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Infinity Crisis Part III

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Angelito walked around Natasha all the while staring at her incredible body. “I know a little karate myself, wanna see my moves?”

Natasha didn’t answer; she just stood there, hands on her hips, displaying a cocky smirk.

Lance’s eyes moved up and down her body. He couldn’t help but stare at the perfect proportions of her tiny bubble butt, which her tight pants proudly accentuated. He had never seen an hourglass figure like hers before. What a body! What a pair of tits! And her face, absolute perfection. Lance couldn’t control his desires for her any longer. He put his arm around her, knife still in hand. He put the knife gently into her arched lower spine. His lips homed in on her ear. “We're gonna go behind the store 'cause, see, I have something I really would like to show you.”

Natasha felt the blade press up on her back, and looked Lance in the eyes. “How did you know I liked it rough?” she whispered as she showed off her coy smile. She allowed Lance to escort her around to the back. His friends followed closely behind snickering.

Once behind the store and out of the seeing eye of the public, Lance pushed Natasha against the wall, hard. She allowed him to do so.

“Dude, are we really going to do this?” Angelito asked.

Lance moved his hands up Natasha’s firm body. “Oh you're fucking right, we're doin' this.”

Natasha rolled her eyes, as Lance placed one hand firmly on her ass and the other hand firmly on her breast. “Okay, ummm, I think you boys are missing the point as to why I brought you behind the store.”

“Bitch! I think the only person who’s going to get the point, is you!” Lance's friends laughed and Lance reached into her tight suede coat and ripped it open. All of their mouths dropped as the buttons of the tight top popped off. Her Infinity costume stretched impossibly tight across her bust. Her big nipples were proudly poking through the sheen fabric and her low neckline revealed an awesome display of cleavage. “I fucking love Halloween,” Lance muttered all the while staring at the best set of breasts he would ever lay eyes on.

Natasha looked at the gang’s expression, and then looked down at her own bust. “Well now that you all know who I am, I think that I’ll tell you what your options are…”

“Bitch, shut the fuck up and enjoy yourself.” Lance exclaimed as his two hands squeezed and groped her round breasts and his lips moved toward hers.

Natasha moved her lips out of the way, “You like them?… My tits, you like them don’t you?”

“Oh you bet bitch, I like 'em a lot!” Lance answered as he moved his lips toward hers again.

Natasha shook off his advance again, “Hold on there big boy, how do you know you like my tits when you haven’t even felt them in the flesh.” Natasha’s hands moved toward her low neck line. She reached into her costume and pulled her costume outward. The tight yellow material made an intense straining sound as she pulled it further away from her body. Her eyebrows raised as she looked at Lance stare down at her glorious cleavage. His hands moved inside her costume and he continued squeezing her incredible breasts.

Lance's hands moved around her firm round breasts, they felt so smooth warm and firm, his eyes closed in bliss.

Natasha let go of her hold of her costume. Her top snapped visciously back onto her breasts with a sharp clapping sound, awkwardly pinning Lance’s hands in place. Lance's expression changed dramatically. He continued staring Natasha in the eyes in shock, trying to comprehend why his hands and every bone in them felt as if they were being crushed. Lance aggressively attempted to tug his hands out of their confinements with no effect. Natasha smirked and arched her back, pushing out her bust. His aching hands made a crunching sound following her movement and his mouth opened in shock and he was about to scream.

“Oh, there’ll be none of that.” Natasha said sweetly as she fired a beam of heat from her eyes and into Lances mouth, frying his vocal chords.

Lance tried to scream. but instead just ended up panting.

“Are you okay?”  Natasha asked him in mock concern.

Lance desperately tried to pull his hands out from beneath her tight top. With every effort a wave of pain rolled through him. His friends watched curiously, but were oblivious to the pain he was feeling and the peril they were all in.

Natasha looked at him with ridicule. “You look sick, you know what, maybe I should go get some help.” Natasha turned her body and Lance wrists broke. The pain was excruciating. Unable to scream and desperate he bit down on her petite neck line.

Natasha felt his teeth sink into her neck and then heard his front tooth snap and she smiled. “Oh, okay, fine you big baby, I think you’ve had enough.” She pulled her costume away from her body and Lance fell on the ground in agony. He raised his hands in pain and looked at their deformity.

Angelito looked in shock at Lances hands. “What the fuck did you do to him?!”

“Gave him what he wanted, gave him a feel of Infinity Girl's boobies. Actually he’s really quite lucky.” Natasha adjusted her tight yellow top so that the Infinity symbol was centered; she then looked up at Angelito. “Do you want a feel?” She asked giving her boobs a shake while she giggled.

“Bitch! What the fuck did you do to him!?” Angelito repeated himself as he watched Lance continuing to pant in obvious pain. He looked back at Natasha, who was still smirking which annoyed him greatly.

“Okay, you guys really need to stop calling me bitch, cause, sticks and stones can’t break my bones, but names are pretty much the only thing that can hurt me.”

Angelito pulled out his blade, second guessed himself for only a split second and then rushed her. Natasha watched Angelito charge her and she took a more confident stance. The knife point struck her impenetrable belly and the momentum of his thrust sent Angelito's hand off the handle and down the blade. Angelito let go of his blade and clutched his badly cut hand. Their friend, who momentarily considered helping his two friends, instead made a run for it.

Natasha’s eyes followed their fleeing friend, keeping her lips tightly pursed she began sucking in the air in front of him. As fast as his retreat away from her was, his change of direction was even quicker as his body came flying toward her, twin beams of energy blasted out of her eyes incinerating most of his body, leaving two smoldering limbs flying past Angelito and Lance.

“Oh shit, oh shit… Okay I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I’m so sorry!” Angelito pleaded still clutching his bleeding hand.

Natasha smiled being especially pleased with herself. “How do I know you’re sorry?” she asked.

Angelito fell to his knees, “Please! I’ll do anything, just don’t hurt me!”

Natasha placed her hands on her hips and looked down at her first worshipper. It was one thing to have this kind of power, it was another thing to be worshipped for it. She owned him now, she could tell him to kill his friend and he would do so, probably without hesitation. But, she had plans tonight, and those plans did not include these assholes. Natasha looked down at Lance, “How about you? Are you sorry? Say you're sorry and you can go.”

Lance wheezed and did his best to speak but could not.

Angelito gasped as Natasha brought her foot back. She kicked Lance and his broken body flew hundreds of feet in the air end over end, finally landing on a rooftop maybe a mile away.

“No no no… Don’t! Please, I’ll do anything!” Angelito pleaded once more.

“Ok, deal! Go back in time and unsay those nasty names you called me.”

Angelito paused for a moment, “I… I can’t do that…”

“Tsk, that’s too bad.” Natasha squinted her eyes and fired a narrow micro beam of energy across Angelito’s neck. “Okay, you think about what you’ve done, but don’t move! I just severed your neck from your spinal cord but, if you can just stay in this position real still for a couple days, your neck will heal enough for you to move again and maybe get to a hospital."

Angelito’s eyes were wide. He was too scared to say anything and even more scared to move. Natasha kissed her two fingers and blew Angelito a very gentle kiss. The breeze caused Angelito’s head to roll off his body and smack down onto the pavement. His body collapsed to the ground soon after.

Natasha stared at the severed remains of her victim with a look of disgust. “Like, fucking ew!”



Alex escorted the group of men to the basement of the building. The door seemed as if it was on the very edge of the building. It was an iron bolted door with a crude inoperative lamp that hung on its left side. Alex pulled out his key and put it into the keyhole. A beacon activated on top of the door, it was a disguised message intended for Infinity Man. Alex still hoped that he would show up. The iron bolts began to sink through the door and moments later the door opened with a loud metallic groan. The group of men hesitantly stepped into the room. It was massive, positively impossibly massive. The room had an almost 60s feel to it. The ceiling was a good 5 stories high and gizmos and contraptions that looked like they were from a 50s sci-fi novel lined up against the walls.




George walked up to a large contraption and pressed a button. The device activated with a loud hum and electric sparks began to spew from the ground meters away from it. The air above the sparks began to distort and then turned black, almost as if it was a hole through reality itself.

Peter looked on in shock, “My God, what is that?”

“A time machine.” someone answered.

The group immediately turned to the voice that answered the question. Only Alex recognized him, “Impossible.” Alex muttered.

“It’s good to see you too Alex, you’re looking… old.” the man said with a smile, "Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friends?"

Alex looked at the men with him and a cleared his throat, “Ummm everybody this is,” He paused before he said his name, “Morgan Deps.”

Morgan looked at the group of men and smiled politely at them, “Nice to meet you all.”

Alex looked at Morgan closely as he shook the hands of the men with him. He was young, but certainly and unmistakably it was Morgan Deps. Morgan walked up to Alex as if to shake his old friends hand. “You’re dead.” Alex said.

Morgan smiled, “You will be too old friend, sooner rather than later, by the looks of it.”

Peter walked to another contraption and lifted up what appeared to be a weapon. The design was a bit goofy looking, but the technology was unmistakably advanced. “Do you know what this stuff could do for our civilization?… What could it do for America?”

Morgan looked at Alex, “Who’s the stiff?”

Alex ignored the question, “Where are we Morgan, what is this place?”

Morgan smiled uncomfortably, “The date is Oct 10th, 1968 and it is and will be for a very long time 5:15 PM, on a nice Thursday afternoon.”

Alex looked at Morgan, his expression more curious then surprised. Alex thought about it, not knowing but fairly sure he asked, “The day that you died?”



Jarrett opened the door to the house and went straight to the kitchen. He ignored the half a dozen people or so who were already at Tom’s party and moved straight in on the liquor. The bottle of vodka was the fist he noticed. He grabbed it and poured himself a shot, and then another. He opened a Budweiser and took a long chug and then poured himself another shot.

“Dude, what part of bring your own liquor didn’t you understand?” Tom asked Jarrett.

“I don’t think I can put into words the kind of day I’m having.”

“Dude, do you have slurpee on your head? How is that even possible?”

Jarrett walked over to the sink, where he patted his hair with hand fills of water removing the rest of the ice from his hair, then grabbed his drink and continued chugging until the beer was gone. And then he opened another one.

Tom walked in close to Jarrett, as so none could hear what he was saying, “So did you hear, Lance and his boys are supposed to show up today. There’s no way those fuckers are stepping one foot in my house.”

“Tom, I can guarantee you, Lance and his boys aren’t showing up here tonight.”

Tom was going to ask him how the hell he knew that when Victoria and Helena walked by. “Hi boys.” Victoria said sweetly.

Tom looked them up and down admiring there tight costumes. Victoria was wearing an angel costume and Helena was wearing a Wonder Woman costume. “Hey girls.” Tom said approvingly as the girls walked past them.

“Who was that? In the Wonder Woman costume?”

Tom looked at Helena’s firm ass as she walked away. “That’s Helena, I didn’t know you liked 'em that fit. Want me to introduce you to her?”

“No, she has to leave.”

Tom gave Jarrett a look of disgust. “Dude, keep that shit up and the only one leaving will be you.”

Nancy walked into the kitchen; she was dressed in a black latex full body costume with a fur tail pinned on her shiny ass. Face paint gave the impression of whiskers and her nose was painted red. “Hi Jarrett.”

Jarrett had a lot on his mind, but his concerns were forgotten at least for a brief period of time as he stared at Nancy’s curves accentuated by her shiny black costume. “Hi Nancy. Wow. Your costume looks fantastic.”

Nancy smiled as if she already knew that. “Thanks Jarrett and where exactly is your costume?”

Tom interjected “What? Can't you see that Jarrett here is dressed up as a party pooper? Yep, apparently every party has one.”

Nancy giggled and hugged Jarrett, “Awww he’s not a party pooper, he’s a cutie patootie.”

Tom winked at Jarrett as Nancy hugged him and Jarrett couldn’t help the corner of his lip from showing evidence of a smile.



Thomas pulled up to the house, already surrounded by police officers. The captain greeted him. “You must be Voukewn, the police chief told me you’d be coming here, you're with the FBI or something?”

Voukewn shook the captain’s hand. “Something like that. Where's the body?”

“Follow me.” The captain led Thomas around back to a ladder where they climbed unto the roof.

Thomas walked up to the body and crouched beside it. Everyone around him was scratching their heads as to how the kid landed up here. The kid hit the roof hard, his body was half way through it. Shingles around his body pointed upwards giving Thomas a clear definition of point of impact. Thomas looked at the kid's deformed hip telling him he wasn’t thrown up here, he was kicked.

“What do you figure?” The captain asked.

“No idea.” he lied.

“Ya, weird huh. I’m looking into any commercial or private planes that may have flown over the area in the last two hours, but I think I’ll be grasping at straws. If that doesn’t produce results I’ll have to bring Infinity Man in for questioning.” he joked.

A police officer climbed the ladder to the roof and approached Thomas and the chief, “Hey captain, report just came in that a kid with a severed head was found behind the 7/11.”

Thomas looked in the direction of where he felt the body came in from, girl gains all the powers of Infinity Man, kicks one kid through a roof and severs the head of another and 10 hours has passed. So far so good.



Jean was walking to the party, when she caught a streak of yellow out of the corner of her eye. She looked to her left and saw that her friend had returned as she casually walked beside her. “Where the hell did you go?” Jean asked.

“Oh here and there.” Natasha casually replied.

Jean laughed, “Yeah I bet.” Jean looked Natasha over. She was absolutely beautiful and now she had all the strength and powers of Infinity Man. She was jealous, more jealous then she had ever been in her life.

“Helena is already there.” Natasha said as she smiled wickedly.

“How do you know that?” Jean questioned and then saw her friend somewhat squinting, “Oh right, super vision. Duh!” Jean looked at her friend as her eyes looked over yonder. “So you can like, see right through the house?”


“Wow, I mean, it’s gotta be crazy to be like, Super. Like actually Super.”

Natasha ignored Jean and focused in on the house. “Stacey’s talking about my boobs again, telling everybody that they're fake. When I’m through with her, she’ll be the one in need of fake boobs.”

“So what are you going to do to them?”

“Mmm not sure yet, I’m sure I’ll think of something.”

They arrived at the house and the two girls entered. The girls and guys stared at Natasha. The only thing diminishing Natasha’s grand entrance was her mediocre company, but she knew all eyes were on her anyway.

Becky eyed Natasha. Years ago they were best friends; they hung out with the same crew and the same places. But you can’t have two alpha girls leading a pack of bitches and that was when their feud began. Becky was thinner, considered to be prettier and had a fit body. While Natasha was also pretty and fit, her only real advantage was her breast size. With each cup size she gained on Becky came more and more arrogance and cockiness. The girls were jealous of the amount of attention the boys gave Natasha, that combined with her superiorly smug and arrogant demeanor, the girls dropped her like a bad habit. But, as Becky stared at Natasha, now she saw something that she had never noticed before. Natasha was gorgeous, her cheesy brown costume hid no curves and her beauty emanated from her now like no time before. Becky got up from the couch and walked over to her. Becky was wearing a tight bright red devil costume but all eyes remained on Natasha. Becky stood up to Natasha and looked her over one more time. “You look… good.”

Natasha brow raised. “Just good?” she asked.

Becky swallowed her pride, “You look fantastic, why don’t you join us girls on the couch for a drink?”

Natasha adjusted her posture and contemplated briefly. “Sure, why not.” Natasha walked into the living room with Becky and Jean followed.

Becky looked at Jean and smirked, “Maybe you should leave your Muppet at the door.”

Natasha giggled and looked at Jean, “Maybe you should wait at the door.”

Jean looked at Natasha in shock. “Are you serious?… But I thought that…”

The two girls continued walking leaving Jean bewildered at the door.



George continued looking at the strange contraption. “So, if this is in fact a time machine, we can go back 15 hours and stop her from ever acquiring Infinity Man's powers.”

Morgan nodded, “You could, I’m afraid the rest of us could not.”

“I don’t understand.”

“And nor will you ever.”

“Try me.”

Morgan walked over to the wall next to the time machine and pulled away a large tarp. The wall was littered with formulas after formulas. “I present to you Infinity Man's Theory of Perceptual Relativity. Time is and always will be a constant; however our perception of time is what can be altered. In essence, the person who enters the time machine and changes time will only have changed his own perception of time. For the rest of us, nothing will have changed. Infinity Man's conclusion was that time travel is only possible for the time traveller.”

“So, are you talking about alternate realities?”

“If you consider the way you perceive things an alternate reality… then I suppose.”

Alex felt silly for what he was about to suggest, but it was the only thing that seemed to fit. “We are… in your afterlife? This is your perception?”

Morgan smiled at his old friend, “Thinking outside the box Alex? How unlike you. Before I died I agreed to allow Infinity Man to conduct an experiment. Let me tell you, when you die, you do see the light. And all that light is your brain shutting down but, as your brain shuts down, you go to your place. Call it heaven, hell, purgatory, doesn’t matter. Infinity Man hypothesized that this place exists for only 3 seconds. And while three seconds seems like a short period of time. To a dead man… It’s an eternity. Infinity Man managed to build a gateway from your reality into this one. This room is a clean room, it exists just before my reality and just after yours.”

“But if thi…” George began but was cut off by Alex.

“You're going to have a million questions, and I’m not here to answer them. I’m here to give you a quick tour and a few rules that Infinity Man himself left behind.” Alex walked over to a study desk in at the edge of the building. The group walked beside him. He sat down at the oak desk and pulled out a piece of paper and began to read. “If this is being read to you, then I am no more. I have spent thousands of hours in this place planning my own demise. Unfortunately all I have come up with are theories. It is of the upmost importance that I stress the dangers of bringing these technologies you see here into your world. While this room is still of Morgan's perception, the physics and laws of matter remain entirely the same, therefore weapons and consequences beyond your imagination that exist here can exist in your world. However, if my power has been transferred to another, then those dangers are not as immediate. There may only be 4 people allowed access to this room, I will leave it to Alex or his understudy to decide who will stay. The decisions are permanent. I will miss you all, and I wish you the very best of luck.”

George looked at Alex with irritation. “Nope! No way. Infinity Man is dead, Alex won’t be choosing anybody. This is now a Government operation and we’ll bring in our own scientists to stu…” George stopped in mid sentence as Morgan pulled a pistol from out of the desk and pointed it at him. “What? Are you going to shoot me?”

There was a loud bang and the bullet blasted into George’s head. He fell to his knees and then onto his face and finally disintegrated. The lamp beside the iron bolted door outside the realm began to violently spark and then George re-materialized.

Everyone looked at Morgan with a stunned expression. It was Alex who finally asked, “Uhhhm Morgan, did you just kill George?”

Morgan smiled, “Well, I suppose that’s a matter of perception.” Morgan stood up from the desk, “Okay Alex, you get to pick three, who are they?”

“I’ll need time to think about it.”

Morgan nodded, “Take your time, the decisions you make from here on out will have lasting consequences.” Morgan looked at the rest of the group, “Alright, you men can leave.”

The rest of the group reluctantly left the room.



Becky poured herself a shot of Sour Puss and then poured Natasha a shot. “So what’s the deal Nat, I mean you were hot before, but now you’re like… I don’t know, like, crazy hot now.”

Natasha ignored the shot Becky poured her and grabbed the bottle and began chugging. The girls watched in disbelief as, in a matter of seconds, she had chugged the entire bottle. Then she reached for the half full bottle of Jack Daniels. She chugged the bottle as the girls eventually started chanting, "Go go go go!"

Becky had a huge grin, “Like Fuck! Don’t get wasted yet, we still have the entire night in front of us.” Becky finished her shot and looked at Natasha’s costume. “What are you dressed up as anyways?”

Natasha looked down at her tight brown suede costume and smiled at Becky. “I’m a 60s call girl, but during the night.” She unbuttoned only the first two buttons of her top revealing her Infinity Girl costume. “I’m totally Infinity Girl!”

Becky looked at her cleavage and the warped sideways red 8 that distorted around her massive bust. “Okay, that’s totally fucking hot!”

Natasha grinned, but her grin diminished when she spotted Wonder Woman walking up the stairs. “Excuse me girls.” Natasha said as she got up from the couch, “I’m going to go say hello to someone.” Natasha got up from the couch and made her way to the stairs. Jarrett blocked her path.

Jarrett was already drunk as he stared Natasha in the eyes. “You killed them… Didn’t you?”

“I suppose it doesn’t matter to you that they were going to rape me?”

“And that’s a possibility?”

Natasha was getting annoyed, she looked up through the floor boards to see Helena waiting in line to go to the washroom and then she looked at Jarrett, “Get out of my way. Now!”

“Or else what?”

Natasha’s eyes began to glow, “Do you really want to know the answer to that question?”

Jarrett looked at Natasha’s threatening eyes. “I’m not afraid of you.”

Natasha sighed in irritation; he was drunk and far braver, or dumber, than usual. “Okay! Fine! Lets talk about this outside.” Natasha grabbed Jarret and guided him to the door. They stepped outside into the backyard porch. She looked around the surrounding area. There was a reservoir about a mile and half away. At it’s deepest it was about 15 meters.

Jarrett walked up to Natasha as she looked out into the distance, “Look, you’re going to do what you want but before you do something you re…”

Natasha grabbed Jarrett by the hips. “Try to keep your body straight.” she advised and then she tossed him into the air. She watched him sail high into the air, only until he reached 200 feet did he actually begin screaming and then he descended upon the reservoir. Her aim was perfect as he landed in the middle of the man-made lake, her telescopic vision confirmed he was okay by the fact that he was swimming to the shoreline. Natasha made her way back in the house and up the stairs.

Jason blocked her path, “Where you going hun?”

“Out of my way… Now!”

Jason began laughing, “Or else what.”

Natasha looked around to see if anyone was looking and then grabbed Jason's head and slammed it into the drywall. He rolled down the stair case unconscious and Natasha made her way up the stairs.

Helena was tired of waiting in line and she snuck into the master bedroom to use the washroom there. When she was done, she was greeted by Natasha standing by the closed door inside the master bedroom. Her tight brown suede costume no longer hid her Infinity Girl costume as she stood there in all her glory with her fists on her hips and her legs slightly spread. “Care for a rematch?” she asked.

Helena began to laugh as she walked up to her. “You must be drunk or something. Get the fuck out of my way.”

Natasha didn’t move. Her brow rose as she looked at Helena. “You do realize that you are speaking to Infinity Girl with that nasty tone. Kneel, kiss my red boot and I may decide to forgive you.”

Helena was standing inches away from her. She looked at Natasha’s nipples piercing her Infinity Girl costume. “Okay then, since you're Infinity Girl, I very much doubt that this will bother you.” Helena fingers easily found Natasha’s firm nipple on her magnificent breast and then she began to squeeze and twist it. Helena squeezed her nipple harder and harder until she was putting everything she had into it and Natasha just stood there unflinching with the same pose, fists on her hips, smiling as Helena continued to squeeze and apply pressure.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Natasha casually asked as Helena grunted as she exerted herself twisting Natasha’s rock hard nipple. “It’s not too late to get on your knees you know.”

Helena became irritated and let go of Natasha’s nipple. Figuring this was some sort of trick, she wasn’t about to play along. “Alright, if you don’t move in 3 seconds I’m going to put my fist through your face!”


Natasha smiled.

“Two!” there was a pause, “Alright Bitch, you want it?” Helena brought her fist way back and delivered a haymaker. Her fist nailed Natasha in the cheek and nose. Natasha didn’t budge a single millimeter and Helena cradled her fist. The part of her fist that struck her cheek was just swollen, but her index finger that made contact with her button nose seemed to be broken. “What the…What the fuck!?” Helena said as she tried to move her finger.

Natasha removed one hand from her hip and grabbed Helena’s Wonder Woman top and scrunched it in her hand in order to get a firmer grip on the bigger girl, she hoisted her into the air, drawing a frightening gasp from Helena, and then she casually tossed her.

Helena’s body smashed against the drywall, making a noticeable impression, and then she fell against the bed. She immediately got to her feet, there was no way this bitch is actually Infinity Girl. No chance. No fucking way. Even with the presented evidence, her mind refused to believe it. She grabbed a two foot marble statue standing on the night table and charged Natasha. She struck Natasha in the jaw with it, then ontop of the head and finally across the nose. “It's not possible!” she yelled after seeing no sign of damage. She lifted the statue over the top of her head swung it one last time. Natasha let the statue crack over top of her head and then took the statue away from her. Helena watched as Natasha inspected the statue. It was still intact other then a few dents and chips. Natasha pressed the head of the statue into her bust. The statue made a noticeable impression in her firm breast and accentuated an awesome display of cleavage in her low cut top as the pressure built up against her breasts. The statue began to give. Natasha stared at Helena as she looked at the awesome exhibit of power Natasha’s bosom was displaying. The statue fractured and then broke in half, the top piece fell to the floor, but Natasha continued pressing the rest of the statue into her chest until finally the stress was to much for the statue and there was a loud series of crunching sounds. A fine white powder mixed with larger rocks fell to the floor. Helena swallowed hard, “Oh my god.”

Natasha laughed, “I think what you mean to say is, oh my Goddess.” Natasha’s keen hearing detected someone approaching the master bedroom. She wasn’t ready to be disturbed just yet. Her head turned to the door and she inhaled deeply, keeping her lips tightly pursed and just barely open she blew hard. Her cheeks flared, a jet stream of freezing cold air blew across the room and frosted up the door sealing it shut. “Now, where was I?” Natasha asked as she looked back at Helena, who was shivering cold, she was breathing hard and her breath was clearly visible in the freezing cold room. Natasha laughed at her “You look ridiculous!”

Helena fell to her knees and crawled to Natasha and grabbed her red boot and kissed it, “Okay, okay, I’m sorry, look I’m really sorry! I didn’t know who you were.”

Natasha’s hands found her hips as she looked down at yet another worshiper. 'Like Fuck these powers are so awesome.' she thought, if only she could have everybody watch Helena kiss her feet. But she wasn’t quite ready to go public just yet.

“Are you going to kill me?” Helena fearfully asked.

Natasha rolled her eyes “No! I’m not going to kill you, but I can’t have you tell everybody my little secret, can I?”

“I won’t tell anybody, I promise absolutely nobody.”

Natasha looked at Helena still kneeling. She remembered watching a soap where a girl was hit in the forehead and had lost all her memory from past 12 hours, and it would be pretty cool to do this all over again with Helena, maybe with a few spectators next time. “Hold real still.” Natasha told Helena and then twin micro beams of energy fired out of Natasha’s sexy eyes and into Helena’s forehead. Natasha made sure to keep the intensity low as she preformed her first lobotomy.

Helena’s neck stiffened as the beams entered her forehead. Her eyes rolled back and by the time Natasha was done with her, Helena was drooling and completely brain dead. Helena fell to the ground and a few moments later died.

Natasha looked at the body, “Shit!” If somebody came into the room and saw her body they’d probably cancel the party. She stood there tapping her chin in contemplation. Taking focus on Helena’s body Natasha’s eyes narrowed once more, this time a torrent of concentrated heat blasted into Helena’s body. Helena’s body became white hot and then evaporate, leaving only a small burn mark on the floor. Natasha then looked at the ice that had formed around the room. Her heat vision would take forever to clean this all up. Opening her mouth half way she blew as if she was warming her hands on a cold day. The temperature in the room dramatically increased melting the ice left by her cool breath.



Alex walked over to a tarp covering a window; he pulled it away and looked outside. It was like looking into the past, he guessed the year to be sometime in the late 40s. “Incredible.” he whispered, “Absolutely incredible.” A man walking outside stopped in front of the window, Alex studied his movements, and then the man looked at Alex.

Morgan pulled down the tarp, so that it covered the window, “It's best if something went unseen.”

Alex stared blankly at the tarp covered window. “When I turned 80 I gave my mortality a lot of thought, what would happen when I died, where would I go… this is it?"

“When I arrived here, everybody I knew and loved was already waiting for me. All my dreams, fantasies, fears and guilts were here, it was easy to let go of the life. I stayed behind because this one seemed so much more real. Infinity Man believed that this place exists based on my own perception in collusion with another perception.”

“Another perception… God?”

“I never believed in a personal God, but I can’t help but wonder what this place would be like if I had. Infinity Man wrote about it, he called it Quantum theology.”

“So, everybody is right?”

“Or, everybody is wrong. You’ve been thinking about your mortality, I’ll give you a piece of advice, don’t die with lingering guilts. Apologize and be sorry for what you’ve done. Be guilt free before you die, you have more to fear from your own conscience than you will ever have to fear from God.”

“And what about atheists, those people who believe that nothing happens.”

“Presumably that’s precisely what would happen to them, nothing. A good Muslim would be greeted by 16 virgins, a good Christian greeted by gates of heaven by Peter himself… but I don’t know fore sure, I just know what happened to me."

Alex nodded his head trying wrap his head around it, “Well, whatever the case, I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you’re here. I could use your insight on the situation.”

Morgan shook his head, “I can’t stay here. Just being here for as long as I have is… well… I just can’t. Infinity Man made sure that once I left here and returned back to my own perception I would retain no knowledge of this event… but knowing that one's existence is a fabrication… it’s driving me… well… it’s hard to digest.” Morgan walked over to a desk and pulled out a thick book and dropped it on the desk. “Don’t let the size of this book fool you, its over 1.6 million pages long. It has everything you’ll need to know about anything in this room and… other things.” Morgan looked into Alex’s eyes and nodded his head then walked to a door.

“One more thing.” Alex called out. Morgan turned to face him. “Am I out there?”

Morgan smiled politely, “I have a poker game at your house tonight, your wife and mine are going for a ladies night out… Oh… and you still cheat at cards.”

Alex smiled, “It was good to see you.”

Morgan returned his friends smile and then opened the door and disappeared.



Natasha looked at the room one last time before she left it, she was greeted by her sexy reflection in the mirror above the dresser. She flashed herself a wicked smile. This was the best day of her life and it wasn’t over yet. There was so much she wanted to show off, but she didn’t want anyone to know she was in fact the new Infinity Girl. A wicked idea popped in her head. Spinning in one spot at a speed nearing that of light, the air began to reform into a cloth-like material specified to her desire. She stopped in mid-spin and looked at her new costume. She was wearing knee high black laced up boots with thigh high, black, fishnet stockings. She had tight little black shorts and an impossibly tight corset which pushed her cleavage up close toward her neck. A tight high collar suit jacket with a long tail hugged her curvaceous arms. She adjusted her magician’s top hat with her white gloves. It was definitely time to rejoin the party.

Natasha stepped down the stairs in her new outfit. Becky caught a sight of her, “Like fuck! How many costumes did you bring here?”

Stacey rolled her eyes, “So, how many guys' virginity magically disappeared while you were up there?” Stacey laughed.

“Did you just call me a slut?”

“Oh no, I’ve been calling you a slut for years.”

“Really,” Natasha said in mock surprise, “And let’s not forget you’ve been telling everyone my tits are fake.”

“And they’re not?”

Becky interrupted the two girls, “Now, now girls lets not…”

“Feel them and decide for yourself.”

“Whatever bitch.” Stacey turned away from Natasha, which infuriated Natasha.

Natasha turned Stacey around and stared hard into Stacey’s breasts. Her anger and what she wanted to happen worked in unison, as her vision managed to pierce Stacey’s chest at a cellular level. She was able to manipulate her cellular structure and Stacey’s breasts began to shrink until her bra fell off. Stacey gasped as her bra dropped to her stomach and she ran off to the washroom.

Becky began laughing, “Like what the fuck was that all about?”

Natasha began to smile as she learned a new power, she was anxious to try it again.

“Hey Natasha, where’s your stepbrother? I’ve been looking for him everywhere.” Nancy asked.

Natasha looked through the wall and saw that he was still a few minutes away. “He had to fly but he’ll be here soon.”


“Nice costume Nancy.” Natasha complimented her as she looked hard into Nancy’s chest. Nancy’s breasts slowly began to get bigger and bigger, her latex costume became uncomfortably tight in her latex top.

Nancy couldn’t believe what she thought just happened, “Ummm thanks.” she said uncomfortably and left.

Natasha looked at her as she left, she was adjusting her costume, that was now compacting tightly around her new endowments. 'Well, hopefully that will keep Jarret distracted for the rest of the night.' she thought.



Jean moped outside for the entire night, she was absolutely furious. That Bitch! That fucking whore! If she had those powers, she would make her suffer. The clock ticked by and finally by 3 AM everyone started to depart. Jean spotted her. She was in a new costume, but it was her. A guy got into a half-ton truck and started it up next to the bushes she was hiding in.

“Hey Carl! You forgot your wallet!” Someone called from the house. Carl stumbled out his truck leaving it running and made his way back to the house.



Becky was stumbling as she laughed as Natasha and her walked down the sidewalk. “I had… such… an awesome time with you… hic… tonight."

“I had a pretty good time too”

“You drank… more then anybody… an yer not even drunk.”

“Good metabolism I guess.”

Samantha came running across the street hopping on top of Natasha playfully. “Where you bitches off too, wanna smoke up?”

“Fuck ya!” Becky said excitedly.

“Yeah sure, why not.” Natasha agreed.

“Hey Nat, do another trick, that shit you did in the house was some crazy shit.”

“Yeah… do another trick.” Becky encouraged.

Natasha smiled as the girls pleaded with her, “Fine, stay there.” Natasha walked 10 steps in front of the girls.



Jean ran from out of the bushes and into the truck. She was enraged and wasn’t thinking straight. She took the truck out of park and slammed on the accelerator. The truck hit 100 mph in 8 seconds and increased its speed as it ripped down the road.



Natasha bounced lightly on her knees in a attempt to make it seem there was more to the trick then what it really was.

“Oh, I've seen this shit before, you're just going to put one foot in front of the other to make it seem your floating.” Sam commented.

Natasha’s feet rose off the ground and then rose higher and higher.

“Holy Shit/Fuck!” the girls said in unison.

Natasha rose to 5 feet “Want me to go higher, girls?” she asked.



Jean approached the girls at 120 mph. She spotted Natasha floating off the ground, with a split seconds thought she veered the truck off the road, over the curb and directly into the path of Natasha. The truck slammed directly into Natasha’s ass sending her flying through a fence and crashing into a tool shed in someone's backyard. Jean then hit the breaks as the truck lost control and crashed into a parked car. The air bag inflated preventing Jean from going through the windshield.

“Ohhh My god!” Becky screamed as her and Sam ran towards the tool shed. The tool shed was in ruins and Natasha was getting to her feet. Her jaw was clenched and she looked at the truck occupant with a furious contempt. “What… like… what the fuck's goin' on Nat?”

Natasha turned into a streak of color as she blasted by Sam and Becky knocking them both on their backs. Natasha separated the mangled parked car from the truck, she put her fist through the trucks engine and began hoisting the truck in the air. Natasha brought her arm closer to her body with the truck firmly in her hand and then, as hard as she could, she threw the truck straight up into the air. Jean gasped and gripped the steering wheel as the truck began to ascend higher and higher into the air. 800 feet… 900 feet… 1000 feet and then the truck began to descend. The truck came falling down almost precisely at the point of where it was thrown. A gust of wind ruffled Sam and Becky’s hair, leaves and gravel began rolling toward Natasha who was now breathing in an incredible amount of air. Her corset top ripped down the center from her increased bust as millions of pounds of pressured air began filling her lungs. When the truck was a mere 100 feet from impact she blew. A torrent of gushing concentrated air blasted out of her pursed lips. She held nothing back. The wind made a booming sound as it blasted out of her pursed lips at well over super sonic speed. The wind was more like a wall, more powerful then the destructive force of a hydrogen bombs blast wave. Jean and the truck took the entire brunt of Natasha’s anger. The truck and everything in it was blown to smithereens. The largest pieces of the truck were no bigger then a dime and slowly rained back down to earth. The clouds high above Natasha began retreating from the city, seemingly afraid for their lives.

Becky slowly got up to her feet, “You weren’t just dressed up as Infinity Girl… You totally fucking are Infinity Girl!”



To be continued

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