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Kelly and Penny

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Kelly and Penny

By Ace191

Written for the SWM 1.10 WS ( A slightly late entry)

Chapter One

Kelly eyed the new beautiful custom sexy Supergirl costume as it came out of the box. It came complete with 5 inch spike high heeled bright red boots that exactly matched its red mini skirt. The suntan panty hose complemented both the skirt and the boots. A yellow belt with a gold plated “S” shield buckle was attached to the skirt.

The top was a one piece skin tight blue Lycra long sleeve shirt that came down just below the breast line adorned with the famous red and yellow “S” shield. The cape matched perfectly and looked like it would come down to just about even with the skirt’s hemline. Kelly could just imagine how sexy any woman, especially one in particular would look in this outfit.

But how was he going to convince his fiancée Penny to wear it for him?

Halloween was coming up just around the corner and there would be one or two opportunities for her to wear this in the next week or so.

Penny was not much of a clothes horse. About the most she ever got dressed up was wearing short black thick 1 inch heeled boots with jeans and a turtle neck sweater. He could not recall if he had ever seen her in a skirt or a dress or if she even owned one. He had actually wondered if she would wear a dress to her own wedding! Getting her to wear this sexy outfit to a Halloween party was not going to be an easy undertaking on his part, but he was determined to do whatever was necessary to get the job done. He would just have to wait for the right moment to ask.

It was Sunday morning and Penny was basking in the glow of a fantastic orgasm as Kelly gave her a nice “thank you” back rub. “No better time to ask than now”, Kelly thought to himself.

“You know Penny, your company’s Halloween party is coming up this Saturday and I have a surprise for you. I got you a fabulous new costume for it and I am dying to show it to you.” With that, Kelly got up and brought the box to the bed for Penny to look at. As soon as she opened it, she got “that look” in her eyes.

“I don’t know about this Kelly”, she said. “It is much too revealing and it is really not my style.”

“But that is what Halloween is about sweetheart. It’s about dressing up as someone you are not to have fun and experience the other side of life”, Kelly quickly countered.

“You are not fooling me Kelly. Given all your Supergirl comic books I know exactly what YOU will experience if I wear this”, she said.

“Please Penny, if you will wear this just once, I will do anything you ask.”

“Anything”, she asked.

“Yes anything you would like as long as it is not immoral or illegal”, he responded.

“I will let you know this Saturday. Be at my place at 12 noon sharp.”

Kelly could not believe his ears. He thought he had no shot at this but now it seems, his dreams might come true. “You can set your clock by me”, he answered excitedly as he closed his eyes and held Penny tight.

It seemed forever until Saturday came but finally it did. Kelly packed up his Green Lantern costume and headed over to Penny’s. He got there 45 minutes early as he did not want to be late. At a couple of minutes before noon, he knocked on the door. Penny greeted him at the door with the biggest and cutest smile he had ever seen. “All set for tonight”, he asked.

“Yes I am”, she said. “Come on into my room.”

Kelly walked behind her. After they were in her room, she closed the door and said “I have a special costume for you to wear tonight.”

“But there is no need for that sweetheart. I already have a really cool Green Lantern outfit.”

“Oh but I am sure that you will like mine much better. I know that I do. Now close your eyes and I will lay it out on my bed for you.”

Kelly closed his eyes. He could hear Penny making two trips to her closet and one to her dresser. He wondered just what she had in store for him.

“You can open your eyes now Kelly.”

Kelly opened his eyes and suddenly a lump came up in his throat as well as a quezzy feeling in his stomach. “You are not serious are you”, he asked.

“But of course I am”, she answered. “Didn’t you say that Halloween was all about being who you are not and experiencing the other side of life?”

She had him there, but this, this was just too much. Kelly studied the blue and red outfit. It was an exact replica of the Silver Age Supergirl outfit and it looked to be about his size. Also on the bed were tan pantyhose with bright red knee high boots with 5”inch heels.

“There is no way I am wearing that tonight”, he said. “Besides, my old frat brothers Rick and Tim work at your company and they never miss these kinds of events. If they see me in this, I will never live it down!”

“Well, I don’t think that wearing this would be either illegal or immoral or were you just giving me a line of BS when you said you would do anything to see me in the outfit that you gave me?”

She really had him right where she wanted him. How bad did he want to see her in that outfit? Would it be worth the incredible humiliation that he would have to endure? A part of him said no, and then he made his mistake as he started to visualize Penny in the outfit that he had gotten for her. He instantly got hard and knew he was a goner. Besides, their wedding was coming up soon and he didn’t want to start a fight and have her call him a liar. He was dumb enough to offer to do anything and she had called him on it. He would have to face the music.

“Ok, I will do it, but you will be wearing your Supergirl outfit tonight as well”, he asked.

“Of course not”, she answered. “No girl ever wants to go out and see someone else in the same dress or outfit that she has on.”

“But you will wear the outfit that I gave you anytime I want”, he asked.

“Well, I will wear it once in public for you and as many times in private that you want”, she answered.

Kelly got even harder just thinking about what Penny had just said. Virtually anything would be worth that, he thought to himself.

“Now let’s get started on you. Here is some soap and a razor. Pop in the shower and shave all of you including your mustache”, she ordered.

Reluctantly, Kelly took the soap and razor out of her hands and headed for the shower.

Emerging from the bathroom, Kelly felt like he was ready for an Olympic swimming match. He had never felt his body so smooth before and it was kind of creeping him out.

“Now sit your cute little ass down right here”, Penny said as she gestured to her vanity, tweezers in hand.

An hour later, Kelly could not believe what he was looking at in the mirror.

His eyebrows were gone and large round ones had been drawn on. He was wearing false eye lashes with heavy makeup and glittery lip gloss. Covering what little hair he had left was a tight net.

“”Just one more little thing and you will look perfect”, Penny giggled as she brought out a long blonde wig.

Kelly closed his eyes while she put the wig on him. When she was done, he opened them and took a good look at himself. He looked like a cross between a supermodel and a street hooker. From the chin up, he really did look like Supergirl.

“Now let’s get you into the rest of your costume” Penny said. ‘Put on the nylons and then slip into this”.

Kelly looked at the large padded bra that Penny had given him. “Just where in the Hell did you get all this stuff”, he asked

“It all came FedEx from”, she answered. “And don’t worry about the cost. I used your credit card.”

Penny helped him step into the dress and then zipped and hooked him. She attached the large flowing red cape and then said “sit down on the bed and I will help you get your boots on.”

Kelly did as requested as Penney first unzipped the boots, put them on his feet and then zipped them up. “Try standing up, but you may want to hold onto me first until you get your balance.”

Slowly Kelly stood up and felt very unsteady. Immediately, he could feel a discomfort in his toes as he started to take a few steps. How in the world was he ever going to be able to wear these for five hours at a party? He hoped that there would be plenty of places that he could sit. Penny led him out of her room and stopped in front of her couch. “Now before you sit down now and tonight, you have to smooth your skirt like this. After you sit down, you need to either cross your legs or hook one toe behind the other heel to keep your legs together. Now stay here while I get ready. No fair peeking at me with your Super Vision”, she chuckled.

About an hour later Penny emerged from her room dressed in a very cute and feminine purple fairy costume complete with silver wings and magic wand. “Let’s go” she said. “I don’t want to miss one second of this party.”

They walked down to Penny’s car. No way was Kelly going to try to drive in these heels. He tried to imagine what a routine traffic stop might be like.

He just shook his blonde hair as he tried to imagine what it would be like to respond to an officer who asked him for his license and registration. He went to the passenger door and opened it. He smoothed his skirt and straightened his cape while ducking and got in.

On the way to the party, Kelly kept hoping that the car would break or that they would get lost. No such luck. “Here we are”, Penny announced as she pulled up to the curb. Wow, look at all the cars! It must be a really big party. I guess we have a little hike here. A horrible sinking feeling went deep down into Kelly stomach as the finality of it sunk in. No turning back now.

As they walked through the door, Kelly immediately spotted Rick. He tried to duck and hide, but standing six foot normally and now 6’5’’ in these heels, there was no way he could. Rick shouted out “Hey Dirk, check out the two “Babes” that just walked in”.

“Oh God, not Dirk Smith”, Kelly thought to himself. He was the biggest asshole and his major rival in his frat house days. He was a spoiled jerk whose father owned 5 car dealerships in town. On more than one occasion he had used his Porsche or his father’s jet to steal one of his girlfriends. What the hell was he doing here?

“Oh Dirk, I am so glad you could make it. Did Harry come with you as well?” Kelly turned in disbelief as he saw that those words had come from

Penny’s mouth.

“Yup, I sure did”. Kelly didn’t have to look to see who said that. The growl of Dirk’s number one flunky was unmistakable. Without question, this was going to be the worst night of his life.

Kelly watched Dirk with an uneasy feeling as Dirk walked over to the DJ who was just setting up. He saw Dirk talk to the young kid and slip him a couple of twenties. Knowing Dirk, this can’t be good Kelly though to himself.

He sat down on a chair as several guys started to gather around him.

“I have always wanted to get my picture taken with Supergirl, but I never though I would get the chance”, one said.

“Pictures, what a great idea”, Penny piped in “and luckily, I brought my camera. Rick, Tim, come on over here and let’s take some photos.”

Dirk and Harry came over right behind Tim and Rick. Dirk spoke first.

“How about a picture of Supergirl floating in the air in front of the four of us? We can stand behind her and lift her up while she rests her head on her fist as if she is floating.”

“What a great idea”, Penny said. Come on Kelly, get up and let’s do that.”

Reluctantly, Kelly got up and assumed the position as he was held up by Dirk at his head, then Tim, Harry and Rick. Several people with cameras came over and started taking shots as well. Kelly recognized a couple of people from his office. Great, now everyone at Penny’s and my work will be talking about this for months

After a few shots, Dirk moved his hand and cupped Kelly’s breast while making a face. Everyone laughed as Kelly started to blush deep red. Monkey see, monkey do Harry then slipped his hand up Kelly’s dress and did likewise. Kelly wanted to kill them both, but everyone was laughing and flashes were popping non-stop so there was not much that he could do other than to brush Harry’s hand away and call him “Fresh”. Finally Penny said “Ok I think that is enough guys”, and they set him back on his feet.

Kelly wanted to leave right there, but Penny said “Let’s take a little break from your adoring public. May I have this dance, Supergirl?”

“It would be my pleasure”, Kelly answered as the couple went out on the floor and started dancing.

After the first dance Kelly had calmed down and was feeling a little more relaxed, but just as the music for the second dance started, Dirk came over and said “May I cut in.”

Before he could answer, Penny said “Of course”, as she walked off the floor leaving Dirk to dance with Kelly.

Dirk looked over at the DJ who faded out the current song while saying

“Time for us to slow things down a bit”, as the Righteous Brothers’

“You lost that loving feeling” cued up. Now Kelly knew why Dirk had slipped the DJ the money.

Dirk took Kelly’s Right hand in his left and put his own behind Kelly’s back. He didn’t want to do it, but he placed his Left hand on Dirk’s shoulder.

Suddenly, the flashes were popping again with a horde of photographers led by Harry.

“Boy, I never though that I would get to dance with Supergirl, much less get pictures of it”, Dirk gloated.

“I don’t know how or when, but some day I am going to get even with you”, Kelly responded.

After what seemed like an eternity, the music ended, and Kelly walked off the floor in disgust. He headed over to the table where Penny was sitting.

As he sat down, he said to her, “I need a beer.”

“Don’t be silly Kelly. Girls don’t drink beer, not even Super ones. The bottle will ruin your lip gloss. You should sip some punch. Stay put and I will get you some. By the way, how are your feet doing”, Penny asked.

“Just fine”, Kelly replied with a response no where close to the truth.

Penny returned with two cups of punch and Kelly enjoyed the cool drink almost as much as the time off his feet. In just a couple of minutes, two guys came up and asked “Supergirl” to dance.

“Not right now guys, I need a little time to recover,” he said.

“Ah come on Kelly”, Penny said. “Everyone knows that Supergirl has Super Stamina. Be a good sport and dance with these guys because if you are not, you may not get what you really want.” Kelly knew exactly what she meant as he reluctantly got up and headed to the dance floor. By now, he had several blisters on his feet from his boots, but he was not going to let anyone know that.

After he finished dancing with the two guys, he was intercepted by Harry.

“I want to have my dance too”, he said.

Kelly looked over at Penny as she nodded up and down. He turned and walked back onto the dance floor. Harry glanced at the DJ and once again the slow dance music started. They started dancing as Harry started to move his hand down from Kelly waist to his butt. “Watch it, asshole” he said.

No sooner had he said it than Harry slipped his hands under his dress and squeezed his balls. Kelly was Pissed and shoved Harry back into a wall with both hands.

“Please Supergirl, don’t use your Super Strength on me, Harry pleaded. I would much prefer that you use your Super Breath and give me a nice “Blow Job”. Now Kelly was furious and unconsciously curled both fists up and placed them on his hips assuming the classic Supergirl Power Pose.

If Kelly really did have Supergirl’s powers, Harry would be nothing more than just a small pile of toasted carbon on the floor.

Gaining his composure, Kelly came to the conclusion that this was the worst night of his life and coming to this party dressed as Supergirl was the worst decision that he had every made. Just as he though that things could not possibly get worse, he turned and started to walk back to his table. And then he saw the two guys with the camcorders.

“Did you get all that”, one asked the other.

“Sure did”, the second guy replied. ‘I can’t wait to get home and put this up on Youtube.”

“I am going to post mine on MySpace” the second guy replied.

Great, just great Kelly thought. Now not only will everyone at his and Penny’s work know all about his humiliation, but the whole damn planet is going to know as well. “Why the hell did I come here tonight”, he asked himself silently. Nothing, but nothing is worth all this.

Finally, the night came to an end. He had blisters on his blisters. On the one hand, he wanted to leave so bad it was killing him not too. On the other, he knew how painful the walk to the car would be.

“Come on Kell, time to go”, Penny said as she got up and walked across the room. She stopped and said something to Dirk and kissed him on the cheek as he was leaving with Harry. What was all that about, he wondered to himself?

Kelly and Penny walked out of the party together arm and arm just before midnight. They stopped by a nearby car as Kelly was having a hard time walking. Penny said to Kelly “I can’t believe what a great sport you were in there tonight. You must really be dying to see me in your special Supergirl costume.”

Penny smiled at Kelly while a nearby church clock began striking twelve under the full moon as she playfully waved her wand at him and said “With the magic of my wand I will now grant you your heart’s desire.” To both of their great surprise, a small sparkling silver-white globe of light began growing on the end of Penny’s wand which suddenly exploded off totally encompassing her within its radiant glow.

A few seconds later, there was a brilliant flash which temporarily blinded Kelly. “Penny, Penny, are you OK”, he asked.

“I think so” she responded, “but I feel well, different.”

As Kelly’s night vision came back, he understood what she meant.

“I thought you always said that you loved small petite girls and were good with my 28 A-OK bra size”, she said. “Guess not.”

The 5’2 demure purple clad fairy with short brown hair had been transformed into a 5’7’’ 34 D chested blonde Supergirl!

Kelly saw before him his absolute dream girl. Big beautiful blue eyes, long flowing blonde hair, a set of perky D cups with a blue Leotard that looked like it had been glued onto that perfect little body. Warped by her breasts was a large red and yellow “S” shield. He could see also her Two Pack ripples under her leotard flowing down below her waist. Her little red skirt with the yellow belt was hemmed several inches above her knees, dead even with her little red cape. Her now long legs were wrapped in Suntan pantyhose that met her skin tight, zipper less 3 inch high heeled red boots just below her knees.

Gathering up his breath, Kelly asked Penny “How do you feel?”

“Strong, really strong, like there was nothing that I could not lift or do”, she responded. Out of curiosity, she bent over and put one finger under a trailer hitch of a Suburban and lifted the entire back of the truck into the air. “This feels like nothing at all. You are the math wiz Kelly. How strong would I have to be to do this”, she asked.

Kelly tried to run some kind of calculation in his mind, but all he could come up with was “Extremely.”

“But Supergirl wasn’t just strong like, she has a lot of other abilities too, right?

“Yes” was the only response Kelly could muster.

Penny reached over to a street sign and effortlessly ripped it out of the ground with one hand and then snapped a piece of the pole off which she quickly crushed in her hands. Cupping the wad of metal, she focused her eyes on it and it began to glow red hot. A few seconds later, it had turned to liquid. “Look Kelly, I turned the metal into red hot liquid just by looking at it and it doesn’t even burn me. I must be indestructible!”

Coming back to his senses, Kelly replied “that’s invulnerable and yes you probably are to everything except magic as powerful as what granted you your powers.”

Penny let the metal cool a bit and then rolled it into a perfect round ball. She blew on it gently and almost knocked Kelly down. “Watch it there girl, you don’t even know your own strength.”

“Yes I do”, she answered as he held the fist with the ball in it up and slowly started to tighten her grip. Strips of metal started to come out between her fingers as she crushed the ball in her hand. Dropping the remains, she turned her head and stared at an apartment building.

“Oh my God, Kelly! I can see a couple on the fourth floor on the far side and they are doing it. I can see his penis inside her vagina and oh my God, the vagina walls and her uterus are starting to contract and there he goes! Wow, and I can hear every sound that they are making. This is unbelievable!”

Penny looked briefed at Kelly’s feet and said “Oh you poor dear. You have blisters on your blisters. Better let me help you to my car, it is a long walk from here.”

Before Kelly could answer, Penny had already picked him up and started carrying him at a brisk pace towards her car. They reached her car quickly. She unlocked it and put Kelly in the driver’s seat. “Let me help you out of those boots” she said as she expertly peeled them off. “I think it is best that you drive straight home. I will catch up with you later after you have had a chance to rest.”

Penny put her right hand on Kelly’s left shoulder and looked him in the eyes.

“And Kelly, don’t worry. I will take care of the rest of your heart’s desires right now.” He watched silently as she closed the door and then leapt into the night sky disappearing rapidly over the building on a course back to town.

Now where do you suppose a slime ball like Harry would be at this time of night she thought to herself as she began scanning the City with her Super Vision.

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