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Kelly and Penny 2

Written by ace191 :: [Saturday, 14 February 2009 07:40] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 15 May 2014 12:07]

Kelly and Penny

by Ace191

Chapter Two

Kelly started the car and headed for home. Just touching the accelerator hurt his foot. Why couldn’t Penny’s wand have given me super powers, he pondered. There would be a couple of jerks really sweating right about now if it had. But what did Penny mean about taking care of the rest of my desires?

Kelly stopped at a light when it suddenly hit him. Penny is out there right now doing exactly what I would be doing if I was super! I bet a few guys are going to be in serious trouble very shortly!

Instinctively, Penny flew towards the red light district. The only place a guy like Harry would ever be able to score would be in one of those all night private clubs that employed “professional help”, she thought to herself.

Within seconds, she located him as he was just starting to drink a beer at the bar.

Landing in a back alley, she approached the rear steel door and slide her hand through it as if it were wet tissue paper. She then snapped off the inside dead bolt and walked inside. Using her most seductive walk, she sauntered up to Harry and asked “Is there anything that I can do for you tonight?”

Harry eyes about popped out of his head. He was looking at the most beautiful hooker he had ever seen in his life. He had a great time at the party, but this was turning out to be the best night of his life. “Well as luck would have it, earlier tonight I was looking for a blow job from a Supergirl, but she wasn’t interested. Looks like my luck has changed.”

For $150, I think that could be arranged”, Penny replied.

$150, I have never paid more than $75 for that in my life”, Harry responded.

Yes, but I bet you have never had a Super Blow Job before” she answered.

$150 it is”, Harry said. “Let’s head out the back way to my office.”

Penny led the way out and Harry did not notice the damage to the door. Once outside, he led her to a dead end in a dark alley and said “welcome to my office”.

Where is my money”, Penny inquired.

Harry pulled out a switchblade and responded “The deal has changed dolly. You do me and I don’t slice up that pretty face of yours”, he said.

Oh really”, Penny replied as she shoot a burst of heat vision at the knife turning it to molten steel and burning Harry’s hand.

You Bitch, you just burned me.”

Maybe I can cool it down by giving you that blow job that you wanted.”

And with that, Penny picked up Harry and tossed him in the air. She then began using her Superbreath to blow him even higher as she flew up after him.

At first she just blew him straight up. At about 500 feet, she started to make him spin around and then she made him tumble end over end.

Harry screamed “Stop, please stop, I am about to lose it.”

Penny eased off a bit on her superbreath as Harry then tossed his cookies.

A quit blast sent it right back into his face and down his shirt and mouth and into his eyes.

He screamed again “For God’s sake please stop.”

As you wish”, Penny answered as Harry began to fall. It took him a few seconds to realize what was happening. “No please don’t let me”

Wham! Harry fell to his death and splattered right into a dumpster.

Penny commented, “Now that is something that you don’t see every day. Trash taking itself out!”

Now it was time to pay a couple of geeks a visit. Penny knew the first one as he worked in her office. From high in the sky she glanced down at a phone book and looked up the address of Delbert Rogers. 1242 East 35th Way the listing read. A few seconds later, she was standing in his bedroom.

He was busy downloading his picture files from his camera to his computer when Penny spoke. “Don’t you know that it’s not nice to make fun of and humiliate other people” she said.

Startled, he turned to look at her. “You sound just like Penny from my office but my God, you look like….”

Supergirl”, Penny interrupted. “That’s because I am.”

You have clearly had too much to drink tonight”, he responded.

Is that so”, Penny replied. “Maybe you should try smelling my breath.”

Nick, the owner of the bar, had followed Harry and “Supergirl” outside. He had taken a liking to the beautiful blonde and was afraid that Harry might hurt her. He was shocked when he saw what she had done to him. After she had flown away, he regained his composure and called his partner Dirk.

Yea that’s right. She agreed to give him a blow job, but after they got outside, it was like she already knew him and was getting even for something. What the hell would a drop dead gorgeous super female want with a piece of shit like him anyway”, he asked Dirk.

Well thanks for calling, maybe I will stop by later” Dirk said as he ended the call and started rolling over in his mind why and how this might have happened. Was it possible that Kelly’s costume had somehow transformed him into a Supergirl and now he was out looking for revenge? He had read stories on the internet about such things; magic lamps and wands along with a store called Spells-R-Us, but those were all fictional.

But it was a full moon on all Hallows eve, and they did leave before midnight. Maybe Nick was just pulling his leg. He was close by so he decided to go take a look for himself. As he got within two blocks he could see that the street ahead was lit up like Christmas from the flashing lights of ten cop cars parked outside. Perhaps a quick detour to the airport was a smarter move here.

Delbert began to lean over towards Penny when she suddenly let out a small puff of her Super breath that sent him crashing into the corner of his bedroom landing on his bed. He watched in awe as she picked up his camera and effortlessly crushed it to the size of a golf ball. “Still think I am not Supergirl”, she asked.

Too stunned to answer, he just shook his head no. Penny turned to his computer and opened its case and took out the hard drive. In less than two seconds, she had turned it into a long silver rod. “ Now if you don’t want me to come back and shove this up your ass, you will forget about everything you saw at the party and you will tell no one about my transformation or my little visit with you tonight. Nod if you agree.”

With his eyes and jaw wide open, Delbert was just barely able to move his head up and down. “Now tell me the name and the address of the other guy you were there with tonight.”

Horace Duncan. I don’t know his address, but he lives on the second floor of the big apartment complex at 12thSt. And Tucker”, he responded. And in a flash, she disappeared before his eyes.

Dirk had called ahead to the airport. His father’s Cessna Citation I was fueled and ready for him. He quickly filed a flight plan to Tucson Arizona where he would refuel and then head south to Cabo San Lucas. Hanging out at his father’s house in Cabo until he could get a better handle on this Supergirl thing seemed like the only prudent thing to do. Better safe that sorry he thought. And if he remembered right from most of the stories he had read, these transformations were usually only temporary lasting maybe 24 hrs at the most.

He spooled up both engines and taxied out to the active runway. The tower was closed this time of night as he briefly searched the dark sky for any other aircraft. Normally, he would make a radio call and announce his intentions, but tonight he was afraid too for fear of who might possibly hear him. He turned onto the runway and shoved both throttles full forward. Being lightly loaded, the little jet surged ahead and in no time was climbing like a homesick angel. Dirk contacted departure control and twenty minutes later he was finally breathing easier as the Citation had reached cruising altitude. He engaged the autopilot, and then pushed back in his seat with both arms folded behind his head and tried to make sense out of what all had happen tonight.

Penny arrived at Twelfth and Tucker and hovered five hundred feet above the gigantic apartment complex. Scanning the buildings with her x-ray vision, she located Horace within seconds. She flew down to his window and silently removed the screen and cut through the latch with her heat vision. In a blink of an eye, she opened the window, flew in and closed it behind her.

Horace was busy typing on his computer when he heard a slight noise behind him accompanied by a short puff of cool air. Turning to look, his jaw nearly hit the floor as he saw Supergirl in a classic power pose standing before him. “Who the hell are you, and how did you get into my apartment”, he demanded to know.

I’m Supergirl” she answered. “Your window was open, so I just flew in.”

Like hell you are”, he responded. “And I always keep my windows locked.’

Taking a step towards him Penny inquired angrily, “Are you calling me a liar?”

You bet I am, Bitch. I have work to do and if you don’t haul your arrogant ass out of my place right now, who I will be calling next is the police!”

What’s the matter fan boy? Don’t think that you can handle me all by yourself”, she asked as she sauntered over to him swinging her hips. Penny glanced at his computer and then turned and faced him. “You call posting humiliating pictures of people on the internet work? I would call it a sick act of a perverted little boy.”

That’s it lady, I’m calling the cops”, Horace said as he snapped open his cell phone.

Here, let me help you with that”, Penny said as she snatched it from his hand. Holding it up in the air, she slowly crushed it to dust.

What the……”, but before he could get out the word fuck, a blue clad arm with a diminutive hand at the end was locked tight on his throat and lifting him into the air.

Flicking her wrist, she casually tossed him into the wall where he collapsed in a corner. “I think someone needs to teach you a lesson, and I am just the girl to do it. You don’t care about anyone or anything it seems. There must be something that you really care about”, she said as a sly grim appeared on her face.

Horace lay on the floor holding his throat unable to speak as he tried to catch his breath. He watched with trepidation as the incredible blonde female walked over to his desk.

Now what would a geek like you really treasure”, she asked as she ran her finger playfully over his computer with a sinister look on her face.

Please, no not that”, he pleaded in a weak hoarse voice. “That is an ultra high speed gaming computer with a mega video card. It cost me a small fortune.”

Ripping the cords out from the back, she lifted the black box up over her head as if to throw it down onto the floor while slowly walking back over too him.

You called me a liar and a bitch. Well I ask you, could anyone other than a Supergirl do this?”

Still lying on the floor, he watched as the colorfully clad woman lowered the valuable box to breast level and then slowly pulled it in towards her chest. He squirmed as he heard the metal start to creak as it collided with her magnificent breasts.

Penny slowly pushed the computer away from her chest and turned it around so that Horace could see the perfect imprints that had been made. “Take a good look at it”, she said, “as this will be the last time you will ever see it in this form.”

Horace looked up in amazement at the perfect imprints as he tried to take it all in. He could feel his pants start to tighten as he gazed at it, but before he was finished looking, the box suddenly crumpled like soft cardboard as the woman brought her arms together. Two more quick compressions, and all that was left of his new computer was a small hunk of mental.

Penny let the metal fall to the floor just missing Horace’s head.

Now I hope you have learned two things tonight Horace”, she said.

The first is to treat woman with respect. The second is not to make fun of other people. If I find out in the future that you have not learned these two things, I will come back here and try this again using your head instead of your computer”

Shaking and quivering, Horace managed a feeble response. “You can count on me, Supergirl.”

I am sure that I can”, she said as she turned and exploded out his window sending broken glass everywhere.

Three down and one to go, Penny thought as she slowly flew up into the night sky. Nothing like saving the best for last. Now where is that Dirk, she thought to herself as she started scanning the city for him. After a few minutes, she located his Blue Porsche parked at the airport outside the private terminal. Penny landed just outside and walked in.

The night attendant looked up as he heard the automatic doors open. His face lit up as the beautiful girl approached him. “Good evening mamm”, he said. “And what can I do for you tonight?”

I was supposed to go flying with Dirk tonight. I see his car outside, but I can’t find him.”

I am so sorry mamm. Mr. Smith took off about an hour or so ago. Is there anything that I can do for you like call a cab?”

That’s very kind of you”, she said with a warm smile on her face, “but I don’t need a ride tonight. Did Dirk happen to say where he was going?”

I am not sure, but he asked me to get the weather for him for Tucson and Cabo San Lucus. I think his dad has a place down there.”

Thanks very much. I’m so sorry that I missed him. I was really looking forward to flying with him tonight”, she said as she turned and started to walk towards the door.

That’s too bad, but if he has any kind of a brain in his head, I am sure you will get another chance too sometime real soon.”

Penny stopped, turned and looked at the man and said, “You know, I think you may be right.”

The clerk watched her turn and walk back towards the door with her beautiful hips swaying and her cape flowing behind her. “What the hell was that Dirk thinking”, he wondered to himself. “I would have waited all night for a girl like that!”

Once outside the building Penny again took to the air. Scanning the skies in the general direction of Tucson, she quickly located Dirk. Hmmm, she thought to herself. I’ll let him get a little closer to his destination before I meet up with him. Time to have a little fun and see what this super body can really do, as she streaked upwards towards the moon.

Level at 31,000 feet with the autopilot engaged, Dirk let out a huge sigh of relief as the little jet hummed over the Sea of Cortez. In a little less than an hour, He would be on the ground in Cabo. He turned his head and looked Eastward into the start of a beautiful sunrise as a small smile came over his face.

Returning to the atmosphere, Kelly quickly located Dirk’s Plane. Several quick blasts of her heat vision fried every antenna on it.

Dirk’s serenity was quickly broken as the Citation suddenly slowed and nosed over heading for the ocean. Multiple warning lights were flashing while several alarms were whining. He quickly disengaged the autopilot and gave the plane full up trim. The aircraft was still accelerating in a dive, but not as steep. He pulled hard back on the controls as the jet zoomed back to straight and level flight. He took a moment to glance at the instruments, but could not believe what he saw. Everything on the right engine looked ok, but the left engine showed no power or fuel flow, and the RPM read zero. “MAYDAY, MAYDAY”, he screamed into the mike. “This is Cessna 25 Sierra Whiskey Mike and we are going down!” The radio remained dead silent. Just what the hell was happening, he wondered to himself.

A quick glance out his side window into the sunrise gave him his answer. A beautiful blonde Supergirl who looked an awful lot like Penny was flying along side with his left engine out in front of her. His jaw nearly came unhinged and he watched the high temperature metal being crushed into her magnificent chest. Panic stricken, he turned the little jet to the West and headed for dry land.

Dirk watched in horror as a sly smile came over Supergirl’s face as she slowed down and disappeared from view. Once again, the aircraft pitched down and slowed down at the same time. One glance at the instruments confirmed what he already knew. That bitch had torn off his right engine as well!

The plane was now in a step dive and picking up speed. With the loss of weight in the rear, there was no way he could get the nose to come up no matter how hard he struggled or yanked on the controls. Soon the wings would be tearing off. In a desperate move to slow down, he lowered the landing gear.

Just as the plane started to slow, Penny perched herself on the windshields. Pushing a hand through the Plexiglas, she grabbed the center post while her other arm swung back over her head, riding the nose of the aircraft like a bareback rider with her powerful legs locked tightly around it. Penny arched her back and thrust her magnificent breasts forward into the onrushing wind

while her hair and cape flowed behind her. The plane began gyrating up and down, left and right as if it was a wild bull trying desperately to buck its rider. Dirk was quickly becoming nauseous, and in just a few seconds, he started retching.

The ground was rapidly approaching and Dirk passed out from the sudden upward G forces. The pounding of the Cessna scrapping along the ground quickly brought him back to his senses. Supergirl was no where to be seen, but rapidly approaching in front of him were two huge boulders. The nose went right in between them as he was rocketed forward in his seat as they tore into the wings behind him. Finally, the aircraft came to a stop as he realized that somehow he was still alive.

Fearful that the plane might explode in flames, Dirk hurried to release his belt. He started to rise out of his seat, but then sat back down as he remembered who was most likely waiting for him on the outside.

Standing just in front of the door, Penny leaned over and put her index finger through the aircraft grade aluminum which offered no resistance. She drew a big circle and then removed a large round disc from the fuselage. A quick flick of her wrist sent it flying. Almost instantly, it turned red hot and looked like a meteor as it sailed over a nearby ridge. “Now don’t make me come in there and get you”, she said to Dirk, “or you will end up following the same path as that piece of metal just did.”

Reluctantly, Dirk got up and exited the aircraft.

Wow, Baja is really a desolate place. We must be miles from anywhere. I think we should get up a little higher so we can see where we are”, Penny said.

Before Dirk could utter a word, Penny had grabbed him by his pants and belt and they were streaking upwards towards the ridgeline on the north. Arriving over it, Penny released him as he fell five feet to the jagged rocks below. He rolled over once and started sliding toward a sheer drop off. He regained his footing just in time and was able to scramble back up to the top of the ridge. Supergirl was still hovering about ten feet above him as she slowly turned around in the air.

It looks like there are some people camped out about five miles to the west up that arroyo. If you can get down off this ridge without killing yourself, you might just make it,” she said.

But the sun is rising along with the temperature. This is barren desert, and I am going to need something to drink”, he protested.

Where are my manners”, Penny replied. “Excuse me for just a moment.”

Dirk watched as a red and blue blur streaked down to his plane and returned within seconds.

What would you like Dirk? Water, tea or Coke”, she inquired.

Water would be good to start with”, he answered.

She threw him the water and then tossed the other two bottles into the air, vaporizing them instantly with her heat vision.

Hey, what did you do that for? I could have used those”, Dirk protested.

I am so sorry, but Air Supergirl only provides one complementary beverage per flight”, she replied.

But I have plenty of money in my flight bag back in the plane”, he responded.

Would you like to walk back there and get it”, she asked. Dirk just dropped his head. “That’s what I thought. Good luck on the rest of your trip to Cabo. From the looks of things, you are going to need it.”

Dirk watched helplessly as she began rising higher into the air.

Five hundred feet above Dirk, Penny hovered and glanced back at Kelly’s place. Poor dear she thought to herself. Even asleep, he looks exhausted. I’ll give him a little more time to sleep and recover before I go see him. Besides, there are so many places I have never been to before. Now where to start? Tokyo, London, Rome?

Dirk watched Penny streak off to the east. Oh well, things could be worse he thought. At least he hadn’t ended up like Harry, yet. Now how to get off this ridge and up to that campsite, he pondered to himself.

Kelly rolled over and opened one very tired eye. 10:30? He was still too beat to even think about getting up. What a dream he had last night. Penny would get a kick about hearing about how a magic wand had turned her into Supergirl. And where was Penny? Probably out getting bagels or something. He really didn’t care as he rolled over and fell back to sleep.

Flying back from Paris, Penny used her x-ray vision to sneak a peak at Kelly. She saw that he was still fast asleep in bed. She landed silently on his third story balcony and used her heat vision to burn through the lock on the sliding glass door. Once inside with the door closed, she quickly changed her outfit and then flew into his bedroom holding her cape so as not to make a sound. Now floating just over him, she reached down with both hands and gently caressed his head while planting a huge super kiss right on his lips.

Kelly opened his eyes and said “This must be a dream”, as he looked at the incredible female above him attired only in a red cape, boots and skirt.

I assure you it is not”, she replied as she kissed him again and then guided his hands up to her incredible breasts. “Have any of your dream girls ever had breasts that felt like this”, she asked.

No”, Kelly answered as he fondled the silky smooth but incredibly firm mounds. He became fully hard in just a matter of seconds.

Penny rose up, tossed her hair back and arched her back thrusting out her breasts. She then put her closed fists on her hips in a classic power pose. Slowly, she lowered herself down on his erect member.

Penny glanced off to the southwest focusing her Supervision several thousand miles away. Dirk was just walking into the Bikers camp.

Look at the fresh meat”, Red said to Tiny.

That bitch is all mine”, Tiny answered.

No you don’t understand”, Dirk said. “I crashed my jet and I need to get out of here. I will do anything you want”

You got half of that right bitch. You will do whatever we want, but you are never getting out of here”, Tiny replied.

A soft smile appeared on Penny’s face as she refocused on Kelly.

Kelly noticed Penny staring off into space. “What’s wrong”, he asked.

Nothing”, Penny replied. “Just enjoying the moment”, as her super vagina began working its magic on Kelly.

Two minutes later, Kelly was breathless after just having experienced the greatest sexual pleasure any man had ever known. Penny had a big smile on her face too as she flew up in the air and back down to the floor where in a blur of super speed, she changed back into her full costume.

What’s the rush”, Kelly asked.

Now that I have fulfilled all of your heart’s desires, it’s time for me to use this incredible body and my fantastic new powers to fulfill mine, starting with Brad Pitt! Thanks for everything Kelly, but I’ve got to fly”, and with that she was gone in a blur. Before Kelly could even toss the covers off he heard the sliding door close. No point even trying to go to the window to look out as Penny would be 100 miles away by then.

The guy who said to be careful what you wish for really knew what he was talking about!

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