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The Project – Part 11

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The Project – Part 11



Richard Juliani interviewed Aleesha live via satellite and the world watched.

“Where did you get these powers?” Richard asked.

“As a young girl I had dreams that I would one day be a Goddess, I have no doubt now that I was born with them.”

“And how do you intend to use your special abilities?”

Aleesha hesitated and then answered: “I intend to unite mankind and bring a new order to this planet.”

“You mean, unite all of man under you?”

Aleesha was starting to dislike Richard’s tone as she replied in a menacing quiet tone: “That’s right: under me.”

“You must realize that there are those nations that would resist you.”

“I’m counting on it, I think the world would love to see missiles and bombs deflect off this body, wouldn’t you?” Aleesha gave Richard a sexy pose and ran her hands down her firm body.

Richard lost his train of thought as he looked down at her tightly packed cleavage.

Aleesha continued: “I am willing to do whatever it takes to make the world realize what I am. I’d shoot my tits with that guard’s gun.”

Aleesha grabbed a weapon from one of the troops and fired a round at her breast. The bullet clearly made contact with her chest and deflected into the roof.

“And then flatten that same gun against the softest part of my body.” Aleesha cupped her breast with the weapon still in her hand, her breast was lifted but the gun was squashed.

“I’d blow a hurricane from my mouth.” Aleesha took in a deep breath and blew at the same soldier.

The soldier flew across the room and splattered against the wall.

“Sadly, however, in this age of special effects there would still be skeptics.”

Richard looked in shock, “You just killed that man!”

Aleesha laughed, “If simply me blowing him a kiss killed him, well then I suppose I did.”

Richard nervously walked with her outside the presidential mansion and there, on the lawn, he saw a solid 50 feet by 50 feet block of iron.

“Oh look its here!” Aleesha said with an excited tone.

“I don’t understand?” Richard asked in confusion.

Aleesha bent her knees and wedged her fingers underneath the iron.

Richard stared at her firm behind as she began to lift the 10,000 tons object. It looked as if she was having trouble balancing it, at first, but she eventually found it’s center of gravity. Richard watched in awe as the huge slab of Iron shadowed Aleesha’s petite lovely body.

“You see, Richard, the way I look at it if I don’t have an eyewitness account of my power, then I’ll always have skeptics.” Aleesha flexed her calves gently and she began rising into the air, “And the last thing a Goddess wants is skeptics.”

Aleesha rose to about 100 ft in the air, then arched her back and launched the slab of iron as hard as she could in a northerly direction.

Richard watched her float to the ground and approach him, “Where did you throw it?”

Aleesha giggled, “For all I know, the North Pole, but that wasn’t my intended target.”

Richard couldn’t help but mutter the words ‘this is impossible’ over and over again.

Aleesha smiled at him, “You see, this is just the kind of doubt I was talking about. So I’ve come up with a new philosophy: if you doubt my power, then you shall feel my power.”

Richard didn’t know what she meant and never would as her eyes sparkled a dangerous red glow and he was incinerated. The camera man caught all the footage before he too was cremated.

Aleesha laughed hysterically, knowing full well they would come for her now and, when they did, she would show the world who the new superpower in the world was.



Greg one of the directors in charge of monitoring Lu’s progress was disturbed by Lu’s order forms. She had the highest clearance, she could have whatever she wanted in less than 24 hours. Still, he couldn’t help but wonder, why she would need a shopping list of extremely lethal elements.

He took the elevator down to level 23, extremely anxious to get this issue resolved.

“Doctor, are you down here?” he called out.

Greg walked off the elevator and took immediate notice of how hot it was. He walked cautiously through the level, until he finally spotted her. Her back was turned and she wore the white lab coat.

“I’m afraid I’m in a bad mood” he said, “Lu can you tell me why you needed radium? Military grade plutonium? Cobalt mercury? Just to name a few.”

Lu didn’t reply.

“You are here to specifically the powers and weaknesses in Kate Hastings. It has been three days and you haven’t given me a single report. What exactly have you been doing down here this entire time?” Greg barked.

Lu slowly turned around, “Oh, just making a few improvements.”

Greg could hardly recognize her. Her black hair was in long pigtails and she looked much younger. She opened the lab coat, revealing her six pack abs and absolutely huge breasts.

“So? What do you think?” she asked him.

“What’s going on here?” a stunned Greg asked.

“I just felt I should make a few improvements, what do you think of the results?” Lu asked as she approached Greg.

Greg was speechless as she approached. Her breasts made contact with him and pushed him back to a wall. She pinned him there with her firm tits. Greg pushed his hands into her breasts to gain some breathing room, the effort was futile.

Lu laughed and took a baby step forward with her hands placed casually on her hips, the movement knocked the air from Greg’s lungs.

“Wouldn’t you agree that the time I spent was properly allocated?”

Greg’s face turned red as Lu’s boobs began to sink deeper into his chest.

Lu took another baby step forward and heard something crack.

Greg punched her frantically but the blows deflected harmlessly off her smiling face, “You won’t get away with this, Lu!”

“Actually you're quite right Greg, unfortunately, Lu and Greg died in a horrible explosion.”

With her tits still pinning him Lu turned her head and focused on some large tanks on the side of the wall.

Greg watched as two green beams of energy fired from her eyes and into the tanks. The tanks began to glow.

“What are you doing?!” Greg screamed.

“Don’t worry, hun, you won’t feel a thing. Me on the other hand, I'll feel everything in a way no one would ever dream.”

The gas tank blew, sending a wave of fire shooting at the pair.

Greg never felt a thing.

Lu, however, felt every bit of the fire caress her body like a warm shower.



Secretary of Defense Cam Kneiling entered an emergency meeting with the president. He got straight to the point, “One hour ago an object landed 3 miles southwest of Houston. The object landed with enough speed to blow with an approximate yield of a 500 kiloton nuclear explosive. The blast wave entered the city and Houston has been officially deemed a disaster area. In response United States has formally declared war on the nation of Columbia.”

“Can we do that? Wasn’t this act committed by a single girl?” an advisor asked.

The president answered “The Colombian government has yielded all its powers to her and her new administration. She is in control of Columbia. The senate along with the UN has publicly backed this decision. Now where’s my military?”

Cam answered: “Mr. president, we have one carrier in the Panama sea zone with another two that will arrive before night fall. 15,000 marines are already on route to our Panama station with another 25,000 arriving tomorrow. High level bombers are already on route into Bogotá carrying propaganda leaflets. Our armor …”

The President cut him off, “I get the point. So, the full brunt of our military is poised for a strike on Columbia. Can that force beat her?”

Cam looked over at Dwight signaling him to speak.

Dwight cleared his throat “We have developed, using Project SG, a highly advanced rifle. On our first test we fired one round into an enhanced piece of cloth. The bullet not only went through the cloth, but cut straight through our facility and is most likely leaving this solar system as we speak. On our second test we enhanced a dummy. Each part of the dummy was carefully made to represent skin tissue, muscle tissue and bone tissue. When we fired a round into the dummy the bullet, which was enhanced as well, wedged itself 5 inches under its surface.”

The president once again became impatient, “Can it kill her, doctor?”

Dwight paused and replied: “Theoretically, yes.”

The president shook his head, “I’m not interested in your theories, doctor, so I’ll ask one last time, can we kill her?”

Dwight looked over at Cam and then the president, “Yes, we can.”

The president stood up from his chair, “I have a press conference I must attend to. I want a battle strategy presented to me by tomorrow morning. I want that girl dead and Columbia under American control in less then 48 hours. God help us all.”

The president left leaving Cam and some generals to formulate a battle plan.



Vojtek and his men were assembled and were met by Jamieson.

“An emergency situation has arisen. The details are not clear. You men are going to engage in a war game brought down straight from the top.” Jamieson said as he handed a pistol and dark glasses to each of them.

Vojtek looked at the weapon, trying to recall if he had ever seen anything like it before.

Jamieson explained what the men were holding. “The weapon you have in your hands is a photonic charger. They’re prototypes. They use a high density yield of light to discharge a photonic blast. They are non lethal, but they burn like a mother fucker. So, try not to shoot yourselves with them. The glasses are too shield your eyes, even if these things miss you, they’ll burn your retina when they pass bye, so don’t take them off. Your target gentleman is Kate Hastings.”

Smit turned to Vojtek and whispered “Hey, didn’t you used to date a Kate Hastings?”

“Remember that girl that gave you a knock on the head, that was Kate.” Vojtek replied.

“Fuck, that was Kate!” Smit exclaimed.

Vojtek’s eyes caught her approaching “Speak of the devil.”

Kate was wearing a very tight full body rubber black suit. She placed her hands on her hips and with a sexy voice she said “Hello boys.”

Smit looked at her unbelievable body “Fuck! That’s Kate!”

Kate smiled as she watched every one but Vojtek gawk at her incredible body.

“So, am I dressed like this so you boys can stare at me? or do you have other plans for me?”

Jamieson glanced at her body one more time before continuing, “Kate is going to give you a five minute head start. Your goal is to shoot her once. Her goal is to knock you all down. Once you are knocked down you cannot fire on her and you will remain in one spot until the war game has ended or, once Kate is hit, the war game is over. Is that clear enough?”

Jamieson waited to see if there were any questions, “Begin!”

Kate approached Vojtek and grabbed his ass and pulled his body tight into hers, “I’m especially looking forward to dealing with you. I think I’ll save you for last.”

Vojtek showing no sign of pain, but most certainly in pain whispered into her ear “Kate, your breasts are going to break my ribs.”

Kate giggled “Awww did I squeeze too hard? sorry hun.”

Vojtek, a little embarrassed with Kate’s statement, looked at her and with absolute confidence said: “I’m going to enjoy shooting you.”

Jamieson shook his head in irritation, “Did anyone hear me say ‘begin’. Cause I thought I said ‘begin’.”

Vojtek and Kate exchanged a cocky look and then Vojtek and his men departed in a light jog.

Vojtek explained his orders: “Everyone spread out. I want a 50 meters spread with everyone watching everyone. Anyone goes down, you fire in that direction regardless if you see her or not.”

“Ummm, Vojtek, I believe Jamieson said something about a nasty ass burn.” Smith commented.

“He also said non lethal. Spread out!”

Vojtek had his men in the open, every man pointing their weapon at everyone else and they waited.

Kate used her enhanced vision and super hearing to spot what they were doing and listened to their strategy. She knew she couldn’t just approach them. She would have trouble dodging the photonic charges. Super speed would probably work, but they might get lucky. No, she would have to be far more creative. Smiling at her self and with the 5 minutes up, Kate began to sprint toward them and then dove into the desert sand.

Ed kept his weapon trained on the other men, still extremely confused as to how this extremely hot chick could possibly sneak up on them, much less knock any of them down. He never noticed the fast moving bulge in the sand that rapidly approached his position. His feet were taken out and he fell onto his back.

“Oh shit” he whispered knowing full well what was coming next.

Vojtek and his men fired their weapons into Ed’s position. Sand kicked up all over Ed’s body from impacting photon charges and Ed clenched his teeth in anticipation of being shot.

“What the fuck was that!” Terrance yelled.

“She’s in the sand! Vojtek, I think we need a new plan!” Smit called out.

Vojtek looked at the dunes of sand searching for movement.

“Clever girl” he whispered to himself.

“Vojtek, we need to get to that building over there to stand a chance” Smit yelled.

“We move, she’ll get us!” Vojtek yelled back.

“We stay and she’ll get us!”

Vojtek thought for a moment and then nodded to Smit.

Kate was 10 feet under the sand, using a swimming like motion, she positioned herself directly beneath Terrance. Whatever air she had in her lungs she blew upwards.

Terrance didn’t see the attack coming as sand shot up far into the air along with him.

“Move. Move. Move!” Vojtek yelled as Clay and Smith made a dash toward the building.

Vojtek covered them as they began running past him. He briefly waited to see if Kate would shoot out of the sand in pursuit. Seeing no movement in the sand he turned around and was about to make a sprint for the building, when he noticed Cly and Smit already lying on their backs in the sand. Kate’s voice was behind him.

“Well this was quick wasn’t it? But, be honest Vojtek, did you honestly think you’d win?” Kate said trying not to giggle.

Vojtek made no reply.

“Would you like to lie down on your own accord or would you rather me throw you down?” Kate asked.

Kate watched Vojtek cross his arms in contemplation.

Vojtek placed the pistol in position close to his rib – his light jacket concealing his movements. He turned his wrist and positioned his weapon roughly in the direction he believed Kate was standing and fired. The photonic charge cut through the edge of his own skin, ripped through his thin jacket and flew straight at Kate.

Kate saw it coming at her, but the particles of light moved too fast for her to make the dodge. The photonic charge nailed her square in the chest, the heat burned away at her shiny black rubber costume to reveal more and more of her awesome cleavage.

Vojtek turned around slowly and looked at Kate and then grinned.

Kate was furious with herself. How could she have let Vojtek win? It was a one in a million blind shot and she lost. She watched Vojtek approach with a grin she so desperately wanted to rip off his face.

“For your sake, I wouldn’t say a fucking word.” she said to Vojtek as he approached closer.

Vojtek opened his mouth to say something, but Kate immediately cut him off, “I swear to God, Vojtek, bite your tongue, if you know what's good for you. Don’t say a word. I’m fucking serious.”

Vojtek looked at her with the most serious expression and said: “You forgot to duck, that’s all” and then he smiled.

Kate’s anger heated her body. Vaporising him with her heat vision would feel so good she thought. Tossing him into orbit. Breaking every bone in his body with just her pinky. All these seemed like wonderful ideas, just not realistic ideas.

Vojtek waited for Kate to react as her menacing stare probed him. Then she did something Vojtek never expected she’d do, nothing at all. She turned and walked back to her quarters.

Smit patted Vojtek on the back, “Nice job, buddy.”

Vojtek ignored the compliment and looked at Kate walking away from him, “Oooooh, she’s pissed.” he whispered to himself.

“Okay, can someone tell me what exactly hit me? Cause I’m fucking confused over here.” Terrance asked still lying on his back.



Kate was about to enter her quarters when she noticed the commotion coming from one of the buildings.

“What’s going on?” she asked one of the officers jogging by.

“Everything is under control, go back into your quarters.” he replied.

Kate never bothered giving it a second thought as she opened the door to her quarters. She could immediately tell someone was in her room. Kate entered her bedroom and instantly knew what was missing. She used her x-ray vision to scan her quarters and spotted the culprit in the living room. Kate walked into the living room and was in complete shock as to what she was seeing: Lu had taken the Supergirl costume and had put it on her body, she stood there her palms on the back of her hips and her chest pushed out.

“So how do you like the new me?” Lu asked.

“Lu, what have you done?”

“I did what you did Kate. I did what any girl would do.” Lu replied.

“Okay, I’ve had a bad day, so I’m going to give you ten seconds to give me back my costume, or else!” Kate said with irritation.

Lu laughed, “Or else what?”

“Or else this.” Kate puckered her lips into a tiny o and blew gently sending non lethal, but freezing cold, air into Lu.

A layer of frost covered Lu’s chest making her nipples erect.

“Is it cold in here or is it just me?” Lu asked as she wiped the frost off the ‘S’ symbol stretched out to the max from her massive breasts.

She began walking toward Kate, “You know, I’m not a lesbian, but after watching you use your powers I found you very – how should I say – stimulating.”

Lu’s chest was now inches away from Kate’s, “Answer me one question Kate, since your transformation has any man touched you like this before?”

Lu gently squeezed Kate’s breast.

Kate gasped at the feeling of her breast being squeezed so pleasurably by someone other then her self.

Vojtek, oblivious to the situation, walked into Kate’s quarters and asked “Kate can I speak with … you?”

Kate snapped out her trance, “Leave!” she yelled at Vojtek.

Vojtek looked on in astonishment as the girl he wasn’t familiar with but in Kate’s costume feeling Kate’s breast, “Well, If there are no objections, I think I’d rather stay for this.”

Kate looked at him with irritation in her eyes, “Now!” and with that she blew a quick gust of wind at him that knocked him out the door and into the sand.

Smit just happen to be walking by, when Vojtek landed hard and only a few feet away from him. “What’s the matter, buddy? Get another blow job from Kate?” Smit asked with a snicker.

“As soon as I’m able to feel my legs, I’m going to kick your ass.” Vojtek replied.

“Awww, we could have had fun with him.” Lu said, her hand still on Kate’s breast.

Kate put her hand on Lu’s breast and couldn’t help but notice how tight and firm her chest was. That same Supergirl shirt that slightly flattened Kate’s breasts while she wore it, was doing nothing to Lu’s chest.

‘Could she be more powerful than me’ Kate thought. Placing her other hand on Lu’s enormous tit, she then squeezed with all her might.

Such a squeeze would have turned steel into butter, but Lu closed her eyes and let out a sigh of relief.

“Mmmmm that feels good, now let me try” Lu said as her other hand grabbed Kate’s breast and began to squeeze back with all her might.

Kate gasped in pain and let go of Lu’s breasts in an effort to pry Lu’s hand off her own tits.

“Oh what’s the matter Supergirl? Does this hurt?” Lu mocked as Kate fell to her knees.

“How is this happening?” Kate asked in a whimper.

Lu grabbed the back of Kate’s head and pressed her face into the mighty ‘S’ symbol which was now hers.

“Do you know how painful your little orgasmic scream was?” Lu asked while applying more and more pressure on the back of Kate’s head, “I thought I was going to die before I even got a chance of completing my experiment.”

“Awwww, are my tits crushing your face?” Lu mocked as she applied even more pressure to the back of Kate’s head.

Kate in desperation chomped her powerful jaw down on Lu’s impossibly firm breast.

Lu let out a scream of agony and threw Kate away from her.

Kate crashed through the wall and into the kitchen as Lu approached rubbing her breast.

“That’s the second time you’ve caused me pain, it would appear you haven’t learned your lesson!” Lu said with contempt.

Lu’s eyes began to sparkle a deadly green and then two beams fired out of them and into Kate’s body.

The pain was unbearable as the beams ran across Kate’s body vaporizing her black rubber suit. Lu increased the intensity of her heat vision and then fell to one knee.

Kate looked at Lu, wondering why the attack had stopped and then noticed something. Lu’s breasts, that once relentlessly protruded out of the Supergirl costume, were now being tamed and flattened by that same costume. Feeling more confident and understanding what was taking place Kate stood up.

Lu, seeing Kate standing up after her relentless attack, grew even more angry and, again, released the full fury of her heat vision on Kate.

It hurt at first, but not nearly as it did the first time. As Lu continued firing her laser vision her breasts flattened some more.

Seeing her attack was no longer having the desired effect, Lu ran up to Kate and slapped her. The slap sent out a concussion wave that blew every window in Kate’s quarters, but Kate stood her ground.

Lu slapped her again and again and, with each attack, Lu became weaker and weaker.

Finally an infuriated Kate caught her wrist.

“It would seem the difference between my powers and yours is permanence. Now, bitch, I’m going to make you pay.” Kate said as the anger within her boiled over.

Lu in desperation reached underneath her costume for the second pill.

Kate squeezed her wrist and Lu dropped the pill onto the floor.

Without a second thought Kate grabbed Lu by the back of her head and pressed her face into her magnificent chest.

Lu, in panic, bit as hard as she could but the smooth firm flesh slid between her teeth.

Kate applied more pressure on the back of Lu’s head and there was a crack. She pulled Lu away from her body.

Lu was still alive but Kate’s tits had obviously broken her nose.  Lu tried to speak but gasped for air. She desperately tried to remove the Supergirl costume that had completely flattened her chest and was now crushing her ribs

Kate, no longer angry, now felt sorry for her, as the shirt began to overpower Lu’s body, which fully deprived of any power.



Kate visited Vojtek in the infirmary, “How are you feeling?”


There was a brief silence when Kate finally spoke, “I didn’t mean for you to get hurt. I did it for your own protection.”

Vojtek smiled at her “Don’t flatter yourself Kate. You didn’t do this to me, and I’ll be out by morning.”

Kate showed signs of confusion and then asked, “Well, if you're not here because of me, why are you here?”

Vojtek, knowing full well that Kate was going to find out sooner or later, decided to show her. Rolling to one side, Vojtek peeled off his bandages and showed Kate the massive burn mark on his ribs. “Aside from leaving a nasty ass burn its also highly infectious, hence the iv.”

Kate smiled and rolled her eyes, “You're such an idiot.” she said and then kissed Vojtek on his forehead and began to leave.

“Where’s your lesbian friend?” Vojtek asked before she left.

“A couple rooms down from where you are now, answering a lot of questions.” Kate answered.

“Really, cause I’ve got a few questions I’d like to ask as well.”

“Good night Vojtek.” Kate said sweetly shutting off the light and closing the door behind her.

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