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Serena's Lucky Day Part 3

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Serena's Lucky Day
A regular girl discovers the secret of the
world's mightiest superheroine

By Yohashuan

Part III

:: DAY II continued ::

Closing her eyes, Serena floated weightlessly above the clouds, allowing the strong breezes to caress her perfect body. She couldn't get over how incredible it felt to be able to fly. She stuck her arms out to her sides and clenched her butt cheeks tightly. Instantly, her petite form rocketed up further into the sky. The feeling was amazing. Serena tilted her head back, allowing her gorgeous long brown & gold hair to come loose and toss in the wind. She arched her back even further as she flew - slowly looping herself upside down. Finally, she relaxed all her muscles at once, allowing gravity to once again take hold.

Twisting around, Serena pointed herself so she was falling head-first towards the ground. She put her hands over her head like an Olympic diver and straightened herself out, picking up speed with each passing second. Looking to the distance, Serena used her super-vision to zoom in on the City about 20 or so miles away. She was able to locate her apartment almost immediately, as well as the homes of several of her friends (including her best friend Mia). It felt strange when her brain told her eyes exactly where to look - but she was quickly getting accustomed to having mental abilities as enhanced as her physical ones.

As she neared the ground, Serena slowed herself and changed her flight path. Still flying over the park, she squinted harder and zoomed in on Mia's apartment. Amazingly, she was able to see inside - from miles away she could actually see inside of a one-bedroom apartment! Serena examined her friend's place, still stunned at the accuracy and detail of her eyesight. As she scanned the bedroom, Serena saw Mia's head stick out from under her bedcovers. "Jeez, what a lazy-ass. Still asleep so late in the morning!"

She thought for a moment about what fun it would be to zoom over there at super-speed and surprise her - maybe by picking up her refrigerator or something like that - but was startled to see a hand (a man's hand) reach out from under the covers to pull Mia back under. Amazed, Serena concentrated harder, and was able to pick up the sound of a soft giggle as Mia slid back between the sheets. Serena stopped in mid-air, stunned. "No way! Mia actually got some booty last night!"

Serena was overcome with joy for her friend. Though she had been a little jealous of Mia's blooming self-confidence these past few years, the two had been best friends forever, and as such were always excited whenever one of them actually 'got some.' She slowed to a stop and hovered weightlessly for a moment - using her super-vision to look in even closer. "I probably shouldn't be using my powers like this, but what the hell, right?"

Serena's eyes glazed over for a second as she suddenly found herself able to see through Mia's bedcovers. "Whoa...," she said aloud as the sheets melted from her view to reveal Mia's fully nude body entangled with a man's (and quite a good-looking one at that, Serena observed -- gym physique and everything). Her impulse told her to turn away, to give the two lovers their privacy, but instead Serena found herself compelled to look closer. Wow, Mia really had done a lot of work on her body. Just two years ago, Mia had been "the fat one" in the group - saving Serena herself from that distinction. But now she had strong, muscular thighs and arms connected to a firm chest and waist. She really looked great. When Mia first started working out and the results started to show, Serena felt so betrayed... she felt like she was getting left behind or something. Now she just smiled and shook her head, laughing at how petty she had been in harboring resentment. It was so stupid the way physical things and the opinions of others could come between people. Mia was a great person inside and out, and Serena felt ashamed that she'd allowed her own jealousy to prevent her from seeing that.

Serena looked down at her hands, then her arms, then her large breasts - perfectly firm and perky - and realized that Mia would no doubt be unbelievably jealous of her now. Serena shrugged her shoulders with a smile. She didn't want to rub it in her friends' face, but she couldn't help but feel a smug satisfaction as she ran her hands across her washboard abs and down to her strong thighs. "I guess the tables have turned, eh Mia?"

Tilting back into a reclining position, Serena zoomed back in, watching intently as the mystery man's hands caressed Mia's neck and shoulders. Focusing her gaze, Serena concentrated hard on Mia's wriggling body, and was surprised to feel a strange sensation - almost like her mind had opened up to travel the distance from her head to Mia's - and immediately felt a soft tickling caress run across her own shoulder. This caused Serena to snap back with a start, and the strange mental link vanished as quickly as it had appeared. "That was odd," Serena thought as she shook her head. "Was that what I think that was?"

Getting excited, Serena shook her head to clear her mind and once again focused on the scene in Mia's bedroom. She brought her hand up to her neck and traced her fingers across her clavicle, delighting in the amazing sensitivity of her new skin and the tingles brought about by her own touch. As she squinted her eyes to look through the sheets, Serena watched Mia lay back; her companion's hands moving farther down her body to take hold of her breasts. "Wow, that's pretty hot," Serena said to no one in particular, moving her other hand up to absently begin unzipping her track suit. As she concentrated again, Serena could feel her mind opening up, once again reaching out to span the distance between Mia and herself.

She was ready for it this time, and as she watched the man groping at Mia's breasts, her own breasts began to pulse and tingle in rhythm. The man kissed Mia's stomach, and Serena could feel something akin to a soft breeze roll across her own torso. Serena instantly understood what was going on -- she had established a mental link with her friend... she was experiencing (in an indirect way) everything that Mia was. Serena broke out into a full-toothed smile, giggling as her mind sped through the obviousness of the situation. "Oh my god, can I read peoples' minds too!?"

She concentrated harder and tried to open up the link. She wanted to see if she could hear exactly what her friend was thinking. Serena's body shuddered as the physical sensations grew stronger - her skin tingling all over now as she watched Mia sliding around in her bedcovers. As her thoughts opened up even further, the connection to Mia's feelings and emotions grew stronger. Serena squeezed and flexed her supercharged muscles in growing arousal, but though she seemed to be even more in tune with what Mia was feeling, she couldn't tell at all what her friend was thinking. It was a slight distinction, but an important one, and though she was getting further and further carried away with the pleasurable sensations she was picking up, Serena's brain effortlessly jumped to a conclusion. "I have empathetic powers." She chuckled to herself. "And I know what 'empathetic' means hahaha."

Almost as soon as she made this realization, Serena understood innately how these powers worked. With a little practice, she would be able to experience what other people were feeling -- whether they were happy or sad, scared or turned-on, whatever. Hovering weightlessly, Serena reached inside her top with her left hand to grab hold of her full breast, using her super-strength to mash it against her body. The feelings were unbelievable, and Serena's face went flush as she felt herself quiver in delight. "Oh wow," she whispered as she began massaging her own breast, surprised by the instant pleasure it brought. She again used her super-vision to zoom in on Mia's bedroom, watching as the man moved his hands down to grip at Mia's behind, his face now kissing and sucking her nipples as he groped her. She focused more intently on Mia's movements, and was once again pleased to feel a subtle tickle run down from her breasts to her behind. Instinctively, Serena brought her other hand up and slid it underneath the waistband of her pants, her fingers creeping slowly towards her pussy.

Soon, the man had made his way down past Mia's stomach, finally positioning his head in between her spread thighs. Mia laughed as her fingers tangled in her partner's hair, encouraging him to lick and suck her clit faster and harder. Serena was awestruck at just how fierce a lover her friend was and she reached her fingers further down her pants in response, playing with the strap of her thong. Mia put both hands on back of the man's head and pushed him into her crotch. His head bobbed up and down, and Mia's breathing grew quicker and quicker. Serena continued to squeeze her own breast, reveling in the incredible sensation of finally having the big boobs she'd always dreamed of. Her fingers moved completely inside her panties as she began to pinch and pull on her own clitoris. Serena could feel herself becoming moist, much more quickly than ever before. Combined with the foreign sensations she was experiencing peripherally through Mia, her whole body was burning and tingling with a sexual energy that needed release! Serena concentrated on the action miles away. She watched as Mia spread her legs fully apart, her man now grunting and sweating as he hungrily attacked her pussy. She couldn't believe the porn-star-like faces and sounds her best friend was making! Mia had always spoken and acted like such a nice, reserved person... who could have known that she was actually this freaky in the bedroom!

Mia brought one hand back up to her breast, now pinching and squeezing her own nipple as her other hand held her companion's head firmly between her legs. She was getting closer and closer to her orgasm, and Serena could actually feel her own pussy beginning to throb in time with her friend's convulsions! Serena started to play with herself more strongly now, using her super-strength to squeeze her own nipples and clitoris. It wasn't long before Serena began getting wetter, and she slid two fingers inside to hook herself. With amazing strength, she squeezed her breast, watching in awe as her biceps and forearm grew exaggeratedly pronounced with her super-exertions. She started bringing her fingers in and out of her pussy with increasing speed, trying her best to match Mia's level of arousal so many miles away. She squeezed herself, delighting in the heft and fullness of the flesh of her own super-breasts. With incredible power, Serena pressed her fingers deep into herself and began vibrating her hand at super-speed.

God, that felt so good. She had played with herself plenty of times before, but it never felt even close to this good. Serena laughed at all the unexpected sexual benefits of her new powers. She watched Mia arch her back in preparation for her impending release. She loved how damn sexy her friend was. Mia was hot! Approaching her own climax, Serena did the same - arching herself as she floated in midair, one hand on her breast, the other down her pants. She was getting so turned on... much more than she'd ever been before.

Releasing her breast and closing her eyes, Serena put both hands down her pants and clenched her thighs slowly. She began to feel a burning warmth building in her chest and crotch as her flexing thighs sent a wave of super-energy through her system. She could feel the building in her pussy and knew that she, like Mia, was about to reach her climax. With another strong flex of her legs, Serena started flying upwards, moving slowly at first, but then accelerating faster and faster as she pleasured herself with increased intensity. The internal fire was now raging all over her body... from her skin to her bones she was burning and tingling. Her velocity increased as she started shooting faster and faster through the clouds.

Serena's hands pushed and pulled at her pussy, twisting and grabbing herself with a reckless ferocity she had never allowed herself to unleash before. Her muscles all began to clench as she sped faster and faster, her fingers now a blur of motion as they massaged her past the point of no return. Her brain began to flash perfectly recalled memories... visions of herself in the mirror as she first ingested the formula. She watched in her mind's eye, remembering the experience of her body becoming super - growing muscles and curves and strength and power with each passing moment. She could vividly recall every little detail -- her super-cute face and lush, full lips. Long hair. Super tight hardbody. God, she was gorgeous!

"Faster! Faster!" She was panting and grunting, soaring through the clouds as she manipulated herself with expert hands. The wind was growing stronger and stronger as her body carved through the air. She could feel herself about to come, but she didn't want to just yet. She leaned back further and her triceps grew more defined. Soon, her shoulders and back had sculpted themselves to perfection as she approached her breaking point. She could feel herself losing control. She didn't want to, but she couldn't help herself. "Just a little... bit... longer..." But it was no use.

Without warning, Serena felt her body explode in the most mind-blowing, incredible orgasm of her life! Her body bucked furiously and she pulled herself back into a barrel roll as she completely lost control. The buildup had been so intense, but the release was even more so! Serena buried her fingers deep inside herself, stroking her clit as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure wracked her body - seemingly without end. Pulse after pulse, her beating heart and super-clenched muscles simply would not allow her to stop coming. She felt her enormous breasts heaving on her super-petite frame. Her arms and legs locked into position and she continued writhing, eyes closed, darting through the sky without direction.

Finally a few minutes later, Serena's orgasm began to subside, and in a daze she pulled both hands from out of her pants, allowing them to hang limply at her side. She lay back in mid-air to float in the reclining position. "God damn, that was AMAZING," she said to herself as she reached up to stretch her arms and roll her neck side to side. She was panting and sweating and loving every minute of it. Soon though, she felt her muscles regenerating themselves. She also suddenly found herself able to catch her breath. And then in another moment, her body felt just like new -- perfectly relaxed, not sore or anything! She could still feel the afterglow (and wow, did it feel good!), but in an instant, her body felt as refreshed and revitalized as it had when she first drank the super-power formula. She was suddenly just like brand new... ready to go again if she wanted to!

Serena glanced back towards the city, once again easily finding Mia's apartment despite having flown aimlessly for miles. By this point, Mia had flipped her man on his back, and she was repaying him for his good service by giving him a blowjob. Serena paused for a moment to admire her friend's technique, but quickly decided that this was as good a time as any for her to make her 'exit'. "Maybe now wouldn't be the best time to drop in on Mia unannounced," she mused. Instead, Serena located her own apartment a few blocks away. Looking down at her stained and soiled track suit, Serena decided she needed to fly home and change her clothes, then probably she would have to go shopping. She wanted to get started on her new life, and to do that, she'd first need to find some clothes that fit properly! Pulling her hair back into a ponytail, Serena clenched her thighs and shot off towards her apartment. Three minutes later, she floated in through her unlocked bedroom window and plopped down on the bed.


Serena fell onto her bed with an ear to ear smile stretched across her face. Super powers. She couldn't believe her luck. Sitting up quickly, she turned to read the clock. 10:30 AM. Two hours had already passed since she first drank the formula, but she hadn't felt the effects getting any less powerful... if anything, she seemed to be even stronger now than she was in the beginning. Serena stood up and walked confidently over to her bedroom mirror. Slowly she peeled off her clothes, swaying back and forth like a stripper, and giggling as she removed each article - top, bottoms, bra, and panties. Finally 100% nude, Serena scanned her reflection, and was once again shocked by her sheer physical beauty. It was like nothing she'd ever seen before.


Serena raised her arms above her head and watched as her enormous breasts lifted themselves up on her chest. The way they supported themselves - no plastic surgeon could ever hope to match their perfection. "Yup... that's not the work of any surgeon. That's 100% Serena." She bobbed up and down on her heels, laughing as they bounced and jiggled on her tiny little frame. "Ha ha ha. Read 'em and weep, boys!"

Stretching her arms out to her sides, Serena slowly flexed the muscles in her chest and ass, and activated her flight powers. She watched as the flesh on her butt and breasts rose even higher, freeing her skin and muscles from the pull of gravity. Softly, she rose a few inches off the ground, her taut muscles flexing just strongly enough to keep her afloat. Serena looked down at her feet as they dangled inches above the carpet. Though she had just spent the last hour flying through the clouds, she still had to watch herself hovering in mid-air to believe it. Pointing her toes, she spun around slowly, reaching behind with both hands to grab hold of her tight little bubble butt. "Best ass on the planet," she laughed as she squeezed it with all her might.

Arching her back and flexing the powerful muscles in her thighs, Serena floated over to land gently in front of her dresser. Though she was still mesmerized by the look and feel of her new body, she really wanted to get started on her "new life." But how? She looked into the mirror, zooming in on her face to study what was different. She still sort of looked like herself... but not really. Her lips were bigger, her skin was perfect, and her cheekbones were higher. Her hair was at least a foot longer and a totally different shade, and her eyes and nose looked really unfamiliar too. Still... she could tell it was her. But was that just because she knew already? Would anyone else recognize her? Definitely not anyone from her job or her building or anyone else that she just knew casually... but what about someone like Mia? Or what about her mother or her little sister? Serena looked hard, but she couldn't tell for sure. Unlike her former self, she was REALLY hot now... but a lot of the little details were still the same. She honestly couldn't tell for sure how different she looked, so she figured she'd play it safe and keep away from anyone who might recognize her for the time being.

Serena posed again, thrusting her big breasts out in front of her and clenching the muscles in her tight little butt. She was amazed by her own hotness. It was awesome -- but still, the unfamiliar vision of a completely perfect body in the mirror made her pause for a moment. She really was phenomenally gorgeous. Not a single flaw to be found. Her proportions were astounding. Unreal. It was fantastic to be inhumanly beautiful like this, but she didn't want to draw the attention of everyone on the street, did she? What if someone recognized her? What if someone she knew confronted her? For the first time, Serena considered the negatives of her decision to become super. Truly nothing would ever be the same for her again. That made her wonder about the effects of the formula. How much control did she really have over her transformation? How long did each dose last? Would she be able to change back if and when she wanted to? Serena started to get worried when a weird feeling came over her.

She was compelled to close her eyes as she felt her body getting slowly heavier. For the first time since ingesting the formula, the tingly electric feeling started to fade from the inside out. In a few seconds, her feet touched the ground, and Serena could feel her muscles growing a little bit weaker. "What the...?"

Serena felt her back and spine losing stiffness, her posture slumping down just a bit. The muscles that framed her powerful body started to disappear, and with increasing speed, they were being replaced with the excess flesh of her former self. She could feel her breasts beginning to shrink back to their original size, her hair curling its way back up to her shoulders. Her thoughts became heavier... duller. The process continued for a few more moments until Serena was standing flat-footed on the ground, only the faintest feeling of superpowers still buzzing in her blood.

Shaking her head and opening her eyes, Serena was horrified by the sight of her stumpy legs and shapeless torso in the mirror. "Shit!" She quickly ran her hands all over her now average body. "My muscles! My tits! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!" Serena started to panic, and immediately felt her heart begin to race - suddenly pumping a furious rush of super-energy across her entire body. In an instant, Serena was overcome by an internal explosion so powerful that it snapped her neck back and caused her arms to flail out to their sides. She instinctively blinked her eyes, her heart suddenly beating furiously - getting faster and faster as it pumped power through her body as quickly as it could. In a fraction of a second, the supercharged energy had burned its way through her entire system, and the chemical reaction caused her skin to actually start glowing. With each passing moment, the light coming from her body grew brighter and brighter. Serena moaned in ecstasy, feeling incredible pleasure as the superpowered formula activated itself in her blood.

Soon, the room was so bright that it would have been impossible for any regular person to see. A few more moments passed when suddenly - in a blindingly bright multi-colored flash - Serena's chest, ass, and crotch were flooded with a blast of super energy. Her knees buckled as her A cup breasts suddenly rose like loaves of bread to stand proudly on her chest. They pumped themselves repeatedly until bounding past the D cup mark - becoming full and almost perfectly round. At the same time, her thighs and ass molded themselves into hard curves, her stomach and back muscles popping out with definition. Serena tensed her triceps and put her hands on her hips, standing with her legs spread slightly apart. Only a few seconds had passed but the process was now complete, and the bright light quickly faded away. Serena opened her eyes and was comforted to see that her old self was nowhere to be found. Staring back instead was a sleek, curvaceous, flawless vision of super-feminine perfection.

She was dazed. Her head was spinning... but the dizziness quickly faded away. Serena smiled again, shaking out her long hair. She giggled as she took in the sight of her perfect body - her amazing muscles, her perfect tits, her beautiful face. "Thank God," she said out loud, "I'm back!"

Standing with her hands on her hips, Serena flexed the muscles on her chest, causing her big boobs to lift up even higher. She then lifted her arms into a double biceps pose, making her body temperature rise as her arms tripled in size. Quickly bringing her hands to clasp behind her, Serena ran through a quick series of bodybuilding moves - watching in awe as her amazing muscles inflated and shrank back down one by one. She laughed excitedly. Her whole body was buzzing again - just like before - and it felt so good. Serena flexed her thighs and ass, giggling as she quickly became weightless and floated a few inches off the ground.

"So, I guess that means I can activate and deactivate the formula at will." Serena thought about powering down just a bit, and her body began to lose its flight powers, her muscles slowly losing definition as she touched the floor. Quickly, she thought about powering up, and her heart instantly responded with another mild blast of super-energy - quickly bringing her back into her perfect form. "Yup. Looks like I can turn it off and on whenever I want to. Still - I'm sure the formula wears off eventually. Good thing I've got like a whole bucket's worth of ingredients in the kitchen pantry." Serena quickly looked through her bedroom wall into the cabinets in the next room and confirmed that the ingredients were still there.

Deactivating her x-ray vision, Serena again turned to stare at herself. Her superhuman beauty was captivating. She couldn't even imagine what kind of effect she'd have on men now. Laughing, she floated back into the air and spun around a few times. "God damn, I am so hot!" Serena was still as stunned by the way she looked as she was the first time she saw herself. She didn't want to reveal her secret to Mia or anyone else that she knew, but she was so gorgeous now... "I've got to get out there and show this body off to someone!"

Still floating in mid-air, Serena posed like a playboy bunny for herself - watching in fascination as she rolled back and forth, spinning upside down and back. She used her hands to push her huge breasts together. Spectacular. She stretched her legs out to her sides and slowly flipped upside down, contorting her body into a hundred different poses - each one sexier than the last. "Ooh yeah, you're so fucking beautiful now," she mumbled, rubbing her gorgeous breasts together to emphasize her point.

Floating lazily upside down, Serena used her super powers to look through the wall and scan the contents of her closet. Sighing, she realized none of her clothes would fit her new body... and she wasn't about to deactivate even for a second while she went to go buy some new ones. Resigning herself, Serena floated over to her closet and pulled out her biggest sweatshirt. Throwing it on along with a droopy pair of baggy sweats and a pair of beat-up basketball shoes, Serena checked herself in the mirror. Still inhumanly gorgeous. Not even her nastiest, grungiest clothes could disguise her incredible beauty.

Still, she knew she needed to get some new gear. "These baggy sweats just will not do." Touching down again, Serena walked back to her dresser and picked up her wallet and keys. She then went to the kitchen to pick up the half full vial of super-formula (just in case) and stuffed everything into her knapsack. Walking into her bathroom, Serena unlatched the window and floated up to perch like a bird on the sill.

"It sure is a long way down," she said a bit nervously as she surveyed the three story drop. Quickly scanning the streets and alleyways to be sure no one was looking, Serena refused herself a second thought, instead taking a deep breath and leaping skyward as strongly as she could. With a mighty push, Serena's super thighs propelled her hundreds of feet into the air. She rose well above the tallest building before slowing down to reach the apex of her jump. Just when she lost all upward momentum, Serena flexed her calves, thighs and ass to activate her power of flight. Now rising again, she finally poked through the clouds to begin traveling south at a leisurely pace. She planned to head about 50 miles down to San Jose - where she'd be able to shop and maybe show off her new body without fear of being recognized.

Checking to be sure her backpack was secure, Serena spread her arms out to her sides and flexed her super-thighs to pick up speed. The clouds started racing by faster and faster. She smiled, twisting her hips slightly and lifting her hands above her head to do a few barrel rolls - then spreading her arms out again and straightening herself. "Man, this is so incredible! I can't believe I'm actually flying!" Serena pulled her head up and arched her back, lifting her body until she was flying straight up. Looping back around to face South again, Serena took her backpack off and held it securely across her chest. "I better turn on the juice if I want to get to San Jose." Limbering up, she crossed her arms and bent her knees in preparation. "Well, here goes nothing," she said as she licked her lips and began to tense her legs.

Serena concentrated on a point on the horizon and flexed her legs as strongly as she could. In an instant, she was rocketing South at super speed. The ground was whizzing by faster than she could see (and she could see pretty fast!). Steeling herself, Serena pushed even harder and increased her velocity. Her clothes and hair were whipping around frantically, and she had to hold her backpack even tighter to be sure it didn't slip away. Squinting her eyes, she pushed herself even faster, her surroundings becoming a complete blur as she broke the sound barrier and then doubled and tripled her speed. As she carved through the air, Serena had to smile - it felt so fantastic whenever she used her powers. After a few seconds, she let her muscles relax and allowed herself to drift back to a reasonable cruising speed.

Soon, she was back to flying at a leisurely pace, and she used her super vision to scan the ground and check her location. "Damn that was fast. I must have made it almost all the way there by now." Serena looked down through the clouds, fully expecting to see the highway or some familiar landmark. Instead she was amazed to see nothing but water in every direction. "What the?"

Serena slowed to a stop, pointing her gaze Eastward. Squinting and reactivating her telescopic sight, she felt her vision travel for a hundred miles until she located the high-rise buildings of Los Angeles. It took her just a fraction of a second to realize she'd overshot her intended destination of San Jose... by about 350 miles! She was now hovering over the middle of the Pacific! "Holy shit! How far did I go!?"

Serena laughed at herself as she turned around to begin flying back towards land. "Guess these powers are still gonna take some getting used to." Deciding that the shopping in LA was much better than the shopping in San Jose anyway, Serena charted a course for the stores of Santa Monica. She was usually so good with her money, and had never been a particularly fashion-conscious girl... but now that she was some kind of super goddess, she realized she'd have to throw down more than a few dollar bills to look the part. "No big deal though," she thought as she picked up the pace and approached the shoreline, "I'm sure I can figure out a way to get some more cash if I need to."

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