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Shooting Supergirl

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Supergirl sat comfortably in the Today show studio and waved to the crowd of tourists outside on Rockefeller Plaza. She shook her head to let her blonde hair flow over her shoulders and leaned back slightly so that the bold outline of her fabulous breasts was plainly visible.  She twisted slightly left and right and let them bounce slightly and push harder against her costume while the camera focused on her.  Why not?  This was as close as the audience would ever get to them and, being "super" she wasn't worried about dealing with any "unwelcome" advances.  As if anyone would dare!

It was a kind of unwritten understanding she had developed with her admirers, one that was very different from the way her cousin, Kal-el, had always had to protect his image.  As a male, any display of his sexuality, which was naturally amplified by his super-strength and other imposing powers, would be perceived as dangerous and personally threatening.  Given his unlimited potency and unstoppable strength, Supergirl well understood how humans would regard THAT as more than a bit frightening.  Well, to everyone except for that sex-crazed, power-worshipping harpy, Lois!  But for Supergirl, as a super-female, flaunting her sexy body, just a little, humanized her image, softened it, and helped reconcile humans to the combination of her being a female with strength and power that was so far beyond them. It also put her enemies off their guard.  Oh, did it ever! She willed her nipples to harden just a bit more.  There!  Perfect!

She had done these interviews thousands of times.  The questions were always the same.  Some she had always refused to answer, like her bra size (she didn't need to wear one), her sexual interests (no human could ever satisfy them, so why go there!), and her relationship with a certain male superhero (let them just TRY to guess what they did in private, and woe to him if he ever told!).  But she let them ask about anything else.

Matt Lauer cleared his throat. "Supergirl, with Superman busy battling the intergalactic mob, does the latest crime spree by the West Side boys worry you?  They have killed three police officers so far and have avoided every attempt by the Metropolis police to catch them."

She leaned forward.  It was, of course, exactly the question she expected.  The so-obvious subtext, what they were really saying but wouldn't dare say to her directly, was "So far, you've let these criminals run wild.  Superman would have stopped them long ago.  Is it because you wonder whether you, a mere slip of a girl, can handle these hardened criminals all by yourself?" was so demeaning, especially because, unknown to everyone but her cousin, she was the more powerful of the two of them. But she wouldn't reveal that secret, or show that she'd taken offence, not the way she would have when she was just sixteen.  No.  She'd learned a lot in five years.  She smiled and let her nipples harden more -- that would throw him off balance -- and gave her usual answer.  "Not at all. But I can't be everywhere at once, nor would I want to be.  I have my own interests, my own life too.  The police are responsible for solving ordinary crimes.  They will let me know if and when things get out of hand, and I will, of course, step in when they need me. All they have to do is ask and I'll be there."

The audience cheered, bringing Lauer out of his nipple-induced trance.

"Um, er, yes, thank you Supergirl.  Um, you're certainly erect, I mean, electable to er ....

Supergirl smiled sweetly and leaned forward, her eyebrows raised, as if she were trying to understand the next question. She thought she'd made her points very well, so to speak.  She leaned back and let her nipples recede a bit, letting him recover his poise.  "Er, yes, I can understand why preventing petty crime would be ... a bit dull for you, with your busy social life," he continued.  "Can you tell us what most annoys you when facing the average criminal, I mean, as opposed to the super-powered intergalactic evildoers Superman is battling even as we speak?"

Doesn't he KNOW how belittling that is?!  Didn't they EVER learn! Supergirl barely resisted the temptation to bathe him in deadly heat vision.  Well, let's see how well he handles her "points" for the remainder of the session.  Yes, let him deal with THIS answer!  "I suppose I find all criminal behavior annoying," she said, more coldly, her nipples rising and now sticking out like bullets.  "One thing that does annoy me is that, after all these years, common criminals still insist on shooting off their itty-bitty little weapons at me.  You'd think that after all this time they'd know that they can't affect me.  I'm invincible.  Bullets just bounce off me.  Everyone knows that.  Yet they insist on shooting at me, endangering only themselves and other bystanders.  And -- I suppose I can say this to THIS mature audience -- they seem to have a particular fascination with aiming at my breasts.  Can you understand why they do that?" she asked, innocently.

"Wah I er um --

"I mean, it doesn't HURT me.  I admit it can be a little stimulating.  In that respect, you know, I AM a woman, and like many other women, my breasts are stimulated VERY easily.  And it can be a little embarrassing when my, you know, nipples start rising.  And that, in turn, usually provokes a reaction in them, which inevitably makes them lose their concentration.  But then, I have a job to do -- just like you do here, interviewing me -- and I can't let myself get distracted from the task at hand.  So, yes, I DO get annoyed at the stupidity of it, but it's no more stupid than crime itself.  Don't you agree?"

"Errr, I, uh ...."  He was staring helplessly at Supergirl's breasts while she earnestly waited for his next question.

"Was there something else you wanted to ask?" she asked.  "I know you recently did a story on the book 'Why do Men have Nipples?'  Did you want to discuss that?  Because, if not, I do have another important engagement."  She stood up, forcing the interviewer to rise, his member painfully constricted.  "Are you all right?  You're not standing very straight.  Do you have a cramp?"

"Yes ... no ... I"

She shook his hand.  "Very well then.  So long!"

She walked off the stage, kissed a few members of the audience and then flew off to their cheers.  Maybe next time he would ask questions more appropriate to her importance as a superhero!


Supergirl had not been completely honest.  The police HAD asked Supergirl for help finding the West Side boys the day before yesterday, but she had been too busy to do it yet.  Well, she couldn't delay now, not after she'd tried to blame the police for her inaction.  She flew right to police headquarters and examined the files of their principal suspects and the physical evidence they had collected from the crime scenes.  Then, she flew around the city in broadening circles until she had traced the soil samples left behind to a warehouse a few miles outside the city, its walls lined with lead paint.  Illegal lead paint, freshly applied!  She thought at first that she would just give the police the information and let them stake out the gang, but then she decided to handle it herself.  The gang had been very clever so far confounding the police.  If the police used Supergirl's detective work and then failed to bring the gang to justice, they might do even more to conceal themselves.  And more people would make comparisons between Supergirl's crime-fighting abilities and those of her more famous cousin.  No!  She'd do it herself and present the police with the gang subdued and ready for arrest!

Supergirl flew back to the warehouse at super-speed and hovered above it, deciding how best to attack.  She couldn't see through the paint, but lead did nothing to block her super-hearing.  She could hear men talking loudly, cheering for some sports team and then, surprisingly, a woman's voice, ordering the men to get back to work so they could complete loading the new weapon onto the truck.  So, the West Side boys was a gang run by a woman!  That's something the police hadn't figured out.  Naturally.  They must have assumed that any criminal smart enough to evade capture HAD to be run by a man!  Hmmmph!  But the remark about a weapon caught her attention.  It was a good thing she had followed up today.  If they had some kind of new weapon they could cause even more harm than they already had.

Wanting to preserve the advantage of surprise and keep the gang in the warehouse as long as possible, she flew 50 yards away and then tunneled back through the earth underneath, using her super-breath to keep the dirt off her hair and face -- her costume was naturally resistant.  She paused momentarily before she completed the last few feet and then burst into the warehouse through the floor, catching the gang standing together at the end of the warehouse, the sports match blaring on a large screen television while they wolfed down their lunch.  She imagined what it would have looked like to them.  The seemingly solid, impregnable floor beginning to rumble like thunder or an earthquake.  The concrete cracking, then buckling.  Their panic.  Would the walls collapse?  Were they going to die?  Where should we run?  Then they would see the first, strange sign of her appearance, the pink, painted tips of her super-powered fingers breaking through the foot thick concrete as if it were just paper.  Then her small, feminine hands, pushing aside slabs of flooring far too heavy for any of two of them even to lift, even using all their pitiful human strength.  Then her breasts, emerging fully grown from the earth, smashing the floor to dust, enlarging the hole far more than any other part of her body, sending hard pieces of concrete flying two stories into the air, leaving the rounded impression of her wonderful orbs where she emerged, with the two sharp points of her nipples like exclamation points.  Let them ponder the strength, the power, the SUPER-power behind THAT feat!  IF they found the time.

Supergirl put her hands on her hips and shouted, "Move away from there, all of you.  Surrender now and no one will get hurt."  Typically, no one listened to her.  Instead, the men turned around, reached for their guns and began firing.  Supergirl let the bullets bounce off her harmlessly. "Don't you guys ever watch the news instead of that silly football?" she said, acting slightly annoyed.  She pointed at her unharmed chest. "Supergirl?  Super-powers?  Invulnerable?  Remember?"  Satisfied that they'd emptied their guns and no longer posed a harm to each other from ricocheting bullets, she flew towards them.  The largest of the men stepped in front, ready to fight.  Supergirl settled to the ground facing him.  He stood a good eight inches taller than her and was solidly built, but his muscle was irrelevant.  Didn't he know that?  Or did he just want the "experience" of fighting Supergirl.  This was another thing Supergirl never understood.  Her strength was so much greater than any man's, and if that wasn't enough, she was also invulnerable to their punches.  Why didn't they just give up?  But they never did.  And this one had the same lack of imagination.

"I don't wanta have to hit a girl, but if you don't leave us alone, you're gonna leave me no choice."

Supergirl rolled her eyes.  "Fine then, big guy.  Let's get this over with."  Supergirl stood opposite him, waiting for him to throw the first punch.  Like many others, he was a bit hesitant.  Well, it was probably a good thing that a man built like he was felt a little funny about hitting "girls".  She'd go easier on him for that bit of moral sentiment.  She let him size her up, looking at her breasts while deciding where to hit her, then he swung his fist around to her temple.  She felt the impact as her skin absorbed the blow, stiffening against his bones and repelling his much softer tissues.  She turned her head slightly so that he'd crack just his knuckles and not his wrist or arm.  It was a pretty good punch.  It probably would have knocked out a good number of humans.  But it failed to hurt or damage her in the slightest.

"Owww!" he cried, shaking his hand.  "Shit!  Her fucking head's like a piece of fucking stone."

She snorted.  "That's not the kind of compliment a girl likes to hear," she quipped, then hit him once in the stomach to double him over and once in the cheek to stagger him.  She loved the way her little hands powered through human tissue so easily.  It was so great being super!  While he was still woozy, she lifted the man over her head with one arm while the others watched in awe.  This was another thing she enjoyed, the way men were always so impressed with her strength when she demonstrated it.  They never could admit or accept that she, a "mere female", was so much more powerful than they were, but somehow watching her dominate another man, especially one as large as this one, who had probably pushed all of them around at one time or another, always got their attention and admiration. Probably it was something about males that made them admire strength.  She guessed it was why they liked sports too.  She didn't really get it. She'd faced a few villains stronger than she was over the years, and there was nothing thrilling about it.  This man she was carrying, for example. She shuddered to think what, with his big muscles, he could and would do to her if he had super-powers too.  Or if she didn't.  Now THAT would be painful!  Or worse than painful.  Fortunately that wasn't a problem.  As relatively slender as her arms were compared to his bulging muscles, she was millions of times stronger.  Probably billions.  She held him high above her head and arched her back slightly, showing off her breasts to distract the others.  It was time to let her nipples stiffen a bit too. Satisfied their attention were completely on her chest, she threw the big lunk at them, knocking them over, then gathered the men together, put them out with a few quick punches and bent a large steel cable around them to hold them in place.  I've got the boys, she thought.  Now it's time for their leader.

But just as she was about to go for her, she heard the hum of the weapon powering up and immediately there was a flash of white light, which briefly lit up the warehouse with the brightness of the sun, followed by an eerie ultraviolet spark that shot directly at her head.  Supergirl turned toward the weapon and a dark-haired woman, no older than 21, jumped down from the platform of the truck where the weapon sat.  The woman was tall, several inches taller than Supergirl in fact, and with more dramatic coloring.  Her red lips, her boldly darkened eyeshadow framing green eyes and her well-manicured and bright multi-colored nails contrasted sharply with Supergirl's natural-girl look.  She wore an abbreviated tight-fitting athletic top that left her well-toned midriff bare and showed off her impressive bust, even larger than Supergirl's, but, for obvious reasons, needing the support of a substantial underwire bra.  Supergirl could have seen that even without resorting to her X-ray vision, but she did check, just to make sure the woman wasn't equipped with any unusual devices or kryptonite.  But no, it was just an ordinary, if heavy-duty bra.

"Welcome, Supergirl.  I've been expecting you," the young woman said. "In fact, I was beginning to think you'd never show!"  She held up a long, shining gun and with a malevolent smile on her face aimed it at Supergirl.

"Not you too!" Supergirl sighed.  "Don't you bad guys ever learn!"  The woman fired and the bullet bounced off the knuckle below Supergirl's pinkie.  "What was that, a woman's touch?  The men always go for the breast," Supergirl cracked.

"We'll be paying more attention to your breasts later, Supergirl."  The woman tossed the gun away and smiled.  "I am Leila, and it's time for you to bow down to me."  She stepped closer to Supergirl and slipped off her sandals, still standing three inches taller than the Maiden of Might. "You will kiss my foot, Supergirl.  You will call me Mistress Leila from now on and you will take orders from me, just like everyone else here does, just as everyone else in the rest of the world soon will!"

Supergirl laughed.  "I don't think so, Leila.  I've heard that one before.  I've taken care of your whole gang already.  Now it's just you and me, and, if you don't mind my saying so, if you compare you and me, one-on-one, supergirl vs. human, I think my odds are just a bit better than yours."

"Such an impudent and foolish little girl," Leila said, smiling, looking down at her foe.  She looked hard at Supergirl and her body.  Her eyebrows rose and her smile grew broader.  "Well!  Already!  You have so underestimated me, Supergirl, and that was a fatal mistake.  I am no older than you; yet look what I have achieved already, on my own, without aid of super-powers!  Soon you will see all that I am capable of.  But, no reason to bore you with my talk.  You will see for yourself soon enough.  Right now, in fact!"  She reached out and slapped Supergirl's face, hard.

"Owww!" Supergirl said, surprised.  Her pale skin quickly reddened where Leila had hit her and she put her hand on her skin.  "What the --

"What indeed!"  Leila interrupted her and grinned.  "Maybe the odds have changed!"  She hit Supergirl again on the other side of her face, and Supergirl uttered a sharp cry of pain.

"B-b-but ... my invulnerability!"  Supergirl paused for a moment.  "That flash!  But no!  The bullet just bounced off me when you shot the gun!"

"Oh, what a terribly smart foe I have," Leila said, laughing.  She continued in a sing-song voice.  "She's using logic!  The bullet bounced off me.  Therefore I was still invulnerable after the flash of light. Therefore, the weapon could not have taken away my invulnerability. Therefore ...."

"Shut up, Leila."  Supergirl grabbed Leila's wrists.  "Mock me all you like!  You're coming with me."  She began marching her toward the warehouse door.

Leila walked along, not resisting.  "And what, Supergirl, if I choose not to?  What if I fight back?  What will you do then, if you're not invulnerable?  Doesn't that worry you?"

"Whatever may have happened, temporarily, to my invulnerability -- and I WILL solve THAT problem -- I still have my super-strength and you'd be fool to test that!  I'm not afraid to use it."

"Ah yes, your super-strength!"  Leila stopped walking and began resisting Supergirl, her well-toned arms and legs straining as hard as they could against Supergirl's pull. Leila's arms trembled, her muscles tensed and showed the full size of her feminine biceps, which were considerably larger than Supergirl's though quite a lot smaller than the goon Supergirl had defeated earlier.  Small beads of sweat appeared on her forehead and Leila moaned in her contralto voice from the effort of opposing Supergirl's strength, but she was clearly no match for Supergirl, who had more than mere muscle power at play.  The Maiden of Might smiled softly, calmly, and continued to pull Leila along.  Finally, accepting the futility of her struggle, Leila gave up.

"So you see, Leila.  It's hopeless for you," Supergirl smirked.  "Human strength is nothing compared to my Kryptonian power."

"Yes," Leila nodded.  "I guess ... you're right," she said, her breath short, her face flushed from the struggle.  "But Supergirl ... how strange."  Her eyes dropped down and then met Supergirl's.  "What's happening to you?  To your breasts, that is."  She smiled slightly.  "I hope you don't mind my saying this -- you don't like drawing attention to your breasts, do you? --  but, one woman to another, I think they look a bit ... droopy.  I wonder if, perhaps, you should be using a bra with more support."

Supergirl stared at her in disbelief.  "A bra with more -- that's ridiculous.  I don't need a bra! I'm super, and so are my breasts, thank you very much!"  Nevertheless, Supergirl was feeling something strange in her body, a kind of heaviness.  She looked down at her chest and stopped dead, overcome by surprise and then growing horror.  Her breasts had always stood out on her chest, thrusted out in fact, in complete disregard of gravity or of the pressure her costume or any fabric might place on them.  But now they were slowly dropping lower and compressing, their appearance changing from a bold, ravishing 34-DD to a smaller, compressed 34-C, and with each passing second they sat lower and lower on her chest. Even her nipples, previously pointing like bullets through her top, were flattening and soon disappeared, invisible inside her costume.

"Yes, how very strange, Supergirl. I've never seen such a thing before. What do you think could be causing THAT?"

Supergirl dropped her hold on Leila.  "I ... I don't know ... I ..."  She shook her head and tried to use her powers of muscle control to will her breasts back into shape, but she felt constrained, as though she were tensing her muscles to no effect, as though the forces pressing inward against her were too much for her to overcome.  Her whole body felt different, little threads of weariness streaked through her, forcing her to shift position slightly.  Her arms ached from holding them up and she lowered her hands to her sides and at the same time she became conscious of her neck, protesting from the rigid position she held while staring up at Leila.  And then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw something that made her heart stop.  Leila's already large bosom seemed to be growing right before her eyes, pushing both outwards and higher. Very quickly, the creamy flesh of the upper part of Leila's breasts was rising upwards through her top, the dramatic cleavage revealing itself and becoming deeper with each passing second, while the front of her bosom extended closer and closer to Supergirl.  And as Leila's breasts expanded, an odd high-pitched sound of something straining under great stress became audible to Supergirl, just barely, the sound echoing eerily through the cavernous warehouse.  The sounds were coming from Leila! Supergirl listened carefully, trying to piece the facts together.

Meanwhile Leila was purring softly.  She reached behind her, slipping her fingers underneath her top, the motion itself bumping her bosom almost into Supergirl's neck.  Almost too quickly, the snapback of flexible fabric resounded through the building and Leila was pulling her bra out from inside her top.  The strap was in several pieces, cut cleanly as if by a small, sharp knife.  Or a very sharp fingernail.  She threw it aside and happily cupped her breasts.  Her smile grew and she moaned slightly until, remembering where she was and who was with her, she reluctantly lowered her hands, leaving the outlines of her upturned breasts starkly visible against her top, her erect nipples pushing out like bullets.  She looked down at Supergirl and a tight smile formed on her lips.

"Don't you GET it, Supergirl?" Leila said through her teeth, her mouth barely open.  She put her hands on her hips and thrust her chest forward, bumping her bosom against Supergirl, who stepped backwards, moving away slightly from Leila.  Somehow, to Supergirl, Leila looked even taller than before, as though she were holding herself more erect.  Or was Supergirl slouching slightly?  "You're such a little girl," Leila continued.  "You know that, don't you!  You're no threat to me.  Why do I think so?  Is it just your smallish, sagging tits that tell me you're not the girl you used to be?  Or maybe it's more than that."  Leila cocked her head.  "Your heart is pounding, Supergirl.  What's the matter?  Feeling anxious?  That you're not quite up to your game anymore? How do I know that, Supergirl? Is there a little color in your pale face?  Do things sound different to you?  Is the world getting just a bit ... quiet?"

Supergirl whirled around and put her hands around her ears.

"You're listening very carefully," Leila whispered and then her voice slowly rising, "What do you hear, Supergirl?  Or should I say, what don't you hear?  The rumbling of the heating plant here?  The breathing of those men you knocked out?  The chirps of the birds outside?  The beating of your own heart?  Ka-blub.  Ka-blub.  Ka-blub.  Ka-blub.  Can't you hear it, Supergirl?  It's so clear to me.  Ka-blub.  Ka-blub.  Ka-blub.  Ka- blub."

"STOP IT!" Supergirl shouted, turned abruptly and slapped Leila hard in the face, only to cry out "OWWWWWW!" in pain, looking down incredulously at her hand, her fingers red and stinging while Leila stood in place, unharmed, her head not turning even a millimeter.

"Oh my!  THAT'S not supposed to happen when SUPERGIRL uses ALL her Kryptonian strength to hit a human, a MERE human!"  Leila put her hands on her hips and laughed uproariously.  "HA-HA-HA-HA!!  Or should I say, all the strength of a small, human, soft-muscled girl!"

"No!"  Supergirl seized Leila by the shoulders and tried to lift her, but her small fingers merely pressed back slightly against her.  Her feminine muscles tensed slightly, invisibly beneath her costume, as her face reddened with the effort of trying to lift the larger Leila, who laughed at Supergirl's high-pitched grunt of astonishment and frustration. "What's WRONG with me?" Supergirl cried out, her eyes welling up with tears.

She stepped back, moving away from Leila.  But Leila stayed right with her and gathered the material of Supergirl's costume in her hand and lifted her into the air.  "What a little lightweight YOU are, a superhero- lite, I'd say!"  Leila extended her hand so that Supergirl's weight was supported only by her fingers, then, one by one, removed each finger until she held Supergirl up with just her one small pinkie, while Supergirl's whirling arms impacted futilely and painfully against Leila's arm.  "Oh yes!  Keep it up!  Harder, Supergirl, harder!  Try to use ALL your strength, or ARE you ALREADY?  Is THAT REALLY as hard as you can hit me? Oh my!  What were you saying about your Kryptonian power being nothing compared to my merely human strength?  You were absolutely RIGHT, Supergirl.  It IS nothing!  Your dainty little fists are going 'ti-ti-ti- ti-ti-ti' against my skin, like a little bird's wings.  Can you SENSE just how weak you are, Supergirl?  Do you FEEL it inside?  Can you TELL that your teeny little punches are doing NOTHING to hurt me?!"

"NO!" Supergirl cried out.  "Let me go!  Let me go!"  Her hands were hurting so badly.  Only her lack of strength was saving her from broken bones.  Her LACK of strength!  She had to get away, had to get free of this witch before she somehow absorbed more of her powers.  Seeing she was merely suspended from Leila's finger, she exercised her flying power and soared out of Leila's reach toward the place where the four-story ceiling of the building met the wall.

"Wait, Supergirl!" Leila warned, her voice suddenly booming.  "Before you try to crash through to run away, how do you think it will feel without your invulnerable body?  Hmmm?"  Supergirl stopped just short of the wall and stayed up in the air, away from Leila.  "You may have forgotten, but merely human bodies don't react well when crashing into concrete walls."

Supergirl shouted back, "I don't know what you're doing, what your weapon has done to me, but I'll get out of here, and when I do ...

Leila walked underneath Supergirl and jumped, her super-powered leg muscles propelling her halfway up to Supergirl the first time, three- quarters of the way the second time as she gauged the distance.  "No need to run away, Supergirl, to solve THAT little mystery.  I'll be happy to explain everything to you.  All you needed to do was ask."  Supergirl sped to the opposite side of the room to avoid Leila and they played cat and mouse until Leila stayed on the ground looking up at Supergirl.  "That's all right, Supergirl.  Just wanted to be sure you used both your flying power and your super-speed.  Enjoy them while you can!  I can talk to you from down here just as easily.  It's all quite simple.  I've studied you and your cousin, Superman, for some time.  By now I am sure I know more about the origins of your super-powers than you do.  You see, each Kryptonian body has a unique interaction with the radiation produced by a yellow sun.  Much as a plant uses chlorophyll to produce energy from light, your body creates a particular energy field that enables your body's DNA to use the energy to fuel your super-powers.  Before you arrived, I had programmed the weapon with my own DNA sequences. That white flash you saw was the second step, which duplicated the emissions of the yellow sun, detected the precise power signature your body creates to draw on the sun's radiation and translated that information using a matrix mapped to my own DNA.  I quickly irradiated my body with Kryptonitic radiation to enable my body to create the same energy field from a yellow sun that your body creates.  That would not be enough for me to use super- powers, because my body, lacking your Kryptonian biology, cannot use the energy produced by the energy field.  To change that, I needed you to use your powers.  The purple beam that hit you created a temporary hyperstatial linkage between our bodies and thanks to that each time you use one of your superpowers, your body has 'trains' mine to show it how to apply the energy to create that super-power in me.  Unfortunately for you, one of the side effects of 'training' my energy field through the hyperstatial linkage is to change the application matrix of the energy fields in your body too to match my DNA."  Leila stopped for a moment and took in Supergirl's blank look.  "Is this all over your head, Supergirl? Let me put it more plainly.  As my body learns how to apply the power of the yellow sun, your circuits are breaking, one by one.  You're creating the energy you need for your superpowers but you can no longer use it. You --

Suddenly, Supergirl started falling, faster and faster.  She screamed in terror, but just before she would have hit the concrete floor, Leila flew up to catch her.  They hovered with Supergirl's head inches above the ground, "Ha-ha!  Looks like you've taught me how to fly, Supergirl. Better get used to the fact that you won't be flying anywhere again, at least not on your own power!" Leila practiced loops around the warehouse holding the helpless Supergirl in her arms, while the terrified girl clung to her with all her remaining strength.  Suddenly Leila's speed increased a thousand times and they crashed through the warehouse wall, Leila twisting at the last instant so that her invulnerable shoulder protected Supergirl from the impact.  They hurtled halfway across the country and back to the warehouse before Leila set Supergirl down, next to the weapon. Leila stood beside her, her arms crossed across her mighty chest and laughed at the shaking, flat-chested girl, whose facial skin was reddened and blistered and blond hair was now tangled crazily in knots from the winds of their trans-continental journey.  "You look so funny, Supergirl! If only you could see yourself!  Wait!"  She disappeared and in a moment and returned with a full-length mirror. She held it in front of her foe. "Look what you've become.  And we haven't even had our FIGHT yet!"

Supergirl stared at her reflection in the mirror, at the image of a wild, damaged girl whose narrow chest and thin arms brought home just how ordinary she now was.  "No!  This can't be happening!  You CAN'T have my powers!" she cried out in anguish. Supergirl grabbed Leila's shoulders and tried to shake her, push her, lift her and then put her hands around her neck to choke her.  Leila stood there, laughing at Supergirl's helplessness, the futility of her efforts.

"How weak you are, Supergirl.  Such a strange sensation, feeling my skin resist your attempts to compress it, my muscles using such a tiny fraction of their strength to resist your greatest effort!  There's nothing you can do to me now, Supergirl.  You're completely at my mercy.  How many powers do you have left to try to destroy my weapon before it gives me the last few powers you have?  Think hard, Supergirl!  What will you do now?  Oh! You must have been using your so-called super-intelligence?  Mine now!"

Supergirl's mouth dropped open in horror.  Her total recall memory was fading already!  How could she be so foolish!  In desperation Supergirl aimed a furious blast of heat vision at the weapon.

"Ooooh, nice try!  But I knew all about lead lining, sweetie!  Yes, all I've done is once again tricked you into using another power.  I don't need the weapon to finish taking your powers.  The link will continue to exist between us until I terminate it."

Supergirl stamped her feet on the floor, feeling the hard concrete up through her toes all the way to her hip.  Owww!  "You won't get away with this!" she said, bravely.  "Once Superman is back --

"Oh yes, Superman.  Isn't he on some intergalactic mission somewhere? Perhaps he's already on his way home to rescue you?"  Supergirl looked up in the sky, then closed her eyes, remembering at the last second not to use her telescopic vision, lest Leila take that power too. "Oh, a pity! All too late you've learned not to use your powers.  But what good are they then.  It makes you more helpless than ever, and if you're not going to give me anything else, then there's really no reason to keep you alive, is there?"

She lifted Supergirl so that the two girls were face-to-face, while the slender blonde's feet dangled in the air.  Supergirl struggled to get free but Leila's strength, the super-strength of Super-Leila now, was overwhelming.  Tears of frustration rolled down Supergirl's cheeks.  There was nothing she could do now, except die.  Only that would keep the last few powers she had left from Leila's evil grasp.  "Superman will defeat you!  Just you wait until he returns," she said fervently, taking solace in her belief of her cousin's ultimate victory.

"Oh, I doubt it.  By my calculations I'm already half again as strong as he is, due to his repeated exposures to kryptonite and my own greater fitness.  After all, I've been working out for years, while he's relied on his powers for his strength since he was a baby.  Anyway, what makes you think he won't fall for the same trick you did?  He's no smarter than you are -- bull-headedness, arrogance and overconfidence run in the family, Supergirl, despite this over-rated super-intelligence of yours, which seems to me to be nothing more impressive than having a faster processor in a computer.  My younger twin sister Lacey, who helped me by operating the weapon, will be standing by to take his powers away.  Then the two of us will rule the world together.  Yes, and perhaps the universe too, once we learn how to steal the powers of the other super-heroes.  Come out, Lacey.  Say hello to Supergirl -- before I kill her."

Supergirl shook her head.  "Your plan will never work, Leila.  He's more experienced than I am.  He won't fall for it!  Lacey will never have the super-powers you have!  She'll just have to take orders from you for the rest of her life."

Leila laughed.  "She would anyway, Supergirl. She IS my baby sister after all.  She always does what she's told.  Right, Lacey?  LAY-CEE!" Supergirl felt Leila's grip tighten, like she was getting angry.  "Lacey! I'm calling you!"

"Sorry.  Just a minute, sis!" said a voice much like Leila's, but quieter.

Leila's grip tightened. Supergirl felt the hard tips of Leila's nipples push into her chest like bullets and shifted uncomfortably, but Leila held her even more firmly.  "Look what I can do, Supergirl.  That little trick you always did, except I'm not using it to distract you.  I'm going to KILL you with my nipples!  Auuuggh!  What's THAT?"  A bright light had filled the warehouse for an instant, and a spark whirled from Leila to Supergirl and back to the weapon.  Supergirl hit at Leila, and the startled villain dropped her, but recovered immediately.  She ignored Supergirl, flying toward the weapon instead.  "Lacey!  Where ARE YOU!" Leila roared as sparks erupted from the weapon and flames engulfed it. "NO!"  Leila quickly blew the flames out and darted around it with super- speed.  She emerged holding Lacey in her hand.  "Who would have ever imagined that YOU would betray me!"

Lacey twisted helplessly.  "You're so bossy!  You KNOW I HATE you!  I've ALWAYS hated you.  OWWW!"

"You've left me no choice, Lacey.  The only way to preserve my powers is to kill you before ... NO-O-O-O!"  Leila dropped Lacey, who had suddenly become too heavy for Leila to carry.  Leila slapped her sister with all her remaining strength.  The sound of her wrist cracking resounded through the warehouse.  "NO!  NO!  NO!  NO!  NO!" she said, crying.  "I CAN'T lose my powers to you!  Not to my baby sister!  I haven't even had them for fifteen minutes!"

"Life's tough, sis!" Lacey said softly, rising in the air with Leila in her arms.  "Yes, how I've hated you!" she said, in an even softer voice inaudible to everyone but her sister, and quickly gained her super- hearing.  Lacey smiled.  "And now I've got your super-intelligence too. You can't help listening or thinking, can you, sis?  Maybe I won't get X- ray vision from you, but I've already taken from you the powers that matter most: strength, flying, speed, invulnerability and intelligence." She dropped Leila off on the ground.

Supergirl was hiding behind a pile of stacked crates but now emerged. "Thank heavens you've stopped her!" she said gratefully.

Lacey smiled at Supergirl.  "Yes!  You have no idea how awful it would have been.  You don't know her the way I do."  She looked over at Leila and crossed her arms in front of her bosom, which was as large as her sister's but was still encased in an industrial, heavy duty bra whose outline was visible beneath a black blouse neatly tucked into her beige skirt.  She looked over at the weapon.  "Thank goodness it's destroyed.  I had more to do with building it than Leila, and I'll make sure the records are shredded so that she can't make another one."

Supergirl nodded.  "I'm glad you understand the threat.  But ..." Supergirl paused awkwardly.  "If the machine is destroyed how, um, how will I get my powers back?"

"Fat chance of THAT!" Leila snorted.

"Shut UP!" Lacey snarled angrily.  She composed herself and turned to Supergirl.  "Yes, I've thought of that," she said, resuming her gentle voice.  "We're still all connected in the hyperstatial link, which I now control, since the weapon was last programmed for my DNA.  Even though the weapon is destroyed, it will simply be a matter of inverting the frequency of the link, which goes to my hypothalamus gland and my sister's, and to an equivalent organ of yours.  I should be able to do it with the bodily control I now have."

"She's lying, Supergirl.  She won't do anything to help you!  She's just like me.  Worse, because she's a sneak and a traitor!"

Lacey shook her head.  "I apologize for my sister.  She's always been this way."  Lacey sighed.  "Thanks to having your super-powers, this is the first time in my life I've ever felt like I could go against her. Having them makes me feel so ... safe.  It ... it'll be hard to let them go, to lose your powers and have things go back to the way they were before.  Leila's always dominated me.  I ... I've never been able to stand up to her before."  She sniffled and looked back at the angry Leila, whose face was contorted in fury and whose large, well-trained biceps were clenched hard.  "Even though we're twins, she's always been much stronger than me, as you can see from her muscles.  I've always been more into books and music.  And science, of course.  I'm ashamed that I've used my knowledge for ... evil, to help create this weapon that gave your powers to her but ... I felt like I had no choice.  I've always been so afraid of her."

Supergirl went up to Lacey and put her arm around her, having to reach up to do it.  "It doesn't have to be that way, Lacey.  Leila will be going to prison for a long time.  And I'll do everything I can to help you. Superman will too!  Leila's muscles can't do anything against our powers."

Lacey blinked several times, but a tear still ran down her cheek.  "I know.  Thanks, Supergirl.  It means a lot to me -- your support.  It really does.  I mean, even though I'm partly responsible for this weapon. You're having faith in me ... it means a hell of a lot.  I'll ... I'll do it now."  She closed her eyes, concentrating.  Her brow furrowed.  "Um, I can't do it, not while you still have some of your powers.  It's ... it's hard to explain.  How do I ... it's like, like I can't reverse the valve to move your powers in the opposite direction until the reservoir on your end is empty.  It's like, um, like the valve won't move.  Do you understand what I mean?"

"I think so.  Well, I don't have much in the way of powers left. Telescopic vision is the only one."  She looked up at the ceiling, using it try to find her cousin across the galaxy.  "Hmmmph, doesn't quite work the same without my X-ray vision.   All I see is the ceiling."  She strained her eyes.  "Oh!  Now that's gone too."

Lacey looked up at the ceiling.  "Yeah.  I have it now.  I see what you mean.  Leila's still hogging that one, the X-ray vision.  So until she uses it, she keeps it."

"Not much good to her then, is it?" Supergirl said, looking at Leila in a superior way.

"No, but she's selfish and spiteful that way.  She'll hold onto the power just so you can't have it."  Lacey thought a moment.  "So you understand that when I transfer your powers back to you I'll have to terminate the link, and you won't get your X-ray vision.  Unless you want to wait in case Leila makes a mistake and uses it."  She leaned over and whispered to Supergirl, "But I think there's some risk to you -- to both of us -- if we keep the link open.  There's still a way for her to reverse it and take the powers back from me.  Though I doubt she would know how."

"Yeah, yeah.  You two just go on talking as if I'm not here.  We'll see who gets the last laugh," Leila said crossly.  "I can't believe it," she muttered.  "My own goody-goody sister and Supergirl teaming up against me. My own twin, undoing all my years of hard work!  When we could have had it all on a silver platter!"

Supergirl looked at Leila, angry and threatening, holding back only because of Lacey's protection.  "I think you're right.  Let's do it now. I'll have to deal with Leila's having my X-ray vision another day, another way."

"OK.  It shouldn't take long."  She closed her eyes, then opened them. "Oh, one more thing.  I'll need your help to close the link when we're done.  It's more complicated than before, because there are three of us linked, so I can't do it alone.  That way, there's no way my sister will be able to use the link to get your powers back from you again."  She looked at Leila sideways with a glance.

"DAMN you, Lacey!"  Leila jumped up to attack her, sweeping the powerless Supergirl out of the way with one strong arm, but Lacey stymied her easily and immediately.  She lifted Leila overhead and threw her across the floor.  Leila managed a martial arts-style roll and came to her feet glaring at her sister.

"What do I do?" asked Supergirl, looking nervously at Leila, who had just proved herself so much stronger than she was, even without super-strength. Supergirl wouldn't feel secure until her powers were back.

"It's hard to describe.  You'll feel something flowing into you at some point in the process.  Once that stops, you'll need to cut yourself off from it.  Think about closing a door against a flood and you'll be able to figure it out.  It'll take a few minutes before your powers start working again, so just be patient.

"It sounds hard but I think I'll manage."  She looked up at Lacey.  "I just have to thank you.  I know abuse in the family can lead you to do things you wouldn't otherwise do but you're showing a real strength of character here in giving me back my powers.  I pledge to you in return that from now on we'll make sure you're safe AND free!"

"It's the right thing for me to do.  I know that, and feeling free of Leila's dominating influence I feel like I can act on it too. But I won't keep your powers from you one second longer than I have to.  They're yours after all, not mine.  Let's go."  She closed her eyes and concentrated.

Supergirl closed her eyes too.  "Yes, I see what you mean.  I feel it. That must be my powers coming back!" she said excitedly.  "OK. It's stopping.  I'm ... cutting myself off from the link, I think."

"Yes, Supergirl, you're doing it.  Keep going," Lacey said.

"I did it!"  Supergirl breathed a huge sigh of relief.  She ran up to Lacey and hugged her.  "I don't know how to thank you for what you've done."

Lacey looked down at her.  "You don't have to thank me, Supergirl.  It was nothing, really."

Supergirl shook her head.  "No, it took real courage.  Moral courage." She still stood next to Lacey and looked nervously at Leila, who was still glaring at her.  "I, uh, still don't seem to be able to use my powers. Just when, uh, do you think I have them again?"

There was an odd, high-pitched sound coming from Lacey.  Her bosom was expanding rapidly toward Supergirl, stretching her underwire bra, rising and becoming fuller.  Her nipples pushed the bra outwards even more and then burst through it and the blouse, pointing like bullets directly at Supergirl.

Lacey licked her lips and smiled for the first time, showing her teeth. "How about ... never?"

Supergirl stared at her, a cold dread sweeping through her body.

"I TOLD you, Supergirl!  All she did was fool you into closing the link, sealing off any chance you'd have to get your powers back," Leila said, spitefully, waltzing up to them.  She looked over at Lacey and said, smugly, "Isn't my sister a perfect bitch?"

"Shut UP, sis!" Lacey said and backhanded Leila, who flew across the warehouse and hit the wall, her body splattering in all directions. "Whooops!" she said.  "Guess I don't know my own strength!"  She turned to Supergirl, still grinning.

"Y-you just killed your own sister!  Wh-what are you going to do to ME?" Supergirl said, her teeth chattering with fear.

"Yes, she knew too much about the weapon.  And you, well, Supergirl, you don't really figure in my plans.  You're just an ordinary girl.  You have nothing left to give me.  But before I deal with you, I must repair and modify the weapon -- MY weapon now!" Lacey said, moving at super-speed. "There!  Now it will support the transfer of multiple energy fields, all tuned to my DNA, all of which will work together to increase MY power. Exponentially."  She looked at Supergirl.  "You know what that word means, Kara?"  Supergirl stared at her, her alarmed expression evident.  "Ah, you do!  And soon Superman will find out too."  She grabbed Supergirl in her arms and flew straight upwards, crashing through the ceiling.  "How LOVELY to fly!  You'd miss it so, wouldn't you?"


"Well, I'll give you one last chance -- to enjoy it!"  Lacey looked into the sky.  "Oh, here he comes now, with the X-ray vision I'm missing and all his other powers to multiply my own!  Shame you'll have to rush off so quickly that you won't be able to warn him."  She reached back and shot Supergirl through the air flying faster than a speeding bullet, albeit not under her own power.

At the same time, Superman, returning from his successful mission, was flying toward Metropolis.  He had been searching unsuccessfully for Supergirl (hidden from his super-vision within the lead-lined warehouse until just a moment ago) and now saw her rocketing in the air past him. He thought momentarily about flying alongside her to ask where she was going, but, recalling her annoyance when he wouldn't "let" her finish her own missions by herself, decided instead to continue home.  There would be plenty of time to catch up with her later, to tell her about his adventures and find out whether the police had caught the West Side Gang or if Supergirl had to help.  He looked back at Metropolis.  "That's strange," he thought.  "A woman ... flying above that warehouse.  Better investigate."


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