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Serena's Lucky Day Part 4

Written by yohashuan :: [Wednesday, 26 August 2009 01:00] Last updated by :: [Monday, 01 April 2013 22:48]


Serena's Lucky Day
A regular girl discovers the secret of the
world's mightiest superheroine

By Yohashuan

Part IV

:: DAY II continued ::

Serena rocketed towards land, letting up on her speed as soon as she approached the shore. With another flex of her thighs, she pushed her body up and above the cloud cover so that there was no risk of being seen. "I can't believe I flew all the way to Los Angeles," she muttered to herself incredulously as she came to a hovering stop.

Looking down through the clouds, Serena saw a very populated Venice Beach. The stores were all just beginning to open. She focused in on the boardwalk, subconsciously counting the 2,420 people that were strolling down the asphalt as she looked for a good place to touch down. The place was so populated though... it'd be impossible to find a spot on the beach where she wouldn't be seen. Instead, she looked a few blocks inland and found an empty alleyway in the residential area. "There's a perfect place to land."

Gathering herself for a moment, Serena released the muscles in her thighs and entered free-fall. She took a second to savor the sensation of gravity taking hold before twisting into a swan dive and pointing herself in the right direction. As she plunged head-first through the clouds, Serena flexed her thighs, ass, and biceps to shoot at super-speed towards the ground. The air cracked around her, and almost instantly, she was zooming into the alleyway.

Serena flipped around and slowed herself at the last possible moment, coming to a graceful stop about 15 feet above the street. She then descended softly the rest of the way, and her feet (first the left, then the right) touched ground with effortless grace. Lifting her head and tossing her hair, Serena stood up straight to survey her surroundings. "L. A." She was stunned. Impossible to believe she had been in Northern California just a few minutes earlier. Checking to be sure her backpack was still tightly closed, Serena turned around to walk out to the main street, pulling the hood of her sweatshirt up to help keep a low profile. The temperature was hotter, and the air was thick with smog and humidity. She had definitely gone a long ways in a little bit of time. "L. A.... No way."

Serena stepped out on the street and started walking towards the beach. Her eyes darted around nervously -- a sweatshirt might be fine for June in San Francisco, but in the 90º+ LA heat she was sure to draw some attention. Luckily, she managed to avoid the glances of the few people she passed, and soon found herself walking through the beach's public parking lot. Her ears started to buzz as the she approached the crowded boardwalk. Snippets of other peoples' conversations started filling her head. With an easy smile, she tuned out the excess noise - choosing instead to focus in on the conversation of the couple parking their car on the other side of the lot.

"Bernie, did you see that girl in the sweatshirt we just passed? Did she actually have the hood pulled over her head!? What kind of person wears a sweatshirt to the beach!?"

"Hey Claire, don't be so quick to judge... Maybe she's got some disfigurement or something. Like a skin disease or like serious sun damage or something."

"Hmm, maybe. But doesn't she know how hot it is? What's she doing going to the beach!?"

"Got me there, Claire. Anyway, who cares about her, we should be planning your sister's birthday dinner..."

Serena chuckled as she allowed the strangers' conversation to trail off. "Skin disease." Hah! If they only knew.

As she walked through parking lot and onto the sidewalk, Serena opened her senses to take in the energy and vibrancy of life on the beach. It was so good to be outside with all these people. And all of them so good looking! She noted that almost none of the males wore shirts and almost all the females were in swimsuits and short shorts. Everyone seemed to be in great shape. Sure there would be the random overweight or elderly person that walked by, but for the most part, Venice beach was packed from start to finish with beautiful "made-for-TV" people. People with the kinds of bodies that used to make Serena feel like locking herself away and eating ice cream on a Saturday night.

"Well this is the new Serena now," she thought as she lifted her hands to her head - slowly pulling back the hood of her sweatshirt. Her long chestnut brown hair spilled down to her butt, and more than a handful of men craned their necks to take note of her incredibly pretty face. Catching the eye of one of the bigger, more attractive guys, Serena smiled at him - and he literally stopped in his tracks, his drink spilling over as he fumbled around. "Amazing! One second he's Mr. Disaffected Cool Jock Stud - and then one little smile turns him into insta-dork!" Serena blushed and giggled as he tripped over himself. "Simply amazing." With a skip in her step, Serena spun on her heels and headed to the closest swim shop she could find. She was ready. Ready to show herself off. Ready to feel what it was like to be admired.

She didn't have to walk far before coming across an "all suits only $15" sign outside the Malibu Beachwear store. Pushing through the double doors, Serena walked to the back and began thumbing through the racks. She was just realizing that she didn't even know what size she was when she heard soft footsteps behind her. Turning around, she saw the salesgirl - a pretty teenager with sandy blonde hair and a broad, toothy smile.

"Oh my god, it's Lucy Liu," the girl stammered. "Oh my god! I just saw Charlie's Angels last night! I'm such a big fan of yours! I can't believe it's really you! Here! In this store!"

It took Serena a second to put two and two together. "Me?," she asked in disbelief, "you think I'm Lucy Liu!?" She laughed and shook her head. "I'm flattered. Truly. But you got the wrong woman."

The salesgirl took a step back. "Oh that's so embarrassing, I'm sorry." She started to turn away but stopped herself and turned back, standing for a moment as she considered Serena's face. "Are you sure you're not Lucy Liu?"


"Well. Hmm. Yeah, you're too young to be her. You're someone famous though, right? I mean... you look so familiar. Besides, only undercover celebrities dress in sweats when it's ninety five degrees out! Did I see you on TV? Or in some magazine or something?"

Serena laughed. "Nope. Hate to disappoint you, but I'm not even a little bit famous."

The salesgirl smiled. "Okay, well you should be. You've got a really pretty face."

The compliment took Serena aback. She was used to being ignored or avoided when she went clothes shopping. She DEFINITELY wasn't used to the salespeople approaching her in admiration. "Umm... thanks," she said, struggling to bring the conversation to a close.

The salesgirl continued to smile. "Anyway. Sorry. I'm sure you get that one all the time though. So... my name's Becky. Can I help you pick out a suit or something?"

"Umm. Thanks, but no. I'm just looking around."

"Okay then," Becky replied as she turned around to make her way back to the front of the store. "Holler if you need anything."

Serena smiled, watching as the cute blonde bounced away. She actually could have used the help figuring out her measurements, but she'd rather be alone when trying clothes on her new body for the first time. Turning back to the rack, Serena started slowly inspecting the different styles. Full cut, thongs, bikinis, one-pieces. Quickly growing impatient, she looked back over her shoulder to see that the coast was clear, and kicked in the super-speed -- pulling out 15 different suits of varying sizes and styles in the blink of an eye. Giggling, she skipped to the dressing room, picking up a few different sarongs on the way, and tossed everything on the bench.

Becky called from the front of the store. "Wow, that was fast. You found one already!?" But by the time she finished speaking, the dressing room door was closed.

Turning to face the mirror, Serena puckered her lips and blew herself a kiss. Even in beat-up sweats, she was a total knockout - it was like she glowed from the inside out. "No wonder that girl thought you were famous," she said under her breath, "you're so damn hot it's unreal!"

Standing up straight, Serena grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it up and over her head. Her gorgeous breasts bounced free, her nipples happily pointing out and away from her body without any support. Another quick turn and her shoes and sweatpants were on the bench as well. Seeing her reflection, she couldn't help but reach down with both hands to grab her firm, muscular ass. "Fuck yeah," she muttered as she squeezed it with all her might. "That's right."

Serena reached up and put her hands on her shoulders, trying to decide which suit to put on first. All but two of them were bikinis, and she had never worn one of those before in her life. She looked at her reflection, and even though she knew she was gorgeous, it would still feel awkward to reveal so much skin. Deciding to play it safe at first, she reached down to grab the pink one-piece. The tag read 'petite' without mentioning any particular cup size. "Must be one size fits all," she reasoned as she stepped into the leg holes and pulled it up past her thighs.

She wiggled the suit up her torso and lifted the straps over her shoulders. "Wow, that's tight," she noticed. Turning to face the mirror, Serena was astounded... the suit fit her hips and waist fine, but her boobs were practically ripping the seams apart! They were spilling out the sides and the front. It was ridiculous! Turning sideways, Serena brought her hands up to her chest and pushed her tits into one another. Laughing at her almost cartoonish profile, she quickly removed the suit and tossed it in the corner.

Serena stared at herself in the mirror, smiling. "Okay, so it looks like the one-piece is out of the question. But that's fine anyway... I mean, come on Serena... if you're not confident enough to wear a bikini with a body like this, then you don't deserve to have a body like this!"

Sliding her hands slowly across her chest, as if to illustrate her point, Serena turned back and grabbed the tiny solid blue thong bikini, inspecting the tags. "Bottoms: size petite. Top: size 36DD. Heh. That sounds about right."

Serena pulled the blue bottoms up to snap tightly across her waist. Turning around and flexing her butt, the swell of flesh rose to completely swallow the tiny strip of fabric. "Haha, nice," she noted with satisfaction, then turned back around to grab the bikini top.

She lifted it up and fastened it around her ribcage, then took the connecting strap into her hands. Cocking her hips, she gave her perfect body a once-over in the mirror before slowly pulling the cups of her bikini up to cover her breasts. Yanking it tight, she clasped the straps behind her neck, causing the top to push her big boobs back against her body. They puffed out the top and sides, and even a little bit out of the bottom, but for the most part, the deep blue fabric triangles provided good coverage and the illusion of support. Serena pulled her elbows back and swayed her torso back and forth. Her breasts jiggled but did not bounce free. She rocked up and down on her toes. "Yeah, you puppies aren't going anywhere," she said. "I think this blue one is it."

Serena lifted her arms out to her sides and spun around slowly, carefully examining every last detail. The bottoms were really tiny... almost nonexistent. The thin string of a strap that hooked the front and back together was no wider than a thread of yarn. The top was also barely there. Two decent-sized blue triangles covered her nipples and most of her breasts, but the straps were super-thin, and the stretchy material was really straining to cover the bottom of her tits. She put her hands on her hips and smiled. Last week, she probably would have been arrested for indecent exposure going out like this in public -- now she'd probably get a modeling contract or something. It was too good to be true.

Wrapping a white sarong around her waist, she stuffed her sweatshirt and pants in her backpack, and left all the discarded bathing suits on the bench. Serena turned to the mirror, reaching up to cup her chest and trace her fingers down the middle of her tight abs. "Okay girl, this is it. Time to find out what life is like as a super-hottie."

With a deep breath, Serena pushed open the door of the dressing room and strode confidently up to the cash register. "Okay, Becky. I think I found a suit."


The teenager held up her hand as she finished the article in her magazine. When she finally looked up, she was face to face with most physically perfect woman she'd ever seen. Long, muscular legs. Wide hips. Tiny waist. Big boobs. Broad shoulders. Perfect skin. Becky's jaw literally dropped. This Asian girl was absolutely flawless from top to bottom, with a body as breathtaking as her face. Why would she ever wear a sweatshirt!? Her eyes darted left and right, up and down, all over Serena's gorgeous figure. She was absolutely floored. "Ummm. Heh. Uhhh," she stuttered incomprehensibly. Serena crossed her arms, forcing her large breasts together, and smiled. She had never been the object of this kind of attention before in her life - definitely not from another female - and she loved it.

Serena cocked her hips and waved her fingers in front of the salesgirl's face. "Hel-lo," she laughed. "Earth to Becky. I said I think I found a suit." The blonde girl snapped to attention. Serena smiled, "do you think it fits okay, or should I get a different size?"

Becky forced herself to blink, shaking her head before refocusing back on Serena's face. "God, I'm sorry. Yeah, it fits great! I mean... I've never seen a bikini fit better!" The girl was clearly excited just being in the presence of such a phenomenally attractive woman. She was intimidated and acting like some kind of starstruck fan. It was definitely something new, and Serena was a bit taken aback. She realized she was hot now, but this was ridiculous.

"Thanks." Serena smiled and turned away, not having much experience at fielding compliments. "So I'll take it then, okay?"

"S... sure." The girl was back to staring at Serena's flawless skin. "That'll be fifteen dollars."

"And this sarong too."

Oh yeah. Umm twenty bucks then."

Serena laughed, sufficiently impressed with her own charms. Reaching into her wallet, she pulled out a $20 and placed it on the table. Before leaving, she stopped herself at the doorway, gathering up her courage one last time. For the first time in her life she was going to stroll down the beach in a bikini and doubtlessly be the subject of everyone's admiration. Was she really doing this? Serena Agbayani? It was surreal. But she was ready. "Let the games begin," she laughed to herself, and pushed open the double doors, stepping confidently out onto the crowded boardwalk.


Serena walked through the doors and began strolling down the walkway, purposefully strutting her stuff as much as possible. And oh man, did people notice! With each step, women's heads turned and men tripped over their own feet. Some people stared openly. Some people tried to avoid getting caught looking. Either way, everyone was trying to check her out. She had to start laughing again... the world was her catwalk. Her life had become some kind of movie or music video. She could practically hear the cheesy house music playing in her head. It was awesome.

No girl - not Cindy Crawford, not Pamela Anderson - could turn people's heads the way she was doing right now. It was beyond amazing. She was feeling feisty. Unstoppable. Suddenly spinning on her heels, Serena gave a deep stare right into the eyes of a young teenage boy - he looked barely old enough to drive - who had been really gawking. Almost instinctively, she created a subconscious mental connection, instantly tuning in to his emotions. Without a second thought, she used her powers to amplify his feelings of lust and desire.

Feeling a sudden flutter which quickly grew more and more intense, Serena gasped and blinked her eyes. She shook her head and looked back at the boy who was now sitting with his mouth half open and his eyes half closed. Both of his hands were crossed over his lap, and as he came back to his senses, his face turned a beet red. She could see a dark stain in his lap, and it wasn't hard figure out what she had just done. "Oh my god," she thought to herself, feeling both excited and a bit scared by her own power. The boy's lips curled into a sheepish smile as he held his bag over his shorts and got up to walk away. Serena smiled wickedly. "I've got to be more careful. I can't just go popping people off like that without their permission now, can I?"

As she watched the boy dawdle into the public restroom, her attention was caught by the guy with the shaved head sitting next to the hot-dog stand. Of course, his eyes were already fixed on her abnormally large chest. It made her wonder. Did this guy realize what she just did to that teenage boy? Did anyone realize? She gathered herself and turned to face him directly, staring deeply into his eyes.


Trying to access her empathetic powers on a more subtle level, she reached out to gently probe what he was feeling. Sensing that the connection had been made, she opened her mind a bit further and felt... lust. Hard, unbridled lust. It was actually kind of gross. This man was blown away. He wanted her so badly. He wanted to take hold of Serena's tight little body and stick his prick in between her tits. He wanted to fuck her hard and come all over her. As she reached further and further inside, she felt the depth and intensity of his desire increase. His fantasies were shockingly powerful. Almost violently so. But rather than feeling repulsed or afraid, she felt powerful. In control. In fact, she started subconsciously fueling his fantasies even further. It just felt so incredible to be tuned in like this, she couldn't help herself.

With a burst of mental power, she flooded his mind with images of her soft, naked body. She made him feel as though he really was touching her perfect skin. She reached out and fed him the sensations of his hard penis sliding in and out between her breasts, her thighs, her ass, and finally, her perfectly moist pussy. She held him there for a moment as his head rolled back before tightly grabbing hold of his brain. Feeling naughty, she clenched her fists tightly and slammed him with the most incredible sensations he'd ever felt in his life. It was only a moment later that he exploded into convulsions, a deep blue stain revealing itself on his pant leg shortly after.

The man's eyes were shut tightly, but slowly they fluttered open and came to rest on the most spectacular pair of boobs he'd ever seen. "What the hell just happened," he thought before realizing he'd had an 'accident' in his shorts in the middle of the crowded boardwalk. "What the fuck?" He looked down at his lap and back up to the hardbodied Asian girl who was just standing there with her arms folded across her chest, smiling. God damn, she looked gorgeous, but... what the hell had just happened? She just smiled at him before turning away and walking down the beach. Shit... he really wanted to run after her. He should ask her for her number or something! But he had to take care of this mess! Did he really just cum in his pants!? What the hell was that about? And then in another moment, she was gone. The guy just shook his head, feeling completely disoriented. It must have been some kind of dream... like a waking dream... right?


Serena bounced down the boardwalk with a skip in her step, making demure eye contact with the better looking men she passed. She felt completely powerful and in control, like she could do anything. It was incredible. Staring at her own hands, she marveled at the way she had sent those two guys over the edge just by looking at them. Unheard of. She turned to look at her reflection in a store window. Her features were deceptively delicate. She looked like a fragile little doll or something. "Yeah, a doll that can lift boulders," she thought mischievously.

Turning back around, Serena saw the entrance to Muscle Beach. The outdoor weight area was packed with some of the most ripped, oversized, muscle-bound men she'd ever seen. One in particular, a huge long haired blonde guy with perfect symmetry, caught her eye. She focused in on him, watching his tight muscles flex as he loaded plate after plate onto the bench press bar. With each turn of his waist, Serena felt flushed. It was an odd feeling. She had never been at all attracted to bodybuilders before - in fact, she always thought they were kind of gross - but she couldn't help feeling turned on by the way his extra-large body bulged and stretched.

Shifting her stance, Serena watched as blonde guy lay back on the bench grasping the weight bar with both hands. He pushed it off the stand and started pressing it up and down. With each repetition, his arms and chest flexed harder and harder. Serena was impressed. But soon he grew tired, and after pushing out his twentieth rep, he guided the weight back to its stand and sat up on the bench.

Serena had a sudden impulse to go up to him. To grab him by the collar, pull him seductively off the bench, and show him how it was really done. She giggled, knowing full well that her fantasy was completely realistic... all she had to do was go over there and do it! Gathering herself, she took one firm step towards the gated entrance before hearing a 'click click click.'

Turning to her left, she saw a photographer in the weight area taking pictures of the different lifters. Serena focused her eyes on his camera bag to read the inscription: 'Muscular Development Magazine'. She suddenly froze in her tracks. Of course she wanted to show off, but no way was she going to get photographed... especially not by some bodybuilding magazine guy! She suddenly became very self-conscious. What if that guy took her picture and she made it onto the pages - or worse - what if she made the cover?! Would people recognize her? She turned back around to check her reflection. "Damn, do I still look like my old self? Should I risk it?" She turned back and watched as the blonde guy began his series of arm curls. His hefty biceps flexed and relaxed in hypnotizing rhythm. Serena licked her lips, but decided that restraint was the best course of action this time. She didn't mind being admired by the average guy on the street - but she wasn't ready to risk larger public exposure yet. Frowning at the lost opportunity, Serena slowly turned away and began walking down the beach.


She was loving all the attention she was getting. It seemed like everyone who saw her was blown away. She continued experimenting with her empathetic powers as she made her way down the beach - stretching out to read people's reactions to her presence. Across the board, everyone was extremely attracted to her - men AND women. Strangely, she came to realize that most people were also incredibly intimidated by her. Even the most aggressive macho types found themselves unable to approach her. It was like she was too beautiful. She turned to stare into the eyes of a confident looking European man and felt his heart skip a beat. Tuning in closer, she sensed his trepidation... he was almost frozen in his tracks. He wanted desperately to say something, but the lump in his throat grew larger by the second. Serena smiled, reaching up slowly to trace her fingers across her shoulder and gave him an exaggerated pout. His lustful feelings increased but so did his self-doubt... Serena could tell this man felt she was out of his league. He was amazed and honored that this goddess would be looking at him, but he just couldn't believe his own two eyes enough to do anything about it.

Serena giggled and turned away, deciding she didn't really want to force another guy to stain his shorts. Giving him one last glance before the glazed look in his eyes disappeared, she quickly turned the corner and made her way into a non-descript clothing store. The beach was fun, and she could have spent hours flaunting herself, but she had really only meant to get something to wear.

Serena wrapped her sarong around her waist as she entered the store and turned to the discount racks. Like an idiot, she had forgot to grab her ATM card before heading out, and she only had another $60 left in her wallet. Hopefully that would be enough for a decent change of clothes.

The store was pretty crowded, so she didn't risk lapsing into super-speed. Instead, she took her time examining each piece - holding it up against her super-toned body to get an impression of how it might fit. It was kind of surreal going through the clothes on the far left of the racks. It was like she was picking out clothes for someone else. All the petite stuff she could never have worn fit her great now... especially if you liked the 'really big boobs in a really tight shirt' look as much as she was beginning to.

Serena pulled out a yellow tank top and held it up against her body. People in the store were beginning to notice and stare at her exquisite beauty. She smiled politely at the cute couple across the way before picking up another tank top, this one green with a white star on the front.

It was great to be noticed and admired like she was, but even after just one trip down the crowded boardwalk, she was beginning to understand 'the price of fame'. She wasn't famous or anything, but her incredible looks caught the eyes of pretty much every single person she passed. It was crazy. She could only imagine what kind of attention she'd be getting if she'd actually tossed around those heavy weights in front of everyone back there.

She held up a pair of blue booty shorts in front of her, shaking her head no before tossing them back on the shelf. Thinking back to the previous day, she remembered watching Jennifer Benson transform into Hyperwoman. God, what a sight that was. Serena had always figured Hyperwoman wore that costume to make herself look different... like a superhero... because she wanted to be noticed or something. She figured she was just trying to be an icon. But it was becoming pretty clear that there were a lot of other, more personal reasons to develop another identity. "I do basically turn into a completely different person," she reasoned. "And it would be nice to be able to use these powers in front of people without worrying about the personal repercussions."

Continuing her search, she eventually settled on a hot outfit she could afford. A tight red cap-sleeved V-neck T shirt and a super-tight pair of white cotton capri pants. Her cleavage stuck out the top of her shirt and her ass pushed the threads of her pants to their limit, but it was a fairly modest and classy ensemble given her budget. "Hardly 'secret identity' clothes, but perfect for right now," she mumbled to herself.

Serena removed her shoes and threw them in her backpack (beat-up basketball sneakers would just ruin the whole outfit after all), then walked up to pay at the counter. Like almost everyone else, the salesclerk just stared at her in fascination as he gave her the change and her receipt. With a polite curtsy, Serena walked back out onto the boardwalk. Predictably, every single head turned to check her out, but she pretended not to notice. She was surprised to find that she was getting quite good at that.

So she had found a change of clothes and she was basically out of cash. Besides, she hadn't meant to come all the way down to LA in the first place. As she passed a string of souvenir shops and approached the end of the boardwalk, she began thinking about her next step. Her thoughts began to wander. "Maybe it's time to show Mia my new powers? Maybe not. I mean... I don't really have a complete handle on them yet. Maybe I should just get to working on my secret identity first. Then show Mia? But what kind of secret identity? Am I really going to try to be a superhero? Well, I'm definitely not calling myself Hyperwoman or Hypergirl or some kind of Hyper-knock-off name. No way... I'm going to go original with this one. But what about the real Hyperwoman? What am I going to do about her? Should I tell her that I found her formula or should I keep it a secret? We live in the same frigging building so we're bound to run into each other eventually, right?"

Serena's thoughts trailed off as she rounded the corner and entered an alleyway between storefronts. Looking over her shoulder, she realized no one was around and that this would be a perfect chance to take to the skies again. With a slight skip, she made her way behind a large dumpster. The garbage smell was disgusting, but Serena had no problem tuning it out completely. Carefully removing her backpack to hold it tightly against her chest, Serena crouched down and looked up into the air. "Okay Serena, here we go," she whispered to herself - tensing her calves in anticipation.

With clenched fists, Serena concentrated on flooding her body with super-energy. Her breasts and ass responded immediately with the signature tingle as they activated themselves. Her biceps, shoulders, and back muscles began to flare out and her chest began to pulse in response. Relieved to feel her powers buzzing vigorously once more, she gathered herself and stared up through the clouds. With a focused blast of strength, she sprang into the air - her body shooting like a bullet straight up into the sky. The corners of her clothes flapped uncontrollably for a second before she slowed herself to a hovering stop about 3,500 feet in the air.

Looking down through her bare feet as her flexing chest, thighs, and ass held her suspended in midair, Serena surveyed the beach scene. Her skin was buzzing with an electric, almost erotic, sensation -- a byproduct of having tapped into her powers with so much intensity so quickly. She looked down and focused in on the exact spot she had taken off from. 10 seconds ago she was standing all the way down there. Now she was hovering weightlessly all the way up here. Awesome. "Damn it feels good to be super!"

Finally free from the restrictive beach scene, Serena took her backpack and tossed it lightly up into the air, quickly spinning like a top at super speed to remove every last stitch of clothing before reaching out to catch the bag on the way down. Another swift motion, and all of Serena's clothes - old AND new - were in her sack. Smiling, she hovered lazily in her birthday suit for a moment, enjoying the sun on her bare flesh. It felt so nice and rejuvenating. She arched her back and thrust her magnificent breasts skyward, allowing the sun's rays to penetrate her skin. There was something about being able to fly that Serena just couldn't put into words. It was the most liberating feeling imaginable. She arched her back further and began to flex her calves, her body responded by moving forward at a slow clip.

Turning back upright, Serena noted the position of the sun and turned her body northward to face San Francisco. It was already almost noon and she wanted to get back home ASAP. She had a lot of work to do on her new life. With a hard, focused stare into the distance, Serena gathered herself into a tight little ball. Suddenly flexing her thighs, her powerful naked body shot off towards the horizon, disappearing from view in seconds as she sped back home.

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