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The Free Man's Last Song

Written by supergirls sex slave :: [Wednesday, 19 October 2005 02:27] Last updated by :: [Monday, 17 December 2012 10:17]

The Free Man's Last Song

by Supergirlssexslave

--------------------------------------------- WRITTEN FOR SGI WORKSHOP 2.2 DOWNLOADED FROM ---------------------------------------------


They came and caught us all by surprise; Descending with angel-like grace from the skies No ships, no parachutes, no forewarnings Just those perfect arms, legs, lips, breasts and thighs!

They tore through army after army And laid waste to city after city. We fought them and lost at every turn We begged for mercy but received no pity.

Each more beautiful, with their slender, curvaceous frames They lifted whole buildings but showed no strains Our weapons could not scratch their desirable bodies When we ran, they hunted us for their games.

For two short weeks, the battles were heated Until all over the Earth, we were fully defeated. They ordered us to kneel and worship them as goddesses Like mere animals is how we were treated.


With others, I went down below the ground Hiding from the conquerors, we wouldn't be bowed We borrowed as moles do, we lived as rats, We survived as free men, filthy yet proud.

On the surface, the Goddess' rule continued Spies went up, and new palaces and statues were viewed One girl would taunt a helpless crowd seemingly for fun Below, our will to retain our liberty was doubly renewed.

The stories from above chilled us to the bone; Tales of overfilled buses picked up and violently thrown Sexy lips pursed to produce city-levelling hurricanes Voluptuous busts crushed men for sport, petite hands made dust of stone.

Then tales began to be heard of underground refugees Hunted down and dragged - screaming - to the surface on their knees. Delicate fists smashing into concrete bunkers Desperate defences brushed aside with terrifying ease.


Those of us who escaped capture and remained Dug in deeper, reinforced, rearmed, and retrained We separated and dispersed, far under the ground Dreaming of the day that liberty would be reclaimed.

But our efforts, no matter how daring and complicated, Were still not enough as too many of us were located. Those beautiful girls found and destroyed our hide-outs Lifting us one-handed like pieces of rag, defeated and humiliated.

Our weapons provided not a shred of protection, Bullets and shrapnel do not scratch a goddess' perfection. Their slender limbs tore through our steel walls With an insatiable appetite for conquest and destruction.

Faced with our guns they just laughed or licked their lovely lips, Their hands dominantly stationed on their wonderfully curved hips. Fire licked their perfect skin without leaving a mark Knives broke on their silky flesh, no penetration despite their sharp tips.


We knew the captured were paraded up on the surface And abused worse than the other males of our race. Tossed from one cruelly laughing girl to the next merely for fun Held aloft like trophies by arms of unthinkable power and grace.

Every day more refugees like myself were being caught Lonelier and lonelier I became as ever more isolation was sought. I found a deserted nuclear shelter a mile below an empty plain And sealed myself within, awaiting the independence battles soon to be fought.

Now four days have passed, and I have heard no news, No word from above, no contact with the other rebel crews. Any moment I pray the fight-back will begin in earnest; My rifle is ready and I sleep in my clothes and my shoes.

Encapsulated in thick concrete, so very deep underground I am free of the rule of the conqueresses whilst I remain unfound. I dream of the day we will rise up and finally defeat The sexy young girls with their heads so arrogantly crowned.


I awake with a start. Did I hear a muffled blast? Could this be the start of the battle, the uprising at last? A second boom, much louder than the first! The ground vibrates, I stand up and grab my weapon fast.

The third bang is much fiercer than those before My impenetrable shelter shakes as I think of the door. That must be our artillery, bombarding the enemy right overhead. I'm knocked off my feet by the sheer force of explosion number four.

The walls and the floor are moving, the pounding's getting worse Dust falls from the ceiling, the lights fail and I curse Suddenly all is dark and silent. Has the barrage ceased? Slowly I regain my feet. Time for war, my thoughts are tense and terse.

My hand is on the hatch that seals me from the world I'm about to go forth, myself into the battle to hurl When a sound reaches my ears, turning my mind to despair. Did I really just hear the cruel mocking laughter of a girl?


A boom rattles my head, dust rains and a crack appears in the roof. The laughing is louder, I ready my gun, accepting the awful truth The fissure above spreads like a spider's web as small rocks fall The concrete is being shattered by the tiny fists of a stunning alien youth.

The next bang is the final as the ceiling collapses on me, Burying me beneath half a ton of dust, earth and debris. The laughing is suddenly much closer, echoing all around And through the rubble I can just see a flawless, feminine knee.

I hear a step and then the rocks on me are instantly swatted aside. I'm uncovered, revealed, with nowhere left now to hide. I look at her, looming in amused triumph over me as I lie. Her long, perfect legs imprisoning me as she stands astride.

She bends low, her shadow covers me completely and terror grips. He face is so lovely yet the smile so cruel on her rich, pouting lips. Even her breasts, so full so firm so ripe (so indestructible) seem to be taunting. Her concrete-smashing, delicate hands rest arrogantly on her desirable hips.

“You cannot resist us, male” she declares as I silently weep. She drags me to the surface, her defeated slave, forever to keep.


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