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The Project – Part 07

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The Project – Part 07



Aleesha walked in front of the formed ranks of what was left of the army. It looked as if the soldiers fought all the way to hell and back. Some of them were barely able to stand, most laid dead on the battlefield and the rest were mentally disturbed by what they witnessed. The stunning dark haired temptress had single handedly beaten them all. Their will to fight her was crushed and many honestly started to believe she was indeed a Goddess.

Aleesha could see fear in the eyes of many soldiers and defiance in the eyes of others. A cocky smile emanated from her perfect face. Aleesha placed her hands on her back hips and pushed out her magnificent chest

“General, do I have the allegiance of all your men?” she asked.

“Of course.” Gonzalez quickly responded.

Centered in front of the formation, she crossed her arms across her perfect breasts, squeezing them together with unimaginable force and looked on with a superior smug on her face.

“General, order your troops to open fire on me” Aleesha demanded.

Gonzalez taken off guard by the request asked for her to repeat herself.

Aleesha answered back with a quiet “Now.”

Gonzalez formed up the ranks. The first rank laid down on their bellies and assumed a firing position, the second knelt and the third stood.

Aleesha observed the few hundred soldiers pointing their fire arms at her magnificent body and said in another cocky tone “I’m waiting.”

“Fire!” Gonzalez yelled.

Aleesha watched in sheer delight as the many soldiers simultaneously opened fire on her. She watched the thousands of rounds approaching her in slow motion and, as they reached the halfway point to her, she tossed her head back and widened her stance. She embraced the would be devastating siege like a woman embracing the spray of a warm shower. The bullets pummelled into her.

Gonzalez, the only man not firing at her, watched in amazement and desire as sparks from deflecting bullets appeared all of her body. Everywhere except her breasts, there were hundreds of dimples appearing and the bullets fell gently to the ground.

Then something changed, the dimples across her unbelievable breasts from impacting bullets began to be less deep. Her breasts became tighter and firmer and bigger before his very eyes, as her thumb sized nipples became erect and attempted, in vain, to cut through her shiny low cut top. Bullets now began to spark and careen off her now firmer than diamond hard chest.

Gonzalez’s state of lust was interrupted by the sounds of clicking as the chambers his troops weapons had run out.

“Cease fire!” he yelled.

The men stared at the dark haired beauty as she slowly brought her head down to stare at them.

Aleesha was breathing a little heavier as she began to squeeze her impossibly firm breast with one hand and, with the other, rub firmly down her thighs and very close to her sex.

She took a deep breath and addressed the soldiers: “You now have no doubt of my power and abilities. Make no mistake, I am a Goddess and you will all do my bidding or face my wrath!”

With that she raised her perfectly smoothed tanned leg and stomped her red knee high boot to the ground. There was a thunderous clap, which made most soldiers fall to the ground or struggle to regain their balance. Gonzalez lay flat on his back as he felt the brunt of the shock wave being a little closer to her.

Aleesha walked over to him and stood directly above him.

Gonzalez looked up at her and admired her breasts, which seemed to eclipse everything else. Grabbing his jacket he was pulled off the ground. He clung on to Aleesha’s smooth shoulders to regain control of his obese body as he was suddenly jerked back into a vertical position. He held her shoulders and looked down at her amazing cleavage, still impossibly firm and held together by the tightness of her low cut shiny blue top.

Aleesha loved having men gawk at her fantastic new body. She looked on at Gonzalez, who appeared to be hypnotized. Aleesha put her hands on her hips pushed out her spectacular chest. “Feel them; tell me what you honestly think.”

Gonzalez might very well have anyway, as his hands moved down her shoulders across her firm cleavage and on to the roundness of her breasts where he gently squeezed and felt the hard nipples pressing at the palms of his hand.

Aleesha smiled as it was only a matter of seconds before Gonzalez erupted, and sure enough he did.

“So what do you think?” she asked coyly.

Gonzalez was trying to regain his composure and did not answer. Although he had not yet admit it to himself, he had fallen completely in love with this girl and under her spell with just a small feel of her incredible breasts.

Aleesha laughed and gave her chest a little shake, “I know, there perfect!”

She turned away from Gonzalez and walked toward the troops.

Gonzalez still needing her attention called out to her. Aleesha looked at him curiously. “There are two American operatives observing your movements no more than 3 miles up the road.” Gonzalez revealed.

Aleesha was taken off guard by his sudden willingness to cooperate. Using her enhanced vision she spotted the car and the two Americans in it.

“Thank you, General, I will make an example of your obedience when I get back. In the mean time, sit tight until I return.”

With a quick wind up she was gone in a flash, and heading toward the American operatives.



Vojtek focused on the gaping hole in which his car came barrelling through, waiting nervously for Kate to come through. He pulled out his pistol and then gave himself a hard mental kick, cursing himself for such stupidity.

“Are you going to use that on me, Vojtek?” a voice asked behind him.

He reluctantly turned to face her. He had to admit, to anyone but her, she was stunningly beautiful. Her hands were on her hips which narrowed down to her very thin waist, her incredibly large chest proudly representing the mighty ‘S’ symbol stretched to the max.

Vojtek dropped the gun and there was a brief silence as the two stared each other in the eyes. Vojtek broke the silence “I think maybe I should explain something to you.”

Kate laughed “Your strength and military experience won’t get you out of this so, by all means, try negotiating.”

Vojtek’s pride interrupted his moment of logical thought as he responded: “How about you get this over with? I’ve got work to do.”

“Oh Vojtek, after I get through with you, you will be in no shape or form to do any work for a long, long time.”

Vojtek knew Kate would not kill him intentionally. He remembered being slapped by her maybe a year ago, but this time she was just a tad more angry, and with her new powers that same slap would tear his head completely off.

Kate walked toward Vojtek who stood his ground until her chest made contact with him staggering him back a few steps. She continued her advance and Vojtek walked backwards until he hit a wall.

“I suppose that-” Vojtek was caught off in mid sentence as her arm lashed out. Her intention was to hit him gently, and Vojtek was fortunate that the wall behind him was dry wall as he sliced through it and into the office behind it. He slammed into a filing cabinet and fell to the ground. The wind was knocked out of his lungs as he struggled to regain his breath.

“The fearless Vojtek seems to be in quite a pickle now doesn’t he?”

His head was ringing and his breath was knocked out as he tried to say in a whisper “Wait, I can …”

Kate picked him off the ground and once again gently threw him at the dry wall. Gently being a relative word as Vojtek, once again, was thrown through the wall and about 20 feet to the other side of the facility.

If Vojtek was in too much shock to feel the first blow, he definitely felt that one. Before he came to a complete stop, he gently slid into Kate’s already waiting red super boots.

Kate picked him off the ground like a rag doll. Once again she gently lashed out at Vojtek, but this time was surprised by Vojtek’s dodge, especially in his weakened condition. She watched Vojtek in slow motion as he masterfully dodged her attack, turned his body to gain momentum and put his elbow in her face. She could have easily dodged the blow but allowed him to connect.

Vojtek’s hand went numb as the nerve endings in his elbow were severely rattled after making contact with her harder then steel button nose.

Kate wiggled her nose and laughed: “You must be kidding!”

Vojtek cradled his elbow as Kate grabbed him by his neck and hoisted him off the ground. He struggled to breath as her vice like one handed grip effortlessly held him in the air.

“Vojtek, darling, do you know what the big ‘S’ on my fantastic chest means?”

Vojtek struggled desperately to remove her petite hand from his neck.

“It means power beyond human comprehension. You teased that power, insulted it and threatened it.”

Kate could see that Vojtek was on the verge of passing out so she dropped him at her boots.

Vojtek was panting trying to recover his breath.

“Now kiss my boots and say you are sorry, maybe I'll reduce your punishment.”

Vojtek tried to laugh, but coughed a few times instead. Still lying on the floor he responded “Who the fuck do you think you are?”

Kate traced her finger along the distorted ‘S’ on her impressive breasts “Isn’t it obvious, I’m Supergirl!”

Kate placed her boot on Vojtek’s hand and began applying pressure.

Vojtek screamed as he slowly felt his hand being crushed under her boot.

Smith entered the facility, completely oblivious to the situation, shouting to Vojtek: “Vojtek why the hell would John call me and tell me to abort my mission in New Yo … What the fuck happened in here!”

Kate took her foot off Vojtek’s hand, “You lied to me! You never sent anyone to New York or California.”

Vojtek cradled his hand and sat upright still trying to catch his breath he responded: “I didn’t get around to it yet.”

Smith looked around the facility wide eyed in shock. He observed the holes in the walls, Vojtek’s car smashed up and, finally, the red haired girl wearing the Supergirl costume.

“What the fuck is going on?” Smith asked.

Kate turned toward him and Smith couldn’t believe how hot this girl was.

“Leave!, I need to speak to Vojtek alone” Kate demanded.

Smith looked down at Vojtek, who looked pretty banged up, and pulled out his sidearm, “Someone is going to be leaving miss, but I don’t think its going to me.”

Smith took aim at her “Don’t make a move lady.”

Kate smiled at Smith and began walking toward him.

“You know, I haven’t been shot yet. I wonder if it will tickle.” Kate told Smith curiously.

Smith ignored the question and repeated himself, “Lady, I’m warning you, don’t take another step.”

Kate was narrowing the gap between them, “Or else what?”

Smith started to back off, while lowering his weapon to take aim at her stunning legs. He fired and Kate instinctively blinked in anticipation of being shot for the first time. The bullet made impact with her bare thigh and deflected into the wall.

“You must have missed.” Kate insinuated.

Smith was stunned, as he was fairly certain he saw the bullet deflect off her leg. This time aimed higher, at her chest, and fired another round. The bullet hit her chest and her breast dimpled slightly from the speed of the metal slug.

Kate stopped her advance, the first bullet that hit her thigh sort of tickled, but the bullet that hit her chest gave her an entirely new feeling.

Smith was mesmerized as he watched the bullet deflect off her impressive chest.

Kate’s nipples became erect and tented out of her superheroine costume. After briefly massaging her breast she looked up at Smith.

“Again, do it again” she demanded.

Smith took aim but this time at her head. Smith unloaded his weapon firing 8 more, well placed shots.

Kate watched the bullets approach and was disappointed that they were fired well above her breasts. Then it dawned on her: she was actually watching 8 slugs slowly making their way toward her.

“Oh, this is fantastic!” she thought, as she plucked one out of the air with her thumb and forefinger. She caught another between her teeth and let the rest bounce off her invulnerable, flawless face.

Smith watched this girl pluck a bullet out of mid air and was completely mesmerized even more so when that same girl smiled at him and there was a bullet between her teeth.

Kate approached Smith while his eyes transfixed on her amazing tits, but still pointed his emptied weapon at her. She walked into the weapon, so that only the barrel of the gun wedged itself in the valley of her impressive globes.

Smith didn’t move a muscle, but watched on in complete awe.

Kate grabbed both sides of her amazing endowments and applied pressure on them, with the muzzle of the weapon deep into her chest. The mighty ‘S’ symbol folded into itself and Smith instinctively removed his hand before it too was crushed.

“Oh my God.” Smith said in a quiet voice as Kate dropped her hands to her sides and the remnants of the weapon fell to the floor. It might as well have been flattened by a steam roller.

Kate let Smith register what had just transpired, before extending her hand over top of Smith's head.

“Go to sleep.” she said sweetly to Smith as she tapped him on the top of his head knocking him out cold.

Kate turned back to Vojtek “Did you see that!, I stopped a bullet with my tit!”

Vojtek spoke in a low tone due to having his throat squeezed and his body beaten “You stopped a high powered laser with your tit, you shouldn’t be so shocked.”

“I know … but deflecting bullets off these amazing tits feels so much more invigorating. Vojtek, go get a gun and fire a round or two into them!”

“I assure you Kate, before your transformation it would have been my pleasure.”

Kate laughed and walked toward Vojtek, as he stood up still cradling his hand, “Awww, someone’s not mad because he got his ass kicked by a girl, is he? You know, you could have prevented this if you would have just told me that you were full of shit.”

Kate gently grabbed his hand and x-rayed it with her vision. “Although, I’d still give you a few lumps for that little stunt you pulled in the Project room. Nevermind the way you spoke to me.”

Vojtek looked her in the eyes as her focus was still on his hand and said “It’s already starting to infect you isn’t it? Starting to feel superior?”

Kate let his hand go ignoring his statement, “It’s not even broken you big baby.”

Vojtek shook his head in irritation and asked: “You have no idea how this works, do you? They’re going to come after you Kate. Even as we speak there’s a team working on your destruction. Sooner or later they will find your weakness.”

Kate grabbed Vojtek’s wrists and placed his hands on her firm breasts, “Do you feel that Vojtek? The warmth and the slight vibration. My tits are generating more power than the Hoover dam, even to say that is an understatement. I could power entire States with just one of my breasts perhaps even an entire continent. I don‘t think I have anything to worry about.”

Vojtek starred Kate in the eyes, doing his best to not make his desires for Kate obvious, but having his hands on – quite literally – the most powerful globes in the universe was taking its toll. The skin tight costume hugged her body with a force that would crush the strongest steel, but made her curves more obvious and desirable. He started rubbing gently the sides of her breasts with the palm of his hand.

Kate allowed him to do so as she began moving her red luscious lips up toward Vojteks lips.

Vojtek removed his hands from her and backed away.

Kate smiled “Oh c’mon Vojtek, we could have makeup sex. You remember how rough and invigorating that is, don’t you?”

Vojtek shook his head  “Somehow Kate, I don’t think I’d survive the experience this time around.”

Kate laughed “You’re probably right, and I should be heading back. I should have known you were bluffing but, I must warn you, don’t step in my way again Vojtek. I could be your worst nightmare or …”

Kate twirled in one spot and her skirt lifted showing off her incredible ass and amazing thighs.

“... your very own dream gal the choice is yours.” Kate finished.

“I must be going now but consider my offer Vojtek and until next time.” Kate blew Vojtek a gentle kiss and in his weakened state blew him off his feet and on his back.

Vojtek heard her giggle and in a blue streak of speed disappeared. He laid flat on his back, his eyes closed, his body physically exhausted and drained. He heard footsteps enter the facility, but didn’t bother to open his eyes to find out who it was. A clapping sound could be he heard followed by a quiet chuckle.

“You know, I must admit, I heard rumours of a Supergirl. Then I even saw surveillance of her as, she picked up a car and threw it through a building. But I was never a true believer until I saw her take an elbow to the face by the mighty Vojtek. How she survived that incredible assault, I'll never know.”

Vojtek listened to the sarcastic comment and responded: “What do you want Jamieson. Can't you see I’m trying to sleep?”

Jamieson snickered again, “Oh, is that what you were trying to do? You see, from my vantage point, I could have sworn you were trying to die.”

Vojtek didn’t respond.

“Get packed Vojtek. You and your team will be reassigned to Area 51 tomorrow morning. And, for God sakes, clean yourself up man. You look shit.”

Vojtek listened as his footsteps left the facility and he whispered: “Go fuck yourself. You insufferable prick.”



“I’m serious, 500 bucks says the Chargers take it this year.”

Claude looked at James in disgust, “I’m not going to justify that wager by endorsing that kind of stupidity. It would be like me saying the Detroit Tigers will win the World Series. I’d hope that the person who I bet with would have enough decency to ignore me, rather than take my money. The kind of decency I’m going to show you by saying stop talking about sports, because you’re an idiot.”

Claude yawned at the wheel of the car, bored out of his mind. The two had been there for days now and he felt as though they had been forgotten. There was a knock at the window and Claude turned to the most enticing sight of his life.

Aleesha was leaning forward showing off her tight cleavage and amazing body. “Hello boys, want to come out and play?”

“What does she say?” James asked excitedly “Sorry, no speaka spanisha.”

Claude’s heart dropped to his belly as he realised who this amazing girl was.

“It’s her!” Claude whispered.


“HER! You idiot!”

Aleesha listened to their whispers and wished she knew how to speak English.

James clued in, “Oh fuck.”

Aleesha tried to pick apart what they were saying and concentrated on them. To her amazement she discovered a new ability. She could read their minds, well, feelings anyways.

“Drive Claude.” James said in a whisper.

Claude put the car in gear and took off like a bat out of hell.

“Is she following us?” Claude asked.

James looked behind and saw her standing in the same spot not moving toward there accelerating vehicle “I don’t think so.” James took his eyes off her and watched the road upfront as they reached 100 mph.

“Look Out!” James screamed.

There, in the middle of the road, Aleesha laid with her hands cupped behind her head like a woman on the beach without a care in the world.

The warning came way too late as the speeding car went over her, but the bumper slammed into her firm breasts. The car’s back wheels lifted up and the car took flight before landing on its roof and skidding to a stop.

James and Claude, rattled but still alive, crawled out of the car weapons in their hands.

Aleesha casually picked herself off the ground a dusted off the front of her chest, shaking her wondrous boobs with every stroke of her petite hands, and began walking toward the pair.

Still on either sides of the vehicle Claude and James opened up automatic weapons fire on her.

Aleesha watched the bullets approach and caught as many as she could in her mouth.

Claude pulled out another magazine, snapped it in and took aim at her, not paying much attention to her obviously full mouth.

Aleesha took in a deep breath from her nostrils and blew as hard as she could though the small ‘o’ shape from her luscious lips. She positioned a slug in her mouth and roll it off onto her tongue and let her super breath do the rest.

To James it sounded like a 90mm booming away with every round in incredibly fast repetition.

Claude didn’t see it coming as the bullets ripped through him leaving his upper torso in a bloody mess, he dropped to his knees.

Aleesha smiled in approval of her handy work and rolled the last bullet onto her tongue and blew. The bullet entered Claude’s head, leaving a little hole on his forehead and exited his head with a smashing sound, leaving a much larger wound.

Claude fell to the road dead and James took aim at her again but did not fire.

Aleesha, now inches away from James, put her hands on his head and looked deep into his eyes. She applied no pressure with her hands, but to James it felt as though his head was about to explode. She was draining knowledge from him and she loved it. In moments she was not only familiar with English, reading and writing, but military tactics as well. She wanted more and with every second passing James was slipping further and further into a coma.

After a moment she pulled out and let James fall to the dirt road. She emanated an evil smile and said in English: “Put me in a Chargers uniform and I guarantee they would win the Super Bowl.”

She began to laugh hearing herself speak fluent English for the first time ever. She walked back to her small army, thinking things she never considered before. She was convinced she would take Bogotá the capital of Columbia, introduce herself to the media and give them a show the world would not soon forget. It seemed as though no one could stop her now. The world would worship her soon. All she needed was a better name.

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