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Deep Down Inside - Part 02

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Vicky sat in the waiting area of the emergency room, her head in her hands. The girls had finished the drive to Artesia -- it was shorter than turning around -- and drove themselves straight to the regional urgent care center. But since there were no visible signs of injury, and since both of the girls had felt fine, Tammy had a good deal of reluctance about checking themselves into the emergency room.

"What the fuck are you going to tell the ER?" Tammy had asked as the exit for Artesia approached.

"That I ingested a foreign object as part of a dare. They'll probably do some X-rays, open me up, and take it out."

However, the white lie session at the ER had gone worse than expected. She had a hard time making a believable case that swallowing a metal ball was a dare, and she forgot that it would be impossible to swallow anything bigger than a strawberry and made of steel. But after some stammering, some skeptical glares and disgusted sighs, Vicky found herself sitting in an X-ray room, the device pointed squarely at the spot on her abdomen where the foreign device lay.

Vicky had received X-rays before and knew the drill. The technician gave her instructions and left the room to activate the ray from behind the protection of the wall. The X-ray made a quick buzzing sound, just like at the dentist's office, but what followed was unlike anything Vicky had experienced. Vicky let out a startled cry as she felt a surge of energy inside, an intense and uncomfortable warmth and tingling. This was followed by a small, short, but unmistakable purple bolt of electricity, shooting from her abdomen into the X-ray. The machine emitted a momentary snapping, crackling sound, followed by a whiff of a burning smell. The technician rushed back into the room, flustered and chattering about how the machine had broken, how the computer was fried too, how it was all going to have to be done over, and did Vicky see anything unusual.

"No, " Vicky lied, "nothing unusual." Just a bolt of lightning from an electronic grapefruit deposited by aliens, Vicky thought to herself. That's all. The truth would have been more of a mess than the lie.

The misfortune in the X-ray chamber was followed by a trip over to the second X-ray chamber, the only other one in the urgent care center, it was explained. We have no idea what happened to the last one, it was explained. They were getting a supervisor this time, it was explained, so it had better not happen again. More technicians, more instructions, a re-pointing of the machine, again technicians leaving the room as the X-ray whirred to life, and again a buzz as the rays were activated. And again, once Vicky was alone in the room, an uncomfortable stirring in her innards, a purple static-like zap, followed by a snapping sound and a slight burning smell.

Now, Vicky was back in the waiting room, waiting to put a monstrous bill on her credit card given her lack of adequate insurance. Gingerly lifting her shirt to examine her stomach, Vicky saw that it continued be mysteriously scarless. She probed her abdomen with her fingers and felt the solidity of the grapefruit-sized object perhaps an inch underneath the surface. But it didn't hurt, at least, not yet.

A hand on her shoulder startled her out of her self-examination. "So what do we do now?"

Vicky again felt herself becoming the leader. "We're driving back to Las Cruces before night falls again."

Before they left town that afternoon, Vicky and Tammy found themselves checking to make sure that she had the two extra balls were with them in the car. She had no idea why she wanted this equipment, but every fiber of her being called out for her to safeguard it, preserve it, get it where it was going.


"They cut our funding again at the women's shelter."

Vicky looked dispassionately across the bar table at her friend Kim. "I suspected they were going to do something," Vicky groaned, before taking another gulp of her beer.

"You know, you should drink Chardonnay rather than beer. The beer will go right to your thighs." The speaker this time was Louisa, another of Vicky and Tammy's close friends.

"For some reason, I don't really think it matters anymore," Vicky replied with defeat in her voice.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Louisa inquired.

"Vicky and I have been through a lot in the last 24 hours," Tammy explained, the defeat evident in her voice as well. "I'm not sure we're ready to talk about it." Tammy appeared truly exhausted . Her mousy blond hair seemed especially frayed, and her grey-blue eyes had a vacant look to them.

It was hard for Vicky to keep the horrific events of the last day to herself. The four girls were almost like family and tended to do almost everything together. They had gotten to know each other not only through their common PoliSci major, but also volunteering at the shelter, and they had taken to each other almost instantly. None of them was terribly popular or terribly happy, but ever since their initial meeting, they had always been there for each other. And the fact that they were all romantically, well, perpetually unaccompanied, made their friendship that much easier.

Louisa was a lanky girl with curly hair, fairly pretty had it not been for a prominent burn scar that had destroyed much of her complexion -- the product of a childhood accident. When Louisa turned one side of her face to you, she was attractive. When she turned the other, her sickly, scarred complexion had the texture of pudding and, on men, the effect of a repellent.

Kim was a nice and shortish dark-haired, dark-eyed girl with mousy black hair and a flat chest. For the most part, there was only one thing that anybody needed to know about Kim's physical appearance: she was fat.

It made Vicky sad to hear about the cuts to the shelter budget. Volunteering at the shelter often had made Vicky somewhat happy. At least, it had helped remind her that there were many women out there who were less happy than she. Now, with the budget being cut and the future of the shelter in doubt, all of them had been in darker moods recently. But given Vicky's recent night of horror, she thought, she couldn't bring herself to care.

Vicky felt Louisa's hand on her arm, and looked up to see that Louisa was examining Vicky's face with genuine concern. "I can see something is bothering you. Are you sure you and Tammy don't want to talk about it? You don't seem OK."

Vicky managed a smile in response. It was good to know that someone cared, even if Vicky wasn't ready to talk about it. "Tammy and I are living through a nightmare right now. Just give us some time. We'll be ready to talk about it eventually. Good of you to ask, though."

"Of course," Louisa smiled. "You're always the confident one among us. But you're allowed to have bad moments too. And when you do, we are here. Whatever happens to one of us, happens to all of us."

"Thanks," Vicky replied, her hand on top of Louisa's. "How are things with you? Tell me something cheerful for a change. Too much depressing stuff around here."

"Well," Louisa smiled shyly. "I do have a date tomorrow night."

"No kidding!" Tammy replied. "That's great. Who with?"

"A guy I met online."

"He cute?" Tammy pressed.

Louisa's smile lit up a little more in response. "You bet."

"Well that's great!" Vicky offered. Vicky secretly hoped the scar didn't screw up her friend's date. It had too often before. "You go get em girl."

"Thanks," Louisa replied bashfully.

"OK," Vicky said, straightening up. "Now that we've covered Louisa's rocking love life, and in place of talking about the horrific shit Tammy and I are going through, let's figure out what to do about the shelter," Vicky turned to Kim, who was the most active of the four of them at it. "You're the one who knows the most about the shelter and what it needs. Why don't you go to the mayor's office tomorrow to plead the shelter's case?" Vicky said. A collective groan went up among the girls.

"I don't want to get in trouble," Kim said.

"Come on, you're not going to get into trouble," Vicky managed a small chuckle. "This is America. You're a citizen and you no reason to expect that voicing your opinion will get you in hot water. You don't live in a dictatorship, and I should know," Vicky continued sardonically, "I wrote a thesis on it. "

"I know, I know," Kim eyes were cast downward. "You just know how I hate confrontation."

"So does Tammy. Did she tell you about the encounter with her upstairs neighbor the other night?"

Tammy groaned in reply.

"But Tammy got over it, and maybe you can, too, for a cause. And maybe Louisa can go with you." Again, Vicky was surprised to see herself playing the ringleader of this group. Had the alien inspired her to play the role of leader more often? Vicky's last statement was met with silence across the table, which with this group, meant reluctant agreement.

As Vicky and Tammy left the bar that evening, Vicky glanced over at their two friends still at the table. Kim and Louisa might be meek, she thought, and they certainly aren't popular. But Louisa was right: we've always been there for each other, and we always will be. And if there's anything I can give them to make them happy, I will.


Later that night, Louisa found herself on her laptop, flipping through old case files from the shelter. "If I'm going to help Kim argue for funding in front of the Mayor," Louisa thought, "I had better have inspirational stories."

Louisa hoped she could find some examples of abused women who had come to the shelter and found the help they needed to reassemble their lives. But as she flipped through, she found herself getting stuck on the opposite -- all the times when the shelter had failed to do enough. Her mouse pointer was soon hovering over the name of one woman who's case had particularly bothered Louisa. A click later, the file spring up and the memories came flooding back.

The woman had walked in one February morning while Louisa was on duty. She had bruises on her face and arms. The girls at the shelter helped her obtain a restraining order. They counseled her on starting a life independent from his. They put her up at the shelter for a few weeks. And above all, they begged her not to go back to him. You can do anything you want, the volunteers had said, but it should not involve moving back into Trailer #14 at Happy Acres.

But Trailer #14 was indeed where the woman soon wound up. And she didn't stay there for long. Days later, she was in the morgue.

Louisa still blamed herself. With a quivering hand, she clicked the window closed. Someday, she said to herself, I'm going to kill that bastard.


Vicky and Tammy sat in silence around the cafeteria table, staring in mute anxiety at the salt and pepper shaker in the middle, dinners of lame tamales getting cold in front of them. Earlier that afternoon, girls had checked in to the much bigger Regional Hospital in Las Cruces. Both girls had checked themselves in this time, but the result was the same -- four x-ray machines this time, all fried.

"How are you feeling?," Vicky asked.

It took a moment to get a reply. "OK, considering," Tammy eventually said. "At least, the doctor who saw me at the hospital was pretty cute. Dr. Davis." She gave a half-hearted smile, but was met only with silence. "Sorry, I just needed something to cheer me up."

"And the other two balls -- are they OK?" Vicky asked self-consciously. "I mean, I don't know why I'm asking. I just want to make sure they're OK."

"They're fine, I checked twice this morning," Tammy replied. "I can't stop thinking about them either." Tammy looked across the dining hall and her face turned to a sneer. "Would you look at that?"

Vicky turned the direction of her friends gaze to see Amber and Steve coming in, the downstairs neighbors that had kept her up all night with their noise and partying. Amber was decked out in a miniskirt that highlighted her cute bubble ass while at the same time leaving few parts of her endless legs to the imagination.

"Ugh," Tammy groaned. "I hate that bitch."

"Who cares about her?" Vicky asked. "So what if she's better looking than the whole world? You and I have more serious problems to deal with," Vicky said, pointing at the middle of Tammy's chest.

"Yes, we've got big problems, but it's comforting to return to my old hobbies, and hating Amber is one of them."

"I really don't feel like talking about Amber right now," Vicky insisted.

"Come on, take your mind off the serious shit. We ALWAYS have time to lust after hottie guys, and to hate the girls that ensnare them in their perfectly manicured clutches."

"Ok," Vicky chuckled reluctantly, gazing across the room at the happy couple.

"Tell me what you hate most about her."

"I don't hate her, really," Vicky responded. "I just wish I could be a little more like her."

"You're no fun. If you could pick one way that you could be a little bit more like her, what would it be?" Tammy prodded.

"I guess I'd be a little bit taller," Vicky replied. Upon voicing the words, Vicky suddenly felt a little jolt deep in her chest, followed by a slight warming feeling. Was it indigestion, or was that awful thing inside of her now doing something awful? Vicky put one hand on the table to steady herself. Perhaps it was a case of nerves? Tammy looked on with concern.

"I think I need to go lie down back at the apartment," Vicky explained. "I'm feeling funny."

"Uh oh," Tammy replied. "That's not good. I'll have to make time for hating Amber later. I'll go with you."

The girls had just made it out of the dining hall when Vicky felt a strong hand grab her other arm.

"Afternoon, ladies," a guy with a frat t-shirt nearly shouted, clearly a little drunk. "You forgot to pay the toll."

"Toll?", Tammy replied annoyed.

"The frat is raising money to restore Walker Gym. Just a few bucks and I'll let you go on your way," Frat Dude smiled, stupidly.

"That's so ridiculous," Vicky replied. "I'm going to give money to something I actually care about, not restoring some 75-year-old gym."

"Come on, it's our community service project. We need this or we'll get in trouble with the school!"

"Oh, great," Vicky replied. "You're doing this because you have to, not even because you care."

"Come on," he was now insistent, tightening his grip, "nobody's going anywhere without a contribution to the worthy cause."

"Uh, ok," Tammy replied hesitantly, fishing two singles out of her purse. Why does Tammy always have to cave, Vicky wondered to herself?

"Two lousy bucks?" he groaned. "You can do better than that. You 'spect me to believe you don't have a twenty on you?"

Vicky tried to twist out of Frat Dude's forceful grip, but to no avail. "Let me go!"

Moments later, he had. From around some unseen corner, Jared had materialized, and had shoved him off of her. "Don't be an idiot," Jared warned him. "You're picking on someone that's weaker than you. If you want to use some force, use it on me."

Jared wasn't a particularly strong or bulky guy, and he would have been at a disadvantage with just about every adversary. But when she saw four of Frat Dude's friends round the corner, Vicky felt a sinking feeling in her stomach. He was done for.

The fight, if you could call it that, probably only lasted a few minutes. But to Vicky and Tammy -- screaming desperately on the sidelines for the boys to stop -- the fight seemed to last forever. By the time it was over, Jared had one eye that was already swollen, and his body was covered in gashes and sickly yellow spots that would certainly soon be bruises. He had really taken a beating.

"You guys are assholes," Vicky snapped after the frat guys had finally backed off. "He tries to stick up for a few girls and you beat the shit out him!"

But there was no point in sticking around to argue. Vicky and Tammy each propped up an arm and helped him hobble away.

"I'm impressed. You've got a lot of fight in you," Vicky lauded.

"I can't fight, and you know it.."

"Well," Vicky affirmed. "You put your ass on the line for us. What girl could ask for more?"

"Yes," Tammy concurred, squeezing his arm. "Our knight in shining armor."


By the time the girls made it back to their apartment, the feeling of electricity and warmth from inside that had earlier disturbed her had already started to dissipate. And in retrospect, it had all actually felt pretty good. Apart from the confrontation on the dining hall steps, it had turned into an uneventful evening. The girls sent Jared on his way, checked on the two metal balls, and went to sleep.

Vicky tried to sleep that night, but the twin horrors or recent days haunted her mind. The memory of Cuthbertson -- and his violation of her -- assaulted her first. The memories of aliens, their disgusting tentacles, and of course their machine with the disgusting blades -- those memories assaulted her next. They took turns through the night, taunting her from the inside out.

When Vicky finally rolled out of bed the next morning, she was groggy from lack of sleep. Still in her PJ's, she checked to make sure the two metal balls were still around -- her obsession with them seemed to continue -- and then strolled into the common room. Tammy was already there, lounging on the couch. At the same moment that she said hello to Tammy, she felt the gentle tickle of air against her midriff. Her pajama top had always been more than long enough to cover her midriff before, she thought. And looking down, she noticed that the cuffs of her pajama bottoms had ridden up as well, making them look more like capris than pajamas. She was in the middle of trying to pull her pajama legs back down when a yelp emanated from Tammy.

"Holy shit, girl!" She exclaimed. "You're taller!"


A bemused expression crossed Tammy's face as she opened the door to the mall. The girls had decided the Vicky needed some new clothes to fit her expanded height.

"It's obvious to you, isn't it?" Tammy winked playfully.

"Obvious what?"

"What happened yesterday -- to you, to your height. You do know why you got taller, don't you?"

"I don't know what you're getting at," Vicky puzzled.

Tammy kept her eyes locked on her friend. "Didn't you say something recently about wanting to be taller?"

Vicky thought back to the conversation. "We were talking about how much we hated Amber." A moment of stunned recognition crossed Vicky's face. "I said I wouldn't mind being taller."

"Yes. You apparently willed yourself to be taller, and it happened."

Vicky stared absently into space.

"Try to change something else," Tammy continued anxiously.

"Are you kidding?" Vicky replied.

"No way. Come on," Tammy goaded. "Try to change your eyes: make them less hazel and more brown."

Vicky fished a handheld mirror out of her purse and then closed her eyes in concentration. When she opened them, she let out a gasp.

"Vicky, do have any idea what the implications of this are?" Tammy enthused.

"Maybe, but it's too daunting to think about it," Vicky said, snapping the mirror shut.

"O, come on," Tammy prodded. "Live a little. "The extra few inches actually look pretty good on you. You should be happy. After all, we're probably on death's door even as we speak. Neither you nor I might have many happy moments left."

Vicky said nothing.

"And besides," Tammy continued. "Being a couple of inches taller already got you a little bit of extra attention from the guys." She inclined her head to a pack of engineer-type guys walking past.

Vicky's eyes were downcast as she thought. "You amaze me Tammy. No matter how much peril you're in, you always have time for the guys." Vicky took a deep breath. "But maybe you're right. Until we know something is bad, we just have to hope for the best."

"I wish I could be taller too," Tammy added, "I tried last night after seeing you do it, but nothing happened."

Vicky found herself secretly wishing that Tammy could at least have the same thrill she had experienced this morning, when she first saw her newly taller self in the mirror.

A moment later, Tammy let out a surprised gasp, steadying herself on a planter in the middle of the aisle. An odd sound emanated from her, something like a crackling or a creaking. When the sounds passed into silence, Vicky surveyed her face with fascination. Clearly, something had changed.

"Did you, just, uh..."

"Grow?" Tammy chirped, straightening up. She had.

"Oh my god," Vicky almost whispered, the implications settling in on her. Vicky had changed because Vicky willed it. Tammy had changed because Vicky willed it. The aliens had said something about Vicky having the "control module". Maybe this was it?

"I never expected to be this height before," Tammy said appreciatively, appraising herself. "This alien shit may kill us. But I have to say, I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts."



"Yummy" Tammy said quietly as she gazed across the mall's food court at figure sitting alone on the opposite side.

"What?" Vicky asked, not looking up from her mochaccino.

"It's Steve, Amber's hot boyfriend."

"The one you were lusting after yesterday. Here we go again" Vicky chuckled. At least Tammy still had a hunger for romance. Vicky's own hunger for it had disappeared on a storage room floor, surrounded by yard signs -- the only witnesses to her cries for him to stop.

"Steve's hanging around alone," Tammy chirped, oblivious to Vicky's darker thoughts. "I heard this morning that he and Amber were having trouble."

"Well, don't believe all the rumors you hear," Vicky cautioned. "Guys don't drop a hot girl like that unless they really have to."

"I know," she giggled. "But he's really hot."

"Uh oh, here you go again," Vicky chuckled. Her friend's enthusiasm brought a smile to Vicky's face.

"I'm going to go over and talk to him."

"You know how humiliated you'll feel if he rejects you."

"No kidding, but I can't think about that now," she said doggedly. "If I don't do this, I'll always be kicking myself. Maybe the fact that I'm taller now would help."

"Tammy, be realistic."

"Sorry, can't do that."


Five minutes later, Tammy was stomping back across the food court, tears streaking down her homely face. "Don't even say anything," Tammy snapped.

"Tammy, he doesn't know what he's missing."

"Yes, he does! An ugly girl! A tall ugly girl!" She sobbed.

"Tammy, don't beat yourself up."

"I told you not to say anything. I'll beat myself up if I wa--." Tammy looked up, slack-jawed. Amber had emerged from one of the stores and had slid her lithe frame into the seat next to Steve. "Oh my god, there's the bitch now," Tammy said, almost to herself.

The two girls watched in rapt silence as Steve whispered something to Amber, then glanced in the direction of the two homely girls, then a cackle of laughter went up between the happy couple's conspiratorial smiles.

"They're laughing at me. Oh my god, now Amber is coming over here." Amber had risen from the table, 24-ouce slurpee in her hand.

"Did you think you could steal my man away from me, bitch?" Amber's accusation echoed across the food court she sauntered up to them, her beautiful legs leading her entire body in seductive, serpentine flow as she walked.

"I thought he had broken up with you."

"This may be hard for you to understand, dog face, but men don't break up with women like me. I'm a one in a lifetime chance. I keep them around as long as I want."

"That's pretty sick," Tammy retorted, but it was more like a complaint than an accusation.

"That's how the world works, when you're beautiful."

"I'm sorry I tried to take your guy, Amber. I didn't know."

"That's alright, bitch. Look at you -- glasses and a hatchet-shaped face. You didn't stand a chance." Amber ripped the lid off her slurpee and turned it over above Tammy's lap, a torrent of purple gooey drink cascading out.

As Amber walked away, Tammy and Vicky sat in defeated silence. If the girls had been able to see inside themselves in that moment, the would have seen the modules come to life, whirring and clicking as they began to execute a pre-programed routine. Moments later, the mood between the two of them had mysteriously changed.

"You know," Vicky said, staring into the distance at Amber. "This is bringing out feelings that I didn't know I had."

"It's making me feel pretty strange too," Tammy replied, pushing a heap of purple slush onto the floor. "I thought I was going to be only jealous. But there's something else."

"I'm a little reluctant to say it," Vicky offered cautiously.

"Me too."

"OK, then together now...One two three..."

And the two girls said it simultaneously: "I want to destroy her."


"So, now what?" Vicky stared at the slurpee on the floor. "I don't have a lot of practice at being mean, but now I want it more than anything. But how exactly do we want to hurt this bitch? Beat her up with a baseball bat?"

"No, nothing that crude, at least not yet," Tammy scrambled out of her chair and started walking, globs of purple Slurpee dripping to the floor. "First," she said, over her shoulder, "we humiliate her."

"And how do we do that?" Vicky asked, skipping to catch up as Tammy marched away towards into a magazine store.

"I'm going to change, and you're going to make it happen."

"You mean the same hocus pocus that changed my eye color a few minutes ago? I don't like the sound of this," Vicky replied, hesitantly, as Tammy started pulling magazines off the shelf. "We have no idea the health impacts of what we have already done. How do we know this is even remotely safe?"

"We don't," Tammy replied, handing the store cashier a twenty and shoving the magazines in a bag. "But the metal balls don't bode particularly well for our health either. I've said it before: Let's enjoy what we have while we have it."

Tammy marched out of the magazine store and across the aisle towards a clothing store. Vicky scrambled to catch up, and by the time she arrived, Tammy was pulling pairs of jeans off the shelf.

"Here," Tammy said, tossing her a pair. "Hold this."

"But, these are size 4. We're both a size 14," Vicky blurted.

"You're going to use your imagination. Literally." Tammy asserted. "Hold this too," Tammy gave her a slinky little midriff-baring top.

"Tammy, this is silly. Our midriffs are flabby enough that we do not need to display them."

Tammy was undaunted. "You're so myopic. Come this way," she ordered, pulling Vicky toward the dressing room. Tammy nudged her friend inside the room and then followed, closing the curtain behind them.

The dressing room was barley large enough for one person, and with two, it was really cramped.

"I'm scared, Tammy. You're wierding me out."

"You should be scared," Tammy smiled playfully, working her way out of her jeans. "These alien metal baseballs are probably going to kill us soon. Any other questions?"

"No," Vicky rasped, her voice faltering.

Tammy held up a pair of jeans. "Size 4, like you said. I need to fit in them. Now."

Vicky closed her eyes, and a sickening, crunching sound emerged. A gentle "oohh" escaped Tammy's lips. Vicky opened her eyes slowly and saw that Tammy was indeed trimmer down there.

"Wow, that's hot," Tammy said warmly, looking down at her now shapelier legs. "But I don't think I'm there yet. Keep going."

There was more crunching, and soon Tammy's southern hemisphere was a slender and shapely.

"My god, this is awesome," Tammy almost squealed.

"I can't I believe it. This is too weird."

"But fun, isn't it?", Tammy chirped as she slipped on the jeans.

"Yes, you're right," Vicky said bashfully.

"Look at that," Tammy's said, appraising her lower half. "The jeans fit perfectly. How did you know my size?" Tammy giggled.

"Lucky guess. But you know, I think your butt still looks a little bit flat."

"Perhaps it's time to think something different."

There was another brief crunching sound, and Tammy now sported the best little bubble butt she could imagine.

"And this?" Vicky asked, picking up the slinky little top. "I suppose this goes on next?"

"I was thinking of it", Tammy giggled.

"Well," Vicky smirked, "I wouldn't want you to spend $20 on a top only to find it didn't look good on you."

"Then I guess it will have to look great on me."

Vicky concentrated and more crunching was heard as Tammy's body rearranged itself further. Tummy flab melted away and was replaced by an athletic yet graceful six-pack of abdominal muscle. Tammy's arms, torso and neck became more toned and alethic. Her skin lost its blemishes and became supple, soft and lightly tanned.

Tammy ran her hands down her torso and purred with contentment. "You need to catch up, baby. I wouldn't want to be all hot and everything without a smoking wing girl."

Vicky took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "OK, here goes."

Unlike Tammy's transformations, which had happened piece by piece, Vicky's changes came in rapid succession. She was getting the hang of this. The crunching sound this time was loud enough to send a reverberation through both girls, and Tammy found herself relieved to remember that the dressing room was well away from the inattentive store attendant, and that there was no one else in the store. Vicky's body seemed to mold and shift all at once, gelatinous movement going on under her clothes. A moment later, however, it was over and Vicky now too sported a lithe, athletic, toned body with wonderful hips and a mesmerizing butt.

"Now for the face," Tammy intoned, pulling an issue of Cosmo out of the bag.

"I don't know Tammy. You want me to change my face to look like somebody else. I still want to be me."

"You will be you. Just use it for inspiration, to bring out our artistic muse."

"OK," Vicky opened the magazine and began flipping through, gathering herself up. "Point."

Tammy announced her selections as she made them. "Fuller lips. Higher cheekbones. Eyes that sparkle. Hair like this stuff, in the shampoo commercial."

"Hair looks like that only BECAUSE it's in the shampoo commercial," Vicky objected. "Nobody's hair really looks like that."

"Ours will."

"Ok, here goes nothing."

And it all worked perfectly. All of Tammy's selections became reality in moments.

"Wow Tammy, you're immensely beautiful."

And it was true. Tammy's hair, which had been a mousy blond, now shined with strength and luster. Her eyes, now brilliantly blue, simply sparkled. And her face -- so perfectly proportioned, with full lips and elegant bone structure -- was the type of beauty you could stare at for hours.

Vicky soon found herself anxiously flipping through the magazine as well-- evening out her eyebrows; giving her skin a healthy olive tone. The redness of her hair and freckles had always bothered Vicky -- disrupting her complexion -- but Vicky's new look turned the redness into beauty itself. Her eyes -- now a dark hazel-- and her richly auburn hair cast off a smoldering heat and intensity. Her skin now had an olive tone, and the freckles had become playful accents, ironic an girlish against the fully adult, fiery, seductive power of her new complexion.

"Wow, Vicky, you're super hot as well. But...." Tammy shaped her perfect face into a little pout. When the old Tammy pouted, it was just sullen. When the new Tammy pouted, it was heart-rendingly hot. "...I think we left one thing out," Tammy said with mock disappointment, glancing down at her A-cup chest. "Actually, two things."

"Oh." Vicky said, steeling herself for another session at the potter's wheel.

Tammy reached into a the pile of clothes and drew out a bunch of bras. "Pick."

Vicky casually flipped through the bras, which apparently were still in the same order she found them on the rack. "This one is a large B. That would be nice. But, oh, here's a C. That would be even better."

"That's it? Come on girl, you can do better than that."

"It would feel weird to have all that weight on my chest," Vicky hesitated. "And I'm not sure I'm ready for the attention."

"Not ready? Think about what you said earlier. We're not trying to be prettier than Amber. In the world of boys and dating, we want to destroy her."

"You're right," Vicky giggled, picking up the DD bra. "Maybe this one.... isn't big enough."


Ten minutes later, they were finally ready to leave the dressing room.

The women now had the faces of angels and the bodies of porn stars. Their breasts were now attention-stealers -- Vicky had gone past DD and even DDD and finally stopped somewhere between E and F. Despite their size, their breasts were incredibly firm, jutting proudly out, and were accented by nipples the size of small strawberries. The DD bra lay in tatters on the floor of the dressing room, its clasp bent uselessly to shreds as Tammy's explosive bust growth had quickly overwhelmed it. Vicky had dug up an E-sized bra from the bottom of the pile, and it was all she could do to shoehorn her newly massive boobs into them.

As Vicky took her first hesitant steps in her new body, she was overwhelmed by a feeling in her chest area, as if her boobs were being filled up with something, and then overfilled. Whatever it was, the pressure made Vicky a little uncomfortable.

"It's strange," Vicky said. "My boobs feel like they are about to burst with energy. It's actually sort of odd. I feel like I am holding something back."

"I know," Tammy agreed. "It's like I'm overflowing with something-- something very good. But's probably just a matter of adjusting."

Vicky hesitantly grabbed the dressing room curtain and prepared to draw it open. "Ready for the real world?" She asked.

"Yes. But it's not ready for us!"

Stepping out of the dressing room, the girls made their way to the checkout counter. Vicky was in a smart purple sleeveless blouse and skirt. Tammy wore a skirt as well, albeit shorter, and a blue tube top. Since they offer no support, Vicky usually hated the look of tube tops. But Tammy's tits had a mind of their own, standing proudly at attention, and it was all the tube could do to stretch over her firm curves.

Vicky was a little bit self-conscious about her ridiculous curves, and she noticed that Tammy seemed somewhat ill at ease too.

The counter happened to be staffed by a guy. And as they approached, it was clear that their phenomenal beauty was having an effect on him.

Vicky pulled her credit card out, and was about to hand it to the clerk when she felt Tammy's gentle hand on her arm. A glance over at her friend, and Vicky knew that Tammy was once again up to some sort of mischief.

"You know," Tammy purred, "I don't think we should have to actually PAY for these right now. We had the hardest time finding anything in our size," she said, standing up straight to allow her melon-sized tits to jut straight out. "I mean, our dimensions."

"Uh," he stammered, "I can't just let you walk off with it"

"Really?" Tammy pouted. "Why not?" What man's will could possibly stand up to that sexy pout, Vicky wondered?

"Because I'd get in a ton of trouble," he said unsteadily.

"I know. But isn't it worth it? I am cute, aren't I?" Tammy rested her elbows on the counter, her tits thrust in front of her. The clerk's hand had been resting on the middle of the counter, and she deftly raked her breasts across it. Tammy's inhumanly large nipples -- already an inch long -- instantly aroused themselves at their contact with his knuckles. Vicky had made their nipples especially hard. Despite the fact that Tammy's were under the tube top, they were probably poking into the cloth with all the softness of metal sewing thimbles.

The clerk was clearly struggling with himself. "I'm sorry, what did you ask?"

"You don't like the way I look, big boy?" she said, pouting.

"You look crazy good," he said, flummoxed. "I can't believe how hot you are."

Tammy flashed him a satisfied smile that would have sent any man's heart racing. "Neither can I. But no point crying over spilt milk. I just have to live with the fact that I am excruciatingly hot."

"I guess we all have our crosses to bear," he joked nervously.

"It's Neil, isn't it?" she asked, looking at his nametag. He nodded. "Here's your cross. Either you let us walk out of here with a thousand dollars' worth of shit and you get fired. OR you keep your stuff, keep your job, and miss out on the most extraordinary fuck of your life." Tammy leaned forward further, her face only inches from his own, her mammaries enveloping his hand like heated pillows.

Neil's free hand quivered slightly before he hit the "cancel" button on the cash register and smiled anxiously. Wordlessly, Tammy lead him out from behind the counter and towards the changing rooms. "Vicky," she said over her shoulder as she lead him to the back of the store, "give us a few minutes. Neil here is going to show me a thing or two about customer satisfaction."

Vicky giggled to herself and began wandering through the racks again, giving her friend some space to work her magic.


Arriving in the changing room, Tammy had a flash of nervousness. She had slept with two guys before, but they were longtime boyfriends and both turned out to be assholes. And now here she was about to do something with a complete stranger, in a changing room? Tammy closed her eyes and tried to remember that didn't need to be scared. He would like the way she looked. In fact, he would love it.

"Help me out of this," she said as she raised her arms in the air, "It's so small," she giggled, "I feel like I'm being strangled." Her confidence grew as she saw those tits -- bigger and better than she had ever dreamed, and they were on her!

"I think this is the biggest one they have," he protested, wrestling to remove the tube top.

"Well then," Tammy beamed, "maybe they need to make less stuff for normal, dumpy girls. And perhaps add a few rows for the unbelievably huge racks like mine, yes?"

But her question was answered only with a gasp as Neil finished pulling the top over her bust line and saw firsthand the immensity of Tammy's dimensions. Her boobs stood out proudly, seemingly unaware of gravity. Her nipples, now fully exposed, wre similarly oversized. Tammy felt his eyes hungrily wander across her magnificent bust, and it made her nipples ache for his mouth.

"What are you waiting for, little guy?" She gently guided his head towards her left tit, its huge nipple engorged in anticipation. He eagerly complied.

The rush of pleasure that assaulted Tammy was a great as she had ever felt-- the full-on sensation of an orgasm only after a slight touch! But it didn't feel like nearly enough. "Suck on it harder," she instructed, "much harder." He clearly did so, because what followed was the feeling of three orgasms, piled back-to-back, like nothing she had ever felt. She squeezed her right nipple for good effect and almost came from that single action. What type of sexually overcharged body had Vicky given her?

Before long, her skirt and panties were off, the latter sopping wet with her juices. This left her naked, her elongated and sensuous legs merging at a perfectly toned waist. Her pubic hair was gone, and the elegant lines of her labia seemed to beg for further exploration. She leaned against the wall as Neil's mouth hungrily ventured in.

Every movement of his tongue inside of her felt extraordinary. Each time his tongue happened across her clit, it produced a riotous involuntary shudder.

Gasps of erotic bliss escaped her lips, inspiring a seemingly unending appetite in Neil to pleasure her more. She lost track of time as wave after countless wave washed across.

Soon, Tammy felt an immense upwelling of pleasure building inside of her, and realized that everything she had felt up to this point was nothing compared to what was coming. In her new body, the feeling of simply being turned on was as intense as orgasms used to be. And now the feeling of an orgasm...she felt herself letting out a shriek and tearing at the changing room walls as an unprecedented tidal wave of pleasure battered her. Somewhere, deep in her subconscious, she also heard Neil, his face deep between her legs, come as well.

Tammy savored the lingering sensations of ecstasy and only slowly returned to reality. She gazed down at the dramatic landscape of her body-- smooth hills and mountains perfectly proportioned to drive the male mind mad. Beyond these features sat Neil, panting for breath as he sat on the floor. Tammy lowered herself onto his lap, enjoying the feel of his hot and exhausted breath against her perfect skin and her endless cleavage.

She ran a hand through his hair as she looked him in the eyes. He was actually kind of cute.

"My god, you're so beautiful," he said with glazed eyes. "Thank you so much."

"Why are you thanking me, baby?" she asked innocently, her hand on his cheek. "You spent the whole time pleasuring me."

"I don't know. Just hearing you cum was, like, the most awesome sensation I have ever experienced." He was still short of breath. "I mean, all I did was explode in my pants, and it was far better than any sex I've ever had."

"Wow", was all Tammy could say in reply, her flawless face lost in thought.

"It was like you had complete control over my body," he explained. "I felt like I was pleasuring some sort of goddess."

Tammy paused at this and turned to the full length mirror hanging in the changing room. She stared at her image for a moment, appraising her unforgettable face, her perfectly tanned skin, and her ridiculous Barbie-doll dimensions.

"Say that last word again," she demanded, turning back to her image in the mirror.


Tammy gazed at her disheveled self in the mirror. Her beauty was breathtaking. Slowly, she watched herself fondle a nipple. That touch alone produced a rush of sensation that any normal girl would have called the best orgasm of her life. "Holy shit," Tammy replied, still lost in the mirror. "Maybe you're right."





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