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The Project – Part 04

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The Project – Part 04



John and Vojtek, along with other top ranking military officials, sat at a long table and all were disturbed by the satellite images they had seen. They watched a small militia get massacred by a 19 years old girl with powers that you would only find in comic books. They watched a bunker buster bomb make full contact with her tits and she was unmarked. They awaited Dr. Hastings, their top scientist, to explain to them what was possibly happening.

Vojtek had been at one of these meetings before, only to give a debriefing, but now he was sitting on the chair listening to military commanders advising possible strategic strikes on a young girl. The doctor entered the room and set up the material and the room came to a hush.

John stood up and introduced Dr. Kate Hastings and then continued: “As I’m sure you all are wondering what is happening I’ll get straight to the point. Two days ago, in an attempt to destroy a powerful weapon, it was discharged before its destruction. The discharge undoubtedly made contact with this woman, making her the invincible force you have all witnessed. The day of the weapons destruction, two teams were sent in: one to destroy the building and, hours later, another to search for a alien stone. The stone was delivered early this morning.”

One of the commanders interrupted “What good is the stone without the weapon?”

John answered: “Three weeks ago, a scientist defected from the project and came to us with the design and specifications of the weapon. Naturally we were skeptical, but he brought us a piece of cloth which I believe many of you have seen. The proof became obviously indisputable and the making of the weapon began at once. The weapon was finished three days ago, all we needed was the stone.”

“How many stones are there?” another man asked.

John answered “As far as we know this is the only one.”

Yet another official asked “And this stone along with this weapon, we can kill her with it?”

“I’ll let Dr. Kate Hastings answer that.”

Kate stood up confidently and answered the question “No, it can not, but perhaps it may be able to create something that can.”

“With all do respect, Doctor, we can’t sit around for another 3 weeks thinking of a possible solution, imagine what a girl like this could do to an American suburb!”

Before Kate could respond she was interrupted by yet another question “I don’t understand, the cloth became indestructible, but that doesn’t explain where she get these other abilities?”

Kate answered “The Cloth did become indestructible but even still it was just a piece of cloth. When she was hit not only did her clothes become indestructible but her living cells did as well. She is enhanced beyond our ability to understand, and I would hypothesize that we have not come even close to witnessing her full potential.”

“How do we stop her?” Kate was once again interrupted.

John filled in “We have concluded that the only way we know how to stop her is to make another like her, I have therefore submitted for your approval one of our most highly trained men to take part in the experiment Vojtek.”

Vojtek looked up irritated with John.

Kate tried to interrupt “With all do respect I don …”

“That will be all doctor.”

Kate grabbed her paper work off the desk and stormed out of the room.

“Gentlemen we don’t have much time, we need to act, and Vojtek’s psychological profile puts him in leading contention for the experiment.”

The secretary of defence stood up “We’ll let the President decide our course of action we’ll adjourn and meet back at 1900hrs.



Aleesha strolled into the mansion with almost a skip to her walk as her breasts bounced slightly with her every step.

The shock of the blast had put out the fires that had started on the exterior of the mansion, but every window was blown out.

She walked toward Diaz’s office where she had left Arturo.

Arturo still had two guns trained on Diaz and Aleesha came from behind him grabbed his guns and threw them on the floor. “I don’t think you will be needing these anymore, not when I’m here to protect you.”

Arturo embraced his lover in a passionate kiss, as his hands groped her breasts and her ass. One of his hands traced the outline of her huge tit down her perfect tanned abdomen and onto her tight perky ass and his cock began to throb.

Diaz made a run for it, nearly getting to the front door, but Aleesha appeared in front of him. Diaz ran into her tits and bounced onto the floor. With her sexiest walk she made her way to Diaz and placed her red knee high boot on his chest. Diaz grabbed her boot in a desperate effort to breathe but he couldn’t budge it.

“So have you decided about letting off my boyfriend the $40,000.”

“Yes!” he screamed.

“And what have you decided?” she teased.

Still trying to get his breath he screamed again “Yes!!”

“And I was thinking of keeping this mansion for my very own, is that okay with you?”

“Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!”

She took her foot off of him and hoisted him up in the air and looked him in the eye. “If I so much as smell you or hear your voice within a mile of me.”

Diaz looked down into her beautiful big brown eyes as they began to turn red and his face began to burn and his hair began to singe. And then she released him finishing her statement “That will feel like a 30 second session at a tanning salon, Now get the fuck out of here!”

Diaz could hardly see as he cupped his face in pain and made a run for it.

Arturo looked outside and couldn’t believe the devastation, hundreds of dead people everywhere, cars and trucks destroyed.

Aleesha looked him in the eyes and asked “Are you proud of me?”

Arturo embraced her for another kiss, “You are my Goddess!”

“I have something to show you.”

Aleesha lead Arturo into the basement of the mansion and down a corridor to a huge vault.

“Do you know what’s inside?” he asked with excitement.

“No, but shall we find out?”

Arturo gave Aleesha a confused look “The vault door must be 3 ft thick we’ll need a ton of explosives just to dent it!”

“Silly boy, have I not proven anything to you?”

With that Aleesha walked to the vault door clenched her fist and smashed it. Her fist went straight through and then she did the same with her other hand. With both hands securely inside the steel she ripped the door open.

Arturo was amazed at the feat of strength and even more amazed as to what was inside.

Money. Loads and loads of money, perhaps billions of dollars, tons of cocaine and some heavy weapons.

Aleesha grabbed a kilo of cocaine put it to her nose and gave a mighty sniff. The kilo of coke was quickly gone.

Arturo looked in shock “How do you feel?”

Aleesha paused for a moment and laughed “I don’t think there’s enough coke on this planet to give me a high.”

“Aleesha do you know what we can do with this money?”

“Baby if its money you want I can get you a lot more of it!”

Arturo laughed wickedly and embraced his lover in another kiss.



Vojtek was left alone with John in the conference room “Are you crazy? There is no way I’m going to volunteer for this.”

“Vojtek think about this. Your country needs you, you know yourself you would be the perfect candidate, I mean who else?”

Vojtek looked at him in shock “How about nobody? John that kind of power would do strange things to the mind, instead of one problem you will have two.”

Kate walked into the room “John can I speak with you?”

John looked at Kate and said “By all means, speak.”

“You can’t have a male in this project.”

John smiled and shook his head “And why is that?”

“I believe the reaction would be completely different with a male.”

John changed the subject “Have you met Vojtek, Kate?”

Vojtek looked at the red headed doctor who was in her late 20’s wearing a lab coat. He nodded at her.

Kate and Vojtek very well knew each other and Kate dismissed his arrogant attempt at keeping their knowledge a secret – especially from John, the head of the CIA. Kate focused on John and ignored the distraction “I believe a great deal of power is stored in the girls mammary glands.”

“Her what?”

“Her boobs John, that is why her muscles didn’t increase dramatically in size.”

“What’s your point?”

“I believe she can absorb more and more power through her breasts and only when they are filled to their capacity with energy will you see extreme muscle development. Whereas, in a male, extreme muscle development would be the first and last stage.”

John looked irritated at Kate “And I’m sure you can prove this?”

Kate quickly responded “The stone alters its hosts to perfection. The female body does not need large breasts, the stone should have turned her chest into pure muscle, instead I believe it found a better use for them.”

John stood up from his chair “You don’t know this. I need proof, not theories. Now, if you two will excuse me, I have another meeting to attend. Vojtek, we shall continue our discussion later” with that John left the room.

Kate leered at Vojtek with that all too familiar pissed off look. “I’m going to get something eat, and I would like to speak with you in private.”

“Where do you want to meet?”

“Meet me at the mall in the food court at 4 o’clock.”

Vojtek nodded and Kate made her way out the door “Don’t be late.”

Vojtek sat in the room by himself contemplating the request asked of him. John was a liar, he knew this so well that he didn’t question John when his lies became apparent.

In Columbia he had accomplished his mission, he was told that it was a one team operation. The meeting told of the acquisition of the stone which proved all of it to be false.

Vojtek also knew that he and his men were not the only elite squad out there. There were perhaps dozens of them and, although he had never worked with them directly, he was certain in many of his operations they worked together indirectly.

Vojtek’s cell phone began to ring he immediately answered it.

“Vojtek we have a problem.”

“What is it James?”

“There are about 20 tanks and about a thousand Colombian troops moving past us and toward Diaz’s mansion.”

What the hell is going on now, Vojtek asked himself. Diaz was under US protection.

Years ago the government secretly decided that, if they could not stop the drug problem, they could at least control it. By joining sides and giving diplomatic immunity to one drug lord, he would monopolize and destroy all the others, giving The US an eventual advantage and a tidy profit in the drug wars. The Colombian Government knew this as well and were paid very well to stay away from Diaz’s property and businesses.

“Your mission remains the same, observe at a safe distance, do not involve yourselves in the fighting, is that clear.”

“You got it boss.”

Vojtek stood up from his chair and made his way out of the room. He already knew that John was on top of this and probably the reason for it in any event he would find out later tonight.



Kate looked at her watch irritated. 4:00 and Vojtek was nowhere to be seen.

Finishing her meal, she stood up and made her way to the exit. She passed by dozens of shops and expressed no interest in them except one. A comic shop, which would have normally not interested her in the least, but this one gave her an idea. An idea which would end all her concerns about who would be given the power. An idea she reluctantly pre planned but now was convinced.

She walked up to the clerk and asked how much was the costume in the display window.

“You mean the Supergirl costume? Sorry it’s a promo and it’s not for sale.”

Kate smiled at him and pulled out her Visa “How about 5000?”

The clerk smiled back at her and replied “Sold.”

Leaving the comic shop she couldn’t believe she just did that, but the idea that came to her was so wild she just couldn’t help herself.

Walking out the mall entrance toward her car Vojtek called her name. She ignored it and kept walking to her car, forcing Vojtek to jog toward her.

He finally caught up “I’m sorry, I was late. What did you want to discuss?”

She smiled at Vojtek politely and responded “Oh, nothing. I think I have already found the solution to our problems.” and with that she got in her car and drove away.

She drove straight to the Pentagon. Getting out of her car, she went straight to her office and opened her bag. Closing the office door, she took off her clothes and tried her new costume out.

It felt a little loose on her skinny body. She smiled at her reflection and began to daydream.

If her plan worked Supergirl would no longer be fiction.

She turned observing her costume from different angles wishing her breasts were a cup size bigger, so the costume would fill in a bit more. She particular liked the red mini skirt and the red panties. A cheap plastic yellow belt kept her shirt tucked in and her cape came down to her lower back.

Feeling a little anxiety about her plan, she dismissed her worries and put her lab coat on when Vojtek walked in. With her back turned to him she quickly buttoned her lab coat over her chest “Don’t you knock!”

“You have nothing to worry about, I won't volunteer for the test.”

Kate turned to him and asked “And why is that?”

“That kind of power would corrupt anyone’s mind. Even if I succeeded bringing down this woman, it would just be a matter of time until they came after me.”

Kate grabbed a file off her desk and gave Vojtek a kiss on the cheek “I’m late for the test, we’ll talk later.”

As she left the office Vojtek commented “Nice boots.”

Kate walked to the elevator hoping that no one else would question her about her red boots. She went 20 floors underground. There she used her key card to open a steel door and then her ID was verified by security and another door was opened. She entered a control room where monitors showed the experiment room where the project was located. She was escorted into the experiment room by security where the weapon rested.

The weapon was surround by a bullet proof glass case – called the weapon room – and, once the timer hit one minute, there was a complete lockdown. No one could get in the secured area until the weapon had fired. She had rigged the timer to fire on the second minute.

She glanced at the scientist operating the weapon “Set the timer to four minutes.”

The scientist did so.

She grabbed a soccer ball, which was in the area of discovery for this experiment. The idea was to uncover what would happen to the air molecules inside the soccer ball once it was enhanced.

She kept a mental track of the countdown, placed the soccer ball in the target area and exited the weapon room.



Vojtek sat in Kate’s chair and worried about the Colombian girls potential, and what his and his men’s role was in dealing with her. Although it was never said, he knew he was partly to blame for the creation of this girl.

Vojtek opened Kate’s desk, grabbed a pen closed the desk and picked up the phone. He was about to dial a number, when he slowly hung up the receiver and opened up Kate’s desk once more. His heart missed a beat when he saw the comic or more importantly the red boots the comic character wore.

He had no direct line to operations room so he quickly dialled John’s cell number.



The timer was at 2:30 when Kate looked over at the scientist and said she had to adjust the ball. Walking back into the weapon room she grabbed the ball tightly, easing her stress.

“This is it.” she thought as her mental count went to 10-9-8-7.

“Kate, we need you out of there before the 2 minute countdown.” the scientist said.

With that Kate whipped off her lab coat and faced the weapon as it hit 2 minutes.

Everyone looked in shock as Kate exposed her Super costume and spread her arms out.

The scientist saw the nozzle of the weapon beginning to spark and he did a double take at the time remaining.

“Abort Abort!!” A voice called to the scientist manning the weapon.

He hit the abort button, the weapon fired.

Kate was struck by the bright beam and felt a surge of pain and then her costume began to tighten. Her yellow belt began to squeeze at her hips and her costume began to crush her. She fell to her knees in agony, fully realizing that something went wrong.

She was almost on the verge of passing out, when the pain started to go away.

She could now breath and her breasts began to tingle. Grabbing hold of them she couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched them begin to grow. Bigger and firmer until they reached an impressive size of triple D, stretching the red and yellow “S” emblem to its max.

“It’s working!” she thought as the her cells began to reform themselves into perfection. “It’s working!”

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