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The Project – Part 06

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The Project – Part 06



Arturo was licking Aleesha’s perfect tits, as she moved them back and forth side to side gently across his face. Bored with his feeble attempt to please her, she thought about the events passed and how her life had so radically changed. One minute she was walking the streets, lucky to get one customer a day, the next she’s an absolute sex goddess with super powers to boot. Aleesha stopped moving her firm super tits across Arturo’s face and stood perfectly still.

“What’s wrong?” Arturo asked.

Aleesha got off of him and began to dress herself, “Go to the basement my love, I believe we have guests."

She put on her tight blue shirt and then her shiny black hot pants followed by her knee high red boots.

Arturo gave Aleesha one last look as she adjusted her breasts in her impossibly tight shirt.

She blew Arturo a kiss which ruffled his hair and in a flash she was gone.

She stood 30 yards from the mansion front door, watching almost nervously as the army approached her. It would be her deciding moment, if she could stop an army then there was nothing she couldn’t do. Her sexy eyes observed the pitch black field, she could see everything and in a moment she counted 2447 troopers, 9 tanks, 42 mortars, 23 jeeps and 6 choppers. Rather than being overwhelmed by the sight of such an army coming for her, she was impressed with how she came up with that calculation so quickly.

A flare lit up the skies above Aleesha, as the Army was caught off guard by her presence there.

The Americans had told the Colombian Government that a group of rebels had invaded Diaz’s mansion with a very powerful weapon. And that the Colombian Government should patrol, but not attack the mansion or suffer major casualties. Hungry for money the Colombian Government believed they could take the mansion by force and sell the weapon for a hefty price to the Americans. Also rumours circulated about a cash depot in the belly of the mansion. What wasn’t told to them was that the beautiful girl standing in front of the advancing army at that very moment was that very powerful weapon.

The army advanced on the mansion and a tank passing just next to Aleesha. She was shocked and insulted by this.

Finally a soldier pointed his rifle at her “Ok slut on the ground now!"

Aleesha turned to the soldier “What did you call me?"

The soldier repeated his command as she approached him with confidence. He stood there, awestruck, as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen walk toward him. He observed her every motion as she moved toward him, her long tanned legs, her perfectly flat stomach and her low cut shiny blue top that contained the most amazing tits he had ever seen on a woman.

Before he could do anything, Aleesha had him by the throat and lifted him off the ground. Soldiers passing by looked in shock at their comrade, as this petite female held him inches off the ground apparently with no effort. Many of the soldiers trained their weapons on Aleesha.

“Put him down slut!"

With a toss of her mighty arm she launched the soldier into the air.

“He’ll be down in a few minutes.” she commented.

The soldiers that encircled her refused to believe what they just saw. Not opening fire, they still watched in shock and then horror as her eyes began to glow and two dazzling beams of light cut down the soldiers in front of her.

Finally someone opened fire.

The bullet hit her directly in the crack of her ass and wedged itself between the firmest ass cheeks and the strongest bikini man as ever known. She casually pulled the smouldering bullet out and turned to the soldiers behind her and gave them the sexiest look “Ok! Who put that there?"

The men around her watching were awestricken.

Eventually another shot was fired and then another. She stood there motionless as more and more weapons fired on her. She was gaining more and more confidence with every bullet that pinged off her invulnerable body, enjoying the expressions on the soldiers faces as they witnessed her invulnerability.

She wondered why the majority of rounds fired hit her wonderfully full chest, did the soldiers intentionally aim at her tits, or was it that her tits were so large they couldn’t help but get hit. In either case she wasn’t complaining, she’d just rather have every bullet hit her sensitive areas.

Eventually a grenade was tossed and rolled between her spread out legs and a thought came to her: this is going to feel good.

She didn’t budge an inch as the grenade exploded and the shrapnel tickled her sex. Her eyes closed and she savoured the feeling.

Now, she thought, it was her time to show these troops what happens when you attack a Goddess. She began to casually walk toward a tank that was still focused on the mansion, while more and more bullets made contact with her invulnerable body. She hoisted the tank into the air and was absolutely delighted by how light it felt to her. She launched it at another tank 50 metres away. The resulting explosion knocked many troops to the ground and sent waves of confusion through the advancing ranks.

A third tank turned its turret toward her and fired.

She watched the shell approach and thrusted out her impressive chest, so all could see her beauty and power. The shell nailed her square in the nipple as her boob was compacted slightly and finally it exploded. Aleesha’s eyes opened in shock over the experience, she had no idea tank shells would feel so good.

Another shell was fired and then another, she stood there patiently her arms spread out, her chest propped forward and her head arched back preparing to savour the feeling.

The shells landed on her and all around her and she was engulfed by clouds of smoke by the shells that missed and explosive flame by the ones that hit.

The army was now organized. Although she had taken them by surprise, they were now aware of what their primary objective was – even though there commanders radioing in did not – to take down this incredibly super hot chick.

Aleesha was now ready to turn up the heat. Using her super speed she rammed her elegant shoulder into the nearest tank sending it flipping end over across dozens of troops. Using her super breath she launched dozens of soldiers well into the air. Using her heat vision she cut down ranks of advancing troops.

Every second the battle raged on dozens of troops met their fate.



Vojtek was driving Kate back to the base, the two didn’t say a word to each other for the first 15 minutes of the ride. Finally Vojtek broke the silence “So how was your day today?"

Vojtek smiled as he heard her teeth grind in anger.

“I did what I had to do Kate."

Kate turned her head eyeing Vojtek while his eyes remained on the road, “You crossed the line this time Vojtek and I will make you pay for it. You know what they mean to me, I introduced you to my sister, how could you do this?"

Vojtek replied “You should have thought about that before you went power hungry."

“Ooh I’m power hungry? You’re the one holding an innocent family hostage so you can maintain your illusion of control."

Vojtek ignored the comment and Kate maintained her stare, little did she know she was but a squint of a way from vaporizing Vojtek.

They arrived at the military base and Vojtek escorted Kate inside. In the elevator now heading down Kate asked: “You don’t mind if I take my lab coat off now do you Vojtek?"

Vojtek turned to her and he looked involuntarily at the most eye numbing breasts he had ever seen. How the big distorted ‘S’ on her chest didn’t split and tear down the middle was a complete mystery. He gawked at them lost in thoughts that he would have no memory of, he was in a hypnotic daze.

“Are you okay Vojtek? You seem distracted.”

Kate asked. Vojtek snapped out of it and kicked himself mentally for his weakness. He looked at Kate in the eyes, irritated by her successful mental siege, and then turned away from her.

They were now back where it all started.

John was shocked to see Kate back and escorted by Vojtek, who seemed unharmed.

Kate was locked up in the project room once more.

John approached Vojtek, “Tell me how you did that?"

“I gave her proper motivation."

“And what exactly is that?” John questioned.

Vojtek reluctantly told John how he managed to escape harm and bring Kate back into the project room.

“Are you insane?” John asked, “Vojtek, we already have one super bitch pissed off with us do you really think we can handle two."

Vojtek was confused by his outburst but still defended his actions, “Kate’s a criminal John, she broke the law, and she’s a threat to security."

“Jesus Christ, Vojtek, I never hired you on so you can plan or think! I hired you on so you can do! More specifically, what I tell you to do! I never once told you to take her family hostage."

John paced back and forth his words now stuck behind the rage and anger he so wanted to unleash on Vojtek who calmly watched. John stopped his pacing and calmed himself down “I’ve been called into an emergency meeting, no one knows about Kate’s new ability, I’d like to keep it that way."

With that John left the room.



The secretary of defence, Cam Kneiling, along with several other military officials stared in awe watching the satellite feed of the Colombian girl massacring the Colombian army. They had 27 different vantage points from 27 different satellites poised on her.

“Sir, we can have 3 squadrons fighters on her in no more than 20 minutes."

Cam paced looking at the monitors and finally spoke, “Negative, Maintain observation but do not engage, last thing we want his to motivate her to come this way. At least not until we're ready."



The pleasure of having shells and munitions bouncing off her invulnerable body was starting to wear thin. Aleesha was becoming annoyed.

A soldier, hiding behind a hill, pulled the pin from his grenade and threw it at her.

Aleesha watched the grenade approach and blew at it, sending it back to where it came from. The soldier who threw it along with several others popped into the air along with a cloud of smoke from the resulting blast.

She used her super speed to engage a soldier reloading his rifle.

“Where is your commander?” she demanded.

The soldier froze in fear and Aleesha repeated her question this time with more authority. As the soldier was about to speak a tank shell nailed the back of her head and the resulting explosion sent the soldier to his death.

This was now becoming intolerable, she turned her head to see the tank moving at full throttle straight for her. She planted her feet and waited for the tank to hit her. The front side of the tank rammed into her breasts causing them to flatten, but didn’t cause her to budge in the slightest.

The tank squealed, its traction slipping, and Aleesha looked down at her cleavage, which was now practically spilling out of her tight shiny blue top. For curiosity sake she flexed her pecs and had to giggle as her tits returned to their shapely form, pushing the tank back several inches.

Grabbing the nozzle of the gun turret, she hoisted the tank into the air. Bending her knees to gain more power, she launched the tank straight into the sky with all her might and observed it, curious to see whether or not it would break orbit. She didn’t realize that it was on a very accurate collision course with what looked like on the surface as a blinking star.

Now making her way to the army encampment, she walked at a normal pace and concentrated her senses to observe every bullet fired at her. As the bullets approached in slow motion, she flicked them back with a snap of her fingers. For her, it was taking too long. For the soldiers who fought her, it was as if 100 miniguns were being fired at them simultaneously. Troops were mowed down by the hundreds.

Aleesha stopped her concentration on the small arms fire to observe a helicopter hovering about 50ft directly above her. For curiosity sake, she wondered if she could jump up and grab it.

Bending her knees and with all her might she jumped into the air. What looked more like a supersonic missile than a beautiful girl cut straight through the chopper and many miles into the air.

“Oops” she thought as she looked down at the clouds below and began to descend.

She was descending to the ground far faster than she had hoped and her body stiffened as she awaited impact. She landed flat on her ass with a boom and her breasts bounced from the impact. Slightly embarrassed, she got up and swatted the dirt off her black bikini.

A soldier, who was hiding in the area, got up and began to run away.

Noticing the soldier, she made her lips form an ‘o’ shape and began to suck in.

The soldier fought against the winds desperate to get away, but the force was too great and he lost his footing and was being sucked toward her. He rolled to a stop at her red boots, he looked up at her but all he could see were those impressive tits which obstructed his view of her beautiful face.

“Where is your commander?"

The soldier, scared but not stupid, answered immediately “One mile in that direction."

“Good boy.” Aleesha commented “You will make an excellent servant."

The soldier still looked up at her breasts, but this time her tits were being pummelled by a powerful automatic rifle. A 60 mm gun turret mounted on the jeep driving straight toward her was causing the pleasant distraction.

“At least they are getting there aim right” Aleesha commented as the bullets ricochet off her chest giving the soldier who laid at her feet the most mind numbing display of raw beauty and power he could have ever seen.

“Tell as many men as you can: if they do not show me the proper respect a Goddess deserves this will happen to them."

The soldier, not able to see Aleesha's face, watched two bright lasers shoot from over top of her breasts and into the jeeps engine causing it to explode. And then she was gone, only a trail of smoke indicated where she was heading.

General Gonzalez was getting reports of heavy casualties at his military tent, but he insisted to continue the assault. There was yelling by all his commanders into the radios, ordering the troops to continue their advance, and then there was complete silence. Gonzalez confused by this turned around and there, in his very tent, the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on stood confidently with her hands on her hips. After a brief pause he asked “Who the fuck are you?"

“I am your Goddess."

Gonzalez smiled “Someone get this bitch out of here."

One of the commanders stood up “Ok lady, let’s go."

The tent brightened as Aleesha unleashed her heat vision on the commander setting him on fire.

Still with her hands on her hips and with a cocky look she asked “That’s just one of my many abilities would you like to see more or would you like to re think which side you're on?"

Gonzalez had dismissed all reports of some super strong girl up until this very moment.

Aleesha’s voice boomed “Call off what’s left of your army! Bow and swear allegiance to me! Or I’ll give you a demonstration of my other abilities."

Gonzalez pulled out his revolver pointed it at Aleesha and paused.

She didn’t flinch and her body pose indicated she was more than willing to be shot.

Gonzalez was now trying to make sense of the situation, but that was impossible. All he knew was: if he fired his weapon it would be the last weapon he ever fired. Thinking long and hard he put down the revolver ordered his commanders to break off the attack and bowed to her.

Aleesha never felt more proud in all her life as the commanders all fell to their knees.



On one of the monitors, the secretary of defence witnessed Aleesha hoist up a tank and then tossed it well into the air. Moments later all monitors went static.

“Tell me she didn’t just knock one of our satellites out with a tank!"

There was a brief pause and a general reluctantly responded: “Sir, she knocked out one of our satellites with a tank."

He was tempted to say he had seen it all, but a scarier thought entered his mind, he hadn’t seen nothing yet.

John entered the room with reluctance to his step, and Cam turned his attention toward him.

“Take a seat John. The president will arrive shortly."

John sat down not saying a word, his mind was filled with thoughts which ran his anxiety to an all time high. Did they know that Kate made her self into an unstoppable bombshell? Is that why he’s here? If it was, dismissal was the least of his concern.

The president finally arrived, with the vice president and some of his advisors.

“What’s going on Cam?”

Cam nodded to play the tape.

The president watched in shock and horror mumbling words under his breath with every feat of strength Aleesha proved. And then the screens went static.

“What happened?” The president asked.

“She knocked out one of the satellites. The blast caused the other satellites to lose contact, they’ll be up and running in a few hours."

The president was bombarded by assurances by his chief of staff. Through the clutter of talk the president finally asked Cam, who had said nothing until that point, “Cam, tell it to me straight: what do you make of the situation?"

Cam turned to the president and stared him in the eyes, “Mr. president, if she decided to come to the White House and sit in your chair, there’s not a damn thing anyone could do about it."

The president froze along with everyone else after the blunt observation.

The vice president gave Cam an irritated look and assured the President, “The Colombian army is 30 years behind us. They lack the resource, the numbers, and the technology to combat her. I assure you Mr. President we don’t!"

The President replied: “I’d be overly concerned if she threw a pebble into orbit, much less a tank, no matter how aged it is. Alright Cam, what do you suggest?”

Cam signalled John to stand up and approach “John Sheels, head of one of our CIA ops has proposed a fighting plan involving a super solider – Vojtek I believe the participant name is."

John was relieved that they didn’t know, but it was only a matter of time till they did, and then the idea came to him. John spoke confidently “Our lead scientist Kate Hastings has noticed flaws with the male genome making Vojtek not suitable for the experiment."

“What do you mean?” the President asked.

“We don’t believe that the power the Colombian represents will be the same for a man. Due to our time restraint, I suggest we use our lead scientist Kate Hastings to participate in the project. It will at least give us some form of defence if the Colombian decides to come this way."

Cam interrupted: “I take it you have reviewed her physiological profile. She’s not going to turn us, will she?"

“No Sir, she won't."

There was a pause and everyone turned to the president for an answer. “Homeland security above all else is our priority. Do it, but just her and no one else, no more human subjects."

“Yes sir." John was excused and left the room counting his blessings.

He managed to dodge a bullet, now he would have to speak with Kate and that was something he was not looking forward to.



Kate was pacing back and forth using her super brain to try to come up with a calculation for her predicament. She would sometimes look down and see the stretched out ‘S’ logo of her shirt and be frustrated that she had all this power and nothing she could do with it. Her thoughts were interrupted when the titanium doors opened and John walked in carrying a chair.

He placed the chair in front of Kate and sat in it.

Kate looked down at him “You must have a death wish."

“No, but I do have a deal.” John responded.

“And I suppose if I don’t go along with the deal my family is dead."

“Unfortunately Vojtek acted alone. I personally called the men he had on assignment and ordered them to stand down and return to base." Kate was slightly taken away by this as John continued, “The president has approved your transformation Kate, so what happened moments ago is off the record. What is now on record is at 0300 hour the successful creation of America’s strongest defence. This morning you will be transferred to Area 51, where immediate tests will commence, and the development of your skills through training will start."

Although Kate was ecstatic she didn’t show it and asked: “And Vojtek?"

“What about Vojtek?"

“Can I see him one more time?"

“No, absolutely not."

“Then we don’t have a deal” Kate was bluffing but the way she saw it John simply could not refuse her request.

John couldn’t believe Kate was putting him on the spot like this and tried to talk some sense into Kate. “Kate, I think you should understand that, although no one has directly accused Vojtek of fucking up, he feels as though he did. He thinks his inefficiency in Columbia created the Colombian. And you are also a bi-product of his inefficiency. For had the Colombian not been created neither would you have gotten this idea into your head. Vojtek is more upset with himself then he is with you."

Kate’s face showed a hint of irritation a she responded “Don’t defend him John, his actions are inexcusable and, if you won't punish him, I most certainly will."

“No Kate, you most certainly will not. You will do what I tell you to do or you can sit in this cell until you rot."

Kate smirked at John’s response placing her hands on her hips and tilting her head slightly, she replied “Oh. Is that what I’m going to do?"

Now grabbing John’s shirt with her left hand she hoisted him into the air “I have a question for you John: would you like to see me run through those titanium doors or walk through them?"

As she put him down, John adjusted his collar. He knew she was right, there was nothing he could do to stop her, he could only agree with her. “Do I have your assurance you won't kill him or permanently harm him."

Kate paused and then answered “I wont kill him."

John signalled at the camera and the titanium doors opened “Be back in one hour, please. And Kate, try to keep in mind that he‘s one of the good guys."

“Oh, I’ll try my best to keep that in mind John.” with that she left the room.

John watched her leave and caught a glimpse of her steely firm ass when the draft from the sealed room raised her red skirt. He didn’t know whether to envy Vojtek or fear for him. His eye then caught the stapler that Kate had thrown earlier, which was still embedded into the wall that.

Definitely fear for him he thought.



Vojtek’s cell phone was ringing, he ignored it for a few rings then looked at the caller id. It was John and he couldn’t help but think, what now! “Yeah John, what is it?"

“I met with the president today and his advisors."


“I was given the go ahead, as far as they are concerned Kate has legitimately acquired inhuman strength."

Vojtek’s heart missed a beat, “Where is she now?"

“On her way to see you."

Vojtek mentally reviewed the scenario and had to snicker, “Well John, you sort of fucked me over there didn’t you."

“You fucked yourself over Vojtek. Anyway she’ll be there shortly.”

Vojtek heard an amazingly loud crash and hung up on John.

He stood up and walked out of his office. His eyes had to adjust as he witnessed the smouldering remains of his car inside the facility and a gaping hole in the wall of the building.

Vojtek’s mind worked frantically. Years of military study, training and experience desperately searched for a solution for his predicament. But all it could come up with was, uh-oh.

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