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Be Careful Where You Point That Thing

Written by conceptfan :: [Monday, 13 November 2006 03:00] Last updated by :: [Friday, 15 February 2013 09:09]

Be Careful Where You Point That Thing

by Conceptfan


Jason and Phil usually meet before classes a couple of streets away from college. This morning, Phil is holding a strange-looking object, reminiscent of a prop from a 1950s B-movie.

"Looks like a kid's pretend laser-gun" Jason opines. "Where'd you get it?"

"From a pile of junk they cleared out of a house on my street," explains Phil.

"Does it make a noise or flash or something?"

"Dunno. Haven't tried yet."

Phil is about to press the trigger when he is distracted by Amanda Groves walking on the opposite pavement. Amanda is the hottest girl in college by a mile. She has long, silky brown hair that shines even on a grey day, big green eyes that sparkle like polished emeralds, a cute nose and sexy, pouty lips that occasionally stretch and part to uncover a smile as bright as ten galaxies.

Amanda's body is the subject of the frantic daily fantasies of most of her male colleagues. Her waist is remarkably slim, accentuating both the alluring curve of her hips and the drool-provoking swell of her stunningly round and inescapably big bust. This morning, her ripe breasts are being contained by a tight white shirt. Her limbs are long, exquisitely shapely and slender in a gorgeously feminine way. She knows she's hot and she doesn't try to hide it. When she walks down the street, the instruments of her allure do not merely bounce and sway in loose harmony. They make a symphony.

Today, Amanda's erotic orchestra is playing for Steve Gibson, her boyfriend. His eyes light up and he catches his breath when he sees the vision in sex walking towards him. Steve is six-foot-two, handsome, fit and muscular. Amanda throws her long arms around his neck and they kiss.

"What's so special about that bastard?" Jason asks, as he and Phil stare in pure envy.

"If this was a real laser, I'd zap him right now," says Phil, pretending to shoot Steve with the toy.

"What the fuck?" both boys exclaim. A thick purple beam flies from the end of the gun towards the kissing couple. Just at that moment, Steve lifts Amanda from the street and spins around with her, laughing. The purple light clearly hits the sexy brunette's back. For an instant, she's bathed in magenta, then the beam vanishes.

Amanda throws her head back. Steve loses his grip on her and she falls, knocking him backwards off his feet onto his rump. "Yes!" cries Amanda, as if in the throes of an orgasm. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" She starts to shake and falls to her knees, straddling Steve's legs. No-one sees that the pavement under each of her kneecaps has cracked.

"Amanda! Are you alright?" Steve asks. Amanda's eyes are shut. Her mouth is open and she's panting and trembling.

"Oh god yes!" Amanda moans. It really is as if she's cuming. Steve tries to extricate himself from between her thighs and is shocked to find he's wedged. He tries to push her off him and somehow can't.

"Amanda!" yells Steve. She doesn't register. She'd squeezing his legs uncomfortably tightly.

"Oh!" she yells. "Oh … my … ggggoooodddd!" Suddenly, her knees close in a violent, involuntary spasm. Steve screams. Amanda's sexy firm thighs have crushed his hips, and crumpled his pelvis. Steve's eyes roll into the top of his head and blood comes out of his mouth. He's no longer screaming. Or breathing.

Gasping, Amanda recovers herself. "What the hell just happened to me?" she asks. "Steve, did you do something?" Finally, she opens her eyes. "Steve? Steve!!!" Horrified, she jumps to her feet, and notices Phil and Jason staring, open-mouthed, on the other side of the street. Phil is still holding the purple-beam-gun.

"You!" shouts Amanda. Her voice is so loud it knocks the boys back a step and rattles windows. Angrily, she points at Phil. A green beam of light shoots from her finger, engulfing him. Instantly, his feet leave the ground. His arms and legs thrash about like an overturned beetle's and just as hopelessly. He can't move. He's being held in place, three foot above the ground, by the green energy from Amanda's finger.

"What the fuck?" asks Amanda. She shakes her hand to try and stop the beam. The green laser follows her movements. Phil is lifted high into the air and then slammed down into the street as she redirects her digit. By the time she's worked out how to shut off the beam, he has been dashed to a pulp.

"What's happening to me?" she yells, semi-hysterically. Jason just stares back. She examines her finger, narrowing her eyes at it. This time, two red lasers shoot from her eyes. They pass right past her finger without effect, but her sleeve, several inches away, catches fire. To her shock, the red lasers melt a deep bore in the street by her feet. She blinks and they vanish.

Panicking as she notices her burning sleeve, she moves to blow out the flames, pushing out her thick lips and exhaling. The air leaves her mouth with a roar. All the dead leaves and bits of litter on the street rise and fly away from her. Amanda blows so powerfully that Jason also rises, like the leaves. He yells as he is thrown by the hurricane into the wall of a house thirty yards away.

People are coming out on to the street now to investigate the commotion. There's screaming as the carnage is seen. A man rushes up to Amanda, putting his hand on her shoulder. “What happened?” he asks. “Are you alright?”

Amanda is still freaked out and the hand on her shoulder unnerves her. “Get off me!” she says, trying to brush the man away. Her thin arm smacks his midriff and hurls him across the road, still rising as he disappears over the roofs on the far side.

“Oh my god!” she exclaims, as the realization finally dawns on her. “I've got superpowers!”

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