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The Project – Part 01

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The Project – Part 01


Vojtek was born in the USA, graduated High School and went straight to the military. After 5 years of military training, he graduated into the Marines and then the Army Rangers. His commanders regarded him as unique, the best and the most disciplined soldier they had ever trained.

At the age of 27 he was integrated into the CIA. After two years with the CIA, he was branched into his own division. He lead a 7 man group of the worlds best, top elite soldiers.

From assassination to espionage, they completed their missions without hinder. The group was never given a name – not even a serial number – however they were granted their own building, an old factory building and inside the latest in warfare technology. Vojtek was sitting at his desk when John walked in.

“Congratulations on another superb job in the middle east.” John complimented.

Vojtek continued filling out paperwork ignoring the compliment. John was head of the CIA and one of the very few that knew of this operation and Vojtek’s boss. John took a seat and said “I have a mission for you.”

“My men are tired.” Vojtek quickly responded without looking up at John.

“I understand that and I promise you some RR but it’s a quick in and out task, real simple.”

Vojtek looked up at John somewhat irritated “What is it?” he asked.

John made himself comfortable put his hand in his pocket and threw a piece of cloth on his desk.

“What is this?” Vojtek asked.

“It’s your assignment.”

Vojtek grabbed the white cloth off the table and observed it and after a moment looked up at John and said “I don’t understand.”

“Neither do we,” John leaned forward and said “What you think you have in your hand is a piece of cloth, but I’d like to call it perfection.”

Vojtek took a closer look at the cloth and returned a somewhat confused look to John. John smiled, “I have had a whole team of scientists give me that exact look. The Cloth in which you hold in your hand can not be stained can not be ripped or damaged in any way. Even the most powerful microscopes can not even observe its molecular structure.”

John got up from his chair “I want you with all the resources you can muster try to damage it, I’ll return tomorrow to tell you what your mission is.”

Vojtek still holding the cloth asked “And what if I do manage damage it.”

John walked toward the office door opened it and replied “You won’t.” and left the office.

Vojtek was extremely interested now as he pulled out his Zippo and for curiosity’s sake attempted to burn it, the cloth didn’t even heat up. He left his office and went to the training room, where he stuck the cloth on to the wall with duct tape. He walked back to grab his 9mm Beretta and, with a quick aim, fired it.All indications said he missed, the cloth still clung to the wall undamaged. Vojtek emptied the chamber and only the duct tape was damaged.

Claude entered the room “What are you doing boss?”

“Claude hand me the DUP.”

Claude walked over to grab the prototype weapon, loaded it and handed it over to Vojtek.

The DUP was capable of firing automatically or semi-automatically Depleted Uranium shells with precision and without the massive kick back your used to seeing when firing the extremely heavy shells.

Claude watched as Vojtek took aim at the cloth and began to fire. Claude covered his ears as the weapon boomed with each discharge. The weapon ran out of ammo and Claude walked over to the undamaged cloth peeled it off the wall and said “You missed Boss.”


The next morning John approached Vojtek’s office as Vojtek waited eagerly for his return. As soon as the door opened Vojtek began to speak: “We tried everything. From shells to depleted uranium shells, from acid to explosives. Nothing worked.”

John pulled a folder out of his coat and placed it on Vojtek’s desk, “I didn’t think it would, so I’ll cut straight to the chase. You and your men are going to Columbia and, in the capital city, you will destroy a pharmaceutical company by the name Apex Inc. You will not steal the plans for the device which creates this armour, you will destroy it.”

“Why, may I ask, would our Government want to take something like this and scrap it?” Vojtek asked with some hesitation.

“America has achieved complete supremacy, we would like to keep it that way. Can you imagine what one tank might do with this kind of armour? We were very fortunate to have one of our agents obtain this cloth, there is no doubt they are rushing the project to its final stage.”

“To do what?” Vojtek asked.

“Well, I guess we will never know.” John looked at Vojtek with some concern, “You get this done for me! I don’t care how sloppy it gets, you take out everybody in that building and you completely destroy that project and then you get out. Don’t worry about the local police they have been taken care of. You and your men leave tomorrow 0100 hrs good luck.”


The seven men arrived separately in Columbia to their rendezvous point just outside the city, where a cache of weapons waited for them. There was Vojtek, the leader of the operation; Smith, who was second in command; Claude, with demolitions; and James, Ed, Terrance, Cly.

After arming themselves, concealing their weapons in their civilian clothes, they were ready to begin.

The building was 3 stories with only 12 rooms, four on each floor and it was located in perhaps the dumpiest part of the city.

Vojtek was approached several of times by the many woman who walked the streets of this part of the city.

They were in groups of two approaching the building from 3 different angles and with Cly on the adjacent building rooftop on sniper assignment.

“All set?” Vojtek said into his concealed microphone.

“This looks like a fucking set up to me.” Cly retorted through the mic.

Vojtek repeated himself with some irritation in his tone “All set?”

Everyone coded in and the front doors and the back doors of the building were kicked in simultaneously.

The ill prepared and surprised guards were mowed down by machine gun fire.

Vojtek took aim at a lady who fell to her knees begging him not to shoot. With no hesitation he fired a round straight through her head.

The group of 6 quickly cleared the first floor and made their way to the second floor, where they did the same.

The third floor was a completely different scenario. The first obstacle was a solid steel door, where they attached charges at 4 different points. Claude shouted “Clear” as the door was detonated off its hinges and they were met with heavy gunfire. The group returned fire and threw grenades through the blasted door.


Lyle Fielding the lead scientist of the project began to panic as he and his team of researchers heard the gunfire. Lyle quickly turned their experiment on and there was a large humming sound as he positioned the nozzle of the ray.

“It’s not ready!” One of the scientists screamed in protest as the blasts outside the door drew closer.

“It’s going to have to be.” Lyle said as he positioned himself in front of the window awaiting one of his colleagues to fire the ray at his body.

Lyle nervously awaited “Do it!”

Reluctantly his colleague hit the firing mechanism. There was the sound static as the nuzzle of the ray grew bright white, Lyle closed his eyes in preparation.

The window suddenly shattered behind him and a stream of deadly accurate bullets pummelled in and out of his body. He sank to his knees and collapsed onto the floor. The Experiment let out a hiss as the ray fired missing its intended target which lay collapsed on the floor. The beam exited through the window into the streets below.

There was a large explosion which startled the remaining scientists as the American squad blew out the steel door which was there last form of protection. The scientist raised their arms in surrender but were met with a barrage of lead.

Ed approached the project with fascination “My god what the hell is that?”

Vojtek gave his sniper the all clear and joined Ed for a momentary glance at the project and the Alien stone which seemed to be powering it.

“We got to move!” Smith said as he took the charges out of his pack and placed them all over the project. The timer was set and the squad began setting charges to gas pipes throughout the building and then made a hasty retreat before the building blew.


Aleesha was a prostitute and not exactly the best looking one at that. She was 21, but she had been walking the streets since she was 15, since she met Arturo, her pimp.

She used to be better looking, but the drugs, the poor diet and exercise made her whither away. When she was younger, she remembered business was steady, but her looks prevented that now.

She was wearing red, laced up boots, which came all the way to her knees, leaving her thighs exposed; a black bikini and a very tight, glossy blue shirt, which also left her flabby belly exposed. Her breasts were barley distinguishable. Her black hair was dry and sloppily combed. Her face still showed a sign of beauty and, perhaps, if she was raised differently – without the drugs and a healthy lifestyle – she could have been a fairly attractive.

She worried about not making Arturo the money he needed. She knew she would get beat for it, but she felt love for the man. A love, perhaps, misguided by a brainwashed 15 years old, who grew to the naïve woman walking the streets now.

As she walked up and down the streets, running her hands up and down her body with every car that passed, something happened. A beam struck her just below her belly button.

The beam quickly enveloped her body and she shook from the pain. Her outfit began to squeeze in on her as the spandex tried to reform itself to its normal much smaller shape. She tried to scream, but the tight fitting blue spandex top squeezed all the air out of her lungs. As she thought she was about to die, the feeling changed.

The pain went away and her small breasts squished in the tight spandex started to tingle. She moved her hands up to her breasts and began rubbing them vigorously and, to her shock, they began to grow bigger, harder and firmer. This was impossible, she thought, as her breasts grew and grew to perfectly proportioned Double D, which stood high and proud. Her blue Spandex top seemingly straining to keep in her beautiful orbs.

She didn’t notice it at first, but her behind tightened up and rose a few inches and her belly became perfectly flat. Her arms had definition and her legs had life, as they grew a few inches longer. The blemishes on her face disappeared, her lips became fuller.

It was over and Aleesha couldn’t help but think this had to be a dream. She walked into an alley way and towards a brick building.

Having the desire to feel her mounds on something rough and firm, she placed her hands on the brick wall and began rubbing her perfect breasts on the side of the building.

The past moment was shocking enough, but seeing her breasts grind away the bricks to dust and make a large gouge in the brick building was enough to make her step back and attempt to analyze her current status.

Was she dreaming?

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