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Serena's Lucky Day Part 6

Written by yohashuan :: [Friday, 16 October 2009 01:00] Last updated by :: [Monday, 01 April 2013 22:46]


Serena's Lucky Day
A regular girl discovers the secret of the
world's mightiest superheroine

By Yohashuan


:: DAY II continued ::


Mia was frozen in place. She couldn't move. She was stiff as a board on the outside - but on the inside, she was completely and totally bugging the fuck out.

Her mouth hung open. Her eyes just kept going up and down and up and down and up and down her formerly flabby best friend's now super-porntastic body. Serena's tits were HUGE. Her ass was unbelievably tight and firm. Her stomach, her legs... everything about her body was perfect. And she barely even looked the same face-wise. She was similar... but where Serena used to have plain features at best - she was just unstoppably gorgeous now. Mia couldn't stop staring, Serena just glowed from the inside out. She was incomparably hot. Super sexy. And Mia just had to wonder... "What the fuck!?!?"

Mia's feelings of confusion slowly turned to envy as she went back to examine Serena's long, hard legs. They were lithe and slim but still practically bursting with super-defined muscles. They connected to a slender pair of hips with a perfectly perky little bubble butt sticking out the back. ...and her ass used to be so big and shapeless! The little white tank top hung down above Serena's waistline, showing just a hint of how hard and tiny her stomach had become. Mia was blown away. How could this have happened? She wanted to ask a million questions but somehow, her voice was stuck in the bottom of her throat. She felt compelled instead to just stare and stare and stare and stare.

Feeling flush now, her temperature rising, Mia's eyes ventured further up her friend's amazing body. She saw that Serena's hands were resting on her slightly cocked hips - wrapping softly around the slightly protruding bones. Her fingers looked so slender and delicate. Geez... even Serena's hands had turned into the ultimate example of feminine perfection! Mia's eyes went quickly up Serena's long and graceful arms, slowing down to marvel at the intricate display of tiny curves separating her biceps from her triceps, her triceps from her deltoids. Such envy.

Mia started to feel a twinge of self-consciousness in the presence of this girl-turned-goddess. She made a move to cross her arms across her own chest but they quickly fell limp again. The soft and pleasing lines of Serena's new body were just too distracting. It was like some kind of drug. Mia's thoughts trailed off once again as she followed the muscles from Serena's shoulders, across her clavicle, right to the middle of her sternum - and then immediately downward into the tight space between her big, plump, freestanding breasts.

Without a conscious thought, Mia locked her eyes onto them. They were hypnotic. Unbelievably huge. Firm. Bulging out the top and sides of her little white tank. So big and firm that they pressed into one another despite Serena's obvious lack of a bra. They bobbed up and down in seductive rhythm with each slow breath. Mia couldn't pull her eyes away. Serena's chest should have looked out of place on her super-petite body, but somehow... probably due to the extreme healthiness, proportion, and unreal tightness of her musculature... the extra-giant breasts just seemed to fit right in.

Serena shifted her stance again, thrusting her chest out a bit further. Mia's eyes bugged even more as Serena's boobs packed on yet another layer of dense flesh. Her clothes were soaked with sweat, and her nipples were practically ripping the shirt apart at the seams. Mia couldn't stand it. What the hell was going on!? She struggled to blink, moving her eyes up Serena's long neck, past her full lips and upturned little nose, to look right into her best friend's squinting eyes. No longer did Serena look to be in pain, she instead had a look of incredible joy on her face. Her eyes were tightly shut and her mouth hung open. Mia studied the perfection of her face, unable to believe how beautiful she had become.

With one final shudder, Serena's body settled into place. Her hands rested on her hips, all of her muscles slightly tensed. She looked so beautiful and sexy. Mia's face went flush with disbelief. Slowly, Serena turned her head down and opened her eyes, directly meeting Mia's stare. She allowed her hands to fall from her hips as she exhaled, her lips curling into a soft smile. She looked and felt like a goddess now.

The girls remained lost in each other's gazes for a few moments. Serena's mouth widened into a full smile as she savored every precious moment of silence. The two girls had spent almost every day together from the time they were in first grade, and even with her improved super-memory, Serena could not remember a single time in her life where Mia was at a loss for words. Reaching out to study Mia's thoughts, Serena instantly came to understand the depths of her friend's astonishment. She was shocked and confused - much the same way that Serena had been when accidentally uncovering Hyperwoman's secret identity. Only this time, Serena realized, she was the one in control. She was the one with the amazing body and super powers. And Mia was the unwitting spectator... frozen in place... speechless. Yes - this was definitely a moment to savor.


A few more seconds passed before Mia was able to shake her head and snap out of it. She managed to break the silence, but it was nothing too coherent. "Serena! What the... Are you... Did you... Okay? I mean... YEAH. wow. I mean... How did you..." Her brain was firing, but it was obviously having trouble sending signals to her mouth.

Serena was bursting with laughter on the inside, but gave no outward hint that she had any clue what was going on. She was determined to carry her little "this is my first time transforming" charade as far as she could. Instead of cracking up like she desperately wanted to, she mimicked Mia's expression of stunned disbelief - taking a moment to flutter her eyes before looking down at her body as if for the first time.

Serena hardly had to struggle to look impressed with herself. Though this wasn't the first time she'd transformed, the whole experience was still very new to her - and the relatively unfamiliar look and feel of her superhuman body made her squeal with genuine glee. She opened her mouth into an "O" shape as her hands began exploring her body. Timidly at first. She ran the tips of her fingers across her stomach and out to her hips, pressing in against the tight ridges of her six-pack stomach. Slowly, she brought her hands higher, crisscrossing across the front of her shirt to let her fingernails scrape the pronounced undersides of her large breasts. They barely moved at all. "Holy crap," Serena exclaimed. "Look at me!"

She made a frantic movement to grab at her chest. Mia watched, filled with confusion, envy, and a growing sense of lust, as Serena pressed her hands firmly into her super tits. They mashed inwards somewhat, but were obviously filled with something much more dense and solid than normal human breast tissue. They didn't look fake or like silicone at all... no way. But the way they just stood there proudly, resisting the obvious pressure being placed upon them... Mia just knew there was even more going on here than met the eye. "God, they look so fucking amazing," she thought. Serena looked up and smiled at her in response.

"They do, don't they?" Serena replied. Mia, still somewhat dazed, couldn't even put two and two together that her mind had just been read. Instead, she just nodded her confirmation. "Yah, they do..."

Serena chuckled, twisting sideways a bit and readjusting her stance so that Mia could see the perfect lines of her shoulder and profile. Serena had hoped to draw her friend's eyes back to her cut arms and shoulders, but they were still firmly locked onto her big, round boobs. "Damn... they look even larger from the side," Mia thought. Serena laughed again, her smile widening even further. Finally deciding that Mia had ogled her fill, Serena moved to show off the superhuman powers that went hand in hand with her amazing physical beauty.

She began walking around the almost-empty living room, muttering under her breath in an Oscar-worthy display of acting prowess. "Oh... Wow. Mia. I feel completely different. Like... Like a whole other person! Look at me!" Mia obliged, once again running her eyes up and down Serena's form. Serena continued pacing. "I feel so strange now. I feel... stronger... somehow." Serena made sure Mia's eyes were focused on her arm before curling it up and flexing her bicep. The enormous mound of rock-hard muscle that arose made Mia yelp in amazement.

"Oh my God!" Mia screamed at the top of her lungs, not able to believe her own eyes. Serena's arm had just exploded into the most well defined, fully developed, perfectly solid and muscular arm that she had ever seen! Not in her last two years of going to the gym - not even in her whole lifetime of looking through magazines - had Mia ever laid eyes on such a strong and powerful arm. Especially not one attached to such a slender and petite little body. Wow. And she had thought Serena's magically expanding boobs were hard to believe!

"What the hell is going on here Serena!?" The question reverberated through the room, but Serena pretended not to notice. She was too wrapped up in the sight of her arm flexing the way it was. Raising her other arm into the same position, Serena began flexing her muscles one at a time. First her biceps. Moving on to her deltoids - causing her shoulders to flare out. Then her back muscles. And of course, her pecs -- she flexed them powerfully to force her breasts even further into the sky. Her abdominal muscles began to stand out one by one underneath the now almost skin-tight tank top. Then her lower back... tightening and shrinking her waistline another few inches. This led Mia's eyes to Serena's muscle-packed rear -- watching as it bunched up, gaining mass, to turn into two perfect half spheres. Her ass rested atop her meaty thighs. They puffed out exaggeratedly in an obvious display of strength. Even her calves were blossoming into softball-sized buds of muscle.

Serena's entire body was bulging with power. It was borderline freaky. She was beginning to look like some sort of living cartoon character -- like some kind of exaggerated anatomy chart. She barely looked human anymore. Heck, she looked better than human! She looked so strong and so powerful but at the same time so fucking attractive. So damn sexy. God, Mia had never been so jealous in all her life! She whined to herself "Why Serena? Why Serena and not me!?"

Serena, for her part, wasn't really paying attention to Mia anymore. She was concentrating on herself. On activating the serum as much as possible. For the first time since her initial transformation, she noticed that she wasn't carrying as much energy as she had in the beginning. Though she still felt all the super powers inside her - she could tell they were just a little bit less potent than they had been earlier. Not by much. Barely noticeable. But she could still tell. Perhaps the formula was finally beginning to wear off? It had been over four and a half hours already, she reasoned.

Serena could feel a slight dip in the intensity of her powers, but at the same time, she also felt something deep in her bones - almost like a voice - insuring her that she was in no danger of 'shorting out' anytime soon. She listened more closely to herself, and her own rhythms. An odd sensation came over her. She hadn't noticed it before, but an internal clock was ticking... gauging her... and it told her quite clearly that she had just about 2 hours or so remaining before her carriage turned back into a pumpkin.

Serena was disappointed - she didn't want to accept that the effects of the potion wouldn't last forever. But soon after, a sense of relief overcame her. Sure, she had hoped the initial dose would have been permanent, but at least now she wouldn't have to wonder anymore about if or when her powers would fade. And if she did still have two hours left, then that would be more than enough time to show off to Mia and get back to the apartment for another dose.

Satisfied with her discovery and the self-indulgent display of her physique, Serena relaxed all of her muscles at once, allowing them to shrink back down to their resting state. The shift from superhuman muscle-woman to extra-petite fitness girl took just a few moments, but though her size had diminished greatly, the feelings of confidence, power, and control were still as strong as ever.

Mia just couldn't believe her own eyes. She rubbed them with her fists then pinched herself to be sure she wasn't dreaming. Did Serena really just turn from supermodel to Ms. Olympia and then back again? In under fifteen seconds? She started to stammer again, completely dumbfounded. "S.... Serena! Serena! Hey! Serena! LOOK AT ME!"

That final shout brought Serena out of her trance, forcing her to acknowledge that there was indeed someone else in the room. She finally lifted her head to look at Mia, her lips curling into a giant smile. The look on Serena's face said it all. She looked like she had just won the lottery.



"Mia! Oh my god!"

Serena!!! What the fuck!?"

"Oh my god!"

Oh my god is right, Serena! You look like... you look like .. Damn, I don't even know what! You look fucking HOT!"

"I know!!! Look at me!!!"

"I am!! And you look fucking HOT!!"

"I do, don't I!?"

"Uhh... YEAH!"

And I feel even better than I look! I mean... did you see my muscles just there?"

"Did I see them? Are you kidding me!? How could I miss them!? You got frigging enormous!"

"Yeah ...and even weirder, I just feel... I just feel like I've never felt before! Like it's not just the way I look. Mia, I feel... I swear I feel like I can do anything!"

As if to prove her point, Serena hunched over and grabbed the bottom of Mia's couch. Without even the smallest grunt, she quickly re-straightened her back and hoisted the huge four-seater off the floor. A quick flex of her arms and the couch was suspended above her head. The muscles on her tight, tiny physique bunched up, but did not even come close to expanding the way they had just a few moments earlier.

Mia could just stare in awe. She simply could not believe that the very same Serena Agbayani that (as far as she knew) never went to a gym, never went on a diet, never did anything at all to get in shape - was now standing in the middle of her apartment looking like a fitness goddess, holding that burly old couch over her head without breaking a sweat. Mia blinked furiously. She shook her head back and forth. She tried to resist, but was ultimately compelled to run her eyes back up and down Serena's super amazing body. The view was just too breathtaking to look anywhere else.

Mia gazed in lustful envy at her best friend's now perfect figure. She had become so petite. There didn't seem to be an extra ounce of fat on her. Except, of course, for her boobs. But they weren't fat... they were just 100% boob. It was crazy. Serena didn't even look like she was straining at all. Things weren't making any sense. How could Serena look so delicate and so relaxed when her arms were holding this huge thing above her head? Shoot - it had taken three of the biggest, brawniest guys around just to get it up the little flight of stairs and into her apartment! This was too much. She needed answers.



"What's happened to you? How did you get so strong? And so... hot?"

Serena looked into Mia's eyes. Now that she was operating at close to full power, she was easily able to sense her best friend's thoughts. She reached out with her mind to take a full emotional reading. Mia's initial shock was beginning to wear off. She no longer wondered if she'd accidentally taken a hit of acid. Staring at Serena across the room like that -- all super-hot and super-strong with the sofa over her head -- she was forced to accept that what her eyes were seeing was, in fact, reality.

Serena had Mia in the palm of her hand. By this point, she could tell her anything and Mia would believe her. She laughed and smiled her warmest smile. Looking up at the sofa, Serena released one hand, bringing it down to brush her fingers through her long, silky hair. She continued to hold the couch one handed for a few seconds, laughing at Mia's stunned expression, before crouching to set it back down quietly on the floor.

Serena realized it was time to tell Mia her story... but she hesitated. She'd never been a good liar before, and she and Mia had shared everything since they were kids. She knew she had to keep the formula and everything a secret, but she wasn't really sure just how much of the truth to reveal. She looked into Mia's mind and connected once more. Mia was her best friend. The most trustworthy person she'd ever known. Though the source of her powers and some of the minor details would have to remain a mystery - at least for now, Serena decided that pretty much everything else should be open information.

With the couch now placed between them, Serena flexed her calves to float delicately up into the air. Mia's eyes bugged even further when she witnessed her best friend flying for the first time. Serena inched slowly towards the ceiling before gliding over the couch, doing a little twirl, and gracefully settling down cross-legged on the cushions. She placed both hands on her bent knee and straightened her posture as much as possible. Her large breasts pressed together, revealing deep cleavage bunched up below her sternum. Even in just a blue thong and sweaty tank-top, she was the epitome of feminine grace and elegance. Serena steeled herself for a moment before addressing her companion.

"Mia, what I'm about to tell you is probably going to be a little tough to believe, but I want you to try your hardest to hear me out, okay?"

Mia just stared in slack jawed amazement, nodding absently as Serena began her recount of the day's events.


It took Serena about fifteen minutes to tell the entire story - though she'd altered many of the incriminating details for safety's sake. She explained how her secret morning exercise routine had been abruptly cut short by the surprise entrance of Hyperwoman's alter ego. Understanding the need for secrecy, Serena decided to protect Jennifer Benson's identity - instead telling Mia that she'd never seen the blonde girl before in her life. She was also careful to leave out the part about the magic formula. Instead, she explained that Hyperwoman had mentally triggered her own transformation. Serena then claimed that having witnessed the spectacle herself, she somehow gained similar powers. She told Mia all about the strength and the speed, the flight and the sensory abilities. Though she elaborated in great detail about her romp through the woods and her supersonic flight down to L.A., she decided it'd be best to keep the freaky mind-reading parts to herself for the time being.  At least until she had a better understanding of the extent of those abilities.

It was really tough for Serena to keep a straight face through the series of out-and-out lies, but she managed to tie together all the loose ends and make the whole story believable. After all... how much of a stretch was it really just to leave out a few details like Hyperwoman's real name and the part about the magic formula? Serena had never been much of a talker - always thinking of herself as more of a listener - so she was relieved when she finally made it to the end of her rambling monologue.


"...and so that's how it all happened, Mia. That's how I got this new body and all these superpowers."

Mia had managed to keep her mouth shut through the whole thing. She didn't say anything when Serena talked about actually seeing Hyperwoman in the basement of her building. She didn't bat an eye when Serena told her she found herself able to mimic Hyperwoman's transformation in her apartment a short time later. Not even the parts about the super hearing or the tornado breath or the x-ray vision were all that hard to swallow... not after watching Serena pick up the couch and fly around the middle of the room like she had.

Mia had been able to keep calm and silent through all of that, but she just couldn't stay put any longer. As soon as she saw that Serena was finished, she jumped up out of her seat and started pacing around the room, shooting off a series of rapid-fire questions so fast that Serena almost had to use her super speed to keep up.

"So you're telling me that now you can do anything Hyperwoman can do?"

"I think so."

"You can pick up a dump truck?"


You can fly into outer space?"

"Umm, I think so."

"You can look through solid objects?"


Okay. What color bra do I have on?"


What color panties?"

"Umm... Green."

How many pairs of shoes do I have in my bedroom closet?"

"Umm... seven."

Jesus, Serena! This is insane! I mean, I just saw you flying around my living room a minute ago! You're really super-fast, too?"

"I told you I flew to L.A. and back this morning, didn't I?"

"This is unbelievable! And so you just saw Hyperwoman transform and now you can change back and forth into a superheroine whenever you want to?"

"Well yeah. I mean... I can activate these powers, but I wouldn't say I turn into a superheroine or anything."

"What do you mean, Serena? Look at you! You're like the extra-hot Asian Hypergirl part II or something!"

Serena looked down at herself for a moment, appraising her body before looking back up at Mia. "I guess I am... but just because I have these powers doesn't mean I'm gonna try to be a superhero or like put on a costume and go try to save the world or anything like that."

"What!?!? Why not!? I mean... look at you, Serena! You're amazing! GOD I'm so jealous! If I were in your shoes, I'd be thinking of a name and designing my costume right now! Something like... 'Amazing Girl' or like... 'Mystery Woman' or how about something like... 'Princess Justice?'"

Serena rolled her eyes. "Princess Justice?"

Mia continued on, unfazed. "Something like that. Whatever. Anyway, remember how we used to play pretend Hypergirl all the time when we were kids? Now you're like living the dream and you don't even want to try to go public with this stuff? You could be a MAJOR celebrity! All you have to do is just like, go outside, find some big burning building with a bunch of people to save, save 'em, be a hero, get all the guys you want..."

Mia was off on her tangent, living her dream vicariously through Serena. Serena had to wave her hands in front of Mia's face to snap her back.

"Hey. HEY! Mia, I said I don't want to be a superhero. I mean... I'm not the one who wants to be famous, remember? I'm just not an attention hound like you are."

Mia laughed and rolled her eyes. "Yeah, right See-See. You're trying to tell me that after all the wishing and hoping and praying that somehow we'd magically wake up with like perfect bodies... that after all the time we spent yapping to each other about guys... you're trying to tell me you don't what to show off now that you're like... more than perfect? I know you're shy and timid and all that, but I don't buy it for a second that you don't secretly want to be flying around, showing off those amazing new tits in some skintight uniform, getting adulation from millions of fans the world over..."

Serena laughed. Mia was getting on a roll again. "I said I don't want to. And besides, I am not trying to let anyone see me because what if Hyperwoman finds out that I stole her powers? I mean... what if she found out, and then she came and stole them back or something?"

Serena hadn't thought about this before, but her biggest - and probably her only fear now - was that somehow, Hyperwoman would find and confiscate the formula, then do something like inject her with an antidote that would keep her from turning super ever again.

Mia, however, was unconvinced. "Hey, you didn't steal her powers, Serena. She like transmitted them to you or something. That's a big difference. And besides, if she is supposed to be miss perfect infallible superheroine chick and no one's ever been able to figure out her secret identity, why do you think she'd let you of all people watch her transform? Don't you think that's a little odd? I mean... maybe she wanted you to get those powers. Maybe she wants like a sidekick or a successor or something, so she knew you were looking, and she intentionally gave you those powers. You ever think of that? I dunno, Serena... the whole thing seems like destiny to me, and I think you should be enjoying it."

Serena had to pause for a moment. Mia actually had a point. Why did Jennifer go all the way down to the basement gym to transform into Hyperwoman when she'd never done it before? And why hadn't she been able to tell that Serena was watching her the whole time? Knowing now how the formula worked, Serena realized that even in her unpowered state she probably would have been able to sense the presence of a person looking on if she had been in Hyperwoman's shoes at the time. The more she thought about it, the more the whole scenario broke down.

"You know what, Mia? You actually have a point."

"Yeah, ya see!"

"I mean... why did Hyperwoman let me find out her secret? All the time and money that the press and the government put into finding out who she is, and I randomly happen to stumble upon her transforming in my own apartment building? It does seem really odd the more I think about it. And why, if she turned into Hyperwoman and then had all these powers, wasn't she able to like - hear my heart beating or smell my deodorant or anything like that? Even if she hadn't been able to see me hiding there before she transformed, she definitely should have been able to see me thereafter. I mean... I know how these powers work now, and you can definitely tell when there's someone breathing in the next room."

Mia nodded viciously in agreement. "Yeah, see! And like... if she knew you were there and she left anyway, then she must have meant for you to get those powers! Why else would she have left, right?"

"Yeah... I guess so, huh?"

"Yeah. So, then what are we going to call you?"


"Your superhero name, dumbass! What are we gonna call you?"

"I thought we decided on 'Princess Justice'. That had a nice ring to it."

"Har dee har har." Mia smiled again. "No, seriously. What are you gonna do now? You gonna try to find Hyperwoman so you can figure out what's up?"

Serena hesitated again. Mia didn't realize that Serena knew where Hyperwoman's alter ego lived. "Yeah, probably. When I do find her, I'm not sure what I'll say though."

"Just figure out where she's coming from first, Serena. If she sees you and is all 'HEY, you stole my powers!' then just bail out of there. But I highly doubt she'd do that. Shoot... for all you know, you could kick her ass. Maybe you're just as strong as she is! Maybe even faster and stronger!"

Maybe slower and weaker too," Serena interjected.

"Still... I doubt Hyperwoman could or would just magically take your powers away now that you have them. I'd bet she's more likely to say something like 'Serena, my child, I have bestowed upon you a great blessed gift which you must use wisely for it will bear many fruits,' or some kind of mystic sage crap like that."

Serena laughed. "You're probably right. I mean... she almost definitely meant for me to get 'em now that I'm looking back on it and analyzing the situation. At the very least, she knew someone was there watching her - so it shouldn't be a total shock to her that I became super myself. And anyway... if it was a mistake for me to get her powers, then she probably wouldn't have planned for anyone else to have them, so if I found her, she probably wouldn't have some antidote to shoot me with right there." It was very shaky logic, but Serena's reasoning made enough sense to allow her to gather up the courage to confront Hyperwoman.

Serena continued on. "So, Mia, as long as I get to Hyperwoman before she gets to me, then I should be okay. I mean, worst case scenario: as long as I reach her before she's even aware that there's another superpowered person around, then she won't be ready for me. So even if she ends up being super pissed off, I'll be able to run into hiding or whatever. It'll suck, but at least then I'll know for a fact that Hyperwoman is out to get me, so I can take the proper precautions."

"Serena, you're overthinking it, I swear. I bet Hyperwoman is just going to be like 'Cool, another cool chick with superpowers. I sure hope you're a superhero and not a supervillain,' or something like that. She probably gave you the powers because she needs the help and now she's wondering where the fuck that girl from the basement workout room this morning went."

Serena was feeling relieved. For an airhead flighty artsy chick, Mia could sure make sense sometimes. Thank heavens she had a friend like her to turn to. "Mia, you're the best. You always know just what to say to take me off the edge. I swear. I don't know how I'd be handling this whole thing if I didn't have you to lean on."

"Shoot girl, don't mention it. I know you'd be there for me if I suddenly and inexplicably turned into the most incredible superbabe on the planet."


Mia walked back over to the middle of the room and turned to face her friend. A strange look came over her face, one that Serena did not recognize. She looked... almost nervous.

"So Serena, this is all just too much. You. A super-person - not necessarily a super-hero mind you, just a super-person. Still... it's insane! How does it feel?"

"It feels great. I can't even explain to you how amazing it is. I can like, do anything. It's better than any kind of drug, any kind of natural high or anything. Like... on one level I feel like I'm moving at super speed all the time, but on another level, I've got this slowness... this inner peace. It's like nothing I've ever felt before. I just feel so calm. Like I'm prepared for whatever's going to happen."

Mia listened closely, hanging on every word. She intensely wished that she, not Serena, had been the one to gain those abilities. But even though her jealousy was almost overwhelming, it was matched by an incredible curiosity. Bordering on infatuation. It was such a tingling thrill just to be in the presence of someone so incredibly beautiful and powerful.

"Serena, I just can't believe that's you that I'm looking at." Mia moved closer. "I mean... no offense, but you used to be like... chubby. And now you're like some airbrushed supermodel picture come to life!"

"Believe me, I know! I can't believe it either! I swear I used to feel like a fat little boy next to all the pretty girls my whole life. Now I'm like... off the charts hot! Everything is different now."

"Yeah it is. Hey... Serena... I don't want to seem weird but... would you mind making a muscle again like you did when you first came in? I... I want to feel how hard it gets."

Serena raised her eyebrow at this. She knew from her mind-probe earlier that Mia was struggling with unfamiliar feelings of arousal, but she didn't want to deny her friend's curiosity. She also had to admit that she was getting pretty excited showing off like this. Realizing that Mia's was probably a very natural reaction, Serena obliged her request and prepared to show off her extreme musculature.

"No problem, Mia. Just let me go over to the window so I have some room."

Serena stood up from her seat, purposefully causing her various muscles to pop and bulge as she strode towards the open spot on the floor. Her body moved with perfect efficiency, a vision of flawless proportion and grace as she spun around to meet Mia's stare. She was feeling so proud of herself. So vital. So ferocious. It was crazy. She'd never felt this 'in control' before in her life. Mia just watched the goddess in motion, her fascination building with each passing moment until she was finally able to force herself to inch towards Serena.

"Geez, it's so hard to believe that's really you," Mia said in a breathless whisper. Serena just lifted her chin even higher, thrusting her chest out a bit more. With one eyebrow arched, she extended her hand to Mia. "It's okay, I won't bite," she said with a laugh.

Mia reached across, allowing Serena's to take hold of her hand, and was strangely comforted by her friend's touch. With their fingers now intertwined, Mia's nerves just seemed to settle down on their own. She could actually feel the strength and power flowing through Serena's arm, but rather than feeling threatened or intimidated, she felt safe... protected. In fact, Mia couldn't remember a time before in her life where she'd felt so at ease. Her gaze moved slowly up Serena's incredible figure until she was staring her directly in the eyes. Instantly, Mia came to understand that these feelings of peace and calm were coming from Serena. Somehow, Serena was allowing her to feel a portion of the confidence and self-assuredness that she had somehow received from Hyperwoman.

"Wow, Serena... is this how you feel all the time now?"

"Oh, I feel much better even than that. I'm just letting you experience a tiny bit of what it's like to be me."

"Letting me experience what it's like to be you? Holy cow... You can do that!?"

"I guess so, huh?"

Serena giggled, finding that skin-to-skin contact made the use of her empathic powers incredibly easy. It was almost like she'd have to try to avoid accessing Mia's inner thoughts and feelings now. With barely a conscious thought, she was able to increase Mia's sense of calmness. With just the tiniest bit of concentration, she was able to "speak" to Mia's subconscious, informing her that the strange and foreign sensations were, in fact, coming from Serena herself. Serena was amazed by the clarity of her mental observations. It was like having a back and forth dialogue with Mia's inner voice - and Mia herself wasn't even aware of the conversation!

"Feels nice, doesn't it Mia?"

"Wow! It feels great! I can't believe this happened to you!"

"Me neither," Serena replied as she lifted her arm and prepared to flex. "Here. Put your other hand on my bicep."

Mia did as requested, allowing her other hand to fall from Serena's grip as soon as she'd taken hold of her arm. Still feeling the same sense of peace and familiarity, she allowed herself a quick squeeze of Serena's unflexed bicep. Her skin was smooth and baby soft, and though Mia could feel a buzzing energy just beneath the surface, she was surprised to find that Serena's unflexed muscle was no harder or more rigid than anyone else's.

"Are you ready," Serena asked.

Mia's heart jumped. She was so excited to feel Serena's arm inflate with muscle. She'd never really spoken about it with anyone... not even Serena... but she had always had a secret fascination with athletes and bodybuilders -- male OR female. She'd been an artist since she was a little girl, and even though she'd never really had the strength or coordination to play sports, all the painting and sculpture classes she'd taken had helped her to develop a stronger-than-average fascination with the human form.

In fact, hidden in her closet, beneath the empty canvases and art supply boxes, was a secret stack of sketchbooks filled with Mia's interpretation of 'the ideal human'. Over the last few years, most of those sometimes pornographic drawings had been of Hyperwoman and of "Hyperman," Mia's imagined counterpart to the famous blonde superheroine. She'd spent a lot of time late at night admiring the collection of Hyperwoman photos she'd collected from the newspaper and the internet - and she applied what she'd learned to her personal collection of sketches.

The superheroine's incredible proportions and rock-solid physique had fascinated Mia since childhood. So needless to say, she was practically salivating at the opportunity to watch and feel Serena's supercharged body take shape once more.

"Oh my god, I am SO ready," she replied anxiously.

"Okay then. Here goes..."

Serena curled her fingers into a tight fist and cocked her forearm. Mentally reaching out to tune into Mia's anticipation, she began slowly increasing the tension in her bicep.

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