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Crusader of Courage - Part 1

Written by CavemanNinjaJoe :: [Monday, 11 January 2010 13:35] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 20 December 2012 09:13]

Crusader of Courage #72 : Power Drain!

By Caveman Ninja Joe

Synopsis : What's this! Has world famous superhero THE COURAGEOUS CRUSADER lost his powers to his lady love? How can this be? Find out inside...


Jim Jenkins. By day... he is the billionaire CEO of a major fast-food company. But by slightly later in the day, he's known as... THE COURAGEOUS CRUSADER! Scourge of evil and protector of the helpless! Guardian of the city of Manhattanotropolis!

As we begin our tale, we find The Crusader in the pool out the back of his mansion on the outskirts of Manhattanotropolis. His afternoon swim is interrupted by his butler, Alistair Flint-Smith...

Master Jenkins? Incoming call from the Mayor on the hotline. He says it's urgent.”

Alright Al, I'll be right in. By the way, have you heard from Alison? She was supposed to come by here about now.”

No sir. I have not. Do you wish me to enquire after her.”

Please do Al.” Jim steps out of the pool, and walks inside. On reaching his vast study Jim picks up a phone embossed with the Crusader's bright red 'CC' logo.

Yes Mister Mayor. What's the emergency?”

Crusader? Thank God. It's Professor Crazypants! He's kidnapped a woman and taken her to his laboratory.”

Who's the woman?”

Allison Arndale.”

Yes! Professor Crazypants, long time foe of our hero, has kidnapped his lady love! Whatever will he do?

I'll be right there Mr. Mayor.”

Jim gets a determined look as he runs over to a bookshelf. He pulls on a red book near the bottom, causing the bookcase to swing back to reveal the secret hideout of the COURAGEOUS CRUSADER! Jim pulls on the bright red costume of the COURAGEOUS CRUSADER, covers his face with a black domino mask, and leaps out the window, flying at full speed to Professor Crazypants' laboratory!

Don't worry Alison. I'll be there soon.”

----| |----

Across town, a crazed middle aged man with thick glasses, wild hair and a lab coat stares out a window over the cliffs. A gorgeous, blonde haired woman with long legs and a fantastic bust dangles over a tub of green goo behind him.

So, Ms. Arndale... how do you like my new laboratory! Personally I can't say I care much for the drapes... but you can't beat the location!”

Give it up, Professor. It won't be long before the Crusader shows up to pull me out of this mess.”

Oh just because he already did that on... fifty-two separate occasions doesn't mean he will this time! HAHAHAHHAHAH!”

The Professor's high pitched cackling is cut short, as the roof crumbles above him.

Crusader!” Allison cries joyously, as our hero falls through.

Crusader!” spits the Professor.

Yes Professor Crazypants, I'm here. I don't know what you were hoping to accomplish by kidnapping... this young woman... but I won't let you get away with it!” The Crusader announces heroically.

You won't have a choice in the matter Crusader! Now that you're here, all the parts of my plan have come into place.” The Professor grins smugly as he walks over to a panel covered in buttons and blinking lights.

You see Crusader... the moment that I add living human tissue to the vat of electrified toxic waste...”

Wait, wait, wait... Electrified...Toxic...Waste...?”


You have a vat of Electrified...Toxic...Waste... sitting in the middle of the room?”

What's your point Crusader?”

That seems a little dangerous. What if someone falls in?”

Its not dangerous! Look, I made it bright green and everything! You can see it from far away! Fully OHSA compliant this place!”

Ugh. Whatever... you were saying?”

Huh? Oh... Oh right, um, yes... when I drop the girl in here... the vat will sap your powers, rendering you utterly helpless! With you out of the way, I can take over the world!”

Of course.” The Crusader says, rolling his eyes. “Well, what's to stop me just getting her down from there and carting you off to prison? Wait... let me guess... if I take her down, the loss of that weight will cause a giant laser to fire on a group of schoolchildren?”

Well... wait..yes! How did you know that?”

Because you did the exact same thing not five weeks ago!”

Oh... Well, in any case... You'll never get out of this one Crusader!” the professor yells, as he yanks on a bright red lever. The lovely Miss Arndale quickly descends towards the goo.

“Crusader!” The Crusader looks around, he spots a full 120 pound barrel of the ooze in the corner, and a long length of chain. “Perfect.” Moving faster than the human eye can see, the Crusader grabs the barrel of ooze, and floats up to the lovely Miss Arndale's precarious position.

“Hold still, I've got to time this just right!”

With the utmost care, the Crusader ties the barrel to the hook from which the gorgeous Allison is suspended. “Okay, time to...” Just then, Allison's toes dip into the goo. Allison and The Crusader's bodies are seized by electric shocks, and forcefully thrown across the room.

----| |----

Hours pass. Eventually, Allison stirs.

Ugh... what was that, why do I feel strange?” Allison feels a twinge in her breasts, spreading throughout her body. “Whoa... it's weird, but I kinda like it.” The beautiful blonde grabs at her heaving breasts, sending twinges of pleasure through her voluptuous body.

She moans in pleasure. She massages her big, beautiful boobs, her ecstasy growing. Her arousal continues to grow, her delicate clit begging for her attention. She gladly obeys its demands, moving a hand down to tend to it. She massages her tit and furiously jacks herself, getting ever more turned on.

Finally, her orgasm arrives. Her body spasms wildly as jolts of pleasure overwhelm her. She grips hold of a steel pipe for support. It crumples in her hand, as she bucks about wildly.

Allison gradually comes down from her high, and looks over at the pipe. “Holy crap, did I just crush a steel pipe... I did! But that must mean...” she looked over at Jim, and smiled. “I've got to get us back to the mansion, see what we can do about this!” She walks up to Jim, and easily lifts his much larger body into the air. Without a word, she runs out the door, bound for his mansion.

Ugh, this is taking forever! Can't I go any faster?” Allison groans to herself. She pushes herself harder, her long, sexy legs moving faster, every muscle flexing in unison as she sprints faster and faster, the world around her passing in a blur.

That's better. Don't worry Jim, we'll be home soon.” she says to his unconscious body, as she rips across the countryside.

----| |----

Hours... or maybe days... later, Jim stirs in his four-poster bed. “Ugh... my head... .”

Ah. You're awake sir. Have a pleasant nap?”

Nap? What... wait, Al! Where's Allison? Is she alright?”

Don't concern yourself sir. Miss Arndale is fine. In fact, she's out in the pool right now.”

Oh.” Relieved, Jim wanders out to the pool.

Hey... who said that?” Um... anyway... He finds the beautiful Allison in the pool, floating on her back, wearing a tight, bright blue g-string.

Hi Jim! Nice to see you're finally awake. Care to join me?”

Sure, I'll be right in.” Jim strips down to his underwear, and dives in.

Okay... seriously, who's saying that?”

Uh... Hi, I'm the narrator... “Narrator?” AGH! You're not supposed to hear me!

What was that babe?”

Er... nothing sweetie! Hmm, water's nice. Hey, Allison... do you have any idea how we got back here?” Uhm...ahem... Little does Jim know about how Allison returned them to the mansion!

What? How could Allison have got us both back to the mansion?” Hey! How does he know... what's going on here?

How did you know that I got us back here?” That's what I'd like to know.Err... I was awake for a little while on the way back.” Jim lies.

Oh.” Allison says. “Well, then this shouldn't come as a surprise.” Calmly, she leaps into the air, sailing higher and higher. Jim watches on in awe as she rises out of the pool, water running down the cleavage between her full, firm breasts. She splashes back down and poses like a gymnast who just stuck their landing.

Wow... that's.... hey... wait a minute,” Jim's voice drops to a whisper. “Dude, are you perving on my girlfriend!?” Uhh. No.

You don't talk about me like that do you?” Good God no! “I should hope not!”

Uhh, Jim... over here?” Allison said, splashing back down in the deep end of the pool.

Oh, uhh, right, sweetie that's, wow... wait.” Jim is suddenly alarmed. Could this possibly mean... “I... I can't fly! I can't use any of my powers!” Jim screams in frustration. “How could this have happened!”

Well Jim, using my new super-intelligence, I've determined that when you grabbed me as I was dipped into the goo, rather than simply sapping your powers as it was supposed to, the goo transferred them to me. However, when I was working towards this conclusion, I also realized that you should have been given some other kind of power when your old ones were taken away... can you think of any.”

Uhh....” Jim starts to say, clearly baffled by his gorgeous girlfriend's brilliance. “Quiet you!”


No... no I can't think of any at all. Nope. Nothing. Nothing whatsoever.”

Oh. Well, keep a watch out, never know when it might show.”

Just then, Alistair comes up to the side of the pool. Taking little notice of the glorious sight before him, he says “Sir, the hotline.”

Alright Al, I'll...” he pauses, turning to Allison. “...we'll, be right in.” Al nods and returns to his duties. Allison floats gracefully out of the pool while Jim stumbles to get up the ladder.

Hey, I didn't stumble!” Sure you did. Anyway, they hurry off to the study.

Crusader? There's an apartment building on fire in South Berhan. Can you make it?” Jim looks over at Allison, she nods softly.

It'll be dealt with.” Jim says slyly. “Thank you Crusader. Good luck.” The mayor hangs up.

So, you're up for this?” Jim asks the lovely Allison.

Yes. But I think I could use a little help mastering these powers. Could you tag along?”

Sure.” A beautiful smile crosses Allison's face, lighting up the room.

Oi. Down sparky.” he admonishes... me... quietly, Allison just raises an eyebrow. “Jim, do you have anything I can use for a costume?”

Hmm.” What's wrong with the G-string? “Quiet you. Okay, I've got a smaller costume downstairs from when I was a teenager, maybe you could use that one?”

Allison races downstairs. Moments later, she returns. The bright red shirt and shorts of the old Crusader costume are both several sizes too small, the incredibly tight top barely manages to contain her heaving super-breasts. The small yellow cape flutters out behind her like the wings of an angel. The tight, high heeled blue boots go most of the way up her legs, stopping nearly three inches short of the short shorts. Nearly all her belly is exposed.

... DUDE! Lay off my girlfriend... can't you find a Mrs. Disembodied Voice?...And my old boots do not have high heels!” Jim hisses. Look pal, someone has to describe what's going on here, or would you like to explain to her that you're talking to disembodied voices? Jim grumbles under his breath.

Come on Jim, let's get going.” Allison says, allowing Jim to climb on her back. “Alright then.” Allison, with Jim clinging tightly to her back like a large, ugly baby... “HEY!” .. run out of the house, saying a quick "See ya!” to Alistair on the way out.

Allison sprints along the streets of Manhattanotropolis, weaving in and out of traffic. In the distance, a vast plume of smoke looms. Jim climbed off, and stood back.

Alright Allison, super-breath should do the job, just inhale the air, and blow lightly on the building, your lungs will take the oxygen out of the air, allowing you to put it out. Just be careful not to overdo it, or you'll blow over the building and spread the flames.” Allison nods. Slowly, sexily, she turns back towards the burning building. She makes an 'O' with her lips, and sucks in an enormous lungful of air. Her gorgeous breasts push out, stretching the alien fabric of her costume to its limits.

What? What are you talking about, the suit's handling this fine...”

She bends forward, sticking out her fantastic ass. She parts her lips, and sexily exhales the compressed air. As her sexy super-breath reaches the building, the sudden drop lack of oxygen, as predicted, extinguishes the flames.

Damn, you really are a perv.” Jim whispers.

Huh? Okay, look, who do you keep talking to?”

You heard that?”

Super hearing, remember?” Allison says happily, her gorgeous face brightening once again. Hmph, I can't wait to hear this... .

Alright, fine. I've been talking to the narrator.”

What?! What do you mean narrator?”

Well, I've been having conversations with him ever since that incident in Crazypants' lab.”

And you're saying that's given you some kind of, what, 'Meta-Senses'?” Allison asks, looking at Jim like he'd lost his mind. Jim replies “Like you said, I got a new power out of that accident. Honestly, I'd rather have my old ones back, this guy's driving me nuts.

Uh huh. So what are you going to do about it?”

Jim looks down, then grins. “We're going to go to Crazypants' hideout in South Africa.”

How do you know he's there?”

Simple, I glanced ahead a few paragraphs.” Cheater. “Jerk.”

Great, so we need to fly there?”

Yep.” Jim says, climbing on her back again. And he still looks like an ugly baby.

Okay, Allison, focus on a distant point. Got one?“ Allison looks up in the sky, a moment later, she answers “Yep.”

Alright, now, imagine that point drifting towards you.” With that signal, Allison flexed her tight, sexy, toned buttocks, and rockets into the sky.

What? The powers don't work that way at all! Why the hell would squeezing... oh never mind.” Hey, my story my rules, bub. Allison cruises through the sky, bound for the lab.

Hey, which way is it?” she asks breathily.

----| |----

A few hours later, and our heroes spot a large white building in the distance. “That's it!”

How do you know?”

Read ahead again.” Allison rolls her eyes, and comes in for a landing. Her feet meet the ground with a soft *tump*.

No they didn't, she crashed into the ground, and we're covered in dirt! Aren't we Allison?”

Yeah, we sure are voice-that-only-Jim-seems-to-hear.” Hmph. Fine. The two of them pull themselves out of the crater made by their perfectly smooth landing, and walk towards the front door of Professor Crazypants' new lair. The door opens, revealing two vast black shapes.


Jim, I know what they are, how many times have you had to rescue me from these things? Look, just go... hide in the bushes over there, I'll deal with this.” Allison says, curling her hands into fists. Jim hurries over into the bushes like a scared little child...

Oh come on... I did not.” ...and squats down to enjoy the action. One of the battle-bots emerges, showing off its huge metal devil horns, a chaingun mounted to its left arm, a giant metal fist on its right, and red eyes, glittering in the sunlight. It walks over to Allison, but she stands her ground defiantly.

The mechanical monstrosity reaches down, wrapping its giant hand around her shapely, toned legs. “Long time no see you overgrown can openers.” Allison quips calmly, assured that her new powers will protect her. The robot begins to squeeze her. Clearly, Crazypants was none too pleased to see his new guests. Allison barely notices the robot's mighty grip.

Uh... Okay this is getting a.... omph!... little tight... Jim! I can barely get these to budge! How do I break loose?”

Detach the hand!” Jim yells from under the poison ivy. “This isn't poison ivy!” Keep telling yourself that, pal. Any-who, the lovely Allison fixes her eyes on the robot's wrist. Moving quick, she leans over, her gorgeous breasts nearly spilling out of her top... “Hmph. You wish.” she grasps the machine.

Here goes...” Allison wrenches the robot's arm to the right. Gears and metal plate scream as the robot's wrist is pulled clean from the body, and falls to the ground. Allison gracefully removes herself from the now useless hand's grasp, and flings it back at the robot, knocking off its horned head. The robot teeters and topples over, its power useless next to the power of the young woman! But this doesn't deter its twin, which steps out into the light.

Okay ugly, you want some of this. Come get it.” Allison announces boldly. The machine raises its right arm. Allison just grins.

Oh, that's going to hurt.” Um... anyway, the cylinders of the robot's chaingun spin up to speed. There is a deafening roar as the gun opens fire, spraying massive chunks of deadly lead at her gorgeous, unstoppable body. The bullets slam into her, making pinging noises that reverberate for miles, and Allison just smirks...

Um, yeah about that...”

Ow! Ouch! Ow, hey, knock it off! Ow...” the chunks of pernicious metal bounce off her firm tits and her tight abs, unable to do more than tickle her delectable form!

DUDE! Ah screw it. ALLISON!”

What? OUCH!”

You need to stop it shooting, find a way to seal up the gun!”

Argh! Omph... okay, think Allison think... ow!”

Now, as for you, are you going to describe this properly, or do I have to do it.” Fine! If you want to be like that, you try it. Its not as easy as it looks pal.

Alright then. Grimacing....” smugly as she... “HEY! What did we.... just.... say!” Sorry. Force of habit. “....Allison faces the mechanical titan, trying with all her might to ignore the pain of the bullets crashing into her. She looks up at the massive weapon, and has a brainwave. Okay, how does Jim usually do this? She thinks. She inhales, sucking in vast quantities of air."

Fast as she can, she presses her lips together, and blows. A stream of freezing cold air comes out. Slowly at first, icicles form at the ends of the chaingun barrels. Before long, they've frozen over entirely. The robot attempts to keep firing, but his gun is jammed by the now inch and a half thick ice.”

The weapon explodes, shrapnel lodging in the ground, in the walls of the lab, in the trees. The only one unharmed is Allison. She calls to Ji.. I mean, me..”

There. Done. Jim, you coming?”

'Be right with you sweetheart?' I say. There. How was that.” Terrible. “Really?” Alright, it was okay. I guess. For an amateur.

“Want me to keep going, or are you going to behave yourself?” I'll be good. “Okay then.” Ahem. Having polished off the battle-bots, Allison strides inside the lab, Jim following close behind.

----| |----

They walk into the main chamber, and spy Crazypants fiddling around with a control console. “Hello Professor.” Allison says calmly.

AIIIEEE! I mean... who the hell are you supposed to be?”

Uhh...” her voice drops to a whisper “Jim, did we come up with a name for me to use?” Jim can only shake his head. “Hey, I've got an idea...” Jim says to no-one in particular. “Mr. Narrator?” Yes, what now? “If this is your story, shouldn't you come up with the name?” Well..

Hey, what the hell are you two talking about... I'm still over here you know!”

Come on, please?” Alright, alright, keep your britches on. Let me get my thesaurus out here...

Hello, HEY! Someone pay attention to me! Supervillain over here! HELLO.... HELLO, HELLO, HELLO!”

Okay, how about Plenipotentiary-Girl? Let me just see what that means... yep, that could work. “Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue though...” Fine, how about Omni-Woman? ”How do you feel about being Omni-Woman?”

Works for me, thanks babe.” She gives Jim a quick kiss. For my hard work. Some days I hate my job. “If its bothering you that much buddy I could try and pass it along?” Screw you pal.

My name is... Omni-Woman!” Allison declares proudly.

Oh, now you remember the mad scientist! Hmph. Anyway, 'Omni-Woman', you now find yourself in... wait, do I know you?” Crazypants says, pointing at Jim. “Uh, I think we might have gone to high school together.” Jim says quickly.

Oh. Well anyway... Welcome to my South African lair.”

What's in that vat?” Allison points to a huge container of pink liquid.

Electrified Toxic Waste.”

I thought your Electrified Toxic Waste was green?”

Well, it was, until one particularly dim superhero took a dip in it... and he hasn't been seen since. Anyway, you've arrived at a great time my dear. You see, in just a matter of minutes, I'm going to change history!”

How do you plan to do that?” Allison asks sceptically, hands on hips.

With SCIENCE of course! I will load this container of my Electrified Toxic Waste into the missile over there, and blast it skyward. Once it gets high enough, it will freeze. This will make it expand, shatter the missile, and fall to earth. On impact, the shards will explode, showering the planet with deadly Waste, unless the world kneels to my demands!” Crazypants screams. Jim rolls his eyes. “So why freeze it, isn't it lethal yet?”

Of course not! Otherwise we'd all be dead! It's only deadly below ten degrees Fahrenheit.”

Good to know.” Allison smirks, and looks over at the missile. Her sexy, deep-blue eyes gaze at the weapon, then she squints. Her eyes go bright orange, turning to red. Suddenly, two beams of pure energy shoot out, ripping apart the side of the missile. The beams breach the fuel tank. The resulting explosion obliterates much of the lab, and ignites an inferno.


Sorry, Crazypants. Looks like your blackmail plan's going up in smoke!”

Well, gotta run!” Crazypants yells, and bolts for a back door.

Hey, Allison, is it getting kind of warm in here?” Jim asks. Indeed, the fires are heating up! Most of the lab is now consumed by the blaze. Although Jim is still well back from the fire, Allison is quickly engulfed. Far from worrying though, she quite enjoys the sensation of the flames licking, almost sensually, at her body. She feels her nether regions getting tingly as...

Hey Allison? Your nether regions feeling tingly yet?”

No. And frankly Jim that's the worst come on you've ever thrown my way.” Grumble, grumble. Whatever, lets get on with this. The fires continue to spread, until finally they reach the barrel of Electrified Toxic Waste. The vat quickly begins to bubble, large splashes of the pink liquid popping all over its surface.

Uh, Allison, I think we'd better go.”

Sounds good to me.” Allison replies, racing over to grab Jim. Before they can escape, the Electrified Toxic Waste comes to a boil! “Oh shit!” Jim yells. Allison turns around, just in time to see the container explode. Flames and gunk shower both of them, knocking them to the floor.

----| |----

As the sun pierces through the window of the mansion the next morning, Jim stirs on his four-poster bed. “Al, that you?” he groans.

Yes Master Jenkins.”

What happened back there?”

The lab the two of you went to blew up. Allison brought you back here last night. She looked rather shaken up.”

Is she alright?”

Yes, she will be fine. She's down in the kitchen getting some breakfast.” Jim, still woozy, clambers out of the bed and heads downstairs.

On the way, he trips on the top of the staircase and tumbles down... “Wait! What! There's no way I'm doing that!” Well, see, we needed a way to demonstrate you had your powers back and... “I've got my powers back?” Crap. Fine. Jim floats up into the air, and flies himself to the kitchen.

Allison, you here?” Jim wonders if Allison would be upset about losing the powers, and decides to approach the subject with caution.

Morning Babe!” Allison says cheerfully.

Hi sweetheart.” he says, giving her a light peck on the cheek. “How are you feeling this morning?”

Great!” she says happily. She picks up a large butcher's knife from the kitchen top. Jim looks at her nervously. “By the way, I think I'm finally getting used to this whole superpower business.” she says calmly, turning back to the bench. She slices her toast up at super-speed. Jim's jaw drops open.

Huh. Well that's different. Usually, any time something like this happens to me its all back to normal by the next week. Not that I'm objecting. It'll be a big help to have a sidekick around. Especially one this gorgeous.” Huh. Sidekick nothing. From here on out, Allison is the star of this series.

WHAT! You can't do that! I'm the star here... look, my name's right there in the title. You planning to change that?” Nope. We'll keep the name, just so that we don't confuse anybody when we release new issues. Besides, the editor's made it quite clear that Allison has to be in charge now.

What! Why!?!” Simple, look at the address bar up there.

www.superwom... Ah crap!” And so we end our tale ladies and gentlemen, with Professor Crazypants vanishing to goodness knows where, the Crusader pining for his lost star status, and Allison ready to take on her role as the new leader in this fearsome crime fighting duo! Nothing will be the same again!

Yippee... .”

Oh, get over it.



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