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They're All Mine Now

Written by ace191 :: [Thursday, 02 June 2011 13:09] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 15 May 2014 11:59]

She slowly pulled her second high heeled boot over her silky smooth skin, stopping just short of her knee. “I could do this a million times but I would never tire of it”, she thought to herself as she sauntered over to her full length mirror. Taking up a classic fist on hip power pose, she gazed into the mirror still finding it hard to believe that the woman in the glass was really her. Her long shiny hair flowed in layers down her neck and over her shoulders stopping just short of her mid back. Her eyes were deep and beautiful. One quick glance into them and any man was hers. Her lips were full and moist as they glistened like the sun’s rays coming off a cool pond on a summer’s morning, offering just a hint of the pleasure that lay within.

Her uniform clung to her like a second skin showing every cut in her diminutive deltoids, biceps and triceps. There was a modest opening at the neck which gave way to a small valley formed by two perfect gravity defying mounds. Moving further down, her uniform tapered inward to a small waist, then flared out slightly before it was covered by a large belt attached to a pleated skirt which showcased to perfection her gorgeous posterior before stopping several inches short of her knees, dead even with her small cape.

She slowly slid her right hand up her flat rock hard abs, through the valley and up the mountain that was her left breast where she squeezed her nipple hard. No this was not a dream; she really was the woman in the mirror.

The sound of gunfire and alarms awoke her from her trance and put a smile on her beautiful face. I hope they have some automatic weapons, she thought as she rocketed off in the direction of the ruckus. Arriving on scene, she assumed her power stance15 feet in the air and ordered the four men who had just come out of the bank to drop their weapons and lay down on the ground. To her great delight, all four opened up on her, two of them with assault rifles. She absolutely loved the feeling of the lethal projectiles colliding with her invulnerable body and then falling harmlessly to the ground. She didn’t move an inch as her assailants emptied clip after clip.

Finally, after the last breach hung open, she spoke. “Oh, are you guys all out of Ammo”, she queried, in her sweetest voice. “If you can spare some of the money that you have there in your bag, perhaps I can fly down to the store and buy you some more.”

Too stunned to speak, all four retreated a few steps backwards as the indestructible female slowly floated towards them. “Now there are two ways we can do this, the easy way, or the hard way. Drop your weapons now and lay down on the ground with your hands behind your head”, she ordered.

The two men holding the pistols did as she asked in record time, but the two with rifles began running in opposite directions. Thank you for making my day, she thought to herself as once again a lovely smile appeared on her face. In an instant, she was standing in front of the first man as she clotheslined him as he tried to run past her. In a blink of an eye, she was standing in front of the second runner who crashed into her and then fell backwards holding his head as if he had run full speed into a brick wall. She casually picked up his rifle and ripped the barrel off and then bent it around his neck and pulled him up to his feet and then over to a parking sign. She twisted the barrel around the post and welded it securely with her heat vision.

“That should hold you for a while”, she said as she started walking slowly over to the first man. Her cape furrowed in the breeze as the wind swept her hair back. Her skirt swayed to and fro in rhythm with the click clack of her indestructible high heels striking the concrete.

She stopped just in front of the first man who was sitting on his ass still holding his throat. “You fucking bitch”, was all he was able to get out before the Princess of Power tore the sling off his rifle and lifted him upside down into the air by his ankle. She flew over to a chain link fence and punched two holes in it near the top. She put one leg through each hole and then tied his feet to the upper pole.

“Maybe this will teach you how to speak to a lady, or perhaps I should just use my heat vision to burn your tongue off?” The man quickly shut his mouth and remained silent. Her super hearing picked up the wail of several fire engines in the distance as she spotted the plume of black smoke with her telescopic vision. “Well, I would love to stay and chat, but it appears I am needed elsewhere.” She slowly flew upwards and waved to the quickly gathering crowd who gave her a thundering round of applause.


Arriving at the fire, she quickly scanned the building with her x-ray vision and noted that everyone inside was working their way down the stairs as only the top floor of the sixteen story structure was on fire. “May I borrow these”, she asked as she picked up two fire hoses and flew up to the blaze. “Let her rip boys”, she commanded as she cradled the hoses in her elbows held tightly against her chest.

The firemen far down below pressurized the lines as two parallel gushers seemed to shoot out of her chest. By arching her back and rotating her torso she expertly guided the two streams and put the fire out in no time as the many men below became excited watching the Maiden of Might in action. They were now in need of a little cooling down themselves.

 Slowly lowering herself to the ground, the Woman of Steel gave the hoses back to the Fireman. “Oh my God, look at me. The soot from the fire has turned me into a complete mess. I don’t suppose I could talk you boys into helping me clean up a bit?”

The already racing heart beats of the men watching accelerated even faster as two powerful streams of water began bathing the super beauty. Standing in profile, one stream was hitting her left breast as the other was dousing her hair. Slowly she ran her hands upward while making small circular motions starting at her washboard stomach and then inching up her chest, all the while arching her back and thrusting out her breasts. It seemed like an eternity to the men until she reached her magnificent orbs where she paused briefly to carefully massage every square inch of her sultry curves.

Upon reaching the top of her head, she spread her fingers apart and carefully pulled them through her gorgeous mane. She then rotated 180 degrees and began the whole process once again. When that was completed, she took up a power pose with her fists on her hips. Each stream hit her in a wrist and then slowly moved up her arms to her shoulders, then back down her chest pausing briefly at her mid pelvis before moving down her legs to her boots. She turned around as the streams started back up her legs towards her perfect posterior.

Hearing a cry for help, she turned her head and spotted a man falling from a tall building. “Duty calls gentleman” she uttered before taking fight at a blistering speed while simultaneously breaking the hearts of every man in the crowd.


Closing in on her falling target, she took a closer look. Oh no she thought, not him again! She slowed her speed to delay her intercept until he almost hit the ground. Accelerating upwards rapidly, the man in her arms passed out briefly before regaining consciousness on the very roof he had fallen from.

Looking up through blurry eyes at the raven haired beauty standing over him, the man said, “I thought I was a goner.”

“If I had been a second slower, you would have been”, she answered. “You really need to learn to be more careful.”

“Ah come on Lois, I saved you plenty of times when I had my powers.”

“So then you of all people should know what a pain in the ass it is to stop what you are doing and streak to a rescue”, she replied.

Clark paused for a moment and then responded. “Well I may not be able to fly anymore, but there is something that I can do now that I couldn’t before. For years I have been afraid to marry you for fear that my enemies would strike at my wife to get to me. Now that I no longer have a super career, there is no threat of that. Lois, will you marry me?”

“I’m sorry but I just can’t. I know it has been hard on you since Luthor stripped you of your powers which accidentally transferred them to me, but I have a new career now as Superwoman and my enemies could strike at my husband just the same as yours could strike at your wife.”

Dismayed, Clark stared at the ground for a few moments before he could summon up the courage to look into the eyes of the now incredibly powerful super heroine who had once worshiped him. In his heart, he knew she was right. “I just want you to know that I will always love you.”

“Excuse me Clark, but my super hearing is detecting news reports of a terrible earthquake and tsunami that has just struck Japan. They say there is severe damage to a major nuclear plant and thousands are feared dead. My super help is needed there immediately”, Superwoman said as she flew off to the west as Clark lowered his head and began to cry.

Streaking over the Pacific Lois thought to herself, poor Clark. He is having a terrible time adjusting to the life of an ordinary man. It is just sad. He and Bruce tried so hard to transfer his powers back from me before finally giving up on the idea.

And if I hadn’t fired off a couple of precise shots of my heat vision, they would have been successful! Get used to riding the subway Clarkie boy, because from now on, I am the Super One!

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