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Family Reunion

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Return Home, Family Reunion


Diary Entry - October 17th

I decided to take a little vacation to my parent’s home in California this weekend. My little sister Vanessa gave me a call asking if I could come home. She sounded very vague on the phone, but clearly wanted to talk about something. With my speed in flight, it would not be difficult for me to attend class in New York while visiting my parent’s home for a week or two. I’ve tested myself at about 720 kilometers per minute in the past giving me about a 4 minute commute. Sadly, the family does not know about my alternate identity except for my little sister. I will have to arrange for a rental car while at home in order to maintain the illusion of normality.

It will be good to see my little sister again, although I can hardly call her little anymore. She turned 18 about a little over six months ago, and is in her senior year at high school. Like me at her age, she is not sure what she wants to do with her life, and was more interested in boys than her long-term future goals. I have not seen her in over a year and half as my previous duties with Deus kept me too busy.

The last time we saw each other was during a previous visit to my family. While driving home at night, a drunk driver drove through a red light and smashed into our car. I was naturally unscathed by the accident, but Vanessa was seriously injured. At the hospital, the doctor’s required a blood transfusion to help stabilize my sister. Since my parents had not yet arrived, I agreed to provide her my some of own blood. Her condition slowly stabilized over the next few days, and she was out of the hospital a few months later with only a few scars easily concealed with clothing. Even though I had shared my blood with her, she never exhibited any remarkable abilities similar to my own.


== Home, California

Phaedra pulled up to her parent’s house in the rental car she picked up at the LAX airport. The drive through Los Angeles traffic was infuriatingly slow considering that her own speed could have taken her home in a fraction of the time. Phaedra had no intention of letting her parents know that she was a former member of the Pantheon and a living goddess. Doing so would only put her down the path to eventual discovery by the Justice Legion, and also endanger her own family whom she still cared for.

Phaedra’s parents lived the wonderful suburbia life of California complete with three bedrooms, two-bathroom house with a decent backyard. Her parents had bought it decades ago when they moved to California before having any children. Phaedra and her sister Vanessa had spent their childhoods going to the local school and lived the rather plain life of a middle class family. The cars present in the driveway instantly informed Phaedra that the whole family was at home. Phaedra parked her car on the street, grabbed her bags, and proceeded to surprise the family.

“Mom…Dad…I’m home!” Phaedra called out as she entered the house with her spare keys. Her mother came instantly running around the corner with a complete look of shock on her face.

“Phaedra! When did you get into town?” Phaedra’s mom, Samantha, declared in excitement as she embraced her prodigal daughter. “I am so happy you are here, but you should have called us! We could have met you at the airport, or at least prepared your room for you.”

Phaedra’s mother was a typical Californian housewife. Her dark brown hair seemed to flow in waves down her shoulders, even though white streaks were beginning to show. She was rather tall and still retained much of her athleticism from her youth. In her younger days, Samantha had been a local swim team star at her high school
and later college. She had been the driving force behind Phaedra’s athletic activities and later surfing escapades. Phaedra and her mother were nearly equal in height, although Phaedra had significantly larger bust size.

Phaedra returned her mother’s hug, and beamed as she showed her perfectly white teeth. “I know, but I wanted to surprise you all. Besides, I still needed to get a rental car. I don’t want to burden you or dad while I am here.”

“Being our daughter is never a burden to either your father or me. Come on; let’s go see him. He is probably so immersed in his work that he has not even heard us.”

Phaedra left her bags by the front door, and proceeded further into the house with her mother. The place was virtually unchanged since the last time that she was here. In fact, the place seemed almost unchanged since she had grown up and moved out so many years ago. She thought it was funny how her parents seemed to be trapped in time when it came to decoration and furniture.

As her mother predicated, Phaedra’s father had not heard a thing when Phaedra and her mother embraced. His face was dutifully planted into his work and papers lying on his desk. Phaedra’s mother stuck her head in the doorway as her daughter filled in the remainder of space. Phaedra’s father was a broad man of Greek heritage with dark hair, olive skin, and a stereotypical balding spot at the back of his head. Phaedra never understood how it seemed that 90% of all Greek men she met either had or were developing a similar spot. Her father’s family had come from Greece during the early part of the 20th century in what his father called the Asia Minor crisis. Phaedra and Vanessa were both second generation Greek Americans, but neither spoke much Greek anymore.

“George, someone is here to see you.” Phaedra’s mother said as she rapped on the doorway to bring her husband out of his reverie.

“What?” George turned to see what was going on, and was immediately greeted with the smiling face of her daughter. His look of confusion turned to an ear-to-ear smile as he realized what was going on. “Fay! When did you get in?” Phaedra’s father called out to her as he got out of his chair.

“Just a few hours ago, daddy.” Phaedra responded in kind as she embraced her father.

Phaedra spent the next few hours talking with her mother and father about the events of the past few months. While Vanessa’s car was in the driveway, she had gone out with some friends who stopped by earlier to pick her up. Her mother left a voice mail on Vanessa’s cell phone to tell her that Phaedra was in town. Until Vanessa’s return, both parents used the opportunity to see how their daughter was doing in New York.

“So you enrolled back into college finally?” Phaedra’s father asked.

“Yeah, I guess you could say my artistic phase is about over and it is time for me to finish what I started. I never had the connections to get very far in New York’s modeling and acting scenes anyway.”

“What do you mean? People should be falling all over themselves to get someone like you.”

“Yeah, but beautiful actresses and models seem to be a dime-a-dozen in New York City. It is not how beautiful you are, but who you know to get you a good job. Besides, I never wanted to…ah….compromise myself like some of my friends did in order to get a job.”

Phaedra’s mother beamed at the last comment, “Good, I am very proud that you never gave in to that kind of pressure. Where are you working now?”

Phaedra’s father, the ever-accountant, added, “Yes, NYU is not a cheap school. How are you balancing your living and school expenses?”.

“I am doing some part-time jobs in modeling and acting,” Phaedra smiled at her deception, “All those years of attempting to get into the modeling business weren’t for nothing. I also have been accepted for financial aid at NYU as well.”

Nowadays, Phaedra was entirely financially independent and had not even bothered applying for financial aid from NYU. Money left over from several Pantheon safe houses, and her own sale of some specially hand-crafted (literally) diamonds had resolved any monetary problems she may encounter. It also mixed well with her former cover identity she maintained while a part of the Pantheon. Struggling actress and model can often mean long hours away from
family or friends.

“Well, if you need any help, we are just a phone call away. We still have a decent amount of money saved up for Vanessa and your college degrees.”

“Thanks, dad. However, I think I am ok right now. Besides, I have found that I am a lot more responsible in my classes when it is my money on the line.”

“Good, good. I am really happy to see my little girl is growing up. Just remember that it is there in case you need it.”

As Phaedra’s father finished speaking, the sound of the front door could be heard opening and closing. A few seconds later, Vanessa walked into the living room with her school backpack slung over her shoulder. Vanessa’s face turned to a very wide smile once she saw that her older sister had indeed arrived to visit from New York. She let the book bag down onto the ground with a loud thud, and ran over to embrace her sister. Vanessa was in many ways a shorter
version of Phaedra. She had never been as athletic as her older sister, and never developed the well-defined muscle tone that Phaedra had. Because of her short stature, Vanessa’s breasts were also slightly larger than Phaedra. Both had been blessed with more than a few good genes from their parents. Vanessa’s long black hair flowed down her back like silk, and nearly touched the small of her back. Vanessa had also not bothered to change out of her school uniform yet. Her white shirt only seemed to draw more attention to her ample chest, and her plaid skirt gave a wonderful look at her long and shapely legs. Vanessa had always been more interested in boys than sports, and Phaedra knew she dressed to emphasize her tastes.

“Oh, I’m so happy that you came! Ok, you’ve got to tell me all about New York! I can’t wait to hear everything, and you will just love to hear about everything around here as well!”

Both parents knew that they should let their daughters catch up, and did not have much interest in hearing the two banter back and forth about boys, fashion, or whatever else their two daughters gossiped about. Dad took his queue first as he stood up.

“Well, I will let you girls reacquaint yourselves with each other. I need to get back to my work.”

Phaedra’s mother also got out of chair, and excused herself as well. “I had also better get dinner prepared. There is one more person I need to account now.”

Phaedra’s parents left the room, but both girls barely noticed as they immediately immersed themselves into talking about everything that had happened since they last saw each other. Neither Phaedra’s parents nor sister knew the truth about her or her powers so Vanessa also got the sanitized version of the past year of events. Phaedra quickly brought her sister up to speed on everything that had happened in New York.

“I can’t believe a body like yours doesn’t simply command a huge modeling contract by itself, Fay!”

“Or a porn contract,” Phaedra responded with a wry smile.

Vanessa got a devious smile, “Oh come on, you might like it.”

Phaedra smiled back at her knowing sister, and gave a little shove with her shoulder. “So what did you want to talk about, sis? That thing you did not want to discuss over the phone.”

Vanessa turned her head towards where her parents had walked off to with a slightly nervous look on her face. Her eyes seemed to sparkle for a split second or two, and then she smiled as she turned towards her sister. “Let’s not discuss it here. I don’t what mom or dad to overhear us. Let’s go to the field to talk about this more.”

Vanessa took her book bag into her room, and indicated she was ready to go. Vanessa claimed she was so excited to see her sister that she did not want to bother getting out of her school uniform right now. Phaedra drove Vanessa in her rental car over to the nearby empty field they used to play at as kids.


== California, Empty Field

The empty field that Vanessa suggested was surrounded by trees and secluded from the other houses in the neighborhood. The area acts as a playing field for local kids and teenagers. Phaedra remembered many times she would come here to make-out with boyfriends before being taken home to her parents. The short drive to the field was
uneventful as both girls sat in silence. Storm clouds in the air kept the field empty of kids playing even though it was Friday. The field itself had no parking lot per se so Phaedra pulled the car into the edge of the field itself.

“So what did you want to show me?” Phaedra asked as they both stepped out of the car.

Vanessa pointed over to the middle of the field, and responded, “It’s over there.”

Phaedra did not see anything with her vision, and decided to walk over to where Vanessa pointed. The field seemed to be completely normal, and not even her x-ray vision revealed anything below the soil. Just grass, dirt, and bugs seemed to make up the area indicated.

“Ok, I don’t see anything at all here. So what exactly am I…..” Phaedra turned as she finished her sentence and was shocked by Vanessa’s surprise. She had been so focused on discovering the hidden mystery of the field that her super-hearing never picked up the sounds of what Vanessa was doing.

Vanessa was standing at the edge of the field where the car had been parked. Instead of the car being parked right next to Vanessa, it was currently being suspended over her head. Both of her slender arms and delicate hands were hoisting the car above her head as if nothing at all was wrong. Vanessa had an ear-to-ear smile on her face as she stared back at her sister.

“So what do you think, sis?”

To prove her point, Vanessa began to do reps with the car by slowly bringing it up and down as if she was holding a pair of weights. She was obviously not exerting herself at all since her smile never wavered a bit in the process. The car made a light squeaking noise as it was moved in a way never intended by the manufacturer. Phaedra returned her sister’s smile, and started to walk back towards her.

“Oh, Fay! The car is so light. It doesn’t take any effort to lift it over my head like this. You won’t believe the other things I have found that I can do also!”

“Wow! That is incredible, little sis! When did this start happening?”

“A few months ago I started realizing that I was getting stronger. It was little things at first like being able to overpower my boyfriends. You should have seen the look of shock on their face when I was able to pin them to the ground. My strength just kept increasing and increasing, though.” Vanessa closed her eyes and turned her head up to the car over her head. She enjoyed the feeling of the massive vehicle being held in her small hands as if one of her schoolbooks. “I don’t know how this happened, but I hope it never stops…wha…?”

Vanessa felt a strong breeze brush against her skin, and realized that the car had left her hands. Unsure of what happened and worried that she dropped Phaedra’s rental car, Vanessa spun around quickly and looked up into the air. Her own look of shock doubled when she saw her own sister, Phaedra, floating in the air above her head while holding the rental car with only one hand. Phaedra smiled down at her sister as she expertly balanced the car in her slender hand.

“I might be able to explain some things, little sister.”

Phaedra floated to the ground in front of her sister who still had her mouth gaping open at the sight of what her older sister just did. Phaedra set the car gently down on the ground, and brushed the dirt off her hands at super-speed. The dirt literally vaporized from her skin, and left wisps of smoke floating away from her palms. Both girls lightly leaned against the hood of the car, but took pains to not cause any dents. Phaedra began to explain the long story of what had happened to her nearly 3 years ago. Of course, Phaedra left out the part about joining the Pantheon, and working as a supervillain for the past two years. Vanessa got a very sanitized version of the story that quietly explained away why Phaedra practically disappeared.

“So you dropped out of college after getting your powers?”

“Yeah, I could not control my strength very well, and needed some time to myself to learn how to use them. I did odd jobs in the city, and spent most of my time experimenting with what I could do.”

“Why did you not come home to us? I could have helped you. So could mom and dad.”

“To be honest, I was scared of what might happen. When I got my powers, I got all of them at once instead of gradually developing them over months. I nearly crushed my boyfriend’s arm by a simple grab. I could barely function, and was terrified that I might hurt more friends and family around me.”

“Oh, I see what you mean.” Vanessa’s eyes and expression showed that she understood that sentiment, and had probably experienced it herself. Like all the best lies, Phaedra’s story had a ring of truth around it since she had inadvertently hurt friends in New York after gaining her powers. The rest of the story was part of what Phaedra had been working on in her head for years in case her parents somehow discovered her powers. Phaedra never guessed that she would be telling it to her sister under these circumstances though.

“So if you got your powers in college, how is it that mine showed up while I am in my senior year at high school?”

“I don’t know, but it might have something to do with the blood transfusion you got from me a year ago. Remember the car accident, and how I was the only one around who could provide blood to the doctors in order to save your life? Maybe my super powered blood somehow caused your own powers to manifest early.”

Vanessa smiled at the idea, and openly contemplated to herself, “Yeah, that makes sense I guess.”

Phaedra was happy that Vanessa was buying this bit of untruth without any questions. If Phaedra did not know better, even she would believe it. In truth, Phaedra knew that the only reason her little sister got superpowers was because of the blood transfusion. Phaedra’s powers all came from Deus when the leader of the Pantheon used her godlike abilities to change Phaedra into the goddess she is today. Phaedra had acted, as one of Deus’ many enforcers of her will throughout the world as a Greater God in the Pantheon. As Phaedra’s blood mixed with her sister, it must had slowly changed Vanessa and gave her similar abilities. Phaedra wondered how equal in power she and her sister actually were. The only reason it did not kill her was probably because they both shared such similar genetics.

Phaedra smiled at her sister, and brought her out of quiet contemplation with her question. “Do you want to show me what else can you do?”

Vanessa obviously loved the chance to show off her super-abilities as her smile indicated. “Sure! I don’t know how strong I am yet, though. Not much around here has been able to really test my strength.”

“Then let’s start with that. Let’s see who can overpower the other.”

“Okay!” Vanessa jumped off the hood of the car, and turned to face Phaedra. Phaedra moved away from the car as well, and positioned herself so her back also did not face her rental car. Being thrown into the car would damage the car more than her, and most likely be hard to explain to the rental company. Phaedra began unbuttoning her blouse in front of Vanessa who looked on not sure what to do.

“You had better take off your shirt. Unless you want to explain to mom and dad any accidental rips or tears.”

“Oh, yeah, right.” Vanessa’s face registered instant understanding as she also began to unbutton her white school shirt. Vanessa tossed her shirt onto the car’s hood beside Phaedra’s discarded clothing. Both super girls also removed their shoes, and also laid them beside the car. Neither girl was wearing a bra, and the complete lack of sagging showed that neither would ever need one anyway. Phaedra gave an approving smile to her sister’s bare and ample breasts. Phaedra drew out her hand, and gave Vanessa’s right breast a playful squeeze. Her sister’s breast felt soft and firm under her immense strength, which lifted it with ease. Their firmness instantly reminded Phaedra of Bridgette back in New York, the female powerhouse of the Justice Legion. The thought of Phaedra’s strong lover so many miles away made her nipples slightly harden.

“Hmm, not bad at all.”

“Mmmm…” Vanessa murmured as she own hands replaced Phaedra, and cupped her breasts with even greater strength than Phaedra’s playful squeeze. Both of her massive mammaries raised up in her hands. The only thing unnatural about them was that they could only be moved by the immense strength of either girl. A normal human would barely be able to dimple even the softest part of Vanessa’s body. “Yes, they are wonderful and so sensitive. None of my boyfriends can barely get them to move, but I can feel everything they do to them.”

“Boyfriends, how many do you have?”

Vanessa closed her eyes and pinched her nipples at the thought. She gasped as her incredible strength sent waves of pleasure through her body. “Just a few. A supergirl like me can’t be satisfied with just one at a time, you know.”

Phaedra smiled at the idea, but made a mental note to talk to her more about this later. Right now she wanted to test her little sister’s level of strength and other powers she possessed. Phaedra raised her arms up with her palms facing Vanessa. “Here, take my hands. Let’s see who can push who the farthest back.”

Vanessa did as her sister ordered, and took her delicate hands into that of her sister. They interlocked their fingers, and slowly began testing each other’s strength. Not wanting to overpower the other, but girls started very lightly and began to quickly work their way up. With a few seconds, both girls were exerting tremendous amounts of pressure between their hands. Phaedra could feel her sister working harder and harder to exert more power upon her. Based on the force being applied, Phaedra estimated that both girls would have returned a steel bar to molten metal by their exchange.

Vanessa was surprised at the amount of strength her sister possessed. She did not seem to be exerting too much yet, while Vanessa was nearly starting to put everything she had into her arms. Vanessa knew that she was extremely strong, and could easily pick up a fully loaded heavy truck without any problems. She wondered how strong her sister was who did not even seem to be breaking a sweat during the exchange. Vanessa was determined to put everything she had into this and beat her sister. Vanessa was sure that her sister was her equal in strength, but just had more endurance than her. She figured she would win in the long run.

Phaedra felt her sister put even more power into her arms as she tried to outdo her older sister. Phaedra smiled inside, but kept her face expressionless. Based on the amount of force her sister was using, Phaedra estimated that she could probably pick up several tons, if not some kilotons, if she tried. Of course, that was nowhere near how much Phaedra could lift or exert. As Phaedra calculated her sister’s level of strength, she began to notice beads of sweat forming on her sister’s forehead. Her sister was putting so much into her exertions that she was actually starting to break a sweat. Phaedra kept applying more force as her sister continued to increase as well.

After nearly two minutes of exertion, Vanessa had finally reached her absolute peak in the amount of strength she could pump through her arms. What was near unlimited strength to a normal human had found limits to her older and much more super sister. Pride, however, kept Vanessa going against her sister as she was determined to put everything into this. Vanessa felt the sweat forming on her forehead, and also throughout the rest of her body. She was glad that she followed Phaedra’s advice, and removed her shirt before this test of strength. Line of sweat could be felt running down her generous breasts and over her erect nipples. Vanessa smiled at the thought, and pushed even harder against her opponent.

Phaedra saw that Vanessa’s arms were starting to tremble at her own exertion. She was obviously putting everything she had into the final bout before she would have to concede. Phaedra could tell that the strength coming out of her arms was truly immense, and would give quite a number of Justice Legionnaires a good run for their money. Of course, it was still several times less than Phaedra’s own level of strength. That did not stop her from beginning to break a sweat, however. While Phaedra’s strength was much more than her sister, it was not without its limits as was her own endurance. As Vanessa’s arms began to shake more and more violently, Phaedra decided to end their contest. Phaedra began increasing her own strength until it overpowered her sister. Despite all of her efforts Vanessa began to feel herself being pushed backwards on the field. Within a few seconds her feet were sliding across the grass and beginning to dig two trenches. After traveling 10 feet backwards and up to her ankles in dirt, Vanessa’s arms finally gave out and she fell backwards to the ground.

Vanessa hit the ground with the force of a jumbo jet falling out of the sky. Her body made a loud thud as it hit the ground, and sent shockwaves through the air. The waves even caused the rental car to bounce 3 feet off the ground. Phaedra took a step back from the shockwaves as well. While her sister had exhausted herself, she was obviously unharmed by the event. After a few seconds of catching her breath, she looked up at her topless sister standing over her. She quickly noted Phaedra’s breasts partially obscuring the smile that was stretched across her sister’s face.

“Wow! You barely broke a sweat!” Vanessa exclaimed as she sat up. After standing, Vanessa looked herself over to take inventory of how she fared. “Look at me. I am almost completely drenched in sweat.”

“Yeah, I was starting to worry about you, little sis.” Phaedra made sure to put emphasis on the last two words of her sentence. She placed her hands on her hips and smiled mockingly back at her sibling.

Before Phaedra could react, Vanessa punched out at super speed towards Phaedra’s stomach. Caught completely off guard, Phaedra took the full force of the super punch and flew back towards the edge of the field. She landed on her firm ass, and found herself seated next to a large tree. Vanessa laughed at the look on her sister’s face as she sailed across the field.

Angered by her sister’s sucker punch Phaedra got to her feet, and responded, “Oh, it’s on now.” Phaedra reached out to the large tree beside her with both hands. After getting a firm grip on the trunk, she ripped the tree out of the ground with little effort. The tree made a large ripping sound as its roots struggled to hold them to the ground. Unable to resist such titanic force, the tree retched free into Phaedra’s soft hands that held it like a bat.

Before Vanessa could even react to Phaedra’s actions, Phaedra stepped into range of Vanessa, and slammed the tree down on her sister with all of her might. The leaves on the tree instantly flew in all directions as its long trunk came down on the powerhouse standing in the middle of the field. The force of the attack caused Vanessa to be thrown to the ground as the huge tree came down on her shoulder. She sat up as quickly as possible only to find the ruined tree coming down on her against from an angle. Vanessa braced herself this time, and thrust out her chest.

The tree trunk smashed into her ample chest, which proved the stronger of the two opponents. The top part of the tree trunk snapped off at the edge of her breasts like a dead twig. Vanessa’s nipples proceeded to make two deep grooves in the trunk as Phaedra rotated it away from her body. Realizing what was happening and feeling no pain from the attack, Vanessa only smiled and hummed deliciously as the rough bark raked against her impenetrable skin.

After Phaedra pulled the remainder of the trunk away for another swing, Vanessa jumped to her feet and grabbed the large section of the tree that broke away upon impact, and threw the piece of smashed wood towards her sister. The trunk sailed towards Phaedra at a phenomenal rate, but Phaedra was quick to react to the new threat. Rather than drop her weapon or let the trunk hit her, Phaedra decided on an alternate solution.

Two beams of blazing energy and heat left Phaedra’s eyes towards the flying trunk. Upon striking the wood, the trunk turned into a fireball and quickly reduced itself to ash while still in the air. The remaining ashes scattered across the path between Phaedra and Vanessa. After the log was destroyed, Phaedra let her beams continue towards her sister. They struck her directly in her breasts, which seemed to absorb their power and energy.

Vanessa’s look of shock quickly turned to pleasure as they beams danced across her nipples. She bent her head back, and bit her tongue in ecstasy over the sensation. After giving her sister a playful taste of her heat vision, Phaedra shut things off before getting out of hand. Vanessa quickly recovered and looked back towards her sister.

“How did you do that?” Vanessa quickly walked over to a large boulder that had sat in the park for ages. The rock had been used by many local children to climb and play on before a local topless super woman got her hands on it. The boulder lifted easily out of the ground despite its large weight and size. Vanessa had no trouble lifting the rock over her head. The rock seemed to dwarf the thin and beautiful teenager holding the huge weight effortlessly above her head. The young powerhouse of might threw the boulder towards her sister. It sailed through the air, and was dead set to hit Phaedra.

Once again using her superior speed and prowess, Phaedra ducked out of the path of the boulder and positioned herself as a baseball batter. She took the remaining tree trunk in her hands that dwarfed her overall body, and used it as a bat against the incoming rock. The boulder smashed into the tree trunk with full force. Phaedra made sure to position her right hand on the tree trunk so it too would impact the boulder. The tree trunk literally exploded as the boulder impacted it, and went through to the palm of Phaedra’s hand. Rather than allow the boulder to be smashed against her invulnerable hand, Phaedra quickly reversed the motion of the boulder as best she could without shattering it, and sent it sailing back towards her younger sister.

Vanessa was in awe of the control that her older sister had over her powers. Obviously she had been training quite a lot in order to do the things she could. By the time Vanessa realized that her sister had caught and thrown the boulder back at her, it was already too late. The flying boulder slammed into Vanessa’s chest with so much force that it literally exploded in all directions. Vanessa felt the boulder’s solid and cold surface hit her invulnerable skin and breasts. Her breasts instantly drove deep and wide grooves in the boulder. Her diamond hard stomach caused the boulder to shatter into dust cloud of millions of pieces, which flew in all directions.

As the boulder dust and shards flew away from Vanessa, her vision cleared again to see beyond the immediate cloud. She was shocked to find her sister no longer at the edge of the field, but directly in front of her. She had moved with such incredible speed that Vanessa could hardly calculate. Before Vanessa could do or say anything, Phaedra smirked at her sister with a wide grin. Phaedra then began to punch Vanessa in her stomach and chest at super sonic speeds. Phaedra’s fists moved so fast that Vanessa could not follow them. Within a second or two Phaedra had already punched Vanessa nearly a dozen times. Vanessa could feel the impact of each and every one of the punches as if she was a normal human being. Of course, Vanessa also knew that any normal human receiving these punches would be reduced to a cloud of red mist.

After a dozen more punches, Phaedra dropped her hands and blew towards her sister. Vanessa felt as if a tornado suddenly slammed into her body as she was propelled backwards toward the trees. Her body spun around three times before impacting a tree at the end of the field. Vanessa’s invulnerable body sliced through the tree as if it was tissue paper. The top part of the tree came crashing down beside Vanessa a moment later. After recovering from her brief flight and Phaedra’s punches, Vanessa looked up to see Phaedra standing over Vanessa with her arms on her hips.

Phaedra smirked at her sister, and said “Playtime’s over, little sis. Let’s see what else you can do.” Phaedra held out her hand to Vanessa as a gesture of truce between the two beauties. Exhausted by Phaedra’s superior speed and power, Vanessa took hold of Phaedra’s hand, and used it to bring her up right. A quick inspection showed that the skirt that it part of her school uniform was miraculously gone undamaged and only had a little dirt from the tussle. Phaedra’s attack had left Vanessa completely winded, but she found herself quickly recovering thanks to her vastly superior constitution.

After more experimentation, Phaedra soon had a good grasp of the extent of her sister’s powers. Vanessa seemed to be able to do almost everything that Phaedra could, but to a lesser extend. By the average Justice Legion member standards, she was much stronger, resilient, and faster than others. She was, however, certainly not as strong, resilient, or as fast as her older sister. While she could run at outstanding speeds, Vanessa was not able to match the speeds that Phaedra could obtain. Phaedra also found that with a decent amount of effort injure her sister, but her sister was barely able to even faze Phaedra. For some reason though, Vanessa did not seem to have the ability heat vision ability that Phaedra had. Phaedra could not tell, however, if this was simply from lack of experience or training on Vanessa’s part. After more experiments, the sun had finally left entirely covering the field in darkness. Both girls, though, had little trouble seeing each other in the darkness despite the absence of streetlights.

Phaedra and Vanessa lay beside each other on the field’s grass. Both were still topless from their recent fight and experiments. Vanessa had gone a step further and removed her skirt to prevent it from getting any dirtier than it already was. She lay on the grass in white g-string underwear, and enjoyed the sensation of the grass against her firm and shapely behind.

“So tell me about your boyfriends?” Phaedra inquired.

Vanessa smiled at the question, “Well, as my powers grew more, I found it harder and harder for a single man to really satisfy me. I mean they are so weak by themselves so I decided to improvise on the situation.”


“And I found that several strong men attending to me seemed to do the trick. Of course I also found myself getting off when they all tried to resist me, and not follow my orders. It is so cute seeing their muscles bulge up against my slender arms.” Vanessa caressed her arms for a bit as she talked about her men.

“So you setup a little harem, then?”

“A harem to worship their goddess, fuck yeah.”

“How much do they know about your abilities?”

“Some know everything, while others only know what I have shown them so far. They all know about my superhuman strength and inability to harm me.” Vanessa giggled at the thought. “That is always the first thing they find out when they try to resist me.”

Phaedra did not care for Vanessa’s attitude at all. While Phaedra was also setting up her own little harem of playthings in New York, she did so much more discretely in order to prevent any discovery. The last thing she wanted was for the Justice Legion to discover her, and find out she was a surviving member of the now defunct Pantheon. Having a sister recklessly revealing her newfound powers was the last thing Phaedra wanted.

Phaedra gave her sister a stern look, and stated, “You really should be careful whom you reveal your powers to.”

Vanessa closed her eyes and began tracing the outlines of her breasts with her fingers. Her sharp fingernails nipped and tickled her diamond-hard nipples as she did so. She rolled her eyes as she responded, “Why would I ever do that? They can’t do to my sweet and sexy body if I don’t wish it?”

Phaedra turned on her side to face Vanessa, and propped her head up on her hand. “Because they could turn you into the Justice Legion, which in turn would come after both of us. Do you want to be told what to you can and cannot do by the Justice Legion?”

Vanessa smiled at her sister showing her perfectly white teeth, “My boys would never do that. None of them would live long enough to tell anyone much, and I doubt they could live long without my beautiful body. You should hear how some of them absolutely beg me to let them touch my body.”

Phaedra smiled at the idea, and even felt her own nipples hardening at the idea of men begging her for the honor to touch her perfectly smooth and warm flesh. She knew her sister was on the right track, but just needed some guidance to keep her from making some wrong decisions. The Justice Legion would never stand for her little harem of men, willing or otherwise, and would certainly disprove of Vanessa using her powers for her own pleasure and advancement. Of course, having Vanessa become a member of the Justice Legion could be a valuable asset to Phaedra later on.

“Let me call up some of my more experienced boys to meet us here. I need to get a good release after all of this exertion, and I am sure you could do with some fun after the long flight from New York.”

Phaedra laughed at the idea, “Yeah, all four minutes of my journey. Don’t forget that neither of us need airplanes to get anywhere.”

Still lightly playing with her breasts, Vanessa smiled at the idea, and began to float upwards off the ground. “Exactly.” Vanessa floated higher into the air, and then rotated her body towards the ground as she flew over the car. Vanessa retrieved her cell phone from the car, and proceeded to call two of her boys. Phaedra could hear the voices of both individuals she called tremble as she ordered them to come to the field. Phaedra was certain that both probably had a love/hate relationship with her younger sister. They probably loved and obsessed over her body, but were terrified of the power that she possessed. Phaedra just had to help Vanessa make sure that their fears did not become greater than their desires.

As she floated back to Phaedra, Vanessa stopped by the cluster of boulders that had supplied her with the larger rock earlier. Vanessa bent over to pick up the remaining boulder, which was even larger than the one she had grabbed earlier. Vanessa could barely get her hands around the boulder in order to pick up, but did managed to get a good grip by digging her fingers into the solid rock. Despite the large size, Vanessa had no trouble lifting the huge weight from the ground. Earth turned up as the mighty schoolgirl goddess pulled the boulder easily from the ground. Phaedra looked on at her sister’s work. She got an ample look at Vanessa’s backside as she bent over. Phaedra wondered what Vanessa did to people who tried to cop a feel in the hallways at school.

Vanessa hoisted the boulder over her head, and continued floating back to where Phaedra was lying on the grass. She then let the large rock down beside Phaedra, and used it to lean against as a sort of impromptu chair. Still interested in playing, Vanessa took hold of an edge of the boulder she was sitting on. A quick twist of her wrist broke free a portion of the rock a little larger than her own hand. After making sure it was what she wanted, Vanessa took the rock’s rough, broken edge and started rubbing it across her nipples. The rock itself began slowly grinding away as her diamond-hard nipple cut small grooves into the rock. “They will be over in about 15 minutes. I don’t think I will ever get over being able to do this, though.”

Phaedra watched her sibling with half-hearted interest as she asked more questions, “Exactly how many boyfriends do you have right now?”

“Five men from the school football team and a geek from the science club.”

“A geek? Doesn’t sound like your type?”

“Yeah, I know. The guys from the football team used to tease and push him around all the time. One day they had him cornered against some lockers for some jock comment he made. Being in a generous mood that day, I pushed my boys aside and came to his rescue.” Vanessa laughed at Phaedra’s baffled face. “You should have seen their faces when I brought him into the group later that night. It really gets under their skin when I have him around, which is so cute. He is actually quite good.”

Phaedra got an extremely puzzled look on her face, “How? From previous experience?”

“No, I popped his cherry and have been training him since. I am a fucking dream come true for him, and he does everything he possibly can to please me. He is so enamored with my enormous might, and loves to watch me demonstrate it. The jocks from the team are more jealous of my powers than enamored.”

“Hmm, I never thought about it that way.”

“Yeah, it surprised me too. As dad would say, he has put well over a 120% into my harem thing.”

“Any girls in your harem?”

Vanessa smiled at the question, and said “Funny you should ask. A lot of girls check me out in the locker room at school, but that tends to be more jealousy than anything else. One girl in my PE class has been checking me out more than others. About a week ago she and I were the last ones getting dressed in the locker room so we started talking…”


== James Madison High School, one week ago

Vanessa and Kaylie were alone in the women’s locker room after PE class, and were changing back into their school uniforms. The locker room was very non-descript with concrete walls, small grilled windows above the lockers to allow in light, and dull gray school lockers to store student clothes and bags. Both girls had been ordered to store the used equipment from class before changing. This had caused them to be dead last in getting to the locker room just as the last of the other girls finished and left.

Kaylie was a local member of the swim team, and had a body that reflected her sport. She was a bit taller than her fellow classmates, and had a very toned body. Like Vanessa, Kaylie was also a senior who had put off her PE class until the last semester. Since joining the class, she had always been amazed at her fellow student, Vanessa. During junior year, Vanessa had been decidedly smaller in breast size. Once she returned for senior year, Vanessa’s breasts seemed to have doubled or even tripled in size. Kaylie was sure that Vanessa had convinced her parents to get her plastic surgery, although she could not understand why. Vanessa was already one of those highly attractive and popular kids in her class. Kaylie could also not understand why Vanessa would get implants so large. It made her look almost like a porn star. After wondering for weeks, Kaylie was unable to resist asking Vanessa since everyone else was gone. She decided to take the chance, and finally ask Vanessa what was on her mind.

“Hey, ah…Vanessa.”

Vanessa turned her head to look at Kaylie, “Yeah, what’s up?”

Kaylie got a wry smile on her face as she asked; “I wanted to ask you about your implants.”

Vanessa couldn’t believe what she heard at first, and irritably resonded, “My what?” She turned to face Kaylie, and intentionally did not bother buttoning her white shirt she had just put on. Her school shirt stood open revealing her perfect breasts, which stood high on her chest. Her plaid skirt and socks were already on since Vanessa was almost finished changing.

“Oh, come on, Vanessa. Where did you get your boobs done over the summer?”

“Sorry, Kaylie, but these are 100% real.” Vanessa took her hands, and lightly lifted her breasts to emphasize her point. Her bounce sent ripples through her silky boobs as her arms applied tremendous force to move them.

“No, they’re not. They are too high and large to be real. Oh come on, I won’t tell anyone. I just want to know.” Kaylie responded with a knowing look on her face.

“No really, they are real. Here feel them if you don’t believe me.” Vanessa took her open shirt, and opened it slightly more to provide better access to her luscious breasts. She thrust out her chest towards Kaylie in order to tempt her further to touch them.

Kaylie could not resist the opportunity, and still did not believe Vanessa in her claims of their authenticity. Kaylie stepped over the wooden bench that stood between them, and took hold of each breast in her hands. Kaylie was instantly amazed at how firm they both felt despite their large size. It felt as if each was completely packed, and found she could barely move or dimple them. Kaylie tried squeezing Vanessa’s breasts, but found that she was unable to get more than a light dimple out of them. Vanessa’s tits felt so strong and powerful that it actually started to turn Kaylie on.

Despite all of Kaylie working out to tone her body, she had never been able to feel as powerful as Vanessa did right now. Kaylie used her thumbs to rub back and forth over Vanessa’s nipples. Vanessa’s nipples responded to her actions by hardening in front of her eyes. Vanessa smiled as she watched one of her classmates become so enraptured with her super body. She thought was it was exciting that even another female would be so amazed as her body. Vanessa hummed pleasantly at Kaylie’s actions, and asked, “So do you still have doubts?”

Kaylie could not believe her eyes as she felt Vanessa’s mounds. The skin was like silk to the touch, and she could not find any blemish whatsoever anywhere. Kaylie could feel her mouth drying as she watched, and unconsciously licked her lips. She felt her face slowly coming closer to Vanessa’s chest to get a closer look. Before she realized what she was doing, her face was right in front of Vanessa’s right nipple. It seemed so perfectly round and hard to her touch. Kaylie could not stop herself when she slightly opened her mouth, and took Vanessa’s right nipple into it. Kaylie’s tongue lightly touched upon Vanessa’s nipple, and began to lightly trace its sides. Vanessa’s skin tasted like honey in her mouth, and Kaylie could not believe the light and exotic fragrance it seemed to exhume.

Vanessa smiled even more as Kaylie began sucking on her nipple. She had only wanted to prove Kaylie wrong, but was equally curious as her fellow students reactions. Had her body alone seduced Kaylie into her actions? She had never heard of Kaylie having any interest in women, and had never considered the idea herself until now. Vanessa felt Kaylie’s tongue continue to play over her nipple, then followed by her teeth as they bit down and lightly grinded it. Vanessa leaned against her open locker behind her, and brought her hand up behind Kaylie’s head. As she did so, Kaylie brought a free hand up to feel Vanessa’s other breast and begin pinching her nipple.

Kaylie was in absolute heaven in regards to Vanessa’s breasts. They truly were powerful and perfectly real. Their honeyed taste in her mouth only made Kaylie crave more. Kaylie experimentally bit down harder, which only caused more excitement from Vanessa. This in turn excited Kaylie more. She had always like being rough with her boyfriends, and something really excited her that she could be equally if not more rough with the softest part of Vanessa’s body. Kaylie allowed one of her hands to trace down Vanessa’s smooth stomach towards her skirt. With a little work, her fingers made their way beneath Vanessa’s skirt and began brushing her soft bush. She experimentally teased Vanessa’s clit with her fingernails, and was amazed when she only moaned in response.

Vanessa used her free hand to grab onto the locker door next to her. The door was closed shut, but that did not stop her fingers from sinking into the metal like playdoh. Vanessa clinched her hand, and caused the locker door to crumple. Vanessa subsequently pulled the door right off of its hinges with a powerful thrust of her arms. The metal door was unable to resist the cosmic force within the teenage goddess’ arm. As Kaylie pleasured her, Vanessa used her free hand to crumple the locker door further into a makeshift ball. As she was finishing, the period bell rang in the locker room indicating the next class was about to start.

Kaylie jumped at hearing the period bell, and was instantly brought out of her ecstasy between Vanessa’s breasts. She looked up at the ringing bell, and knew that the next class of students would be coming in soon. Kaylie turned to Vanessa with a worried look on her face. She wanted more of Vanessa, but was unsure how to proceed.

Vanessa could see the conflict on Kaylie’s face, but already knew what she was going to do. Vanessa wanted to explore this opportunity, and Kaylie was the best person since she started it. Vanessa asked, “Do you believe me now?”


“Care for some more?”


“Then meet me after school, and we will finish off what we started.”

Kaylie got a nervous and happy smile on her face. She obviously wanted to continue, but was also torn with the fact that their display would be very public very soon. Kaylie nodded her head in agreement, quickly buttoned the last of her shirt, and left for the next class. Vanessa took her ball of locker door, and placed it in her school bag. It would provide amusement during next class. Moving in a blur, Vanessa buttoned up her shirt and took off for her next class as well.


== California, Empty Field

By the time that Vanessa finished telling her story and several side-notes, the rock in her hand was whittled down to little more than pebbles. Rock dust over the front of her body and legs since the rock proved no match for Vanessa’s powerful nipples.

“After school ended, we headed off to a more remote place. Neither of us was very experienced so we spent a lot of time experimenting between each other. I was really surprised how turned on she got when she saw me demonstrate my real strength.”

Phaedra thought it was cute to hear about her sister’s experiments and harem, but wished to change the conversation to a more serious subject on her mind. “So how about mom and dad? Do they know anything about this?”

Vanessa’s face got pensive about the matter as the last of the rock crumbled out of her hand. She wiped her hands free of the rock dust, and looked up into the night sky. “Not yet, and I am not sure whether or not to tell them. I want to tell them all about it so they can be proud of their little under-achiever.”

Vanessa had always been more interested in fashion, boys, and other material things to care much about her grades. While Phaedra had the grades and a small scholarship for college, her parents had no illusions that her little sister would follow the same path. “Ever since I began to change my grades have been pulling up without me even trying. A few weeks ago, I read through all of my year’s schoolbooks in an hour. My memory is even improving. I can remember just about every detail in those books now. I even aced my first History test of the year.”

“Have you thought about what you are going to tell mom and dad when they find out about your grades? Their first thought will probably be that you are cheating off someone.”

Vanessa got an annoyed look that even her sister would think that. “That is what my History teacher thought at first. The principal actually called me into the office while my History teacher quizzed me about the test.” Vanessa laughed as she brought the scene into her mind, “You should have seen both their faces when I answered all his questions, and even mentioned facts that were not included in the test.”

“What did they do after that?” Phaedra asked.

“Not much right now. I think they are still trying to figure out how I transformed over the summer from cliquish and flighty Vanessa into soon-to-be class valedictorian.” Vanessa laughed more at the thought, “Do you think I should start preparing my graduation speech?”

Phaedra did not care for what she was hearing too much. Vanessa’s interest in boys was well known by everyone so her circle of boy toys would go mostly unnoticed. Vanessa was never, however, anything close to an A student, and that would get noticed. Phaedra came to the conclusion that she had to get her sister to calm down her grades to more “normal” levels that everyone expects of her. If not, Vanessa could bring about the watchful eye of the Justice Legion, which would lead back to Phaedra in New York City. Despite Phaedra’s low opinion of those within the Justice Legion, she knew they were far from stupid. It would not take much of a stretch to connect a super-strong girl’s sibling in New York with the damage she and Bridgette caused at Club Zero and other parts of the city. While Phaedra’s time with the Pantheon showed her that she is above mortals, she still had certain feelings towards her mortal parents.

Phaedra decided that she had to reel her sister in before things got too out of hand. It was time for Phaedra to once again exert her will over her little sister. Phaedra got a stern look on her face as she confronted Vanessa. “Look Vanessa, you have to be careful with your new powers just as I had to be. You shouldn’t be so brazen with your classes like this.”

Vanessa gave an annoyed and hurt look at her sister. She hated it when Phaedra went into what Vanessa dubbed ‘big sister’ mode. Now that she had superpowers just like her sister, she should be able to do what she wants with them. “And do what? Start failing classes again? Be more like the normal, flighty party girl that everyone expects of me? No thanks, sis, but I like the new me.”

“What will mom and dad think if they find out?”

“Find out what? That their little daughter can bench-press a truck without breaking a sweat, or that no one can do anything to her if she doesn’t wish it. I still don’t understand why you have been hiding what you can do all these years.”

“Maybe I didn’t want the Justice Legion screaming down my neck and telling me what I can and cannot do.”

Vanessa scornfully replied to her sister, “So you did what? Hide like a little girl? Not something I would expect from my big sister.” Vanessa only laughed at the last comment, which got Phaedra’s blood boiling inside of her.

Phaedra stood up from the grass, and stared slightly down into her sister’s eyes. “You have no idea what I have been doing then or now. You…” Phaedra could feel her anger at her sister boiling to the surface.

Vanessa knew how to push Phaedra’s buttons more than any other being on the planet. She turned away from her, and looked back up into the sky. She snappily interrupted Phaedra, “Blah. Blah. Blahblahblah. Don’t give a damn what my coward of a sister did. Face it; you’re just jealous that in a few months I have nearly as much strength, speed, and raw power as you. In another year, who knows how much stronger, faster, and better I will be than you.” Vanessa brought her arms up, and gave a strong flex with her impervious muscles. “Huh, little sister?”

Being teased by her kid sister caused when she was trying to give honest advice caused Phaedra to finally vent her frustration upon Vanessa. The back of her mind knew that Vanessa was only doing this to push her buttons, but that part could hardly be heard over the rage inside of her. Phaedra decided that she had heard enough of her sister, and would show her another lesson. Moving in nearly a blur, Phaedra reached down and grabbed the bottom of the boulder that Vanessa was sitting on. With a mightily pull of her arm, Phaedra lifted the boulder effortlessly off the ground and let go. The rock and its passenger sailed high up into the air. At one point Vanessa slipped off the rock and hovered high above the field. The rock itself continued flying upwards, and disappeared into the stratosphere. Phaedra was sure that the rock would most likely reach orbit and beyond.

Phaedra’s telescopic vision zoomed in on her sister high above who looked down with an angry look on her face. Vanessa turned herself upside down, and shot back down to earth at full force. She balled her hands into fists, and shoved them in front of herself. Before Phaedra could react, Vanessa’ came rushing down at supersonic speeds upon her sister. Both of her fists hit Phaedra squarely in the chest.

Vanessa’s indestructible fists punched right into each of Phaedra’s large breasts causing them to do something rarely done before, sink inwards. Phaedra gritted her teeth as she actually felt some light pain at her sister’s attack. She was surprised at the force her sister was able to put behind the blow. The attack caused Phaedra to fall to the ground, and literally dig a deep trench as her body was pushed into the ground. Vanessa was instantly on top of her, and her face showed all the fury that her sister shared. Years of living under her big sister’s watchful eyes and thumb finally appeared to be coming to the surface.

Vanessa kneeled on top of Phaedra with Phaedra’s stomach in-between her bare legs. Vanessa’s quick flight downwards had literally ignited her underwear, which had quickly burned off before she even hit ground. Vanessa began pounding on Phaedra’s face with her fists as she finally vented her frustration and rage. With each blow, Phaedra’s head was beaten more and more into the earth. After a second of such beating, Phaedra recovered herself and took action to remove her angry sister from on top of her. She struck out with her left hand to powerfully bat away Vanessa’s fists. The power of the blow caused Vanessa to wrench sideways against the dirt wall of the trench leaving a deep impression. Phaedra quickly followed through with her right first, which connected directly with Vanessa’s beautifully small chin. The force of the blow violently tore Vanessa off Phaedra, and sent her flying back deep into the forest several meters behind her.

Phaedra quickly got up, and examined herself. Her tight-fitting jeans were absolutely ruined, but she paid no attention to them. Her entire body was covered in splotches of mud and dirt from Vanessa’s attack. Phaedra scanned the area to see where Vanessa had gotten off to. Despite her enhanced vision Phaedra could not seem to locate her sister in the field or within the trees. Phaedra began to float lightly out of the trench her body had created, and kept scanning the trees for any sign of her sister. Finally, Phaedra came to settle at about double the height of all the trees that surrounded the field.

After several seconds that felt like an eternity to Phaedra, her super hearing finally picked up something to her right. Phaedra turned to see what the sound was, and found her rental car flying incredibly fast towards her. Even angrier that her sister decided to use Phaedra’s rental car, Phaedra balled her first up and punched the car with all of her strength as soon as it came within range. Phaedra’s first easily penetrated the front grill of the car, and proceeded straight into the engine. The force of her attack caused the car to explode in mid-air. Waves of heat and flame washed over her invulnerable body as pieces of the car’s body and engine bounced harmlessly off her skin. Phaedra was too furious to notice the wreckage as her sister stood on the ground with her hands on her hips and a big ear-to-ear smile across her face.

Phaedra was determined to wipe that smile off her sister’s face after what she did to her car. Phaedra felt a burning sensation build in the back of her eyes, and finally become unleashed upon her sister below. Twin beams of searing heat raced out from Phaedra’s eyes and darted towards her sister. The beams struck Vanessa directly in the face, which caused her to instinctively step back. Without moving her head, Phaedra’s heat vision became focused straight upon her sister’s ample breasts. Vanessa gapped in amazement of the sensation as the beams heated her tits to near intolerable levels. The sensation was a combination of incredible pleasure and pain all at the same time for her.

After a few seconds, Vanessa decided that she could not take anymore and darted off at super speed into the trees. Phaedra’s heat vision followed quickly behind her into the forest, and quickly ignited the trees that crossed the path of her vision. The heat boiling from Phaedra’s eyes caused each tree to practically explode in fireballs. Vanessa darted between trees, and quickly lost Phaedra within the blaze that she caused. Phaedra turned off her heat vision to see the trees that line the edge of the field to be ablaze. The field held fond memories for Phaedra when she was growing up, and seeing it ablaze only made her angrier with her sister.

Phaedra landed on the field, and ran into the burning forest in search for her sister. Her body moved as a blur through the trees, and the fire did not even tingle her skin. What remained of her jeans quickly caught fire and began burning themselves. Phaedra stopped at brief moments to look around more in search of her sister. If she had looked up, she would have seen Vanessa looking down at her sister in the blaze while sitting on a large tree branch. Phaedra finally came into range, and Vanessa used the opportunity to surprise her. Vanessa had decided to try and be cleverer as she fought Phaedra since her older sister has proven to be stronger and faster earlier.

Phaedra had little warning as Vanessa dropped down from her tree, and smashed feet first onto Phaedra’s head. Phaedra had not anticipated her sister hiding in the blazing trees. This time, however, Phaedra’s lightening reflexes kicked in allowing her to react quicker than last time. Phaedra gave a good shove to Vanessa after her feet connected with Phaedra’s face. As Phaedra stumbled backwards to maintain her balance, Vanessa was sent flying away from Phaedra and through a tree. The tree itself stood little chance against the Californian goddess whose body smashed through it like paper. The tree’s trunk exploded into a million pieces as her body sliced through it. Gravity forced what remained of the upper part of the tree to come crashing down to the ground with a loud groan. Vanessa landed on her ass, and slid into another tree behind the first. The second tree absorbed more of the impact as its main trunk snapped like a twig.

Completely unharmed by Phaedra’s shove or the trees, Vanessa quickly got to her feet and charged Phaedra. As she did so, Vanessa held out her arms like the wings of an airplane, which sliced through three tree trunks like a knife through hot butter. Phaedra watched her sister approach, then stepped aside as her right hand took hold of a nearby tree. Using her awesome strength, Phaedra pulled the tree down on top of Vanessa as she ran forward. The tree screamed in protest as its roots were ripped out of the ground by the beautiful hands of the divine creature. Vanessa swiped the tree out of her path with one hand whose force caused the trunk to explode from the force. Vanessa came into range of Phaedra, and began trying to replicate the super fast punches her sister did on her earlier.

Vanessa’s hands punched all over Phaedra’s body at lightning speeds. Phaedra was surprised at her sister as her hands moved as blurs between each blow. Each contact with Phaedra’s body sounded like a shotgun blast, and sent ripples throughout her body. Phaedra’s large breasts bounced heavily with each blow. While each blow was powerful enough to knock through inches of steel plating, it did little to Phaedra’s unstoppable body. Finally, Phaedra decided to show her little sister another ability that she had picked up over time. Phaedra flexed and tightened every muscle she could in her body all at once. Raw power flowed through her muscles as they tightened to become steel cables within her body.

Vanessa quickly found that her punches seemed to have little effect on her older sister. She was amazed at the power that Phaedra seemed to possess. Vanessa was also amazed when her hands started to hurt when she hit Phaedra. Phaedra appeared to be concentrating on something, but she could not tell what exactly. All of Phaedra’s muscles seemed to be defining themselves even more than before. A second or two later, Vanessa felt like she was a regular schoolgirl punching a brick wall. Each subsequent impact of her fist caused more and more pain to her hands. Vanessa stopped her attack on her sister, and looked at her hands. She was surprised to see light bruises to be beginning to form from the impact. She looked at her sister with a puzzled look on her face, and asked “How….?”

Before giving her sister a chance to finish the sentence, Phaedra blew out a strong wind from her mouth towards Vanessa. Barely a few feet away, Vanessa received the full force of the tornado that left Phaedra’s mouth. She found herself being propelled back against her will into the forest. Vanessa landed on her back beside the smashed trees from earlier. Phaedra moved as a blur through the forest again, and came to stand over her little sister. Phaedra got an evil smile over her face as she looked down upon her sister.

“Here little sis, let me show you some other tricks I have learned.”

Phaedra focused her heat vision on her sister’s breasts, and unleashed a torrent of energy upon them. Vanessa felt her breasts heating up quickly just as before. Pleasure and pain seemed to mix between each other as the beams of energy played over each nipple. Vanessa took hold of her large breasts, and could feel the heat emanating from them. Each breast was glowing from the heat being generated from Phaedra’s eyes. Phaedra began moving her heat vision down Vanessa’s body until it came to her pussy. Phaedra took a step back to get into a good position, and let her beams dance over her sister’s clit. The warmth and pleasure from it was instantaneous, and caused Vanessa to cry out. She arched her back, and reached down with one hand. Phaedra cut off the beam a second later.

Vanessa felt the beams end, and could feel the warmth quickly begin to dissipate from her nether regions. She opened her eyes to see Phaedra standing over her. “Look what you did to this field! I am not even here one day, and you are already causing trouble for me here.”

Vanessa’s eyes burned back at her sister with an equal amount of anger. She hated the fact that her sister was still able to best her despite her new powers. She had been so proud of her new abilities, and was looking forward to trumping her sister for once in her life. Phaedra had always been the faster, stronger, and more intelligent of the two sisters. Phaedra was going somewhere while Vanessa was destined to be someone’s boy toy until she got old.

“Trouble for you! How can you be so self-absorbed? I finally got something great, and all you can do is tell me not to tell anyone!” Vanessa yelled back at her sister. Vanessa’s anger could have burned a hole in the sun. As she lay on her back, Vanessa reared up both her legs and gave the hardest shove towards her sister who was just within range. “How dare you spoil this for me!”

Phaedra caught her sister’s legs with little effort as they thrusted out towards her. Both of Phaedra’s hands closed around each of Vanessa’s ankles in a vice grip her sister was unable to break. Vanessa tried to pull her legs away from her sister, but could not move them an inch. Only her own body shook around on the ground as she tried.

Phaedra continued to stare into her sister’s face while holding her sister’s legs. “How dare I spoil this for you?!? Maybe you need some time alone to think about the situation, little sis.” Phaedra raised her arms up and over her head, and brought Vanessa completely off the ground. Vanessa’s head hovered slightly above the ground as her entire body pointed straight down. Vanessa attempted to stop her sister, but none of her blows even seemed to phase the python grip her sister held.

Phaedra reared her arms up, and with a mightily force brought them straight down again. Vanessa’s indestructible body smashed into the ground causing a slight tremor from the force. The ground proved little resistance to her, however. Dirt and rocks were pulverized as Vanessa’s body was literally driven into the ground by her superior sister. Phaedra continued to push down with enough force to knock over a large building. Within seconds on her actions, Vanessa was completely buried upside-down to her knees in the ground. Vanessa flailed her arms around to try and get out, but the lack of good leverage only caused her to slowly sink further. Phaedra’s superior hearing could pick up Vanessa’s cries of outrage and anger at the embarrassment her sister was pounding on her.

In the distance, Phaedra’s super hearing began to pick up the sound of fire and police engines responding to the forest fire the two girls had started. Phaedra decided that it was a good time to leave the area. “Why don’t you stick around here for a while, sis? Some quiet time to yourself might remind you which one of us is the older sister. I think I am going to go see what happened to the boys you ordered to come over here.”

With Vanessa’s shapely bare legs still sticking up out of the ground, Phaedra took off vertically into the sky. Completely naked, she surveyed the devastation the two girls had wrought over the field they spent their youth playing in. The fire had spread throughout most of the field, and would be difficult for the fire department to contain quickly. A few strategic gusts of her super breath would easily rectify that situation, however. Phaedra was not in a kind mood, however. The earthbound deity turned her gaze towards the mass of suburbia that surrounded the burning field. A few scans of cars traveling in the area quickly led her to the car holding two of Vanessa’s harem boys. The car was traveling slowly down the road as fire engines sped past them. Once the fire engines had past they were alone on the road in the darkness. Phaedra decided to use the opportunity to make her move.


== Oakhurst Street

Harold and John drove down Oakhurst towards the field their mistress ordered them to come to. Both of them were familiar with the area, and had been around here before. Vanessa often had them bring her to the field or another spot she liked in order to entertain herself away from prying eyes. Both travelers were members of the local high school football team, and had been former boyfriends of Vanessa before her transformation. After her transformation, they quickly found themselves “recruited” back into her service as she called it.

The driver of the car, Harold, was a local linebacker from the team, and had a body to prove it. People could easily say he was built like a brick shithouse. Tall, broad, and covered in muscle is what best-described Harold. Ironically, the stereotypical big and dumb characteristic did not fit with him. Unlike other teammates, Harold had been able to hold his own with his classes and grade level. While he was no star quarterback, his grades and size assured him a good future at a college of his choice. Harold was the oldest in the car at 19.

John sat in the passenger seat with his fellow teammate. John was in perfect contrast to his teammate. His blond hair was the opposite of Harold’s deep brown, and did not have the immense size that Harold shared. While John kept himself in excellent shape all around, he fit more into your average high school senior. Not sure what he wants to do with life, or where he is going to go after high school. John lives for the moment, and jumped at the chance with Vanessa when it came up. Little did he know what he was getting into at the time.

Harold’s Honda Acura sped through the dark streets of suburbia while its passengers sat in silence. Suddenly, Harold noticed something ahead of them in the darkness on the street. At first, he thought it was a deer until he got closer to see that it was actually a woman. Harold slowed his car down as he came nearer to the woman on the street. She stood in the middle of the road with her hands on her hips. She was completely naked from head to toe, and had a wide smirk across her face. Her long brown hair flew in the light breeze that blew threw the neighborhood.

The woman looked as if she spent her entire day working out every day of the week. Her legs had a muscular tone that seemed to flow with power. Her tight stomach could show trace outlines of her abs. Her arms held a sharpness and curve that barely hid their true power. Her large breasts seemed to challenge gravity itself, and stood with just the slightest curve. Finally, her face gave way to a pair of exotic and piercing eyes coupled with a most perfectly supple lips either boy had even seen. The magnificent beauty stood before them as a perfection of the human race, and striking resemblance to their own mistress.

Harold came to a rolling stop as both students looked up the woman in awe. While Vanessa was beautiful, she seemed even more so. While Vanessa was powerful, she seemed infinitely more. For a moment, neither of them could say anything but sit there with their mouths open. Phaedra enjoyed the spectacle of the boys’ stares, and allowed it to last a bit longer.

“Phaedra?” Harold finally responded lightly under his breath.

“Huh, you know her?” John asked back to his teammate.

“Uh, yeah. I think. I think she is Vanessa’s older sister. She was a senior at our school during my freshman year.”

“God damn, she’s beautiful. How many sisters does Vanessa have?”

Before Harold could say anything back to John, Phaedra decided to take action. She stared directly into Harold’s eyes, and pointed directly at him. Phaedra then began to slowly saunter around to the driver side of the car. Both of the car’s inhabitants continued to look upon her with awe and desire. Phaedra grabbed the side of the driver’s side door with her right hand. Her fingers dug deeply into the metal, which screamed loudly in protest. Once she had a good grip, Phaedra pulled with her arm and ripped the door completely away from the car.

“You have a new goddess to serve now.” Phaedra said directly into Harold’s eyes as she looked down upon him. The ruined car door seemed to be held effortlessly in her hand as if a forgotten schoolbook. Phaedra reached into the car with her left hand, and grabbed Harold’s seat belt by his shoulder. A quick tug downwards ripped the line directly from its base within the car. Phaedra then let go of the useless belt, and grabbed Harold by the shirt.

Harold found himself being pulled out of the car like a rag doll by the angelic figure standing over him. Despite his massive weight and size, it was easily apparent that Phaedra was having no trouble at all lifting him. Phaedra adjusted her grip on his shirt, and lifted Harold until his feet dangled above the pavement. Harold was amazed by the power that Vanessa’s sister seemed to possess. He had never known that her entire family was super, and was astounded by how much more beautiful Phaedra was than Vanessa.

Phaedra turned her attention away from her captive, and back towards the remaining passenger in the car. “You. What is your name?”

“Ah, John.”

“Tell my sister that I will return her toy to her once I am done with him. Also tell her to let my parents know that I went out with some old friends, and won’t be back until very late.” Phaedra smirked at the next comment, “If you can, also tell her not to stay out too late tonight. She has a big day at school tomorrow.”


Harold quickly interjected, “Mistress!”

“Yes, Mistress!” John finally replied.

Phaedra turned back towards Harold who still dangled above the ground in her grip. “Good boy. It looks like we are already off to a good start. Now let’s see what those little muscles of yours can do for me, shall we?” Phaedra let go of the car door, and grabbed a tight hold of Harold in both hands. Phaedra made sure that her cargo was nicely secure with his face nestled between her glorious globes. She then proceeded to float upwards into the sky, and took off towards the coastline to find a remote and secluded beach area that she was fond of.

John watched in amazement as the heavenly angel carried off his friend and teammate. He could not believe his eyes when he first saw her, and had a harder time wrapping the idea that she was Vanessa’s sister. Why had she picked Harold, and not him? What should he do now? Where was Vanessa? The cool autumn breeze blew into the car through the open space where the driver-side car door used to be. The keys were still in the car ignition as the engine continued to hum. Thankfully Harold had absently placed the car in park after they encountered Phaedra.

Several minutes later, John was brought out of his reverie by the acute sound of tapping on his passenger door window. He turned to look at what had caused the noise, and literally jumped in his seat at the site. While normally exotically beautiful, the woman in front of him looked like the living dead. Vanessa was covered head to toe in dirt and mud from his time in the ground. Her normally silky dark hair was completely a wild mess, and equally caked in dirt. Her expression is what caused more of the shock than anything else. Her eyes seemed to pierce right through John with seething and wild anger. Realizing who was standing before him and unsure of what to do, John rolled down the door’s automatic window.

“Where is Harold?” Vanessa asked venomously.

“Ah…he….ah…went with your sister,” John slowly replied.

Vanessa’s eyes closed slightly and her mouth tightened in frustration at the news. “And where is my dear sister?”

“Ah…She…ah…I don’t know.”

Vanessa’s enhanced brain was able to easily guess what John almost said to her. Rather than search out for her sister and continue to their dispute, Vanessa decided to leave it until another night. They would both have a lot of explaining to do tomorrow. Besides, she needed time to think about how to handle her sister. Phaedra was obviously extremely more powerful than even she was. Vanessa decided that a quick release of stress through John would help her mood before returning home. “John. Lock your door, and don’t get out of the car.”

“Ah, yes mistress.” John obediently replied.

Vanessa walked over to the driver side of the car. She would show Harold what happened to people when they stood her up for her sister. Vanessa grabbed the driver side door that was still lying on the road where Phaedra left it. She picked the door up without any effort in her hand, and examined it front and back. John watched Vanessa examine the door when a flash of anger came across her face. She grabbed sides of the door suddenly, and pulled inwards with her arms. The metal squealed loudly in protest, and the glass still within the window shattered to a million pieces. Unable to resist the teenager’s will, the door bent inwards and folded nearly in half. Vanessa took what remained of the door in
one hand, and threw it like a Frisbee into the night sky. The door sailed away from the two teenagers like a bullet until it was lost in the suburban forest of homes.

Vanessa turned towards the car again with its lone passenger inside. John had seen Vanessa display her power many times before, and was no longer in the complete awe he had been initially. Under the present circumstances, he was more scared of Vanessa and briefly considered running. He knew that she could certainly hear his heart loudly slamming against his chest, and also knew that he had no chance what so ever to escape from her grasp. Vanessa looked into John’s face for a moment, and got an evil smile across her face. She was obviously enjoying in fear, and knew exactly what he was thinking.

Vanessa bent down in order to get a grip under the car. Just like with the car door, the weight of the car itself was almost meaningless to the Californian super being. The driver side of the car lifted to nearly a forty-five degree angle. Vanessa used her other hand to grab onto the bottom of the car, and made sure to get a firm grip with both hands. Once the car was firmly in hand, Vanessa pulled herself upright and took the car with her. Within a moment, the Honda Acura was suspended over Vanessa’s head as she stood completed naked and covered in dirt on the street. Vanessa began to lift off the ground, and fly upwards away from the prying eyes of nearby houses. With the car still held above her head, Vanessa turned towards the more forested area towards the edges of suburbia.

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