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Charlie's Angel

Written by lfan :: [Thursday, 30 March 2006 08:50] Last updated by :: [Monday, 17 December 2012 10:22]

Wednesday, January 22, 2006

Dear Diary,

What a night! I finally got up the courage to tell Charlie about my secret over a romantic dinner and it went better than I could have imagined! SO MUCH better! I guess I’m getting ahead of myself so here’s the summary:

Tonight was Charlie and my three month anniversary of being together so I thought we would go out to our favorite restaurant and I would spill the beans, but when I got home and nervously opened the door, Charlie had the room setup with candles and a crackling fire.  I almost cried at the sight of the gesture, and it only reinforced the notion that I was so lucky to have Charlie in my life and that I knew I had to come clean.

After dinner, we sat in front of the fireplace and kissed, only coming up for air for a sip or two of champagne. Finally, after Charlie was a little tipsy, I knew it was time to tell everything.

“Charlie, honey.. I have to tell you something!”

“Huh?” A puzzled look swept over Charlie’s face, an emotional cocktail of confusion, panic, and, I imagine, slight inebriation swirling inside Charlie’s gorgeous head.

“Shhh.” I said as I reassuring put my finger over my lips. “What I wanted to say is the past three months have been the most wonderful time of my life.”

“For me too, Sabrina. I ---”

“SHHH!!!” I hushed again, inadvertently knocking Charlie over due to tipsiness and my casual superbreath.

With Charlie laid sprawled over the floor, in the blink of an eye, I was on top my smaller body pinning Charlie’s to the floor, A smile on my face and a metal fireplace poker in my hands.

“How did you ---”

“Shhh.” I hissed as I slowly unbuttoned my blouse, revealing the familiar white and yellow starburst emblazoned across my spandex enveloped chest.

“Oh my god, Sabrina! You’re Meta-girl!”

Smiling with a casual nod, I looked into Charlie’s eyes, the look of bewilderment and disbelief soon replaced with reassurance and caring. I knew it was going alright at that moment!

As I felt Charlie’s firm hands trace the contours of my curves, I threw my head back, my silky blond tresses shimmering like golden spun silk in the dim light of the fire. Holding the poker across my upper chest, I waggled my fingers for show and then slowly and sexily slid it down my body, the cold metal pressing tightly against my even-tighter dark blue spandex halter top.

“Oh, Sabrina.” Charlie whispered as I felt the firm touch of two hands on top of mine as I continued pulling the bar downward, Charlie wanting to feel and share my power. It was so mind-blowingly sexy!

Feeling Charlie’s grip over mine, I felt myself getting wetter with every passing second. As I traced the bar over my upper chest, the metal rod paused for a second as if it was a cornered animal and didn’t know what to do. But it had no choice it had to bend, being lodged against my chest. Slowly, the poker emitted a muffled whining as Charlie’s hands in mine continued to slide the bar down. With my chest refusing to yield, the forged steel had no recourse other than to bend around the perfect symmetry of my 35Cs.

My superhearing detected the sound of Charlie’s heart racing – practically exploding – over the eroticism of it all. In a superblur, I stripped our clothes off as we then rolled along the floor, kissing passionately and then spending seemingly endless hours making love, finally awakening in each others’ arms the next morning…


The following morning, I was awoken by the inevitable glare of the sun peeking in through our newly-discovered-to-be-pieces-of-crap blinds, compliments of the Martha Stewart Collection. As I rolled over to put my arm around Charlie, I quickly discovered my lover was no longer there. Gaining my senses, I quickly turned around to see Charlie awake and smiling like the cat that ate the canary, examining the metal poker that “we” had so erotically mangled the night before.

I rolled over, sweeping my hair back and resting on an elbow, smiling at the silly thought that I had been so stupid withholding my secret. But now things would be different and SO much better. Telling Charlie before we made love was so liberating, it was like nothing to hold back now physically or emotionally. It was like a dam had burst inside me and all this sexual energy and love came pouring out and swept us both up! Making love with Charlie was never better!

As I gazed on at my lover, Charlie stood silent just holding the poker, obviously still reeling in my power I thought! And why not! I mean, my little hard body can lift up an aircraft --- CARRIER!!!

“So did you like what you ---”

“Shhhh!” Charlie interrupted as the sound of bending steel began to resonate across the room. With silent determination and casual ease Charlie proceeded to bend the bar double. Then double again, never once taking eye contact off me!

“I dunno what happened last night, Sabrina, but whatever it was, it feels AMAZING!” Charlie said as the poker dropped to the floor with a metallic rattling.

I was speechless and somewhat turned on by the sight of it all. I still dunno what had happened or what had caused Charlie to gain powers similar to mine. Maybe that dam that burst inside of me had something to do with it, who knows…

Standing up, Charlie and I wrapped our arms around one another and smiled. “So … we need to think up a good name for you, baby! Or do you just wanna be called Super Charlie?” I joked.

Charlie kissed me softly and then shook her head giggling “C’mon! You’re the only person that calls me Charlie! How about Charlene Wilcox: Supergirl!”

“I think that’s already taken, baby.”

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