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Serena's Lucky Day Part 1

Written by yohashuan :: [Tuesday, 18 April 2006 01:00] Last updated by :: [Monday, 01 April 2013 22:43]


Serena's Lucky Day
A regular girl discovers the secret of the
world's mightiest superheroine

By Yohashuan


:::. .:::




"I thought I told you two no ball in the house! I'm trying to watch the TV!"

Don Agbayani sat up straight, mustered his meanest scowl, and turned around in his chair to face the two offenders. On his jobsites, he'd cultivated quite a reputation for ruthlessness. But the sight of his daughter and her little friend Mia rolling around and giggling hysterically on the living room floor was just too cute. How could he get angry at a pair of 10-year-old girls for having too much fun?

"Aww Da-aaaad!" Little Serena rolled her eyes at her father, still giggling as she positioned herself between Mia and the rubber ball they were chasing. Mia tugged but could not make her way around.

"Don't you two have some homework to do? Or some chores?"

But the girls had already turned away laughing, pushing one another, and alternately screaming "give it!" and "stop it!" at the top of their lungs.   Don turned to his wife Angela and rolled his eyes. Angela returned his smile with a knowing nod and a pat on the knee. "She's only going to keep getting bigger & more independent you know."

"Don't remind me." Don sighed.

"Aww..."  Angela's sentence trailed off as the two parents glanced back over their shoulders at their daughter and her friend. They had since moved into the hallway, still tumbling hand over foot on top of one another and making way too much noise.  It was already past 10:00... surely this was just a final burst of energy before bedtime. The two doting parents shrugged their shoulders, chuckling as they turned their attentions back to the TV.

Just then, an announcer broke through mid-commercial, panting and trying to catch his breath. Sirens and helicopters could be heard in the background, and the air around him seemed thick with black smoke.

"This is Alan Norwood with Channel 4 news. I'm reporting live from the tracks outside Brisbane, where a passenger train has derailed at high speed. The number of injured is unknown, but rescue crews have already began pulling people from the wreckage. "

The children, overhearing the broadcast, dropped what they were doing and ran right up to the screen. Angela gasped and clutched fearfully at her husband's thigh. "Oh no... there are still people trapped in there!"

The camera panned out, providing a full view of the disaster as it unfolded. "It appears that almost everyone from the front of the train has been evacuated, but a raging fire has cut the final three cars off from rescuers."

"Oh my god," gasped Serena as the camera zoomed back in on the terrified face of a woman trapped by the blaze. The sight was horrific. Her father got up from his couch, walking briskly over to the two young girls to take them from the room ("this is far too graphic for little kids" he thought). As he bent over to put his arms around their waists, however, his attention was recaptured by the newsman on screen.

"Firefighters are working as diligently as possible, but apparently a water flow problem is rendering their hoses useless... and as long as the blaze is still raging, there is no way to get rescue workers inside. The San Francisco Fire Marshal has just arrived, and channel 4 is preparing... to...  uh... wait a minute..."

The announcer's face went from stern to confused as his gaze wandered from the camera lens. His train of thought clearly derailed as his eyes were drawn slowly upward, seeming to track something moving along the horizon. "What the..."

A few more moments of stuttering and pointing passed before the camera finally swung around to look. The lens immediately captured a small purplish dot growing ever larger -- some kind of projectile heading straight towards them. Slowly. Slowly. A few more moments and it became clear that the dot was actually a figure -- a human figure -- hurdling through the sky!

Serena and Mia dropped to their knees, wriggling from her father's grasp and inching even closer to the screen. "Oh my God," shrieked Mia...  "That’s a PERSON!"

The reporter continued to stammer unintelligibly into his microphone as the figure grew ever larger onscreen. Racing from its spot on the horizon, the cameraman shook and strained to stay locked on his target. He lost it in the clouds for a second, spun around frantically trying to relocate it, and finally settled back on the mystery figure hovering about fifty feet directly above the wreckage. A quick twist of the zoom brought the image into focus - causing Serena and Mia to gasp and exclaim at once: "it's... it's a GIRL!"

The two youngsters stared at the picture on the TV. The announcer started talking again, but by this point his voice was nothing more than background noise. No one watching would be able to concentrate on anything outside of that breathtaking visual. There, before their very eyes, was an actual flying person!

The camera came to a standstill and focused in on the figure hovering weightlessly above the flaming wreckage.  She couldn't have been any older than 20 or 21 years old - but to Serena, she was simply the most perfect, beautiful, graceful, and elegant grown-up she'd ever seen. The camera zoomed in and Serena gasped at the woman's gorgeous, exotic features. Big, blue eyes. A small, upturned nose. Full lips. Her body was swathed in a skintight shimmering purple, blue, and gold bodysuit, and boasted some of the most impressive curves she had ever seen.   Powerfully athletic and trim, yet shapely and impossibly curvaceous at the same time. Her long golden blonde hair danced in the wind around her angelic face.  She hovered there in the breeze with her hands on her hips looking stern, allowing Serena, Mia, and the rest of the TV viewing audience to drink in the sight of her - before she spun around and launched herself into action.

The camera struggled to follow, but the mysterious figure's path was just too quick and erratic. She quickly dropped to ground level, zipping around the train faster than the eye could see. In a blur of purple and gold, a pile of flaming debris seemed to rise from thin air in a clearing about 100 feet downwind of the accident scene. Another few moments and the engine fire had been fully extinguished. And then, car by car, the flames slowly died down. No one could tell exactly how it was happening, but in just a few moments, the raging inferno had been reduced to little more than a few disconnected piles of smoke and ash.


Most of the passengers had already been evacuated, but the remaining few began to file out from the tail cars. Some coughing and some crying, but all seemingly unharmed. Everyone was looking around, trying to find their mysterious rescuer, but she was nowhere to be seen.   "Up there!" yelled a little boy, his finger pointed skyward. The crowd and camera turned just in time to catch a purple and gold streak disappearing over the horizon.

Back in her living room, Serena turned in a stunned silence to face her best friend. What they had just witnessed defied all logic and explanation.  The bottom seemed to drop out from her stomach. She just couldn't put the strange feeling into words. All she knew was that somehow, something deep inside of her had been set free.




:: DAY I ::

Serena took her keys out of her pocket and unfastened the double doors. She was really thankful that her landlords put a weight room in the apartment complex - she'd always been far too insecure to go work out at the gym. Even though she hated exercising, she knew she needed to do something about her figure - she was sick of watching all her skinny friends get dates while she sat alone at night watching videos.

Locking the door behind her, she made her way in and turned on the lights. Throwing her gym bag down, she pulled her shoulder length hair back into a pony-tail, walked over to the back wall, and began her stretches. Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, Serena adjusted her glasses and paused to give her body a critical appraisal.

Staring back from her reflection was a pretty, if slightly chubby 22 year old Asian American girl of Filipina & Chinese descent. She wore running shorts, a sports bra, and a zipped-up sweatshirt. Her pear-shaped body stood barely 5'3", and looked bigger than the 125 lbs. it carried. She turned around and picked up the back of her sweatshirt in order to get a good look at her butt. No matter how much she ran, her thighs and ass always carried most of her weight and she absolutely hated it. She had hoped that a regular workout regimen would get her the body she wanted, but after six long and hard months of serious exercise, she had seen absolutely no changes. She stared at her behind disapprovingly for a minute before rolling her eyes and turning back around.

After pausing to make sure no one else was in the area, Serena removed her sweatshirt and examined herself more intently. Bringing her hands up to her sports bra, she pushed her 'A' cup breasts together, trying in vain to create the impression of cleavage. After a moment she dropped her hands with a sigh, wishing that the fat in her ass had instead gone to her breasts. She sighed to herself thinking what a knockout she'd be with a nice tight ass and some big tits.

"Too bad - it just wasn't meant to be," she thought as she walked onto the treadmill to begin her run.

A few minutes into her jog, Serena's mind began to drift. She started thinking of Mia, her best friend since kindergarten. The two of them had always been a little bit overweight until Mia started lifting weights a few years back. Now she was well on the way of becoming an absolute knockout. Her body wasn’t perfect yet… but it was vastly improved from what it used to be. Serena remembered how Mia had tried to bring her along to those first workout sessions. At the time, she couldn't believe her friend was bold enough to show her body to anyone anywhere. Serena remembered saying that there was "no way" she'd ever get dragged into going. Mia wasn't going to let other people's opinions stop her though (despite her poor self-image about her weight, she never was the type to really care what other people thought), and thanks to her hard work and a little late-blooming help from mother nature, she was finally breaking her way into the dating scene.

Getting frustrated, Serena increased her pace. Thinking of Mia made her even more determined to shed pounds. She hated to admit that she secretly resented Mia's accomplishments. Since they had been little girls, they always hung out together -- their insecurities about their bodies were something that they'd had in common for as long as she could remember. But now that Mia was crossing over to the side of the "beautiful people," Serena felt more alone than ever. She tried to stay objective - to not let physical things get in the way of her deepest friendship... unfortunately, the recent changes in Mia's body were starting to put a noticeable strain on their relationship.

A bead of sweat fell from Serena's forehead as she struggled to maintain her pace. She was 10 minutes into her run and was already getting quite winded. Concentrating on her reflection on the far wall, she mentally imposed Mia's body over her own. Drifting off, she imagined her friend's beautiful thighs were attached to her body... that her chubby waist and hips were becoming sleek and muscular like Mia's. She smiled at that mental image, finding the strength to push through the last ten minutes of her run.

Turning off the treadmill, Serena stepped over to the Nautilus machine. Toweling the sweat from her forehead, she sat down and reached to reset the bench-press pin. However, just as she was about to lie back on the bench, she heard a noise in the hallway - there was someone coming! Serena jumped off the bench, grabbed her bag, and darted nervously into the bathroom. The last thing she wanted was for another tenant to see her in a sports bra and a pair of spandex workout shorts! Bundling all of her stuff up, she ran to the toilet and locked the door behind her just as the footsteps reached the gym entrance. Slowly, the weight room door was unlocked and pushed open, and Serena peered through the crack in the door to see who it was.

"Shit, it's Jennifer Benson," Serena said to herself, "she's probably going to be in here working out for hours and I'm stuck in the frigging bathroom." She rolled her eyes at the predicament, angry at herself for letting her embarrassment get the best of her again. Now what was she going to do? She couldn't just walk out there... Peering through the doorway, she noticed the blonde was acting a little nervous. "Hmm, I wonder what's up with her," she thought.


Jennifer Benson was a tall, model-thin, successful, super-attractive, all-American blonde. She must have been almost ten years older than Serena, but had such a youthful energy, it would be easy to think the two of them were the same age. Even though they had never exchanged more than passing words in the hallway, Serena had developed a distanced jealousy. The sleek blonde represented everything the dumpy Asian girl wished she could be.

Jennifer was dressed in a long overcoat, her hair was tied back, and she had her glasses on (as usual). Serena watched as she went back to the door and locked it behind her before turning back around to face the bathroom. "I wonder what she's being so secretive about," she thought, "that girl is acting awfully strange."

Just then, Jennifer reached up, took off her glasses, and untied her hair, shaking it free. Serena watched in envy as the long blond locks fell in waves across her shoulders. Thinking back, she tried but failed to remember if she had ever seen Jennifer without her glasses on. Jennifer removed a small opaque vial from her coat pocket and uncorked the lid. Looking around the room once again and sensing that she was alone; she shut her eyes, downed the contents, and clenched her teeth.

What happened next was straight out of a science fiction movie, and Serena had to put both hands over her mouth to avoid yelping in amazement. Through the crack in the bathroom door, Serena watched as the other girl downed the contents of the vial in one swift motion. Quickly stuffing the empty bottle in the pocket of her overcoat, Jennifer hesitated for a second before doubling over in what appeared to be intense pain.

Jennifer dropped to one knee and crossed her arms in front of her chest. "What the fuck?" thought Serena, tempted to burst out of the door to see if she was okay... when slowly, the blonde started to shake. Serena watched her hair start to grow longer and thicker and... blonder? Eventually spilling all the way down her back until it reached her butt.

Serena was so transfixed on Jennifer's growing hair that she almost didn't hear the sound of hundreds of tiny threads stretching at once. But before she understood what was happening, Jennifer stood back up and hurriedly tossed off her overcoat to reveal a form-fitting purple and blue spandex bodysuit with a big gold "H" on the chest and lightning bolts down the arms. A gold belt wrapped itself tightly around her waist, drawing Serena's eyes down to the full cut purple bikini bottom - cut just high enough to let the bottom of her perky butt stick out from underneath. Knee-high blue boots and a floor-length purple & gold cape completed the ensemble. "Holy cow," Serena thought "Jennifer Benson is Hyperwoman!"

Serena watched Jennifer's body continue to tighten. Her legs growing thicker and more defined - with tight balls of muscle appearing at her calves, and strong, meaty thighs developing on her previously scrawny legs. Her butt also began to swell from its previously flat shape - flexing and growing to create an almost 2 inch horizontal shelf between the bottom of her lower back and the top of her behind. Much of the fat on her waist and stomach slowly melted away, accentuating her hourglass shape, revealing her abdominal muscles through the purple spandex as they visibly pulled themselves tightly into a washboard six pack.

Jennifer squinted and again brought her wrists across her chest, straining to flex her arms and shoulders. Suddenly, Serena heard a "pop" as the tendons and muscles underneath Hyperwoman's supple skin suddenly sprang to life. Her muscles popped out to reveal biceps, triceps, and deltoids that were cut finer than any fitness model or bodybuilder she had ever seen -- yet she still somehow exuded all the softness and femininity of a larger-than-life fashion model or movie star. A nervous thrill washed over Serena's body... this was insane! It was like watching a goddess come to life!

Exhaling, Hyperwoman took a second to toss her head from side to side, shaking out her hair and loosening her neck. Finally, she uncrossed her arms, cocked her shoulders, and placed her hands on her waist in the classic superheroine pose. She smiled as she glanced down at her own chest. Serena observed that the superheroine's breasts were tight & perky - but hardly the huge "Hyper-Boobs" that were the subject of male fantasies across the globe. As if on cue, Jennifer Benson smiled wickedly and exclaimed "This looks like a job for Hyperwoman!" Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes, and flexed what looked to be all of her muscles at once.

Serena was transfixed as she watched the thin spandex of Jennifer's costume begin to constrict. Her nipples slowly became visible underneath the fabric as they started pushing outward, her breasts beginning to fill with a heavy supernatural energy. In a few moments, her expanding chest forced itself against the pull of the tight fabric, creating a line of cleavage that pressed its way past the exposed neckline of her uniform. The spandex material continued its struggle, as through the crack in the door, Serena saw Jennifer's breasts suddenly inflate - rising gently up and away from her ribcage. It was almost like watching two balloons fill with helium - only it was a person's actual tits! She watched in envy as the superheroine's already incredible body suddenly took on superhuman proportions. Her average breasts miraculously getting bigger and bigger - until she finally let out a soft moan of release and relaxed, slumping against the back wall.

By this point, her entire body had lost almost every visible trace of fat, having slimmed down to more easily pronounce each and every incredible curve on her newly powerful frame. Her breasts, however, had grown to a D or a DD (or possibly even bigger!), and they sat proudly unaffected by gravity -- challenging the flimsy spandex material to press them back against her superhuman Hyper-body.

Quickly straightening herself up, Jennifer smoothed out her cape, took out a small blue eye-mask from the pocket of her discarded coat, and placed it snugly across the bridge of her nose before turning to the mirror to check her appearance. She cocked her hips and laughed out loud as she stuffed her coat into her locker. Snapping the lock closed, she strode confidently across the room to check herself out in the mirror one last time. Serena couldn't help but smile as she heard Hyperwoman address her own reflection: "Damn Jennifer, are you hot or what!?" Tossing her hair and giggling, Hyperwoman turned away, tensed her calves, and rose gently into the air to fly out of the open window - presumably to attend to whatever emergency had caused her to transform in the first place.


As quickly as she had entered, Hyperwoman was gone - and Serena finally exhaled a deep breath as she slumped back against the wall of the bathroom stall. Quickly composing herself, she unlatched the door and walked out into the vacant room.

"That was fucking weird," she said aloud, and walked over to the spot on the floor where Hyperwoman's transformation had occurred. Absentmindedly, she wandered over to Jennifer's locker, trying to make sense out of the amazing spectacle she just witnessed. She looked down at the floor and noticed something small and reflective lying right next to her foot. Bending down to take a closer look, she was blown away by what she saw. It was the tiny thumb-sized opaque vial that Jennifer had drunk from right before she transformed!

Serena began hyperventilating... she couldn't believe her amazing luck. She reached down and grabbed the container, uncorking it first to insure that there was, in fact, some liquid remaining on the inside. "This must be the stuff that gives Hyperwoman her super powers," she whispered softly to herself as she recorked the vial and put in the pocket of her sweatshirt. Quickly rushing over to gather her clothes together, she started formulating ideas in her head about how she could make her own batch of this seemingly magic potion.

Serena stuffed her belongings in the gym bag, ran out of the weight room, and hurriedly made her way up the stairs to her apartment. Once inside, she turned on her computer, laid the vial down on the table, and set in to begin her research. She frantically scoured the internet for any information on chemical analysis laboratories. Most of the sites were government-related, but she did find a few local labs - including one at the local university - that would probably suit her purposes. Serena silently thanked her parents for forcing her to enter college as a pre-med student (even though she dropped that particular program after her sophomore year) because now she would be able to make her way around a laboratory and analyze the formula without having to ask anyone for help with the machines.

"Okay," she said to herself, "that's the plan... I go to the university lab when no one's there, analyze this stuff with their machines, and then get the hell out. I'll figure out how to get the ingredients themselves once I know what they are."

Serena picked up the little bottle and held it between her thumb and forefinger. She'd never done anything sneaky or devious in her life, and walking away with the bottle in her pocket was basically stealing, but she reasoned that the whole ordeal was too fantastic to just be a coincidence. "If I didn't find it, someone else definitely would have," she thought to herself. "Besides, I can't just walk up to her apartment tomorrow and say 'Hi! I saw you transform into Hyperwoman yesterday and you dropped this, thought you might need it - bye!' Looks like I've got no choice but to pocket it."

Quickly uncorking the vial, she wafted it towards her nose and peered inside. Sort of cloudy, but otherwise odorless and colorless. "I wonder how much you need to drink to get superpowers," she thought, "Jennifer didn't seem to hold it up to her lips for too long... maybe it only takes a really little bit."

Holding it up to the light, she saw that the thumb-sized vial was still just about half-full. It was driving her crazy forcing herself to wait for a full analysis instead of just chugging the whole thing, but she wasn't going to blow her chance at a lifetime of super powers for one fleeting moment of ecstasy. Recorking it, she decided she'd try to get some sleep first and then head to the university lab early the next morning before anyone else got there. With visions of herself as an all-powerful superheroine in her head, Serena got up from her chair, changed into her sleep tee, brushed her teeth, and made her way into bed.

:: DAY II ::

Serena glanced at her clock as soon as the sun came up. 5:45am it read. "Why did I even try to sleep last night?" she thought as she tossed her covers aside and immediately reached for the little bottle of super-juice on her nightstand - just to be sure hadn't dreamt the whole thing. Sure enough, it was right where she left it.

Serena got out of bed, took off her tee, and appraised her naked body in the mirror. Same old Serena. She sighed, but then stole a quick glance at the vial on her nightstand and smiled a wicked smile. Turning back to the reflection, she put her hands on her hips and puffed out her chest in the classic superheroine pose. "This looks like a job for Hyperwoman," she said out loud, and then flexed her muscles, giggling. Of course, she was as displeased with her body as she'd always been - but that would all change today. "God, I hope this plan actually works," she giggled, "imagine ME - a superhero! Gonna have to think of a name..."

Serena picked out her glasses and some blue cotton thong panties, then quickly threw on her regular workout uniform: a sports bra and spandex workout shorts underneath a pair of sweatpants and a long-sleeve blue tee-shirt. She was too excited to eat anything, so she just brushed her teeth, threw a pen and pad along with the vial into her backpack, and ran out the door to catch the bus. Luckily, public transportation was running on time, and she hopped on and took a seat near the back door. Serena's knee bobbed up and down nervously as she stared out the window.

"This is insane" she thought, and stuck her hand into the front pouch of her bag to clutch at the vial. "Just a little sip of this stuff and Jennifer Benson transformed right in front of my eyes." Her mind drifted to Mia, her friend who had actually been working for a better body. "God, we would have killed for this stuff when we were younger. I mean... the secret to Hyperwoman's superpowers! I remember when we were just kids and Hyperwoman (it was Hypergirl then) busted onto the scene as the world's first ever real-live superhero. Watching her fly around and pick up boulders on TV was amazing! Mia and I used to spend hours running around the neighborhood pretending to be her. If only I knew then that this day would come."

Serena sighed and shifted in her seat. Her gaze drifted to the other people on the bus. Guys in suits, punk kids, old ladies, homeless people... all of them just going about their boring old routines. "Maybe I should tell Mia about all this. I mean - it just wouldn't be right to keep a miracle like this all to myself, and who better to share it with than her? I don't know though. It might be dangerous..." She looked down the row of seats and saw a gorgeous woman in a skirted business suit. Every single man on board was stealing glances at her exposed legs. "... I probably better just see if the formula works first. Then I'll think about giving her some..."

After arriving at the university building, she was thrilled to find the doors unlocked and the hallways completely empty. Quickly, she found her way to the chemistry lab and began her research. It had been a while since she'd used these machines - and even then, she was far from an expert - but she thankfully didn't really have to do anything too complicated. Just a simple fluid analysis.

Serena carefully spilled a few drops of the liquid onto a slide and placed it into the machine. After analyzing the readout, she was relieved to see that there wasn't anything in the formula that she wouldn't be able to find close by. She jotted a few pages of notes in her notepad, silently cursing herself for dropping out of the pre-med program. Now she might be smart enough to figure out what's inside the formula, but she'd have absolutely no idea how it worked or why! Nevertheless, all that really mattered was that she had the stuff -- understanding it could come later. Turning to the door, she made her exit and started going room to room gathering chemicals.

Serena glanced at her watch. 6:25. Surely people would be arriving soon. She rushed back to the original lab and gathered all the ingredients together. Carefully, she measured out a small amount of the various chemicals - enough to make just about a half-gallon of the mysterious juice. She added the powders and liquids together into a small beaker, and waited for something to happen.


She picked up the beaker and shook it. Everything inside had mixed together, and the compound took on a sort of cloudy grey appearance, but there was no crazy explosion or anything like that. Given that this was supposed to be some kind of magical compound, Serena had been expecting to see fireworks when she got it right. Did it need to be heated up or frozen or something like that? Damn. Serena sighed, and knew she had to just drink the stuff and find out. But not at the university lab. Checking her watch one last time, she put the various ingredients into her backpack along with both bottles of formula, and made her way out of the building.

The ride home was the longest 15 minutes of her life, but once there, Serena unpacked the contents of her bag and laid them out on her kitchen table. If she was correct, everything she needed to make a lifetime's worth of super-juice was right in front of her. Picking up the original vial, she decided that she'd save that one for an emergency... just in case nothing ended up working and she needed the powers for a one-shot thing. She couldn't be sure that even the original formula would work on her, but again... she didn't want to waste the only 'original copy' of the special drink if she didn't have to.

So she reached instead for the beaker she'd mixed back at the lab and held it up to the light. The liquid inside appeared to be the same color & consistency of the actual formula. Did she actually get it all right? Was it really this easy to get super powers? Serena shrugged her shoulders, knowing that there was really only one way to find out. Quickly running over to her computer table, she took out her digital camcorder, placed it on a chair in front of the full length mirror, turned it on, and pointed it to the center of the room.

Slowly, Serena walked into the camera's field of vision and turned to face it. "Well, I guess this is it," she said and let out a nervous giggle. Hesitating, she bit her lip and reached down to pull off her sweatpants. She then removed her pullover tee and was left standing in a shiny black spandex sports bra and matching workout shorts that barely covered her behind. Turning to address the camera, Serena cleared her throat and held the beaker up in front of her. "My name is Serena Agbayani, and I think I've made and incredible discovery."


This was it... the moment she had been dreaming about since she was a little girl. Her fingers clutched the container nervously as she raised the bottle to her lips. She was shaking - what if she poisoned herself? Shouldn't she have someone there with her in case things went wrong? She paused and looked into the mouth of the beaker. The cloudy liquid looked harmless enough, and didn't smell at all - most likely nothing would happen. Serena rolled her eyes. She was still having a hard time convincing herself the whole thing wasn't just some kind of crazy dream or hallucination. "Ahh, what the heck," she whispered to herself, "just drink it and get it over with already." Looking back at the camera's flashing red light, she took a deep breath, lifted the bottle to her lips, and took a swig.

"Tastes like tap water," she said as she took the beaker from her mouth and set it on the table. Pausing, she looked at the camera and waited for the magic to kick in. Nothing. She brought her arms up into a double biceps pose and flexed. Still no response. "Did I get it right?," she wondered aloud, self-consciously adjusting the waistband of her shorts before raising her arms to flex her muscles again. "Come on... come on... work already!"

She was getting impatient - Jennifer's transformation was instantaneous, and it had almost been a full minute now since she had downed the stuff herself. Looking back at the clock, Serena watched the second hand creep along as if in slow motion. Each tick making her feel more and more idiotic. "This is stupid," she said, "what was I even thinking? Magic super-juice... yeah right."

Embarrassed to be standing half-naked in front of her video camera, Serena reached down to pick up the long-sleeve shirt. The device recorded her every movement as she stood back up and walked over to push the stop button. "I can't believe I even tried this stupid stunt. Who was I kidding?" Serena could have kicked herself - she was always wasting her time with stupid immature pipe-dreams like this one. "You're 22 years old already," she said to herself, "You need to just accept your body and your life and learn to fucking deal with it already. You're not a kid anymore." Her finger reached out to power down the camera when suddenly, she felt a jolt of electricity shoot up her spine - continuing through her arms, legs, and head. At once, all of Serena's muscles clenched tightly - much more tightly than they ever had before - and she was immediately overcome with incredibly painful cramps. It was like she was on fire... even her head and face were burning. Instinctively, she hunched over to curl into a standing fetal position.

"Uhhh," she moaned, fearing for her safety. She'd never felt this much pain before in her life, and the cramps were getting worse by the second. Even her eyes now - they felt like they were about to melt! She couldn't move, she couldn't think. Another painful moan escaped her lips as her muscles wrapped themselves into a million tiny knots. Something was wrong. Very wrong. She groaned in pain as tears formed in the corners of her eyes. She tried to stand up straight, but couldn't. Her body was locked in position and felt like it was collapsing on itself. She had no control at all. This was too much. Serena started panicking and hyperventilating. At that moment, she had no doubt she was about to die.

Except... she didn't die. And amazingly, the intense pain started to dissipate. The horrible cramps in Serena's hands, feet, neck, and head began to leave - being replaced with what could best be described as an internal warmth. This warmth slowly spread back through her body, overtaking the cramped muscles and tendons with a soothing, tingly feeling. She found herself able to move her fingers... then her hands... then arms... and knew she would soon be able to rise from her position. "Wh... What's happening?" she asked aloud - hoping, but not believing, that her formula might actually end up working after all.

Quickly, however, she found herself able to stand up, arch her back, and shake out the cramps. Amazingly, they seemed to be disappearing altogether. "Wow... I feel so... strange," she said as a wave of pleasant dizziness washed over her, making her shudder. Almost immediately, every last trace of achiness in her muscles had vanished, as was being replaced by another strange feeling... she couldn't quite describe it just yet.

Serena stabilized herself with a hand on the kitchen table, her world was spinning faster and faster. Oddly, the experience was actually soothing to her, and she was overtaken by a new-found feeling of confidence. She was shocked to feel her own mind awaken as if from a deep sleep. It was as if a mental veil was being lifted, and her thoughts could finally flow freely... she actually could feel her neurons begin to fire faster and faster. "Oh my gosh," she said aloud in an almost breathless whisper, "this is soooo strange!"

The sensation continued to grow until it traveled to the outside of her head - to her scalp - and began to resemble the same warm tingle from before. The unfamiliar feelings were almost too much to take, and Serena clenched her calves involuntarily. By now, her head felt much better than during any scalp-massage she'd ever gotten, and she tilted her neck back, allowing herself to get lost in the pleasant sensations.

"Ohh wow," she breathed heavily as the amazing feeling in her temples got even stronger, distracting her from the small pops and clicks her body was making as it readjusted itself, "this is unbelievable."

Serena tossed her head from one side to the other and suddenly had her daze broken by the distracting touch of something gliding across her back. She quickly reached up to scratch at whatever it was (a bug?) that was crawling on her skin, and was awestruck to grab a fistful of hair -- her own hair!

"Ohmygodohmygodohmygod..." Serena jumped back to face the camera and the mirror. Was it really happening!? Yes! -- her hair had grown down her back just like Hyperwoman's! And that amazing tingly feeling... it had to be the formula working! Serena was ecstatic, and she quickly straightened herself up, shaking out her long, flowing chestnut brown hair. By this point it had grown almost to her butt, and had actually developed a few patches of shimmery blonde highlights. She was shocked at how it seemed to glow from the inside with its own light. It was the most beautiful head of hair she'd ever seen -- even in the movies or on TV -- and it was hers! This was too much!

Serena then knew without hesitation that her body was having a positive reaction to the formula. Her thoughts raced without tripping over themselves, and she realized beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything happening to her was meant to be... that it had been her destiny to have ingested the formula.

She gave herself a once over in the mirror. "Good," she thought, "nothing else seems to have changed yet. I don't want to miss the show!" She reached up with both hands to pull her hair back into a makeshift ponytail. The warmth was now heading back into her head, becoming a more generalized feeling that seemed to literally seep into her brain! "Mmmmm," she moaned again, unable to equate the sensation with any she had ever felt. Then... almost instantaneously, she felt a burst of energy travel from her head all the way down her spine, through her arms & legs, and all the way back again. It was like an electric current going through her, and she was rewarded with a flash in her eyes, ears, and skin -- even inside her mouth. What happened? She wasn't sure, but something was very different. It was like the strange warm & tingly feeling was no longer going through her, but had somehow become a part of her.

She opened her eyes and was shocked by the clarity of her vision! Throwing her glasses to the ground, she was blown away by her eyesight - which was suddenly much better than 20/20. Every color, every nuance of each object in her field of vision was so vivid! And her ears... every single noise was crystal clear... the birds, the dripping faucet, the vent in the hallway! Her senses had sharpened to superhuman levels and she felt the need to just laugh hysterically. "Oh my god, this is sooooooo amazing!!"

Serena was beside herself, trying desperately to catch every new sensation... to make sure not one instant of pleasure passed by unappreciated. This was a hundred times more intense than she had imagined. Slowly, the warm feeling that had worked its way deep into her body grew hotter and hotter. From the inside of her bones to her organs to the tips of her toes, Serena's body responded to the increased warmth by pulling itself into a new, more 'suitable' shape -- smoothing out the imperfections in her skin, loosening muscles and joints that had been wrongly set by years of poor posture, and twisting the flesh to create perfect symmetry on the left and right sides. The warmth spread into her back, and her muscles involuntarily jerked her body to attention. She found herself standing strongly upright with an arched back and her ass exaggeratedly sticking out behind her. Her arms hung loosely by her sides, but upon seeing her reflection in the mirror, she placed her hands on her hips and found herself standing in an exact copy of Hyperwoman's power pose.

"Whoa," she exclaimed as she looked at her reflection. Though her body remained largely unchanged, the subtle shifts in her basic appearance were becoming noticeable. Quickly, she examined herself with her newfound super-vision. It was incredible... as though her super-sight allowed her to closely study every single pore on her entire body at once! And not a blemish to be found at all. Not a single one!

Her skin had lost every trace of a wrinkle, and become perfectly soft and clean. Even the childhood scar on her chin had disappeared. And now the features of her face began to shift one by one. Serena had always wanted a slightly thinner nose and 'zap', she watched as the bridge pulled itself inward just a fraction. She always thought her lips were a little too thin and 'poof', she was delighted to see them become fuller and sexier. She felt her cheekbones shift a bit higher, and her chin draw itself in a bit more. Her eyes remained a dark brown, but they now seemed to glow with the same internal light as her gorgeous hair. Serena could still tell it was her... but she looked way different than before. It was like checking out a super-hot version of herself! This was unreal! She couldn't believe that she -- Serena Agbayani -- was watching her face transform from plain Jane to supermodel status! She puckered her lips and winked at herself before launching into a full toothy smile. "Oh my god," she gasped, "even my teeth are straight!"

She smiled and frowned and smiled again, as if to test that the face in the mirror was really hers. Then she glanced down at the video camera. "Good," she thought as she posed & blew a kiss to the lens, "I am getting this whole thing on tape." This was the experience of a lifetime. She'd never really done any hard drugs, but she knew that not even ecstasy or heroine could duplicate these amazing feelings. Her reflection stared back at her with a look of confidence wholly unfamiliar to the old Serena. Her hair was long and flowing, her face was breathtaking and flawless, and even at just 5'3, her posture was majestic and commanding.

Serena looked down at her still-untoned waistline in anticipation. Her face was incredible, and she felt healthier and happier on the inside than ever before, but she knew her body had just been getting itself ready... clearing the skin, bones, organs, and tendons... in preparation for the final infusion of super-powers. Finally, the moment of truth was at hand, and Serena felt the warmth that had spread across her body start to gather in her chest. This was what she had been waiting for. Her dream of becoming a super-hot superheroine was finally about to come true!

She appraised herself in the mirror. Now a miraculously pretty girl, Serena still had her same old body. But that was about to change. Her full lips curled into a smile as her heart started beating faster, the warmth in her chest again growing hotter and hotter. She remembered this same buildup of power from earlier, but this time, she knew what was about to happen. Softly, Serena reached up to brush a strand of hair from her face, then clenched her fists and gave herself a dead-serious stare in the mirror. This was it. She could feel her heart beating faster and the warmth in her chest reaching it's critical point. Slowly, a dizziness started to creep over her again (she thought she was done with this dizzy stuff already!), but she managed to keep her eyes open this time, instinctively clenching her fists and tightening the muscles in her arms and legs. Her heart beat faster still, until she just about lost her balance. Determined to maintain control, Serena raised her arms in front of her, then flexed her biceps, shoulders, and pecs in defiance. The warmth then spread... branching out and radiating up her spine to her head, then down her stomach into her crotch. "MMMM," she moaned loudly, caught off guard by the blatantly erotic sensation that suddenly gripped her privates.

Once again, Serena felt her muscles cramping up - taking control of her posture. She felt her arms moving even further in front of her, bending her over to hunch down yet again in a standing fetal position. But this time, once she had fully knelt down, her heart immediately clenched and exploded in one mighty beat -- sending a blast of supercharged blood coursing through her.

Serena was overcome with an erotic and powerful sensation as she instantly shot up into the opposite position... her back again arching itself, her arms throwing themselves straight out to either side in a "T" formation. Her legs closed tightly together and her butt was sticking out exaggeratedly behind her. She threw her head back in ecstasy as the fantastic power washed through her veins. Managing to open her eyes and peer at her reflection, Serena started laughing and crying at the same time! It was happening! It was really really happening!

Serena could feel her insides burning with a pleasant sensation, the radiant waves in her crotch and chest washing over her body. Through squinting eyes, she watched as the layer of baby-fat which had plagued her self-image since childhood miraculously began to disappear! The magic started in her toes and fingertips, and crept its way inch by inch across her entire body. Bit by bit, Serena watched as her skin grew more and more taut -- wrapping itself tightly around her arms and legs as though it was a bag that was vacuum-sealing her muscles inside. At the same time, Serena could feel her muscles begin to grow... the fibers bursting, dividing, and rebuilding themselves with inhuman speed.

She opened her eyes wide to take in as much of the view as possible, when her body suddenly shuddered in pleasure. From out of nowhere, her privates started to throb -- and she was abruptly dragged across the line from 'tingly' to 'very aroused'. "W h o a . . ." she giggled - and instinctively tried to bring her hand to her crotch to ease the pleasurable discomfort. Unfortunately for Serena, she found herself unable to move -- her body locked in the standing "T" position -- as her muscles continued to flex and grow.

"Oh wow," she uttered to herself, rubbing her thighs together to try for a little relief. Her body was changing rapidly now - the fat all but completely disappearing from her frame. At the same time, her muscles were slowly revealing their definition through her increasingly taut skin. With each passing moment, her physique became more and more athletic. Serena laughed in ecstasy as she watched herself gradually change from 'sort of chubby' to 'cute & petite'... and then from 'petite' all the way through to 'tight little hardbody.' The whole thing felt amazing! She was watching in slow motion as her every flaw vanished from existence. No longer would she have to worry about how people looked at her - she was going to be super-hot! Serena laughed again. She was going to be the most gorgeous, desirable woman on the planet -- and she'd be able to have any (or every) guy she wanted! Another burst of energy flowed through her crotch, and her body shuddered yet again.

In the mirror, Serena saw the ridges in her stomach begin to emerge. Her hips and waist had slimmed down considerably, and now her hardening abdominal and oblique muscles were rising into view. Similar reactions were happening in the other areas of her body. Her arms, her legs, her chest and ass, everywhere... hard tight muscles began slowly revealing themselves. Her heart was beating even faster now, and Serena could feel the blood flowing at what felt like light-speed through her veins.

The sensation continued to gather in between her legs, and it was absolutely amazing! She had never felt more alive in her whole life! Her physique continued to improve, slimming down in some areas and building mass in others, until finally she started to resemble the cover of a fitness magazine. Her prayers were finally being answered! She was no longer trapped inside a pear-shaped frame... she was now the owner of the most beautiful, tight, cut, fit, hot body on the planet! She looked like a dancer or a swimmer or... or a fitness model. It was just too good to believe!

Slowly, she stopped flexing her arms -- having packed them with a decent bit of muscle (but not a whole lot) -- and allowed them to fall to rest at her sides. Likewise, her legs and the rest of her body relaxed just a bit, allowing her to resume a regular comfortable standing position. The erotic feeling started to subside, but Serena could tell that her body was just taking a small break before entering the critical phase of its transformation.

As she regained control of her limbs, she brought her right hand to her thigh and absentmindedly began tracing her fingers up the inside seam of her spandex workout shorts. "God, Serena... LOOK at you!" She was panting and she felt like she was sweating, but strangely, she didn't seem to be perspiring at all. Then quickly, she found herself very able to catch her breath. It was unreal -- in an instant, she felt entirely rested -- like she hadn't just been terribly exhausted only a few moments earlier! Her heart was still beating with the same ferocity... but now, Serena did not feel overwhelmed by the rush of blood through her system. It just felt right. Everything felt right. And she felt in control of it all.

She raised her head again and looked at her reflection. Wow. Things were MUCH different now. Just a few minutes earlier, she had been as average and unremarkable as a girl could be. No one would have thought twice passing her on the street. Now she was staring face-to-face with what could possibly be the most gorgeous female specimen on the planet! Her eyes, nose, mouth... her whole face... there were NO flaws! She mentally catalogued all the famous asian actresses and models that she could remember... none of them could hold a candle to her now! Her features were so delicate and feminine. It was just too much. And now her body too! Finding herself back in control, she smiled and lifted her arm, flexing her bicep with all her might. Grunting, Serena watched as a hard mound rose from beneath her flesh to form a baseball sized rock of muscle, the connecting tendons and muscles in her shoulder and forearm also springing to life to display perfect anatomical definition. She was aghast. Her arm suddenly looked as though it belonged on a female bodybuilder - even though the rest of her body remained tantalizingly slim and petite. The impressive size and density of her own bicep startled her, and she slowly lowered her arm to rest at her side.

"Whoa," was all she could say, impressed and almost stricken with fear at the strength she doubtlessly now possessed, "it really is true... the formula works." Though she had been witness to the changes one by one, the view and feeling of her arm flexing to superhuman proportions left no trace of doubt, and she stood back in awe of her own newfound physical power. She felt like she could move mountains. Serena drew a deep breath as she came to realize the gravity of her situation. This was not just some immature childish experiment anymore. This was real life... and everything would be different now. Very different.

She stared blankly at her reflection. Incredible physical beauty. Her face and body were absolutely flawless. Though still just 5'3, her legs now seemed to go for miles. Hard calves led to thick thighs that blended seamlessly into a tight, bulging ass - barely tucked away anymore under her tight spandex running shorts. She moved both hands back to grip her own behind, and took a handful of soft, rounded flesh in each hand. Serena flexed her arms with all her might, and again, all the muscles from her shoulders to her forearms exploded with definition.

She just had to continue smiling, delighting in the power and raw physical beauty she now possessed. She gripped her hands more forcefully and stared intently at her forearms. Tight and petite, but super-powerful -- they led up past her biceps into beautifully rounded shoulders. Her back was broad, and displayed an impressive latticework of tight, bulging muscles. It tapered down to a super-tiny waist, then dramatically flared out into a trim, but relatively voluptuous set of hips. Her stomach was now lined with a hard 6-pack, and the small of her back had tightened up considerably, lifting her muscular butt cheeks skyward without even really being asked to do so. Serena was in awe of all the changes that had taken place. She was trying desperately to catalogue each little difference in her mind. She studied her face, her hands, her legs, everything. Her beauty was truly beyond measure. No regular woman could even compare anymore... not even come close.

Soon, she noticed the warm feeling gathering again, and then realized the best part had not yet even happened! Her tits! Serena quickly composed herself, standing up as straight as she could. She was startled for a moment at just how smoothly and effortlessly her new body moved itself. The way her legs just pulled together and her spine stiffened to make her stand up perfectly straight... it was such an amazing feeling! She just couldn't believe that even performing such a simple task as standing up straight could inspire such amazing feelings of power and confidence. She really felt like she could do anything!

The feeling of power in her chest began to build, and as it did, a new and entirely pleasurable feeling began to stimulate her nipples and clitoris. "Ohhh," she cried as she reflexively stood back up at attention, actually raising up on her tiptoes as she arched her back and thrust her breasts and ass out exaggeratedly. Serena stared wide-eyed at herself in the mirror. "God you look sooooo damn good! I can't believe it! Serena -- you're a fucking goddess!"

This new feeling was like nothing that had preceded it... it was not warmth disguised as dizziness, or dizziness disguised as tingles... this was an entirely erotic feeling - one that centered around her most sensitive parts and only got progressively stronger. She laughed and cooed as she felt a sensation like someone's warm mouth softly sucking her nipples and clitoris. "hahahhha.... oh wow," she whispered as the sensations began to pulse and flicker almost in exact sync with the quickening beats of her heart. It was not long before her breathing lapsed into an aroused panting, and she soon felt a few drops of moisture forming deep between her thighs.

One after another, the pulsing sensations flowed from her chest to her skin, and Serena laughed and exulted in the most pleasurable sensations of her life. In a few moments, she started to feel a rumbling deep within her chest. This was it! This was the signal that they were about to grow! Still standing on her tiptoes with her body arched, Serena stared in amazement as the pulsing sensations started to actually cause her breasts to begin expanding.

Hurriedly, she brought her arms to her chest and removed her sports bra, pulling it frantically up and over her head. For the first time in her life, she had exposed her 'A' cup breasts to a camera -- but she knew she didn’t have to be embarrassed anymore! Serena settled down onto her heels, standing with her feet slightly spread, and placed her hands back on her hips. Thinking back quickly to the previous day, she recalled watching Jennifer Benson transform, and the feelings of wonderment that it inspired in her. Well, now it was her turn -- and she smiled confidently as she felt the soft tissue inside her breasts becoming firmer and firmer. Smiling to herself, Serena pushed her hands firmly into her waist, cocked her hips, and tossed her lustrous hair over her shoulder. She stared into the mirror with a cocky smile, and in her best superheroine voice said laughingly "This looks like a job for Hyperwoman!"

As if on cue, Serena's tight little body powered a furious rush of superhuman energy from her heart into her breasts. She watched in amazement as each powerful beat caused her breasts to press outward just a little bit. First her nipples (which had always been extra-perky) began to puff out even further. They poked forwards, pulsing up and out - almost as if being tugged by strings. It felt to Serena as though they were being twisted, pinched, and softly pulled at the same time. Laughing, she felt the soft flesh deep inside her breasts beginning to grow, and soon saw confirmation as the skin on the outsides began to puff out in perfect half-circles. "Yes!", she laughed hysterically as the erotic feelings continued to grip her most erogenous zones, "it's happening! It's happening!"

Her incredible body - with its tiny frame, wide hips, thin waist, and broad shoulders - would have already satisfied the fantasies of any man on earth. But Serena felt the burning in her chest continue, and her body maintained its determined course to become something more than merely "the hottest body on Earth," it was striving to becoming absolutely goddess-like in its inhuman perfection.

Waves of pleasure flowed through Serena's crotch, the steady stream of energy now inducing a gradual build-up deep in her loins - similar to an impending orgasm! This was unexpected! Serena felt her body exploding with incredible power as her newly transformed muscles gripped themselves tightly, and her superhuman organs churned with a feverish intensity. The skin on her chest began to stretch tighter and tighter... the breast tissue underneath beginning to double its rate of growth. Serena lifted her hands from her waist, bringing them up and over her head. She then brought them down to flex both of her arms in a mighty double biceps pose. Like tiny packages of dynamite, her biceps exploded into compact, dense spheres of steel-hardened muscle - and the connecting muscles in her forearms and shoulders started to quiver.

The electric feeling immediately flowed from her biceps through her shoulders, and across the now flexing muscles of her chest - to deliver a powerful stream of energy that instantly supercharged the growth process. Serena was thrown into a fit of uncontrollable laughter as she watched her reflection. Her arms... they were gorgeous! and so strong! And her breasts... she watched as the tissue that had been growing underneath finally began to push its way out, causing them to rise. Her tits were now visibly inflating... not just the nipples or the sides... but Serena could see actual shadows beginning to fall across the inside of her chest - creating cleavage where she'd never had anything but an unobstructed view of her own sternum. She was ecstatic!

Flexing harder, Serena felt another rush of power flow into her breasts, and at the same time, she actually felt herself getting... lighter (?) Her tits started to balloon outwards, and the shadow on her chest got deeper and deeper as the ridge between her breasts became more and more exaggerated. The growth was happening quite rapidly now, and Serena was absolutely delighted. Her tits grew from an A to a B cup, and then even further, as they really started to bulge. Though she was completely bare chested, her marvelous tits held themselves aloft as though supported by an invisible bra. It was unreal! Her pussy continued to pulsate in time with the growth of her breasts, and Serena found herself in a trance-like state... part of her extremely in tune with every minor detail of her physical changes, the other part of her lost in a state of sexual arousal that had long ago surpassed anything she'd ever felt.

Admiring her superhuman body in the mirror, Serena held fast to her position. It seemed that the harder she flexed, the more aroused she got, and the more powerful her body became. She clenched her muscles again, and felt the effects of another wave of pleasure and power. Her breathing quickened even further. The flesh in her breasts continued to pulsate and expand, each millimeter of growth causing flashes of heat to run back and forth from her crotch to her tits. She stared hard at them. Serena wanted to reach down and cup herself -- to feel the soft warmth of her expanding tits as they bounded well into the 'C' cup range. The way they sat so high and proud on her chest despite her incredibly tight & petite body. The sight was breathtaking! And they were her tits! She flexed even tighter and watched as they continued to expand... it was almost like watching two helium balloons fill in slow motion... except it wasn't helium, but her own super-powered breast tissue that was inflating them.

Her blood raced. Serena's eyes remained locked on her chest, darting back and forth from nipple to nipple, and then zooming out to watch both breasts heaving and expanding at once. Her body was so little and tight... but her breasts... they had always been tiny, and now they were getting huge!! Her entire body was flexing hard, vigorously pumping superhuman energy through her veins. Her clitoris was throbbing and aching, daring Serena to reach down and touch it. She almost gave in to the urge to stroke herself, when suddenly she began to feel as though her pussy were being manipulated by a hundred tiny fingers and tongues.

"Oh goddddddddddddd!" Serena labored to breathe as she struggled to keep her arms flexed. She forced herself to concentrate on her amazing expanding tits. God, they were amazing -- and all hers!! She flexed hard, and her pussy began to drip... moisture beginning to show through the tight spandex workout shorts that now hugged her thighs and ass like a second skin. Her breasts grew even further... blooming out into a full-fledged 'D' cup as they bounced effortlessly on her tiny frame. Her pussy was on fire now, but though she hadn't laid a finger on herself, she felt as though she were being worked by an expert... bringing her ever closer to her impending release.

Serena's arms remained flexed, her eyes completely fixated on her breasts and the super powers they represented. Her tiny super-powerful body pumped wave after wave of incredible feelings into her chest and crotch, and soon, she could take no more. With a powerful grunt, Serena pumped all of her muscles as hard as she could. Over and over she flexed. Her arms, her legs, her back, her ass, her stomach, her neck... everything. The buildup of energy was overwhelming. The skin on her breasts drew taut, refusing to give anymore, but the powerful flesh inside them continued to grow. The competing tensions felt so incredible! Her tits were so huge now, and they rose even higher off her frame with each flex. She was now only seconds away from coming.

An intense feeling of heat suddenly started to build from deep within her. She pulled her arms down and clenched her fists as tightly as she ever had. The feeling spread, creeping through her skin and bones, and working its way into each and every cell. She got hotter. And hotter. The sensations getting more and more intense until finally, without warning, her pussy exploded into the most violent, super-powerful orgasm of her life.

"AAHHHH!" Serena was thrown back against the wall, her super-body cracking the plaster and denting the bricks in the process. She pulsed over and over again... overcome with feelings of pleasure and power. It was such an incredible mixture. Serena brought her hand down to her crotch and gripped it with all her might. She flexed strongly, powerful muscles appearing on her slender arm as her fingers expertly manipulated her g-spot. Panting, she fell onto her knees, one hand still on her crotch, the other supporting her weight on the ground, and continued moving her hand back and forth. She stroked herself again and again, the overwhelming feelings maintaining peak intensity for well over sixty seconds, until finally the orgasm of her life began to subside.

Another minute later and Serena was able to catch her breath. She flipped her head up to face the video camera and started laughing. Her chest was heaving, she was practically spread eagle in a crawling position on the ground, and her sweat and pussy juices had completely soaked through her shorts. "He he he... oh wow... That was something else..." Peeling off her bottoms, Serena slowly sat back and folded her knees underneath her. Suddenly, she was caught off guard by the sensation of two enormous breasts dancing up and down on her previously flat-as-a-board chest. "Oh my god," she said as she lifted her left hand to cup herself. "Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod."

Her pulse began to slow down just a touch, and effortlessly, Serena bounced up to her feet. She couldn't believe how quickly her body responded to her every command. Standing to face herself in the mirror, her jaw dropped in amazement. "Oh my god," she said. "Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod."

serena04Her body had become the most incredible female body that had ever existed. Small and compact, but voluptuous. Fit. Powerful. But also soft and incredibly delicate. She stood up straight... her neck was long and lean like a ballerina's. Her whole body was slim and trim -- except for her tits! They were huge... must be a 'D' cup (at least!) She reached her hands up to cup herself and gave each breast a super-powerful squeeze. Her arms exploded into hard cuts of muscle, but her breasts only gave a little bit... responding with a feeling of softness and pleasure rather than pain or soreness. They were soft and warm... and when Serena pushed and pulled on them, they moved and squished around like normal tits. But they also displayed a miraculous elasticity, and didn't droop or sag or anything! She let her fingers glide across her awesome new cleavage and trace lines down the soft undersides of her new super-tits. Finally she cupped herself again, and quickly brought her hands away. Her gravity-defying breasts jiggled and stood at attention. "Look at me," she marveled, "I am a goddess."

Serena backed away from the mirror, walking over to the other side of the room. With each step, she felt more and more alive -- more and more powerful. Every single motion was so easy. She moved with grace and style. Rising up on her feet, she did a quick pirouette before stopping and lifting herself onto one toe. She had so much balance! This was awesome! Serena laughed out loud and launched into a series of spins and jumps that took her through her living room and bedroom, and finally back into the kitchen. She was moving like a prima-ballerina... and she had never even taken a single dance class in her entire life!

serena01She ran back to face herself in the mirror, moving in to look close up at her face. No flaws. Nothing. She was perfect. She reached up and pulled her cheeks down... not even any redness in the corners of her eyes! Insanity! Puckering up, Serena leaned in to the mirror and pressed her lips against it to give herself a big kiss. "You did it," she said to herself, "you actually, really, honestly, truly did it!" She appraised her wondrous body... marveling at the super-tight muscles and incredible hourglass figure that had been combined on her frame. Raising her fist, she flexed - watching again as a rock-hard bicep rose up exaggeratedly from her slender arm. Serena tossed her hair over her shoulder and smiled wickedly at her reflection. "Ok then, you goddess... I think it's time you find out what this new body can do!"

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