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Milani in DC

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Milani in DC



The last 5 years had been the most stressful years of Denise’s life. Things seemed easier 12 years ago, when she had first arrived in America. After her first none nude model shoot, her pictures found their way on the web and went viral. Her body was outrageously curvy. Sporting 32 DDD over top of her petite 20” waist and 5 ft 5” frame. She was an instant fan favourite. With a little help of a few acquaintances she opened her own web site and then the money began pouring in. When tens of thousands of dollars turned into million dollars a distrust began to form amongst the group that had begun the .com and then a mutual dislike. Denise cut ties from the group and then a legal battle ensued on who owned the rights to the Milani name. She got a lawyer by the name of Danny Woodward, who she trusted and became very good friends with. The case had been tied up in the courts for years and the next trial date was in 3 months where both sides were to be heard in front of the supreme court.

The intercom beeped in Denise’s room and she looked at the monitor that over looked the entrance to her home. Her lawyer, Danny Woodward was the front door. She pressed the intercom button “Come on in” she said sweetly as she pushed a button that remotely opened her front door. Danny entered the house and Denise walked down the marble steps and greeted him. They went into a massive living room where they discussed how Denise’s case was going. After over an hour of detailed conversation the conversation died and there was a moment of awkward silence.

Denise nodded her head a few times trying to think of a way to alleviate the silence. “So how’s your girlfriend?”

“Broke up with her” Danny responded quickly.

“Really! When?”

“Last week”

“Wow….I’m speechless. Why?…If you don’t mind me asking”

“The thing is” Danny tried to think of a way to sugar coat it but decided just to say it like it was “I have stage 4 cancer. Denise…..I’m dead in 6 months, maybe less. I figured, it was easier this way, you know…Break up with her before it happens” There was a long pause.

Denise had her hand on her mouth. “You look fine, there must be some mistake”

Danny shook his head “5 years ago I had been diagnosed with brain cancer. I had been treated for it and it went into remission. I went every month to the doctors for 5 years, they looked for it and couldn’t find any trace of it. Then they found something in my pancreas and then in my liver and then in my lungs and God knows where else. I may look fine, and you know what, I feel okay…But that doesn’t change the reality of my situation”

Denise hugged her long time friend. “Oh Danny. Is there anything I can do”

“That’s actually why I came here today”

“Anything you want. Name it!”

Danny sighed “My father went through the same thing a long time ago. He was a genetic researcher and he thought he found the cure. He needed genetic material that was immune to cancer and with that premise he developed a solution, but he died before he could implement it”.

Denise looked at him curiously “DNA that’s immune to cancer? Danny I….”

“He was talking about Superman”.

Denise looked away for a time, thought for a moment and then looked into Danny’s eyes. “So is there something you think I can do for you?”

“Just, please, hear me out. My father believed that 100% pure water with the mixture of some….salts. Would allow the Dna of a Kryptonian to enter the body of a Human. He managed to get a strand of Supermans hair but the pure water lost its purity once he had entered the water. He hypothesized that he needed much more of the dna in the pool in order for his plan to work. He died soon after. And now, I’m retracing his footsteps ”

“What do you mean you’re retracing his footsteps?”

“Do you remember the charity event the Justice league put on. A date with Superman?”

Denise did remember that, it was all over the news. A bidding war took the price up to 5.6 million. “You bid 6 million dollars?”

“I had to sell one of my homes, take a second mortgage on my other home. Sell everything else I owned and borrow a few hundred thousand from the bank….But yeah. I bid 5.6 million dollars”.

Denise tried to put the pieces together, but couldn’t. “I’m so confused, how does this help your situation?”

“Denise…I need you. And I know its a lot to ask but I need you to go on that date with Superman. I need you in the tub of pure water and some…other elements - with Superman. I need Supermans DNA in you”.

“Oh Jesus Danny….And then what, Am I supposed to sleep with you or something?”

“No No! Nothing like that. Afterwards you just sit with me in the pure water and I hope for the best….That’s it”.

“Danny…..Its not going to work”

“It’s all I’ve got. I’ve bet everything on it. I know I’m asking the world. But I got no where else to turn”

“Danny, how am I going to get Superman in a tub with me?”

“You have a hot tub out back”

“And Superman is going to just hang out with me in my hot tub?

“I paid 5.6 million dollars for one night. Superman better damn well hang out with you in your hot tub”.

“And….hanging out with him in the hot tub for a few hours will do the trick?”

“And you sort of have to kiss him….a lot”

Denise rolled her eyes “And what makes you think Superman is going to kiss me?

“Denise, you may not be from another planet, or be a meta human or have any Superpowers what so ever but I’m willing to bet that there’s not a person on this planet who hasn’t at one time fantasized about you. Kryptonian or not, I’m betting nothing can resist you”.

Denise shook her head several of times. There was no way this was going to work. But, in her heart she simply had to agree to Danny’s request. “Okay, alright, fine….I just hope you wont be too disappointed with the result”.

Danny took Denise’s hand “I owe everything to you, Thank you so much”.




A week later the day had arrived. Denise compared the way she felt now to her first photo shoot. So many butterflies…So awkward. She looked in her drawer for a bikini to wear. Denise was a confident woman but this was Superman we were talking about and she was doubting very much that she could get Superman to kiss her. There was a knock at her bedroom door. “Come in” she called.

Danny walked into her room. “I have something for you”.

Denise looked at the folded blue material. She took it from Danny and stretched out the material. She looked at the big S symbol on the chest of the blue leotard. “You’re kidding right?”

Danny smiled. “Just a little insurance policy”

“Insurance policy?”

“I dug up all the information I could. And what I gathered was that Superman would like nothing more than a kryptonian girl. You might not be Kryptonian but it might be enough to…well…you know, trigger his imagination..”

Denise frowned “Is this even going to fit?”

“It’ll be tight…..Really tight”




The jets on her hot tub were off. Danny had altered the water hours before. There was a red tinge to the water. 7 oclock was rapidly approaching. Denise felt as if she was going to throw up. She had another glass of wine that she made available to her self near the tub. She closed her eyes and relaxed in the warm tub. It was her confidence that made her so appealing, so strong. Don’t lose your confidence, she repeated to her self.

There was a whooshing sound that snapped Denise out of her train of thought and there he was. The man of steel, right on time. She had never been this close. ‘SNAP OUT OF IT’ she screamed to herself.

“Good evening Ma’am”

“Hello Superman” Denise casually replied.

“Beautiful night”

“Could be warmer, but, Its nice and warm in the tub”

“Perhaps you’d find it warmer in Africa, or the South Pacific? We could be there in moments. Of course I’d have to travel much more slowly with you in my arms, but, I think you’ll enjoy the view”

Denise smiled. “Tempting, but I was thinking we’d hang out here tonight. In the tub”,

“Forgive me Ma’am, but I didn’t bring my trunks”.

Denise stood up and placed her hands on her hips. The soaked S logo on her massive chest clung tightly to her wet body. The reflection of the lights off the blue sheer wet fabric made it seem like she shimmered. “Funny, neither did I”.

Superman smiled, he showed no sign that his confidence was wavering but he was about to have an instant erection and he doubted very much his attire would be able to conceal his desire. He had two choices, Fly away or get in the tub. The Justice league depended on donations. Even though Bruce Wayne was the biggest contributor they still needed outside funding. Superman was not going to fly away from almost 6 million dollars. He stepped into the pool.

Denise smiled. She lifted her self out of the pool, leaning over the side, she made sure Superman had a great view of her tight bubble butt. Denise poured a drink for Superman and then moved beside him. She made sure her breasts pushed into his arm as she gave him his drink.

“No thank you Ma’am”

Denise put his drink aside. “So?”

Superman looked at her curiously. “So… what?”

“So, do you think I’d have made a fantastic Superwoman?” Denise stood up again and did Superman’s familiar power pose and then looked down at her chest. “Do girls from your planet look like this? I mean, Power girl comes close but is she even from Krypton?”

Superman stared at the warped S symbol on Denise’s impressively large bosom and came to terms with his morality. He was not going to resist her any longer.

Denise stared into his eyes for a long while. Daring him to go for it. No one could resist her. Not even Superman. His hands came out of the water and touched her soaking chest. Denise let out a playful moan and smiled as he squeezed her huge breasts. There was an authority to him she loved. Or maybe it was that the most authoritative person on the entire planet was now under her control and perhaps it was her own authority that she loved, either way, she was getting turned on. His steely firm grip was tight, Uncomfortably tight, But at the same time made her arousal grow. She sat down upon him and immediately felt the poke on her rear. She kissed him passionately and he returned the kiss. She sat upon him hard. His desire easily pushed through the spandex material guarding Denise’s sex.




Denise awoke early the next morning. Danny was buzzing her. She sat up from bed, she was still wearing her Super leotard or, what was left of it anyways. ‘What a night!’ She thought as she got up and walked over to the intercom and unlocked the front door simultaneously saying “Come in!”

Denise changed into some jeans and a white T shirt and greeted Danny.

“So!?” Danny asked.

“Everything went as planned” Denise said with a smile.

“So you kissed him? Under the water?”

“And much more”

Danny drew a sigh of relief. “I cant tell you how much this means to me”.

“Danny, I had a wonderful night….And you sacrificed everything for me to have that night. I just don’t see what its going to do for you”

“Put this on!” Danny pulled out a ring with a green stone.

Denise took the ring and placed it upon her finger.

“How does it feel?” Danny asked hoping that she would feel pain once she slipped it on.

“It feels fine”

Danny took her hand in his. “Promise me. If it ever feels discomforting. If you ever have to take it off because of pain, do so, but let me know. But otherwise please keep it on”

Denise looked at the ring. It was rather quite lovely. “So what now?”

“You tell me as soon as you feel discomfort from that ring, as soon as you do, I‘ll know that it worked. I’ve got lots of work to do on your case. Denise!….Thank you so much for doing this for me” Danny hugged Denise.

“Danny, I’m not so clear on exactly what I’ve done”




Two days prior to Denise’s trial. Danny passed away. She faced the Supreme court as to whether or not the Milani trade mark and her body was owned by anyone but her. Her lawyers believed that with the passing of Danny Woodward, the courts needed to adjourn the case for further preparations. However the opposing lawyers insisted that this had been tied up in the courts for long enough and that Miss Milani was well aware of her Lawyers condition and still had him on her legal team. In any event, the court ruled that the trial proceed as scheduled. The trial lasted 4 hours and it took one hour for the Judge to deliberate.

Denise swallowed nervously so did all parties involved as they waited for the Judge to pass the ruling. Judge Atkins walked into the court room and every one arose. After a moment he began. “I have gone over the facts and the rulings of the lower courts and I have determined that no corporation or persons have any entitlement to profit based on the looks of a specific individual or individuals. However, because Denise Milani incorporated herself and attached her looks as the driving focus of and that Milani is not her birth given name. I have ruled that other parties who helped set up the Denise Milani corporation should have entitlement to all the monies that”…Judge Atkins was interrupted by the ecstatic and boisterous team that fought against Denise. “Order! Order!” The Judge screamed.

Denise’s heart was in her stomach as she listened to the judge continue. She could feel her former partners leering at her. She swallowed hard but felt as though she was going to blow up. She tried to contain it. Her petite hands tried to channel her anger by gripping onto the Oak desk which she stood behind. Her fingers scrunched into the wood. No one noticed, not even her. Her eyes narrowed in on the Judge.

Judge Atkins was continuing his deliberation. “And therefore it is the ruling of the courts that Denise Milani pay the sum of….What the?” The Judge looked down at his chest. His clothes were smouldering. He looked up at Denise just in time to see the far more intense concentrated beams fire from her eyes and into his chest.

It was like a dream to Denise. It didn’t feel real. Her head methodically turned to her former partners, her eyes began to sparkle and her face was expressionless. Incendiary beams of concentrated energy cut into her ex partners and one by one they vanished or were cut down. It was either the screams and commotion in the courts or the gun shot that snapped her out of her trance. A bullet smacked into her chest and right through her business attire. The small hole in her suit smouldered and she waited for the pain to set in. It never did. The guard was certain he had struck her as he watched her stare at the burn hole at the center of her bust. She placed her index fingers into the hole of the suit and tore it open. Her finger went inside her cleavage and she pulled out the deformed bullet. The guard swallowed nervously as he watched the unbelievable, he took aim at her again.

Another bullet hit Denise in the head and another knocked her in the shoulder. She looked down at her body as bullet after bullet seemed to shred her garment apart but had little to no effect on her. The guard was out of bullets and reloaded. In an instant she was on him. He pointed the gun at her but her hand grabbed the gun and she scrunched it in his hands. The guard screamed in agony as bone and metal fused together. Denise watched in shock at the disgusting mess she had made. She looked at her hands in shock, “What’s happening to me” She whispered.

The court rooms door blasted opened and several of police officers and guards took aim at her. “Freeze! Don’t move! Place your hands on your head and lie face down on the ground”.

Denise paced back and forth. “This is just a dream, I have to wake up! I need to wake up!”

“On the floor, Now!”

Denise was about to comply but then turned and ran. She ran towards the judges chamber and meant to turn the handle first before putting her shoulder into the door. The door blasted outward sending pieces of wooden shards all over the room. Bullets soon followed as the Police and guards fired at the retreating girl. Denise moved her hair out of the way and listened as the police radioed in for back up in the next room.

“We have meta-human attacking The Supreme Court. Require necessary and special back up”

All Denise could think about was running. She knew that “special” very well meant someone capable of dealing with her apparent abilities, more than likely the justice league. There was no way she was going to jail. She ran across the room and blasted though the 6 foot glass window and continued running.




Leslie Jennings was the senior investigator for the Meta Human crime division for the Metropolan Meta Human crime department. She had already interviewed 3 eye witnesses when Superman himself showed up. “Were you aware that Denise Milani was a Kryptonian?” Leslie asked him.

Supermans eyes darted from object to object he didn’t answer Leslie’s question right away. “Denise is no Kryptonian” he finally said.

“Beams of incinerating heat from her eyes, faster than a speeding bullet…And oh yeah she took a bullet off her chest. So unless she has implants of steel…”

“Leslie….She’s not a Kryptonian” Superman said firmly.

“Well then I will tell you what she is….Wanted on 4 capital charges, fleeing and evading, destruction of..”

“I get it. We’ll find her”.

Leslie nodded a few times. “You seem distracted, anything I should know”.

“No” And with that Superman was gone.




Denise was at her home. She couldn’t help but start crying. If it wasn’t bad enough that she had lost half of everything she worked for. Now she was going to lose it all.

It’s true, in the heat of the moment, she wanted her ex partners dead. But that didn’t mean she really wanted her ex partners dead. Its not as if, if she had a gun on her person she would have used it on them. She simply gave them an angry look…..That’s it! This wasn’t her fault! She smashed her fist against her kitchen table and watched in shock as the entire structure collapsed sending shards of marble all over the kitchen. She had to get out of there. They would be coming for her soon. She ran upstairs and opened her closet door and came face to face with the tattered costume Danny gave her. The truth hit her all at once, it had worked. The answer seemed so obvious she just simply didn’t have the time to dwell on it. She was Super-Woman but Denise didn’t feel invincible at all. She doubted very much she would be able to beat Superman never mind the combined strength of the justice league. Not to mention Power girl and Super girl. Denise ripped off her business attire. She stole a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She looked at her massive breasts. She had considered a few weeks ago about going in for a lift. Gravity isn’t usually kind to breasts as large as hers but now they practically defied the laws of gravity. She placed her petite hands on her chest and she squeezed them and then pulled them slightly apart. A metal slug dropped onto the hard wood floor. Denise picked up the spent bullet and stared at it. She breathed out a slight laugh as she looked at the deformity of the bullet. A bullet that couldn’t even make its way through her cleavage. She snapped out of it, she had to hurry. They would be there soon. She looked back at her closet and grabbed a pair of jeans. She put them on and then grabbed a t shirt and a black sport coat, lastly she grabbed her sun glasses and headed to the door. She hurried outside her house and then looked around to see if anyone was looking. She took in a deep breath and eyed the top of a building a few blocks away. Alright, she thought, lets do something super. She bent down and jumped. The speed in which she travelled gave her goose bumps and the building she meant to jump on was now well below and beyond her as her ascent put her through the clouds and into the stratosphere. As gravity began to take hold of her, she managed to halt it and hold her position in mid air. It took her a few moments to balance herself as she teetered back and forth but finally she managed to do so. She smiled and looked down at the city below. She could see her house and everything that was going on. She couldn’t have left at a better time. Super Man was there and so was Bat-man.




Superman was looking intently at the hot tub.

“Something I should know?” BatMan asked


“Are you going to keep in suspense?”

Superman was reluctant to tell his friend what had happened only a few months prior at this very spot. After all he was engaged to get married. But if there was anyone who could get to the bottom of the mystery it was Bat-man “Remember that charity event, a few months back?”

“How could I forget” Batman responded.

“Well, my date took me here. Into this tub”

“I see…”

“That date was Denise Milani and she didn’t have Superpowers while I was in there with her. And now, it seems she has all the powers I do”.

“How do you know she never had super powers?”

Superman looked at Bat-Man for a moment. “I know…And we’ll leave it at that”.

“Fair enough. Did you go anywhere else with her?”

“We were in the tub the entire time”

“I’ll get some samples and take it to my lab…”

Supermans heat vision cut into the tiles surrounding the pool and then slowly traced around the tub. He bent down and pulled the tub out of the ground. “Better idea. I’ll drop off the pool at your office”

Batman nodded. “I’ll get on it”.




Denise watched as SuperMan flew away with her hot tub. He dropped it off by a cave 15km outside of Gotham and then flew back to Metropolis. Superman ducked inside an alley and then walked out in a business suit and dark framed glasses. He walked a few blocks to an apartment high rise. Denise was able to see his elevator as she looked through the walls of the building he was in. He got out at the top floor and entered an apartment. Denise immediately recognized who the girl was in the apartment building. It was Lois Lane.

“Busy day?” Lois asked Clark as she hugged her fiancé.

“You might say that”.

“So I was at the court house” Lois said “Witnesses said that Denise Milani has super powers. Not just the Meta-human kind. But powers like yours. Is it possible that Denise Milani is a Kryptonian?”

“No, she definitely isn’t a Kryptonian”.

“Well, she certainly seems to have the powers of one”

The door smashed open. And Denise Milani stood at the entrance. . “Hi!” she casually said and then strolled into the apartment.

Lois and Clark looked in shock as the busty model strolled into the apartment. Denise walked up to Lois and extended her hand. “I have to say Miss Lane, I’ve always wanted to meet you”.

Lois took her hand and Denise shook it delicately.

“Should I be nervous?” Lois asked.

“Of course not! I just felt I needed to get my story out and who better to give a story to other than the famous Lois Lane?”

“You could have knocked” Clark said irritated.

“New to the whole super thing” Denise said and then winked at Clark.

“Well alright, Would you like something to drink?” Lois asked and at the same time looked nervously into Clarks eyes.

“No, I’m okay, but thank you!”

“Okay, where would you like to start?”

“Hmmm I guess it all started when I had a date with…”

Clark put a halt to the conversation “Alright, that’s enough, lets speak somewhere private”

Denise gave Clark a curious look and played dumb. “And who might you be?”

Clark grabbed Denise’s arm, “Lois, I’ll be right back” Clark said and then dragged Denise out side the apartment. They walked up another flight of stairs and ended up on the roof. “You are in a lot of trouble young lady”

“I know that, but you have to believe me I didn’t ask for any of this! I came here to make a deal with you”.

“What deal can we possibly make? You killed a Supreme Court judge and 3 citizens. Wounded a Police officer, destruction of Government property. And not to mention, somehow, you’ve replicated my powers”.

“Obviously not in that order, but It’s a long story, And I’ll be more than happy to give you these powers back. I never asked for them. All that I ask is that the charges I face for.. those people… be dropped”

“Why did you kill them?”

“Superman! Up until 6 hours ago I didn’t even realize I had these powers. I was angry! And when I killed the Judge, everything felt like a dream…And I just went with it. I mean….It still feels like a dream. Nothing feels real. I mean….I’m Super”.

“Denise, I’m going to be quite frank with you. We are going to take those powers away from you one way or the other. You are a danger to everyone you encounter. And you will face trial and judgement in the courts for your actions. I’m sure, under the circumstance, the jury will be lenient”.

Denise clenched her jaw and crossed her arms. “Unacceptable”

Superman looked at her compassionately “I’m afraid under the circumstances. There’s not much you can do”. Superman grabbed Denise’s arm. His fingers wrapped tightly around her petite arm.

Denise grabbed Supermans hand and much to his and her surprise began pulling it away from her wrist. With his hand in hers she began squeezing. Superman grunted at first and then screamed in agony as his bones began to crunch. He fell on one knee.

Denise smiled “Well well, would you look at that? Now you listen to me! I don’t want these powers, but I’m not going to prison!”

Superman tried in vain to loosen her grip. “Let go!” he grunted.

Denise let go of his arm. Superman massaged his wrist. Denise’s hand grabbed his shirt and scrunched it in her hand. Superman gasped as Denise lifted him into the air with one hand. “Get a deal signed! I will not spend one day in court never mind jail. Get me that deal, and you can have these powers. If you even think of getting help, I want you know I wont go without a fight and if that fight takes place in Down Town Metropolis, it‘ll be you who’s to blame. Get it! I’m not asking for much, This isn‘t my fault!” Denise threw Superman to the ground and then walked to the edge of the building and jumped off.




Batman’s computers analyzed the pool and Batman himself hacked into Denise’s emails and text messages. The computer analysis was completed. The computer identified several radioactive isotopes. But all of them natural to earth, never the less an important clue. Batman then began a search into who bid 5.6 million dollars to win the date with Superman. The person wished to remain anonymous but it wasn’t hard for Batman to get through the cracks. Danny Woodwards profile came on the screen. It indicated that Danny was deceased. Batman needed his computers hard drive, but on the off chance he checked to see if Danny had an online hard drive. He did. After an hour or so Batman was through his security checks and looking through his files. The first file he opened was a file named ccmilani. Everything Batman was searching for was there.

“Find something interesting?” Wonderwoman asked.

“You could say that”.

“Good news or bad?”

“Bad…very bad” Batman stood up and walked past Wonderwoman.

“Where are you going?” Wonderwoman asked

“To go get her”.




Denise walked into an old motel in a shadier part of Metropolis.

“Well helloooo! Beautiful!” The hotel manager said as he took notice to the busty brunette waiting at the front desk.

“I need a room”

“You bet. That’d be 45 dollars a night. Cash or charge?”

Denise handed him her credit card.

The manager swiped her card. “So, not to sound cliché but, what’s a beautiful girl like you doing in a place like this?”

“Just looking for some peace and quiet”

“Declined” The manager said as he handed back her card.

“What!? That’s impossible!”

The hotel manager took a closer look at the busty brunette “Wait a second! You’re Denise Milani! Oh my God, I’m like your biggest fan. You know the whole world is looking for you right now! I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you a room if you let me feel…You know…”

Denise rolled her eyes. “Later loser” And with that she began walking out.

“Alright! Alright!…I’ll let you stay if I can have one picture of you with me”

“Sorry again”

“Okay..Okay! One picture of you in my hotel lobby!”

Denise sighed. “Lets get this over with”

Denise opened the motel room and looked over the place. It was terrible. Maybe it was just her increased ability to smell and see but either way she had never in her life stayed in a place this cheap, this dirty. Her hearing picked up a heart beat and her x ray vision picked up the source. “I can see through walls and I can hear a pin drop from a block away. So I think hiding is quite pointless”.

“Adjusting to your powers quite nicely I see” Batman said as he stepped out of the shadows.

“Yes, quite nicely. I can also hear a cockroach scurry across a wall as if it were an elephant” Denise’s head turned and her eyes squinted and two beams fired past batman and incinerated a cockroach on the wall.

“Impressive” Batman said

“You should see what I can do to Bats. What do you want?”.

“I need you to come with me”.

“I already had this discussion with your friend, it didn’t go as smoothly as he or I had hoped”.

“We are currently working on a deal for you. Things would go down much more smoothly if you’d just cooperate”.

“Alright. I’ll make this simple. Get me the deal or..” The door opened behind Denise. It was Wonderwoman.

Batman used the distraction to his advantage and slammed a smoke bomb at Denise’s feet. The green kryptonite smoke billowed at Denise’s ankles and quickly encompassed her. She puckered her lips and began sucking in the green smoke. Both Wonder-woman and Batman watched as she inhaled all of it.

Denise looked up at Batman “Don’t you think its dusty enough in here?”

Batman and Wonderwoman looked at each other, trying to hide their obvious shock.

“What? Was that supposed to work or something?” Denise giggled.

Batman sighed “As a matter of fact, it was. Look, Denise, I’m going to get you that deal. The Justice league is speaking to Leslie Jennings and the DA as we speak. We’ve already informed them that you willingly turned yourself over to the Justice league”.

Wonderwoman brushed past her and stood next to Batman.

“And how do I know you are telling the truth?” Denise asked

“We are just going to have to trust each other” Wonderwoman said.

Denise contemplated for a while then looked at Wonderwoman. “You know, I’ve secretly been one of your biggest fans. I even dressed up as you for a model shoot awhile back”

“I’m flattered” Wonderwoman replied in an almost disinterested tone.

Denise smiled at Wonderwoman. “So I really hope that you can forgive me”. That was all the warning Denise gave as she quickly grabbed the lasso on wonderwomans side with one hand and lashed out at her with the other. Wonderwoman flew backwards smashing through the wall of the motel and into a parked car. Its windows blasted out as Wonderwomans body rammed itself inside. Instantly after hitting Wonderwoman she was placing the lasso over Batman with her other hand. Before Batman knew it he was tied up with Wonderwoman’s lasso. He knew better then to try to break free.

“Have you been in contact with Leslie Jennings and the DA?”

“No….But I intend to be”.

“So you lied”


That was all Denise needed to know. But she decided to ask one more question anyways. “Do you find me irresistibly attractive?”


Denise giggled. “Good to know Batman” She couldn’t see through his cowl and so her hand took hold of it and just as soon as she was about to rip it off Wonderwoman charged into the room and smashed her fist across Denise’s face. Considering Denise removed Superman’s hand from her wrist with relative ease, she never thought for a moment that Wonderwomans punch would have hurt so much, but it did. Denise grabbed Wonderwomans hair and pulled her in close in a classic cat fight move. Wonderwoman lashed out with her knee and hit Denise in the groin. Denise slapped Wonderwoman and then tossed her away from her. Wonderwoman blasted through the drywall but just as soon as she had exited she jumped back into action. With quick moves she cart wheeled toward Denise. Flipped over her, Grabbing Denise’s shoulder while above her and then attempted to flip Denise. Wonderwoman’s grip was more on Denise’s garment than her shoulder and Wonderwoman ripped off Denise’s jacket and shirt.

Denise looked down at her naked chest, clenched her jaw and then lashed out with her eyes. Twin beams of energy blasted through her sunglasses and toward Wonderwoman who at the last second placed her bracelets in front of her body. Wonderwoman grunted as her bracelets were becoming searing hot. Denise walked closer to her, still pouring on the heat vision. Wonderwoman began to pant as the heat became unbearable. The bracelets turned white hot and as Denise came within arms distance to Wonderwoman she lashed out at her. Like an untrained fighter her fist came down like a hammer on Wonderwomans head. The floor boards underneath Wonderwomans boots gave out as the force of the blow sent her half way through the floor. Denise was breathing heavily and shaking a little from the encounter. Denise removed her sun glasses which were a dripping mess and then looked to see where Batman was. She turned 360 degrees but her xray vision and telescopic vision could find no trace of him. She looked at Wonderwoman whose face was slumped to the floor and body half way through the floor boards. Wonderwoman was alive but she wasn’t waking up anytime soon. Denise had to leave, and fast. But she wasn’t about to go out naked. She pulled Wonder woman out of the floor and began undressing her. Wonderwomans star spangled bottom fit perfectly along Denise’s voluptuous rear. The corset was tight, really tight. Denise’s enhanced bosom threatened to blast it off, but it held. Wonderwomans feet were a little bigger than hers but the laced boots fit okay. She thought for a moment if she should take the tiara and bracelets. She didn’t really need them. She decided to take them anyways. Denise ran outside through the hole Wonderwoman had made. The police were arriving on scene as she stepped out onto the parking lot. Denise raised her arms into the air and blasted into the night sky.




Wonderwoman woke hours later. She was in the bat cave and wearing a white robe. She rubbed her head and observed the bandages on her badly burned wrists.

“Are you okay?” Batman asked.

“Fine, No thanks to you”

“I needed to conduct tests, you gave me the opportunity I needed”.

“Where are my clothes”.

“She took them”.

“Ugh…that bitch”.

“I have to give a debriefing in the war room. Are you going to be up to it”

Wonderwoman sighed. “Wouldn’t miss it”.




Lex Luthor saw the footage hours after it happened. He secretly knew that Superman was Clark Kent, but felt it was to his advantage that Clark kept his secret a secret. He had video surveillance of his apartment and the entire building. He watched with excitement, over and over, Denise Milani crush the Man of Steels hand. Bring him to his knees and then hoist him into the air with ease. It was a fantasy Lex had played in his head over and over again. He had to find Denise. Offer her something she couldn’t refuse. Somehow, someway he had to get her on his side, she was the last piece of the puzzle. He alerted everyone who worked for him. If they saw Denise, they were to contact him immediately. He had a special phone for such emergencies in which he waited patiently at.

A blonde and very fit woman wearing a tight fitting suit entered his office. “I’ve alerted everyone, If she’s in the country you’ll know about it within the hour”.

“Good work Mercy”.

Mercy looked at the TV Lex was watching. Denise was hoisting a man in the air. And then the 45 second clip started again. “She’s quite beautiful. But do you think she’s prettier than me?”

Lex turned to Mercy and smiled. “The only thing more attractive than a beautiful woman is power. And this woman encompasses both”. The phone rang. Lex answered it quickly. “yes…very good…excellent, good work!”. He hung up the phone and looked at Mercy. “We should prepare for our guest”




Denise hovered high above the clouds. Her super hearing picked up everything. Her situation made her paranoid and jumpy. The heroes were coming for her, they were going to take her in and she would face justice. Her first reaction was to fight to her last breath. But now, high above the ominous storm clouds that lingered over metropolis she realized she had to turn herself in. There she was hovering in the upper stratosphere, watching a magnificent storm from the very edge of earths atmosphere. She was doing something that people could only fantasize about but she couldn’t enjoy the moment, not even for a second. She only saw two options. Run from this earth, or face the music.




Officer Graves stepped out of his patrol car and approached a junkie.

The junkie was about to run but then stood his ground. “Look! Here! I got his fucking money! Take it!”

Officer Graves smiled “You know that’s not the way this works Jimmy, Imagine what might happen to me if I was caught on camera being paid off by a junkie. I’m just here to drop off a message. You need to take that money to Fallon. If your late again, I’m going to find you and take you to jail. And you know Fallon’s men in the joint are going to have their way with you” Graves looked at Jimmy for awhile. Jimmy was distracted by something behind him. Officer Graves turned to see what it was. His heart skipped a beat as Wonderwoman stood behind him.

“I’m here to turn myself in” Denise said

“Excuse me?”

“My name is Denise Milani and I want to turn myself in”

Officer Graves looked up and down her body and then smiled at her. “Alright”. He read out her rights and handcuffed her and put her in the back seat.

They drove for awhile when Denise finally asked. “Aren’t you going to inform someone who you have in the back of your car?”

“I could do that…But then they’d be expecting you”

“I don’t understand”

“I know a man who wants to give you some free legal advice. Maybe you should take it before you turn yourself in”.

“And who is this man?”

“You see that building?…The tall one in the sky”

Denise looked at the Lex corp building. “Yeah”

“Theres a man at the very top. Who at this very moment is waiting to meet you”

“I think I’m good”

Graves continued driving for a few minutes. They were almost at head quarters. “Look. I know you could have flown right into head quarters and turned yourself in. But you didn’t. You chose me. I’d be flattered, but I think you chose me because you needed some more time to think. Listen to what Mr. Luthor has to say. If you don’t like it…Turn yourself in”

Denise sighed. “Fine, pull over”

Graves pulled the car over and unlocked the door. “Let me get those cuffs”

Denise simply pulled them off and handed Graves the twisted metal “I think I’m good”.




Meanwhile - Batman was addressing the Justice league. “This is a preliminary report. I’d like you all to consider that as I reveal my findings”. There was brief pause and then Batman got straight to it. “A model but other wise unknown woman to the super hero faction, Denise Milani, has acquired the powers of a Kryptonian, even worst, she doesn’t suffer the negative effects from the only known element that can take down a Kryptonian. Kryptonite”.

“And how is that she’s so much stronger than a Kryptonian?” the Flash asked.

Bat-man was quick to answer. “She isn’t. As Wonderwoman distracted her, I scanned her. The scans revealed that a ring she was wearing is made of Kryptonite. She wasn’t stronger as much as Superman was weaker”. Bat-man answered.

“How could this happen?” Green Lantern asked.

“I managed to hack into Denise’s files and emails. Which led me to a man named Danny Woodward. Who was also the man who paid out the 6 million dollars at the Justice league charity event”.

“So the bimbo realizes that she’s about to lose half of everything she owns to her former partners and colludes with Woodward to gain Super powers”. Supergirl assessed.

“I’m certain that Denise had no idea this would happen to her” Batman countered.

“And how is it that you’re so certain”

“Because I am”

“Well that’s always good enough for me” The Flash added.

“So where do we go from here?” Wonder woman asked.

Batman looked at Superman, “For now, we have to keep all Kryptonians away from Denise. Powergirl, Supergirl and of course Superman. While I don’t think Denise would deliberately kill any one of you. One punch from her ring hand could do the trick. And we do need to find her…and fast. I think it would be best if Wonder Woman re introduced herself to Denise”.

“Me?…I don’t think so”

Batman nodded, “Alright, I’ll do it myself”.

The meeting concluded and the members of the Jla stood up and began leaving. Batman approached Superman “We should speak alone” Batman guided Superman to his office and turned his computer on.

“What is it old friend?” Superman asked

Batman rotated his computer. “I have some information which I want you to have”. He pulled out a data stick and handed it to Superman. “View it on a JLA protected server, it’s the only copy in existence. I’ve destroyed all other copies. Talk to me when you’ve reviewed it”.




Denise waited for what seemed like forever for the elevator to reach the top. She looked down at her bust which she could have sworn was about to burst out of their confinements. She regretted not finding something a little more formal to wear before the meeting. The elevator finally reached the top floor. The room was huge with windows overseeing Metropolis 360 degrees around a wide open floor. A blonde woman approached her “Right this way” she said. It wasn’t hard for Denise to spot Mr.Luthor sitting behind a large desk.

“The elevator?” Lex asked “And here I expected a knock at the window”.

“I’ll know better for next time” Denise confidently replied.

Lex’s eyes perked up as he took a closer look at her costume. He began chuckling lightly “That’s no replica costume, I’d imagine someone might be looking for it?”

“I borrowed it. I’ll give it back soon as I can”

“So how does it feel to be Super?…. To have the powers of a Kryptonian coursing through your veins”

“If I could give these powers back I would. That’s how it feels. I’m sorry, why did you call me to this meeting?”

“I think I can help you in your predicament”.

“And how are you going to be able to do that?”

“I have lawyers. Lots of them. Denise I have been charged three hundred and…” Lex looked into the air and then pointed at Mercy.

“three hundred and fifty seven times” Mercy answered.

Lex smiled “Three hundred and fifty seven times…I always lose track. Some of those charges were allegedly capital offences. Point is, I’ve never seen the inside of a prison cell. And neither will you”.

“How much?” Denise asked

“Money? Money is overrated. Your talents however are priceless”.

Denise crossed her arms and raised her chin. If Lex didn’t know better he would have thought it was Wonder woman giving him that exact look. “My talents?” Denise asked sternly.


Denise looked at a costume that was in a glass encasement close to Luthors desk. It was an exact replica of Superman’s costume. With a few exceptions. It was a little darker in color and instead of a big S shield, the S was replaced with the word LEX. Lex Luthor reminded her of so many photographers and business men she had met through out the years. Promising one thing and looking for another. She learned to trust her instincts. Even now she wasn’t about to ignore them. “I’ll think about it. If I get sick of jail, I’ll be sure to give you a call” Denise turned back to the elevator.

Lex’s gentle demeanour changed and he looked over at Mercy.

Mercy nodded at Lex and followed Denise to the elevator. She got beside Denise. “Allow me to escort you. I’m really sorry that you didn’t accept Mr Luthors help. If you do change your mind please do give Mr. Luthor a call”

“Sure” Denise said disinterested.

Mercy extended her hand for Denise to shake. Denise extended her hand and as soon as she did Mercy’s other hand slipped on a ring on Denise’s finger. The ring glowed red and momentarily so did Denise’s eyes. Denise was about to pull the ring off. And then decided against it. The anxiety, the fear, the paranoia, all gone. She had the powers of Superman. The power to defeat Wonder Woman. She was a Goddess and for the first time since acquiring these powers she felt it. And it felt so good. She turned away from the elevator and walked back toward Lex.

Lex smiled at her. “I always find Kryptonians so much easier to deal with when their minds are…How shall we say…Clear”.

“Oh Lex, My mind has never been more clear. The only question is. What can you offer me, that I cant just take from you?”

“I think you’ll find…”

Denise’s pupils turned red and a torrent of energy rushed into her eyes. Twin beams of energy fired toward Lex Luthor. The incendiary blasts stopped short of Lex as they hit an invisible shield before him.

Lex watched the shield spark right before him as the beams tried in vain to blast through the barrier. “Tsk tsk, very disappointing” Lex said then pressed a button at his desk and a green cubical force field encompassed Denise.

Lex smiled. “Perhaps we are getting off on the wrong foot. When you are ready to negotiate just say, Please Mr. Luthor, I’ll do anything” Lex smiled and pressed another button and a laser deployed from the roof. The laser hummed and then fired a green continuous stream of energy through the green barrier and into Denise.

Denise looked down at the point where the laser was impacting and then placed her hands on her hips and smiled. “I think you’ll be waiting sometime for me to say that”.

Lex’s eyes opened wide and he upped the intensity of the beam.

Denise’s costume began to smoulder but otherwise she was left unchanged. She stepped into the energy barrier and as her chest made contact, the barrier began to flux and spark. She stepped through the energy field and walked toward Lex.

Mercy didn’t say a word to Denise. She reacted instinctively knowing that something had gone terribly wrong. She pulled out a 9mm berretta loaded with Kryptonian rounds and began firing. Denise paid no attention as the rounds deflected off her back side.

Lex made a dash toward a Mechanized body armour unit. Lex felt a great wind suck him backwards and he slid against the floor and finally stopped at Denise’s red boots.

“Someone hasn’t been doing their homework” Denise said to Lex.

Mercy reloaded her gun and pointed it at Denise. Denise turned her head and looked her in the eye. “Pull that trigger again and I will consider it to be your formal resignation, After I’ve burned you into cinder - starting from your feet, up”. Denise smiled at her.

Mercy swallowed and lowered her weapon.

“You’re are making a big mistake” Lex pleaded.

“Lex, the biggest mistake I could make would be to let you live” Denise’s eyes began to sparkle.

“No! Wait! I Can be…AHHHGGGG!” Lex’s scream echoed even after all that remained of him was sizzling ash and burned remnants that floated down to the floor. Denise turned to Mercy. “Now that Lex has…how shall we say…Departed. I take it you have all the necessary authorizations to fill in for him?”

Mercy was staring at where Lex once was in dumbfounded shock. She couldn’t believe Lex was dead. There was a large bang which Mercy could have sworn was a gun shot. It was Denise snapping her fingers. “Umm, yeah…Yes…I have all the authorizations necessary to run Lex Corp”.

Denise smiled “Good. Then get that costume down for me” Denise pointed at the costume on the wall. “And send it to the lab so that it fits my specifications”.

“Yes Maam” Mercy said uncomfortably. “Miss Milani?”


“When the other Boss’s find out that Lex Luthor is dead. It will send the other organization into disarray and likely into civil war”.

Denise smiled. “Then I guess we’ll have to keep Lex’s passing a secret. For now”.

“Yes Maam”

“What would I do without you?” Denise said

Mercy nodded and walked nervously toward the costume. Denise’s eyes looked her up and down. Her xray vision stared through her tight fitting suit and looked at her shapely legs, perfect ass, fit body. “Mercy?”

“Yes Ma'am”.

Denise thought about ripping open Mercy’s suit jacket. Squeezing her body into hers and kissing her passionately. She snapped out of it. “Just… call me Denise”.

Mercy swallowed uncomfortably and left the office.

Denise clenched her fists. A part of her mind was screaming for her to take the red ring. Screaming at her for killing another person in cold blood. Her hand went to her finger and she clasped onto the ring. There was a glow to the ring and the feeling to take the ring off dissipated and she smiled again. Even without using her powers she felt them coursing through her veins and it felt so wonderful. She bent her head back and pushed out her chest and let her hands ran down her body. Her palms pressed deeply into her skin as they traced down her body. Denise floated over to Lex’s computer. She cracked her knuckles “Alright Lex. Lets see what you’ve been up to”. Her fingers tapped at the computer at super speed and she absorbed pages upon pages of Lex’s most secret plans.




Clark Kent watched nervously as the data Batman gave him provided Clark answers he’d have hoped never to see. The scientist Woodward was no genius but his idea was creative. No one would have thought this would have worked. But somehow it did. According to Batman once the process begins the DNA of a Kryptonian acts almost like a virus. It infects one human cell and moves on to the other. In biological terms it moves at Super speed. The host remains A-symptomatic until the process completes and each human cell is converted to Kryptonian. The process should only take 24 hours. However, the case with Denise was different. For some reason or other Denise had worn a Kryptonian ring. The Kryptonian DNA could not complete the link. The infection mutated over and over again until it evolved into something resistant to Kryptonite.

Batman stood at the door. “We have some news”

“Better then what I just read, I hope”

“Denise has been in the Luthor tower for over 6 hours”.

Supermans expression was that of deep concern “If Lex Luthor gets his hands on this information it will change the balance of power” Superman removed the data card and incinerated it with his heat vision. “That was the only copy?”



“It might be worth considering enhancing someone in the league. Someone you trust” Batman handed Clark a vial and a black box. “The vial is radioactive. It will allow your dna to infect a humans Dna. The lead box is a kryptonian ring. If Denise has joined Lex. It might be prudent to prepare for a war”.

Superman placed his hand on his chin in contemplation “Lex will target the Kryptonians first….But I don’t know if Denise is capable of…”

Batman interrupted Superman “I think that if she sides with Lex, anything is possible. And lets not forget that while she maybe immune to Green K. I cant be so sure the same would be true for red K.

“So what do I have to do? To enhance someone?” Superman asked while looking at the vial.

“Sanitize a tub. And just relax in it. Take in some water spit out. Do it for awhile and the host inside the tub with you will eventually become infected”.

“Will there be any long term side effects other then acquiring my powers?”

“Too early to tell. But it doesn’t appear so. But I do suggest you decide what you intend to do quickly then take Kara and Powergirl and go somewhere else”.

“Your saying we should run?”

“I’m saying, as of right now, You wont be doing the League any good by staying here. As long as your alive, Lex will be reluctant to trigger a full scale war. Once he knows that you are dead, we‘ll lose control of this planet over night”.




“It's done Miss Denise”

Denise looked up from the computer she was staring at and looked at the costume Mercy was holding. Denise floated over the desk and landed in front of Mercy. “Could you help?” Denise asked and turned around showing her back to Mercy.

Mercy swallowed nervously and pulled the string to untie Denise’s corset. She pulled harder and harder and the string didn’t budge. “I cant” She reluctantly said.

Denise smiled and reached behind her and pulled the string. The corset loosened and Denise took it off and it dropped to the floor. She turned back to face Mercy.

Mercy couldn’t help but stare. Denise’s breasts were massive, firm and perfect. Even with their immense size their shapely form seemed to defy all laws of gravity.

Denise cleared her throat.

Mercy snapped out of it. “Sorry Miss Denise”.

“Its okay. I’m used to it. And please, just Denise will do”

Denise put on the tight long sleeved replica of the Superman costume. She stretched it over her chest and the Lex emblem warped and strained across her massive bust. “What do you think?”

Mercy smiled “You look….Super!”

Denise continued smiling as Mercy continued staring at Denise’s bust. “Go for it” Denise said.


“My girl friends do the exact same thing. It doesn’t make you a lesbian. So just do it. Give them a good squeeze”

Mercy blushed for a moment but then went with it. She placed her lands on the stretched out Lex symbol and squeezed.

Denise could tell she squeezing hard but her fingers were barely making an impression on what could only be described now as super boobs.

“Are they heavy?” Mercy asked.

Denise laughed. “They used to be, not so much anymore” Denise turned away from Mercy and finished putting on her outfit. She walked over to the mirror and smiled. If only the world could be conquered with just a look, she thought. “Tell me about operation surrogate” Denise asked.

Mercy paused for a moment. Lex would never dream of talking about that operation out loud. Its was one of his closest guarded secrets “It’s the beginning of the war”.

“Tell me more”.

“Its presumed that the justice league would expect an assault on their strongest heroes if and when Lex struck. Instead, he planned to steal the powers of those heroes who’s powers were transferable. Captain Marvel, Green Lantern to name a few. But the plan was years from implementing”.

“And I understand you do have a device that’s capable of stealing Captain Marvels thunder?” Denise asked

Mercy paused, almost in shock that Denise found information on the topic. “Its an artifact, an ancient stone Lex unearthed years ago. Its called the verlatine stone. It was thought to be a myth. But if the person who manages to steal the powers falls in battle, the powers would return to the previous host or dissipate into oblivion if that person isn’t already a Marvel?”

“And you know where this stone is?”


“So…You want to go pay Billy a visit?”

Mercy smiled. “You’re kidding right?”.




It was awkward telling Lois that he had to go. That a situation had developed that required him to leave Earth for a short while. The part Superman left out was, that he was responsible for that situation. He had cheated on his fiancée and one way or the other she was bound to find out. He had no idea how she was going to react when or if she did find out. Lois Lane was the strongest, courageous and most compassionate woman he had ever known. Regardless of how she might react when she found out. She deserved his strength. He had a wonderful dinner with her. A long flight and then he took her to a prepared spot. He spent the entire evening with her there in a warm pool of water at a beautiful location




Denise hovered in the clouds for close to an hour. Billy Batson was playing video games over at his friends house. God, she thought, if he’s in there for one more minute she was going to go in there and drag him out of there herself. Billy eventually left and began walking home. Denise stalked her pray from above. Billy turned down an alley and Denise landed quietly 10 yards behind him. Billy took a corner and when Denise took the same corner Billy was gone. She heard the rumble of thunder.

“Looking for some one?” A deep powerful voice asked Denise from behind.

Denise looked behind her and was greeted by the sight of Captain Marvel. His thick muscular arms were crossed over his chest and his square jaw was raised so high his eyes had to look though his chin in order to see Denise.

Denise barely came up to his chest. “Wow, look at you. I bet you’re a hit with all the high school girls”.

“And I’m sure you will be a hit with all the prisoners at the Metropolis Jail”.

Denise smiled. “I think it might be best if we do this somewhere else. You know, somewhere where people don’t get hurt”.

“A fine suggestion”

Denise smiled and began floating upwards. “Follow me” She said and then blasted into the sky. Denise travelled at a comfortable super sonic speed. She looked back at Captain Marvel to see if he was taking a peak at her super ass, he never did. She spotted the mountain crest where she had dropped off Mercy and landed just beyond it. It was raining hard, soaking Denise’s hair and costume. Captain Marvel landed beside her.




Mercy watched the two land and aimed the rifle at Captain Marvel. Mercy was using one of Lex’s most prized inventions. Lex Luthor always had two teams of scientists. One team to research new technologies to benefit mankind and another team to exploit it. One team had developed a way to channel earths mightiest storms into raw power. A beacon set up would prevent a storm from releasing lighting. At the right time the storm would release all of its gathered power into a collector. The result would be cheaper energy for all mankind. The other team developed a way they could make a target the collector by hitting them with a type of laser, Not much more powerful than that of a laser pointer. They could channel earths natural power into a person, killing that person instantly. Originally Lex had intended on using it to assassinate the President. But then thought of bigger things.




Denise walked up to the captain and traced her petite finger down his chest. “So? You want to have a bit of fun before we get to the nitty gritty? I bet you haven’t had a woman like me before” Denise rose from the ground making her chest rub against Captain Marvels body.

Denise’s chest came to Captain Marvels eye level and he looked away. “I am not in the business of sleeping with whores before putting them in jail”.

Denise’s expression changed “ooo that’s not very nice” Denise landed next to the giant. “Then perhaps maybe we can just hold hands?”. |Denise reached out and grabbed Captain Marvels hand and looked him in the eyes. She began squeezing. Captain Marvel’s expression was left unchanged. She began squeezing harder and still his expression was unchanged.

“Is this what your trying to do?” Captain Marvel asked and then squeezed Denise’s hand. Denise’s hand scrunched inside his giant fist. Denise gasped and tried to pull away. She tugged violently managing to shake Captain Marvels arm but was unable to break free. He squeezed harder.

Denise squirmed and fell onto one knee.

Captain Marvel smiled. “Let me guess. You thought that since you man handled Superman so easily, I would be a walk in the park. I’m going to fill you in on a secret so we can avoid further un-pleasantries. You didn’t beat him, that green rock you call a ring did”

Denise gasped “Release me!” she demanded.

“Just as soon as you….” Captain Marvel roared in agony as bright beams of concentrated energy fired into his face. He cupped one hand over his eye and the other he extended outward to stop the barrage of heat coming from Denise’s eyes.

Denise was putting everything she had into it. Her eyeballs burned and fire relentlessly poured out of her pupils. Captain Marvels hand was turning white hot. Denise stopped her barrage and threw a wild punch which cracked Captain Marvel in the ear. His head turned from the impact and then he delivered a shot of his own. His giant fist smashed into the Lex emblem on Denise’s chest. Her breasts compressed hard into her body and she flew backwards.




Mercy had Captain Marvel in her crosshairs. Her finger went to the trigger and then Captain Marvel moved at Super speed toward Denise. Mercy blew out a sigh and then attempted to re acquire her target.




Denise massaged her aching chest and never noticed Captain Marvel’s attack. His left arm lined her up and his right arm went well behind his own body. He put everything into the punch. Denise flew backward and crashed into the side of the mountain. Rubble fell on top of her until she was completely covered. Captain Marvel stood there triumphantly as Denise began digging her way out.




Mercy took the shot. A beam of light struck Captain Marvel on the chest. Other than a momentary spec of light appearing on his costume there was no other effect and he never even noticed it.




Denise pushed away boulders the size of cars off her body and stood up. She put her hand to nose. It was bleeding. She was breathing heavy and then KA-BOOM! A massive bolt of lightning struck Captain Marvel and he fell to the ground as Billy Batson. Billy panicked.

Denise raced toward him.

“SHAZ-AM!” Billy screamed.

Denise flew toward him at an incredible speed as the bolt of lightning raced toward Billy. She raised the ancient stone above Billy’s head and the magical bolt of lighting went into it.

“SHAZ-AM!” Billy called out again. Nothing happened.

Denise looked down at the stone. It glowed a powerful light and then Denise looked angrily at Billy.

Billy began to panic “Help! HELP! Anyone!”

Denise walked toward him and he backed up fearfully. Denise pointed her index finger at Billy. “Bad!” She wagged her finger once and struck him in the face. Billy fell to the ground in agony with a broken nose

Mercy came out of her hiding “It worked didn’t it!”

Denise smiled and tossed her the stone.

Mercy caught it and then looked at Denise curiously “You want me?…To?”

Denise put her fingers to her nose to see if she was still bleeding. She was. “Obviously I’m going to need a little more help”.

“No! You don’t know what your doing!” Billy pleaded.

Mercy lips curled into a wicked grin. “SHA-ZAM!” She screamed. A blast of lighting crashed into her chest from the stone and blew away her clothes revealing a skin tight red Body suit with a lightning bolt at her chest. Mercy looked down at her body and then looked at her hands. “Oh Denise! Oh my God! I can feel it! So much power! So Much fucking Power!” Mercy hoisted a boulder above her head and then tossed it as hard and as far as she could. The massive boulder flew over the mountain tops.

Denise smiled as she watched her partner embrace her new power. Denise had half expected her hair to go dark. But it stayed the same. Still blonde and still short. Her bodies definitions were exemplified by the tight red suit. Her bust may have gained a cup size or two. Mercy hugged her body and then began spinning. Faster and faster she spun in one spot until she looked like a tornado. The winds began pushing rocks toward her and then away. Denise’s hair and cape billowed in the winds. Billy was picked up by the great winds along with several of boulders and flung 100 meters away from the girls.

Mercy stopped her spin and ran her hands down her body. “Oh Denise, this changes everything!”

Denise smiled at Mercy “Shall we fly home?”

Mercy grinned. Fly home, she liked the sound of that. “One thing before we go”. In a flash she appeared in front of Billy.

Billy looked at the familiar golden boots and the red costume now worn by the stunning blonde. He swallowed nervously “What are you going to do with me?”

Mercy hoisted him up “Do you know how much trouble you’ve caused Lex over the years? you little shit!”

“You broke the law! what was I supposed to do...Nothing!?”

“That’s precisely what I’m betting you wish I’d do right now”. Mercy picked Billy up getting a good grip on his ankle and wrist. She began laughing as she spun him in a circle faster and faster.

Denise watched on. This was wrong. She had to do something. Her fingers went to the red ring.

Mercy released Billy and he flew high into the air. Mercy continued looking at Billy as he flew over the canyons and then beyond. She turned to Denise “Did you see what I did? Did you see how far I threw him?”

Denise’s hand was on the ring. The effects the ring had on her amplified her conflicting thoughts, Her hand moved away from the ring. She smiled politely at Mercy and rose into the air and flew back to Metropolis.




Bruce Wayne was getting into a Limo. When a female voice called to him. Bruce looked at Lois Lane “Hello Lois”

“Can we talk?” She asked.


Lois Lane got into the Limo and got right to it. “Where’s Clark?”

“He cant be here right now”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s dangerous for him. And for us”

“Care to elaborate?”

“Not at all. Lois You know Clark far better than I do. I know that the reporter inside of you is dying to find out what’s going on but trust me when I tell you that its better if you don’t” Bruce looked at her hand curiously and then reached for it. “Whats this?”

“A ring Clark gave to me before he left”

“I see”

“You know what’s going on don’t you”

Bruce poured Lois a drink of champagne and then himself one. “Cheers Lois”

Lois looked at Bruce curiously “What are we toasting to?”

“New beginnings” Bruce said with a smile.




Mercy was looking in the mirror with a constant grin. She began posing in the mirror enjoying how her skin tight costume looked on her fantastic body. She grabbed objects near her and watched her hands squish them with ease.

“Enjoying yourself?” Denise asked

Mercy turned to Denise and began walking toward her. “I can’t believe what these hands are capable of” Mercy smiled and grabbed an iron lamp on the desk. Mercy smiled as she squished and moulded the lamp into an iron snow ball.

Denise smirked, “I’m not that impressed”.

Mercy turned to Denise and walked right up to her, She looked down at Denise’s chest and returned Denise’s smirk.

Denise gasped as Mercy’s powerful hands scrunched into her huge chest. Mercy controlled them at will squeezing and bouncing them at a whim “Not so firm any more are they” Mercy giggled.

Denise’s hands grabbed Mercy’s wrists and she pulled them off her bust. Her look was that of anger.

Mercy gasped as Denise then grabbed the back of her hair. Denise then pulled her face into hers and began kissing her. Their hands frantically ran down the smooth contours of each others tight costumes, kissing each other all the while.

Mercy hoisted Denise’s body into the air and slammed her into the concrete floor. “How dare you kiss Captain Marvel without her permission” Mercy said playfully.

Denise got up from the cracked floor “And how dare you touch my super boobies without Superwomans permission”.

Mercy began kissing Denise again. The two floated into the air all the while in each others embrace. They rose quickly and accidentally smashed into the ceiling. While on the roof Denise gasped as Mercy squeezed her breasts as hard as she could. Denise grabbed Mercy’s shoulders and tossed her across the room. Mercy’s body smashed through a desk and then against the concrete wall.

Denise landed on the ground with her hands on her hips and her chin raised “That’s twice you’ve done that. You need to be punished”.

Mercy pulled her self out of the concrete wall and walked toward Denise with a smile “Oooo What do you have in mind?”

Denise crisscrossed her fore arms across her chest, her brow furrowed. Her eyes slightly squinted and twin beams of energy fired out of them and into Mercy’s chest.

Mercy gasped as she looked down at her chest. The twin beams of energy were concentrated on the center of her chest. A huge grin appeared on her face “Ohhh! Punish me some more” She said as she continued advancing into the nuclear light.

Denise upped the intensity of her heat vision but not nearly to the levels she was capable of. Mercy’s chest began to glow white hot. She was now standing right in front of Denise. Her head was bent back and her chest pushed forward. The palms of her hands pressed at either sides of her chest which glowed a bright white. Denise ceased the barrage and then traced her tongue up the lightning symbol on Mercy’s chest. Denise’s saliva began to snap and crackle as it traced across Mercy’s super heated chest.




Denise opened her eyes. This was her first sleep since she acquired Superpowers and it felt fantastic. Mercy was already dressed and buttoning her blouse overtop of the lightning symbol on her chest.

“How long was I out for?” Denise asked

“About 5 minutes”

Denise giggled “It felt like I slept all day. Where are you going?”

Mercy finished changing and turned to Denise. “Lots to do at Lex Corp and I think maybe its time to let everyone know who the new boss is. I’m going to arrange a meeting with all the mob bosses. I think maybe tomorrow Afternoon”.

Denise floated out of bed and landed next to Mercy “And who exactly do you think is Boss?” She asked all the while giving Mercy a curious look.

Mercy’s facial expression changed and she was stumped for words.

Denise smiled. “Relax, you’re the boss. Just not mine. I’ll be going I think”

“Going? Going where?”

“Anywhere but here. I was looking at some of the houses Lex has. He has his own Island with a gorgeous house on it in the Cayman islands. I wouldn’t mind checking it out”.

“But Denise. We’ve got work to do..”

“No honey. You’ve got work to do. I have no interest in this little business. But I’ll tell you what, if you need my help just holler. I’m sure I’ll hear you”.

“But…I don’t understand. Why would you give me these powers and just leave?

Denise changed back into her super attire and then walked out of the room ignoring Mercy‘s question. Mercy followed her “Wait, You cant just leave!”

Denise laughed “Of course I can”

Mercy was getting frustrated but knew there wasn’t much she could do. “Alright, fine, but can I ask one favour before you leave”.

Denise looked at Mercy with her eye brows raised. “What? granting you superpowers isn’t good enough”.

Mercy angrily looked at Denise.

Denise laughed, “Alright, fine, one favour, what do you want?”

“I killed a few people for Lex about a year ago and left a witness. Lex said he would deal with the problem but since you sort of…well you know, killed Lex. I was hoping maybe you can deal with it”.

“You have almost all the powers I do. Just do it yourself”

“I Can’t, he’s under witness protection and guarded heavily by the FBI. I don’t want people to know that I have these powers. Not yet anyways. If I do it, they’ll get, you know who after me. And I have my hands full with running Lex Corp right now”.

Denise shook her head. “Alright, okay - where is he?”




Sandy had been an agent for 5 years and had been assigned guarding Jim Bristol for the last 6 months. She wasn’t alone. There was an entourage of agents guarding him. Five per shift and not to mention protection from the Man of Steel. Although it was quiet and not much happened, It was always unsettling going to work. Everyone was sure Lex would eventually make a move. With the court date only a month away Sandy was sure he would make the move soon. She stood outside Jims door at the top floor of the Mayfield hotel in Metropolis along with another agent. The rest of the agents were inside with Jim. A massive crashing sound broke her out of her train of thought. Her and the agent she was with kicked open the door only to see a hole in the ceiling and another hole below it. One of the agents whom was getting up yelled at her. “Get Jim out of here!”

Denise used far too much speed in her decent which resulted in not only crashing through the roof and the floor she had intended to arrive at but also the next 5 floors. She floated back up the holes she had created and was greeted by 4 agents. “Anyone know where I can find Jim?” she casually asked.

Denise stepped on the carpet and was fired upon by the 3 agents behind her. The bullets ricochet off her body but she paid no attention to them. Her eyes squinted and she looked through the walls. She saw Jim and another agent get into the elevator. She took in a deep breath drawing in a massive amount of air. Denise turned to the agents firing at her and blew. Her cheeks flared out as a deafening whistle filled the room and almost in unison the 3 agents were blown through the window along with half the furniture in the room. Denise casually walked to the door and opened it. An agent was there to greet her. Before he could even fire his weapon. Denise simply grabbed his neck and tossed him into the roof. The agent collapsed limply onto the ground after first making a large impression on the roof. Denise opened the elevator and grabbed the steel cable.

Sandy watched nervously as the floor counted down. 5 - 4 -3 and then the elevator stopped hard, knocking both her and Jim to the floor. She felt the elevator being jerked back upwards. She paid no attention to Jimmys cries as she nervously aimed her side arm at the elevators door. The doors squealed open and Sandy fired repeatedly.

Denise’s hands were outstretched as she had just violently opened the elevators doors when one after another metal slugs from Sandy’s side arm slammed into her chest. The bullets made a slight impression on her costume before deflecting harmlessly away. Denise grabbed Sandy and casually flung her out of the elevator. “You’ve been a bad boy Jimmy”

“Please, I wasn’t going to say anything! I swear, I wasn’t going to say…”

Denise blasted him with a quick dose of her heat vision. Jim was rolling around the elevators floor in order to put out the flames when Denise let her grip of the elevator go. The elevator fell 57 stories before flattening into the lobby.

Sandy watched in horror as the witness was burned and then dropped. A rage took hold of her as she reloaded her weapon and fired it repeatedly at the Superwoman. The woman paid no attention as every slug deflected harmlessly away. Sandy spit out curse words threw the gun at Denise’s head and picked up another gun lying next to a dead agent. For every round she fired she yelled out a curse “Bitch! Cunt! Fucker!” Denise finally turned to her.

“Excuse me?”

“You killed them! You killed them all! How could you!”

Denise looked around the room. She looked at what she had done and her conscience began acting up, she looked at the red ring on her finger and motioned toward it. Her fingers clasped around it. There was a glow to the ring and her conflicting thoughts subsided.

“How could you!” Sandy shouted again almost tearfully.

Denise approached her “There there. I think someone can use a hug” Denise wrapped her arms around Sandy’s body. Sandy’s chest was pulled into Denise’s. Sandy’s breath instantly went out and she frantically pulled and pushed away from Denise. Denise’s breasts began to compress against Sandy’s chest and then Sandy’s chest cavity gave away with a popping sound. Denise released Sandy and walked to the window and jumped out.

Denise flew high into earths orbit and looked down at the world below her. It was so much easier to see where she was going from this altitude. She began flying over the pacific, not paying attention to anything but her destination. Her telescopic vision spotted it. The distinct island in the Cayman islands and the beautiful house upon it. She looked forward to spending a great deal of time there. As she got closer to the house she noticed a boat was on its white beaches. Denise looked closer and two people were having a swim on its shore. Denise looked even closer and liked what she saw. She dipped her body down and extended her fist as she increased the speed of her decent.




Mercy looked around the room. She was quite satisfied with the turn out. Almost all of Metropolis’s and Gothams most notorious villains gathered.

She was wearing a business suit concealing the fact that she was the new Captain Marvel. “Can I have everyone’s attention!” Mercy called out.

The room became quiet and every one looked over at her.

“I called this meeting today…”

“You called this meeting?” Someone asked.

“Where’s Luthor!” someone screamed.

“I’m here to explain everything to you….” Mercy attempted to explain but was cut off.

The Joker stood up. And everyone watched nervously as he pulled out an old fashioned six shooter and almost danced toward Mercy.

Mercy swallowed nervously “Joker, I strongly suggest you take your seat”.

The Joker began laughing, “I along with everyone here have paid a substantial amount of resources and time into Lex Luthors grand plan. And every time he has a meeting he sends his Bimbo to give us the answers we seek. Well, I have a question!?” The Joker was waving his six shooter around but as he posed his question he pushed his arms out exasperating his question and deliberately pointing his six shooter at Mercy’s head while he did so. “What If the Bimbo had an accident that prevented her from answering all the questions we have for Lex Luthor?”

The gang of villains began clapping in support of The Jokers suggestion.

The Joker smiled as his arms were still open and the gun still pointing at Mercy.

Mercy didn’t pay any attention to the gun. She stood up, “Now listen, I need you all to hear me out…”

BAM! The Joker's peripheral vision was impressive. And even though he was looking at the most dangerous villains in all of Gotham and Metropolis with his arms out stretched, his aim was dead on. The bullet hit Mercy in the head. It was what the bullet did afterwards which surprised him.

Fallon grunted “Agh! Fuck! The fucking clown shot me!”

Fallon who was sitting next to Mercy took the deflecting bullet in the stomach. Fallon’s men pulled out automatic machine guns and aimed them at the Joker. The Jokers men did the same to Fallons men and so did the rest of the gang members.

“Wait!” Mercy pleaded

“What are you waiting for! Shoot the fucking Clown!” Fallon yelled

The Joker ducked as the room erupted in gun fire. Those allied with Fallons group fired upon the Jokers entourage and the Jokers entourage did the same. Those allied with neither group pulled out their weapons and defended them self the best they could.

Mercy pushed her palms into her face as one by one the villains of Gotham and Metropolis fell. The Joker reloaded his six shooter as bullets careened off everything around him. He stood up and put a bullet into Fallons guards head and then put another bullet into Fallon. Then he turned his gun on Mercy. By the looks of her suit she had already been struck several of times. Mercy looked at him, almost disinterested. The Joker opened fire on her.

Two bullets ripped into Mercy’s suit but then pinged off of her body.

“Impossible” The Joker claimed.

Mercy shook her head in frustration. In an instant she was hoisting the Joker in the air by his neck. “I had big plans for us, Asshole! Have a nice trip to the moon!” Mercy launched the Joker skyward. His body slammed into the ceiling of the warehouse but did not break through and all that remained of his body dripped to the floor.

The gun fight had lasted all but 45 seconds. In 45 seconds the room was completely destroyed. Chairs smouldered and small fires were lit in several spots. There was quiet, with the exception of a few still grunting in agony due to bullet wounds and then there was clapping. It was a slow clap and Mercy swallowed nervously when she looked at the source.

Black Adam clapped as he entered the room. “For almost 25 years the heroes of Gotham and Metropolis have been trying to put these men away. And you managed to do it in under 5 minutes. Congratulations!”

“This wasn’t supposed to happen!”

Black Adams laughter echoed through out the room “And what did you expect to happen?… Do you not know that you have the powers of Shazam only because the wizard has allowed it?”

“And me ending Billy Batson's life, was that part of the wizards plan as well?” Mercy asked mockingly.

Black Adam smiled, “You know more than I what Lex was planning. The war he would cause would have brought the earth back to the stone age. It seems to me, that Billy Batson was a small price to pay - in the grand scheme of things”.

“Your saying that the wizard knew I would take Billy’s power and that I would end the threat that Lex posed to this planet?”

“Precisely” Adam said confidently.

“But Lex was dead before we even decided to steal Captain Marvel’s power”.

“Lex was dead, but the threat wasn’t. If you didn’t trigger the war, one of these dead fools amongst us would have”.

“And what about Denise? Was she part of the Wizards plan?”

“I don’t know, perhaps she simply fell in line with it”.

“You’re crazy!”

Adam smiled, “Perhaps I am. Perhaps you become that way when every scheme you develop and execute with perfection turns against you and turns out to be the Wizards plan, instead of your own. You see, I know the way the wizard works and now I’ve come to turn the tables on him”.

“And how do you intend to do that?” Mercy asked

“By obtaining the powers of Captain Marvel to compound my own”

Mercy looked firmly at Black Adam. “I’ll die before I give these powers up”

Adam laughed, “What do you suppose will happen when the Kryptonians come back?”

“I’ll simply put on a kryptonian ring”

“Simple girl! do you not think I hadn’t thought of that? Do you not think that in all of my confrontations with the man of steel I had not thought of using Kryptonite as a weapon?”

“And so why didn’t you?”

“Because Kryptonite has magical properties that can not be explained. Wearing kryptonite and using magic could result in the loss of my powers or worst”.

“Well, then I’ll just make sure Denise deals with them”

“Denise allowed you to have your powers so that less attention would be put on her and more on you. She has no interest in Lex’s plan or yours. She simply desires to do what she wishes. But I suppose you know that, after all you are the one who removed her conscience from the equation. Mercy, listen carefully, you can not rejuvenate your powers without losing them permanently. Grab hold of me. Say the magical word and I promise you shall have my protection” Black Adam approached Mercy.

Mercy laughed “You think that when I say that word the powers I Stole from the captain will simply transfer into you? It doesn’t work that way”.

Black Adam pulled out of his belt a stone. “You left this lying out in the open. By saying the magic words the powers of the captain will transfer into the stone. And once I say them, they will transfer into me. I can rejuvenate my powers, and the powers of captain Marvel. You can not. Your powers will fade. I can only imagine what you have been wasting your limited strength on” Black Adam closed in on Mercy.

Mercy lashed out at him as soon as he came within arms distance.

Black Adam slammed against the concrete wall. He stood up and brushed the concrete from his shoulder. “Foolish girl” Black Adam charged Mercy. Mercy blocked his first punch and his second, but not his third. She flew backwards blasting through the concrete wall. She picked her self up just before Black Adam reached her. She struck him repeatedly in the chest and then kicked at his crotch. Black Adam grabbed her ankle just before her toe had made contact. With her foot in his grip, he swung her violently in the air and smashed her into the concrete floor and then again and again and finally kicked her limp body. She flew across the room and rammed into the wall. Mercy had a difficult time pulling her self out of the concrete wall. There was a piece of rebar sticking into her rib, She screamed. Black Adam ripped her out of the wall, tossed her onto the ground and stepped down on her chest. “Take hold of me and say the word, and you shall feel no more!”

Mercy’s power was drained. She could feel Black Adams boot step into her. She stopped breathing.

“SAY IT!” Adam screamed.

Mercy felt death take hold of her and then it let go. Black Adam released the pressure “Stupid girl! You would rather the powers of Captain Marvel fade into oblivion and die then give them up!”

Black Adam sat down and thought for a long moment. He concluded that this wasn’t about him or his desire for more power. Rather, this was about the Wizard Shazam. He would do anything to see the Wizard fall. Even give up his own powers.

Black Adam approached Mercy and placed his hands on her shoulders and yanked her out of the concrete floor and screamed “SHAZAM!” A bolt of lightning blasted through the complex they were in and Black Adam shielded himself from the lighting with Mercy’s body. Mercy looked at Black Adam who had turned into an old man and then she looked at her own body. She was now wearing a tight black costume with a golden lightning bolt hugging her chest.

Mercy stared at her body, “What have you done?”

“Given you my powers. You see Mercy I wont allow the Wizard to manipulate this existence any longer. You now have the power to change everything. Bend this existence to your whim. All you have to do is steal the power of one more Marvel” Adam handed her the stone.

“Mary Marvel?” Mercy asked curiously looking down at the stone.

“And once you take her powers Superman himself will kneel before your feet”.

Mercy smiled, she felt more power then before. Much more. Now all she had to do was scream Shazzam and her powers would renew. She looked at Black Adam, “I hope you realized that I cant let you live”.

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from a girl like you”

Mercy drew in a deep breath and blew a freezing cool stream that turned Black Adam into an ice sculpture. She smiled as she approached his frozen form and then flicked her finger at his forehead and it exploded into a million pieces.




April and Melanie were playing in the hot sun and the temperate waters on one of the white beaches of the Cayman islands. They were talking at the time when a huge plume of water blasted out of the ocean perhaps a hundred yards away. The resulting wave knocked them off their feet and washed them closer to shore and then they watched as she walked up to them.

Melanie and April watched in fear as the busty dark haired woman in a Superman costume walked into more shallow waters revealing more and more of her perfect form. Melanie became nervous when she saw the symbol on her chest. She knew this was private land and owned by Lex Luthor. But she had been sneaking onto these beaches for years without an issue.

Denise was smiling at the two girls who looked upon her in fear. They were two very gorgeous women. One was a black woman with a very impressive chest and the other an Asian girl with one of the most fit bodies she had ever seen.

“Who are you?” Melanie asked

Denise smiled “Isn’t it obvious?”

April looked at her chest and attempted to read the warped symbol on it. “Lex?” she asked.

Denise looked down at her chest and frowned “I suppose I should have got them to change the emblem on my chest”.

“So. Are you some sort of Superwoman?”

“You could say that”

“Well, we were about to leave. If we were trespassing we are really sorry”

“Don’t be sorry. Actually I dropped by to invite you both in for some drinks”.

Melanie and April both looked at each other not knowing what to say.

Denise continued smiling as the two looked in each others eyes trying to find an excuse as fast as they could. “Ever since I obtained these powers, I find it harder and harder to accept no as an answer” Denise said.

“Well its just that”

“We have….”

“Plans and…stuff”

Denise walked toward them and then placed one hand on Melanie’s buttocks and one hand on April’s buttocks and then began rising into the air. The two girls screamed and secured a firmer grip on Denise’s body. Denise flew a few kilometres and then landed on the patio of the backyard of Lex’s mansion.

April’s heart was racing “That was fucking awesome!”

Denise opened the sliding patio door and went into the kitchen and a moment later came back with some ciders.

Melanie introduced themselves to Denise and Denise did the same. After a short introduction Melanie asked “So, are you like Supermans cousin or something?”

“Nope, actually I only got his powers a week ago”



“Yeah, and I sort of figured, if I can go anywhere in the world, where would it be? and I chose here”.

“Your kidding!” Melanie yelled “So, last week your one of us and today your super. I mean wow!”

“Yeah, it takes a bit of getting used to”

April walked around Denise and pushed her cape out of the way stealing a glance of her round bum. “And so you can do everything that Superman can?”.

Denise loved the way these woman ogled her body. Unknowingly she was releasing pheromones that would seduce any human on the planet.

Melanie came up close to her. Her big black breasts contained by her pink bikini top brushed across Denise’s ample chest.

April put her hand on the smooth blue fabric of Denise’s belly.

April’s hand moved down the blue fabric and onto her belt, “So, do you think were cute?” April asked.

Denise smiled “Maybe”.

Melanie pushed her firm chest into Denise’s bosom. Denise’s firmer chest left a massive impression into Melanie’s chest. “My god, they’re like two massive steel boulders”.

April moved her hand up Denise’s waist line and then put her small hands on Denise’s chest. Her fingers moved onto Denise’s nipples. She looked into Denise’s eyes as she began squeezing her nipple “Does that hurt?”

Denise’s breasts began responding to the girls touches. Her thumb sized nipples tented through the tight blue fabric. “Mmmm, not at all” Denise put a hand on each of the girls heads and gently guided them so that their faces were at her bust. The girls offered no resistance. Their mouths sucked and bit into her engorged nipples. Denise slowly fell backwards and then levitated 5 feet off the ground. Melanie remained on top of her kissing up Denise’s chest and on to her neck and then to her lips. April watched as Denise effortlessly supported the two girls, suspending them both in mid air. Aprils tongue moved south of the border.

Denise gasped “Wait!…Wait!” she yelled. The two girls looked at her curiously. Denise returned to an upright position and spun momentarily in one spot. Her clothes shot off her body and when her blurred movements ceased she was naked. “Now, where were we?”




Mercy was looking through Lex Luthors data base in search of any and all information on Mary Marvel. The data was extremely limited. She narrowed down Mary to one of 3 locations. The intercom buzzed “Miss Graves Leslie Jennings from the MHCP is on her way up to see you”

Mercy was well aware of whom Leslie Jennings was. “Tell her I’m busy”

“She has a subpoena for your arrest. She’s with 4 police officers. She’s already on her way up”

Mercy sighed. She didn’t have the time for this.

The elevator door opened and Leslie confidently walk out. “Guess who’s going to jail?” Leslie asked in a mockingly excited tone.

Mercy smiled. “And what am I going to jail for this time?”

“Breach of parole”

Mercy rolled her eyes “And what does the head of the Meta Human Crime Division have to do with my case?

“I’m glad you asked that. You should watch a video I had delivered to my desk. 5 agents that were protecting a witness, Which coincidently involves you, were killed when this rather busty woman, whom I’ve been looking for, crashed through the roof of the building housing the witness. I myself could have sworn it was Superwoman but upon closer inspection, the emblem on her chest, which is harder to read than one would expect, reads Lex”.

Mercy smirked. “Well then, perhaps you need to take this up with Mr. Luthor”.

Leslie nodded “I would…” She leaned over the desk and whispered “But I know he’s dead. I know you’re running this shit show. I’ve arranged it so that until your trial, you’re going to spend the rest of the time you have before your trial behind bars. You see I’ve persuaded certain judges that you are a threat”. Leslie nodded at the police officers she was with and they motioned toward Mercy.

“You know that without Jimmy the state doesn’t stand a chance. I’m off the hook, its as simple as that” Mercy argued.

Leslie nodded, “I do know that, and come trial date all charges will have to be dropped. But until then, I’d prefer to see you rot in a cell for a few weeks. Oh, and the DA will be asking for a new trial date and so that few more weeks, more than likely will become a month or 2... or 12” Leslie said and then laughed.

The Police officers pulled Mercy’s wrists behind her back. It took all her will power not too break the police officers hands, throw the rest through the window and crush every bone in Leslie’s body. Although that was still an option, she wanted to explore one more option.

“Wait, I know this has nothing to do with me. You want Denise don’t you? Let me go, and I’ll make sure Denise pays you a visit personally”.

Leslie looked at Mercy. The offer almost seemed like a threat. But in actuality its exactly what she wanted. “I want her to surrender to my department before 1600 hours tomorrow. She doesn’t show. You go to jail”.

Mercy smiled “Deal”.

The police un handcuffed Mercy. Leslie began walking to the elevator.

“Leslie?” Mecy asked.

Leslie turned to Mercy.

“You really need to be careful of what you wish for”.




Lois Lane walked into Perry’s office. She wanted to discuss the story she was working on.

“It’s been 3 weeks. Where’s Clark? Its not like him to leave for this long. Is everything okay with you two?”

Lois was caught off guard by the sudden questions. “Everything is fine and I’m sure he’ll be back soon”.

“Everything okay?” Perry asked again with more a genuine tone to his voice.

Lois smiled and nodded “Everything’s fine Perry, Clark just needed to address a family matter. And he‘ll be back soon”. Lois put her story on the desk and as she leaned over there was an audible popping sound.

Perry looked up at her. “What was that?”

Lois could feel the straps of her bra dangling across her back. “Umm, Just a little wardrobe malfunction”. Embarrassed, Lois reached behind her back. Her chest was slightly pushed out as her fingers confirmed what she had felt. The top button of Lois’s button up top blew out ricocheting off the roof and bouncing off Perry’s desk.

“Jesus! Are you trying to kill me or something?” Perry joked.

Lois was red from embarrassment. She left the room and went straight to the ladies room. She unbuttoned her top and pulled out her ripped bra. The wire had ripped in half. Lois looked at her chest and swallowed. Lois was always fit and her chest had always been firm, but now, as she looked at her chest without a bra, she noticed that she was still showing cleavage. Her once tear dropped shaped breasts were packed together as if she was wearing a push up bra. Her nipples were higher and her chest looked much more round and firm. She looked in the mirror and bounced slightly. Her high heels snapped once her weight came down on them and she momentarily lost her balance. She gripped the bathroom counter and there was a large cracking sound. Lois had her suspicions of what was happening to her and a part of her wanted it to be true. She had experienced Clarks power before and genuinely didn’t want the power at the time. But losing that power and becoming mortal again made her secretly wish to have those powers once more. She needed to calm down and think. She remembered exactly how to test if she was….super. Lois looked at the bathroom wall and scrunched her nose and squinted her eyes. The high pitched nuclear whistling sound filled the bathroom as two beams of light stream lined into the bath room wall. She ceased her barrage and reminded herself to be careful with that power. She was more than capable of bringing down the building with an all out barrage from her eyes. Lois took in a deep breath, but slowly, knowing full well an all out deep breath would create a vacuum in the washroom that would blow out washrooms door. The feeling of power that coursed through her wasn’t exactly new to her but she still she found it hard to remain calm. She remembered how to focus her vision so that she could see through walls. She timed her exit strategy perfectly and in an instant she was outside the daily planet and flying toward her apartment. The exhilaration of flying, oh how she missed it. She was tempted to take a few laps around the world. But her business attire would never hold up to the strong winds and she wasn’t exactly keen on having a naked photo of her flying in the air all over the tabloids. She landed gingerly on the roof of the building in which she lived and walked to the door. It was locked. Lois sighed, and then simply pulled it open. The cracking of the door and its frame was much louder than Lois had expected. She quickly ran down the stair well and to her apartment. Lois walked into the bedroom and then to the closet and looked at the familiar costume. Sometimes Clark would ask her to put it on…for fun. But secretly she wanted to throw it away. It was a reminder to her of what she gave up. Every time someone needed help or there was an accident and Clark was somewhere else saving the world, she missed it. The fabric was Kryptonian and designed much like Supermans costume, it could take an incredible amount of damage before it was even smudged. When a powerless Lois wore it for ‘fun’ the metallic like material squeezed painfully tight in her ass and pushed against her chest so hard it seemed to make her look a few cup sizes smaller. But now she knew how the costume would feel on her empowered body. No longer would it control the contours and curves of her body. It would now bend and mould to her body’s desire. She put on the light blue leotard. The collar had a yellow trim and the cape was short. She snapped in the cape through two yellow buttons on either side of her collar. No longer did her costume cause her discomfort. Lois looked at herself in the mirror and acknowledged to her self that this time she wasn’t going to cop out on her responsibilities. That not only was she going to be greatest reporter the world had ever known. She would be the greatest hero the world would ever know.




Mercy slowed her speed and then floated gently and landed in the backyard of Lex’s luxury home in the Cayman islands.

Melanie came out of the house “Where have been D? Its been like….You’re not Denise..”

Mercy rolled her eyes, “Let me guess. You’re the smart one. Where did Denise go?”

Melanie looked at the familiar bolt on the blonde girls chest and the menacing dark costume. “She went to go get Mangos…So, the Philippines? I think… We were going to make fruit salad”.

Denise landed next to Melanie and handed her two ripe mangos. Melanie gave Denise a worried look. “Go inside, its just an old friend. I’ll be in there in a minute”. Denise waited for Melanie to leave before turning to Mercy. “What are you doing here?”

Mercy smiled “What? No small talk? No…hey how’s it going? Cool costume!”.

Denise criss crossed her forearms across her chest and looked intermittingly at Mercy. |How’s it going? Cool costume…Now what are you doing here?”

“I need your help”


Mercy laughed, “Well don’t you want to know first what I need your help with?”

“No, I don’t”

“Well too bad, Your going to help me whether you like it or not”. Mercy insisted.

Denise smiled at Mercy. “I think you may have forgotten who you are speaking to”

“Oh. And who is that I’m speaking to?”

Denise lifted her fist and was about to strike when her body froze. She felt as if a giant vice had gripped her body and then she was lifted into the air. She looked at Mercy whose eye brows were arching and almost signalling for what was happening to Denise. Denise felt as if she was being crushed. Mercy grinned.

Denise’s eyes lit up and she blasted a continuous stream of energy at Mercy.

The red lasers struck Mercy’s face.

The beams may not have hurt but they were a nuisance and she willed Denise’s body to smash into the concrete patio. Denise was starting to get up and Mercy grabbed her by the throat. Mercy’s grip was powerful. Far more powerful than Denise had ever anticipated.

Mercy could feel that Denise was slipping out of her grip and it was not her intent to fight Denise. “Listen to me!” She quickly pleaded. “I have the Powers of Captain Marvel and Black Adam! I don’t want to fight you!”

Denise was still struggling and very close to twisting out of Mercy’s grip. “Denise!” Mercy grunted and pleaded “Do this last thing for me and I swear I’ll never bother you again”. Denise was on the verge of slipping out of Mercy’s grip. “You fight me! I’ll kill those two lovely visitors you have staying with you!”.

Denise finally pulled Mercy’s hand from her throat. Her own hand came up to her throat and massaged it “What do you want!?” Denise asked angrily.

“There’s a woman by the name of Leslie Jennings. I need you to deal with her”

“And you cant do it yourself!?” Denise retorted angrily.

“No one knows but you that I have the powers of Shazzam. And now I have the powers of Black Adam as well. I need the powers of one more Marvel and I promise you, nothing will be able to stop me”.

“How is this possible? your powers should have been all but drained by now”

Mercy smiled, “A story for another time. Just deal with Leslie and I’ll owe you one. And trust me when I say that, that will be a very good thing for you”.

“I don’t know what’s going on. But I want you to promise me. If I do this, you’ll leave me alone. I don’t want anything from you! Got it?”

Mercy smiled and extended her hand “Deal”

Denise grabbed hold of it. Mercy couldn’t resist showing off as she began squeezing. Denise swallowed as Mercy’s grip became uncomfortably tight. Mercy let go of Denise’s hand “Guess this is good-bye”.

“Guess so” Denise replied and then watched as Mercy flew off. She had a million questions. How was it that Mercy was so much stronger? How is that she had Black Adam’s powers? She dwelled on these questions for a few moments and then decided that none of those questions mattered. Deal with Leslie Jennings and be done with it.




It was 10 in the morning and Leslie was in her office finishing off a report when she heard a loud whistle and then a booming sound coming from outside. Denise had landed on the street so hard the ground shook violently and a blast of dust and debris smashed through the MHCP headquarters windows. Denise contained her emotions and casually walked through the broken door and right up to the front desk. The attendant at the front desk was ducking and everyone else stared in fear or shock.

“I have an appointment with Leslie” Denise said. No one answered her. Denise placed her hands on her hips and x-rayed the building. Leslie was in an office across from her. Denise strolled across the room and no one interfered with her, they just watched as the confident, busty, brunette walked through some of the toughest police in the world and pushed open Leslie’s door. As soon as Denise entered Leslie’s office two beams of intense green lasers streamed into her. Denise gasped and fell to her knees.

Leslie smiled and then stood up from her desk and walked over to Denise. “A little trick we had planned for Superman if he had ever turned rogue” Leslie said cockily.

The laser continued streaming into Denise, She gasped again and took in a few short breaths. “Please. Shut it off!”

Leslie kicked Denise in the chest and Denise fell to the ground “You have the right to remain silent!” Leslie said and then kicked Denise again. “You have the right to an attorney!” Leslie brought her leg back to kick Denise again.

“Denise…..Don’t do this”

Leslie looked up at the shadowy figure at the door. “Bat-man!?. As you can see I have things well handled”.

The green lasers continued to stream into Denise and then Denise smiled and stood up. Two quick looks from her brown eyes and the lasers were a steaming mess.

“What’s going on!?” Leslie demanded.

Denise ignored her question and turned to Bat-man “How did you like my performance?”

“Denise, I’m begging you for your own sake. Don’t do this” Bat-man pleaded. “Take the red ring off, just for one moment… and lets talk”.

“What the fuck is going on!?” Leslie yelled in irritation.

Denise smiled and turned to Leslie, “It would seem that the justice league has kept you out of the loop - those green lasers have a better chance of tickling me than hurting me. Now as to what I‘m going to do to you…Oh! What I‘m going to do to you!” Denise’s eyes closed just a little and she concentrated a low level barrage of radiation at Leslie.

Leslie pulled her collar away from her body as she immediately felt heat as if she was under a desert sun. “What are you doing to me?” Leslie began screaming as her clothes began to catch fire.

“Denise! Stop this!” Batman screamed.

Denise stopped her barrage and then puckered her lips tightly and blew a gentle but freezing cool stream of wind at Leslie. The fire on her body extinguished but her joints began to stiffen. Leslie gasped from the shock of the cold as ice began forming on her body.

“Why don’t you try and stop me Bat-man?” Denise said as she again focused her eyes on Leslie.

Bat-man couldn’t stand idly by any more. He had to do something. He watched as the ice began melting off Leslie and she started smouldering. He reached into his belt and grabbed a small metal object and threw it at Leslie who was on her knees and panting. The object struck Leslie on her neck and then jolted her. Leslie fell to the ground unconscious.

“Awww. You Jerk!” Denise said as she looked at the unconscious Leslie. “Looks like I have to play with you until she wakes up” Denise turned to Batman and walked toward him.

“Denise - That ring on your finger is causing this. It’s red Kryptonite!”

Denise was in arms reach of batman, she placed her fingers on his armoured chest and pushed him. Batman flew backwards, his back blasting into the dry wall behind him. “Silly boy - I’m immune to Kryptonite”.

“Not Red Kryptonite! - Please Denise, 5 seconds of your time without that ring on. Its clouding your judgement!” Batman grunted as he tried to pull himself out of the drywall.

The warped Lex symbol on Denise’s huge chest pressed into Batmans chest armour. Denise’s lips homed into Batmans ears. “Trust me Bat - My mind has never been more clear”. Denise grinned and bit her lower lip and she watched her own chest push into Batmans body armour. The back of the wall gave out and Batman fell into the next room.

Denise stepped through the hole and then puckered her lips into an o and sucked in. Batmans body lifted off the ground and as it did. Denise blew violently at him. Batman was thrown across the room and through a window.

One of the officers opened his desk drawer and aimed his pistol at Denise.

“Don’t!” Batman screamed and threw a thin rope at the officer. It wrapped around the officers arm and then pulled his arm away. The bullet missed Denise and harmlessly blasted into a desk.

Denise laughed. “So admirable, but you need not worry Bat - I wasn’t going to kill him for shooting me! But, him being ugly? That’s a different story” Denise eyes glowed.

Batman sighed as he watched the officer disintegrate. “Denise… the hell you will wake up to once that ring comes off will pale in comparison to anything you have ever imagined. And sooner or later - by your hand or someone else’s - That ring will come off”

Denise moved in on Batman again “Now now Bat, you’re really starting to annoying me”. She grabbed Batman’s shoulders “Tell me Bat, ever been to the moon?” She smiled sweetly at Batman and looked at him curiously “But before I get rid of you. Lets find out who the great Bat man really is” Denis grabbed Batman’s cowl and ripped it off. It was Bruce Wayne. Denise was shocked. Bruce Wayne was a multi billionaire. For him to sacrifice himself, his fortune, to protect innocent lives. Denise swallowed. Her conscience began acting up. Her stomach churned.

Bruce Wayne looked at her compassionately. “Just take the ring off. And lets talk…”

Denise’s fingers went to the ring. But before touching it. She stopped herself. The last time she touched the ring, she incinerated Lex Luthor. Watched Billy Batson get murdered. Killed an FBI agent and pleasured from it. If she touched the ring now, Batman was as good as dead.

Bruce Wayne watched Denise’s fingers come ever so close to the ring. And then she was gone.




Denise walked into a shady bar in down town Metropolis at just past noon. Everyone stared at her as she entered the bar. A draft blew by her which raised her long cape showing off her well sculpted bum.

“Nice outfit” the bartender commented.

Denise could care less that her very presence was giving an erection to every guy in the bar. Or that the bar tender was staring at her chest. “Get me a shot of Jack a shot of Vodka…You know what, fuck all that…Just start giving me some bottles”

The bartender was reluctant at first, The news had already warned people about Denise Milani. But he wasn’t quite sure if this was in fact her. But, better to be safe than sorry was his motto. He gave her what she wanted and then watched as she chugged an entire bottle of vodka, now the bartender had no doubt. He hit a panic button at the bar. The security cameras signal was sent straight to Metropolis city police. Denise finished another bottle. Then had a bottle of wine. Took down Coolers and Beers. Whiskey. After a few hours the bartender started to worry that he would run out of liquor. At first the patrons of the bar were fascinated. But after 3 hours of non stop drinking, Denise was tipsy. She reached over for the peanuts and dumped them on the table before her. She grinned and then began flicking them. At first the bottles on the wall were her targets. And then the people in the bar became her target. Patrons ducked as nut blasted and pinged off chairs and tables, and with every flick of her petite finger Denise laughed. A couple decided to make a hasty retreat but Denise stopped them at the door. “Wer do ya think yer goin…” Denise asked as she surprised them at the door.

“We’ve been here for awhile…Just thought it was time to leave” the man said nervously.

Denise smiled at the man. Who, in her state of mind, looked very attractive. “Don’t cha wanna find out if you have a shot wit moi?” Denise said, as she pointed at her self, ramming her index finger in the top part of her breast all the while staring at the mans girl friend.

The man smiled nervously. “I’m flattered but..” The man stopped in mid statement as his wrist was captured by Denise and his hand brought to her chest. Denise continued staring at his girlfriend, daring her to do something. She guided his hand smoothly overtop the tight fabric across her bust. Denise smiled as he became turned on. He picked him up with her other hand and grinded him against her body.

The woman finally spoke out “Your killing him! Stop it!” Denise stopped what she was doing. The mans leg was broken and his hip noticeably deformed. Denise dropped him to the floor and stormed out of the bar and watched as Police officers yellow taped the street around the bar. People were taking pictures and Yelling. “Nice tits!” “Slut!” “Take it off”. Denise’s scrunched her nose, took in a deep breath and blew. The crowd of people were launched off their feet. She blew a long while. Moving a 180 degrees so that everyone got a piece. When she finally ran out of air she took to the sky. She hit the street light above her, which changed her direction into a building breaking a huge chunck off its side, her arms flailed like a drunk person as she tried her best to fly straight. She hit a parked van causing it to flip down the street and causing her to leave her impression on the asphalt. She jumped again and flew awkwardly out of the city. She landed just outside of the city at a car demolition plant. Denise put both hands on her head and screamed. The scream was deafening. The windows shattered of cars near by and the few workers who were there ran for their lives.

Denise had to take the ring off, she was breathing feverishly as her fingers wrapped tightly around the ring. There was a glow, and her mind cleared.

“Denise Milani! I’m making a citizens arrest! Your coming with me, Or else!” Oh god that sounded so cheesy Lois thought to her self. Lois didn’t have time to change into her costume as she stood in her work clothes directly behind Denise.

Denise turned to Lois and began laughing. “You…Are going to arrest…me?” Denise began flying toward Lois. Her flight was slow and it should have been an easy dodge for Lois, even without superpowers. Lois was just too nervous. Denise’s hands picked up Lois and she threw her. Lois’s body smashed into a pile of cars. The pile of cars tipped and crashed onto Lois’s body.

Denise smirked. “Oops” And then turned away. She could hear the squeal of metal. She looked back and Lois Lane blasted out of the debris. Her fists were balled in front of her and she flew at a lightning speed. Her two fists hit Denise in the abdomen. Denise doubled over and flew backwards and into a vat of fluoro sulphuric acid. The tub began bubbling intensely and loudly. Lois watched nervously.

Denise jumped out of the tub. Her hands were cupped as she held some of the acid in her palms. She blew the chemical as hard as she could at Lois.

Lois shielded her face, and then looked down at her clothes which were smoldering and melting from the acid. Lois took off her suit jacket, shirt and tie and ripped off her pants revealing her super attire.

“Cute costume” Denise said as she walked over to a metal object. She felt the metal bar and tested its density “I’ll tell you what, I’ll give 30 seconds head start if you wanna run”

Denise smiled nervously, trying not to show her fear, “Really? Cause I was going to offer you the same”

Denise laughed. She cut her laughter off abruptly and charged Lois. She swung the beam smashing it against Lois’s side and then overtop of her head. Lois was panicked and wasn’t responding as fast as she should. The metal object bent around her body with every strike and stung every time. Lois grabbed the metal object from Denise and was greeted by an upper cut which sent Lois sailing into the air. She landed hard in between some cars that were in a compacter. Denise smiled and flew to a control point and activated the compacter.

Lois rolled to one side, her body bending the metal of cars as she tried to get out of the twisting mess. Her cape was snagged. More and more metal began crushing against her body. She was engulfed and she gasped as the compressed metal pushed and encompassed around her body.

Denise smiled and turned away from the compressor.

Lois’s breasts were pushed hard into her own body, but other than that she felt no discomfort. A confidence in her finally started to take root. She was Super damn it! Guns, bombs, Compressors that can crush cars into cubes no longer could hurt her. And she had just about enough of this Bimbo!

Denise turned back to the compressor as she heard it squealing open and watched Lois Lane in her undamaged costume float down from it and land near her.

Denise rolled her eyes. “Alright Lois…I think we both know what this all about. How about I just apologise and we stop this pointless bickering”

Lois head was raised, her neck tense. “You think that after murdering all of those people, a simple apology would suffice!?”

Denise thought for a moment “Ohhhh…No Hun! Why would I apologise for that? No, I’m talking about sleeping with Superman…You know, your fiancé?”

Lois’s heart dropped into her stomach “That’s not true! You‘re lying!”

Denise put her hand to her mouth pretending as if she accidentally let the cat out of the bag. Pretending as if she cared how Lois felt right at that moment. “Aww, I’m so sorry hun. You didn’t know? But here’s a couple of truths which might make you sleep better. First, I had no idea Supe’s was your boyfriend and second” She ran her hands down her curvaceous body. “What man can resist this?”

Lois swallowed hard and clenched her teeth and fists “You lying bitch!”

Denise giggled, “You wanna know how I got these power? So basically I wore a costume, not dissimilar to the one I’m wearing now. I rubbed these super big tits over your mans face while we were in a hot tub. And wow, did I get a response. He kissed me and then…” BAM! Denise didn’t even see Lois’s attack. She flew into a parked car. Before she could get out of it Lois hit her again. Denise fell to the dirt ground. She screamed as she felt a tight grip on her long dark hair. With her hands secured firmly on Denise’s hair Lois smashed Denise into a metal structure and then kicked Denise through it and out the other side.

Denise’s eyes flashed and twin beams of energy blasted into Lois’s chest.

Lois felt pain. But the pain of being cheated on far exceeded the pain she was feeling. Fuelled by anger she walked into the nuclear light and then released a barrage of her own. The beams blasted into Denise’s face, momentarily blinding her.

Denise tried to make a run for it.

Lois snagged her hand trying to keep in place. Denise tugged her hand free and in the process the green kryptonite ring fell off her finger. Lois immediately snagged her cape which provoked an instant reaction by Denise.

Denise turned back to Lois, “You want to fucking go!” She smashed her fist into Lois’s face. A booming shockwave toppled near by cars.

Lois stood her ground and hit Denise back, again causing the ground to shake. They traded shot for shot, the punches landed cleanly into each others faces, neither of them bothering to protect themselves, the sight would have made Butter Bean cringe. Finally Lois missed and Denise countered with a straight up kick to Lois’s head. The tip of Denise’s red boot smacked Lois under the jaw which sent her sailing up in the air and backwards. Before Denise could pounce on Lois she was tackled. But not by Lois.

Superman and Power girl and Green Lantern took her by surprise. Green Lantern pinned her down with a vice conjured from the ring he wore. Powergirl held one arm while Superman. Held the other. Superman had his knee on Denise’s arm as his hands worked to pry them open. Superman grabbed the red ring on Denise’s hand. The ring glowed causing Supermans eyes to momentarily turn red. Super Man pulled his fist back and slammed it into Denise’s head and then he did it again and again.

Super girl grabbed Supermans arm before he could inflict major damage on Denise. “Its alright, we got it off of her. We got the ring”

Green lantern had the ring. It was in a secured force field which prevented exposure to the Kryptonians.

Super Man lowered his fist. Shocked at himself for allowing himself to give in so readily to rage. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me”

Denise was massaging her cheek when a cord at lightning speed moved across her ankles up her legs around her belly and across her bust. It was tied into knot around her neck. “That should hold her” The Flash said.

The kryptonian cable dug deep into her costume and felt stronger than any substance Denise had come across with her new powers. But she didn’t struggle. The Red Kryptonite ring had left her and the memories of what she had done began pouring in. Embarrassing, horrifying, tragic memories. She was overwhelmed with them. Denise snapped out of her daze. She overheard Superman talking about imprisoning her in the phantom zone.

“Wait!” Denise interrupted them. “Mercy, She’s acquired the Powers of Captain Marvel and she has the powers of Black Adam. She’s going to steal the powers of Mary Marvel…She says once she does that she’ll become a God”.

“What are you talking about?” Power Girl asked

“Who?” Flash asked.

“Mercy Graves?” Lex’s assistant?” Supergirl asked

Superman touched his ear and contacted JLA with a micro communication device Batman had devised and implanted in all JLA members.

“Cyborg here.”

“Cyborg, I need the exact whereabouts of Billy Batson”.

“He’s…. dead” Denise said reluctantly. As Superman looked down at her in obvious concern.

“He’s not showing up on the grid” Cyborg answered.

Superman turned his attention on Denise “How does Mercy intend to do this?”

“Lex Luthor had a stone. He called it the Verlatine stone. We used it to give Mercy the powers of Shazzam. Now somehow, she must have used it to steal Black Adams powers. Shes powerful. Far for man than I. She’s said once she gets the powers from Mary…She’ll be a God”

Flash looked at her curiously “Why didn’t Lex steal the powers for himself?”

“Because I….Killed him”

Flash paused for a moment “Well…Thank God for small favours”.

Powergirl turned to Superman “She’s lying”

Supermans look was that of very deep concern. Unlike all the other JLA members he knew what the Verlatine stone could do. It was a tightly guarded secret. Shazzam and himself had once searched for it when rumours of its existence had surfaced. “Cyborg! Locate Mary Marvel”

“Temple, Connecticut….Looks like Avis University” Cyborg replied.

Superman contacted all JLA members. “Attention all Justice League - Secure Mary Marvel in Temple and Engage Mercy Graves on sight. I repeat… all Justice League, this is a priority 1 emergency”

“Wait. You believe her?” Power Girl asked

“We may have a very big problem” Superman replied

Flash wasn’t entirely sure what was going on “I’ll go evacuate the University?…”

“Flash!” Superman said “Evacuate the city”.

The flash swallowed nervously “Will do boss”.

“Lois, watch over Denise. Everyone else…We need to move!”

“Wait!” Denise pleaded “I can help!”

Superman walked over to Lois ignoring Denise. He didn’t have time to talk to her. But he knew, that she knew. He grabbed her hand and looked at her. She didn’t look back at him. “We’ll talk..” he said quietly and then he, Supergirl, PowerGirl and Lantern blasted into the air.




It was late in the afternoon in Temple Connecticut. The city with a population of half a million people was a relatively peaceful one. Not very much crime, clean streets and a beautiful river that flowed right between its down town core. The city was a quiet one, up until that day.

Air raid sirens blared across Temple. Every radio station and television network urged all citizens to leave the city immediately. Mary stood up from her desk and looked outside the window as the Dean’s voice came over the intercom to Inform all Students to vacate the premises and the city limits. Mary looked up in the sky, wondering and worrying what could be going on as students began filing out of the class room. She stayed, wondering if perhaps now was the time to change into Mary Marvel.

“Hello Mary”

Mary turned to the woman in the class room. The costume was very familiar to her. The girl wearing it ,however, was not. “Who are you?”

Wonderwoman ran into the class room “Mary! No matter what happens, Don’t say Shazzam!. Get out of here! Get far far away!”

Mary was confused “Whats going…”

“Now Mary!” WonderWoman shouted

Mercy turned to Wonderwoman as Mary ran for the exit. “Hello Wonderwoman” Mercy said with a smile.

“Its over Mercy. All of Justice League will be here in moments. If you know whats good for you, don’t try anything stupid”

Mercy laughed. “Oh Wonderwoman…Poor poor Wonderwoman. If only you could feel the amount of power that’s rushing in my veins. Wait a second. You know what?…I think maybe you can” Mercy grinned wickedly

Wonderwoman tensed up, awaiting Mercy’s inevitable attack.

Mercy placed her hands on her hips. She concentrated her focus on Wonderwoman and screamed “SHAZZAM!” An intense lightning bolt blasted down from the sky, smashing through the ceiling of the school and blasted into Wonderwoman. She erupted into an explosion which blew out the walls of the school, sending a shockwave toward Mercy. Mercy’s hair ruffled in the blast of debris and fire and she smiled through out.

Wonder woman was on her knees. Her entire body smouldered. Her costume was ripped in several spots. Her joints and muscles ached. It hurt even to breathe.

Mercy laughed. “What’s the matter Wonderwoman? Scared of a little lightning?” Mercy looked at the sky and grinned again. She pushed out her chest, her hands still at her hips. “SHAZZAM!” she yelled again. This time she directed the lighting at herself. The intense bolt struck her chest. Causing the Lightning symbol at her chest to glow and re-new her empowered body. A blast wave erupted from her body which blew out more of the school and picked up Wonder woman tossing her onto the Schools court yard. Mercy’s body smouldered briefly but unlike Wonderwomans, she felt recharged and renewed. Her senses picked up the trio that were on their way and the fourth who lagged behind. She smiled as she focused in on Superman. She focused in on his thoughts. She made him flex his calves and tense his arms.

Superman was flying into Temple. When suddenly his arms tensed up and so did his calves. He began flying rapidly and increasingly faster. He couldn’t stop it. The air in front of him ignited and he criss crossed his arms in front of his head just before he struck the top floor of a 30 story apartment building. Floor after floor all the windows blew out as Superman cut through the building story after storey as if the floors were not even there. The lobby’s windows blew out as Superman struck the ground level at mach 5. To a passer by it looked as if the destruction to the building happened simultaneously, and soon after the crash, the building came down.

SuperGirl and PowerGirl wasted no time on Mercy. PowerGirl punched Mercy in the head. Super Girl Poured on the heat vision.

Mercy was hit hard by Powergirl. The second punch she caught. Power girl screamed as Mercy applied as much pressure as she could on Power Girls hand.

Super Girl charged in.

Mercy swung Power girl by her arm and launched her at Supergirl.

Super girl made the dodge as Power Girl’s body whipped past her. Supergirl blasted into Mercy tackling her into a building. She had Mercy pinned and brought her fist back and brought it down like a hammer. One after the other Supergirl punched Mercys head into the concrete flooring. Mercy was bleeding, her teeth grinded together as she focused on Supergirl. Super girl was being telekinetically pulled off of Mercy and choked. Her body rotated so that she was facing downward just above Mercy.

Mercy smiled at her, “Oh this going to feel good!” Mercy massaged her fist and was about to deliver a haymaker when a green clamp formed around her waist. It yanked her out of the building. Mercy smashed her head across the concrete roof and then was met with a mace Green lantern had conjured up. The Mace smashed her miles into the air and she fell into the down town region of the city of Temple.

Superman was out of the buildings rubble he had collapsed down on himself and charged toward Mercy, so to did Power Girl Super Girl and Lantern.

Mercy was bleeding and sore, her costume was torn in several spots and as she looked at the charging heroes then she looked into the heavens and yelled “SHAZZAM!”

The bolt of lightning blasted into Mercy and her costume looked shiny and flawless. The blood and smudges from her face disappeared and her hair was perfect. The ensuing shockwave blasted the heroes back.

The heroes looked at one another, all with major concern and anxiety and then they charged Mercy simultaneously.




Denise pleaded her case to Lois who was near her but had her back turned. “Please Lois, you have to believe me. I don’t think they know what their up against”

Lois ignored Denise’s pleads. And her mind wasn’t even focused on the conflict. But rather her cheating fiancé.

“LOIS!” Denise screamed

Lois turned to Denise and spoke slowly “What do you want?”

“Lois, I know your mad, I would be too. At me, Superman, but you have no idea how much power Mercy has. And How much more Powerful she could be become if we don’t stop her!”

Lois shook her head. “You’d have me release you so that you can fight along side of your best friend. Do you think I’m dumb?”

“She’s not my friend. I know I fucked up. I cant explain to you why I couldn’t take off that damn red ring. But its off now, I’m not a threat anymore”.

“And was that ring on your finger when you slept with my fiancé?”

Denise sighed “Lois…All I can tell you is that I did what I felt was best for someone who was very dear to me. I know that doesn’t make sense right now, but when we have more time I’ll explain. Lois I had no idea Superman was your fiancé. Please Lois. I ‘m telling you, they need our help”

“If Superman needed your help you wouldn’t be tied up now would you?”

Denise looked Lois in the eyes. The cord was wrapped tightly around her body. She began trying to push out her arms. The cord dug into the fabric of her costume and uncomfortable across her breasts which she pushed out and flexed as hard as she could. The cord snapped with a twang that sounded more like a metal rope from a draw bridge snapping. There was another loud twang and another. Denise brushed the cords from her body and looked at Lois. “Superman knew I could get out of this. I was tied up and left here because you are more of a liability than a asset in your current…. mood”

Lois approached Denise angrily “Mood?”

Denise sighed and sat down. “I don’t want to fight you Lois, I have already too much regret and sorrow on my mind. This is your call. You are in charge. You make the decision”.

Lois looked down at Denise, and then looked down at her own costume. She nodded a few times “Well…I guess I didn’t get all dressed up for nothing”

Denise smiled up at Lois as Lois extended her hand to Denise.




Heat vision barraged Mercy from 3 angles along with a barrage of conjured bullets which defelected off all parts of her body. It was Supergirl’s heat vision which caused her the most annoyance. She focused in on her and yelled. “SHAZZAM!”

A lightning bolt smashed into Supergirl causing her to fall onto her knees and then onto her face. The ensuing blast wave knocked everyone but Mercy off their feet. Mercy charged Power girl and kicked her while she was still down. Powergirls body cut through a small building and sailed high into the sky. A barrage of bullets began striking her leaving deep impressions on her body. Mercy turned to Lantern who seemingly had an arsenal of weapons blasting away at her. Mercy walked into the barrage and Lantern retreated. Superman charged from the side. He struck her in the face and then the body. The punches hurt Mercy. But she didn’t show it. Mercy placed her hands on her hips and took the best Superman had to offer. A hay maker to the face, several blows to the stomach and one fantasticly drawn out punch to Mercy’s chest. Mercy looked down at the lightning bolt on her chest while Supermans giant fist still left an impression. Mercy reached out with her left hand and grabbed Supermans collar. Scrunching it tightly she brought him toward her incoming right fist. Supermans head smashed backwards as his body still went forwards. His nose bent into his face and his front tooth popped out. Supermans knee’s turned to jelly and he stumbled awkwardly trying to stay on his feet but ultimately fell onto his face.

Mercy laughed, Her golden boot stepped hard onto Superman’s buttocks “If only Lex was here to see what I’ve become. Seen what I did to you….And What I’m about to do to you” Mercy raised her boot and was about to stomp down on Superman when a green chain wrapped around her neck.

Green lantern was pulling Mercy up. Mercy grabbed the chain and pulled it downwards. Green lantern smashed through the road and into the sewers below. Mercy turned her attention to Superman and just at that moment over the rubble she watched as a bolt of lightning came down from the clear sky a few miles away. Mercy smiled and sped off in the direction of the lightning.




Mary Marvel had gone into hiding and was trying to get out of the city as Wonderwoman had instructed her to. But upon seeing a structure beginning to fall on people trying to get out of the city she felt she had no other choice but to act. She turned into Marvel and stopped the structure from crushing a group of people. As soon as she put down the wall of concrete she was face to face with Mercy. Her costume was identical to Black Adams. She swallowed nervously “What is it that you want from me?” Mary asked

Mercy giggled “Mary I need one tiny winy small favour from you. I just want you to say those magic words for me. One more time”

Mary raised her chin “You’ll find that I’m a lot tougher than I look”.

Mercy reached out and picked Mary up by her hair with her left hand. Mary gasped as she grabbed Mercy’s balled fist overtop of her head with both of her hands. Mercy fed her twice with her right fist. Mercy dropped Mary to the ground and looked at the girl who cupped her face and sobbed. “I’d say that’s pretty much what I expected” Mercy joked

Bullets began chalking up the ground leading up to Mercy and then ran up her legs then body as the Batwing conducted a strafing run. Mercy rolled her eyes and turned toward the Batwing. As she stepped down she felt pain. She looked down her body. She was cut and bleeding from the rounds. Using Krypotonian technology combined with depleted uranium rounds, Batman had long ago created shells capable of damaging a kryptonian. One of the bullets were stuck in her leg. Mercy looked into the sky and screamed “SHAZ-” Mary cracked her across her face. And then kneed Mercy in the ribs

Batman targeted Mercy again as he mad another pass. Mary Marvel got in the line of fire and Batman held off shooting as he made the pass over top of the girls.

Mary punched Mercy several of times before Mercy grabbed Mary’s hips and launched her upwards. The wing of Batmans jet smashed into Marys head. The Batwing spun out of control and towards a building. Batman didn’t have enough time to eject.

The front of his jet smashed into the softness of Denise’s chest as she cradled the nose of the plane as she would a foot ball. She gently floated down to the ground with the jet nose firmly in her grip. She quickly checked to see if Batman was okay. She pulled off the canopy and stared down at Batman with a giant smile on her face “Miss me?” And then she was off.

Mercy watched as Mary’s head smacked into the Batwing. Mary fell to the ground hard and Mercy limped over to where she landed, she pulled out the stone and grabbed Mercy’s neck “Say the fucking words NOW! Say them or I swear you will never say another word again!”

Mercy was tackled from behind by Lois causing her to drop the stone. She and Lois skidded across the asphalt. Mercy twisted Lois off her body and threw her aside. Lois flew backwards but stablized herself in mid air and landed gently on the ground beside Denise. Mercy stood up and looked at the two and then smiled.

Lois looked at the damage Mercy had sustained. Her legging was ripped and her skin was bleeding. She had road rash on one side of her face and her arm was curled into her body “Its over Mercy. You need to get medical attention” Lois pleaded.

Mercy laughed “Oh Lois. I have all the medical attention I need, right here…SHAZZAM!” A bolt of lightning blasted into Mercy’s chest and once again she was renewed. While the city burned and the greatest heroes laid slumped in the rubble Mercy looked as if she had just arrived to the chaos. She looked at Denise. “Denise, I am very disappointed in you”.

Denise charged her and so did Lois. Mercy grabbed Lois’s wrist and spun her so that her wrist was pinned behind her back. Denise slammed her fist into Mercy’s face. Mercy’s face turned and she looked back at Denise and smiled. Denise’s breath shuddered nervously, she placed her hands on her hips and unleashed the full fury of her heat vision into Mercy. Mercy smiled as her costume bubbled at her chest. The beams were hot, but tolerable. Mercy got into Denise’s mind forcing Denise to move her head down. The beams slowly traced down Mercy’s belly, down her legs and then into the concrete. Denise panicked as she couldn’t cease the energies blasting out of her eyes and her head continued moving down. Her eyes were now trained on her own breasts and the Lex symbol that stretched out before them. Mercy smiled as she forced Denise to put all of her energies into her eyes. Denise’s breasts burned and the Lex symbol on her chest began bubbling and eventually began peeling.

Mercy looked on, her mouth half open in satisfactional bliss as she continued controlling Denise, who try as she might could not break Mercy’s hold on her. Denise’s chest glowed white hot and she screamed in agony. Mercy responded with laughter then ceased her mental barrage and kicked Denise’s knee out.

Denise fell to her knees and then Mercy picked her up by her neck and brought her face close to her own.

Painfully and desperately Lois was almost out of Mercy’s arm lock.

Mercy’s lips moved towards Denise’s. “I’m really going to miss our time together” Mercy kissed Denise, and then blew. Mercy’s cheeks were flared and so to did Denise’s as the rushing winds shot into her mouth. Mercy continued her lip lock with Denise all the while blowing, blowing as hard as she could. Denise’s super lungs were at their limit and on the verge of popping, she became light headed.

Lois broke free and smashed her fist into Mercy’s head. Mercy released Denise and she collapsed onto the road.

“Best you got?” Mercy asked Lois.

Lois conjured up the same anger, the same confidence she found against Denise and struck Mercy again and again. Over and over again. Mercy’s face turned on every punch. Lois’s fist was getting sore but she continued her assault. Ground rattling punches, then kicks. When she began to tire and her fists were too sore to hit with, she blasted her heat vision into Mercy. Lois panted and fell onto one knee.

Mercy looked like hell, but smiled anyways. She licked the blood off her lips and then yelled “SHAZZAM!”

Dust and debris blew out from around Mercy. Stones and pebbles blasted into Denise’s body causing her eyes to warily open. She pulled herself up, she had to help Lois. Somehow she needed to find the strength to help Lois. The Verlatine stone was only a few metres away from her. She crawled to the stone.

Mercy picked up Lois by the throat and hoisted her in the air. “Do you know how many times I pleaded with Lex to let me kill you. Send my regards to him when you see him” Mercy concentrated on Lois’s head and then screamed “SHAZZAM!” The bolt of lightning blasted into Lois. The current shocked her system and ran down every fibre of her being. The bolt blasted into her fingers and into the kryptonian ring which she wore.

The shock amplified and transferred into Mercy. There was a loud snapping sound and both Lois and Mercy repelled away from one another. Mercy gasped from the pain. It didn’t take her long to realize she was without her powers. She opened her mouth to yell the magic word.

Denise grabbed the Verlatine stone and looked up at Mercy

Mercy looked up into the heavens and screamed. “SHA!” Denise threw the stone.

“ZAM!” the Bolt blasted down from the heavens but before it contacted Mercy it entered into the stone. The stone grew bright for a moment and then bounced across the road. Mercy panicked and ran after the stone.

Lois concentrated her heat vision on Mercy but nothing was happening. She was powerless.

Denise’s eyes lit up.

A rope wrapped around Mercy’s feet tripping her into the ground. “NO!” Mercy wailed. “NOOO!…NOOOO!”

Batman blew a sigh of relief as he dragged Mercy toward him. He tied her up and walked to Lois and Denise. “You girls okay” Lois didn’t answer.

“I think so” Denise replied.

Batman walked over to Superman and turned him over. “Ooo…Looks like you took one like a champ”.

Supermans eyes warily opened “Nice of you to show up” Superman said softly.

“I took the scenic route”

Batman touched his ear, “all Justice league Members report” There was no response. “I repeat, all justice league members report”.

Lantern pulled himself out of the sewer “Lantern here..I think…”

Power-girls eyes opened “PowerGirl here….Does anyone know how I ended up in outer space?”

“Present” Supergirl said as she got off the floor and stumbled onto the street toward a bed. Which seemed extremely out of place in the middle of the rubble of the buildings that once stood.

Where’s Donna Superman asked. “Donna!” Superman screamed. He flew high into the air and saw her body lying in the school courtyard. “Donna?” he yelled as he approached Wonderwomans body.

Donna groaned. “Resting…wake me up in a couple of years”

Superman smiled in relief.




The trial of the century had been in the courts for over a year now. Denise waited patiently for the Jury to deliver their verdict. She wasn’t nervous. Not in the very least. If she received 100 life sentences, she was fine with it. Anything to make her guilt go away. Superman had testified on her behalf. He told the court that the red kryptonite ring Denise wore was a hybrid. That anytime Denise touched it, it would amplify its grip on her. He told the court that he doubted very much even he had the will power to remove the ring from himself in a hypothetical scenario. Much of the evidence the DA wanted to use against Denise was deemed as classified information by the US government and the JLA therefore unusable. That meant the jury never got to hear how she acquired the powers, or that Superman slept with her. Only that she received her powers by accident. Or at least that’s what Batman had testified. The jury filed in.

“Please rise, the court is in session”

The judge sat down and looked at the jury “Have you reached a verdict?”

One jury member stood up. “We have your honour”

The judge nodded. “Could you please read your verdict to the court”

The jury member opened up a piece of paper. He cleared his throat. “For the deaths of…” The jury member listed countless names. It seemed to go on and on. Denise covered her face as the Jury members read name after name. “We the jury find the Defendant Denise Milani… “Not criminally responsible”

The crowd erupted into cheers and protests. The judge slammed his hammer down. “Order!…Order in this court! One more outburst and I will empty this court room!” The judge turned to the jury member, “Continue”.

“For the death of Samuel Neil. Nathan Redding and David Russo we find the defendant Denise Milani… guilty, in the third degree”.

The judge nodded and thanked the Jury and then turned his attention to Denise. “You have been convicted of 3 charges of murder in the third degree, do you have anything to say?”

“Not at this time your honour”

“Very well, You will spend 30 years of your life, 10 years for each offence, in a facility yet to be determined. Case dismissed.

The guards hand cuffed Denise and escorted her out side where a JLA armoured vheicle waited for her. She sat down on the seat and the guards left her.

Bat-man came from the drivers side and un cuffed her. “I doubt these would hold you anyways”

Denise didn’t say anything to him.

“Our prison is kind of crowded. I was in contact with Bruce Wayne who said that he was willing to lease us some land he owned up north, In the British Columbia Interior. We contacted the Canadian authorities and they granted us permission to hold you there as long as you never left the area. Its a remote area in the mountains of about 15000 acres. Does that sound better than a rusty prison cell orbiting the planet?”

“Its cold in Canada”

“Denise, I doubt you’d find Pluto cold”

“Pluto is colder than Canada?”

Batman looked at her for awhile.

Denise finally smiled at him “Am I allowed to have visitors?”

“Of course”

“Are you going to visit me sometime?”

Bat-man smiled at her “Of course”

Denise returned the smile “Thank-you Bruce, for everything”.

Batman nodded and returned to the drivers seat. The Vheicle engine roared up and it lifted high into the sky and headed north.




Lois Lane never did have that talk with Clark. When she returned from the hospital all of Clark’s belongings were gone. At the time, that suited her just fine. When she was able to go to work again at the planet she found that Clark Kent had quit. She never did see him again. Not face to face anyways. That hurt her. She found out - years later that he had married Wonder-woman and that hurt her even more. Lois had at times been suspicious of Clarks relationship with Donna and was always reassured that the feelings were plutonic. For years Lois continued working at the Planet. Always married to work and never time for men she never did meet anyone else. She had dreams. All most every night. Dreams of her flying, dreams of her with powers beyond comprehension. But they were just dreams.

Lois was in her forties now. She woke up for work at 4 30 Am as always and headed for her car. She drove across the interstate and hit a bump. The bump knocked her coffee over and she looked down at her leg. “Damn it!” She said. She looked up just intime to see her drive into a black vortex. As soon as she drove through the vortex she ended up in a place completely unfamiliar to her. The sky was red and fire burned everywhere. There was a twisted metal object that was in front of her and she slammed on the breaks. Not in time. She smashed into the object and her face slammed into the steering wheel.

Dark seid had his hands down behind his back and he leaned into the window. “I was thinking of making it so the Vortex opened that way…But that would mean I would have to walk.. all the way down there”

Lois pulled her head up and stared at Dark Seid. “What do you want from me?”

“I’ve been watching you Lois. Waiting patiently for you to figure it out. But you never did…And I grow tired of waiting”.

“What are you talking about? Send me back home!”

“Okay. But Do me one favour first…Say Shazzam for me”

“Shazzam?” A bolt of lightning blasted down a struck the roof of her car and then into her. The blast wave blew Lois’s car up and she stood in the same costume Mercy once wore. Her hands rans down her body. “What happened..?”

“I’m going to let you figure this one out…Hopefully it doesn’t take you 20 more years”

Lois looked at Dark Seid. She felt the great powers inside her and she became confident. “If you think that I owe you something now…You are sadly mistaken?’”

“You owe me nothing. Now please leave”

“Leave? Just like that…”

“Yes. Better hurry. The portal will close anytime now and we are a very very long ways from earth”

Lois looked at Dark Seid for a while and then walked to the vortex.

“Oh Lois…Just a passing thought. The Verlatine stone has the powers of Shazzam and Black Adam. If you were to somehow get a hold of it. And Say those words…Well…Hunger, crime, corruption, violence would be a thing of the past. You could bring your very desire’s to the planet you love so much with but a thought….or not”

Lois looked at Dark Seid for awhile and then stepped into the vortex.

The vortex closed behind her. Dark Seid nodded. It was the one constant of the universe that always held true. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Dark seid looked around his surroundings….It was a nice day out, A fine day for a stroll.

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