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Clipping the Bushes

Written by naked.superpower :: [Tuesday, 03 May 2011 15:14] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 11 May 2017 21:39]

Author's Note:  This is a story of a teenage boy who tries to oppose female Principal of his college but finds that he can do nothing to hurt her.

According to legislation of Scidhian Empire, teenage delinquents can work off their penalty at the estate of Principal of their school or college. The so called “Imperial social colleges” are places for socially dangerous youth and don’t differ much from real reformatories. The so called students in truth are a dangerous mob of aggressive and unrest teenagers.


Erik was born on the Southwestern shores, he had a wild and cocky character and hated anything about the government as long as old Lakelanders still remembered their country being free. He grew strong and passionate and was striving to oppose any pressure, waiting for any chance to win his freedom back. Since his body matured he resembled an unrestrained and strong predator who’s mind you never knew. Two weeks ago a new Principal came to Erik’s college, and all Erik’s hatred against the world concentrated into a dark stream of hostility towards this person.

Her appointment was strange. Students were barely manageable, they could always leave the territory for a while (and returned only because the penalty for being caught outside was too hard) and managed to turn life of their previous Principal, an ex-cavalryman, into a nightmare ambushing him in the darkness, setting fire on his house and intimidating his family, so he finally left the town. Why the hell would a dame make it better? But she had some incomprehensible effect on the people around. Rough students came quiet in her presence, the staff was standing at attention. Erik seemed to be less affected by her emanations and came furious when beefy buddies quailed before the Principal, failing to overpower their unconscious fear. “She won’t eat you!” – he growled.

She was looking 35, her face and figure were unblemished, brass tanned skin was tight and smooth, thick raven-black hair formed a ponytail. Her thick pale brown uniform covered her body like some steel armor that gave her powers above the people around. A stranger would find her beautiful but for the students her body was behind a wall of unconscious fear, and they just didn’t understand that they admire her beauty. A few students tried to ambush her in the darkness but they refused to answer any questions about that and now trembled at the very mention of her name.

Erik’s anger couldn’t wait, and very soon he openly revealed his opposition to her. Refusing to fulfill her order he spit at her. With an aloof smile she watched the uniform on her left breast absorb his saliva, then shifted her gaze to his provocative face. “Tsk-tsk-tsk, bad boy!” In a glimpse Erik’s hand was grabbed by an iron claw of hers causing him great pain. The woman immobilized Erik on the ground. “You have 5 days of penalty work at my place”. In her grab, Eric couldn’t make a slightest move against the woman’s will. She brought him to the jailed car which took him to her mansion.

Erik was locked in a room with two other students that were working off their penalty. He was furious. He couldn’t cope with the fact that this woman crumpled him like a kitten. In a few hours the Principal was there. For the first time Erik saw her wearing something different. A sports top and a pair of shorts uncovered much of her body which turned to be fantastic. It was an athletic body of an equilibrist, and every curve of her body was a flow of smooth dense muscles and tendons that looked like steel ropes flexing under her skin. Erik was feeling an uncontrollable desire. The woman acted as if the boys were nothing but insects. Not even looking at them she said to the ward, “They will clip the bushes”.

Erik looked around and saw a tangle of thick bushes covered with a diversity of spikes from tiny splinters to a few inch thorns. Anger rushed upon in him and he hissed, “Make me!” The woman deigned to give him a look. She slowly came up to him meeting his face and stopped. She was just a bit lower than the man but didn’t seem weaker. Suddenly she put her hand on his shoulder, heavy as an iron rail, and he fell on his knees. The woman took pruners out of the ward’s hands and gave them to Erik. He started to cut the spiky branches under her watch swallowing tears. Erik’s stunned companions didn’t resist. Then she left.

Spikes stung boys’ hands, hot suns dried their throats. Erik regained his hatred and desire of confrontation. He couldn’t accept the woman’s power over him and was thinking of how to put the chill upon her. The hottest time of day brought the entire town to shady yards and conditioned rooms. Erik was tired and decided to look around. “Hey, look!”, he said to the other boys. He found a gap in a hedge behind which there was a yard. It was the inner part of the estate. Suddenly the boys heard a voice and saw Principal entering the yard. Her wiry body was wet and glistening in the sun, and she was totally naked, from head to toes. Erik’s breath grew hard. He hated himself for letting her body defeat his will by its mere view. The boys were silently watching her. Principal moved around doing things and teasing the boys with best views of her tight breasts that sat firmly like two small melons, her sinewy limbs, muscular ass and beautiful pubic area. All her body was heavenly gorgeous.

After a few minutes of the show the woman walked directly to the gap looking right into Erik’s eyes, though he thought he was disguised. She knew they are there right from the beginning! She drew parts of the hedge apart right in the face of the retreating boys demonstrating the closest view of her brass-tanned breasts. “Let’s see if your work’s done properly”. Erik looked at the Principal. She didn’t act like an undressed woman, not a hint of shy, as if she was still clad in her uniform. Her nakedness didn’t make her weak or vulnerable. She would look at you directly and watch as you vainly try to make her shy by your stares. She’d seem to bath in your gaze until you saw that all your efforts only pleasure her and took your look away, loosing this battle.

Erik was feeling it’s all wrong, yet he was following the current of the events and walked around to the bushes. But the Principal made a short cut. Naked and barefoot she strode right into the tangles, some branches reaching the level of her breasts. On her face there was nothing telling of pain or discomfort. The woman raised her hands as if giving the spikes more of her body to bite and walked on. Her body tore long thick branches and sprouts like a small human-shaped bulldozer. Finally she emerged out of the bushes in the face of petrified students tearing the last bushes apart with nothing but her round breasts, muscular tummy, and shapely legs, crushing spiky branches with her bare soles. There was not a single scratch on her whole body.

Basking her nude flesh in boys' bewildered stares, she pointed to the path that she had trodden through the tangles and said, “See, spikes want to tear my flesh but all get broken against me. Do you get the message?” Erik was catching up with the metaphor and started to growl. His face distorted with rage. The woman continued, “Now root out the broken ones, they’re waste.” Erik stepped forward to face the woman and clenched his fists. Their eyes met. Principal seemed to savour his anger. “Wanna hit me?” she asked? “I let you do that!” Erik really wanted to hit her but he didn’t want to obey her, so he just growled louder. Yet he wanted to touch her divine flesh so much!

Helplessly realizing that he’s finally submitting to her wish, he punched her belly with all his might. He felt pain, while her bare flesh didn’t give at all. “Ha-ha-ha, helpless puppy, you want a revolution but you cannot even beat a woman!” Erik’s face grew red. His sexual lust was fueled by his hatred, and now she hit the right button. The boy rushed at her with all his might, his fists and feet uselessly glancing off the immovable woman. Even naked she was the same unreachable, unbreakable Principal in armor of steel. Earlier her invulnerability seemed to be psychological, and now it turned to be physical. The other students dropped their jaws. “And boobs please”, said the woman raising her hands and thrusting her top a bit forward. Erik gasped seeing her breasts sway up and down with her breath, feeling the heat of her body, her breath, feeling her so close. Yet all his efforts didn’t bring her any closer, she seemed passionless and unreachable. He put his best efforts to hit her breasts but they were hard like tire rubber. All parts of her body, her face, breasts, limbs, belly, were far stronger than his fists. As his arousal grew his hits got more and more fierce. He hit her crotch several times feeling a bruise forming on his knee. “Boy, don’t you kill yourself against me”, she laughed. Suddenly Erik grabbed a spade and smashed it on the woman’s shoulder. The hilt broke in two, sharp metal not leaving a mark on her skin. Erik helplessly looked at the piece of spade falling between their waiting figures. Then he bravely looked into the woman’s eyes feeling something is changing.

It was her favorite game when someone tried to harm her, breaking best efforts, shattering most reckless attempts against her mere flesh. Erik proved ready to continue his part of the game despite all his fails. He will try to harm her in very many ways but there’s no place in all her body where he can cause her a tiniest discomfort. She looked at the pruners. Clip the bushes? That’s a good beginning. The aroused woman took a step forward and hugged Erik against all his resistance, touching him from head to toes with her body which turned to be almost unbearably hot.



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