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21st Century Magic: The Unintentional Supergirl

Written by YAGS :: [Monday, 13 November 2006 07:53] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 01 December 2012 12:08]

Author’s Note: Feel free to redistribute this story as much as you want, with two conditions. First, it can’t be modified in any way, including the disclaimer and author’s notes. Second, it must always be given away for free, never at any cost to readers.

Disclaimer: This story, the 21st Century Magic series, and all characters and plots associated with them, are the property of YAGS (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Don’t steal them.


Tina pushed back her blonde hair and red cape, thrust out her chest, and asked, “Does the ‘S’ stand out enough?”

Her boyfriend Jim clicked the button to take her picture. “Yeah, you look great.” Click.

The buxom blonde in the Supergirl costume sat on the couch and gave the camera her best sultry look. Click. Click.

She turned sideways on the couch, giving Jim a profile view of her shapely legs in sheer pantyhose and sexy red boots. Click. Click. Click.

She raised one leg and arched her back, making her already impressive chest protrude even further. Click. Click. Click. Click.

“Is that enough pictures in costume? Should I start taking it off?”

“As much as I’d like that, we haven’t done the action shots yet.”

“Action shots?”

“Yeah. You’re dressed as Supergirl for a reason. Before we send these pics to that web site, we need to show you using superpowers.”

“How?” she asked, standing up.

“It’s easy. You pose like you’re Supergirl doing something… well… super. Later, I’ll add some special effects on the computer. For instance, you raise your hands like this”, he demonstrated, “Then, we’ll add a car to the picture, so it looks like you’re lifting it above your head.”

“Cool! Can you make me fly?”

“Yeah, that’s easy. I’ll put a picture of you in the Superman flying pose onto a background of the sky.”

She grinned. “Does Supergirl have x-ray vision and everything else like Superman, too?”

“Yeah, but x-ray vision isn’t exactly sexy. Superbreath could be, though. You blow the camera a kiss, then I get some profile shots of you and show something getting blown away.”

“I’m starting to like this Supergirl stuff. This is more fun than the lingerie shots we normally do”, she said, smiling.

“Ready to blow me a kiss?” he asked, readying the camera.

“Always”, she replied flirtatiously, then look at him and kissed the air in front of her. Click.

“How was that?”

“Nice kiss, but this is superbreath we’re going for. You need to really blow to make it realistic. Pretend you’re blowing out a bunch of birthday candles.” With that, he readied the camera again. “Now show me what you can do.”

Tina opened her mouth and inhaled deeply. Click.

She puckered her luscious red lips into a sexy “O”. Click. Click.

She blew as hard as she could. Click. Click. Click.

Jim flew backwards five feet and slammed into a bookshelf. THUD!!!

He’d seen Tina blowing, felt a gust of wind, then felt himself painfully slammed into something. Now he was lying on the floor surrounded by books, with something big and heavy on his back.

“JIM!!!” Tina ran to help him. The bookshelf looked heavy, but pushing it upright against the wall was easier than she expected.

“Are you ok?”

“What the hell happened?” he yelled, pushing himself up. Kneeling, he looked around at the books and bookshelf, wondering what pushed him backwards.

“I don’t know. One second I was posing, and you suddenly jumped backwards.”

“I don’t get it.” Jim was still on his knees looking around.

“Are you ok? That looked like it hurt.”

“I’m fine”, he replied angrily, starting to stand up. He groaned and reached his hand to a sore spot on his back where a shelf had jabbed him.

“Yeah right. You’re fine.” Tina replied sarcastically, grabbing his arm to help him up. At just 5’4”, she was much smaller than his 6’2” frame, but when she pulled his arm, he practically jumped up, as if weightless.

“OW!!!” he yelled.

Tina let go, confused. “What? Are you hurt?”

“You practically pulled my arm off, you stupid bitch!” he yelled.

“Jim, calm down”, she said, afraid he might hit her. He sometimes did that when he got angry.

Still yelling, he started, “When did you become so damn…” He looked down at Tina in her Supergirl outfit and barely uttered the last word, “…strong?”

“Jim, what’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“You were blowing really hard when I was knocked over, weren’t you?” he asked more calmly.

“Yes… Why?”

“And how hard did you yank my arm to pull me up?”

“I didn’t ‘yank’ your arm. I just lifted gently.”

Jim walked over to the couch, stretching his aching arm and back to work out the pain. He had a weird idea.

“Jim, are you ok? Maybe we should go to a hospital for that arm. I barely touched it, and you’re acting like it really hurt.”

“I’m fine,” he answered, annoyed. “I want to try something.”

With that, he grabbed the edge of the couch and made a halfhearted attempt to lift it. Knowing it was a heavy sleep sofa, he wasn’t surprised that it didn’t budge.

“Tina, come here. Try lifting the edge of this couch.”


“Just do it!” he snapped back.

Afraid of angering him, Tina obeyed. Jim walked away as Tina approached the couch. She bent down, put both hands under the edge of the couch, and suddenly tossed it into the air. Despite his suspicions, he was just as shocked as her when the couch hit the ceiling, then came crashing back down on top of the coffee table, shattering it.

“What the!?” she exclaimed. She noticed Jim looking back and forth from her to the broken furniture and panicked. “I’m so sorry! I don’t know what happened! I just tried to lift it like you said, and it just went…”, she pointed and looked up, then gasped in astonishment. There was a dent in the ceiling where the couch had hit. Tina cringed, afraid of his reaction.

“So much for my security deposit”, he said, laughing.

“You’re not angry?”

“Are you kidding? With your new powers, we’re gonna make a fortune!”

Tina’s eyes widened with the realization that she’d actually gained magical powers! She was enjoying playing Supergirl before, but this changed everything! She smiled excitedly. This could really be fun…

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