seconds was hovering eight thousand feet over Monaco.  The night was still young there, and she had plenty of time to survey the area and decide how she'd spend her time.  She listened in on the conversations, observing the gestures and manners of the local elite.    It took her just a few minutes to master French and another minute to make sure she was using the proper dialect, not the provincial one.  She dropped onto an empty beach, changing as she did, and walked off the sand to mingle with the rich at the Metropole Palace, enjoying the turned heads she attracted instantly. 

[Most of the French dialogue has been translated for the convenience of my English-speaking readers.]

She sat at the Hotel Bar, sipping a Kir and enjoying the scene.  Before too long, a tall young man in his twenties sat nearby and addressed her in heavily accented English.

"Pardon, miss.  Are you waiting for someone."

"Non monsieur.  Je suis ici par me"

"Ah!  Mademoiselle!  You are a native!  But I thought -- let me introduce myself if I may.  Jon-Michel Gerard-Antoine."

She looked him at and down, penetrating his thin pants as well with her X-ray vision.  Yes, he'll do nicely, she thought, very distinguished.  "I am Lilly Ruelle."

"What a charming name.  Are you staying at the Hotel?"

"No, not here.  And you?"

"Yes.  I am here for the summer.  Do you come often?"

"No.  It is my first time."

"Well!  I come every summer.  I would be delighted to take you around, and perhaps show you the harbor on my yacht.  Unless, of course, you have other plans."

"Well, I had no plans.  I was waiting for a friend, but perhaps she won't arrive.  We could spend a little time."  She finished her drink and stood.  "Yes, I would like that."

He pulled out her chair, and they walked out of the hotel into the warm evening light of the Mediterranean, Lilly patting the arm of her next conquest.


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