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The Project – Part 03

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The Project – Part 03



Arturo walked by the gates of Diaz’s fortress, nervously, with Aleesha by his side. The guards gawked at her, as she walked by them with the upmost confidence. Her shiny tight blue shirt looked like it was on the verge of bursting, but that was almost impossible. Reaching the door to the mansion another set of guards stopped them. “Do you have any weapons?” the guard asked.


With that the guard started to frisk Arturo, confirming that he did not have a weapon. He moved over to Aleesha who obviously could not hide a weapon anywhere in her tight outfit, he frisked her anyways. The guard groped her tight ass, moved his hands down her tanned toned legs, then back up to her washboard stomach and to her magnificent chest, where he tightly grabbed them.

Aleesha stared at the guard with a menacing glare. With his hands still on her breasts, th guard gave her a cocky smile and said, “You can go inside now.”

Inside the mansion there was another set of guards with semi automatic weapons, which was making Arturo very nervous, but Aleesha strolled in with absolute confidence. A tall man named Escobar smoking a cigarette approached them, “We are here to see Diaz.”

Escobar ignored the statement and walked to Aleesha and starred her up and down, but concentrated his focus on her amazing cleavage. Aleesha’s face was expressionless as the man finally spoke “He’s in his office, go right on in.”

The couple walked into Diaz’s office and closed the door behind them. Diaz was sitting at his office chair with his Asian assistant standing next to him “Please, Arturo sit down.”

Arturo sat down, but couldn’t help notice the sexy Asian girl dressed in leather holding a 9mm pistol.

Diaz couldn’t believe how hot the girl with Arturo was – as he looked her up and down making his Asian assistant very jealous – after a moment he spoke: “So I take it you have come to pay me my money.”

Arturo responded nervously: “I don’t have your money.”

Diaz smiled “You don’t have my money, then why are you here? Do you have a death wish?”

Arturo heart was pounding a mile a minute thinking that perhaps this wasn’t the best idea.

Diaz stared at Arturo with his head down and then turned his focus on Aleesha. “Well, I see my money was certainly well spent.”

Turning his attention to his sexy Asian assistant he asked “Her breasts are very nice, wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps even nicer than yours.”

The Asian girl gave Aleesha an evil stare and then smiled at Diaz “Perhaps.”

Diaz grabbed his assistant’s breasts “Do you know I paid 90,000 American dollars for these.”

Arturo’s head remained down.

“So what do you want from me? More time?”

Arturo finally and reluctantly spoke, but still with his head down. “I’m here tell you that I have decided that I’m not going to pay you.”

There was a brief pause and then Diaz began to laugh. “So you have brought this whore of yours as payment, more like a down payment” he laughed again.

Aleesha had enough of the Diaz’s Game and finally blurted out: “You are not getting shit! You will let him off the entire 40,000 and apologize for your fucking behaviour.”

Diaz looked up at his assistant “Have you ever heard a woman with a filthier tongue?”

The Asian girl smiled wickedly at Diaz, “Should I demonstrate what we do to women with filthy tongues?”

“Be my guest, but be creative.”

The Asian walked around the desk and approached Aleesha with the pistol.

Aleesha crossed her arms under her huge globes, exposing even more cleavage as her bosom was lifted slightly. As the Asian pointed the weapon at her breasts, Aleesha spoke in a light tone “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You might regret it.”

With that Aleesha gave the Asian a wink and BAM. Her breast jiggled ever so slightly as the bullet deflected off of it.

The sexy Asian girl was confused, she was certain she hit her target. She knew she hit her target and, before she knew it, her gun was gone.

Aleesha was now pointing the gun at the Asians breasts “Now that’s not very nice, how would you feel if someone shot your boobs?”


The bullet struck the Asians breast, cutting quickly through her implants and out her back, as she fell to the floor screaming in pain. Diaz panicked as he saw the events quickly unfolding before his eyes and he buzzed for help.

The office door burst open, Escobar pointed a high powered rifle at Aleesha and fired. The bullet nailed her square in the forehead and deflected into the ceiling.

“A little lower next time.” she purred.

Diaz quickly reached into his desk and pulled out a Beretta and unloaded it into the girl’s backside, as Arturo ducked on the floor for cover. The bullets pinged off her ass, as she continued staring at Escobar “Do you feel a draft in here or were those bullets bouncing off my ass?”

Escobar cocked his weapon as Aleesha and fired two shots. The bullets whizzed by Escobar and hit two bodyguards coming from behind him. Escobar aimed at her magnificent chest and fired the high powered rifle once more.

The bullet struck the top of Aleesha’s boob and it felt magnificent, she massaged her chest and puckered her lips and cooed. As she did, she noticed that Escobar’s hair was ruffled and some papers flew off a chair behind him. Feeling more than excited about this new ability, she took in a deep breath of air swelling her super tits and unleashed the full fury of her powerful lungs on Escobar.

Escobar didn’t know what hit him as he, and much of the furniture, smashed against the wall.

“Stop or ill kill him!”

Aleesha turned around to see Diaz with a gun pointing at Arturo, who was still cradling on the floor.

Aleesha smiled at him from the doorway “But, how will you kill him without a gun?”

Diaz gave a look of horror as she was still standing in the same spot, but now holding his gun.

“How is this possible!?!” he screamed.

“Let’s just say I’m very quick.”

Arturo stood up and approached his girlfriend with a content smile on his face. She gave him a sexy wink and handed him the two guns.

“I’m sure you can handle him from here. I’ll go deal with the rest of his bodyguards.” and in a flash she was gone.

Moving at supersonic speed, she zoomed through the house killing everyone before they knew what even hit them. She busted through the front door and was face to face with the bodyguard that frisked her. She put her hands on her hips and thrust out her chest at – perhaps – as many as 50 armed men approaching on the lawn with their guns drawn.

“Care to touch me again.” she said angrily as she grabbed the man’s shirt and pulled him into her.

Even in the man’s terrified state he still couldn’t help getting a bird’s eye view of the most terrific cleavage anyone has ever seen.

“Do you want an even closer look? You pervert!” Aleesha grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face into her breasts.

His cries for help were muffled as his head started cracking against her chest. When the man fell to the ground, the men on the lawn opened fire.

Aleesha casually walked off the steps, approached a flower and plucked it from the ground, all the while bullets rang off of her invulnerable body. She approached the nearest gunman at a slow pace, put her hands on his shirt and launched him into the sky.



James and Claude were walking in a light business district 15 miles away from the fighting.

James cell phone began to ring and Claude heard a screaming sound in the distance getting louder and louder. Claude turned around to see a man falling from the sky, his screams stopped as he smashed through a vehicle setting off the alarm. Claude looked up to see where this man could have fallen from. There were no buildings besides the small commercial ones, no planes in the sky.

“Only in fucking Columbia …” he whispered under his breath. He turned his attention to James who was busy on the phone.

James got off the phone with his first words being “Let’s go!”

With that, the two of them ran to their vehicle.

Inside James explained to Claude what the phone call was about, apparently they had to follow and observe their target but not get too close and there target was not specified. Apparently they would know when they got there. In 20 minutes they were there outside the perimeter of Diaz’s burning mansion.

There were dead people all over the lawn and heavy gunfire and explosions. James pulled out his scope at took a closer look through the steel fenced perimeter. What he saw shocked the shit out of him. It seemed as though the gun men were all firing their weapons at a young girl and she wasn’t being affected by the bullets at all. In fact, she was destroying this small army. Some men were ripped in half, others were thrown far into the sky and some were launched by a gust of wind, which seemed to be emanating from her mouth. James’s cell phone rang again.

“Hello”, it was Vojtek.

“Vojtek are you catching this?”

“Yeah, were getting the satellite feed now.”

“How is this possible?”

“James there is a Stealth fighter inbound, you need to mark the target and get the hell out of there, is that understood?”



Aleesha was soon learning that there seemed to be no limit to her power, as bullets bounced harmlessly off her chest.

Many of her attackers were dead, but there were still so many attacking from all possible angles. A Van was speeding her way with the passenger firing his automatic rifle through the windshield. She planted her feet and awaited the Vans inevitable impact. The speeding Van made a crashing stop as its frame wrapped around the beautiful girl, while the driver and the passenger were flung outside the wind shield.

Two RPGs were fired at her and were both caught in her tiny hands. Observing the rockets she was thankful that they did not detonate, when suddenly a bullet struck one of them and they both exploded. The blasts felt terrific, as her tits jiggled ever so slightly.

Another RPG was fired, but she smiled as she walked toward it with her hand on her hips. She watched it nail her huge tit, making it compress up against her chest and then explode.

The attackers were getting frustrated, as one man smashed his rifle against the back of her head. She turned casually to face him, grabbed the back of his head and gave him a powerful kiss. The man’s lungs popped and he fell to the ground.

Noticing some men taking cover behind some bushes she hoisted the damaged van into the air and tossed it at them.

Diaz’s helicopter finally showed up doing a strafing run across her body. She stared at the helicopter, wondering how she would deal with it.

Looking closer, she was amazed as yet another one of her abilities made itself apparent: x-ray vision. She could see the pilot through the metal of his helicopter.

The helicopter was making another pass and Aleesha continued her stare on the pilot. Seeing if she had the ability to see through the pilot she concentrated her squint on him.

As the pilot began to make another pass, two red lasers shot out of her eyes making contact with the chopper and it erupted into a huge fireball.

Her Goddess-like power was now making her extremely horny, as her diamond hard nipples began to tent out her indestructible shiny blue top.

A red dot appeared on her exposed cleavage and then disappeared.

Paying no attention to it, she turned her attention to a sniper about 100 yards away that had taken about couple dozen free shots at her. Using her vision to zoom into him, she focused on seeing through him. Once again, the deadly beams of light shot out of her eyes and incinerated her target.

Standing in one spot, she observed the devastation that was brought on by her and she was pleased. She was the most powerful person Earth had ever seen and she loved it.

While using her laser vision to finish off some more troops, she was distracted by an unearthly whistle. She looked up, just in time to see the fast moving missile make contact with her exposed cleavage.

The missile was a bunker buster and it hit hard and exploded shattering all the windows of the mansion.

She laid in the crater with her eyes closed and motionless. Then her eyes opened and she stood up, dusting her fantastic body of dirt and debris. She had enjoyed destructive weapons bounce off her chest up until that point. It didn’t hurt her that much, but it was somewhat discomforting and it pissed her off.

She used her vision to spot the plane – which was well out of her laser visions range – but she did notice the symbol on the plane and whispered to herself “Americans.”

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