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April the Invincible

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This is a story of a ninja girl stealing power from her foe, becoming invincible and having various kinds of ancient weapons tested on her body.

Not suitable for persons under the age of 18. Contains sexual violence and gore.

When a powerful wizard named Karak claimed himself the Emperor killing his predecessor and subdued rebelling provinces, he didn’t need a strong army. He did it all with his bare hands after having created a powerful magic artifact which made him immortal and immensely strong. He ruled for many years not getting older. Swords and arrows, fire, battle magic, powder, poisons, wild animals – all that had been tried but couldn’t cause him a tiniest harm. No power seemed to stop his despotic rule, until a descendant of his younger brother decided to make a reckless effort to slay the emperor. His plan finally worked but had an unexpected side effect concerning a teenage girl, April, the clue figure of the events. So, here goes the story.

#1. April’s mission

Simar, emperor’s grand-grandnephiew, was in his palace with a small group of initiates. One of them, an energetic eldery woman named Sylvia, was the prior of a monastery that trained ninja girls, and she was going to provide the central character of the plan, the spy. The plan itself was simple: rumors said that Karak had some magic source of power which he couldn’t leave for long because he needed to recharge his power. The spy had to trace Karak to the source using a strong disguising artifact that Simar obtained with some incredible efforts and expenditures. "…Your agent has to find out what the source is and immediately report that to me. Then we will decide what we do next".

Sylvia decided to play her own game. A few hours later she was speaking to one of her best students, a witty teenage girl named April. "You will get the source and bring it to me", said Sylvia. A few hours later April was introduced to Simar. The man couldn’t take his hungry eyes away from little ninja who seemed to openly enjoy his attention.

April was one of most talented and most beautiful girls in the monastery. Students had to get rid of modesty so she was standing confident and relaxed under Simar’s immodest stares, completely naked except for a few leather ammunition belts tightly spanning her torso and limbs but failing to cover her intimate parts. April’s bronze-tanned skin contrasted with almost blond pale tangerine color of her arrow-straight hair. Her foxy eyes were sparkling like dark diamonds.

April's body organically combined features of a slender geisha and a trained warrior. Tight wiry flesh of a gymnast was forged into an airy frame of a light-headed perky teenage girl. While moving around with a relaxed catwalk, her compact muscles would rhythmically flow like liquid under her silky skin. Her shoulders were just a little too broad and limbs just a bit too firm for a geisha, muscles of her sexy little tummy a bit too defined for a belly dancer. Her shanky legs were tight smooth and her crotch was covered with a delicate triangle of red pubic hair. Pert coconuts of her small bouncy breasts dimpled slightly under tight leather belts, rising and falling with each breath, and seemed firm like rubber. 6 years ago Sylvia caught April stealing some food at the marketplace and took her to the monastery against her will. April was a good student because she wanted to survive, but resisted the brainwash and was not very loyal. Yet, there was no other student suitable for the job proposed. Sylvia didn’t know that April would do anything to kill Karak. Emperor had killed her family long ago, and April was ready to sacrifice her life to the revenge.

Simar found April suitable for the mission. The girl was given the disguising artifact, a medallion. She was appointed as a servant of one of Simar’s wives and taken to Karak's palace. Elegantly dressed, with polished manners and latently demonstrating her sexiness to Karak, April instantly accessed emperor’s harem. At first she concluded that the power source was something Karak was wearing. The only thing he would always wear was his bracelet. Urging for the revenge, she once took a dagger with her to his bed. While they had been making love, she pulled a bracelet off his hand, took the dagger up behind him with both her hands, gathered all her might and thrust it into his back. She felt the blade being repelled by his skin. Losing her mind, she looked up and saw that he seemed to have not noticed what happened. His movements became even harder. Scared, the girl swung her arm and tried to slash emperor's neck, but the blade didn’t cut his skin. April convulsively hid the dagger under a pillar, when Karak strongly finished and at the same time a wave of orgasm rushed upon her.

“April, what do you have to do with my bracelet?”, asked Karak in a few seconds. Luckily he didn’t see the dagger, otherwise he would understand what she was intending to do. But now she had to say something.

“Ughm... It is so beautiful...”

“Wanna have my things? You came here to steal from me?”

“No, Your Majesty…”

“I will now tear your hands out of joints!”

“No, please, I didn’t...” Enjoying girl’s futile resistance, Karak slowly lifted her from the ground with both his hands under her armpits. April tried to kick free. She bit his hand and severely kicked his balls but all in vain, feeling like a mischievous kitten being seized by the scruff of its neck. Karak came up to the edge of the room’s balcony and took April out into the air, effortlessly keeping her on his straight hands, so that her feet were helplessly swaying above a couple dozen yards of the night air. Karak lowered her, and she saw his member fully erect again after having an orgasm just a minute ago. He pulled her month towards his member and literally put her head on it. He started pulling her back and forth. April could not even scream. Mindlessly she squeezed her jaws with all her might only to feel his iron member pulsating like a living piece of iron. She plunged her nails into his balls and tried to pull them with all her strength, but she found she couldn’t harm even his most delicate flesh. The obvious result of her resistance was emperor’s growing arousal. Finding herself aroused too April subdued to his movements. Finally he shot out sperm with a force that powerfully threw her head back, and April almost dropped out. She felt Karak throw her back on the floor and heard him say: “That is enough for you, I think you’ll never try to take anything from me again.” With these words Karak jumped down from the balcony.

#2. The spirit

Examining blunt edges and cracks on the blade of a dagger April was once again feeling a glimpse of arousal. “If only I was that strong too I won't have to serve to anyone. And I would have no troubles killing him”, she thought. Now she knew that king's power had nothing to do with what he was wearing. But soon she stumbled upon some rumors about a secret room where no one could reach except a few special guards.

April started her night sallies through the farthest corridors of the palace. She walked around completely naked with some equipment attached to her body with leather belts and with a mask on her face, unnoticed due to her skills and magic medallion. At last she found the place, easily passed the guards but couldn't open the door. The entrance was blocked by a huge piece of rock. Emperor would easily move it aside to get in, but no other being could do that. Finally, when Karak was going out of the hall, April distracted him by blowing up a grenade in a nearby corridor. Emperor took his attention away for a second, and the girl slipped in. Behind her she heard the rock move and knew she was now sealed.

April looked around. She saw some light emanating from an altar in the middle of the hall. The girl approached the altar and saw a glimmering turbid crystal stated on a rock basement. Now she knew that she found what she had been looking for. She carefully touched the crystal with both hands, admiring the beautiful stone. Now she had to bring it to Sylvia. April tried to rise it up only to find that it is inhumanly heavy.

That was the end. Tears of despair welled up in her eyes. What was all that for? Her parents had been killed, her free life was stolen by Sylvia’s scholarship and now she was ending up here. She knew she couldn’t pass by Karak with the huge heavy crystal, and if she won’t take the artifact, Sylvia will execute her for failure. No use to hide, ninjas will find her. And rules is rules, no matter how hard the mission turned to be, spies had to fulfill the task. Or die. That was the basement of the monastery’s reputation. And April’s sentence to death.

Time gradually calmed down April’s despair and she regained her will to live. She found out that the only entrance was the one sealed by the rock. She looked up to the ceiling. It was very high, disappearing in the darkness. Ventilation windows were visible up above, but she saw they were a bit too narrow for her. April’s eyes rested on the source once again. She reexamined it and found a tiny opening at the back of the stone. She forced her hand into the opening and grabbed something like a key. She pulled it. With a click crystal opened itself like a flower opens its petals. There she saw a beautiful divine being looking like a golden butterfly sleeping on a metal disc. It was the true and the only source of light in the room. April couldn’t put her eyes away from the unearthly creature. Karak’s power source was a being from other worlds entrapped in his magic machinery.

Disturbed by the movements of air, magic insect trembled and stretched its wings. In the sight of such beauty, April felt tears coming to her eyes. But when the creature took its wing, April recalled her mission. She didn’t know what to do and did the only thing she could. She tried to catch the being with her palms. The creature dashed aside every time April made a try and almost left the range of little ninja’s reach, when the girl finally joined her palms around its body. It became dark, and for a few seconds April was feeling creature’s wings trembling in her palms. Then April felt a burning sensation grow in her hands, but she had to grit her teeth and keep the creature for it was the only chance for the girl to fulfill her mission and survive. She tried not to shout but moaned and hissed until her hands and whole body were severely stinging with electricity. She went out for a minute or two, yet not parting her grip. But when she woke she found the creature gone from her aching palms. She didn’t know that the creature found the only way of escape which was into the girl’s body. It was dark and quiet. Then she heard the entrance rock moving.

#3. Escape

Emperor stepped in. The girl saw his shocked face when he didn’t see the light. Her advantage was that she'd been magically trained to see in the dark. In a blink she arrowed to the entrance, much faster than she ever did, but the emperor was too fast. He blocked her way out and tried to catch her. April leapt back some 15 yards. The emperor stepped forward and moved the rock to seal the entrance. Now April knew she was dead.

Emperor was catching up with the things quick. No light meant the girl released the spirit. He didn’t concede that she could have absorbed it, and of course he didn’t account her bearing the pain of absorbing the sprit. No, it all didn’t even come to his head. Restraining his fury for a while, Karak started speaking quietly “You didn’t expect me to see in the darkness. Now we are alone, and you will be here for the rest of your life. Hm… I think about half an hour ...” He was not hurrying to catch her, for the only exit was closed. Yes, his power was ruined, and he probably won’t be that lucky as to catch another spirit before other emperors and magicians would destroy him. But right now he was going to wreak his anger in full.

“You have sentenced yourself to death.” The girl convulsively tried to move but she was petrified. “And who you are? Who sent you? You won’t die before I find it out. Tell me now and it will all go easy. Ah, now I recognize you, April. Your body is inimitable. A delicate strong body of a ninja girl. How could I overlook that? You know, April, I will kill Sylvia with my own hands. If you don’t tell me who do you work for, I will find that out from her.”

April couldn’t say a word. But king’s words about Sylvia brought her to conscious.

“So will you speak?”

The girl nodded as if hesitating and made a step towards the king. Her overloaded mind with all its logic, hopes and fears refused to work properly and passed the drive to instincts. April slowly raised her hand and pointed to the altar. The king turned his head and April rushed towards his body. With all her might she leapt up from the floor onto his shoulder and then to the place she didn’t have time to look at but remembered very well. It was unbelievable, but she reached a ventilation window which now was some 25 feet high. She clutched at the window edge and, impossibly hanging on almost smooth walls, punched a stony partition between two ventilation windows with her free hand applying all her might. She didn't have time to think about her delicate hand blowing the stony septa away as she slipped out of the newly created hole painfully scratching her skin on the sharp edges of the rock. All her ammunition was stripped off by the hole and fell inside, All she kept was the disguise medallion, her only hope. Before rushing to the corridor she heard a furious roar and crash behind. She couldn’t hold looking back and saw Karak holding on the edges of the windows from the inside of the hall, then she saw the wall explode emerging king's body and darted to the dark side galleries taking the most tangled parts.

Karak was furious, he just missed the thief and now he couldn't see her. He tried to follow her by the sound and ran straightly through a few rocky walls that didn’t even slow down his pace. All he found were a few terrified guards. Immediately he gave an order to close all the exits.

Thanks to the darkness of the night and to the artifact, by the time when all the guards were finally alerted and the exits were closed April had already passed through two of the three wall lines. Far ahead she saw the guards having closed heavy gates of the last line and preparing to shut locks. She didn’t think why but having no time for disguise, she openly dashed forward to the gate. A few guards drew their weapons and stepped in the way of a flying naked figure but were artfully thrown aside, their weapons not reaching the petite thief. With all her speed she wildly rammed her shoulder into one of the two wooden doors. Her pace was stopped dead and her shoulder seemed to crack but up above a few chains broke and the door yielded so that there appeared a gap between the shutters. Right before April got through she felt an overwhelming sharp impact on her side. It was a heavy spear, and only heaven knows why her ribs, though cracking, held the blow and protected the lungs.

Despite the pain April rushed forward into the darkness. She lost the medallion of disguise and was in sight now. She felt arrow whistle in the air, some scratching her skin, or better say glancing off it, only a few hitting at a straight angle and wounding her. April had no time to understand that her flesh was already getting much harder. Only a strong direct hit could really wound her and even the hardest of the arrow wounds didn’t go deep into her muscles. She had time only to wonder why she's not dead. April rushed into the streets running naked and barefoot through the crowds of the night markets and gardens of private palaces. In some 10 minutes of running through pipelines and backyards she was out far in the suburbs and finally escaped to the desert's cold.

April was not very familiar with desert though all ninja girls were prepared for that. She made a stop to take a breath. Her right side was flaming and her shoulder-blade was aching badly. She tried to touch the wound on her back and was shocked to find an arrow sticking out! With a careful motion, despite the pain, April took out the arrow. Most of the staff was broken and probably left in the city. The point went into her back for an inch and stopped. It was as if April's flesh was hardening. It struck her that there, in the dungeons, the divine creature didn’t leave her grip but gave its power to her, just as she had heard in some tales. She recalled that she had been hardly struck into her side with a heavy spear, and her bare ribs impossibly held the strike, though seemed to be broken. She took a look at her side. Yes, the wound was hard, she was not supposed to walk at all. And the desert's cold that she knew could sometimes freeze a horse, felt to her more like coolness then chilling. That all was so … really unbelievable… She was feeling very tired and devastated but she won this little battle for now and seemed to get hooked on being so strong and durable. With this thought her loyalty gave a large crack. She fully accepted her intimate desire to steal the power for herself which anyway was done. A dialog in her head with her conscience was very short and unambiguous. Sylvia didn’t ask April if she wanted to join the monastery, April won't ask Sylvia about quitting. All the work was done by the girl alone, even finding the right artifact was her success. And, finally, April didn't take the power on purpose.

April knew that Sylvia’s girls will be on her trail, but she was almost dropping off. She had to have a rest. She just sat down where she was and closed her eyes for a minute. But her tired conscious couldn’t stand anymore and she fell asleep. She slipped down to the ground and curled up on the icy sand. She was not aware that her body immediately became an object of interest for numerous night predators. But her transformation was working in full intensity and she was sleeping so deep that she felt their useless bites and claw strikes at her superhardening flesh as gentle touches and licks. Neither was she bothered by the chilling night’s cold of the desert.

#4. New power

When Karak swallowed that he had lost April’s trace and his pointless fury withered, he realized that the girl had somehow summoned the power of the source. That meant the girl had to have withstood some incredible pain. How could she? But when Karak heard the story told by the guards at the broken gate he was sure of what had happened.

When human bodies summoned such spirits, they gained their powers for a while, but those powers were not unlimited and quickly withered, for counterparts of this mystic alliance, the spirit and the human being, quickly rejected each other, and Karak’s discovery was the way to prolong this alliance which gave him his powers. Right now April was invincible, but strong magic could bind her and keep till she becomes mortal again. A question of a few days. Unfortunately, even if Karak had April caught, he couldn’t take the spirit out of her. So all he wanted now was to repay her in most cruel way. All he needed now was to find her. Alas, most expert headhunters were not his guards but ninjas, and he didn’t trust them.

Meanwhile, the girl awakened. She didn’t open her eyes, because she was feeling someone examining her. Gradually she recalled the events. But all the pain was gone and all her body was oozing with fresh energy. For some reason she didn’t worry about the examiners, she was more concerned about her severe hunger. She opened one eye and was shocked to see a couple of jackals. April managed to hold her initial move to repel them. She saw the predators were trying to bite a piece off her but she didn’t feel any pain. She was seized with desire to laugh. Was that… Oh, that was her new power that the spirit gave her!

One of the jackals bit strongly on her crotch. She felt a strong pleasant squeeze of jaws and sharp teeth prettily teasing her labia and clitoris. Not a glimpse of pain or discomfort! The other animal tried to tear her throat open with a same effect. Her next motion was not conscious and was simultaneously governed by extreme hunger and bursting energy that was filling her body. April grabbed one of the jackals with her hand and immediately bit through its neck. The doomed animal screamed but couldn’t get free. April understood that her one-handed hug broke bones in her prey’s body. The other jackal was gone in a moment.

Feeling the warm blood in her mouth, April recalled her life at the waste pit, when she sometimes couldn't bake food and had to eat raw meat of snakes, kangaroos or rats. Not realizing that it was too large for her little tummy, she finished the massive jackal in a few minutes, as if she had an oven inside of her stomach, her teeth milling meat and bones with same ease. She didn’t know that was the last time she ever felt hungry.

Getting back to rational, the girl realized that she was probably invincible and inhumanly strong. And had just eaten a predator half as large as her. Her upper body, mouth and hands were all covered with blood of the one who just wanted to kill her. That was fun and associatively suggested pleasant perspectives for her relationship with Karak. She stood up and looked around.

It was the hottest time of the day. She was feeling the heat as usual but it was not exhausting at all. Curves of her sweaty naked body glittered in the straight beams of deadly desert sun as if cast of some beautiful dark metal. Her light frame visibly didn’t change much, looking only a bit stringier then before. She was standing barefoot, her naked soles comfortably resting right on the scorching stones which could roast a good bacon. She was not even narrowing her beautiful eyes from the glimmering sun.

Feeling turbulent energy pulsate in her body, April raised her hands and pleasurefully stretched her brawny limbs. Compact musculature tensed under her shining skin. She curved back and found that she could touch her buttocks with her head, while her abdominal muscles stretched like tanned leather strands of a heavily loaded siege catapult. She made a few cartwheels and then jumped up to make a somersault. Instead of falling back in a moment she kept on rising, which immediately gave her the feeling of how strong she had pushed off the ground. Not even close to her best effort, she now stopped some 150 ft above before starting to fall down. Restraining her fear of getting smashed, April straightened her limbs and met the onrushing stones with all the front of her invulnerable body, not getting a scratch or bruise.

April made a few more jumps, finding out where the city is and digging into the ground each time she landed on her toes. She tried to find the limits of her strength, but stopped at about 500 ft, when she drilled into the stones to the level of her breasts. Crawling out of the debris she admired how easily her lower body shook off the massive rocks. To see how strong she is she took a piece of rock and squeezed it in her palm. Under pressure of April’s grip the stone burst into shards. The girl took a handful of shards and tried to wipe the blood off her front side. Shards felt sharp, but their sharpness was very pleasant, like that of massaging sponges. The girl wiped blood off her firm breasts with pieces of rock, enjoying tender sharpness of rock edges. Unlike her palms, her tight tits were giving to the stony caress. Yet, being gripped more and more tight in her palm, even her delicate girlish curves started to crash the stone. April wondered what they would feel like for a normal person. The girl took another stone and rubbed it against her blood-covered tummy. Tensed, her sleek curvaceous flesh almost didn’t yield at all, turning to be tougher then rock. She relaxed her belly, and her flesh gave way. She made a few deep massaging movements enjoying the sensation. But beyond some limit her relaxed muscles didn’t stretch anymore, and the rock shattered again proving to be far weaker then the girl’s body.

In a few minutes April cleaned herself from the blood, though now she was covered with dust. But that didn’t make her look less beautiful; her frame now resembled a living statue. Little ninja decided to continue her experiments later and now she wanted to meet Sylvia and Karak. She took her direction.

Walking naked through the burning desert, barefoot on scorching sand and knife-sharp stones didn’t tire the teenage girl at all. Her flesh eagerly met deadly heat of the sun; lashing sandy wind gently polished her skin with a pleasant hiss. She didn’t have to worry about poisonous scorpions or snakes. Once, feasting her eyes on the beauty of the desert, she occasionally stepped on a chimer snake, one of most poisonous creatures. The snake made its strike at the girl’s calf, but its sharp fangs, which would easily pierce steel armor of a heavy infantry swordsman, were crushed on April’s rock-hard young flesh. Looking down at the winding snake under her delicate foot April grinned. Some itching impatience flared up in her body and on a whim she ran. She immediately got it that she is moving at some incredible speed, faster than a cheetah, faster than a flying eagle. Pieces of rock were flying in all directions from where her delicate feet mightily met the ground.

#5. Ninjas on April’s track

Karak’s guards and Sylvia’s spies were independently searching for April. But only the latter could really succeed for they knew the tricks she could play and guess her direction of thought. A horde of king’s guards didn’t do more than telling that the girl’s out of the city, all the three spies that had been enmissioned were now looking at a small naked figure covered with brown dust approaching the cliffs from the west. The team was headed by Irene, Sylvia’s right hand. The other two were much younger. 20 year old Kathrene was already a professional ninja, and the third, Mya, was specially taken to pass through a special kind of test. She was the one whom April could call a friend, despite the total distrust within the walls of the monastery. She was feeling about her as about a younger sister, a piece of family which she so much lacked. Mya was a bit younger than April. Her fragile childish figure didn’t remind of a warrior at all. All ninja school strictness and severity, exhausting exercises and mind-washing lessons somehow didn’t wither out her childish spontaneity and tenderness. And now, to put an end to it all, it was decided that she will pass through a real test. She had to kill her only friend, April, herself. So, Mya was in an extremely depressed state of mind.

Irene, Kathrene and Mya were looking at the approaching girl. They didn’t know that they have been noticed long ago. Poor girl, Kathrene thought, she’s spent a night out there and a half a day; walking naked and barefoot in desert with dust covered sunburns must be a torture. How can she bear this? But all that came in conflict with the girl’s self-confident pace and open posture: she didn’t try to cover her nakedness from the sun. All over her body her compact musculature was rippling with a liquid grace with every movement she made. Ninjas involuntary admired their prey which was now itself reminding of some dangerous predator.

When April was in some 100 ft, Kathrene took a bow and soundlessly shot an arrow aiming at April’s thigh. Nevertheless April heard it very well and could even examine the upcoming arrow. She had enough time to judge it was handmade by Kathrene and even saw single drops of poison falling back off the approaching blade. She had her time to decide whether to duck or to keep her position. But April wanted to prolong the play and chose the first. Amazed by April’s speed of reaction, ninjas popped out of their cover to surround her. Before saying a word, Irene lashed out a whizzing chain which securely entrapped the girl’s hand. In a moment of April’s seeming hesitation both her hands were entrapped behind her back and her ankles were tightly tied in chains. Kathrene pushed April on her knees, which April didn’t resist. All that happened in a glimpse of a moment right before Mya’s watering eyes.

“Do it!” said Irene. April raised her head to face Mya’s eyes. Little girl’s lips were trembling.

“Don’t be afraid”, said April, “it won’t hurt”.

“No!” weeped Mya.

“Look at me”, said Irene. The girl raised her eyes and looked into old ninja's hypnotizing eyes. “Now take out the dagger”. Mya couldn't withstand the woman's hypnotic power and obeyed. “Now you will look in April’s eyes and then cut her throat”. The little girl once again looked into April’s grinning face. Why was she so confident? It all was like a play for her.

“C’mon”, said April smilig.

“Forgive me, sister!” shouted Mya and slashed the dagger along April’s neck. For a moment she was looking at the clean blade and unmarked April’s skin.

“Of course I forgive you, you've been hypnotized”, said April. Mya dropped the dagger and covered her opening mouth with her hand with a frightened look.

“You’re no kind of a ninja! You’re a kindergarten girl! Do it now!” shouted Irene, but Mya couldn’t take her eyes from April’s raising smile. Seeing there’s no use in girl’s help, Irene took a dagger herself and plunged it into April’s muscular side near her left breast aiming at her heart. But the razor sharp blade was suddenly stopped dead by the girl’s bare skin. Thinking that her strike was stopped by ribs, Irene stabbed the dagger into girl’s throat only to have it glance off. Stunned ninja saw April turn her head towards her saying:

“Mya just couldn’t make it. You gave her an undoable task”.

Kathrene didn’t get it right first. Was it some Irene's special trick? But then April just drove her hands from behind her back, and with a short squeak chains broke as if they were made of paper. Same came with the chains trapping her feet. In a moment April raised, now surrounded by the three stunned ninjas.

Standing by April’s right hand, Kathrene was first to act. In a moment she drew a sword and made a severe strike at the girl’s throat, but the blade glanced off April’s skin. “What the hell?..” muttered stupefied Kathrene and made another attempt. The second cut came at April's left breast. Its springy flesh dimpled significantly, but in a moment regained its shape, pushing off the blade which slipped on the girl’s skin, as if it was covered with oil, stumbling on her stiff nipple and ending its way on her belly.

“Fun, isn’t it?” said April, “you thought it is me who’s doomed, but now it is you who will beg for life. Mya …” a severe strike of a heavy club into April’s solar plexus didn’t even change her voice “… don’t be afraid, I won’t touch you. Just move off a bit.” Now April turned all her attention at the two ninjas. She bent her hands behind her head and swayed her hips a little forward to give ninjas’ weapons better targets of her forebody. A series of heavy strikes and stubs came from the two sides, producing metal clangs, blunt edges, fearful looks and pleasant sensations in April’s body, but not leaving a single mark on her super hard flesh. Attacking her face, belly, breasts, hands, legs, buttocks, and even her crotch didn’t cause her any discomfort, some on the contrary sending incredible sensations unimaginable for an average person. In a glimpse of a minute all the two ninjas‘ enthusiasm was gone.

“Now you may try to convince me that I shouldn’t kill you. But I don't think you will. I don’t want you to see Sylvia”.

#6 April and Death’s messenger

Hearing that, Irene took her last chance. Rushing down, she thrust her short sword with all her might into the girl’s pussy, thinking that at least April’s inner flesh was not that strong. The blade found its way into the girl’s most intimate parts, but its razor sharp edge was not able to cut through the warm silky flesh of her trembling moist pussy, and her inner muscles mightily enveloped the deadly weapon. Irene's efforts to twist her sword or to pull it out of the iron grip were only effective in sending breathtaking sensations of pleasure through the girl's body and taking her conscious far away. Kathrene was standing jawdropped looking at April, hearing her moans and trying to swallow that something incredible happened to the girl and that there's no weak spot in all her body.

April was carried away masturbating with a razor sharp sword, and Irene decided to make her last effort. Ninja descended from an ancient family of witches. She shouted a spell. And a fireball appeared in the air and darted at April's stomach. April busy with the sword didn’t even notice the attack. She thought that the rush of warm was just her growing arousal. Not a single hair of her pussy burnt, and her skin didn't even become red.

Irene concentrated and cast a more difficult spell, which made the air around April sparkle and fill with lightnings that gently touched the girl's skin, sending even more arousing pleasant sensations. Now one could see pieces of molten metal drop to the sand from the girl’s pussy, which said about the power of the spell but countered with the girl’s pleasured moans. Crumpled and dulled pieces of blade which securely escaped the heat around right in the girl’s pussy now dropped out to the stones with quiet clangs.

While April was moaning with pleasure, Irene intensified the acting spell and took a hairpin out of her hair. She dragged a scroll out of its end. It was an old familiar scroll with the strongest spell of her clan. This spell was supposed to turn a person into a magical spirit which was immured into a thing and enslaved to its owner, like a genie into a lamp. Spirit was given some magical powers and was bound to the thing until it fulfilled 10 000 wishes after which the person’s spirit was released to die. The last one to use the spell was Irene’s great grandma who would use this spell to humiliate her foes. Then it was forbidden to cast such spells, for it worked equally well on magically protected kshatriya warriors, half beasts, even elemental daemons and, of course, the magicians who ruled the land and didn’t want anyone to know how to get rid of them. Technically Irene could kill even Karak, but he would never let her cast magic around him, and it all demanded at least a minute of concentration. So, if Karak found out that one of Sylvia’s ninjas knew such a spell he would devastate the monastery and kill the inhabitants. The spell remained unsaid for decades, and now it was the last chance that Irene had. Old ninja took the first thing she thought of to imprison April's spirit, which was a dagger. Then she cast the spell.

A piece of black matter, the very darkness itself, suddenly formed around orgasming girl’s belly, and in a glimpse of a second darkness enveloped all her body. It seemed as if it was trying to shrink. Ninjas were petrified in superstitious horror seeing that the matter had a shape of the black Kodharran snake, messenger of the Goddess of Death. They saw April unwillingly fall on one knee, cords of darkness trying to compress her flesh to nothing. A big piece of dark matter resembling a snake’s head opened its toothy gorge and mightily struck the girl’s breastbone. April swayed back and fell even lower, her hand now resting on the ground too, other grabbing her chest. But Kodharran’s incarnation shattered against the girl’s chest and exploded with tomb dust and pieces of ash, all the dark body fuming away in a light breeze. April seemed to be in a blackout. Suddenly a small golden spark appeared over her head, then another and soon a small stream of sparks was floating down on her head and body from somewhere above. It gradually intensified, her body starting to accumulate sparks from all around. April spasmodically straightened up, her head tilted back and she let out a lasting scream. The golden stream was now pouring on her, chest and lower tummy starting to glow so bright that ninjas covered their eyes. When they opened their eyes again they saw sweating and smoking April standing eyes closed, hands open at her sides. Suddenly the dagger which was supposed to entrap April’s spirit warmed up heating Irene’s hand. Irene dropped it to the stones as it started to glow red. Then as if magnetized it darted towards April. The girl caught it out of the air right before her not even opening her eyes. A lightning connected its blade and the girl’s forehead, and the blade started to melt. But April opened her eyes and gently licked the blade on all its length. Her saliva was hissing, but the blade cooled down.

Everything was over. It was quiet and peaceful all around. April stood firmly on slightly molten rocks, her sweaty frame looking firm and light. Irene didn’t ask questions, she knew that it all went wrong. She just fell on her knees. Same did the woman and the girl.

“Mya, don’t kneel. I bear no grudge against you. You’re my friend, don’t you remember? Now look at me”. The little girl rose her chin and bravely looked into April’s face.”Now that’s better”, said April and smiled at Mya who involuntarily responded.

“What's all that? Why are you so strong?”

“Luck. I was in a right place in a right time. And Irene, think I’m gonna kill you?” Irene tried not to breath. “You even don’t know what you’ve done, what you made me to be. I’m grateful to you. And thank Gods! Who would believe? You were the only person who could save me from Karak, and you involuntary did that. Though now I don’t have much time, I will do what I scheduled”.

“You gonna die?” asked Mya.

“Oh, no. I’m totally unkillable now. I will just leave this world for some time to fulfill a 10 000 wishes. Irene, I think you know what I’m talking about”, grinned April. “Now you all look at me!” Ninjas hesitated. “Rise your heads and look into my eyes!” thundered April’s voice, and women obeyed.

“Now I understand many things and I will satisfy your curiosity about what happened. Irene, do you remember when the artifact is ready for the use? Answer”.

“Yes. After the moon rises”

“And what happens before?”

“The spirit wonders around”

“So, I will wonder around for a while. I took all the power from Karak’s secret artifact, and as you’ve checked yourself it made me unkillable. For a short time. If we met tomorrow you’d just slice me in pieces if you outran Karak in desire to do that. Irene, do you know how your last spell works?”

“I’m not quite sure”

“It starts with incarnating Kodharran and a ritual of subject’s death which didn’t work on me. All that goes further would work properly only on the spirit of a dead which is empowered by natural powers of the surroundings. When dead, it’s weak and can consume only small bits of power, it is overfilled in a few seconds. I’m alive, and I’m still consuming the power. The world’s power is endless, and so is mine”. April paused to be sure that she was followed. “Now for 10 000 wishes. I luckily saved the dagger. It’d be awkward if someone had to appeal to me grabbing a piece of molten metal. So, when the moon rises the dagger will live its own life and travel around the worlds seeking for wishing souls. And I will follow”

“What if your foes wish that you kill yourself?” asked Mya.

“I have no idea how to fulfill such a wish. And luckily I’m not as weak-willed as a genie. I will have to make wishes but I’ll be on my own in wheres and hows. And mind that I can be released from the obligation of fulfilling a wish by the death of the wisher. If I don’t like the wish, I’ll kill him or her. If you ever find this dagger don’t wish something I won’t like to do. After making my mission I’ll be free and I’ll come to see how’re you doing. And don’t you think I’m leaving for a millennia”

Women were considering what they heard in silence. Then Irene rose her head, drew herself up and looked down at April. “Never would I believe all that, if you didn’t stand here right before me as an incarnate proof. So this is will of the Gods. I accept your gratitude, April, a gratitude of a goddess. I’m not afraid now, Sylvia will kill us anyway for not making our job. Karak will torture me for casting a forbidden spell. I’m happy that in my life I came in touch with divine power in your face, goddess April”. The woman smiled.

“Those two I planned to destroy, Irene. In a way. And others won’t chase you. Farewell. Mya, follow me now”. With these words, April came up to Mya, took her hand, and they both went away in silence. The two remaining ninjas looked after them for a while and then walked away.

#7. At the gate

April was standing in front of the inner city, making a normal person's day's passage in a few minutes. She walked up to the gate with her divine sexy body all exposed to the bewildered guards. Swaying her hips, she lazily approached the soldiers while they were trying to make a best joke. But it all was wrong, there was not a shred of begging or fear in the girl’s eyes. Corporal tried to make a joke: “Hey girl I see you got no money, but we can let you in for a small favor ha ha ha…”

April approached him with a catwalk stopping in an inch, so that her breasts gently flattened on cool chest plates of his armor. Soldiers quitened. Corporal involuntarily tried to step back but felt a wall behind him. Looking up from her petite height right into corporal’s eyes, she said, “Buddy, I don’t need your help. I’ll open the gate for free”.

Soldiers started laughing unnaturally, while April with her two fingers lazily drew corporal’s sword out of the scabbard. “Hey, girlie, that’s dangerous”, protested the man suddenly finding that he couldn’t move girl’s petite body away. He rest his hands on her shoulders and tried to pull her away feeling her flesh being dense no less the rock-like muscles of wild predators. Other guards grabbed April’s hands and were now feeling wild power pulsating in her limbs. Stepping aside, April occasionally threw off the guards that were trying to fix her from behind. Keeping a sword in her hand, she aimed it at her heart and pressed it on herself. The blade dimpled her tit for a while until it reached her pectorals and crushed in two pieces. Astonished guards couldn’t say a word.

“Just keep out”, said the girl loudly. As she expected, and to her pleasure, guards didn’t get the message and decided to check her flesh by themselves. They caught her hands from behind once again and gave a few severe punches at her pectorals and breasts. April didn’t resist, confidently looking at beast-like faces of onrushing guards with a grin. Her relaxed juicy curves didn’t hurt men’s hands, but the guards all grew enraged and aroused. At last, just to make it all go faster, April pulled her hand out of grips and easily tore one of the guards’ hand out of his body. Scream was heard all around, blood decorated girl’s front side, and the guards finally drew their weapons. They rushed on her with all they could from all sides, breaking their blades and clubs, dulling points, finding no weak spot in all her body. Metal didn’t cut her divine flesh, just left grey stripes on her body. The girl slowly moved to the gate not paying any more attention to the guards. Walking, her bare soles grinded and milled shards of broken glass and blade splinters covering the floor. She approached the gate and just kept walking slowly as if there was no heavy door at all. Initially her tits depressed resting on the cool metal and wood but then mere material yielded and her front pushed into the enforced gate. Heavy doors started cracking and moaning, bolts and crampons bounced away. Finally the gate burst open, pieces of wood, stone and metal falling on April’s head and immediately popping aside from her pace.

Now she was noticed. Guards from all around the palace flocked around her, their weapons opposing nothing but her girlish flesh. Fresh power of her young exposed nakedness savoured guards' sharp pikes and spears on which she eagerly pounced with her protrudent breasts, breaking blades and hilts and pushing hands off joints. Crossbow bolts and arrows glanced off her smooth skin leaving nothing but metal smudges. Mere weapons didn't make a match for her tough curves, even most delicate parts of her body causing unbearable damage to deadly metall. Guards were scattered all around and locked doors were crashed inwards, not even slowing down April's movement.

#8. Karak’s palace

April entered Karak’s presence chamber. Karak was here waiting for her, confident, revengeful, with a grimace of wicked anger. He didn’t know about the girl’s ultimate powers, and she was powerful enough to hide it from him.

“Come in, you little bitch” said Karak, his vulturous eye wandering about April's naked body. She was beautiful, though covered with blood smears and stripes left by metal. “You think now you’re the queen of the hill. I’ll tell you what, I will torture you in ways you don’t even imagine. If I could, I would drag the power out of you before it dissipates. But now all pleasure I can have is causing you pain.” April imitated an expression of concern and a bit of fear. “Yes, girl, soon you won’t be that strong!” April enjoyed the game displaying fear onrushing on her.

“Then die noooow!” she shouted and darted towards the magician. Karak rose his hands and clapped. Torches around the hall burned out bright, and April felt powerful magic trying to drain her powers. It would, if she was not what she was. Magic attacks were not more effective than metal and fire. But she decided to play. She was now feeling the very texture of Karak’s spells and understood what he wanted to do. She stumbled and weakly fell on the floor, letting out a moan.

“Ha ha ha! You’re too young and too silly. Now listen. You ruined my power source, I’m not sure for how long can I keep that in secret, but sooner or later my subdued foes will come here for my head. That’s why I will soon leave this place. Incognito. To the exile. But before I leave I will have pleasure of destroying you”.

Karak came up to the girl, kicked her to roll on her back and stepped on her chest. April relaxed letting out weak protesting moans. Karak spit down at her and shouted “Bring her to the tower”. A few soldiers fearfully approached the girl, then took her relaxed body and brought away.

In the tower, April was tied up to a wooden rack. When everything was ready, Karak entered the room. And with him was Sylvia, with hands tied behind her back.

“Now behold your little thief, Sylvia,” said Karak. “Now where do we start?” He came up to April. “Maybe you tell us about your little plan? No? Oh, I know, ninjas never confide. Well, I always wanted to check if that’s true.” Karak came up to an oven and took out a red hot beam. He slowly came up to the girl. April yelled as if in fear, and Karak applied the beam to her naked breast. Girl’s sweat hissed on the hot metal, and she screamed loudly. For some reason Karak didn’t see burns on her skin but he heard the girl weep and felt more confident. He then jabbed the beam’ end into girl’s face. She wailed and turned her face away. Then Karak whipped out a battle lash, its metal thorns striking right into the girl's neck, but metal didn't leave a single mark on her skin. Karak lashed at April once again, now aiming at all her front with all the bundle of lash's thorny tails. In April's place, any normal person would have its chest open. But the weapon didn't leave even a scratch on the girl's belly and breasts. Karak was growing a bit anxious.

To rise his own spirit, he said: “I will finish with April and then procede with you, Sylvia. April, see my hand? If you think that you already felt the pain, then you are wrong. Now taste it!” Magician’s hand glowed with red sparks, and he slowly touched the girl’s tummy. April let out some more painful screams trying to be as various as she could. Karak, a bit bewildered by girl’s flesh exposing no signs of torture, nevertheless didn’t catch up with things. Continuing his “painful caresses” with both hands, he undressed and revealed his erect member. He entered April’s pussy and started to move back and forth. What suddenly came wrong was that April was shouting less and less naturally. Finally she couldn’t restrain herself and her “screams of pain” transformed into hysterical laughter. Karak strongly punched her face, which seemingly had no effect. He suddenly felt that his member was trapped by April’s strong inner muscles. Convulsively he tried to get free but the trap was too strong. He started to punch the neighing girl’s relaxed body. Then he bowed and bit her nipple but the girl didn’t show any signs of pain. Karak wildly pulled April’s tight tit all around with his teeth trying to cause tiniest pain but going no further then giving her an arousal. At last April easily ripped her hands off the cords and hugged Karak at her breast. Sylvia dropped her jaw.


Karak was now feeling boisterous freshness running under the girl's skin and tirelessly pulsating in her grip. The king stabbed April's eye with a finger, which resulted in dimpling the eye only slightly. Losing his mind for a moment, Karak tried to scratch the girl's smooth skin with his nails, as if they were sharper then blades.

“One ninja also tried my womb, a single-handed sword is an awesome thing,” taunted April. She now moved off the rack completely, ropes and chains popping off her.

“Karak, you killed my family. I hate you. I will destroy you.” She grabbed the emperor’s body and started to rape him hard. Emperor tried to cast spells, but they all bounced off the girl causing no harm but pleasure. Hearing the screams guards arrived but they couldn’t do anything with the raging girl. After finishing, April dropped semi-conscious Karak to the floor.

“Sylvia did me a favour, she sent me to this mission. I want to repay for all you did for me. Karak wants to kill you. I endow you with strength of a 100 tigers and durability of a 100 dragons. You are old, but I take your ages, they won't make me older. Do you agree?”

#9. Sylvia’s triumph

“Yes!” shouted the old woman, and simultaneously a guard thrust a pike through her guts. The blade went through, and Sylvia screamed. But shreds of blue mist were already emanating from April's hands and the bottom of her abdomen. While Sylvia's screams calmed down, a guard gripped a sword and cut off the old woman's head and right hand. He felt that her flesh was already not as giving as that of an average person. Flashes of blue light suddenly arched between separated parts of Sylvia’s body. Her head and hand rejoined with her torso. Now it could be seen that she didn't look 70 years old, wrinkles on her face smoothening, skin warming with young blood. Her tight costume was now filled with prominent curves of her body. She now looked like a 35 year old woman in all her flourishing beauty. Guards threw blows at Sylvia's body, Karak stood up and accompanied them with blade-surfing spells, but strongest blows now didn't cut, just tore clothing and glanced off. Sylvia was as she had once been, beautiful and powerful, but now she was much stronger. A final breath of the blue wind was absorbed by Sylvia's naked body, and she opened her eyes. She saw Karak try to slash her with an already dull sword, but for some reason didn't move away. She heard a clang and saw the blade harmlessly slide on her skin. She saw she was almost naked, shreds of her cloth being torn by Karak's weapon. She couldn't believe her eyes. She noticed how smooth her skin was, and, not paying much attention to Karak's attacks, she stretched and looked at herself in a mirror. It was as 40 years ago, but she looked even more sound than in blossom of her ninja skills. She laughed as she saw guards try to pierce her with various kinds of weapons and to crush her with destructive magic spells.

Being often raped by the emperor when she was young, she decided to repay him for all. She turned to face him and grabbed his hand. Karak's forceful attacks and best efforts of his guards didn't help him get free, and she pushed him to the ground. Sylvia gently threw her strong shapely leg over his defeated body and firmly rested her muscular butt on his chest. Fierceful emperor delivered a cascade of punches at the woman's giant bosom thinking it to be a bit weaker spot, but it felt like punching two extremely tight punching bags, and all his success was a grin on woman's face. Involuntary Karak's body replied in a new arousal. Sylvia slowly moved her crotch forward, reaching Karak's mouth. Strong sword cuts and pike stabs from the guards and mightiest Karak's efforts couldn't move Sylvia an inch, she was immovably sitting on his face surrounded by a horde of raged men. Karak tried to bite Sylvia's pussy lips and clitoris with all his might, chewing on them like a dog on a bone. He felt Sylvia's intimate flesh yield and stretch, but he couldn’t bite it through or tear off a piece, no matter how hard he tried. Instead, woman evidently got aroused. Sylvia started to move back and forth on emperor's face. Accelerating, she pressed him hard, and finally gave a long and wavy yell of pleasure. It lasted for more than a minute, all the woman's desire of revenge bursting out and merging with the orgasmal sensations. Finally, regaining her will, she looked down at the emperor's crushed head. All her pussy and crotch was covered with blood. Guards stopped their actions and were standing silent.

After catching her breath, Sylvia saw April standing above. The teenage goddess said: “Sylvia, soon I will leave this world for a while, and we won't probably meet again. I leave your powers to you”.

“Thank you, April”, said Sylvia, feeling a bit as a traitor but suppressing her uncertainty. She sat up and started to thankfully kiss April’s feet.

“You now get what you deserved”

Hearing terrible screams, a new wave of emperor's outer guards rushed to the room. Finding a corpse of the emperor, two naked women, one covered with blood, and a pack of petrified men, they tried to kill both females, only to find them unkillable. Feeling another wave of arousal and paying no attention at the attackers, Sylvia started to rape anyone she met, easily tearing metal armor and clothes and directing men's aroused members into her hungry pussy. Dealing with each for some 10 seconds, she raped about a few dozens, until she ran across April and embraced her. The girl responded and gave a passionate kiss to the woman. Sylvia, though enhanced, was anyway feeling her opponent being much stronger than her, probably beyond her reach. The two invulnerable lovers didn't pay tiniest attention at the attacking guards, at the sharp metal bouncing off their indestructible naked flesh, at the flame torches being jabbed into their faces, at the flashes of battle spells harmlessly absorbed by their bodies and increasing their arousal. Soon the women approached their peak and joined in a simultaneous scream of pleasure which persisted waving up stronger and stronger for a few minutes, air vibrating so hard that the terrified guards flowed away. Moon came out over the horizon, and April disappeared in a halo of light in Sylvia's hug. Catching her breath, Sylvia found herself alone, being the strongest being in this world, since April left.

#10. April’s revenge

Sylvia was one of the last two persons that April wanted to reward. And for sure April didn't forget that Sylvia ordered to kill her. Her revenge was in some sense cruel. Main actor of this revenge was Mya.

Mya’s attempt to stab her April had forgiven, Mya was just a frightened little girl, cute and naive. She was the only April's friend throughout all her life in the monastery, and April wanted to be grateful to her. Before going to Karak’s palace, April transformed Mya into a semi-goddess, a powerful immortal being far stronger then Sylvia now was. But Mya didn’t physically change at all. Her light figure reminded of a kitten or a fragile flower, and no one would guess that her bare hand was powerful enough to move a mountain. Mya secretly returned to the monastery and secretly enjoyed her new powers.

For a few days all the country was upside-down. Sylvia, having miraculously transformed into her flourishing age, had a few days of enjoying her great power, destroying secret police assassins that hunted her and militaries that tried to arrest her, for no weapon or magic harmed her 100-dragon strong body. Wasted weapons and corpses filled the palace, until everybody recognized her as a ruling queen. Then she had a few days of fighting with mightiest armies and magicians, most powerful military machines and spells shattering against her bare flesh.

After coping with foreign relations, Sylvia returned to her monastery to have a rest. She ordered a regiment of guards to caress and please her body with sharpest weapons. A 100 men were breaking hardest steel on Sylvia’s bare skin and even her intimate muscles. She made a show of her power, swallowing deadly metal and burning ashes, rubbing her wet pussy against white-hot iron bars on a blacksmith stove, drinking acid, playing in a cage with chimer snakes and lions killing all of them in the end and so on. Finally she instantly copulated with a few regiments of guards making severe injuries to some and killing the others. On the peak of her excitation, she noticed Mya serving at the table. The girl was modestly dressed and quiet, but didn’t look frightened as the others did.

“Hey, Mya, my child, I almost forgot about you. You failed your mission and you will have to pay for it. Come here.” Mya slowly approached her mistress. Sylvia took her hand and said: “Don’t be afraid, I will kill you fast.” She started squeezing Mya’s hand, “but with a bit of pain!”

For some reason, Mya didn’t shout. Her eyes met Sylvia’s. The woman felt angry and strongly struck Mya’s face. Instead of flying away, Mya’s head went aside just a little. The girl said quietly: “Sylvia, April wanted to repay you for wanting her dead. I’m the tool of her revenge. You’re scum, with all your power you’re just dust on my feet.”

Sylvia hugged the girl’s delicate frame trying to break her bones. Mya’s petite body sank in Sylvia’s mighty curves feeling almost like nothing. But in the middle of the nothing there was a matter so incredibly strong that it didn’t yield at all. Mya slowly, in order to show how weak Sylvia was compared to her, parted her hands against woman’s resistance and set herself free.

“I am the true goddess of this place now till April returns. Not you.”

Sylvia roared and tore clothes off the girl’s body. There was no sign of that overwhelming power in her, and Sylvia bit strongly on girl’s neck. Mya apathetically looked aside waiting till Sylvia subdues to the reality. For a couple of minutes she had been professionally attacked by Sylvia’s fists, feet, nails and teeth. Proding vital points on Mya’s body didn’t make any good. Finally she fell down and burst in tears. Mya slowly approached the sitting woman, relaxedly moved her little pussy towards Sylvia’s face and said quietly: “Now, Sylvia, you will serve me till the end of your days. Start right now. Kiss my lips.”

Sylvia tried to move aside, but Mya caught her behind her neck, grabbed her head and plunged it into her crotch ignoring Sylvia’s protesting moans and bites. The revenge was done.

“The revenge was done… Bullshit! And you didn’t write anything about me and Mya!”

“April, stop reading from behind my shoulder!”

“Or what?”

“…or I will…”

“Bite me? I like that!”


“And don’t forget that now you will have to write 10 000 stories”


“About me making 10 000 wishes!”

“Damn it! That was just a twist of the plot!”

“Sidd, I’m a twist of the plot as well”

“I wish I didn’t have to…”

“Fine! I fulfill your wish! Now you have 9 999 stories left.”

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