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The Project – Part 09

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The Project – Part 09



Gonzalez and a handful of his surviving troops laid pinned down, as intense automatic weapons fire zipped over there heads.

He had been ordered by Aleesha to take Bogotá. His surprise invasion of Columbia’s capital seemed to work initially without hinder. He managed to reach the city center within 20 minutes with only resistance from the local police. When they were only 5 miles away from the Presidential Mansion resistance became furiously intense. Within one hour his army was all but decimated.

Gonzalez laid on the ground with only 20 or so more troops left at his disposal. He would surrender, but with the barrage of bullets aimed at his vicinity, he had no doubt he’d have a dozen bullets in him before he could relay the surrender. Although he had been in the Colombian military for over 20 years, he had never been this close and personal to the fighting. He could see his positions being over run and he knew it was only a matter of time until he was killed, the thought of his demise made him weep. And then she showed up.

“What did I miss?” Aleesha asked, standing over top of Gonzalez.

Gonzalez looked up at her in shock.

She didn’t even look at him; she stared at the advancing troops with the single most cockiest grin Gonzalez had ever seen.

“My army has been decimated! Where the fuck have you been?” Gonzalez screamed.

Aleesha’s eyes met his, giving off a fearful red glow, “Watch it mister. Have you forgotten who you are speaking to?”

Before Gonzalez could reply, the steady sound of gunfire was interrupted by the booming sound of a 50 mm. The 50 mm chalked up the pavement leading up to Aleesha and then a massive round nailed her in the hip and then her right breast.

Gonzalez watched her awesome mound as it jiggled ever so briefly.

Aleesha rubbed her breast sensuously and analyzed the situation. She bent over and cupped her hands full of gravel. Placing her cupped hands in front of her luscious lips she leaned forward and blew as hard as she could.

The gravel blasted from her hand at a phenomenal rate. Dozens of advancing troopers dropped dead, as the pebbles cut through them and sparked off of metal objects. The advancing troops – what was left of them – froze. They had all taken cover with only one thing on there mind ‘What the fuck was that?’

The gunfire had gone silent and the soldier's eyes roamed desperately in search of this strange weapon. They heard the heels of a lady’s boots clapping toward their direction. And then she came into view.

All guns were trained on her as she approached a lone soldier in the middle of the road. The soldier got up from his kneeling position and looked in awe of the beauty who was this young woman.

Aleesha didn’t think she could ever get bored of the way men reacted to her. It was like information overload for them. From her feet up she portrayed perfection but, ultimately, it was her breasts the men’s eyes settled on. The soldier eyed her fantastic breasts and Aleesha gently pulled him into her.

Squeezing him tightly against her body she asked him: “Can you satisfy me?”

The soldier had no clue that she had pulled all 3 pins from his grenades on his belt.

She squeezed his body harder into hers as she prepared to be touched by flame and searing hot shrapnel.

He blew, three consecutive times within a split second span. Shrapnel of metal and bone rocketed into her body tickling her sex and bounced off her remarkable chest. Everyone stared at her in shock, refusing to believe what they just saw.

Aleesha was getting hot and most certainly impatient for the first bullets to come. Finally some brave soul depressed the trigger of his rifle.

‘It was about time’ she thought as she prepared to bask in a soothing, warm lead shower.



Vojtek and his men arrived at Area 51 and, while his men prepared their quarters, he walked around the base. He thought about his role in what was, undoubtedly, a mission to take down the Columbian. A part of him felt guilt, if his team had been just 3 seconds faster none of this would have happened. Kate would not have felt compelled to make herself, well, Super. Or would she?

As he turned the corner his thoughts turned to sheer panic as he spotted Kate. He simply didn’t expect to run into her here.

She was walking away from him, wearing a pink t-shirt and some very tight jeans. The t-shirt was probably loose fitting, if it weren't for her breasts straining it to its limit.

Vojtek ducked behind a building and waited for her to get out of sight. He gave a sigh of relief when she was gone.

‘What the hell is she doing here?’ he thought as he turned the opposite direction from her. Vojtek turned right into Kate and her magnificent chest.

“Hiding from someone?” she asked.

Vojtek was surprised by her presence and then reminded himself: she’s fast. Vojtek stepped around her and began to walk away.

“Awww, someone’s still crying about getting a little bruised?” Kate mocked.

Vojtek smiled and turned to her and said calmly, “Kate, you threw me through a wall … twice."

“Consider yourself lucky I didn’t throw you into orbit.” Kate responded immediately.

Vojtek smiled at her and walked away.

“Vojtek, look, I think we should talk. Meet me at my quarters in say three hours.” Kate asked.

Vojtek kept walking.

“Meet me in 3 or I’ll come get you, your choice.” Kate said once more in a sweet but, menacing tone.

She watched him walk away, and felt angry that any man would dare walk away from her. At the same time, she was aroused by the fact that Vojtek was probably the only man in the world who had enough willpower to walk away from her.

‘He’ll be there.’ she thought as she headed for the underground facility.

Kate walked into the underground facility and met with a researcher she had never met before. Lu Tsing had been assigned to train Kate. The idea was to get a better understanding of what the Columbian was capable of and understanding Kate’s potential would reveal the Columbians potential.

Lu an Asian female in her mid thirties. She stared at Kate as she entered. She had been told that Kate looked dramatic. She didn’t know what that meant until now. Her flawless face, her fiery red hair, her perfectly toned body and finally those gravity defying super tits.

Lu watched her breasts as she entered. She had read the reports and the many hypothesis of how Kate’s boobs were now the equivalent of a pair of fusion generators, but seeing is truly believing.

She shook Kate’s hand and smiled politely, but deep down inside her desires burned with jealousy, lust and desire.

“So, where shall we start?” Kate asked.

Well, I suppose we should start by transferring your powers into me!” Lu screamed as she flipped a switch and a cycling current of electricity shot between the two of them.

Lu began laughing an evil laugh that echoed through the facility as Kate’s breasts became smaller and Lu’s became humongous. Lu’s lab coat was smoldering and her massive Asian titties portuded out of them like torpedoes. Lu ripped open her lab coat revealing her new super endowments.

You shall be the first to taste the power that is so rightfully mine.” Lu screamed as she grabbed Kate’s head and smothered her with her massive titties.

“So, where shall we start?” Kate asked again.

Lu snapped out of her daydream and back to reality. “I guess we should start by testing your invulnerability.” she suggested.

Kate smiled politely as Lu stared at her breasts.

Lu snapped out of it again “I’m sorry, they are just so incredible."

Kate looked down at her own chest and politely agreed, “Yes, I suppose they are."

She raised her brow, “So ummm shall we begin?"

“Of course.” Lu replied.



“This is Richard Juliani, reporting live for CNN inside the capital of Columbia.

8 hours ago, armed militants entered Bogotà in an apparent coup to oust President Vendorez.

7 hours ago, the President read a statement that the attempted coup had been crushed and only small pockets of resistance remained. What seemed like an unorganized and unsupported insurrection on the verge of annihilation has turned into a state of emergency for the nation of Columbia.

We’re standing only 5 miles from the actual fighting, but you can see buildings burning and debris flying into the air from where we are.”



Aleesha killed 70% of the men she encountered, the other 30% after witnessing her beauty and power joined her. She walked on the President’s lawn and folded her arms overtop her ample breasts. “Come out, come out, or I’ll huff,I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!"

She could see guards aiming weapons at her through the windows and thought to herself: ‘Well, I warned them.’

Taking in an incredible amount of air, she gave them a few more seconds to consider her offer. Her chest was swelled to the max. She blew as hard as she could.

The mansions windows exploded and the front door shot off it’s hinges. Glass shot through many of the guards, killing or wounding them.

She walked through the blown out door. She used her x-ray vision to scan the perimeter and found the president sitting at his desk behind a locked door. She smiled and confidently walked toward the door.

She didn’t bother using her hands to open the door, her tits were more than sufficient as she casually walked through it.

The president’s secretary pounced on Aleesha immediately. Using a taser, she jammed it into Aleesha’s breast.

Aleesha smiled at her as the current of electricity was barely enough for her to feel a tingle.

“Are you having fun?” Aleesha asked.

The secretary, who was completely perplexed as to why the taser was having no effect, dropped it and slapped Aleesha as hard as she could.

Aleesha watched as the secretary clasped her hand in pain.

“I think you are wanted upstairs.” she said as she grabbed the secretary under the armpits and launched her up into the roof.

Aleesha looked up into the hole in the roof and saw that she had cleared all four floors and was now some where in the upper stratosphere.

“I envy her. I’ve always dreamed of flying.” Aleesha commented compassionately.

“What are you?” the president asked.

“I’m just a young girl. That happens to have the power of a God!” Aleesha teased as she playfully walked toward Vendorez.

“Are you going to kill me?"

“Of course not, silly. You can’t worship me if you're dead."

Vendorez watched her parade around in his room and couldn’t help but get extremely turned on. There was an aura about her. It was more than just her tight round ass, her firm thighs or that perfect bust. She was a Goddess and Vendorez knew it.

“How may I serve you?” Vendorez asked.

Aleesha giggled, it was less then week ago when she was nothing but a trashy whore, who hardly ever got noticed. Now the president was asking how he could serve her. A man with power now groveled before her might. The very thought of it was turning her on.

Aleesha told him with authority, “You will call a press conference. There, you will hand your power to me."

“Of course” the president agreed.

Aleesha pulled off her top “But before that time, you will satisfy me to the best of your ability."

Vendorez was more than content to comply with her wishes.



The specs for the weapon were already drawn out and sent to a manufacturer. Dwight and his team had been working furiously, trying and detect any flaws in their calculations. If successful the Government would have an effective weapon against these Supergirls.

‘hmm Supergirls’ he smiled at the thought of it.

He remembered when he told Kate to give the project a random letter or number. She came up with Project SG. It seemed so obvious now what her intentions were from the start.

Before he could get started, there were a few regulations that the government needed to put in place.

There would be no more human transformations. To ensure this, they put a sensor grid up, if there was so much as a microbe in the project room PSG would not fire.

They would be using antimatter in this experiment. 3 years ago they tried the same thing, the result was a blast that blew every scientist along with the entire facility. They masked it by calling it a pipeline explosion, a 10 megaton in yield pipeline explosion. Dwight grinned at the thought of it. Only the government could mask something so obvious with stupidity and get away with it. Not that he was complaining, after all it was his ass on the line. This time Dwight was confident there would be no explosion.

Creating anti-matter was not the problem. Containing anti-matter, however, was a completely different story, but PSG could change all that.

12 hours after they sent the specs for their weapon, the rifle arrived. Seeing no faults in their design, Dwight placed the rifle in position in the project room. He left the room and, moments later, PSG fired on the rifle. It was now indestructible and soon to be harnessing the power of antimatter within its firing mechanism.

The rifle was sent to a lab where they would activate an antimatter reaction within its chambers.

Dwight used PSG to enhance a bullet. Then he waited for the scientists to finish with the rifle. He reminded himself that if the project was a failure, he’d never know about it.

5 hours later, “It’s ready Dr.”

Dwight held the rifle. It almost felt as if it wanted to float. The amount of massive explosions simultaneously going off within the rifle chamber was enough to make Dwight’s heart skip a beat. He placed the bullet in the rifle and one his colleagues placed the cloth in position.

Now came the bigger test.

Could he fire the round without blowing himself up in the process?

Would the rifle kick back on him after being fired?

If there was the tiniest flaw in their design of the rifle and its ability to compensate for such power surging through it he would be blown to bits. He could have given the rifle to one of his lackeys, but he felt compelled to try it himself – it was, after all, his design.

Dwight put his ear muffs on and took aim at the cloth. He hesitated for a moment, then depressed the trigger. There was boom. The walls shook and the glass cracked, but the rifle did not kick back on him.

Dwight took off his head gear and gave his ears a rub. His head was spinning due to the incredible reverberation the rifle made. He put the rifle down and walked hesitantly toward the cloth.

Their design of the rifle was flawless, the only question that remained was did it damage the cloth?



Cam watched CNN knowing full well the president of the United States would have to address the situation of Columbia to the American public soon.

A revolution in Columbia, that’s not a problem. A revolution lead by one of the most powerful beings this world has ever come to know? That, perhaps, would be difficult to explain.

He knew how to deal with Kate, but the Columbian would be difficult. He leaned back in his chair and felt more stress than he had ever felt in his entire life.

There was a knock at his office door. “Come in.”

It was his secretary, “This came for you. They said it is urgent."

“Thanks Diane."

Cam waited for her to leave and then opened the envelope. He emptied the contents into his hand and observed the cloth and the round hole that went straight through it. Then observed the note and smiled as he tossed it on his desk.

*we can kill her*

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