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The Project – Part 13

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The Project – Part 13



Aleesha stood on the balcony overseeing the city that she grew up in, a city that was now hers.

There was a stillness in the air that made her stomach turn. For the first time since acquiring her God-like powers, she would face a formidable foe: the full might of the United States military.

What surprises do they have conjured up for her she wondered and worried, but not for long. She reminded herself that she could blow their infantry around like dead leaves with but a small puff from her powerful lungs. She could turn jets into fireballs with just a dirty look from her sexy eyes. She could toss a tank halfway across the world with her petite hand. At the same time, her body would welcome their arsenal like the arrival of a lovers embrace. She smiled, thinking about how the American soldiers would react when they finally get to see, first hand, bullets ricocheting off her voluptuous breasts.

Her super hearing picked up the sound of planes extremely high in the air. Looking into the sky with her enhanced vision, she spotted the squadron of bombers. At first she thought they were dropping bombs, but there payloads exploded thousands of feet in the air bringing down a seemingly endless rain of confetti.

Aleesha patiently awaited the small pieces of propaganda to land. One of the leaflets found its way to her balcony. She snatched it out of the air and read: ‘Bogotá is under quarantine. All people have to vacate immediately.’

She tossed the leaflet aside and snatched another one. It read something different and far more menacing: ‘Bogotá is under threat of immediate nuclear bombardment. Take your loved ones to a safe place. Leave immediately!’

Aleesha read the note and frantically wondered if this was a bluff. The thought of them destroying her city brought wicked thoughts through her mind.

Could she survive such an assault?

One thing was for certain: if she did, she would make certain every American city was laid waste even if it would take her a hundred years.



Wave after wave of fighter jets bombed radar installations, airports and military installations in every city except Bogotá.

Attack choppers moved across the roads attacking convoys of trucks heading toward their doomed capital

Tomahawk missiles hit SAM missile sites with incredible accuracy.

After 7 hours of vicious and constant naval and air bombardment, the ground forces began moving in.

Abrams tanks lead the 8 hour charge toward Bogotá, with hundreds of hummers and attack transports directly behind them.

Those villagers who came out to see the American convoy pass believed it was Judgment day, as the seemingly endless column of tanks and their chopper escort passed by with an earthshaking rumble.



Vojtek looked at the time and in that moment completely understood Einstein’s theory of relativity. He firmly ran his hands up Kate’s warm body one more and took notice of how many tight curves her super body had.

Kate moaned softly, as Vojtek squeezed her indestructible breasts and kissed her one more time on the lips. He ran his fingers through her silky red hair.

“It’s 4 am I have to go” he said in a whisper.

“You don’t leave until 6 AM.” Kate replied.

Vojtek put his shirt on, “It’s a long drive.”

Kate floated off the bed and towards him, her body slithered around Vojtek’s.

“But it’s a short flight.” she responded with a sexy voice.

Vojtek was once again amazed with her body. There were times he could have swore her petite body weighed a ton. And then there were times like this, when he could swear a feather weighed more than her.

“I heard about the way you fly.” Vojtek joked.

Kate wrapped her arms around Vojtek then hooked her legs behind his legs. Using a small portion of her flight power, she tripped Vojtek up and he fell towards to the ground with Kate still on top of him. She brought their decent to a stop inches from the ground.

“I’ve improved.” she said with a smile.

Vojtek moved her red hair out of the way, so he could kiss her once more, “I’m sure you have, but I’d sooner walk.”

Kate was surprised with his response and looked into his eyes. She giggled when she glanced through Vojtek’s thoughts, “Are you embarrassed of being carried by a girl?”

Vojtek ignored the question and looked at her seriously “Kate, I have to go.”

Kate floated them back up to an upright position and pouted, “Fine.”

Vojtek put the rest of his clothes on. He tried not to look at Kate. He watched her from the corner of his eye and almost smiled. She was truly happy and Vojtek was finally happy for her, but then again what girl wouldn’t be happy about being that powerful? She radiated confidence, brilliance and sexiness in one invulnerable tight curvaceous package. Even with her new powers – which Vojtek most certainly did not underestimate anymore – he worried about her. She was brilliant, but he truly believed there was a variable she didn’t see, a hidden variable that would ultimately kill her.

Vojtek was about to open the door and leave when he stopped, “I want you to do me a favor. I know you think that I’m being paranoid but, no matter what happens today, I want you to look after yourself first. Can you do that for me?”

Kate looked at him curiously. Still floating inches over her bed, she locked her fingers and rested her chin, “Awww, but did you know Vojtek, the idea is that you're supposed to be sweet before you get in bed with a woman?”

Vojtek looked at her, repressing a grin, then replied: “Could have fooled me.”

Kate raised her brow “If someone’s not careful, there’s going to get a major sunburn.”

Vojtek gave her a reassuring glance, “I'll see you soon.” and left.



Vojtek and his men arrived in Panama hours after the ground forces departed. They were immediately greeted and told to assemble in one of the tents.

Vojtek looked around briefly hoping to see Kate. He remembered his last night with her, how the entire time she was on the top, her powerful tits at times becoming too heavy for his mortal chest to sustain. He had to whisper in her ear that she was hurting him, without losing too much pride. He smiled as he remembered how she gave him the illusion of once being on top. That is, until his back hit the roof and she was floating 7 feet above the bed.

They entered the tent and were greeted by an old scientist by the name of Dwight.

The scientist introduced himself and then got quickly to the point. Vojtek and his men were given a rifle. The rifle looked like it was designed by the Russians during the late thirties.

Dwight explained: “We used a simple design for this rifle but, rest assured, it is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. There is only one simple rule when operating this weapon and that is always wear your earphones when on the battle field. The earphones will allow you to receive your orders and mute all outside noise. I assure you, gentlemen, exposure to the sound this rifle makes will knock your equilibrium out of balance or perhaps even kill you. After depressing the trigger you may feel disoriented, or get tremors in your legs and hands. This is completely natural. Please, understand that you are in no immediate danger and focus on the mission. One more thing, fire your weapon only at your primary target. I don’t need to tell you how much damage a stray bullet can cause.”

Dwight nodded to Jamieson, who took his spot, “Alright ladies, you will be flying in on 5 separate Black Hawks to the DZ. You will all be within a few hundred meters of each other and your target will be lured to you. The target Gentlemen is this girl.”

Jamieson depressed a clicker in his hand and an image of Aleesha appeared on a screen.

“Is it okay if we bed her before we shoot her?” Cly commented getting a chuckle by the other men.

Jamieson waited for them to settle before continuing, “I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to find your target and shoot her. Thousands of American soldiers are counting on you. Shoot her and this war is over. Dismissed.”

The men walked out of the tent and Vojtek walked toward the armory. The group of five gathered there and talked briefly on where they planned to go to celebrate after the fight.

Cly interrupted the conversation after having a revelation and pointed at Vojtek, “Do you know who Kate looks like? Jessica Rabbit in a Supergirl costume!”

Vojtek laughed and rolled his eyes.

“Well, she does have red hair and big boobs. Not to mention a Supergirl costume. You might be on to something.” Vojtek joked.

“How the hell did you land a girl like that, is what I want to know?” Terrance asked.

Smith interjected: “No, no, no. Vojtek was with Kate years before she transformed into an international sex symbol. What I want to know is: how the fuck is she still with Vojtek after he shot her with a high powered laser?”

Ed threw in his two bits, “Simple, he shot her with the laser beam of love.”

Terrance pointed at Ed and nodded in agreement, “Now, you see that makes sense. That explains what the hell John used to do in the pits of the pentagon all day. He was working on a way to get laid!”

“Or for a way for Vojtek not to.” Smith said getting a few ‘oohs’ from the crows.

A yellow alert siren sounded and interrupted the conversation.

“That’s us.” Smith said.

Vojtek’s stomach turned as the men departed quickly to their designations.

Smith put his hand on Vojtek’s shoulder, “You okay?”

Vojtek gave him a reassuring glance “Of course.”

“I’ll see you on the line. Let's send that bitch to hell.” Vojtek nodded and the two shook hands and departed.



Kate’s plane was set to take off in minutes, but she neglected to tell anyone she had any intention of taking a plane to Panama. She changed into her Supergirl costume and stepped outside her quarters. She was on the verge of leaping into the air when an MP called her name. Having her fists already in the air and ready to take off, she brought them down and put her hands on her hips and turned to the MP, “Can I help you?”

The MP’s eyes widened as he looked at her incredible body.

Kate didn’t have the time for him to finish fantasizing about feeling her powerful breasts. She snapped her fingers at the MP which sounded more like a gunshot.

“Can I help you?” she asked again.

The MP came to his sense, “There’s an emergency situation. You’re needed on level 1 immediately.”

Kate entered a conference room where she received a live feed from Washington.

“Kate Hastings, a few hours ago we picked up a cargo liner on route to the US west coast. We believe there maybe terrorist insurgents on that ship. We are altering your mission parameters and ordering you to intercept that ship.”

Kate looked at the screen dumbfounded, “You can’t be serious. You need me in Columbia. Have the Coast Guard board the ship.”

The Washington official continued: “The Coast Guard picked up a small amount of radiation on their instruments. It could be nothing or it could be a WMD. If there is a bomb on that ship, we’ll certainly need your speed to take down the terrorists before they can arm and detonate the bomb. Your presence in Columbia will be needed hours from now. Right now we need you to board the plane. As you are already aware, the bulk of our forces are in Panama. Our resources to deal with a threat of this potential are limited. The plane will drop you a few miles from the Cargo liner.”

Kate looked at him suspiciously.

“Fine.” she snapped, “I don’t have time for the plane, just give me the coordinates and I’ll find it myself.”

Kate was given the coordinates and didn’t bother to wait until she was outside before she flew into the sky.

Kate hit super sonic and remembered what Vojtek had told her about how the government would try to kill her. It made her furious that the government would even consider declaring war on her. She was a quite literally a Supergirl in a universe without kryptonite.

She calmed herself down by remembering that this could also be a major coincidence.



The first bombs hit Bogotá with a deafening blast.

Choppers moved across the city, gathering as much intel as they could and then came the first wave of Abrams, with Military Humvees in pursuit. They crossed 7 miles of plains before entering the slums of Bogotá.

They were met with fierce resistance. An entire army Colombian reserves swarmed the American convoy and were greeted by the booming sounds of 50 mm machine guns and 120 mm cannons.

Aleesha used her enhanced vision to watch the fighting. She watched the slaughter of her countrymen and felt pleasure.

Men by the hundreds rushed 50 mm guns and were cut down instantly. RPG’s and rockets fired from every slum at the tanks and Humvees only to have their positions marked and blown up. They died by the second, they died by the hundreds – soon to be thousands – all for her.

HQ watched the slaughter as their first wave lambasted the resistance in the Northern slums of the city. Then the inevitable happened and an Abrams tank was disabled followed by another. The casualty reports started to storm in.

General Horner watched all the satellite feeds as there first wave began to lose a small amount of momentum. ‘She wasn’t coming out to play.’ Horner thought ‘Then perhaps it was time to knock at her door.’

Two F15s were given new orders and broke off toward their new target. The F15s targeted the presidential mansion and fired all their missiles.

Aleesha watched as the missiles began to move in and smiled. The futility of their action amused her. She would rebuild the mansion as a golden pyramid using millions of American slaves and then she panicked: Arturo was inside the mansion.

Her eyes flashed a brilliant red as she intercepted a missile with her heat vision. She jumped off the balcony firing her heat vision and blasting the missiles to oblivion. She flew into the path of another missile and she was engulfed in an explosion. Still inside the explosion, she tried to focus on the last missile as it careened toward the mansion. She fired her heat vision once more, but missed the target.

The missile blasted through a window and blew.

Aleesha bashed through the walls of the mansion reaching impossible speeds in attempt to outrun the explosion. In no time she reached Arturo, who seemed to be locked in time. Grabbing him briskly, she used her body to protect him as she bashed through the walls of the Mansion as it blew up.

Outside the mansion she knew that he was dead even before looking at him. The blast may not have killed him, but her speed most certainly did.

Aleesha grinded her teeth and clenched her fists so tight they began to glow red. She turned her attention to the northern part of the city. She would make them pay, and pay dearly for this.



Kate landed on the deck of the cargo liner gently. She scanned it with her eyes in search of a bomb and clues of any kind of a conspiracy.

A terrorist spotted her and looked at her in shock. He observed her red boots attached to nicest set of smooth white legs he had ever seen. The short skirt she wore did little to conceal her firm toned behind. And those breasts, they almost seem to point skyward, their firmness was more than a match for gravity.

Kate turned to the man and walked toward him, “I suppose you wouldn’t happen to know where I can find a bomb on board this ship, would you?”

The terrorist simply stared at the ‘S’ symbol of her chest as she approached.

She looked deep into his mind and found no evidence that he knew of any kind of bomb on board. She heard a clicking sound behind her and turned as a man shouted something in Arabic to her. She smiled politely at the man and in turn he fired one shot at her.

The weapon was fired accurately as the bullet went straight for her chest. The bullet struck the top of her nipple, deflected off it and pushed itself against the unrelenting firmness of Kate’s boob. The bullet popped up end over end into the air where Kate snatched it in front of her face.

One day – she thought – she might get used to super speed, super hearing and even super strength, but she doubted she could ever get over having super tits.

She reminded herself that she didn’t have the time to play with these men. Flicking the bullet back on the man, he dropped in agony as the bullet struck his thigh and went out the back of his leg.

She heard the man who first saw her motioning toward her. She turned her head and blew him a kiss sending him flying over board. She continued using her x-ray vision and casually dealing with attackers who seemed obsessed on attacking or shooting at her tits.

With every attacker that came her way, she scanned their minds quickly before dealing with them. None of the attackers were aware of any bomb on board the ship. She was about to stop looking when she finally found it.

It was in a cargo hold that she ripped open to get to.

She observed the bomb and certain custom modifications done to it. Weirdest being the tiny camera mounted on it.

‘Why would a …’ Kate’s thoughts were interrupted as the bomb activated.

She paused realizing that, if it did go off, there could be no doubt who the bombs intended target was.



Cam Kneiling watched the many monitors in the war room. The majority of them were satellite images of the battle in Columbia. Two monitors, however, were not and it was those monitors Cam paid close attention too.

He watched Kate look intently at the camera. It almost seemed as if she could see Cam looking at her in the monitor. He walked up to the monitor, looked at Kate with arrogant relief and whispered “BOOM”.

The screen turned to static and he focused his attention on the second monitor, which showed the nuclear weapon detonating into a massive ball of heat and energy.

Cam inhaled deeply from his cigarette.

‘One down, one to go.’ he thought.

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