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21st Century Magic: Celebrity Superagent

Written by YAGS :: [Thursday, 30 March 2006 08:55] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 01 December 2012 12:09]

Author’s Note: Feel free to redistribute this story as much as you want, with two conditions. First, it can’t be modified in any way, including the disclaimer and author’s notes. Second, it must always be given away for free, never at any cost to readers.

Disclaimer: This story contains sexual content. If you might find such material offensive, if it is illegal to view such content in your area, or if you are not old enough to do so according to the laws in your area, then do not continue reading.

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Kate knocked on the door. She could have used the key he gave her. Or just teleported inside. But she wasn’t sure Jason wanted to see her.

The door opened.

“You know”, he began, “watching the president’s speech last night, I wasn’t expecting some super-powered guy to attack him, or to hear him tell us that magic is real, and I certainly wasn’t expecting my own girlfriend to be the one to save him.”

“I know.”

They stood there, looking at each other in the doorway. He wore jeans and a t-shirt, his short hair messed up, the way she found so cute. She flipped back her long, brown hair self-consciously. Maybe she should have changed into something more casual, or sexier, before coming here from work. At least this skirt suit with heels and pantyhose showed off her shapely legs to good affect.

“Can I come in?”

“Can’t you just teleport?” he shot back.

She glared. “You knew I had a classified government job. I know it’s weird, but this is who I am and what I do.”

“The world’s first real live superhero… in a business suit.”

“Something like that.”

Again, they just stared at each other. Eventually he stood aside, letting her enter his apartment, like many times before. But this time, everything felt weird.

“So where do we go from here?” he asked.

“Why do things have to change between us? I’m still the same. All that’s changed is that now you know what I do for a living.”

“And that you can teleport anywhere you want”, he responded angrily. “What else can you do?”

Kate opened her mouth angrily to answer, then stopped and smiled slyly.

“This”, she answered and gestured at the door, which closed and locked itself.

Jason’s eyes widened.

“And this”, she continued, puckering her red lips. With a puff of air, he flew backwards onto the couch.

“HEY!!! What are you doing?”

“We usually enjoy being on the couch together”, she responded sultrily, walking towards him. “But if you want to get up, go ahead.”

With that, she put her index finger on his chest. Jason tried to stand up, his arms and legs pushing against the couch, but her single finger kept him down. He grabbed her wrist with both hands to push her away, but all his strength couldn’t budge her dainty hand.

“Let me go!!!”

“You’re not scared of little old me, are you?” she teased playfully.

“Kate, wha-”

Kate pressed her lips against his, cutting him off. In moments, he stopped resisting. Kate waved a hand over his crotch, opening his belt. Another wave unbuttoned his jeans. A few waves later, his manhood was exposed.

As she removed her lips from his and pulled off his shirt, all he could say was “Wow!”

She ran her red fingernails up his rapidly hardening member and told him “I’m glad you’re enjoying this.”

“Uh… You’re not usually so… aggressive.”

“You think that’s aggressive?” Grinning mischievously, she grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him from the couch, onto his knees.

“Kiss me!” she commanded, pulling his head forward between her smooth, pantyhose clad legs. He tried to resist, but she held him firm between her thighs. Kicking off her shoe, her foot came forward to tease his enlarged member, the silky pantyhose sliding up and down his shaft. He soon stopped struggling, and accepted her dominance, kissing his way up the sheer pantyhose that surrounded her shapely legs.

They continued, both becoming ever more excited, until she suddenly disappeared, her clothes falling to the floor in front of him.

She reappeared almost instantly. Startled, Jason looked up to see her perfect bare breasts, and beyond them, her beautiful face, eyes bright with excitement.

“So, what do you think of my teleportation?” she asked, wearing nothing but a smile.

“Uh… Wow!” he responded, dumbfounded.

“Good answer”, she said, grabbing the back of his neck, this time pulling his face to her bosom. As he grabbed her firm, round breasts, massaging and kissing them to her obvious delight, she pulled his body towards her, forcing his manhood to slowly rub up and down against her inner thighs.

“In me!!! NOW!!!” she cried.

“What the?!?!” Jason yammered, as his stiffened member was pulled unexpectedly into her, and both of their bodies suddenly rose above the floor. He instinctively grabbed her shoulders, to brace himself from both their sudden levitation and the in and out movement of their sexual action.

In and out… he entered her… In and out… between her thighs… In and out… she controlled their motion… In and out… they moved together… In and out… their bodies entwined… In and out… rotating gently… In and out… four feet off the floor… In and out… he moved for her pleasure… In and out… she was clearly in charge… In and out… he saw she enjoyed this… In and out… more than ever before…

“All this time”, she gasped… “I’ve wanted to be this kinky”… In and out… “but I had to keep my powers secret.”… In and out… “Now that the secret’s out”… In and out… “I can force you to rub me in all the right spots!”

In and out… he embraced her… In and out… they kissed passionately… In and out… their motion continued… In and out… she cried out… Ecstasy!!!

The instinctive motion stopped, as Kate smiled blissfully. Wanting to keep going, he thrust himself inside her again. Now in control of his own body, he continued the in and out motion at his own pace,
until he climaxed as well.

Exhausted, their bodies gently lowered onto the couch, Jason on his back, with Kate on top of him.

“Well”, he said, breathing heavy. “That was… weird.”

“Too weird?” she asked cautiously.

“I don’t know… Maybe.”

“We’ll have to discuss that”, she said, laying her head on his chest contentedly, “…tomorrow.”

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