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The Bacherlorette

Written by lfan :: [Thursday, 30 August 2012 16:32] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 05 July 2023 15:45]

The Bacherlorette


Author's Note:  Written by larafan for Superwomenmania's Fall 2012 Short Story Contest.

“Cmon, Mary! Don’t be such a goody-goody! This’s your fucking bachelorette party!” slurred Terri as she thrust the half-filled bottle of peach schnapps towards the bride-to-be as her other two bridesmaids chided her on in the back of the rented limo.

“Drink, drink, drink!” shouted Carrie and Sheri as the young, timid bride gingerly put the bottle up to her lips and began to drink…


The night went by a like a blur as the girls bar hopped into the night, Mary dressed in her traditional veil and garnering more attention – and free drinks – with every subsequent pitstop --Flamingos… Summer Nights… The Boatyard… Cashmire’s… .Durty Birdy’s… .

With each successive stop, the girls all became more inebriated and uninhibited, especially Mary, who was less known for drunken antics than her best friend Terri, who had managed to get them thrown out of Durty Birdy’s by kissing a man on a dare from Carrie and then subsequently getting in a cat fight with his girlfriend!

Regardless, the girls – even the normally shy and reserved Mary – all laughed and giggled about Terri’s antics as they piled back into the limo for the ride home, toasting to the bride one last time.

“To Mary, my best friend and … . OH MY GAWD! STOP THE FUCKING CAR!” Terri shouted out of the blue.

“What’s wrong? Why did we stop?”

“THAT’S WHY!” Terri exclaimed as she pointed out the window to a solid cinderblock building with no windows and a single solid steel door entrance. Outside in the parking lot, there were maybe five cars scattered underneath a semi-flashing marquee of half lit bulbs which simply read “Amatour Oil Wrastling”.

“I don’t think so!” Mary said defiantly as she shook her head back and forth like a pouting child.

“Yeah, I dunno, Terri… this place looks a little sketchy…”

“And the sign? I mean…spell much?”

“C’mon! Where’s your sense of adventure! It’ll give us a great story for later!” said Terri as she opened the limo door and proceeded towards the front door with the girls staggering after her.

Mary grabbed Terri’s hand as she reached for the door “Are you sure?” Terri looked at Mary and smiled. “One drink…c'mon...what could go wrong?”


“What are we gonna d-d-do?” sobbed Carrie, as she shivered, paralyzed in fear over the thoughts of the inevitable as all ten of the men in the bar surrounded them and stared like a pack of hungry hyenas, two of them even brandishing hunting knives. Even Terri, the super-confident one of the lot, sobbed apologetically in a drunken stupor, “I’m sorry…this is my fault!”

Mary grabbed Terri’s hand in hers, clutching it tightly – reassuringly. “Everything’s gonna be all right – trust me…grab hands!” Mary said with a drunken smile, extending her free hand towards Sheri who grabbed it and then locked hands with Carrie, amidst the hoots and hollers from the drunken crowd.

“You knows, I still was thinking about bridesmaids’ gifts…” Mary said slurring, as the other girls smiled weakly amidst their sniffling.

“No fucking silver picture frames like last time!” quipped Terri, as the girls giggled and looked at Carrie who looked down in mock embarrassment.

“No, I thought of something a little more useful…” said Mary as straightened up and smiled coyly. “Just whatever happens, don’t let go till it’s over, ok?”

“Till what’s over? Mary, what are---“


In an instant, a blinding streak of lighting came out of nowhere, striking Mary in the chest. The lightning seemed to penetrate every pore of Mary’s body before suddenly moving and splitting across Mary’s arms to engulf both Terri and Sheri . Both girls squealed in fear and amazement as the magic lightning danced through their bodies , imbuing them with the magical power before exiting out of Sheri’s right arm and doing the same to Carrie.

It took about 5 seconds, and as the celestial light subsided, the four girls were now wearing a tightly fitting top and skirt – Mary red, Terri blue, Sheri white, and Carrie black -- with the familiar lightning bolt emblazoned on their now spectacular chests.

“Oh my god! Mary! Do you mean that…”

“Uh huh”

“And you’re able to…”

“Uh huh”

“And now we are…”


The three girls squealed in delight admiring their new costumes and powerful figures, seemingly oblivious to the remaining drunken bystanders who had been knocked off their feet and now stood aghast at the four girls.

“So we’re like… superstrong… and superfast… and…”


Terri never finished her sentence as she whirled around to see one of the men holding a smoking pistol. “…and INVINCBLE!” she said smiling and staring at the man.


Each successive shot felt like a raindrop to Terri as they struck her superpowerful body and simply fell to the floor as she approached him like a tigress. Grabbing the man’s gun, she tore it from his grasp and slowly bent it like taffy, marveling at her new superstrength!

“Too cool!” exclaimed Sheri as she and Carrie joined in the fun. The next few minutes were a blur as Mary giggled and enjoyed watching the new super BFFs proceed to trash the joint, reveling in their new powers as bats, bottles, and even fists broke against their invulnerable bodies.

Finally, as broken furniture and bodies lay across the floor, the girls pursed their lips and exhaled, spewing the equivalent of three tiny hurricane force gales inside the bar. Furniture and bottles were tossed about like Styrofoam and bodies slammed against the far wall, buried under a mountain of debris.

Mary smiled and looked at Carrie and Sheri as she wrapped her arms around their tiny waists. “All done now?”

Terri walked over to a pile of debris and tossed a jukebox aside like an empty cardboard box. Bending down, she picked up Mary’s white veil and dusted it off and walked back to the girls, delicately placing on Mary’s head and pinning it in place.

“Mary, you’re such the party pooper! C’mon, the night is young!”

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