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Infinity Crisis Part IV

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Sam cupped her mouth and stared at Natasha in absolute astonishment. Becky was a little braver. She approached Natasha cautiously. The corner of Becky's lip showed hint of a smile. "You… You're like… What? Infinity Man's cousin? Sister? Daughter?"

Natasha raised her chin confidently, "Look, if you tell anyone about this…"

"Yeah… I get it… I'm not telling anyone." Becky began circling Natasha. Her fingers touched her costume, it felt like glass. Smoother then glass. She tried to pinch away the costume from her skin with no effect. "Un-fucking real!"

Natasha didn't like the fact that her cover was blown, at least to these two girls, but she loved their reaction. She stood there awkwardly as Becky did laps around her and traced her finger tips along her body in bewilderment. Natasha was amused with Becky's attempt to pinch her costume or even attempt to get her fingers under the seams. "I guess… to make a long story short, Infinity Man had to leave and he asked me to like… have his powers." Natasha finally said.

"Infinity Man asked you to have his powers?… You!?"

"Pretty cool huh?"

Becky laughed, "That's fucking awesome! Use them!"

"Use what?"

"Your powers! Do something cool!"

"Like what?"

"You know… anything… like fly or something."

Natasha hadn't attempted proper flying, and she was scared to try, but she wasn't going to back down from a challenge. "Ummm… Yeah. Okay." she finally said. Reluctantly, Natasha bent her knees and leaped into the air. Her boots sunk deeply into the pavement and then she blasted high into the sky. At 5000 feet she finally began to descend. Her heart sank and her stomach churned as she looked down at the ground below. She lifted her toes and gently flexed her calves and her descent came to a halt. She balanced herself awkwardly in midair, she fell backwards and then forwards in an attempt to stand in midair and then she relaxed her body. She began to free fall. Panic began to set in as she fell faster and faster. She flexed her calves again but with her legs facing upwards it made her descent much quicker.

Becky and Sam watched in awe as Natasha fell to the earth at an amazing speed. The friction generated by her speed began ignite around her body. 10 feet from the ground Natasha braced for impact and her body tensed up. Consequently, Natasha started flying sideways, just above the pavement, her body slammed through a parked van and then her butt embedded itself into the pavement as she skidded to a stop.

Becky and Sam ran over to her. "Oh my God, are you okay?"

Natasha pulled her butt out of the steaming crater, looked at the van she had just destroyed and the damage her behind had done to the pavement.

Becky began laughing, "That was sooo fucking cool! You like ripped that Van in half… and look! The concrete is still smoking."

Sam looked on with amazement "This is soooo fucked."

Natasha brushed chunks of concrete off her body. Her hand slapped away debris from her behind and legs. A small piece of granite rested on her generous bust and as she brushed it off her, consequently the granite popped into powder.

Becky started laughing. Your boobs just popped a stone as if it were a grape!"

Natasha laughed, "That's nothing." Natasha walked over to a lamp post. "Just watch what these puppies can do." She simply leaned her generous bust into the pole and took in Becky and Sam's reaction as the 20 foot lamp post began to bend dramatically. The pole tipped across the street and onto someone's lawn.

Sam covered her mouth again in shock.

Becky laughed again, "Super tits! Fuck, I have to feel those!"

Natasha laughed, "Go for it!"

Becky ran her fingers across Natasha curvaceous breasts. "Like holy fuck, Sam, you have got to feel these! They're so firm!"

Natasha laughed, "Oh c'mon, they're not that firm."

Natasha attempted to lift her right breast, "Trust me Nat, your tits are fucking firm."

Natasha squeezed her left breast, "They feel pretty soft to me… Maybe it's this costume. It's like so fucking tight."

A million questions were shooting through Sam's head, she wasn't sure if this was the most amazing thing she had ever witnessed or the scariest. Becky looked over at Sam and then began whispering something into Natasha's ear. Natasha and Becky began giggling. Sam then looked at Natasha who had stopped smiling and began concentrating her eyes on her. "What are you doing?" Sam asked fearfully as Natasha's eyes began to sparkle. A beam of energy fired out of Natasha's eyes and hit the concrete at Sam's feet. The beam was followed by another and another. Sam began jumping wildly in the air and then Natasha and Becky began laughing hysterically.

A police siren interrupted the girls. They all looked at the patrol car coming to a stop in the middle of the road. The girls all looked to see what Natasha would do. Natasha approached the car confidently. She didn't even bother to inhale. She puckered her lips… and blew.



The room was airtight, and not so much as a reverberation escaped its confines.

"Considering all worst case scenarios, this is probably a good thing." Thomas said.

"Good thing?" Alex asked somewhat irritated, "How so?"

"This girl is almost certainly oblivious to what she's become as opposed to someone who had deliberate intent. That buys us a bit of time."

Alex nodded, "It buys us a bit of time… but not a lot. We need a plan, and we need to act, and now. Suggestions?"

There was a pause for a moment, then George made a suggestion. "Lure her to a secluded area and nuke her… She can't survive a nuke… Can she?"

Salina shook her head in disagreement. "In 1977 a comet named Thurma was on a collision course with the planet. She was about the size of a football field. Infinity Man's solution was to strike it at it most dense point. He hit it at a speed that neared that of light. The resulting blast was more powerful then anything we can replicate here on Earth. He came out of that unscathed. I would refrain from considering nuclear weapons as a viable option. Maybe we could investigate chemical or biological weapons."

Alex shook his head. "No… The last thing I want her doing is sniffing lines of Anthrax and Botulinum because she enjoys the high it gives her. Bio is out? Anybody else?" Alex looked around the room.

"We can recruit her."

"Who said that?" Alex asked.

Tony raised his hand. He was only there for his technical skills needed for the Infinity room and felt nervous for even speaking up.

"What do you mean, recruit her?"

"Well, see… ummm… If we ask her to become, you know, Infinity Man's replacement kinda of thing. She might join us willingly."

Alex smiled. "She has more power than the entire nuclear arsenal of the United States and you think she'll just join us… Anyone have a different suggestion?"

Thomas shook his head. "No… he's right. She has no idea how powerful she is. She realizes she's strong, there's no doubt. But I doubt she thinks she can conquer the planet. She's 18, she wants money, fame and drama. We can give her those things. She doesn't want to conquer anything, not yet anyway. We get her a penthouse suite and a new identity, we promise her a million dollars a year. She becomes Natasha Beland, super model by day and Infinity Girl, Earth's superheroine, by night."

"And what makes you think she'll go along with it?"

"Because, we tell her…" Thomas paused briefly, "We tell her that we'll kill her if she chooses otherwise."

There was light laughter that filled the room, Thomas looked around at everyone. "Why not? She's 18, she has no idea what she's become. She has no idea what her limitations are, we simply fabricate a story and, if she doesn't oblige, we'll tell her that we'll simply end her life."

George rolled his eyes, "And what if she calls your bluff."

"We're threatening the entire world armies on her, if she doesn't give in to a million dollar a year, do-nothing job than, gentlemen, we're already past that point."

Salina looked up at Alex, "I can have the top floor of Glennora estates cleared in under a 12 hours, we can give her that as a perk."

Alex nodded, "And while she's distracted with power and fame. It buys us plenty of time to figure out her weakness."

George nodded, "If we do make an attempt against her life. We better know for certain that it will work."

Arseno Bigsby was their demolitions man. He was there to do the dirty work. Utilize the weaponry that the Infinity room, or IR, had to offer not to provide advice, but he felt he should say something. "You can't bluff a hand when your opponent already knows what your holding." Alex looked at him curiously. Arseno relaxed back in his chair and returned Alex's look. "Couldn't Infinity Man read minds?… So can't she?" Arseno caught Salina looking at him and gave her a wink. Salina rolled her eyes and put her focus back on Alex.

Alex acknowledged Arseno's point. "Okay, Thomas, Arseno and Tony get to the IR and see if anything in that room might help." The 3 men got up to leave. "3 hours gentlemen, if this plan is scrap I want to know in 3 hours".



It was 4 AM. Natasha was up early the previous morning and hardly slept the night before, but felt more awake than she had ever felt in her life. Becky and Sam were walking back home and, although they were at least a mile away, she could hear their entire conversation. She left them with a warning and she was more than prepared to make good on it. If they told anyone her secret they were as good as ash. Natasha looked to the sky again. Infinity Man used to fly with no trouble, so certainly she could. The last time she tried flying she crashed into the ground pretty hard. It wasn't a pleasant sensation, but it was far from painful. She tried again. Natasha bent her knees and then leaped into the air. At 100 feet she flexed her calves and pushed her arms in the direction she had intended to fly. Natasha blasted across the city with intense speed. Passing supersonic, buildings windows blew out shortly after she passed them. A building was in her path, she tensed up and flew into it and then blasted out the other side. Natasha began laughing as her confidence increased. She increased her speed and began maneuvering. She quickly discovered how to do barrel rolls, how to stop on a dime, lateral movements. Natasha rose above the clouds with her arms spread. She was so distracted with elation that she didn't even notice the 747 that bore down on her. Natasha turned just in time to see the planes engine. She froze as she entered the giant turbine engine. The engine exploded and the planes wing snapped off. The plane spiraled to the ground. "Ooops." she giggled as she watched the plane descend toward the earth. She flew after it and straddled the belly of the plane and lifted it upwards as the ground quickly approached. She could tell the stress was too much for the plane and so she eased the amount of force she applied. The plane hit the ground hard, but with no casualties. Natasha had taken back to the air again before anyone caught sight of her. She eventually relaxed above the city, a thick cloud acted seemingly as a comforter as she lounged above the city. All the voices she heard in the city were as easily filtered out as her English teacher's lectures, but then, in the mix of the all the voices, she heard Jarret's voice and began to panic. She blasted in the direction of her home, just  before landing she spun out of her Infinity Girl costume and into something more inconspicuous.

Jarrett began uncomfortably, "I know this is going to be hard to understand, but you have to believe me. Natasha… Somehow… I don't know how!… But somehow she got…"

Natasha entered the house, "Somehow got what?"

Jarrett paused as Natasha's eyes glowed with anger, deliberately passing Jarrett a message.

"What happened to the house?" Natasha's mom demanded.

"Looks like Jarrett had a party, I thought you were going to a friend's house tonight." She asked convincingly.

Jarrett's Dad shook his head. "Ok look, you both are young adults. I'm going to look past the fact that you are both coming home at 5 AM, but this is not your home, and as long as it's my home, it's my rules. No parties!… No guests!… Ever! And Jarrett, you're paying for the counter. Honest to God, this is complete nonsense!" Jarrett's father looked at the two. "We'll discuss this tomorrow. I'm going to bed."

Jarrett's father and stepmother went up stairs leaving Natasha and Jarrett downstairs alone. Jarrett shook his head.

Natasha crossed her arms with discontent. "I could have sworn I warned you what would happen if you told them!"

Jarret looked at Natasha in disbelief. "You could have killed me! I'm not so sure that me being alive isn't a complete accident. You need to give back those powers."

Natasha began laughing and shook her head.

"How many people have you killed?" Jarrett asked

"Keep your voice down." Natasha responded with anger.

"How many?" Jarrett asked more quietly.

Natasha rolled her eyes. "Do you blame the weather when it destroys homes? Do you blame the ocean when it drowns people? Do you blame God when people starve?"

Jarrett couldn't believe what he was hearing. "That is so fucking different."

Natasha smiled, "No Jarrett, what's different is me, I was flying tonight. Did you know that? I'm a Goddess Jarrett, you might not like that, but it's the way it is. If I don't like something it'll go away and if I want something it'll be mine. I like you Jarrett. Not in that way. I should hope that my standards have now become infinitely greater then you. But, I like you as a person. You can accept the change and reap some of the benefits. Or you can defy me and I can bury you on the moon."

Jarrett shook his head. She was right. There was nothing he could do.

Natasha smiled and kissed him on the cheek, "I'll get you some money tomorrow for the counter." Natasha headed toward the door.

"Where are you going? Its 5 AM."




Arseno picked up an unusual contraption in the Infinity room "What the fuck is this Tiny?"

"It's Tony and don't touch anything until we know what it is."

Arseno put down what appeared to be a weapon and turned his attention to Thomas, "So who's the girl?"

Thomas was flipping through Infinity Man's manual, "What girl?"

"The dark girl in the silent room." Arseno asked as he took a swig from a flask he pulled out from underneath his jacket.

"That's Salina. And she's engaged" Thomas replied as he took note of Arseno drinking.

"To you?"

Thomas snickered, "No".

"Then why give me pointless details."

"I think I got something!" Tony yelled. He walked over to a cabinet and opened it. After a momentary inspection he pulled out a bottle of pills.

"What are those?" Thomas asked.

"The answer to our dilemmas." Tony answered, "According to this, one of these pills will disrupt any psychic connection for 24 hours."

"Will it work against her though?"

Tony nodded, "Infinity Man's seal of approval."

"Let's hope so." Thomas took the pills and headed to the door.

Arseno looked through the medicine cabinet, there were pills to make you stronger, pills to make you fly, pills to turn you into animals. "You should take these as well."

Thomas turned to face Arseno just in time to catch the pills. He held it up to his face and read the label out loud. "24 hour impotence?"

Arseno smiled, "There's more then just one way a hot chick can get information out of you."

Thomas looked at the pills and then put them into his pocket, he nodded at Arseno. "Good idea."

Arseno left the room with Thomas and they headed upstairs. Arseno had taken a few more swigs from the flask when Thomas finally asked, "Are you ready for this?"

Arseno smiled. "Same shit as always, right?"

Thomas shook his head, "Nope, nothing about this is going to be the same. Infinity Man won't come back to save the day."

"Then I'll look forward to the change."

Salina walked toward the men as the stepped out of the elevator. "Tom it's been an hour, why aren't you in the IR?"

Thomas pulled out the pills, "Found our solution."

"Alex will be glad to hear that, we need to move fast. They found a completely frozen police car on 24th. She's getting a little more impulsive."

Arseno checked out Salina's profile while she spoke. She was in her business attire but her modest clothing hid few curves, her black belt ran tightly around her tiny waist and emphasized her generous bust. Her black pants were tight and ran high in her buttocks emphasizing its tightness. He slapped it.

Salina turned to him in shock, "Did you just fucking do that? Really!?"

"Do what?" Arseno responded.

"Don't fucking touch me! Understand!?"

"Relax babe… I'm allergic to chocolate."

Thomas covered his face in what undoubtedly was going to become a scene.

"Touch me again… Asshole!… And I swear to God, I'll hit you so fucking hard!" Salina began storming away.

Arseno turned to Thomas, "I had no idea African girls were so uptight."

Salina stopped and walked back to Arseno. "You know what, you're done here. Do you know who I am!? You filthy little cuss? And I'm Palestinian not African, you ignorant prick!"

"Whoah, easy there babe… I don't see any Jews near by… There's no reason to… Blow up."

Thomas looked at the two staring at each other, "Well, I'll let you two get acquainted. I'll be in the silent room if anybody needs me."

Thomas eagerly left the two and opened the door to the silent room and waited for the door to shut, "I got what I need" he said.

Alex nodded. "Then I wish you the best of luck." Alex said as he handed him a cell phone, "That phone is a direct line to Salina; if you need anything just ask her. We will never try to contact you. You're completely on your own from here on out."

"For how long?"

"Infinity Man worked for God knows how many hours, looking for his own weakness. There are a lot of theories, but nothing solid. The time frame you have with her is indefinite. Delay her for as long as you possibly can. When we know how to take her out, we'll do just that".

Thomas nodded. He paused for a moment before he asked his question, "You think Arseno was the right person for the job?"

Alex nodded, "You've never been a fan of my judgment, I know that. Arseno is a jerk but I trust him. And trust right now is more important then everything."

Thomas nodded and was about to leave when he stopped, "I almost forgot, I don't know if you can use this but, remember Sandy Brinkman?"

"How could I forget?"

"Well, Sandy had a daughter and that daughter lived with her father after her passing. His last name was Beland."

Alex looked surprised. "You're telling me that Sandy Brinkman is this girl's grandmother… That's no coincidence."

Salina stormed into the room. "I want him out!"

Alex looked at her curiously. "Who?"

"That fucking asshole you put on our team… What were you thinking?!"

Thomas smiled, "I'm out, Good luck".

Alex acknowledged Thomas as he left. "Good luck Thomas." Alex then sat down and looked at Salina. "What did he do?"

Salina was right about to say something when a bolt of lightning came out of nowhere and struck her atop of her head and then she simply disappeared.

Alex put his thumb and forefinger to his eyes and rubbed them. ‘What now' he thought.



"Where have you been?… What happened to your lip?" Tony asked.

Arseno put his fingers to his lips and then pulled them back so that he could see if he was still bleeding. "I was attacked by a terrorist, what's going on here?"

"Okay… ummm… well, it's kinda information overload. From what I can tell, weapons are in the back of the room along with the armor. But apparently Infinity Man used those weapons against a strand of his DNA. He hypothesized that he would feel discomfort if the weapons were used against him, but no long term effects. The armor is more durable than any known substance, but no armor he created was immune to his own strength."

"Alright, so weapons and armor are useless what about that?" Arseno walked to the time machine.

"Ummm again useless. Supposedly that's a time machine. But it only changes history for the person who walks into it."

"So… I can go back in time and alter history, come back and history will have altered for me… But not for you or anyone else?"

"Yeah… uhhh… that's sort of the jist."

"Okay, so where would I go?"

"Well… uhhh… to you, you'd be here, in a different time… Ummm to me… I guess you'd be dead."

Arseno pulled out his flask and took a swig. "Ok?… We simply lure the girl into that thing and that'll be that."

"Yeah, Infinity Man sort of thought of that too… The problem is that the make up of Infinity Man is similar to that of a photon. And theoretically a photon can be in two places at once."

"So, we'd end up just making a copy of her?"

"It could be worst then that. Sending her in there could theoretically alter time for all of us. Infinity Man meant to destroy it after he was finished with his research."

"Okay so, we can't stop her… Does that pretty much sum it up."

"Well there is a couple of other things that I'm just sorta tinkering with. This room is generating an unfathomable amount of power and Infinity Man was able to harness some of that energy, check this out!" Tony walked over to a computer console and searched for a target and hit the execute button. The lights blinked out briefly and a massive bolt of energy lit up the middle of the room.

Arseno walked around the result. Blinked several times and then took another swig from his flask.

"How can I be of service?" a confident voice asked.

Tony walked up to the short fat man in black tights. "Allow me to present to you, Super Earl from accounting!"

Arseno finished the remainder of his booze and then spoke aloud to himself. "Well that's great… that's just fucking amazing… We have a machine that takes someone from our reality, and turns them into a submissive super slave here. And I've got Rock Hudson at the Helm. Get Super Earl from accounting, the fuck out of here!"

"Well, It's just a test. We can choose a better subject later…"

"Tiny!… I'm going to speak slowly, so I wont have to repeat myself. Get him the fuck out of here… Or I'm going to shoot you in the face."

Tony shook his head and went over to the console and pressed a button. Earl disappeared in a flash.

Arseno walked up to the consul. "How does this thing work?"

"Uhhh well, the terminal can select an individual within 50 meters from the IR door and transforms them into raw energy.

"What are these names?"

"Those are a list of people within range of the machine."

Arseno scrolled down to Salina and activated the machine. The lights flickered and massive bolt illuminated the room. Salina's hands were on her hips and her black latex uniform squeezed at her tight body. "How can I be of service?" she asked.

Arseno smiled, "Will she remember this?"

"Well not if we don't want her too but… I have to protest this… I think I have a pretty good idea what you're planning and I certainly won't sanction it."

"Salina knock out the man beside me."

Tony had enough time to say "Wha??" before he lay unconscious on the floor.

Salina's dark eyes looked into Arseno's "Is there anything else?" she asked.

Arseno's hands moved up Salina's tight costume "I'm pretty sure I can think of a few things."



"In this demonstration, the electron, or E, is kinetic plus electric potential," Mr. Sims starting writing the formula on the board. E = (1/2) mv2 ke2/r. Natasha rolled her eyes. What could she have possibly been thinking? The powers of a Goddess and she was sitting in a class room listening to a lame ass teacher talk about lame ass elementary physics. She now understood what it all meant, but her new ability to learn was confronted by an even stronger sense of arrogance. She remembered when Mr. Sims made her do a question on the board, knowing full well she would embarrass herself in front of the class. She'd love to show him what she was capable of now. Her eyes wandered around, she looked through the walls of the school and at places she would rather be. Her attention came back to the classroom. Oh, she couldn't take it any more, this was so lame.

She looked at a fat kid who had passed out at his desk. His eyes were fluttering, as if he was in R.E.M. Natasha stared at him briefly, he was dreaming about butter tarts. She rolled her eyes. Even the dreams in the classroom were fucking lame. Natasha's eyes widened and she looked back at the sleeping student. She could see everything he was dreaming about and even more amazing, she could alter it. Her eyes narrowed as she stared into his mind, she turned the butter tart into a huge butter tart monster and the monstrous butter tart chased the fat kid down a hill. The fat kid was cornered and the butter tart reached down and grabbed him and put him into his mouth. The fat kid woke up immediately and began screaming uncontrollably. Natasha started laughing and the students joined in.

"Is there a problem Mr. Anderson?" Mr. Sims asked the fat student.

The student looked at the teacher in shock. "Uumm no… sorry." The fat student looked around the room uncomfortably and embarrassed.

Natasha licked her lips. Oh, this could be really fun. Natasha looked at Mr. Sims and concentrated on his thoughts.

Mr. Sims finished writing his equation on the board and turned back to the class. "As you can see the… expo…" He stopped his lecture and stared in shock. There was nobody in his classroom except Natasha and she was wearing a red and white polk-a-dot bikini. He looked at her in shock. "Where is everybody?" he asked.

Natasha got out of her desk and approached Mr. Sims. Mr. Sims looked at her perfect tits as they bounced, ever so slightly, as she walked. Her thumb-sized nipples seemed to get larger beneath the sheer fabric.

"Oh, I swear to God, I think my tits are going to pop if you don't grab them." Natasha said seductively.

Mr. Sims looked at her with amazement, "You can't wear that, we have a dress code here." She got up to him, nice and close, he felt warmth emanating from her body and he grabbed her waist and moved his hands up her firm body and grabbed her big smooth breasts. "You're beautiful!" He whispered as his erection became obvious. With her hands overtop of his, she moved his hands sensually up and down her smooth tits and then kissed him passionately.

Natasha's fingers found his zipper and pulled it down. His member popped out. "Jerk it for me!" she whispered. A mixture of screams and laughter snapped Mr. Sims out of it. He looked at the class room in shock as he held his penis with his right hand. Female students began running out of the class room and the rest of the class was either in shock or laughing hysterically. Natasha doubled over in her chair. Class was becoming less boring for her that day.

It was noon and Natasha went to her locker, but not before getting hit on by every jock that passed her by. Before she went to school that morning she had conjured up some ultra tight fitting jeans and a tight v neck black t-shirt and she was already regretting it. She could have the attention of any man. These punks were well below her now.

"What are you doing here Natasha?" Becky asked her in shock.

Natasha politely smiled, "I know, I sooo don't want to be here. But I think I should, I wouldn't want people becoming overly suspicious."

Becky shook her head, "If I had your powers, there's no way I'd be cooped up in a classroom all day."

Natasha looked into Becky's thoughts "You're so jealous, aren't you?"

Becky smiled awkwardly, "Can you blame me? Nat, you're like a Goddess now. No one can fuck with you; you can do anything you want. Jealous? Yeah I'm jealous. Who wouldn't be?"

Becky and Natasha turned around in time to make eye contact with Nancy as she walked by. Natasha smiled as she looked at her shirt. It was low cut and it proudly showed off her new cleavage.

Becky shook her head, "Okay, I don't remember Nancy having tits that big."

"She didn't, but I needed to distract Jarrett."

"What are you talking about?"

Natasha looked at Becky and smiled, "I gave her those."

"What do you mean?"

"It's hard to explain, but I can effect cellular structures at a sub-atomic level just by looking at them, and well… sorta change them."

Becky didn't know what Natasha was talking about but she didn't care she had a pretty good idea "Ohhh… Ohhh… Do me!"

"Do you?"

"You can give me bigger tits, right?"

Natasha smiled and rolled her eyes, "Fine, I'll give you big tits, but later tonight. For the rest of the day you think about how big you want them."

The two girls were met by the rest of the girls and they all listened to what Natasha had to say. Becky had lost her alpha status. But she couldn't care less. All she could think about was how her new tits and how they were going to look on her.



Thomas pulled up to the school and reluctantly got out of his car. Even as he approached the school he became paranoid. He felt as if her eyes were already upon him. He walked into the school and toward the principal office.

Sally heard a knock at the open door. "Mr. Voukewn, come in… Sit down. Did you find…"

Thomas cut her off, "I need you to do something for me. It's important that you do exactly what's written on the paper."

Sally put on her glasses and looked at the note. The instructions were perfectly clear. 'Don't say a word. Page Natasha Beland to the principal office in exactly 5 minutes.' Sally looked at Thomas, "Is this about Kent Small's disappearance?"

Thomas swallowed hard, and looked at Sally in obvious shock.

"Oh c'mon, do you really think my office is bugged?" Sally shook her head, "You guys at the bureau love your theatrics."

Thomas's mind was overwhelmed with profanity. But they all remained as thoughts as Thomas grabbed the note from her and politely smiled. "Actually, there's no need to page her. I'll go get her myself. What room is she in?"

Sally looked at her computer, "She's in room 229. Just up the stairs, first room on your right."

"Thanks for your help." Thomas got up to leave.

"Hmmm, Natasha's been to all of her classes so far. First time for everything I guess."

"Perfect… Just perfect…"

Thomas walked up the stairs and opened the doors to the second floor. He looked at the classroom door 229. He looked around the hallways. They were empty. He drew in a deep sigh and then started speaking. "Before you do something stupid, you need to hear what I have to say." Thomas paused for a response and looked down both hallways. "I'm with an appropriated Government agency that worked to create the power of Infinity. In 1957 the power of Infinity was accidentally given to Kent Small. We know that you now have that power. I'm simply here as a messenger. I'm here to give you the same options we gave him."

"I'm not giving these powers up."

Thomas looked behind him and saw Natasha in her tight jeans and black v neck shirt. She was leaning back on a locker, as if she had been there the entire time. He cleared his throat. "We can't take your powers away."

Natasha smirked, "Well, I guess that's too bad so sad for you guys huh."

Thomas nodded, "Yeah… I suppose it is. I'll jump right to the point. We're prepared to offer you quite an opportunity for your services."

Natasha giggled. "For my services? And what if I refuse?"

"I think before we get to that you should hear what we have to offer."

Natasha smiled. "I think that I'm in a position to make my own opportunities, don't you think?"

Thomas nodded, "Alright Natasha… I'll get to it. You don't have an option on this. You're gonna take our offer. Or you'll die."

Natasha was taken off guard by his threat. She became concerned but only momentarily. Infinity Man had been hit with tank shells, anti-aircraft missiles, a meteor, none of which slowed him down. She had that power now. She began walking toward Thomas. "If that's what you think, I doubt you realize how much power is packed into this tight little package."

Thomas watched her approach and knew his time was up, unless he could get through to her by the time she reached him. He spoke quickly "Natasha we created the Infinity project, we can terminate it. By terminating it, we would end your life!"

"You would have done that by now if you could."

"We can't replicate the power of Infinity… Once its gone, we have no idea how to bring it back. In the last 50 years Infinity Man saved the planet from 12 potentially cataclysmic events. We're not going to give up on that protection unless we consider you to be the 13th cataclysmic event."

Natasha's petite hand grabbed Thomas by the neck and she hoisted him up with ease.

Thomas was struggling for air. "I know… that you… can… read my… .mind. So read it!… If you think… I'm lying."

Natasha's hazel eyes looked into Thomas's mind. She couldn't read his thoughts. She tried harder, but still nothing. Doubt again creped into her mind and she released Thomas.

"What are you going to give me?"

Thomas's neck hurt and his air passage struggled briefly to let in air after she let go. He put his hand on his neck and cleared his throat. "You'll get a million dollars a year salary. The penthouse suite on top of Glennora estates is yours. We'll get you a job as a model as your daytime cover. The money you make off that will also be yours. All that we ask is that you patrol the city 5 hours a night and keep it safe. And of course ward off any imminent threats to this planet."

Natasha crossed her arms in front of her chest. She didn't know whether to believe him or not. But a million dollars a year? Penthouse suite? A career in modeling? It was perfect. Ward off imminent threats to planet Earth, she never would have imagined anyone asking that of her. She was excited but she held her cool. "I want 5 million dollars, and I want to be an actress too."

Thomas nodded. "I think, that can be arranged."

Natasha smiled and extended her hand. "Then you got yourself a deal Tom."

Thomas looked at her extended hand and frowned, "I'll just take your word for it."

"Suit yourself, I'll see you later tonight then, at my new pad?"

"Actually, I was thinking of going right now."

"Sounds good to me, you have no idea how lame class has been. I'll just go get my bag."

Thomas waited for her to enter her classroom before he stretched his neck, as he did, he felt the strain in it. He massaged the back of it and wondered how much time he had to live.



Arseno walked up to the medicine cabinet and looked through it as he spoke. "Salina I have an important mission for you."

"I am at your service."

"That's what I like to hear." Arseno said as he reached into the medicine cabinet and pulled out a bottle of pills. He looked at the label. "Perfect" he said to himself as he opened the bottle and took one. "While the mission may seem slight I assure it is of the upmost importance."

"I will do your bidding."

Arseno smiled and approached her. Her hands were on her slim waist. Her latex costume clung to her like a second skin. Arseno put his hand on her body. "I need you to pleasure me."

Salina was looking blankly at the wall, when her head darted to face Arseno. Her eyes looked deep into Arseno's mind. Arseno became dizzy momentarily as Salina absorbed the information she needed to fulfill his request. Her hands grabbed Arsenos hands. She placed one of his hands on her tight ass and the other one on her firm bust and then began kissing him passionately.

Tony woke up with a massive headache. He felt the back of his head. There was a throbbing in his head, it was compounded by the loud banging that echoed through out the room. He stood up and stared in shock. 20 yards from him Arseno and Salina were banging on the floor. She was banging him so hard in fact, that the entire room reverberated with every powerful thrust. Tony could not believe what he was seeing and he became furious. He acted without thinking. He moved to the computer console and began downloading Salina consciousness.

Salina stopped her motions and her eyes closed and then reopened. She looked at Arseno in shock. "What! The! Fuck!?"

Arseno looked at her, and knew exactly what Tiny had done. "I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for this." Arseno awkwardly stated.


To be continued

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