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Superman Nil - Ultrawoman Nell

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“Well, I could use a hug” Lucielle suggested to Ultra Woman.

“Well, alright” Ultra Woman hesitantly responded and hugged the Suicidal woman.

Lucielle embraced Ultra Woman and then nodded to her sister Nell, who aimed and fired the red Kryptonite laser.

“No wait!” Clark screamed as he ran toward the two.

Lucielle felt dizzy, her head felt light and she closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes she was holding the Red kryptonite laser it didn’t take her long to realize that she was in the body of her sister, Nell.

Lois felt dizzy and her knees were shaky. She closed her eyes briefly and reopened them. Lois blinked hard as she stared at her self in Ultra Woman’s costume. Lois then looked down at her own body and noticed the tacky pink jacket she was now wearing. She looked back at Ultra Woman who was now looking at her chest, seemingly impressed.

Nell looked down at her new body. She was wearing Ultra Woman’s costume and her hands moved down to her thighs and she moved them up her spandex costume savoring all her stolen curves. She settled her hands on her hips and raised her chin in the air “Well, well, well Look who’s Ultra now!”



Perry threw a copy of the day’s paper of the daily planet on Clark’s desk and addressed the room. “Good work people. The nut sisters were going to steal Ultra Woman’s powers and we were there to get the scoop.”

Clark opened the paper and began reading it, he paid special attention to Lucielle’s quotations. “I’m Ultra Woman! You’ve got the wrong girl. I’m Ultra Woman!”

“Clark! Where’s Lois?” Perry asked.

“Uhhh, I don’t know Chief, I haven’t seen her.”

“Well where the hell is she!?, I want an exclusive interview with Ultra Woman, and I want Lois to conduct it and I want it to happen today.”

Clark ignored Perry and focused on the article.

“Clark! what are you doing?. Find Lois! find Ultra Woman?. Do something!?.”

Clark looked up at the mounted TV screen. It was live footage of a chemical plant burning. The flames were massive and Clark figured that Lois was bound to show up to help fight that fire. Clark got off his chair grabbed his coat and headed to the elevator.

“Clark, where are you going?” Perry yelled.

“I’m on it chief” Clark replied.



Nell made her self comfortable on the moons surface. Her body molded the rocks she lay on making her look like a sun tanner on a deserted beach rather then a girl basking on a dead rock in space. With out the protection of the atmosphere the suns rays beat down on her body with sheer intensity. It made her body feel firm, rejuvenated and absolutely fantastic. When she first felt the power that coursed through her it was initially overwhelming. Thousands of sounds for miles around her besieged her all at once. Everything she bumped she damaged. And her first attempt at flight was an embarrassing disaster. She wanted to get away from it all. When she finally assented her natural fear of heights disappeared at 500 feet and then all she wanted to do was go higher and higher. Finally leaving the earth’s atmosphere she was greeted by the silence of space, and then her eyes found the moon.

Nell floated to her feet and began walking on the moons surface. She had not taken a breath for hours now and felt no need or desire to do so. Nell grabbed a stone from the ground and popped it to powder with her petite hands; she smiled as she curiously wondered how many pounds per square inch she applied with her gentle squeeze. It was time to test her new abilities and she couldn’t imagine a better place to do so. Nell’s purple boots left the moons surface and she floated to a vertical position. She eyed a small mountain and balled her hands into fists. She flexed her calf muscles and blasted toward the mountain. Her body shot into it like a nail through wood. Nell’s body was now wedged in the middle of the rock. The pressure of the mountain had little effect on her super tight body. Every square inch of the mountain pressed down upon her as if to challenge its power against hers. As hard as she could she lashed out with all her limbs and at the same time blasted out the air that was still remaining in her lungs. The mountain blew apart into millions of pieces. Nell floated in the empty space admiring her handy work. Giant pieces of rock came floating back down impacting the moons lunar surface, the smaller pieces scattered into deep space or burned up in earth’s atmosphere. She looked down at the remains of mountain but her magnificent cleavage filled her sight. Her body was still absorbing the suns rays and her breasts were getting slightly larger and much firmer. She laughed as she squeezed her breasts floating in a 360 degrees spin. She stopped her dance and looked back upon the earth. There were so many possibilities now. For her whole life she watched her sister take the glory for her ingenuity, but not this time. She looked at the galaxy around her and briefly wondered how long it would take her to get to mars. Maybe she should find out, and then she thought, maybe not yet, as she looked back at the earth. She pointed her arm at the earth and bent her knee and blasted toward it. Her body turned into a fireball as she re entered the atmosphere. She streaked over Metropolis and even from her height and without the aid of her super vision; she could easily see the flames. There was a massive fire just outside the city, and there was no question in her mind. This was a job for Ultra Nell!



Clark watched as a massive explosion forced the fire fighters to retreat. The building was lost; all they could do was contain the blaze to the one building. Lois should have been there by now, something was definitely wrong, Clark thought. The spectators cheered as the woman in purple tights descended upon the blaze, breaking Clark out of his deep thought.

Nell smiled as the crowd cheered at her arrival; she loved their reaction to her arrival. Nell hovered 50 feet above the burning building; she observed the destructive flames for moments before devising a plan of attack. Shaping her lips an O, she began sucking in the air around her. A loud whistle deafened the crowd below her and the air around her mouth began to distort as millions of pounds of compressed air filled her lungs. Nell eyed the heart of the flame and as hard as she could she blew the torrent out of her mouth. Her cheeks flared dramatically as she leaned into the blow. The building was rocked by the uncanny winds. Most of the building was blown off its foundation and the flames were spewed for miles. Almost the entire district was now on fire with pieces of debris still falling from the sky. The crowd was getting back up from their ducked position and stared at Ultra Woman in dumbfounded shock.

Nell looked at the destruction she bestowed on the district and felt embarrassed. Tempted briefly to fight the fires she created she changed her mind and blasted high into the sky.

Clark watched Ultra Woman fly off and rushed over to his car and headed to the Re-van prison for women.



Nell hovered in the sky for hours, concealed by the clouds. She was practically blushing as she watched the entire Metropolis fire department battle the blazes she accidentally started. Her sensitive ears picked up incoming news reports on TV’s miles below her. Ultra mistake and friend or foe, were just a few of the headlines airing nationally. ‘How dare they talk about her in that way’, she thought. Nell’s eyes swept through the city and located a news room where an anchor man continued his attack on her character. She was about to pay him a visit when the sound of gun fire broke her train of thought. She turned her head and her eyes zoomed in on the action. There were 6 men in masks firing their weapons at a police officer. This was a perfect opportunity to make up for her previous negligence. Nell blasted in the direction of the action. She landed hard in front of one of the masked men. In dramatic fashion her purple boots cracked the pavement below her feet; she puffed out her chest and placed her hands on her hips. “Time for justice evil doer” Nell proclaimed.

The masked gun man stared at her. “What the fuck?” he managed to state just as Ultra Woman’s hand reached out grabbed his collar and threw him against the building. The other men looked at Ultra Woman in shock as her boot pushed against a vehicle and the car came rushing toward them. Upon seeing the vehicle crash into their colleagues two men fled down the road when a mighty gale of wind lifted them off the ground and knocked one through a car window and another against a dumpster.

“Cut! Cut! Cut! … Lady! Are you fucking insane!” The director yelled.

Nell looked at the man and then looked at the camera that was focused in on her. Then she noticed another camera and another. Her stomach tightened as she realized that they were filming a movie.

“You just ruined my fucking scene! If I wanted a slut in tights in my movie I would have named my movie Ultra Kooch the next biggest fuck up!”

Ultra Woman listened to the director’s rant. “Bitch, Idiot, Stupid” were just a few adjectives the director used to describe her. Ultra Woman’s eyes began to narrow. “Do you know who I am!” she finally managed to get in.

“Ummm, I don’t know. Don’t tell me! A Kunt licking fucking whore?! Do you have any idea how much this is going to cost me?!” Twin beams fired out of Ultra Woman’s angry eyes and into the director’s chest. He gasped for merely a moment in recognition of his incineration. Scorched pieces of his remains softly reached the ground still glowing from the intensive heat they were exposed too.

Ultra Woman angrily looked around “Does anyone else wish to thank me!” She pointed to one of the female assistants. “You! Anything you would like to say.”

Before the assistant could speak beams from Ultra Woman’s eyes vaporized her innocent victim. The staff gasped in shock and backed away from her. Reacting out of pure anger she leaped into the sky, hundreds of meters into the air she stopped her assent and focused in on the news studio which first caught her attention. Conjuring up all her anger and all her passion she focused hard on the news studio. The sparkle from her deadly eyes shone brightly like a star in the sky and then the torrent of energy was unleashed. The building was exposed to her deadly stare for a moment before it erupted into a massive fire ball. Fiery debris rained on Metropolis for close to a quarter of an hour starting small fires through out the city.



“Lucielle, you have a visitor. Lets go!”

Still not used to being called Lucielle Lois ignored the female prison guard and continued staring at the wall in front of her.

“Lucielle! I said lets go!”

Lois snapped out of her daze and looked at the prison guard and stood up. The guard opened her cell and she followed her down a long corridor, out of the cell block and then into the meeting room. Sound proof glass separated inmate from visitor, Lois spotted Clark waiting on the other side of the glass. She ran over to him and picked up the phone. “Clark! please tell me you know who I am.”

Clark stared at the blonde woman on the phone and in moments of hearing her pleading voice knew she had to be Lois. “I know it’s you Lois” Clark assured her.

“Oh thank god, Clark, listen, you have to get me out of here”

“That’s going to be a problem Lois, As long as Lucielle is in your body..”

“Lucielle’s not in my body, her sister is, Nell!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, her sister’s been going crazy. Yelling about how ugly she is and how stupid her sister is, she attacked me yelling at me to give her back her body, after that they locked her up in a padded room.”

Clark thought for a moment, “I need to go Lois, but I need you to trust me, especially when I tell you to act like Lucielle.”

“What!?, Why!”

“I’m betting Nell thinks you’re in her body, so if she thinks you’re her sister….It might give us our only chance.” Clark put got up off his chair.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“Stars Lab, I have a plan.”



A beam of energy blasted out of Nell’s eyes and into the small pond located deep in the northern Arctic. Instantly the water began to boil and steam. Nell kept up the Intensity and the waters boil became far more intense. The water popped meters into the air. Satisfied the water was warm enough she took off her costume and stepped into the boiling water. The ice along her back and the boiling water felt wonderful on her skin. After a moment she rolled onto her stomach where her naked breasts pushed into the melting ice along the side of the pool. These powers were fantastic, she loved every moment of having them, especially moments like these. Nell closed her eyes and thought about her sister. At least she tried to be a hero for Metropolis, her sister however would have broken into every bank in the city by now. Funny, she thought, the people hate her now as much as if she had broken into every bank in the city. She missed her sister, and felt bad for robbing her of what she undoubtedly believed was hers. Her sister would never forgive her, but with everyone in the world hating her right now, she missed her terribly never the less. Nell closed her eyes, if only she could share this power with her sister she thought. Nell opened her eyes as an idea formed. ‘Of Course!’ she thought. In an instant she was out of the pool, dressed and speeding toward Metropolis.



Lois returned to her cell block and immediately noticed the woman in her cell. She turned to the guard “There must be some mistake, I requested my own cell.”

The guard snickered “and what do you think makes you so special?”

Lois observed her unexpected guest. She was tall for a girl probably close to 6 feet tall. She had long bright red hair. The loose fitting prison garments she wore were loose on her arms and legs but tight on her massive chest which Lois suspected to be at least an E cup and obviously fake. Lois could tell she was extremely fit and strong. The woman began moving Lois’s stuff from the bottom bunk to the top bunk. Finding enough courage she awkwardly spoke up “Umm, excuse me but that’s my bunk, that’s where I like to sleep.”

The woman looked at her with a raised brow. There was something about her face which looked sweet and innocent and at the same time very threatening. With a unique southern accent she asked “You’re kidding right?”

“No, I’m not kidding, now if you’d be so kind as to put my stuff back to where it was”

The woman rolled up her sleeves showing petite but defined forearms. “Fight ya for it.”

“I’m not going to fight you, I was there first.”

The woman smiled at her. “Look here Iddy Biddy Tittie, this is probably you’re first time in the joint so I’ll go easy on you, but in here I’m God, and if I want your bunk you’ll give it to me. If I want your close, you’ll give em to me, and if I want you to fall on your knees and worship me, you’d best be doing so. Lucky for you I don’t feel like having some pathetic little thing worshipping me right now.”

Lois looked down at her own chest and then embarrassingly looked back at the Woman.

She extended her hand to Lois and Lois began shaking it. Lois’s mouth opened in shock as the woman’s grip tightened. “Names Jessica by the way, Jessica Rabbit maybe you’ve heard of my website.” Jessica released Lois’s hand and smiled at her sweetly.

Lois looked her over one more time, the dramatic hour glass figure, the massive boobs the bright red hair. She rolled her eyes; she should have been able to guess what her name was.



Ultra Woman landed elegantly in front of the Metropolis city library. Everyone stared at her as she walked into the facility. Some continued to stare and some ran away in fear.

A younger man ran over to her with a copy of the day’s new paper, “Ultra Woman!” he called out.

Ultra Woman turned to the man and stared at him with an annoyed curiosity.

“Uhhhh, I was wondering if I could get your autograph” the man nervously asked.

Ultra Woman stared at him for a moment making him increasingly on edge and then she looked at the news paper he was holding. The word Ultra burned into the paper just under her profile. “Now shoo.”

The man looked at the paper and then backed away from her “Thank you Ultra woman, thank you.”

Ultra Woman’s eyes swept the room and her brain absorbed almost every book title in the library. She memorized where the books she needed were and then she was a purple blur as she zipped aisle to aisle.

The librarian held down loose papers with one hand and dialed the police with the other as she watched the purple streak shoot past a table situated in the middle of the library. One book was left on the desk. The streak shot past the table and again another book appeared. Dozens of books were eventually piled high on the desk. Ultra Woman appeared in front of the desk and Opened Ronald Curry’s 1200 page text on photons. She flipped through the pages reading and memorizing each page at a blinding speed. She flipped through the pages faster and faster until the pages simply fanned through her fingers. She tossed the book aside and moved onto the next.



Clark opened the door to his apartment. He had spent the entire day working at stars lab with the professor and now he was exhausted. Without his powers he needed to sleep. Feeling guilty about getting rest while Lois was in jail he rationalized it by reminding himself he’d be no use to her if he was fatigued. He turned on the TV to get a quick news update before going to sleep.

The TV turned on and sure enough Ultra Woman was in the news. “Just acquired footage where earlier today Metropolis city police moved in to arrest Ultra Woman at the Metropolis city Library.” Clark watched the broadcast of the Library’s surveillance cam trained on Ultra Woman. She was reading books at super speeds and being surrounded by a dozen officers. She was paying no attention to them as they moved in closer and closer. Clark didn’t have to watch the rest of the broadcast to know what was going to happen next. He pointed the remote at the TV and shut it off.

“Awww you’re going to miss the part where their bullets bounce off my Ultra boobies.”

Clark turned quickly, alarmed by the voice that was behind him. Ultra Woman had her arms crossed confidently below her bust, smirking as she observed Clark's reaction to her. “How did you get here?”, Clark asked.

Ultra Woman pointed at her body “Ummm Ultra, remember, or should I say Super?!”

“What do you want?” Clark asked her.

Ultra Woman strolled around his apartment, delicately running her hand around his stuff. “Nice place, is it hard to afford this place on a reporters salary?”

“I doubt very much you came here to discuss my apartment or my salary.”

“True, but why would you want to skip the preliminaries when I’m really here to ask you how you want to die.”

Clark swallowed hard.

“Would you like it if I broke you in half with my hands, maybe throw you into the next county?” Ultra Woman circled Clark, “I can fly you up to space if you’d like, bury you on the moon maybe, I was there a while ago, It’s quite peaceful.” Ultra Woman grabbed his broad shoulders and her lips homed in his ear, “How about cremation? I can make it really quick or I can make it nice and slow.” Ultra Woman turned Clark toward him and put her arms around his neck loosely “So….which did you pick?”

“I think if you were here to kill me, you would have done it by now.”

“What a clever observer you are. You must be one heck of a reporter, But what if I like to play with my toys before I discard them, especially ones that went by the name of Superman.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Ultra Woman rolled her eyes, “You must know you can’t lie to me, while I was using my x-ray vision looking for my laser I stumbled across your costume. It’s in your bedroom dresser, third drawer. Unfortunately for you I didn’t find my laser.”

“I don’t have you’re laser.”

“That’s really too bad.” Ultra Woman’s eyes sparkled and Clark ducked as two beams blasted the full sized window behind him. Glass blasted outward and fell 30 stories to the street below. Ultra Woman puckered her lips and began blowing at Clark. Clark struggled to stay on his feet and Ultra Woman increased the intensity of her blow. Clark’s feet lost their grip and he rolled on the floor and toward the open window along with many of his possessions. Ultra Woman stepped slowly toward Clark still blowing the light breeze from her mouth. Clark rolled onto the balcony and against the glass rail which separated him from the 30 story fall.

The glass began to crack behind Clark, “I … know … where … it … is” Clark managed to state before the glass broke.

Ultra Woman and the air she was blowing out of her pursed lips ceased “I thought you might, so?, where is it?”

Clark caught his breath and continued “Stars Lab, but no one will be there until tomorrow, it’s locked down.”

“I’m not too sure where that is, so you’ll have to show me. Go get your costume; I’ll wait here for you.”

Clark looked at Nell with an obvious look of confusion. “I don’t have my powers, so I doubt I need my costume. I’ll drive and meet you there.”

“No-o you’ll get your costume because you won’t be needing it anymore and I might know someone who will. Then, you’ll come back out to the balcony and I’ll fly us both over there. Simple enough for you?”

Clark reluctantly walked to his bedroom, “I’ll get my stuff.”

“And I’ll be waiting here.”



Jessica watched the TV which was encased in a protective plastic seal in the top right hand corner of her cell. The volume wasn’t on but she didn’t need to hear it. The headline read ‘earlier today’. She watched Ultra Woman hoist a police car over her head, bullets sparked off her body and then she threw the car at another police car. “Now that’s what I’m talking about! Go Ultra Woman!” Jessica cheered.

Lois looked at Jessica in shock, “She probably killed innocent people! how could you be so cruel?”

“Trust me Iddy bitty tittie, if I had those kind of powers I’d do far more then just toss a few cars around I’d be tossing a few buildings around.”

Lois shook her head in irritation. “Well then it’s probably for the best that you’re rotting in here. And! Another thing, the name is Lo…errr…Lucielle!. Oh! And I’m just curious but if I got surgery to get two beach balls implanted in my chest do you think that would give me the right to be an arrogant bitch to everyone around me?”

Jessica turned to face Lois who was sitting on the top bunk. She smiled at the skinny blonde girl and opened her prison garment to reveal her cleavage “Their big, their round and their firm, Oh and one more thing, Their all Natch!” Jessica snickered “Jealous?” she asked.

Lois rolled her eyes and laid back down on her bunk.

Jessica squeezed her cleavage together and looked at the rising soft flesh “I know I would be” she said smugly.



Clark was short of breath as the wind blew hard in his face. He held on tight to Ultra Woman as she flew high in the sky. His elbow was wrapped tightly around her slim neck in a choke hold like fashion. “You have to slow down! I can’t breathe!” He shouted while holding on for his dear life.

Ultra Woman slowed her speed down. “Is that better, you big baby?”

“Yes, It’s due west of here” Clark pointed.

Ultra woman flew in the direction Clark was telling her to go at what she considered a snails pace.

With her speed relaxed Clark became more calm. Ultra Woman’s natural scent became more obvious and he couldn’t help but look at her incredible curves. Her body was so smooth and Clark was beginning to get aroused and it didn’t help that his crotch was pressed hard against her incredible ass. Distracted Clark almost missed Stars Lab, “that’s the building over there” Clark pointed out.

Ultra Woman turned hard in direction Clark pointed. Clark’s arm slipped off her and accidentally grabbed her breast. Ultra Woman smiled as he readjusted his arm back to her neck. His feel didn’t come with out consequences as his desire for her became extremely obvious. Ultra Woman readjusted Clark so she was holding his waist and she descended upon the lab. She descended slowly looking into his eyes the entire time.

Clark knew how wrong it was but couldn’t help him self. His hands were on her hips and he continued staring into Ultra Woman’s eyes. She embraced him in a deep passionate kiss. Her nipples became erect and they protruded through her sheen costume. Clarks hand made its way on her breast as he embraced her and then a flash distracted the two. Clark released her and looked behind him where the culprit who took the picture was now in a fast retreat.

“Aren’t you going to stop him?” Clark asked.

Ultra Woman smiled, “Why would I?, you’re not embarrassed of me are you?” she laughed. Ultra Woman released Clark and got back to business. She walked up the steel door and simply kicked it. The door blasted off its hinges and ricocheted off the walls before nuzzling its self deep into the wall across the hall. The alarms began sounding and Ultra Woman looked at a power box high on a pole. Beams from her eyes blasted the power box and the alarm ceased. Her eyes began sweeping the building. She had trouble finding it a first but eventually spotted the laser.

“Thanks for your help Clark; when my sister and I are rulers of this planet I’ll reward you properly.” Ultra Woman kissed Clark on the cheek and in a purple Flash streaked toward her target.

Clark didn’t need super hearing to hear the sounds of sirens approaching the building. He ran inside the building and grabbed the other laser he worked on with the professor earlier that day. He looked one more time at Ultra Woman whose hands were a blur as she reconstructed her laser. Clark retreated from the building before the police arrived and hailed a cab and headed for the Re-Van Prison for women.



The sound of gun fire and alarms awoke Lois and Jessica. Screams followed the gun shots and loud thuds could be heard. “What’s going on?” Jessica asked.

Lois heard the sound of boots click clacking toward the block door and knew exactly what was going on. There was a moment of silence and then the door boomed off its hinges.

Lois nervously took a deep breath and then Ultra Woman stood before her cell gate. Her head was raised and her chest pushed outwards, her hands were behind her back, she looked very proud of herself. She looked at Lois in the eyes “Guess who?” she asked.

Lois went into character trying not to sound suspicious. “If I had to guess I would say my idiot sister.”

“The one and only! I brought you a gift.” Ultra Woman pulled her left hand from behind her back and showed Lois the folded up Super Man costume.

“And what am I supposed to do with that?” Lois asked.

“Wear it of course! It’s a bit large for you but I’m sure we can make some modifications.”

“Imbecile! why would I want to wear Super Mans costume?”

Ultra Woman smiled as she pulled her other hand from behind her back revealing the laser. “Would you be more comfortable if you had Superman’s powers?”

Lois’s smiled, “So you’ve come to your senses and decided to give me your powers?”

“No you dummy, I’ve figured out a way to replicate the powers” Ultra Woman put her hand between the bars and pushed them aside as if she was moving curtains and walked into the cell. Nell spoke excitedly “You see a photon can in fact be in two places at once, and it’s not really the red kryptonite that transfers the powers but rather the photons that are modified while passing through the red kryptonite. So I made some relatively simple modifications and … wait a second, why haven’t you stopped me, normally you would be telling me to shut up by now.”

Lois looked at Ultra Woman who was looking at her curiously. “That's because this is the first time my idiot sister didn’t do something completely idiotic. I’m ready, let's make me super!”

Ultra Woman pointed at Jessica who was watching the two with a stunned curiosity “You! take this laser and shoot at us when I say so. And Unless you want to spend the rest of your life with no legs or arms you best not miss.”

Ultra Woman embraced Lois in a hug ensuring her back was facing the laser. “Fire!” Jessica’s mind worked frantically, she wanted that power desperately. “I said fire!” Ultra Woman said again. Jessica reluctantly fired the laser. The laser shot into Ultra Woman’s back. The light took many seconds to work its way through her Ultra dense body but finally fired through her and into Lois.

Lois felt dizzy, when she came too she looked at Ultra Woman and smiled.

“So, how do you feel?” Ultra Woman asked her.

Clark ran into the cell block “Lois!”

Lois and Ultra Woman turned toward Clark. “Lois?” Ultra Woman asked curiously.

Lois grabbed Ultra Woman holding her in place. “Give me back my body you bitch!”

Ultra Woman understood now that Lucielle wasn’t her sister, she had been tricked!

Clark aimed the pistol at the two girls. Ultra Woman’s eyes flashed at him but before the heat emitted from her eyes Lois covered them with her hands. Lois screamed as her invulnerable hand took the full brunt of Nell’s heat vision. Clark fired the pistol and a green light shot out of his weapon.

The two girls lay motionless on the ground. Clark ran to Ultra Woman and opened the chamber of the pistol he used. The aura of green kryptonite flashed on Ultra Woman’s face causing enough discomfort to wake her.

Ultra Woman looked at Clark, and Clark nervously looked at her. “Lois?” he asked.

“Clark” she responded and embraced him in a hug.

Her arms wrapped around him tightly and her body pressed hard against his. “Easy! Easy!. No super powers remember?”

Lois looked at Clark “Right!. Now let’s get you your powers before she wakes up.” Lois grabbed the laser which Nell had made and Clark hoisted an unconscious Lucielle up to her feet. Lois pointed the laser at Lucielle with Clark holding her up behind her. “Ready?”

Clark couldn’t believe how heavy Luciele’s small frame was, she felt like 300 pounds. “Ready!” he grunted.

Lois fired the laser. The weapon not designed to fire a second time and became unstable and began shaking in Lois’s hands. The beam fired into Lucielle and worked it’s way through her dense body. Her back began to glow as the photons desperately attempted to penetrate her. Lois was now having a hard time compensating for the increasingly destabilization of the laser. The laser blew up in her hand but before it was destroyed it unleashed a torrent of highly concentrated photons which blasted into Lucielle's body then into Clark’s body and then through it.

Jessica watched as the beam fired out of Clark’s back and into her chest. Her entire body burned and every muscle tightened. The pain was unbearable and she fell unconscious on the bed and on top of Clark’s Super Man costume.

Lois ran up to Clark, “Are you Okay? how do you feel?” she asked him.

Clark grabbed Lucille and hoisted her up with one hand. He smiled at Lois, “Super.” “Now lets get this girl to stars labs and see if we can strip her of her powers.”

Ultra Woman held Lucille with Clark as they stepped out of the cell, “Wait! aren’t you forgetting something?”

Clark looked at the cell, “Right.” Clark grabbed the metal bars and returned them to their original position.



Many hours later Jessica’s eyes snapped open. She immediately looked at her chest where she was hit with the laser. She wasn’t wounded but something wasn’t quite right. Her breasts were naturally very firm but never before had they defied gravity with so much defiance, especially while she was lying down. She got out of bed and noticed the costume that was underneath her. It would have been very uncomfortable for her to be lying on the boots and costume but it seemed like they weren’t even there. She grabbed the tight long sleeved shirt and looked at the big S on its chest. Was it for her?. She could hear people talking, lots of people talking. She approached the bars to her cell and placed her hands on them. ‘Did she have super powers?’, the thought of having all the powers of Superman thrilled her. So much so she didn’t test her powers on the metal bars. If it wasn’t true, if she didn’t have the powers and if it was all in her head she was going to savor the idea of having such power. She released the bars and walked over to the costume neatly folded on her bed. She grabbed the tight blue pants and pulled it up her long legs. They fit surprisingly well but slipped off her naturally wider hips. She grabbed the red under shorts next and pulled them up her blue tights. They didn’t fit quite right so she had to pull them higher on her body, the red underpants stretched tightly against her against her crotch and emphasized the curves of her perfect bubble butt. Satisfied the costume was in place she tightened the yellow belt. Next she put on the red boots. Disappointingly they didn’t fit as snug as the tights, but they were still wearable and while she could tell they didn’t fit quite right they seemed to appear like they fit quite nicely. Jessica ran her hand up and down the blue tights. Her fingers traced the yellow belt and then moved down the red shorts and unto her crotch. ‘Not yet’ she reminded herself as she pulled off the remains to her prison garment and eyed the blue top with the big S on the front. She pulled the tight long sleeved shirt over her head and put her arms into their sleeves. Every definition of her fit arm was transparent. The rest of the costume hung over top of her big tits. She swallowed excitedly as she grabbed the costume and stretched it over top of her large firm breasts. The S symbol distorted as she continuously stretched it down her body and to her waist where she managed to tuck it under the tight yellow belt. She looked at the mirror against the sink and flashed her self a smile. She brushed her red hair off her shoulder and admired herself. Her breasts were compacted only slightly by the tightness of the straining super top. Her nipples made themselves obviously apparent. If she wasn’t Super she definitely looked it.

“Where did you get that?” the guard asked her.

Jessica looked at him “Like it?” she asked.

“Take it off and put on your prison clothes” The guard ordered.

Jessica smiled “Or else what?”

“Or else I’ll come in there and undress you myself.”

“Silly boy, don’t you see who I am?”

“My guess is the S stands for stupid, because I know Super Girl wouldn’t be able to be held behind bars.

Jessica walked toward the guard and stopped inches away from the steel bars. “So very true” she said. She swallowed nervously as she stepped forward. Her breasts made contact with bars. The metal made a deep impression in her soft flesh and then there was a groan. Jessica began to giggle as the bars began to widen yielding to the softest part of her body.

The guard looked on in shock as Jessica simply stepped through the bars. He pulled out his night stick.

Jessica placed her hands on her hips and observed the guard as he swatted his stick at her body. The stick harmlessly deflected off her body with every strike. Copying what she had seen super man do on the news she puckered her lips and blew. Her lips were too close together and a stream of freezing cold air blasted through them turning the guard into a Popsicle. She laughed as she looked at the frozen guard. Her mind succumbed to her wildest imaginations. Metropolis was going to pay and the world was going to kneel. Kneel to their new goddess.



On the next episode of Lois and Clark.

  • - Lois throws a copy of the front page news on Clark’s desk. “You kissed Ultra Woman knowing full well it wasn’t me?!.

  • - The police arrive in full force at the daily planet “Clark Kent your under arrest under the charge of conspiracy for aiding a known super Criminal, Ultra Woman.”

  • - Hovering high in the air Jessica Places her hand on Metropolis’s tallest skyscraper and begins pushing it. The building begins bending dramatically and then fracturing and eventually toppling.

  • - Ultra Woman shows up to visit Clark in prison. “She’s terrorizing the city Clark, we need to do something about it!”

  • - Jessica smiles as intense red beams blast into her breast from her right side and purple beams blast into her other breast from her left side. Clark and Lois realizing their attack is futile look at each other with confusion. Jessica presses her now glowing breasts together. “Is it my turn?” she asks.

  • - The professor at stars lab is distraught as he speaks to Superman who is wearing a new costume. “Somehow she has obtained the combined strength of two Kryptonians, if we don’t surrender now there won’t be a Metropolis left to defend.


End credits.

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