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Infinity Crisis Part V

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Vincent poured two glasses of his fine scotch. He walked across his large living room floor where a guest of his sat on his lambskin couch. “So?” Vincent asked his guest while giving him his drink.

Mike Berjac smiled at Vincent. “Your reputation precedes you … but this …You’ll forgive me if I think it's too good to be true. And in this line of work, things that are too good to be true …”

Vincent interupted Mike “You're quite right, my reputation does precede me. I know because I designed it that way. I worked very hard to build something that’s next to impossible to find, in this line of work. Trust and honesty. And I will be honest Micheal, although somewhat vague, what I want is far more important than money. But what I want is of no concern of yours. It's what you want, what we're focusing on.”

Mike took a sip of the aged Scotch. “You have … but you have to understand … I mean … What guarantees do I have that we’ll receive payment. After all, in all likelihood my crew will spend the better half of 10 years in prison.”

“Well that’s simple. I can give it to you in cash. Right now. Or I can transfer it into any account … right now.”

“You would pay us before we completed our job?”

“Why wouldn’t I? I am a hard man to hide from Mr. Berjac. And people with millions of dollars have tendencies of coming out of hiding. But I certainly don’t need to use threatening language. I happen to know for a fact that you know what has happened to those special individuals who’ve double crossed me.”

“I’ll have to discuss it with my crew.”

“Time is of the essence. You have exactly 6 hours.”

Mike nodded his head. “And what if … by some chance. We pull it off cleanly?”

Vincent smiled “You won't.”

“But what if we do?”

“Then it would be most fortunate for you.”

Mike got off the couch and walked to the door.

“And Mike … Bear in mind, I don’t need a genius for this job.”

Vincent watched Mike leave.

Sydney entered the living room shortly after Mike had left. “We've finished.”

Vincent nodded and joined Sydney as they walked down a long set of spiral stairs. A solid steel door blocked their approach and a scanner quickly examined them. The computer identified them and the steel doors opened. There were at least a dozen men in lab coats scurrying around. Vincent approached the metallic like suit. “Is the link set?” he asked.

Sydney nodded. “Yes.”

Vincent casually looked at the suit and finished his scotch. “I have waited a lifetime for this. Tomorrow will be an entirely new day … For everybody.”


Arseno flew backwards at an extreme pace. His legs and arms extended in front of him as his extremities became numb due to his velocity. Arseno’s back slammed into the wall and, much to Tony’s surprise, he only cracked it as opposed to blasting right through it. Arseno fell to the floor. He shook off the dizziness and the pain and looked up at Tony “Get her outta here!” he yelled.

Tony looked at Arseno in shock. Surprised again that Arseno was getting up after the violent collision.

Salina was furious, she didn’t know why she was able to throw Arseno as hard as she had, but nor she cared. All she cared about was pummeling him to a bloody pulp.

Arseno grabbed one of the weapons that once hung on the wall, but now laid before his feet, and aimed it at Salina. Uncertainty crept in his mind as he aimed and prepared to push the trigger. “Tony! Get her out … Now!” He screamed again.

Tony made a dash for the computer console.

Salina could see that Arseno was pointing a weapon at her but she didn’t care.

Arseno waited a few seconds for Tony to do his work, but she was getting too close. He pulled the trigger. The butt of the weapon kicked back with a furious punch as a red laser blasted out of its nozzle. The weapon made a high pitch squeal and the weapon itself was hard to steady as a stream of energy blasted out of it.

Salina gasped as she was hit in the chest, the stream of concentrated photons pushed her back a step. She looked down at her bust which was being besieged by the constant stream of energy. Both her breasts flattened causing her cleavage to tighten dramatically under her low cut top and then her chest began to glow red hot. She felt no pain. She looked down at her chest and then she leaned forward and pushed herself into the stream and inched her way closer and closer to Arseno.

Arseno could feel the heat emanate from her body and it began to irritate his skin. The nozzle itself began to drip as Salina’s proximity came within point blank. Her chest radiated the nuclear light that besieged it and was hard to look at without burning the eyes. Arseno became uneasy as her chest moved closer and closer to the nozzle of the weapon. Her breast pushed into the nozzle of the weapon and the heat transferred into it. The intense heat ran through the weapons metallic finish and then into Arseno's hands and he dropped the weapon to the floor.

Arseno's hands reached out and grabbed Salina's shoulders in a vain attempt to keep his body from hers. His hands smoldered as they touched her costume.

Salina grabbed Arseno's wrist and squeezed. He grabbed her wrist attempting to ease the pressure. His wrist cracked and then crunched as Salina's grip tightened. His skin began to ignite as the pressure she exerted along with her sizzling hot hand crushed his wrist, and then she flung him over her body and into the floor. His body cracked awkwardly into the solid floor. Still holding his wrist she lifted him up again and swung him over top of her head and slammed him again into the concrete floor. The floor cracked this time along with many of Arseno’s joints. She kicked his limp body and it flew across the room and into a desk which shattered upon impact. Arseno was not moving and Salina turned her attention to Tony. “You!” she screamed and pointed at Tony.

Tony was rapidly hitting digits on a control panel and finally a bolt of lighting struck Salina and she disappeared.

Arseno's eyes opened and after the third attempt he finally picked himself off the floor. His left wrist was crushed. He wasn’t 100% sure but based on how painful it was to put any weight on his knee he’d bet that his ankle was torn or worst. His nose was bleeding profusely and his back felt as if it was an accordion. Arseno stretched his neck and a jolt of pain rippled through his body. He thought about the pills he had taken before he had contact with Salina and whispered “24 hour invulnerability … My fucking ass.” Arseno looked at the debris of the desk he had slammed into. A pistol laid in the debris and he limped toward it.

Tony looked at him nervously and adjusted his thick black framed glasses. “Well umm… I’m pretty sure we both learned a pretty valuable lesson here today.”

Arseno pulled out of the debris the 9mm pistol. The same pistol used to shoot George in the head and pointed it at Tony.

Tony looked at Arseno as he aimed the gun at him “You're not going to shoot me.”

The shot echoed through out the room and Tony gasped. He looked at his belly in shock. “You!… You!… Ohmygod … you fucking shot me!”. Tony Collapsed onto the floor.

Arseno nodded “That’s how I roll!”


Thomas stopped at the red light and waited. The awkward silence he shared with Natasha was compounded by the stillness of the vehicle. He kept his eyes focused on the road but caught himself more then once catching a glimpse of the cleavage Natasha was displaying. “So … How did he die?” Thomas finally asked.


“Infinity Man.”

Natasha looked outside the window seemingly without a care in the world. “Ummm, I kinda got his powers and I wanted to see his belt and, well, I guess I didn’t know my own strength … It was kind of an accident.”

Thomas nodded. “And what about his body?”

Natasha continued to look out side the cars window. “When he died he just sort of vanished. What was his deal anyway? He was like, around since the 50s right? Why was he masquerading as a high school kid?… Was he some sort of creepo?”

Thomas was annoyed with her. Infinty Man was the best thing that had ever happened to the planet, he may have in fact been the only reason why the planet still had life on it. Thomas ignored her statement. Natasha turned and looked at him. Thomas ignored her stare but nervously wondered what was going through her mind.

“I have a question”. Natasha said.


“If you had the powers of a God, you could do anything you wanted. And nothing could harm you, would you sit in a car with some lame-o for even a minute?”

Thomas didn’t answer quickly. He thought about it for a moment and then answered. “Well, now I suppose that would depend. It would depend on how confident I would be that my powers are permanent. I’m sure Infinity Man believed he would never lose his powers, much less die. But yet here I am. Discussing those very same powers with, not only the girl who had stolen them, but also the same girl who murdered him.”

“I didn’t murder him! I just … didn’t realize … what-ever!”

“Natasha everything you did … is wiped clean. The Government is going to give you millions of dollars every year. They’re going to give you your dream job and all you have to do is be a good girl, arrest a few bad guys and maybe save the planet when or if that time comes. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal if you ask me”.

Natasha concentrated again on Thomas’s thoughts and still could read nothing. “I’m not stupid you know. If that was all there was to it, why then would they send me someone whose thoughts I can't read. You're planning something … And you know what, that’s fine … Just know that when I find out that you're lying to me. Which I bet you are … You're gonna be in sooooooo much trouble.”

Thomas shook his head.

“Oh My God! Stop the car.”

Thomas looked at Natasha who was staring at the mall they were passing by. “We're only a few miles away. Let me show … ”

“I said Stop The Car!” Natasha’s foot pressed down through the car's floor and into the concrete street. The vehicle grinded to a stop.

Thomas looked at Natasha in shock after his seat belt prevented him from exiting his windshield, but she was already gone and the car door was a good 50 yards in the malls parking lot.


Natasha appeared seemingly out of nowhere beside the massive line. Screaming fans of Jacob Hughes waited anxiously to get an autograph from the singer. Natasha moved through the crowd confidently.

“Hey Bitch!, The line up starts back there!” One girl screamed at her.

Natasha looked at her angrily, her eyes squinted slightly.

Another girl screamed at her “Get to the back of the line!”

Natasha anger subsided slightly. It was obvious that if she wanted to meet Hughes she would have to incinerate every girl in the line. She decided against it, although the thought seriously crossed her mind. If only they knew who they were dealing with. They’d all be on their knees if they knew. Natasha looked at the cameras which were all over the place. Channel 8 news was there and every girl with a cell phone was trying to record an image of Jacob. She thought about blowing the crowd over. She could probably do it without even blowing through her lips. She decided against that too. Her eyes moved around her surroundings and then an idea popped in her head. She focused on the far wall and heat began to emanate out of her eyes. She kept the intensity low as to not show the crowd that the heat was visibly coming out of her eyes. The wall at the other side of the mall began to burn and then the natural gas pipeline behind the wall began to heat up. The pipeline, which was 50 yards from the crowd, turned red hot and then blew. An explosion rocked the western side of the mall hurling shoppers wildly into the air. The people in line ducked as the sound of the blast echoed through the mall hallways and sent everyone into shock. Mass hysteria ensued. The crowd began running out of the mall and Natasha made her way to Jacob. She looked down at her cleavage and adjusted her top so that her breasts were properly on display. She flicked her long brown hair back and licked her lips. One of Jacob's body guards grabbed her arm. Natasha simply poked him in the chest. He dropped dead with none the wiser. Jacob was making his way past her. Natasha reached out and grabbed his arm and he turned to her. “Hey Jake, mind if I get your autograph?”

“Lady, Are you crazy!? The mall's on fire!”

Natasha gave him her sexiest look. “Don’t worry about that, I‘ll protect you.”

Jake gave Natasha a bewildered look and then attempted to free his arm from her grip. He tugged his arm 3 times before screaming “Lady! Let go of me!”

Natasha was getting annoyed. “Don’t you like me? Don’t you like these?” Natasha use her free hand and squeezed her chest and her cleavage tightened dramatically.

“Bitch!” Jacob tugged his arm from her, it didn‘t budge. “Are you crazy?!” He tugged again “I said … Let Fucking Go!”

Natasha let him go and he fell to the ground and then got back up and began running away. Her eyes began to glow as she tracked his movement. Heat fired out of her pupils and ignited the back of Jacob's pants. He fell to the ground and began rolling around. People nearby patted out the flames and helped Jacob back onto his feet. A secondary explosion blasted through the wall near Natasha. She paid no attention to it even when chunks of concrete deflected off of her. She remained staring at Jacob. She was pissed, but she reminded herself that he would be hers. It was just a matter of time.


Thomas leaned against his broken down vehicle and watched on as the hysterical crowd exited the mall. Part of the mall was billowing smoke. An elderly couple stopped next to Thomas to watch the scene.

“Alright lets go.” Natasha said.

Thomas wasn’t a bit surprised by her sudden appearance. He wanted to flip out on her, but he contained his emotion. He spoke silently, but couldn’t mask his anger as he spoke. “You broke my fucking car … So we're going to wait for a cab … And you're going to sit in the cab quietly until we get to your apartment.”

Natasha shook her head. “Oh fuck this! I’ll meet you there.” Natasha jumped into the air and blasted away.

The elderly couple stared in shock at Thomas.

Thomas let his anger subside and then smiled at the elderly couple “She’s new.”


Alex walked into the Infinity room and looked around “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Tony’s breathing was labored, “He shot me … uhhh … He shot me … uhhhhh …”

Alex kneeled beside Tony, moved Tony’s blood soaked hand away from his belly, and looked at the gun shot wound. Alex glared angrily at Arseno who was looking through one of the cabinets.

Arseno opened a bottle up and tossed Alex a pill. “Relax, just have him take one of these.”.

Tony swallowed the pill and his body began to heal itself and then began to morph. His body shrank and his nose got bigger. His skin turned to feathers and his arms turned to wings. In under a minute he became a duck.

Alex swallowed hard as he stared in bewilderment at the duck. “Words right now … Simply won’t express what’s going on in my head … Are you fucking kidding me, simply, will not cut it.”

Arseno limped over to Alex holding a bottle of pills. “Relax, the metamorphosis is supposed to take only 12 hours and when he’s back to normal, he’ll be just like brand new.”

Alex observed Arseno’s wounds as he limped over. “And what happened to you?”

Arseno cracked open the pills he held and took one. His cuts began to disappear and the awkward positions his bones were in began to readjust. “Me?” Arseno observed his crushed wrist as it returned to normal. “I feel just fine.”

Alex shook his head and looked at Tony who was now looking at both of them with the curiosity only a duck could properly display. “I’m confused.” Alex stated. “Why didn’t you just give him one of those pills?”

“Well … That would have been no fun at all.”



Thomas opened the door to the luxury apartment. He looked around for any signs of Natasha but there weren’t any. He sat down on the deep leather couch and turned on the TV. He watched the breaking news caption roll by 'breaking news, possible terrorist attack at Hampshire Mall. 5 dead and dozens wounded' after a half hour he closed his eyes and not soon after he heard a knock at the window. He knew before he even looked at the window that it was her. He got up slowly and walked over to the giant window and then pointed to the roof. Natasha put her hand to her ear, not exactly sure what Thomas meant. The windows were sound proof, but Thomas realized that wouldn’t stop Natasha from understanding exactly what he was saying.

“The roof is your balcony, I’ll meet you up there.” Thomas said.

Natasha smiled and floated up.

Thomas walked up the spiral stair case inside the apartment and then opened the door to the roof.

Natasha’s feet gently landed on the roof and she looked around. There were hedgerows, fountains, a pool, a hot tub, a sauna and a giant deck. “Is this mine?”

“All yours.”

She could barely contain her excitement. She thought about the parties she could have. Everyone was going to be so jealous of her. She wanted to contain her excitement, but couldn’t. She smiled happily at Thomas.

“Its is all yours Natasha, but you have to start playing by the rules, and you know what, there aren't many”.

Natasha walked inside her apartment followed closely by Thomas. “Alright, what rules.”

“Well, first of all, you can't be blowing up shopping malls.”

Natasha rolled her eyes, “Oh please, it was a small explosion and barely anyone got hurt.”

“People did get hurt, and every time you hurt someone the Government is liable.”

“It’s not as if anyone saw me do it.”

“Natasha, what does that matter? Stop hurting people! It’s not much to ask.”

Natasha turned her attention to the massive big screen TV in her living room. They were interviewing Jacob Hughes who was with his girl friend . Natasha paid attention to her. She was a taller girl with an amazing body. The cleavage of her big fake tits was always on display and her long black hair flowed down her shoulders and in between the soft crevices. “Anything else?” Natasha asked while still watching the TV.

Thomas nodded his head “Lots more, we need to make Infinty Girl and Natasha Beland unalike. Infinity Man was able to change his body dramatically, are you able to do the same?”

Natasha was staring at the TV as Jacob Hughes girlfriend began to speak. She observed her curves and committed them to memory. Natasha smiled wickedly and then she began to spin in one spot until a flash of light blinded Thomas. The light subsided and Thomas swallowed hard.

She was wearing a different variation of the ultra tight Infinity Girl costume. She was now wearing a tight full body track suit. It had a high collar and a half zipper at her chest. The yellow material clinged like a second skin all the way to her ankles, where loosened up giving a slight bell bottom look. She still remained petite but every curve and defenition was dramatically emphasized. She was taller now, closer to 6’2, which her red 3 inches spiked boots helped out with. Her tight fitting yellow body suit was fastened tightly around her narrow waist by her red belt which emphasized her pert and perfectly rounded bum. But the most dramatic change was her bust. It strained to blast out of the intensely tight fitting body suit. Natasha looked down at her much enlarged bust and pulled down the half zipper revealing her perfect cleavage. “Mmmm much better”. She looked through a pair of dark framed thin emo glasses at Thomas who couldn’t help his surprise as he looked her over. Her forearms pressed into her bust as she said confidently. “You mean like this?”

Thomas swallowed hard: “Uhhhh.”

Natasha walked over to the mirror and checked out her behind. She puckered her lips as her long finger nails scratched the smooth costume over her impressive buttocks. “Ooooo fuck, am I hot!”

The pills Thomas had taken were definitely doing their job. But even without a full blown erection Thomas found it hard to focus. “The glasses are a nice touch” he added.

Natasha smiled, “Aren’t they though? So! What else?”

Thomas pulled out his phone and opened his memos. He had already remembered what he put there, but he needed a distraction. “Okay...At 8 AM tomorrow morning you are to protect a truck leaving the Imperial Bank. Every one knows about it. So you wont have to worry about it being robbed. It was more of a publicity stint for Infinity Man. But I think it will be a perfect time for your grand unveiling”. Thomas looked at Natasha who was still admiring herself in the mirror. “Natasha? Do you get that?”

“Yeah yeah Imperial Bank 8 AM … Gotcha!… My tits are fucking perfect!” Natasha unzipped and then zipped the zipper at her chest. Zipped up, the shiny fabric tightened dramatically over her chest causing her nipples to tent through the tight fabric and unzipped her cleavage displayed itself with a provocation that would turn any head. They were both two uniquely different looks and she loved them both.

Thomas was going to ask her to stop doing what she was doing but decided against it, figuring that would provoke her into doing it more. “There's also … ”

Natasha put her hand to her ear and listened. “There’s a mugging happening 8 blocks away. Time to earn my pay, don’t you think?” Natasha winded up.

Thomas looked at her right before she took off “Not through the window!”

She smiled at him and then zoomed up the stairs and onto the balcony and then leaped into the air. Her eyes zoomed in on the mugging. In a few short seconds she landed dramatically in front of the assailants. Their victim had already been knocked out.

“Back off Infinity Man! This guy … ” The assailant did a double take. Definitely not Infinity Man. “Holyyyyy shit!”

Natasha smiled as her visual stimulant provided both assailants with instant erections. “Alright boys, I’m not quite sure how this works but your both under arrest … I think.”

“Oh baby, you could arrest me anytime you like.”

Natasha smiled at him as he approached her. His fingers reached out for her. “I really wouldn’t do that.” she advised.

“Oh I’m pretty sure I would. As a matter of fact I know I would”. He placed his rough hands on her firm bust and squeezed. The pressure his finger tips exerted dimpled her firm breasts.

Natasha placed her hands on his hips and her smile turned to a frown “I warned you.” she said.

“Oh baby! Keep warning me.”

And with that she tossed him into the air.

His partner looked on in shock as his friend screamed and sailed higher and higher and higher into the sky. Until his screams were too far to hear and his body was a tiny spec in the blue skies. He pulled a knife on her and backed away. “Okay okay okay … I‘m sorry … It was all him … I had nothing to do with this.”

Natasha squinted her eyes and twin yellow beams fired out of her pupils striking the blade. The assailant watched as the blade began to sparkle and then disintegrate out of his hand. And then his hand began to disintigrate, yellow sparkes moved up his arm disintegrating his forearm and then rapidly moving up to his shoulder. He began to scream as it continued across his chest and to the rest of his body. Half way across his chest he fell dead and moments later his body vanished. Natasha couldn't help but think how cool that was. She concentrated on the dumpster in front of her to see if she could replicate the strange energy. Her body arched in front of her and she concentrated on the dumpster. Twin beams of intense energy fired out of her eyes and into the dumpster. The red beams began melting the metal but not like the yellow beams had done. Natasha adjusted her stance and concentrated on the wall.

Ryan opened his eyes. His assailants were gone and instead his eyes were rewarded to the goddess that stood near him. He swallowed hard as she shot beams of energy out of her eyes. He took her image in. She was perfection. Every definition was on display. Her breasts were so big and screamed out to be grabbed. Her ass was so pert and body so defined. He adjusted himself as his desire put him in an uncomfortable position.

Natasha turned to him and smiled. He was noticebly turned on by her and that’s the way she liked it. “Feeling okay?” she said in a confident tone.

“Uhhh … Yeah … are you like Infinty Man’s cousin or something?”

Natasha’s eyes looked him over. He was cute and she had not had any serious play since acquiring her powers. She walked over to him and wrapped her arms delicately around his shoulders. “I don’t know … what do you think?” Her perfect bust pressed into his broad chest and then she kissed him.

Ryan's eyes rolled back into his sockets and his heart felt like it crashed into his stomach as a feeling of complete euphoria overwhelmed him. She let him feel her breasts and let him zip down her half zipper. She removed his pants and then traced her fingers between her own legs. Her fingernails easily created an opening through her tight costume. His scruff rubbed hard into her packed cleavage as he continued kissing and feeling her tight bust. She fell backwards with him still holding her. She stopped her fall just short of the ground and then she let him enter her and she swayed gently at first. The feeling was so intense for Ryan as he squeezed Infinity Girl's breasts with all his strength. Infinity Girl reversed herself so that she was the one on top and then began pumping faster and faster. Ryan couldn’t distinguish between pain and passion as her speed quickened. She was now a blur as she vibrated on top of him. He screamed as he climaxed.

“Mmmm not bad.” Natasha commented on her first sexual experience as a superwoman. It didn’t take her long to realize that he was dead. “Shit!” she said as she got off of him. She spun in one spot and repaired her costume and then looked at the body. “Shit!” she said again and then concentrated on the body. Twin beams fired out of her eyes incinerating Ryan's body and eliminating all trace of her crime. Natasha blasted high into the sky and thought about what she had done. She made sure that she wasn’t too rough and yet her toy was dead. She needed to deal with that before she slept with Hughes.


Alex sat down at his desk. He desperately tried to keep his blood pressure down and opened up Thomas’s last report. There was a knock at his door. “Come in”

Salina opened the door “Busy?”

“No, sit down.”

Salinas took note of Alex’s agitated state as she sat down. “Arseno?” she asked.

Alex put the paper work down. “Lucky guess … How are you feeling? Do you remember anything?”

“Not a thing … But I had a sore leg this morning. Now it feels fine … better than fine. I dare ask: what happened to me?”

Alex nodded. “They found a way to transfer energies into a person within proximity of the IR. You and someone by the name of Earl were … randomly selected.”

Salina looked at Alex curiously. “Randomly?”

“Yes.” he lied.

Salina nodded and then paused. “I’ve read Arseno’s file. I don’t mean to question your authority on this but… He sooner belongs in a prison than on this team. The only reason why he isn’t in prison is because some of this material is deemed code red by the SSA. Alex … He compromises everything we're trying to do. Get rid of him.”

Alex sighed. “I’ve been around… for maybe too long. But if there is at least one thing I’ve learned over these long years, is that you can’t beat Hitler without Stalin.”

Salina smiled. “You think this girl is Hitler?”

“No. What I think is that, if this girl continues on. Begins learning and understanding her potential. Far more people are at risk then any other time in history. We're dealing with the most intelligent, supreme being in our known universe. Thankfully … She’s too stupid to realize it. And Arseno … Arseno would blow up an orphanage to achieve his objective. And right now that’s what we need. Because frankly I would sacrifice millions on even a small chance that we could end her. Dabble all you wish in the morality of my decisions. But understand … In this particular instance. The ends will justify the means.”

Salina looked it Alex curiously “I humbly disagree.”

“That is your right.”

“And what about George … You know he’s going to inform the white house.”

“No, I can guarantee you he will not.”

“And how can you be so sure of that.”

“Because I’ve informed George and Simon, and now you too, that I’m implementing a level 5 quarantine on this information.”

Salina half laughed. She shook her head. “Alex, a level 5 quarantine is for infectious diseases that have spread rapidly and beyond the quarantine zone. That’s for epidemiology to sort out. I don’t see how it applies to this department.”

Alex nodded his head. “I consider the truth in this matter the infection. And if that truth leaks out, I will then deem the people who hear it to be infected.”

Salina blinked a few times in disbelief of what she was hearing. “And how would you know that the truth had leaked before it was too late?”

“In the IR we have the ability to track specific people. Similar to that of a PVR. We can listen and watch what everyone involved is doing and saying.”

“So I’m being tracked?” Salina said angrily.

“All of us are.”

“And what would happen to those people who were told this information?”

Alex adjusted his old body uncomfortably in his seat and stared into Salina's eyes. “You know the protocol. This is top secret. Understand that the priority of your job is to maintain that secret. And nothing will happen.”

“Alex … What would happen?”

Alex paused, and then thought it best to just spit it out. “Arseno will put a bullet through the infected parties' heads”.

“Jesus Christ Alex! You have no right … ”

Alex interrupted Salina “Thats enough! I have every right! Until this crisis is under control or I am dead, the buck stops here. If there’s nothing further you can get out of my office.”

Salina was stunned. She swallowed hard but said nothing, she got out of her chair and left the office and contemplated her resignation.


TG425Natasha glided over the city confidently. She smiled as she thought about Hughes. Oh, if only he could see her now. She began to smile as she thought about it. ‘Maybe he can’ she thought. Natasha flew over to his apartment. Her eyes easily scanned through the walls of his top floor apartment which wasn’t too far away from her own. He was nowhere to be seen. She used her super hearing as she attempted to pick up his voice over the countless sounds she heard on the ground. Finally she heard him. He was in his Ferrari with his porn star girlfriend. Her eyes locked on Hughes's girlfriend. She was so tempted to use her heat vision on her. It would be so easy. She refrained from doing so. She reminded herself that Hughes's girlfriend was just a mortal and she was a Goddess. Natasha’s refocused her thoughts on somehow getting Hughes to see her without seeming deliberate. She hovered high above his car and a plan began to formulate.

Jake Hughes stopped at the red light. He was engaged in light conversation when his girlfriend began screaming. The power pole, right beside his car, came crashing down and landed on the fuel truck directly in front of his vehicle. Jake put the car in reverse and hit the accelerator but the car was dead. Jake got out of his car just in time to see the dark haired woman land right beside him. He watched as she inhaled deeply and then pursed her bright red lips into an o. She blew a narrow stream of icy cold air and it extinguished the flames that had developed on the fuel truck.

In a flash she was on the power box and, as she grabbed it, electricity began to stream through her body. Jake watched the woman as electric currents ran down her body and then she tossed the power box high into the air. She turned to him and walked to him seductively. He took in her image as she walked. He had never seen anything more beautiful than what he was now witnessing.

“Is everyone okay?” The Goddess asked.

Jake swallowed hard as he looked the dark haired woman. His eyes locked onto her breasts.

The woman looked at Jake and then looked down at her chest. She gave Jake a disapproving look through her glasses and then zipped up her half zipper at her chest and concealed her incredible cleavage. Not soon after her long legs leaped into the air and she was gone.

Jake looked at her as long as he could before she disappeared behind the clouds. All he could think about was, somehow, someway … He had to have her.


Mike sat in silence with two of his long time friends with only minutes before deadline.

“We have to do it.” John said.

Lyle nodded. “Yep.”

Mike looked at his two friends and nodded. “Alright, we do this but nobody gets shot. We can't shoot anybody but Infinity Man. We can't have any attempted murder or murder charges on top of all of the other charges. John, I’m talking to you.”

“I get it.”

“Do you?”

“Yeah … I get it!” John said angrily.

“But, what if Infinity Man dodges the bullets instead of stopping them.”

“Infinity Man would rather have the bullets deflect off of him, rather than risk a stray hitting a civilian. We shoot him once and then turn ourselves in. Understood?”

John smiled. “Lets fuck’n do this!”

Mike clicked open his cell and called Vincent. “We're a go”.


Jacob woke up at 3 in the morning. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was by far the most stunningly attractive woman he had ever laid eyes on. He went to the kitchen and fixed himself a drink and then went out onto the balcony. He stared out into the dark sky and looked for her. 'Where was she? How could he see her again? What would he say?' Jacob finished his drink, sighed and then turned toward his patio door. He looked in the dark skies wondering where she was. A light warm breeze washed over him and then the breeze turned into a gusting wind and it began pushing him back. Jake closed his eyes and pushed himself forward as the wind intensity became stronger and stronger. His feet lost friction and his body slammed into the railing and then he flipped over it and into a 100 story descent. His heart all but stopped as he looked at the ground 5 stories before splashing into the concrete. But right before he hit the ground two silky smooth arms wrapped around his waist and slowed and then stopped his fall. He turned his body around and faced his savior.

“Maybe you should leave the flying stuff to the professionals” She said to him as she stretched out one arm and began flying back up to the apartment.

Jake's body was being held tightly into hers by her one arm. His arms were wrapped around her narrow waist and his chest was compacted into hers quite comfortably. She rose higher and higher and then gently her boots touched down on his patio deck.

Jake's arms were still around her waist and he stared into her incredible eyes.

“You can let go now.” Infinity Girl said.

“Yeah … of course … I'm sorry … And thank you! You … saved my life … twice.”

She smiled at him “Well, I guess that’s why I’m here. Have a safe night now, Jake.”

She turned around and Jake almost missed his opportunity to invite her in for a drink after she displayed the absolute perfect contours of her pert ass. “Wanna … Come in for a drink?”

She looked back at him and stared at him through her rectangle framed glasses. Jake couldn’t tell if her look was one of angry or intrigue. “I suppose even a superwoman like me can use a break. Sure, lets have a drink.”

Jake was taken off guard by the acceptance. He opened his patio door and invited her in. He watched her curves as she strutted by him and into his apartment. He followed behind her and went to the bar. “So, what can I get you?”

“Just give me what you're having.”

Jake got behind the bar and began making 2 Gin and tonics. “So. What’s your deal? Are you Infinity Man's Wife? Girlfriend? Are you from the same planet as him?”

Infinity Girl looked around Jakes apartment. “Nope, nope and I was born on Earth.”

Jake finished making the drinks and walked over to her. “How is that possible? How do you have such power? I mean I’ve seen Infinity Man lift fuel tankers into orbit … Can you do that?”


“Shoot lasers out of your eyes?”

Infinity Girl arched her eyebrows and looked at Jake through her emo glasses. “Do you really want to find out?”

Jake smiled and handed her drink. “No, I suppose not.”

Infinity Girl took a sip of her drink. “I was selected to replace Infinity Man. To be honest, I had no powers less then a week ago. And now I have more power flowing through me than I could ever dream.”

Jake shook his head in amazement. “Wow … That’s incredible. So … Can anything hurt you? Say if a bullet hit you. Does it sting?”

“Oh, I hardly feel them. I guess if I had to compare it to anything I’d say they feel like raindrops. But if I get hit in some of my sensitive areas, well it can feel quite … sensual.”

Jake snickered “Bulletproof boobies. My girlfriend would be so jealous. She always goes on about how, if she had the powers of Infinity, she would rule the world. I suppose it’s a good thing you get them and not her.”

Infinity Girl smiled and there was a moment of silence between the two of them. Infinity Girl was done chatting. She leaned back on his counter top and gave Jake a sultry half smile and a wicked look. “So … Have you ever wondered what bulletproof boobies feel like?” She unzipped her half zipper at her chest and revealed to Jake her creamy smooth and firm cleavage.

Jake walked up to her cautiously. His desire for her was uncontrollable and it showed. His palms pushed into her big breasts and he kissed her passionately.


Two guards walked out of the Imperial Bank. One of them held a metallic briefcase and the other opened the truck door for him. The guard holding the briefcase was about to hop in, when 3 men concealed in black masks, carrying identical automatic rifles, took them by surprise.

“Hand over the case!”

The two guards looked at each other somewhat surprised.

One of the robbers became frustrated by their response time. “Hand over the fucking case!” he said, then took the butt of the rifle and smashed it into one of the guards's face. He fell unconscious to the ground.

The guard holding the case handed it over to one of the robbers. “You guys are idiots! Do you have any clue who’s guarding this truck!”

John aimed his rifle point blank into the guards head. “I don’t see your man in tights anywhere … How much you wanna bet I put a bullet through your skull before he gets a chance to stop it.”

Mike was getting angry. “Fuck sakes! Lets fucking move!”

John winked at the guard and then the 3 of them fled on foot to their get away vehicle.

Lyle got into the driver side of the G35, John got into the back and Mike got into the passengers side. The G35’s tires screeched as Lyle put it into gear and took off.


At 8.15 AM Thomas’s phone alerted him of the news that an Imperial Bank armored truck had been robbed . He drew in a deep sigh and then left his apartment which was one floor below Natasha’s. He entered her apartment. “Natasha!” he called out with no response. He drew another deep angry sigh and walked up the spiral staircase. ‘One tiny little job to do and she cant even do that, you stupid arrogant conceded little bitch!’ Thomas thought as he got and up onto the roof. He took in a deep breath and then yelled as loud as he could. “Natasha Beland! Get your fucking ass to the bank, Right Now!”


Infinity Girl was naked and on top of Jake when her super hearing picked up Thomas’s scream. She rolled her eyes and then looked through the wall and at Thomas who was on her roof top. “Ugh … I swear to god I'm going to have to teach that boy some manners.”

“What?” Jake asked.

Infinity Girl then looked at the Imperial Bank. One guard was down and the police had began arriving on scene. She got off Jake and got out of bed “Gotta go.”

“Aww don’t leave me.”

“Sorry, duty calls. Besides you should get some sleep.” Natasha spun like a top and a bright flash caused Jake to look away from her momentarily. She was back in her Infinity costume.

“Will I get to see you again?”

She smiled at him “Maybe … if you're a good boy”. She blew Jake a warm kiss which ruffled his hair and then she streaked off.


“I’m telling you! Infinity Man is not on the planet … If he was he’d have stopped us by now!”

Lyle took a sharp turn and a police cruiser turned on its siren and began its pursuit.

Mike clutched onto the doorhandle as Lyle punched it into 4th getting a good separation between the G35 and the cruiser. “Just stick to the plan!” Mike said.

John looked behind him as the cruiser began shortening the distance between them. “Why do we have to go to jail!?…We can get away! Lyle head to the river valley!”

Mike was getting frustrated. Why hadn’t Infinity Man showed up? What would Vincent do to them if they didn’t shoot Infinity Man? Lyle took a hard sharp turn momentarily breaking Mike out of his train of thought.

The cruiser took the turn tighter then the G35 and managed to get ten feet behind them. “Fuck it!” John yelled and took aim at the cruiser with his rifle. The automatic rifle began blasting through the rear view mirror in continuous succession. The bullets at first hit the front of the police cruiser and then worked their way into its windshield. The police officer in the passenger side ducked as bullets careened through his windshield. The sound of bullets whipped over the top of him and into the seats. His partner was not as lucky as one of the bullets punched through his forehead and the police cruiser veered into oncoming traffic.

Mike turned around and looked on in shock as the police car crashed head on with a mini van. Debris flew high into the sky and, even though Mike never had the best vantage point, it was easy for him to conclude that everyone involved in the crash was dead. “Oh my God! What the … What the fuck did you do?!”

John snapped in another clip. “Lyle! Hit the fucking gas!”

Lyle got onto a straight away with very little traffic and punched it into 5th. The car blew down the street at over 150 mph. Mike barely had a chance to see the girl who casually stood in the center of the road. Lyle couldn’t turn away even if he wanted to as the front end of the car smashed into her legs and then crumpled around them. The windows blew out and John's body flew awkwardly into the front seat smashing into the dash of the car and then through the windshield. The steering column pushed into Lyle's chest and eventually through him. Mike's head whipped forward violently and he lost consciousness as his seatbelt prevented his exit. And Infinity Girl stood casually in the middle of the street with a crumpled G35 wrapped around her. She lifted her leg out of the debris and her red boot pushed the wreckage away from her.

Mike's eyes opened. He tried to breathe but couldn’t. He tried again but coughed out blood. He opened the passenger side door and fell out of the car. He still held his rifle and he took aim at Infinity Girl.

Natasha smirked as he aimed the rifle at her. “Really? Did you not just see what I did?” She rolled her eyes and zipped up her half zipper so that a bullet couldn’t get lost inside her cleavage. “Alright give me your best shot!”

A man with a camera got out of his vehicle. Although her costume was different it was unmistakably a variation of the all too familiar Infinity Man costume. The man took aim at her and yelled “Infinity Woman! Say cheese!”

Natasha looked at the camera man and gave the man a sexy look. The camera flashed just as a bullet smacked across her face. Her glasses broke and a green goo was left by the impacting bullet which covered the right side of her face. She looked angrily at the man who shot her. “Oh you fucking little!” Two beams of energy blasted out of her eyes and into Mike, leaving only a shadow on the ground as proof that at one time he existed.

To be continued

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