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Infinity Crisis Part VI

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A reddish haze filled the midnight sky creating an illumination effect that made it seem as though it was the light of dawn. A thumping sound in the distance along with sporadic sharp crackles could be heard in the distance.  A squadron of  Raptor jet fighters blasted overhead. Thomas watched as the fighters flew at least 15 miles before dropping their payloads. The ground shook violently and a light breeze followed, carrying along with it dust and debris of so many demolished buildings.  Thomas could tell that the tide was shifting. The support of fighters and bombers which was an hourly occurrence for the past week was now diminished to maybe 2 - 3 air strikes a day. The great push had been halted and now time was not on their side. Thomas looked back at the excavation sight. The team had dug 20 feet into the ground and still nothing. A black woman dressed in green walked up to Thomas, “You al-right?”

“We are running out of time Valk” Thomas replied.

“Don’t worry - she’ll be here”

Thomas looked up at the sky and then shook his head “ I don’t think so”

“Got something!” Someone yelled from down at the dig site.

Thomas rushed over and blew a sigh of relief as they swept off the dirt from and debris from what looked like an old door frame. “That’s its! Now dig around it! And dig fast!”

Thomas watched as the team dug quickly around the Iron bolted door. They were almost done and then Thomas heard the dreaded word….“contact” A platoon had been assigned to them to hold the dig site, they held points 50 yards north south east and west. Not soon after the word contact was said the eruption of gunfire followed.

Valk grabbed Thomas’s hand, “Get it done Thomas!” and then began running toward the fight. Valk ran toward the machine gun fire.

A voice crackled on the radio “Beta’s! 4 of them….make that 5 of them!” The 4 man group holding southern point had already lost a man before Valk arrived. Valk sprinted toward their attackers. Gun fire blasted into her, the rounds shreaded her clothes but bounced off her body. Valk rammed her fist into the girls head sending her flying backwards and crashing into a bombed out building. Another girl attacked her from behind and then a third call jumped from a structure above onto Valk. Valk blocked punch after punch and got in some of her own but the flurry was too much for her. “Valk! Get down!” She heard in her radio ear. Valk hit the ground and the distinct sound of a Collider Machine gun began snapping 20 yards to her right. The bright white tracers from the machine gun zipped into her assailants. The women screamed as parts of where they were struck glowed. Atom by atom they were being torn apart. It was a slow death and even Valk had a hard time watching it, but it was the only way to kill a Beta.

Valk got up and pressed just below her ear activating her radio. “Thomas….you have to hurry”

“Almost there!” Thomas called back as he watched as the iron bolted door frame was nearly exposed entirely. “Almost there…almost home” Thomas whispered to himself.

A great wind began pulling Thomas and the workers high into the air and then released them. One by one, the workers awkwardly dropped from the sky onto the road. Thomas landed awkwardly and pulled himself up to see her. His heart fell deep into his guts, as her presence could only mean one thing… Someone he cared about had lost, not only the fight… but her life as well. 

Valk looked on into the distance “She’s here.” Valk said as she watched the woman land elegantly onto the debris-littered field. Valk watched as collider weaponry opened up on her. There was a time when the weapon hurt her. Not anymore. She almost seemed to enjoy the effects of it now as the bright tracers hit her. Valk looked back at the dig site and then spotted Thomas, about 50 yards away from it. She sprinted toward Thomas as the rest of the platoon began their retreat. 

Thomas cringed as he attempted to step down on his foot. Valk came from behind him. “We have to get you to the door.”

Thomas shook his head, “I wont make it.”

“You have to try!” Valk pleaded

Thomas limped over to a fallen soldier, who still had a machine gun in his hands.

“Thomas!” Valk pleaded.

Thomas pulled the machine gun from the soldier's grasp and then handed Valk a silver medallion. He cringed as he spoke, “Get to the door - remember what I told you about the room! Get in there! You can change all of this.”

The woman turned her attention on Valk and Thomas.

Thomas pulled the collider into position “Go!” he screamed. The snapping of sound of the collider was brief as Thomas was incinerated almost immediately after he pulled the trigger.

Valk paused briefly as she took in the fact that Thomas was gone. Valk grinded her teeth and charged the woman. She just stood there smiling as Valk got closer and closer. She was willing to take Valk’s best shot and take it with a smile.

Valk was sprinting as fast as she could possibly run as she approached her… and then ran by.

The woman was surprised by this.

Valk jumped into the dig site and approached the Iron door which slowly began to open for her.

“Going somewhere?” the woman asked from above the dig site.

The door was finally open and Valk entered.

The woman floated down and observed Valk enter a doorway which seemingly had no room behind it. “What strange contraption is this?” the woman asked as the Iron door began to close on her. Her petite hand touched the Iron door - but it continued to close on  her. The woman placed both her petite arms on the door and began to push with all of her strength. The door closed.




6 weeks in.



Crowds of people cheered and pointed at the tiny spec high in the clear sky. The tiny spec descended rapidly and, within moments, Infinity Girl was visible to the crowd. Dozens of police officers barricaded Infinity Girl's landing area. The most powerful woman the world had ever known descended slowly before the crowd. Her hands were on her hips as she now floated down to the ground at a snails pace. She sneered at the boisterous crowd as her red boots touched the concrete one at a time. Her long dark hair, which was momentarily controlled by the winds, settled onto her petite shoulders and rolled half way down her back. Her red lips curled into a smile and Natasha’s deep brown eyes looked upon her adoring public. Her cleavage wasn’t on display, but she had made her costume tighter. The steely look of her costume reflected every camera flash taken of her. She placed her hands on her hips and pushed out her large double F bust, giving the crowd a sight they would not soon forget.

A man opened the door behind her and prepared to greet her. Approaching her from behind, he couldn’t help his imagination and arousal as he stared at the contours of her shapely rear and long and shapely legs. He stopped a few steps behind her, he nervously cleared his throat. “They’re ready for you” he said.

Infinity Girl continued smiling at the crowd. She took one hand off her hip and brought it to her mouth and then, ever so gently, blew the crowd a warm kiss. Peoples hats flew off their heads and their hair got a bit ruffled, but the wind was anything but violent. They cheered even louder as they all basked in her sweet breeze.

Infinity Girl turned to the man who greeted her. “Well, let's not keep them waiting”. She took the man's arm and allowed him to escort her inside. She was about to go on the Ben Synus Show and millions of people would be watching the live interview, her first ever televised interview. If this was 7 weeks ago, she would have thrown up several of times. But this was the new and improved Natasha.  She could do what she wanted, when she wanted, any way she wanted.

The live interview was arranged by Thomas and the questions Ben was to ask had also been pre-arranged by Thomas. Thomas and Natasha had spent a half hour going over the answers the night before. If it was up to Thomas, he would have spent days going over the questions, but a half hour was all the amount of time she was willing to give him. After all, she had a world to see and people to do. Natasha couldn’t help but smile, as she looked through the walls of the building and at the building Thomas was in. She could hear his heart pounding from here and that made her almost laugh out loud. She could have sworn he was a half a cup of coffee away from a heart attack.

“And as promised, the moment you’ve been waiting for! A woman who needs absolutely no introduction! First time on live TV! Ladies and Gentleman a huge hand for… Infinity Girl!” Just as Ben said it a gust of wind shot by him and before he knew it he was sitting on the guests chair and Infinity Girl was sitting at his desk. The crowd went crazy.

Infinity Girl waved, blew another warm kiss into the crowd and the applaud continued. Natasha smiled and the applaud continued. “You don’t mind that I took your chair?” Natasha asked sweetly.

Ben signaled for the crowd to end their applause, but failed and then looked at Infinity Girl. “By all means… Apparently this is your show now.”

The applause finally died down and Ben proceeded with his questions. “Infinity Girl, a question everyone wants to know: how big are they?” The crowd cheered again. Ben smiled brightly “I’m kidding, I’m kidding… What happened to Infinity Man?”

Natasha smiled sweetly and answered Ben’s question “Simple answer is… He left. Like you and the people on this planet, we all have our duties and Infinity Man moved onto other duties. To be honest, I’m not entirely certain where he is. But I’ve been selected as his replacement here on Earth. And to answer the other question,” Natasha put her own petite hands on her chest and then smiled, “More than a handful.” The crowd cheered again.

“And as his replacement, you seem to have a much different way of handling criminals. Why is there such a difference between the way you handle them and the way he did?”

Natasha answered immediately. “Well Ben, Infinity Man had been on this planet for 50 years, and so he had much more experience deflecting bullets off his body. I don’t have that experience yet. A bullet hitting me has only a chance of leaving a smudge on this bod. But I can’t say for certain that, the same bullet won't deflect and kill someone else. Bottom line is, I have no idea where a bullet might end up after it hits these puppies.” Infinity Girl gave her breasts a playful squeeze and the crowd began cheering again. Infinity Girl smiled and waited for the applaud to die down before she continued.  “All I’m saying is, that I don’t know how I would be perceived by all these wonderful people, if somehow a bullet meant for me harmed one of them”.

“Well, it certainly has worked. Since the bank robbery weeks ago, crime rates are at an all time low. And, as far as I know, no one has ever taken a shot at you again.”

Infinity Girl smiled. That was unfortunately true. Ever since she ended the police chase and incinerated one of the robbers. No one challenged her. Criminals were too afraid to engage in high speed chases, and not just in the city, but across the whole country. It was not at all what she intended. None running from her or shooting at her made her patrols very boring. “That’s very true Ben.”

“And moving on to another question everybody wants to know. Jacob Hughes. Are you and Jacob an item?”

Infinity Girl smiled. “I’ve only been on this planet for only a couple of months and Jake's a cute boy. But, there are lots of cute boys on this planet.” The crowd erupted in cheers again.

“A lot of people think that your alter-ego is Valera Cole, Jacob Hughes porn star girlfriend or I should say ex-girlfriend. Even I have to admit, there are similarities.”

Infinity Girl smiled. “Other than the fact that we both have long dark hair, I’d say the similarities end there.”

“Well… I’d say there are other similarities.”

Natasha was starting to get annoyed. “Care to enlighten me?”

“Well, basically you look just like her with the exception of the glasses.”

“Let's get something straight Ben: I’m all natural. These,” Infinity Girl grabbed her big breasts and gave them a squeeze. “Are all mine. Everything about Valera is fake. Ask Valera to do this.” Natasha floated out of her seat and did a slow back flip and landed in front of the desk. Natasha had her hands on her hips while pushing out her bust. “Or this!” The crowd began cheering as Infinity Girl's breasts began to bounce as Natasha flexed her chest muscles. “Tell you what… Better yet, shoot her tits and find out what happens. I have a suspicion that it won't feel quite as good for her as it does for me.”

Ben smiled at her and proceeded with his next question, “And are all the girls on your planet dumb super-sluts like yourself?”

Natasha looked at Ben in shock. “I’m sorry, what did you just ask me?”

Ben asked his question again. “I asked, would you ever consider a male from this planet a permanent partner?” And that was in fact exactly what he did ask. But the question he really wanted to ask echoed in his mind, Natasha heard both.

Natasha stared into Ben's eyes and there was a moment of awkward silence. She finally smiled attempting to cover up her obvious discontent. “I don’t know Ben. Why? Were you thinking of asking me out?”

Ben laughed. “Sorry to disappoint you Infinity Girl. But I was a little more particular to Infinity Man.” The crowd laughed.

Natasha’s lips curled into a wicked smile “Prove it.”

Ben smirked “Prove what? That I’m gay?” Ben Laughed.

Natasha remained serious, she looked into Ben's eyes and then finally began, “I haven’t met a single heterosexual male on this planet that hasn’t lost his wits after brushing their hands across my chest. And, there’s been some talk well, that I’ve heard anyway… you aren’t actually gay. You just claim to be, to gain popularity.”

Ben was shocked, and getting very angry. “Well, I can assure

“Don’t assure, prove it!” Natasha walked around the desk and stood in front of Ben. She zipped down her costume and revealed her cleavage. She placed her hands on her hips and smiled at Ben.

Ben Synus was in shock and was stumped for something to say. The crowd roared his name over and over again, encouraging him to do it. Ben looked at his producers for a signal of what to do. Could he feel a girl's chest on live TV?

His producers nodded vigorously for him to do so.

Ben laughed nervously and got out of his seat and looked up at Infinity Girl, who had a half cockeyed smile on her face. Her breasts were at his chin level and he looked down at them. The crowd erupted into a roar of cheers.

Thomas covered his eyes with both hands as he watched the events unfold on live TV. Peering only through the cracks his fingers made, as they criss-crossed over his eyes.

Natasha hands were on her hips and she looked down at the shorter Ben Synus, who stood awkwardly in front of her. Ben looked at the crowd as they cheered, then looked back at Infinity Girl and moved his hands toward her chest.

Natasha peered inside his mind. He was in fact gay. But that was about to change. Natasha got into his mind and began rewiring things. She paid special attention to his hypothalamus and concentrated on making it bigger. She began clumping cells in formations opposite to the way he was naturally given. Ben Synus’s hands squeezed Infinity Girl's breasts. Her tightly packed breasts squeezed together ever so slightly. Ben was in a trance, he had never once believed a female could make him so turned on. He got an immediate hard-on and he began kissing her chest and rubbing his hands down her tight body. Natasha gave the crowd an awkward stare, as Ben rubbed his body against her body. The producers frantically signalled to go to commercial.

“I want you so bad.” Ben whispered to Natasha. Dismissing the chorus of boos from the crowd.

Natasha pushed him away. “I think I’d rather not be seen on a program whose host has deceived his public for so many years.” Natasha left the set as Synus was barraged with a continuous chorus of boos.

Natasha smiled as she walked into the lobby, then out the doors and then rocketed into the sky.



Arseno stepped inside the Infinity room and looked at Tony, who had removed the boards which blocked the view to the outside world.  The sun shined on him and he looked as though he was at peace. Arseno paid little attention to him as he grabbed a rifle and aimed it downrange. Out of all the weapons available, the rifle, which had over a 100 different settings, was by far his favourite.  Arseno took aim downrange and began firing. He switched settings and a lighting pulse shot out of the barrel. He switched settings again and it began firing powerful rounds at an incredible rate. He switched setting again and his target combusted into flames. He looked at his target downrange. “Fuck” he muttered. Although it was fantastic to have a rifle which could simulate 100 different weapons, remembering what every setting was capable of doing was Arseno’s biggest hurdle.  Arseno began clicking the toggle on the rifle trying to remember what every setting did. He looked back at Tony, who was still looking outside. “I thought we were told not to look outside.” Arseno finally said.

Tony continued staring, but then finally spoke. “Look at them… people shopping, policemen, construction workers - all real people going about their lives… and none of them exist. And I’ve been thinking… How stupid I have been all this time. I had to get shot and turned into a duck before I realized it. This isn’t real - none of its real… I died. I don’t know when, or how long ago, but I’m the one who’s dead.”

Arseno walked over to Tony, pulled up the board and placed it against the window. “This place is starting to fuck with you. When was the last time you left?”

Tony looked at Arseno, “Remember a year ago or so. The carbon monoxide filters weren’t working in the lab I was in. I collapsed. You saved my life.”

Arseno smiled, “I didn’t know that was you.”

Tony nodded, “And you died in that room with me.”

Arseno began laughing, “Tony… You didn’t die. I didn’t die. This place makes you think that nothing matters - that nothing is real. But, I promise, there is a real world beyond that iron door. We're here to save it.”

“From what?” Tony asked.

Arseno walked away from Tony and looked at some weapons he still hadn’t test fired. “From an 18 year old girl?”

Tony shook his head, “Thanks for putting everything back in prospective for me.”

Arseno noticed the handgun didn’t have a clip he began searching for it. “Look - I shot you and then I accidently turned you into a duck… I can see how that might be traumatizing for the psyche. So, for what its worth… I’m sorry.”

“Accidently turned me into a duck? Might be traumatizing? You are sorry?”

Arseno found the clip and looked at Tony “Yeah - I’m sorry. When was the last time you checked on Thomas?”

Tony walked toward the monitor screens. “I don’t know, a couple of hours ago.”

Arseno popped in the clip, aimed downrange and then depressed the trigger. There was a sharp snapping sound, which displaced the air in the room. Both Arseno and Tony’s ears popped as the pressure dramatically changed in the room. A sparkling tracer blasted into a target. Arseno was opening and closing his jaw trying to remove the ringing in his ear.

Tony was massaging his temples. “What the hell was that?”

Arseno looked at the gun. “I don’t know - but I like it.”

Tony walked downrange. The tracer was still sparkling in the target. Piece by piece the sparkling round was consuming the target. Tony grabbed his pen and touched the sparkling round with it as it still burned away at its target. Tony let go his pen quickly as it began to disintegrate.

Arseno nodded, “Fucking cool!”



Infinity Girl hovered for a moment a couple hundred feet over the city skyline and looked at Thomas’s apartment. He had already shut off the TV and, undoubtedly, remained waiting for her. She was in no mood for him. Looking to her right she saw Jacob Hughes and, as good looking of a superstar as he was, she had already grown tired of him. All he wanted from her was sex. All the time, it was like an addiction for him. It was like it no longer was a want, but a need. Almost as if, if he didn’t have sex with her, and soon, he’d die. She was in no mood for him either. Natasha blasted away from the city and, just a few seconds later, she heard a familiar voice and then several of familiar voices. Natasha hovered above a lake about 100 miles outside the city. Many of the girls and guys she had gone to high school with were by a 2 storey log cabin drinking. She smiled as she pondered joining them. She watched Becky laugh at a story that Nancy was telling. Nancy used to be tall and pretty, but since Natasha made an adjustment to her, she clearly seemed to be the most popular girl at the party. It had been a while since Natasha spoke to Jarret, she couldn’t help but wonder if the adjustments she made on Nancy put her out of Jarrett’s league. Natasha began to reflect on the moment she obtained her powers. When she felt like a God and thought of all the opportunities that were just a thought a way. Then she met Thomas. Her life now had schedules and routines. Places she had to be and people she had to meet. She felt like a puppet and, in many respects, felt as if she had more freedom before she had her powers. She wanted to feel free again.

Infinity Girl dropped out of the sky and landed in the woods. She thought about her old form, and one of the tight outfits she used to wear, and began spinning. A light emanated from her body and then Natasha looked down at her outfit. She was shorter now and her boobs were a few cups smaller, double D compared Infinity Girls Double F, but her body was just as tight. She ran her hands down her skin-tight white jeans and enjoyed how her cleavage filled her tight blue halter top. She walked out of the forest and approached a group on the beach.

“Hi guys!”

Everyone stopped and looked at Natasha.

“Holy shit Nat! Where’ve you been?”

Natasha smiled at Rick, “Didn’t you hear, Rick? I got a modelling job.”

The guys that were there looked up and down her body and had no trouble believing that.

Word travelled fast that Natasha Beland was there and every one who knew Natasha began to converge on her. Soon, most of the crowd were asking her questions like 'Where've you been?' 'Which modelling agency are you working for?' 'How much money do you make?' 'Are you still in school?' As Infinity Girl she loved the attention. As Natasha Beland she loved it even more. She spoke to the crowd for an hour, every time she turned away from someone to speak to someone else she could easily see, through her peripheral, that side of the crowd checking her body out. Finally, Becky managed to get through the crowd. She tapped Natasha’s arm “Can I speak to you?”

Natasha looked at Becky and smiled, “Sure.” The two began walking away from the crowd and into the tree line.

“I kept your secret.”

Natasha smiled and nodded “I know… So?”

“Well… it's just that… ummm

Natasha continued giving Becky a curious look even though she knew exactly what Becky wanted.

Becky continued fumbling for words, when Natasha finally said something. “Do you think I owe you something?”

“No… it's just that You helped Nancy out and you didn’t even know her.”

“Becky, your dad is rich. Just get him to buy you a pair.”

Becky shook her head. “Whatever… Sorry I brought it up.”

Natasha looked at everyone on the beach. “Why isn’t anybody swimming?”

Becky shook her head. “Do you know how cold that water is? Besides. I didn’t bring my bikini.”

Natasha looked over to see if anybody could see the two and then began spinning until she was engulfed by a bright light, which Becky had to shield her eyes from. When Natasha finished spinning, she was in a tight, florescent pink bikini. She undid the strap from her back and pulled off the bikini top and tossed it to Becky. “Here, you can have mine.”

Becky looked in awe at Natasha’s unsupported massive and firm breasts as she pulled off her bikini and tossed it to Becky. Natasha was completely naked, but only momentarily. Natasha began spinning again and, once she stopped, she was in a bright green bikini. She adjusted her breasts in the newly conjured up bikini and pulled up the bikini bottom, so they rode nicely up the contours of her bubble butt.

Natasha looked at Becky as she continued staring at her. “What are you waiting for? Put it on.”

Becky looked down at the bikini in amazement, “How do you even do that?” she said in amazement.

Natasha smiled “To be honest, I’m really not sure myself. I have this belt on. Right now I’ve made it into just a microscopic string that’s wrapped around my waist, too hard for you to see. But, whenever I think of something I want to wear, I just turn and spin and I’m wearing it.”

“That is soooo fucking awesome… How?… Magic?”

“I don’t think so. I think it uses the air molecules around me to create exactly whatever outfit I’m thinking of. Whenever I’m out as Infinity Girl, I try to make my costume as strong as I can. The material is a lot more durable, but it’s a little longer of a spin.”

Becky started to undress. She put on the bikini, which didn’t fit nearly as well as it did around Natasha’s rear. She clipped on the bikini and it just fell down from her unimpressive bust. “I don’t think this is going to work.” Becky said.

Natasha smiled, “Alright Becky, just relax… This might feel weird.”

Becky felt a tingle all over her body as Natasha stared at it. Her ass began to get a little bigger and firmer. Her tummy began to tighten. Her arms felt as if they were holding a ton of bricks. She grunted. “What are you doing to me?”

Natasha continued staring and adjusting her Becky’s body. “Now for the fun part.”

Becky gasped as her breasts began to inflate like two balloons. “Holy shit. Yes!… Fucking Yes!”

Natasha smiled, “Happy now?”

Becky smiled. Her breasts fit comfortably in the bikini now. And she squeezed her new double D endowments. Becky looked up at Natasha mischievously. “Can you make them bigger?”

Natasha laughed, “Alright, tell me when to stop.”

Becky watched as Natasha squinted her eyes while staring at her chest.

Becky’s breasts began getting larger. “Oh Fuck! Bigger!” Becky’s bikini top began to stretch to its limit. “Okay, okay… That’s good!”

Natasha stopped and admired her handiwork. Becky was a very attractive girl before, she just lacked some assets, but now she looked amazing. Sporting a great pair of double Fs, overtop of her flat belly and perfectly sculpted ass.

“Holy Fuck! Look at me! I’m so fucking hot! Look at this body!”

Natasha was quite impressed with herself, she really did an amazing job on Becky’s body. “Oh Natasha, how can I ever thank you?!” Becky hugged Natasha. Becky’s larger breasts compressed around Natasha’s firmer boobs.

“We’ll just say you owe me one. Now, lets get this party in the water.” she said as she turned back toward the crowd.

“Nat, do you know how cold that water is?”

Natasha looked at the water, “Hmmm you’re probably right. Looks like this is a job for Infinity Girl!” Natasha began floating in the air and looked down at Becky. “Be back in a jiff.” Natasha flew to the middle of the lake and then splashed down in the center and began travelling to the bottom. At its deepest it was 120 meters. Her eyes looked for something solid, just below the surface. After a few moments, she found a large iron deposit just a few meters under the bed of the lake. 'Perfect.' she thought. She swam overtop of the deposit and her eyes began to sparkle. Twin beams of energy ripped into the dirt and sand under the water and easily started heating the iron. When the energies began to make fresh contact with the iron she increased the intensity. It wasn’t long until she had heated the iron to 20,000 degrees. She increased the intensity even more. Water began to boil around her. Above her, bubbles and steam began to surface and 5 minutes later she was done.

Natasha walked out of the water and toward Becky.

“What did you do?” Becky asked.

Natasha smiled, “Heated things up a bit”.

Becky looked at the lake. A cloud of steam appeared to emenate from the center of the lake.

Natasha and Becky began walking back to the party. “You know, I really am amazed with you.” Becky said.

Natasha smiled, “How so?”

“Well, its just that, I remember being so envious of you when I first found out you had those powers. And I kept thinking what I would do with those kind of powers… Oh My God, What I would do with those powers!”

“And what would you do with these powers?”

Becky sighed, “I wouldn’t be out saving the world. I would have a hundred or so boy-toy slaves and I would get what I wanted, whenever I wanted. Maybe have a big island all to myself. Cuba would be nice… you know… once I got rid of all those people. My dad said that Infinity Man could survive a nuclear explosion. I guess that means… you could survive a nuclear explosion. If I were you I‘d… You know what, I guess all I’ll say is, you’re a better girl than me.”

Natasha thought for awhile, it was unfortunately true. She had the power of a God and here she was, walking the walk, talking the talk, because she worried that someone, somewhere could take her powers from her. What if that was a lie? Or a delay, just to figure out a way to deal with her? But, what if it was the truth? The thought process ate away at Natasha. The two girls came close enough to the two storey log cabin that the lights from its patio shined on them, which immediately grabbed everyone's attention. Becky grabbed a beer and all the eyes of the crowd followed her movements. Is that Becky? Who is that? Look at the size of Becky’s tits? There were mutters and whispers, but Becky didn’t need super hearing to hear it. Becky began drinking a beer. “Me and Nat are going for a swim. Who’s coming with?”

Nancy couldn’t help but feel a little excluded from the attention Becky was getting. “Sounds like a plan!” She pulled off her shirt and began running toward the lake. She was the first one in and, as soon as her foot entered the water, she couldn’t believe how warm the water was. Becky joined in and so did Natasha, then so did most of the people hanging outside the house. Someone screamed to the few people remaining on the deck. “Hey guys! Check how warm the water is!”

Greg swam over to Natasha and handed her a beer. Natasha took the beer and began drinking it. “You know, I’ve always had the biggest crush on you.” Greg said to her.

Natasha laughed. “C’mon Greg, point out one guy at this party who doesn’t have a crush on me.”

Greg smiled at her, “Well, I just thought I’d point that out cause… I heard, you kind of had a thing for me.”

Natasha smiled and her big brown eyes looked at Greg mischievously. “Trust me when I tell you: you couldn’t handle me Greg.”

Greg put his hand on Natasha’s slim waist and looked down at her cleavage. “Try me.”

Natasha laughed and then noticed Nancy. She looked back at Greg. “You're cute, but I gotta talk to Nancy.” Natasha walked away.

Greg couldn’t help his desire for her and grabbed Natasha’s hand. 'Why wasn’t it working?' he thought. 'She should be wasted by now, it never takes this long for the drug to take effect.'

Natasha looked at Greg's hand. She frowned at him and spoke in a quiet but menacing tone “Greg… Don’t make this awkward.”

Greg let go of Natasha and watched her as she started talking to Nancy. It must have been a dud he put into her drink, she should have been completely out of it by now. Greg walked out of the water and began making another drink.

“Hey Nancy, what have you been up to?”

Nancy looked at Natasha and smiled “Hey Nat! its so good to see you!”

Natasha never really liked Nancy, but then again, there wasn’t too many girls Natasha did like. Nancy on the other hand was always very sweet to Natasha. “So, I thought you and Jarrett were going to hook up?” Natasha asked.

Nancy smiled at Natasha “Believe me Nat, I’ve tried… lately he’s just been disinterested. His friends asked me to call him and bring him out tonight… I called, and he didn’t pick up. I don’t know what’s gotten into him lately.” Becky swam by drawing Nancy’s attention. “Holy shit… I swear to God I could have sworn Becky’s tits were a lot smaller earlier tonight.”

Natasha looked at Becky and then looked at Nancy’s chest “Well, I could have sworn your chest was a lot smaller about a few months ago… When did you get them?”

Nancy looked down at her bust and then looked into Natasha eyes with a wide eyed shocked expression. “That’s just it Nat… I didn’t get them. One day I was as flat as a board and the next I’ve got these! It happened at that party… You know, the one where Helena disappeared. I went to the doctors and everything… They're natural… and I’m fine… I just can't explain them."

“Are you happy with them?”

Nancy giggled, “I didn’t think I was one of those girls who would be. But lets just say… I wouldn’t get rid of them if I had the choice. But how have you been? I heard you got a modelling gig and hit the big time. How's it been? What magazines have you been in?”

Natasha began making up a story about her modelling career. She had way more fun as Infinity Girl and never did make it to the photo shoots Thomas had scheduled for her.

Someone asked Natasha if she’d like a drink.

“Sure.” she replied. Natasha looked to see where Becky was and could find no trace of her. Her eyes scanned the bottom of the lake and still she saw nothing. Her eyes then scanned the log cabin. Becky was in one of the bedrooms passed out on the bed and Greg was having his way with her. Natasha sighed. Natasha excused herself and casually walked out of the water and onto the beach. She walked to the log cabin and made her way upstairs. There was a guy at the door.

“This room is occupied” The guy told her.

“Right.” Natasha brushed the man aside and entered the room.

“You put a roofy in my drink, didn’t you, Greg?”

Greg was startled and got off Becky “Wha!…” He looked at John who was supposed to be guarding the door. “What the fuck man?! I said no one comes in!”

Natasha crossed her arms. “Greg, you know I’m kind of a bitch right?”

“What!? What are you talking about? This isn’t what it looks like.” Greg argued.

Natasha looked at John who was behind her. “And what’s your role in this big boy?”

John looked at Greg and ignored Natasha “Fuck man - I am not going to jail for this. We’ve got to do something about her.”

“Do something about me?” Natasha asked, “I’m intrigued!”

“Well fuck… what?… Are we going to kill her?”

Natasha walked over to Becky and checked on her “Oooo kill me… there’s an idea.”

“I’m not saying kill her! But we have to do something!” John argued.

“Nobody is going to believe this bitch… Trust me! We're not going to jail”

Natasha sighed “Boys… Jail is the last thing you need to be concerned with.”

Greg approached Natasha and pulled out a bottle of pills. “Alright Natasha, there’re two ways we can play this.”

Natasha laughed “Oh trust me, Greg, there are a lot more ways we can play this.”

“You're going to swallow a couple of pills or we're going to make you swallow a couple of pills.”

Natasha took the pills from Greg and stared at them with curiosity. She stared into them and observed their subatomic properties. Natasha looked at Becky and peered inside her body. She marvelled as she could see how these pills interacted with her brain. Natasha’s head darted North and she slightly squinted them and looked into Thomas’s apartment and his pill cabinet. It was like clockwork for Thomas. He was always taking pills at the same time… She never bothered to ask herself why? How were those pills interacting with his brain?… It dawned on her… How could she be so stupid.

John looked at Natasha for awhile and then looked at Greg. “She’s fucking out of it.”

“I put a couple in her drink an hour or so ago… Maybe she's just reacting differently to them.” Greg replied.

Natasha looked at Greg and John. “One of you can leave and the other's going to stay. Decide who?”

John started laughing “Oh, okay… We have your permission to leave then… Who the fuck do you think you are?”

Natasha sighed. She began to spinning and was engulfed in a bright light. She stopped spinning and she was in her Infinity Girl outfit “Guess Who!?”

Greg and John took a step back their minds refused to believe what they had just witnessed.

Natasha took in a deep long breath from her nose. Her breasts began to swell in her tight yellow outfit, forcing the zipper to come down a bit, drawing John and Greg's eyes. She puckered her lips and blew a tight stream of freezing cold air at John.

The wind wasn’t quite strong enough to knock him down. Instead the extreme cold air began to freeze him solid. John cringed his neck in agony and seconds later he was entombed in ice.  Natasha smiled at Greg who stood there staring at John's frozen shocked impression. Greg looked back at Natasha, a look of terror filling his face. He didn’t know what to say, he could only stutter.

Natasha smiled at him “I think I may have some use for you. I’ll tell you what. Help me today and I’ll just kill you the next time I see you - as opposed to right now."

Greg’s breathing became erratic “You… You… are Infinty Girl?”

Natasha pulled Greg into her body and she blasted upwards and through the roof. Greg screamed and held on tightly as she flew back into the city with him. Within moments she arrived to her destination They landed in the back alley of the building she lived at and she released Greg from her grip. Greg was shivering from the high speeds.  Natasha adjusted her breasts in the tight confinement of her yellow body suit. “So this is what you're going to do. In exactly 5 minutes you're going to the top floor of the building. There are only two rooms on the top floor. You will knock on the door to your right as soon as you exit the elevator. Someone will answer, you're going to distract that man for 2 minutes. Do you understand?” Greg was still shivering. Natasha hoisted him into the air. “Greg, it's important that you understand. Cause if you fuck this up… I'm going to be very angry. Get it? Got it? Good.”



A knock tapped at Vincent’s study room. Vincent put his glass of Scotch down and looked behind him. “I am hoping to hear good news Sydney.” Vincent said.

Sydney nodded, “It’s done.”

Vincent nodded, “That most certainly is good news.” Vincent stood up and followed Sydney to a metallic door, which used DNA recognition to open. The two walked down a spiralling set of stairs, where a black costume was surrounded by control panels and entombed in glass. Only Vincent had the key to bring down the glass. Vincent looked at the outfit and smiled. “Let's begin. Shall we.”

Piece by piece Vincent put on the outfit, starting with the boots, then gloves and then body armour. With every piece of armour he put on, he felt no different than before. He put on the helmet, which looked not much different than a motorbike helmet. Vincent finally put on the belt and everything was in place.

There was tubing running from the costumes back. Sydney signalled to another scientist and nodded. “You're going to feel some discomfort. It shouldn’t last too long.” Sydney said.

Vincent neck stiffened as a bolt of energy blasted into him. It felt as though a billion needles poked into him striking to the bone. He couldn’t scream if he wanted to. It lasted for 10 seconds and then sopped abruptly. Smoke momentarily emanated from the suit. Vincent smiled as he felt the power surge through his body. “And, are you sure I am more powerful than Infinity Man?”

Sydney walked up to Vincent and used an electronic device to scan his body. “Your power is immeasurable. And so is Infinty Man’s.”

Vincent smiled “Then I guess I’ll have to test myself against Infinty Girl before the main event.”



Thomas finally got rid of the crazy kid at his door. He was still wondering how the hell that kid was even allowed up at his suite, then his thought drifted back to Natasha. Where the hell was she? Thomas watched the news for a few hours, he’d usually have a good idea where Natasha was by watching TV. However, every news program focused on Natasha’s live interview. ‘What a dumb idea.’ he thought. He should have known something like this was going to happen. The bright side was that Natasha did deflect questions about Infinity Man's disappearance. Thomas looked at the time. He was due to take his pill right away. He got up from the couch and walked toward the medicine cabinet in the washroom.

“What’s up Tom?” Natasha’s voice asked him from behind.

Thomas looked at Infinity Girl as she strutted toward him.  “Quite the interview.” he said.

“I’m glad you approve.”

“I don’t.”

Natasha smiled and lay on the couch. “Did you see how badly Synus wanted me? He’s gay you know. Well… Not anymore.” Natasha giggled.

“And so you destroyed his career, maybe his life because why?…”

Natasha smiled sweetly. “I can’t help the fact that every man wants me Tom. I’m a Goddess. Literally. Is it hot in here? You don’t mind if I change do you?”

“You’re asking me to do something before you do it… That’s a welcome change.”

Natasha spun out of her Infinity Girl costume, but still assumed Infinty Girl's taller and bustier form, only this time she was wearing tight black spandex pants and a red bikini top. Natasha adjusted her large breasts in the bikini top “Mmmm Much better.”

Thomas looked at her perfect body as she lay casually on the couch. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Natasha stood up and walked toward him. Her big breasts pushed into his chest. She rested her petite arms across his shoulders, her deep brown eyes looked into his “Getting comfortable… What do you think I’m doing?”

Thomas removed her arms from his shoulder. He swallowed hard as he fought the urge to embrace her touch. “I have to use the washroom.” He said in a calm voice. As soon as Thomas got into the washroom and closed the door, he opened up the medicine cabinet and grabbed both pill bottles and took one of each. He took in a deep breath and splashed some cold water onto his face. Finally he came out of the washroom.

Natasha was in a different outfit. This time wearing lingerie. A tight busty green corset. The ultra tight fitting corset made her firm breasts spill over top. “I was thinking of fighting crime like this - what do you think?”

Thomas swallowed as he looked her up and down… The pill was not working.



“Arseno, we might have an issue.” Tony said as he sent the same message to Alex by text.

Arseno walked over to Tony, who was viewing one of the many monitors at his console. He watched Thomas begin to embrace Natasha. “Meh. He’s just having a bit of fun.”

Tony watched in shock as Thomas kissed Natasha. “With the pills he’s on… He should be in no mood for a bit of fun.”

“When’s the last time he’s had one.”

“The thing is… I watched him take one like 5 minutes ago. But according to his body readout, he hasn’t taken one yet.”

“How is that possible?”

The iron door behind them opened and Alex walked into the room. “What’s the urgent matter?” Alex asked as he walked closer to the screen to get a better look. “Did he not take the pills?” Alex asked.

“I thought he did… But I don’t know anymore.” Tony began rewinding one of the monitors at the point where Thomas took the pill “There… He took one of each.”

Alex bit his lip as he stared into the monitor “Keep rewinding.” They watched the empty washroom and then seemingly from out of no where Infinity Girl appeared and they watched her switch the pills “Clever girl.”

Arseno walked away and grabbed his rifle and a duffle bag.

“Where do you think you're going?” Alex asked.

“Deal with the problem… That’s why I’m here right?”

Tony looked at Alex. “She’s going to get everything from him… we're in trouble.”

Alex didn’t know what to say, and Arseno was already at the door. “I don’t want him dead!” The iron door shut. “Can we follow him?”

“I think so.” Tony replied as he adjusted one of the cameras to keep an eye on Arseno.



Thomas’s fingertips brushed across Natasha’s spilling cleavage. “You’re beautiful" he said as he stared into her deep brown eyes.

Natasha played with Thomas some more, as she released pheromones from her body that would drive any man insane. Natasha smiled, she made her thumb sized nipples erect and tent out from her tight lingerie. Her thick lips homed in on Thomas’s lips and then she went to his ear. “Let's play a game.” she whispered.

She floated out of Thomas’s arms and lay down in midair resting her head on her palm “Truth or dare… You can go first.”

Thomas couldn’t think clearly. Without the pills he was just a mere mortal in the presence of a Goddess. He would do anything to have her. “Dare… I dare you to take it off.”

Natasha smiled wickedly. She floated to an upright position and then took in a deep breath, her breasts swelled from underneath the corset and then it blew. The corset fell to the ground.  Natasha watched as Thomas oggled her body “My turn.” she said. “Truth. Do you have the means to stop me?”

Thomas swallowed hard and shook his head. He looked at Natasha, his mind partially cleared. “Natasha you have to stop this.”

Natasha smiled “Stop what Tom? We're just having a good time. Don’t you want to have a good time?… I know you do.”



Arseno raced across the city in the opposite direction of where Thomas was. Ignoring red lights and any other rule of the road, he arrived at his destination quickly. He screeched his car to a halt in the slums of the city. He pulled out a briefcase from the car and then began walking to an apartment building.

“Whoah! Holmes!… Hold up.”

Arseno sighed as a group of 6 or 7 approached him.  He couldn’t afford getting into a shootout right now.  He’d give away his position, but he was running out of time and needed to act quickly. “Sorry guys - I’m in a rush. If you don’t mind, you can look after my car, I’ll pay you 300 dollars cash. I just need 5 minutes to make a transaction.”

“You implying we don’t have a job?”

“Yeah - what you saying Gringo. You insultn' us?”

Arseno was getting impatient. “I’m saying - 300 dollars is a lot of money for 5 minutes. I just need 5 minutes.”

“300 bucks and that briefcase and you got yourself a deal.”

Arseno sighed, “Guys, this is about to go down badly for all of us… I just need 5 minutes.”

The larger man from the group smiled. His teeth laced with a golden grill. “300 bucks for 5 minutes. Plus 100 for every minute you're late.”

Arseno nodded “You got yourself a deal.”

“Clocks ticking, gringo.”



Natasha’s lips closed in on Thomas’s lip and she kissed him passionately. She blew a gentle breeze across his face that sent a chill to his bone. She rubbed her breasts down his chest, down his stomach and onto his bulging crotch. Her every touch felt so good. Her perfect body looked surreal. The thought of resisting her had faded. His hand wrapped around her big firm breast. He could feel her nipple pressing hard into the palm of his hand.

Natasha backed him off a bit. “Thomas… we can play and have fun… I can pleasure your every fantasy… but you have to answer my questions.”

Thomas nodded and squeezed her perfect body. “Yeah… whatever you want?”

Natasha grabbed Thomas’s chin “Thomas. Listen to me carefully.” she said as she looked him in his lust filled eyes.



Arseno reached the 19th floor and opened his briefcase. A rifle quickly unfolded and Arseno adjusted the rifle to the setting he desired. The building was abandoned and empty, with the exception of some crossbeams, the room was empty. Arseno took aim through the rifle scope. Buildings obstructed his view. He clicked the scope and the building before him became transparent. He clicked the scope again and the next building became transparent. Now he had his sights on Thomas’s building.



“Answer me one question… And I will fullfill your every desire.”

Thomas desired her so badly… He couldn’t take it anymore. “Yes… I'll answer whatever you want.”

“Do you know of any way in which anybody can take my Super Powers away from me?”



Arseno took aim - and fired. The bullet smacked into the building in front of him, cutting through the walls, desks and computer monitors before exiting the building and hitting another building. An office worker dropped dead as the bullet cut through his head, then through someone’s coffee cup and out of the building and onto the next.



Thomas opened his mouth to speak, when he heard a crack and then felt the sharpest pain he had ever felt in his ass. Thomas fell to the ground in pain as the bullet struck him in the buttocks. “AGhhh! Fuck!” Thomas screamed as he withered around in pain.

Natasha grinded her teeth as she looked at the bullet hole. She blasted right through the wall sending concrete tumbling to the ground below. She was back in her Infinity costume. Her eyes scanned for the sniper. She saw the bullet hole from the next building. She looked into the building. It appeared as though there was commotion in the building. Someone had been shot. Upon closer observation it was by the same bullet that struck Thomas. She continued to follow the trail of the bullet with her eyes.



Arseno smiled as he viewed his success through his scope, 'Hard to maintain an erection when you're haemorrhaging out your ass.' he thought and then smiled. He got up from his kneeling position and casually walked to the door.

The smashing sound of glass was heard behind him. Arseno wasted no time. He changed the settings on the rifle and began blasting away.

Infinity Girl took round after round. She looked down at her chest as the massive slugs bounced off her boobs and then the rifle clicked.  Infinity Girl gave her breasts a light massage and then looked up at Arseno “Best you could do?… Hmm… It was nice… But I expected more.”

Arseno clicked the rifle and took aim at her once more.

Infinity Girl smiled. She placed her hands on her hips and stared at Arseno. “I believe we need to chat.”

Arseno fired. A beam of light struck Natasha. Electricity began to circulate down her body. She couldn’t move. Panic began to set in as time seemed to freeze.

Arseno walked toward a frozen in time Infinity Girl who was still holding her confident power pose in her trademark costume. Arseno placed his hands on her body. “Ooooh, hun you are a knock out.” Arseno grabbed Infinity Girl's boobs “How big are these anyways? So impressive.” Arseno walked over to the briefcase and began pulling out chips the size of dominos. He put a couple inside Infinty Girls cleavage and another one in her mouth. He zipped up Infinity Girl's one piece and slapped her playfully on the ass. “Nice chatting with you.”

Arseno’s phone began to ring. “You need to get out of there. Now!” Alex said. Arseno hurried out of the room and headed down stairs. The crew was already waiting for him down below.

“You're late… By my watch 10 minutes late… That’s going to” Several shots rang out as Arseno began blasting away at the group. Arseno stepped over the dead bodies and opened his door, threw his rifle inside and began to drive away. He kept his speed at a reasonable rate and kept the building he left in his rearview mirror.

Natasha began to overcome the time displacement weapon as she finally began to move.  Her anger consumed her as she let out an ear shattering scream and blasted the full fury of her heat vision upwards.

Arseno watched as the windows all blasted out and two bright lasers blasted through the roof. That’s my cue, Arseno thought as he reached into his duffle bag and pulled out a device which had one button on it. Arseno pressed the button.

Two massive explosions erupted from Natasha’s cleavage and another buldged from her stomach. Arseno watched the building as the blasts wiped out the floor he was on and sent the rest of the building crashing down. Debris from the explosion flew overhead. Arseno watched as a chunk of twisted steel flew overhead and smashed into building in front of him. “Fuck… I love this job.”

Natasha’s clothes were torn from her body and her skin smouldering. She was breathing erratically. She began to spin in one spot and now she was wearing a black version of her Infinity costume. She grinded her teeth. “You want a fucking bitch! You got a fucking bitch!” Natasha blasted into the air and then looked down at the streets below her. She blasted the full fury of her heat vision across a busy highway. The beams cut deep into the road and blasted cars into explosions for 3 miles. She turned her attention to a skyscraper and began to blow. The people in the top 10 floors began to freeze as the sub zero winds blasted into every office.  Infinity Girl rammed through the building and the fragile top half of the building began to fall off its foundation and down to the streets below.  Natasha landed hard onto the ground and concentrated on a tanker vehicle. She focused on compressing the gasses inside the tanker until she couldn’t control the rising temperature. The tanker erupted into a magnificent fireball that wiped out 3 square blocks, but only managed to blow Natasha’s hair back. Natasha rose into the air, her eyes sparkled as she prepared to unleash another blast of energy into the city, when she was stricken in the face. The punch was hard and it sent her flying back into the city street. As soon as she landed, her assailant landed on her sending her through the street and into the sewer below. Vincent walked up to his face down victim in the sludge, picked her up, smashed her face repeatedly into the walls around them and then threw her as hard as he could. The ground rumbled and then splintered as Infinity Girl blasted out of the street. She crashed through a bus and into a transformer. Natasha’s hair was a mess and her costume had rips all over it. There was a small cut on her face. Natasha smiled, stood up and clenched her fist. Her eyebrows raised as she maintained her smile while staring at her assailant. “My turn” she calmly said to him.



The Iron door opened and Arseno stepped in. “So! What did I miss!”

Alex turned to him, “What have you done?”

“Trust me Alex, this is who she is, sooner or later we knew it would come to this… But I think I got an idea how to… Who's the dude?”

Tony looked at the monitor and at the man in black and shook his head. “We have no idea.”

Arseno, Tony and Alex continued looking at the screen when a sharp electrical current snapped from behind them. A series of electrical currents began to emanate from a machine and then a black woman came running out and stared at the 3 of them. She was trying to catch her breath. “What year is it? Am I too late?”

They the 3 men stood in silence, eventually Alex muttered a few words… “Oh boy.”


To Be Continued

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