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Serena's Lucky Day Part 2

Written by yohashuan :: [Tuesday, 18 April 2006 01:00] Last updated by :: [Monday, 01 April 2013 22:43]


Serena's Lucky Day
A regular girl discovers the secret of the
world's mightiest superheroine

By Yohashuan

Part II

:: DAY II continued ::


Serena stood up straight with both arms hanging loosely at her sides. Her body was completely nude -- and completely flawless. There was not a single blemish or stretch mark to be found on her tanned flesh, and her proportions were something out of a comic book. She tilted her head back, taking a deep breath and allowing her large, firm breasts to rise higher on her chest. Exhaling strongly, Serena was amazed when the video camera & all the papers on the kitchen table suddenly went flying - scattering themselves across the room. "What the..." she wondered aloud, quickly realizing that it had been her breath - the air from her lungs - that had blown the contents of the room around.

"No way," she said "can I really do that!?" She walked over to the video camera and picked it up off the ground. Good, it hadn't been damaged. Placing it back on the table, Serena couldn't help but turn around one more time to check herself out in the mirror. Her ass was fantastic. She stuck her butt out and put her palm squarely on the tight flesh that connected it to the small of her back. With a quick flex of her thigh, all the muscles on her leg carved themselves into tightly defined bunches. Her perky behind gripped itself tightly, and Serena allowed her fingers to trace the striations through her super-tight skin. Simply amazing. Her body was hard and strong like a marble statue, but her shape was delicate and feminine. Serena relaxed her leg and turned back around to face the camera, the feeling of her large breasts bobbing up and down causing her to laugh with self-satisfaction. "Okay," she said as turned to face the other side of the room, "here goes nothing."

Serena looked intently at the bag of dirty clothes that she had gathered by her bedroom door. "Okay that's got to be at least 15 or 20 feet away from me, right?" she said to the camera. "Now let me see if I can just..."

She took a deep breath, filling her lungs with air, and then exhaled with all her might. She was instantly rewarded by the unfamiliar feeling of hurricane force winds escaping from between her tightly pursed lips. The bag of clothes leapt off the ground, and Serena watched in amazement as it lifted up to fly straight into her dresser. The bag burst on impact, sending shirts and socks flying every which way. Cosmetics and accessories spilled across the floor, and her framed pictures all fell from the wall, shattering on the floor.

Serena instinctively raised her hands to her ears and squinted at the cacophony - caught off guard yet again by the incredible clarity of sound she was able to perceive. "Seven hundred and thirty six," she said nonchalantly, before realizing that she had subconsciously counted the pieces of glass as they fell to the floor. She dropped her hands back to her sides and repeated the number. "Seven hundred and thirty six." She shook her head. "Seven thirty six." Serena looked at the pile on the ground and was amazed as her eyes focused in - darting quickly from piece to piece - her mind easily taking note of which ones she had seen yet and which ones she had not. No more than three seconds later, her superhuman eyes had confirmed what her superhuman ears just told her. 736 pieces of broken glass. Not a doubt in her mind. "No way," she breathed. "No fucking way."

Serena ran to the window and looked down at the roadway. "One twenty two," she said to herself, then quickly counted the number of cars parked along the street. She was spot-on. "No way no way no way!" She looked at the tree across the street. "Thirteen thousand four hundred and ten," she said confidently as she instantly counted the number of leaves on its branches. Serena laughed hysterically. "My brain! Even my brain is super!"

She ran over to her bookshelf and pulled a few titles down. "Moby Dick," she noted, "I had always meant to read that." Opening the cover, Serena smiled as she instantly digested the contents. Page by page she flipped through with increasing speed until she finally just held the book between her thumb and forefinger, and flipped through as though shuffling a deck of cards. Even at that speed, Serena didn't miss a word, and was shocked to discover she fully comprehended every nuance of the entire novel. "Not only am I strong, but super-smart too! This is awesome!"

Serena was beside herself. "Okokokokok, you need to slow down and THINK, girl! First: you need to get out of this house before you tear it down! Second: you need to go somewhere quiet and secluded, and put yourself through some tests. Third: you need to think about what you're going to do with these powers once you've got 'em under control."

Serena turned back to the mirror - still overcome with pride in her new & improved body. "Have no fear, Serena is here," she laughed to herself as she put her hands on her hips. Now that was more like it! Her super tight muscles glistened in the light of the room as her large breasts heaved in steady rhythm with her breathing. Her flawless face and flowing hair were the epitome of female perfection. Her legs went on for miles. "God damn, Serena - LOOK at you!" She raised herself up onto one toe and twirled around a half-dozen times before gracefully settling back down on her heels in the exact same position. "You're fucking perfect!"

Deciding she needed to get out of her house, Serena walked back into her room to find something to wear. Every single motion was graceful and perfectly efficient as she made her way over to the dresser. "What to wear, what to wear," she mused as she lifted out her favorite 'special' pair of red silk thong panties. Sliding them up her legs, she moved on to pick up shirt after shirt... all of them having been tailored and stretched to fit a girl with much smaller boobs and a much bigger belly. The only articles that looked like they would fit were some pullover sweatshirts, and there was no way Serena was going to bury herself in one of those now. Eventually getting frustrated, Serena walked back over and picked her sportsbra off the ground, holding it up by the tag. "34A" she read aloud, and smiled from ear to ear as she walked back to the mirror, twirling the bra around her fingers.

Serena faced her reflection, still overcome by the sight of her new super-petite body. She turned to the side and took in the incredible view of her large breasts as they jutted out of her profile. God, they were gigantic! And so firm and bouncy. Turning back straight ahead, Serena put both her arms out to the sides & rocked up and down on her heels. She watched in delight as her pendulous breasts swayed back and forth before eventually settling back into position. She reached her hand over and placed it in squarely between her tits, feeling their fullness as they surrounded her fingers. She then brought her arms forward and watched as her cleavage almost completely swallowed her hand. Serena's fingertips poked out the top, but otherwise, her hand had been completely covered by the flesh of her brand new tits. She laughed absently as she pulled her hand out from between her breasts, causing them to jiggle for a moment before once again standing up at attention.

With one quick motion, Serena reached down to take her bra in both hands. She brought it up over her head and dropped it loosely over her shoulders. Tugging with both hands, she stretched the fabric out almost to the breaking point before pulling it down to stretch across her buoyant tits. God, they looked so good! She hooked her thumbs under the fabric for a second before letting it go, and was delighted by the way her firm chest prevented the flat-cupped top from reaching back to her ribcage. The black lycra fabric strained in protest as the underside of Serena's new breasts stuck visibly out the bottom. "Aww... what's the matter, Serena," she mock pouted, "can't find anything big enough to hold back your super boobs?" She thought back to her experiences in high school and junior high school - when she'd felt totally ostracized because of her weight problem and lack of 'frontal development.' "Well who's laughing now," she purred confidently.

Serena put her hands on her hips and puffed out her chest even further. Her enhanced hearing picked up the sound of hundreds of tiny threads ripping as her breasts inflated slightly in time with her breathing. It was amazing the way they puffed out the top and bottom, her cleavage going on for days thanks to the too-small bra that now pressed her tits into one another. She couldn't get over the way they stood out and made her hips look so small. She flexed her abdominals and one by one, they stood out in bold relief underneath her tanned skin. Relaxing again, Serena's muscles slimmed down, and her body reduced its bulk to once again become incredibly lithe and petite. It was mind-boggling. How could her body change from super-cut to baby-soft so quickly? She took her hands off her hips and put them on her knees. Bending over and thrusting her chest and tits out, Serena simulated a pose she'd seen recently in a Playboy spread. She had to laugh... she really looked just too damn hot for her own good.

Serena stood back up and shook her head. "Snap out of it," she said to herself, "you look fantastic, but there's so much more to it than that!" She looked over at the dirty clothes and broken glass that had been scattered across her bedroom. She laughed and puckered her lips again. With a smug confidence now, she blew a strong gust of wind that reshuffled the mess on her bedroom floor. Her closet door swung open violently and the down comforter flew off her bed. "Hahaha. Serena, you're such a badass." She wanted to get outside and put her new body to the test as soon as possible. Skipping briskly to her closet, she pulled out her blue Adidas track pants and matching zip-up sweatshirt. In an instant, she pulled them on over her thong & sports bra, and was out the door.


Stepping out onto the street, Serena was overwhelmed by the sights & sounds of the bustling city. Everything was so fresh and vibrant. She could clearly hear the details of hundreds of conversations - at the same time noticing the sound of leaves rustling, the roar of countless automobile engines, airplanes flying overhead, birds chirping... it seemed like the whole world was an open book. The smell of exhaust and gasoline overwhelmed her for a moment before she consciously filtered it out... choosing instead to notice the scent of fresh bread coming from the bakery across the street. She was astounded! Directional super-smell!? Unreal. She felt the wind whipping through her long hair, and the sunshine beating down on her face. It was like she'd previously lived her entire life inside a bag or under a sheet or something. EVERYTHING was sharper and more clear now. Her sight, her hearing, her sense of smell... even her senses of taste and touch were improved. She felt the stretchy fabric pulling itself against her nipple and laughed... yup, definitely her sense of touch had improved.

She was ecstatic. Overwhelmed. She knew she had to find somewhere that she could be alone - and fast! Serena again took a deep breath through her nose, filtering out the unwanted odors, and held it for a moment. Smiling, she turned down the sidewalk, and being sure no one was looking, let out a controlled blast of wind that blew a cloud of dust, trash, & fallen leaves billowing into the air. "Sooooooooo cool!" Feeling the rush of supercharged blood pumping through her veins, and watching the debris still floating in the wind, Serena felt like she could do anything. It was still morning, and there weren't many people on the street... still, she realized she'd have to go outside the city in order to get the privacy she needed. Out of habit, her mind started to recollect the city bus schedule when she stopped herself with a smile. Reaching up and pulling her long, silky hair back into a ponytail, she turned to face the street. "Wait a minute," she said to herself, "I don't need the bus anymore..."

Like a track runner before a race, Serena shook her arms and legs to limber up. "Okay," she mumbled, "here comes super-power test number one. Hyperwoman has super-speed, so you should have super-speed." Smiling, she kneeled down and put one leg behind her, placing both hands onto the sidewalk to simulate a sprinter's starting block stance. She rose up into the ready position. "Well alright then Serena; let's see just how fast you can go."

Serena quickly looked down at her legs in anticipation. This was it. She clenched her thighs and immediately felt a rush of super-energy inside them. This was going to work - she just knew it. Looking down the road, her eyes easily zoomed in to focus on the nearest freeway entrance. She quickly calculated the distance to herself - "Okay. About 2 or 3 miles to the freeway entrance and then another 10 miles or so to the river at the state park." Serena tensed herself in anticipation. "Alright then. Here goes nothing..."

Serena pushed off with her right leg as hard as she could. Her heart boomed with energy and her leg responded in kind, rocketing her forward at an unbelievable velocity. It was at least two or three seconds before her left leg finally completed her first step, propelling her onward down the sidewalk. Almost instantly, she was at the freeway entrance, and with instinctive grace, she rounded the on-ramp and found herself blazing down the shoulder of the highway, a spray of loose rocks and asphalt in her wake. Her body jumped and ducked, maneuvering past unforeseen obstacles as though she had always known they were there. Then, almost as quickly as she had started, Serena found herself standing perfectly still on the shores of the County River. Her hair fell down across her shoulders and a cloud of dust and sand flew forward into the water. Her heart was beating like a hummingbird's, but quickly slowed down, settling back into its regular rhythm almost instantly. She turned around and saw the skid marks her two heels had left in the sand behind her. That's when it hit her... she had covered over twelve miles in seconds. Seconds!

She looked down the shore of the river and laughed out loud. With a tiny hop, she pulled her arms back into an exaggerated runner’s stance before instantly speeding off down the beach. Bam! Suddenly she was standing about a mile downstream. Serena started laughing. This was just insane! Taking a deep breath, she blew as hard as she could - and an enormous spray rose up off the water. Unbelievable. She did it again... making an even bigger wave, and caused it to crash into the trees on the other side of the half-mile wide stream. "WOW!!!!"

Serena was getting more and more excited. Looking across to the opposite shore, her eyes zoomed in to focus on a small clearing in the distant trees. Without a second thought, she crouched down, flexed her densely packed quad and calf muscles, and leapt forward into the air. Serena's supercharged legs launched her little body off the ground, and she rose into the sky. Twenty, thirty feet in the air she rose, her body hurtling forward as though catapulted from a slingshot. She spread her arms out to her sides like gliding bird and looked down to see the water flying by. As she approached the shore, Serena tucked her arms and knees, pulling a last-second flip before landing in an exaggerated crouch on the opposite shore. It took her a second to fully comprehend what she had just done, but slowly, she turned around to look back across the river.

Serena laughed hysterically, overcome with joy at the amazing power she now possessed. She raised her arms out to her sides, her large breasts pressing out against her tracksuit, and posed like a champion gymnast after a dismount. "Ta da!!"


Serena was beside herself. She looked around with her super-vision and scanned the woods. Not a single person for miles. "Well, I guess you don't need this anymore," she said to herself as she unzipped her top, dropping it in a pile at her feet. Her large breasts puffed out the sides & top of her sports bra. "Or this," she laughed, pulling the bra up & over her head in one swift motion. One more quick glance around, and her shoes, socks and pants followed suit. Soon she was almost completely nude, her red silk thong panties the only remaining clothes on her body.


She raised her arms up over her head, allowing her full breasts to bounce lightly on her chest. She could still feel the energy pulsing and flowing through her - just as powerfully as it had back at her apartment. Serena looked up at the sun and realized it hadn't been more than five minutes since she first ingested the serum. "I can't believe I made it all the way out to the state park so fast," she said as she began strolling down the shore. She couldn't get over how light her whole body felt. Of course, the feeling of her buoyant breasts still fascinated her, but she noticed her head, her arms - even her hips and legs all felt lighter. And it wasn't just like she was stronger and carrying her own weight better... it was like she actually weighted less now than she did before. How was that possible? With all the extra muscle & density she'd packed on, shouldn't she weight more than before? Serena flexed her bicep and rubbed the hard mound with her other hand as she continued pacing down the beach. Lost in thought, concentrating on the changes in her body, Serena was suddenly snapped back to attention by the crunching & shattering of an empty beer bottle under her foot.

The sudden noise startled Serena, and her heart leapt into overdrive. Reflex kicked in, and she jumped back, looking down at the ground. It was as if the world had suddenly lapsed into slow motion, and as she hopped backwards, she saw tiny bits of glass scattering in different directions - many of them bouncing harmlessly away from the exposed skin on the underside of her feet. Soon, she landed back on the ground, her foot crunching a large peice of the bottle directly underneath. Stepping away, she raised her leg up and inspected the bottom - still expecting to see large cuts and gashes on her heel from the sharp glass. When she instead saw nothing but perfectly smooth skin, she immediately understood what had happened. The superpowers were all new to her... but by now, she had no doubt that they were all hers. Of course broken glass wouldn't cut her foot. She lifted her hands in front of her, staring at her palms incredulously. She was bulletproof. Just like Hyperwoman.

Serena dropped her hands and blankly looked ahead. It was really true. She really had super powers. Focusing on a good-sized boulder (it must have been about 5x5 feet and almost perfectly round), she walked over to it and placed her hands on either side. The now familiar rush of energy flowed from her heart through her arms, back, and legs as she hunched over and began to stand up. "Mmmmmmmph," she grunted as her body raised itself upright. Her eyes widened as she felt her slender fingers press themselves a few centimeters into the surface of the rock. For just a moment, it felt as heavy and immobile as it always would have, but then in an instant, she felt her arms surge with super-power, and her elbow bent slightly to pull the huge stone out of the earth. Serena grunted again as her body began fueling itself with strength. The rock grew lighter and lighter until, in a moment, she was able to straighten her knees, bend her arms, and lift the rock up to rest against her super-firm breasts. The feeling of raw strength and power was amazing. Serena allowed herself just an instant to appreciate the way her tits supported the multi-ton rock before repositioning her hands and hoisting it up and over her head.

Bits of dirt and earth fell down on her as she proudly held the enormous stone aloft. Her whole body - from her calves to her back to her forearms - was pulsing with inhuman power, and the feeling was almost sexual. Her breasts and crotch actually buzzed in rhythm with her heartbeat as the electric blood coursed through her veins. Serena looked up, as if to confirm with her eyes that she was really holding a frigging boulder over her head. She laughed, feeling her super tits once again bouncing weightlessly on her chest. Her arms were flexed and displayed awesome definition, but actually did not look large or out of place on her body the way they had when she flexed in front of her kitchen mirror. She was definitely still just as strong as she had felt then, though. It was as though her body had quickly gotten used to handling the giant weight, and had adapted so that it didn't require as much muscle mass to do the heavy lifting.

Serena was overcome with joy, and she brought the boulder down a bit - pressing it over her head a few times as though doing free-weight repetitions at the gym. Her strength was unbelievable. Every flex of her biceps, her triceps... each clenching muscle brought with it an accompanying sensation of warmth. It was just too much. She felt her body rewarding itself with more and more strength each time she repeated her motion. Again and again, she lifted the rock until she felt that she had 'maxxed out' - her short workout fully activating the serum inside her muscles.

Laughing, Serena brought one arm down, now holding the big rock over her head with her right hand alone. She felt fantastic. Placing her free hand on her hip, Serena spread her legs slightly and stood once again in the superhero pose. The enormous rock dwarfed her tiny body, covering it in a dark shadow, but she held it over her head like it was made of paper-mache. "I could get used to this," she said as she began pressing the rock up and down with her lone hand. It must have weighed 5 or 6 tons, but it was so easy! With a glint in her eye, Serena looked across the lake and cocked her arm. One quick motion and it was gone - she hurled the boulder as far as she could... trying to see if she could actually clear the entire river with her mighty arm. Stunned, she watched as it flew higher and higher, continuing well past the opposite shoreline, until it fell into the forest about another mile or two inland.


Serena looked around. Her plan had worked. She just ran to the state park in under a minute, created a tidal wave with her breath, jumped across a 1,500 span of water, and then hurled an enormous boulder for miles. And she didn't even feel tired! There was not a doubt in her mind anymore that she had all the powers of Hyperwoman. The super-senses and super-breath. The super-speed. The strength and invulnerability. She could probably do everything Hyperwoman could do... Including flying...

Serena's thoughts trailed off and she absently brought her hands up to her stomach, flexing her abdominal muscles. Pushing aside her breast, Serena inspected the hard cuts of muscle on her tiny stomach and waist. Her body was pumped up and the blood was flowing from all her recent exertions. She had grown even sleeker and more defined in the process, and Serena wished she had a mirror so she could look at herself again. She knew that the super-workout had only made her body even tighter & hotter. Lifting her hands to her head, she ran her fingers through her long hair, then traced a line softly down the middle of her chest with her fingers. This was all too much. She feared it was all a dream and that she would wake up soon.

Flight. No one on Earth had any idea how Hyperwoman could fly without wings. Could she really fly on her own or was it some kind of technology in her costume? Everyone had a theory, but no one knew for sure. Serena started walking down the beach. Smiling, she reached down to pick up another large rock - this one about a quarter the size of the first. She put both hands underneath it and lifted, her powerful muscles picking it up without much effort at all. In fact, she noticed she had less trouble with the huge stone than she used to have taking out the garbage. She had no problems balancing herself despite the enormous weight. Serena moved it into one hand and held it out to her side with a fully extended arm. The stone seemed to grow even lighter; it was easy to balance - even at such an awkward angle. She casually flicked her wrist and tossed the rock over her head to catch it with her other hand. Finally, she brought it in front of her and, using her other hand, balanced it on her index finger alone. Not just one handed... one fingered! Simply incredible. Serena then took the massive stone and spun it on her extended finger like a basketball! The rock remained balanced for a few seconds before toppling to the ground.

With a sinister smile, she looked at the rock and curled her fingers into a fist. "You are super strong, aren't you?" she asked rhetorically. Serena reached down and jabbed her fingers into the top of the rock, hoisting it from the ground like a bowling ball. In one motion, she tossed it fifteen feet straight up into the air, and cocked her fist as it began its descent. With perfect timing, Serena's mighty punch shattered the stone into thousands of pieces. A loud boom and a cloud of black dust exploded on contact. Bits & pieces of rock flew in every direction - the main bulk of it still remaining intact, but flying off to splash downstream. Serena looked at her hand and was glad to see she remained perfectly flawless and uninjured. She felt like she could do anything.

Looking up into the air, Serena just knew in her heart that she could fly. She just knew it. But how? She thought back to her run-in with Jennifer Benson in the apartment locker room. After she had transformed into Hyperwoman, she just kind of flexed her calves and floated away. Serena already knew that it wasn't a matter of just jumping really high... she had already tried the jumping thing earlier, and Hyperwoman didn't seem to need any kind of exaggerated motion to lift off the ground. So there had to be some kind of trick to it.

With perfect recall, Serena copied the pose that Hyperwoman had stood in before she lifted off. As she arched her back and stuck her butt out, Serena felt a burning energy start to build in her chest. "This is it, I know it" she said aloud as the feeling quickly spread inside her body. Her chest began to tingle and her nipples puffed out slightly, pulling her breasts up and away from her ribcage. It was an incredible feeling, and Serena was shocked at how she intuitively knew how to access it. The sensation spread down through her feet and hands as she raised her arms out to her sides. Looking skyward, Serena felt the energy building in each breast -- her body becoming completely full with the signature tingle of her superpowers. She grew lighter and lighter, and as she flexed her claves and brought her arms completely out to her sides, Serena simply willed her body off the ground.

It was like nothing she'd ever experienced as Serena lifted up onto her toes and slowly freed herself from the constraints of gravity. She felt her body become as light as a feather, and inch by inch she rose into the air. She started to laugh again. It was really happening! She was leaving the ground! Serena quickly became accustomed to the strange sensation of being weightless, and she tensed her calves again to propel herself into the air. Even though she had never flown before, the movements were so intuitive. Of course she could fly. How could she have ever doubted it?

Serena raised her hands above her head, accelerating her ascent with a tight clench of her fists. Higher and higher she climbed - releasing her hands and stopping gracefully to hover about twenty feet above the treetops. The wind whipped her hair out of its ponytail as she did a few mid-air pirouettes. Flying was so easy! With a quick flex of her thighs, Serena shot up into the clouds, twisting her body this way and that as she tested the limits of her mobility. It was incredible. She was already an expert in the skies. She did a few loops and barrel rolls before pointing her body horizontally and shooting off into the distance as fast as she could. The sonic boom was audible for miles.

Like a bolt of lightning, Serena found herself speeding across the landscape. She must have been going 2 or 3 times the speed of sound and she wasn't even really trying yet! The tingling feeling grew more intense, and she clenched her muscles harder to increase her velocity. More sonic booms, and her speed multiplied. The ground was now just a blur. She arched her back to gradually point herself skyward, and was soon rocketing vertically into the stratosphere. The ground was retreating further and further into the distance. Serena rose fifteen or twenty miles into the sky before finally slowing to a halt. Neither the freezing cold air nor the relative lack of oxygen caused her any discomfort whatsoever. It was crazy - her body really was completely impervious to harm.

Serena finally let her muscles relax, and slowly her almost weightless body came to a complete stop. The Sun burned brightly, but she was high enough now to see the stars and moon behind her. She used her super-vision to look down and examine the landscape. Thousands of people packed into the city and its surrounding communities. All of them just going about their daily routines. Just yesterday, she had been one of those normal people. No longer. Serena lifted her hands in front of her and looked at them. "So much power now," she said as she examined herself. Straightening her arms and clenching her fists, hard cuts of super powerful muscles revealed themselves beneath her skin. "So much power."

It was at that moment that everything began to sink in. She had done it. She had actually given herself super powers. She was so much more than human now. Serena spun around a few times, reveling in her mastery over gravity. "I really can do anything I want," she said matter-of-factly. "But what?"

Serena used her super-vision to zoom in on the lake shore in the state park. Quickly locating her discarded clothing, she turned her body around and flexed all her muscles at once. With another sonic boom, she rocketed back to earth, slowing down at the last moment to perform a perfectly graceful landing right next to her pile of clothes. She quickly pulled them on and tensed her thighs to rise into the air again. It hadn't taken more than a half hour, but already Serena was convinced of her complete mastery of her powers.

As she lifted skyward, Serena took a moment to collect her thoughts. In the last half hour, she had taken all of her life's priorities and scrambled them like an egg. No longer would she spend her time thinking about grad school or the dating scene. Her problems with her job and her family were so inconsequential. She was a completely new person now -- a superpowered goddess! Serena floated into the clouds and made her way leisurely back to the city. Her head was spinning, but she had never felt this good in her life. As she soared gleefully through the sky, Serena realized she could do anything she wanted. The only problem now would be figuring out exactly what she wanted to do.

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