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The Powers of STITAGEM!

Written by d_k_c :: [Friday, 13 November 2009 14:49] Last updated by :: [Friday, 19 October 2012 18:55]

Nadia wasn't an extremist like the men she worked with. The men she worked with would die for their cause. They would strap a bomb onto their chest and blow themselves up because of some recited misrepresented interpretation. She wasn't an extremist, not like that anyways.

Hamid walked impatiently on the rooftop of one of London's building. His efforts to terrorize the city were continually thwarted by Stitagem but today, that was all supposed to change. He walked up to Nadia and spoke Arabic to her "Where is she? You said if we did as you asked she would come, and you knew how to deal with her. So, where is she?"

Nadia brushed her dark hair from her face that the wind had blown. She reached down and removed her shoes and then her socks. She looked up at the man who spoke to her, "It will be soon now". Nadia looked to make sure Hamid had looked away before she looked under shirt. She had wiring wrapped around her body and it all seemed to be in place.

Along with Hamid, there were eight others, four of them covering the exits, two of them standing next to Hamid, One on sniper duty and one of them pointing a gun at a woman gagged and bound in a chair placed in the center of a fountain at the top of one of London's tallest buildings. Nadia walked over to the bound and gagged woman, her feet splashed through the ankle deep water. Nadia looked at the gun man guarding the tied up girl "leave us" she demanded. The gun man looked for Hamid's approval before departing.

Nadia slapped the gagged woman and then slapped her again. The woman's eyes stared with contempt at Nadia. Nadia smiled at her and placed her hands confidently on her hips. Nadia was just over 5 feet tall with a very thin frame and a dark complexion but to the gagged woman she might as well have been ten feet tall. "I've been following you for the last year you know" Nadia said to the bound woman. "I know that where ever you are Stitagem isn't far. If Stitagem didn't look so dramatically different than you, I would have assumed you were one the same. I'm not going to lie to you; I've found a way to defeat Stitagem. In return these men will pay me, more money than you can imagine. So I need you to call for her to come save you. If you don't, you will die, and so will the dozen or so, men woman and children we have locked up in one of the rooms. Do you understand?".

The woman continued glaring at Nadia.

Nadia smiled at the woman "Oh how silly of me, how can you call for her help when you're gagged". Nadia's heart beat began to increase as she removed the gag from the woman's mouth, all these years of deceit cunning and planning, all for this one moment. She stepped away from the woman curious as to why she had not called out. "Well?, what are you waiting for?".

The woman laughed at Nadia.

"Something funny?", Nadia asked.

The woman looked up and down Nadia's skinny body and smirked. "How in the world could I let a Skinny, weak, stupid Arab girl like you get me into this situation, I seriously have to get my head examined".

Nadia looked on angrily at the woman but she kept her emotions in check. If her calculations were right, her days of being weak were over. Nadia needed to speed up the process, she looked over at the closest man carrying a rifle "Kill her!".

"Wait!" the woman said, "I have only one thing to say".

Nadia tensed up, this was it, the moment she was waiting for, the moment that would make everything all worth the while, her eye brows raised as she looked at the woman with pretend curiosity.

The Woman stared at Nadia with icy cold eyes and spoke. "You want her! well you've got her… STITAGEM!" She yelled.

A bright purple lightning bolt struck the woman's chest then, unexpectedly, shot through her body and then into the water. The bolt of lightning searched for the next closest conductor. The bolt of energy shot toward Nadia. Before Nadia could even brace for impact she was struck. The strike blasted her out of the fountain. She fell onto the gravel roof top and slid for 10 yards. Her clothes were torn to shreds and her body was smoldering. She had skid marks all over her body and her arm was broken.

The power she was so accustomed to getting once she uttered the magical words did not bestow upon the woman. "Stitagem!" The woman called out again, but nothing happened. She began to panic "STITAGEM! STITAGEM!" She cried out.

Nadia's eyes opened, and she stood up with a great deal of pain. Nadia looked up in the night sky. She closed her eyes and savored the moment she had long awaited. Nadia raised her chin into the air and pushed out her small chest. She took in a deep breath. "SITAGEM!" she yelled. A bolt of lightning struck Nadia's chest and bestowed her with unimaginable, unfathomable power. She was now standing at 5 ft 11". She was wearing a super tight one-piece dark purple bathing suit. A darker purple silk belt emphasized her perfect hour glass figure. The damage done to her skin and body were gone. Her brown Skin glistened and emanated power. Her hands moved up her silky brown thighs and up her purple costume. She could feel the power course through her. Such unimaginable power, more than she ever fathomed. She outstretched her once broken arm and looked at the tight purple gloves she now wore and smirked. She then looked down at her body and saw that her vision was obstructed by her huge tits. Her suit confined them tightly and her brown cleavage desperately tried to escape through the low neckline. Her hands came up to her chest and she gave her breasts a playful squeeze as if to acknowledge their authenticity.

The armed men pointed their rifles at Nadia. Hamid raised his hand for them to hold their fire. "Nadia?, is that you". He asked.

Nadia smiled and looked at Hamid. "How do you like the new me, the new Stitagem?".

"How is this possible" Hamid asked.

Nadia walked seductively toward Hamid. Her knee high boots clicked loudly against the ground as she walked. She stared into Hamids eyes. She could hear his every thought, she could feel his desire for her. But most amazingly she could control him. Hamid pulled out his 9mm, pointed it at the man beside him and shot him in the head. Hamid's nose started to bleed as he tried to regain control of his own thoughts. Nadia smiled as she could feel Hamid's futile attempt to stop her. Hamid put the gun into his crotch "Please" he begged.

Nadia smiled at him. "I suspected that there was no money, but now I know that there was no money. Not only that, but you were going to kill me".

"No!, no that's not true, I promise Nadia, I would never hurt you".

"Hamid" she said sweetly. "You're pointing a gun at your crotch, and you know why?. Because I'm in your head, I know when you're lying to me and you know what? I hate being lied too".

His finger was putting pressure on the trigger and he couldn't stop it. "KILL HER!" he screamed. He pulled the trigger and collapsed in agony onto the ground.

Bullets began firing at Nadia from all angles. She smiled as the bullets ever so slowly approached her. She didn't know how or why but she knew what her new body was capable of. She knew that the bullets would have no affect on her. She knew everything about the powers she now possessed. A bullet approached her stomach. She pursed her lips tightly. Concentrating on the bullet she began sucking in the air through the tiniest of openings from her mouth. The bullet was caught in a concentrated wind tunnel and changed directions toward Nadia's lips. Nadia caught the bullet with her lips. Nadia pulled the bullet out of her tightly pursed lips as the other bullets deflected off her invulnerable body. She held the bullet in front of her face and stared at it with curiosity. She let go of the bullet but it stayed in place hovering in mid air before her eyes. Her eyes darted to one of the gun men and so too did the bullet. The bullet blasted through the gun man's body, then blasted back into him, then out of him and then back in. Nadia laughed as she mentally guided the bullet. A bullet hit her square in the breast and if it wasn't for her actually watching the bullet, she would never have known. Bullets flanked both sides of her body, dimpling her costume at her hips and at her arms. Nadia extended both her arms and pointed with both hands at the men that had shot her. The men were caught in some sort of force field and then she pointed up with both hands. The men blasted high into the sky and never came back down.

A sniper fired a shot at Nadia. The bullet smacked directly into her cleavage. She looked down at her bust and smiled. The bullet only got halfway between her breasts before it was squeezed to a stop. She looked at the sniper and blew a short and gentle burst of air at him. The platform he stood on blew into smithereens and he blasted across the London skyline.

Hamid pointed his weapon at Nadia who was standing only a few meter's away from him. Her arched spine emphasized her tight bubble butt. He fired several rounds into her backside. He pressed the trigger continuously not noticing that many of the bullets deflected back at him nearly hitting him.

Nadia turned head to face Hamid, "A pistol Hamid?, you're going to need something bigger than that". Nadia looked toward their munitions and mentally pulled out the missle launcher. The missle launcher floated to Hamid and dropped in his lap. Nadia walked to Hamid and stood overtop of him. "Well?, what are you waiting for?".

"Nadia I Don't"

"Do I have to do everything for you?"

Hamid grabbed the missile launcher against his own will and aimed it at Nadia's body at point blank range.

"Bye Hamid, it's been fun"

Nadia willed Hamid to press the trigger. An explosion engulfed them both.

Pieces of Hamid came raining down from the sky. Nadia laughed and then her eyes locked onto the woman still tied on the roof. She walked to her confidently. "So, do you like?" Nadia asked. "Do you think my boobs fill this costume better then yours did?" Nadia looked down at her tight rounded cleavage "I certainly think so but I can't say I approve of the way you're thinking about me. Is there anything I can do to change that?" Nadia asked as she pinched away the ropes that held the woman.

Sharon stared with loathed contempt at the Woman who stole her powers. And then her feelings changed. She looked at Nadia with lust and passion. She had never felt so attracted to anyone in her entire life. Sharon's hands quickly grabbed Nadia's huge boobs and she began kissing them with wild passion. And then she snapped out of it. "Bitch!" She screamed at Nadia, realizing that her mind was being controlled.

Nadia laughed at her. "I'll be honest, I never realized you were so powerful. When I planned to take your powers I intended to use them for trivial matters. Maybe make some money, get revenge on a few people, have some fun. But I realize now that I can do so much more. I am a Goddess now! A new ruling body here on earth. Watch!" Nadia walked to the edge of the building and looked down at the city below. She pursed her lips and began sucking in air. The windows of the building across from her exploded and glass and debris approached her. A car flew up 39 stories and deflected off Nadia's head. Her inhalation came to a stop and there was a moment of silence. Nadia looked at Sharon and smiled.

"No!...Don't!" Sharon screamed.

Nadia's cheeks flared as she blew the compressed air out her lungs. The noise whistling out of pursed lips was deafening. A wall of air blasted across the city blowing buildings off their foundations and laying waste to miles of the city.

Sharon looked over the edge of the building and at the waste land Nadia created. "Do you know how many you killed!. You…you have to stop this!

"Stop!...HA HA HA! I've only just started. Its time for a new era. A new age. A better one than before.

"You make me sick!"

Nadia looked at Sharon and outstretched her thin arms above her head and gave Sharon her sexiest pose. "Are you sure I make you sick?. Are you sure I don't make you so very hot and horny?"

Sharon couldn't resist her. No mortal could. Nadia flexed her chest and her massive breasts bounced up and down. Sharon grabbed Nadia's firm breasts as Nadia increased Sharons desire for her. Sharon couldn't take it anymore she had to have her. Nadia continued to increase Sharons desire. Sharon squeezed her tits, then rapidly moved her hands down Nadia's body in order to squeeze her tight ass and then Sharon's hands took alternating shifts at both. Nadia continued to increase her sex appeal.

"Stop it!" Sharon pleaded as her body climaxed uncontrollably. Nadia increased Sharon's desires even more. Sharon's heart couldn't take it any more she grinded up on Nadia's body, desperately trying to satisfy her dangerously intense needs. Her arms wrapped around Nadia's neck and her breasts pushed against Nadia's breasts and flattened against their firmness. Sharon moved her face down to Nadia's large breast and easily found her thumb sized nipple on her huge breast and began biting and sucking it.

Nadia smiled as she enjoyed the sensations. Enjoyed the control she had over the once powerful woman. She grabbed the back of Sharon's head and squeezed her head into her breast.

Nadia laughed hysterically as Sharon collapsed to the ground. Her attention went back to the city and her vision swept over the lands. The royal palace was about to have a new occupant. And the world was going to have a new Empress.

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