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The Project – Part 15

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The Project – Part 15



Aleesha’s eyes ran up and down Kate’s dramatic figure. She briefly looked at her red boots attached to her silky smooth tanned legs, then the short skirt and the yellow belt – which wrapped around her slim waist. A blue, long-sleeved shirt hugged her body proudly, enhancing every marvelous curve. Her red hair draped around her petite shoulders and her sexy eyes looked incredibly menacing. It was the warped ‘S’ symbol on Kate’s fantastic bust where her eyes couldn’t help but settle on. She looked incredible. She looked so hot. Sooo super.

Even in Columbia they had Supergirl comics and, when Aleesha was younger, she remembered flipping through a few issues but, ever in her wildest dreams, she had ever thought that she would become a super girl or for that matter be confronted by one.

For the first time since acquiring her powers Aleesha felt jealous. Jealous of the redhead’s incredible breasts, even though her own breasts would rival those. Perhaps it was the shirt, after all it was she who was the one true Supergirl.

Aleesha crossed her arms over her exposed breasts, causing them to spill slightly over her forearms, and contemplated using her super speed to rip off the shirt and put it on the rightful owner; or perhaps giving the redhead a big hug, then she would see for herself how much more dominate her own tits were. She decided to do neither.

Her eyes flashed and a radiant beam of heat and light streaked toward Kate. It was a low intensity strike, but she imagined that the beams would melt away the costume and burn into the redhead’s full shapely breasts.The beams did no such thing.

Kate looked down at the spot on her breasts the Colombian fired upon. She barely felt the heat and a false sense of confidence overwhelmed her. She began moving toward the Colombian and, as she did, Aleesha increased the intensity of her heat vision. Kate walked into the nuclear light showing more sign of irritation then pain. Her breasts were dimpled deeply by the two beams and her chest was glowing brightly. She stopped her advance when she stood less than a yard away from Aleesha.

Aleesha swallowed hard. A part of her felt terrified, a part of her felt aroused.

Kate’s soft hands reached out and caressed Aleesha’s hips, moved up her ribs and now her hands were under Aleesha’s armpits. Kate’s touch was gentle and it sent a chill up Aleesha’s body.

Aleesha closed her eyes and pushed out her chest offering them in all their glory to Kate.

Kate’s soft caress now turned into a vicious grip snapping Aleesha out of her daze. Kate launched Aleesha into the air. Only 50 feet into the air Aleesha used her flight powers to stop her ascent.

As fast as Kate could fly, she rocketed into Aleesha.

Partially hit in her shoulder, Aleesha spun wildly like a top in midair, before descending to the ground.

Kate pounced on Aleesha again at super speed. Her petite hands clasped themselves around Aleesha’s neck and she squeezed as hard as she possibly could. Using her flight power and her powerful arms she pulled a stunned Aleesha into the air.

Kate hoped to hear the snap of the Colombian’s neck, but knew that was highly improbable. There had to be a fast way of neutralizing her, and she had to find it.



Aleesha was choking as she attempted to pry the Supergirl’s hands from around her neck. She looked into the redhead's hateful eyes and began to panic. With all the power she could muster, she could not remove the redhead’s hands from around her neck. In a desperate effort Aleesha brought her boot back and as hard as she possibly could, planted the tip of her boot into Kate’s crotch.

Kate used her flight powers to prevent leaving Earth orbit and landed softly, 30 yards from Aleesha. She resisted the urge to massage the point of impact and instead placed her hands on her hips and looked at Aleesha with a sort of smug confidence.

Aleesha returned a confident pose, but desperately wanted to massage her toes, which she could have sworn she had just cracked by kicking Supergirl’s pussy.

Again Kate charged Aleesha. Using her flight powers, she tackled Aleesha hard into the ground. They skidded for a hundred yards before finally coming to a stop.

Placing her knees on Aleesha’s shoulders, Kate sat on Aleesha’s perky breasts flattening them dramatically. Aleesha desperately tried to protect her exposed face by attempting to free an arm. With Aleesha’s head exposed and undefended, Kate raised her hand and then began pummeling Aleesha with all her might and speed.

Not being able to free an arm to protect herself, Aleesha braced herself for the inevitable defeat and a lot of pain. She tensed up and took Kate’s hardest shots to her unprotected face.

It was after the third hit to her face that it dawned on Aleesha: this woman didn’t know how to throw a punch. Sure, the same punches would knock tanks into orbit, but to Aleesha they were flailings of an unseasoned fighter.

Aleesha stopped moving and Kate looked down at her unmarked face. Her eyes were closed, but her face showed no signs of damage from Kate’s vicious assault.

Aleesha opened her eyes and grinned wickedly, “Did anyone ever tell you that you fight like a gir?”

Aleesha pushed out her chest and flexed her breasts, forcing Kate’s ass higher into the air. Kate’s knees could no longer maintain the pin and Aleesha’s arm broke free. Her petite fist lashed out and struck Kate in the abdomen.



Kate wasn’t ready for it and it knocked the wind out of her. The shock and the pain of the powerful hit caused Kate’s mouth to open.

Aleesha watched Kate, her hands massaging the place of contact and her mouth partly open. She grabbed Kate’s long hair and viciously pulled her face close to hers. Getting her wet full lips over Kate’s, she blew in her mouth as hard as she could.

Kate’s cheeks flared and her super lungs ballooned from the hurricane Aleesha was blowing into them and she began blacking out. Kate’s ear drums popped and began ringing, her vision went dark as she finally managed to break off Aleesha’s deadly kiss.

Kate pushed off of Aleesha and bounced back to her feet, massaging her temples with her fingers.

Aleesha was filled with new confidence and she floated from the ground and back to her feet. She brought her arm back in preparation for a devastating blow.

Before Aleesha was bestowed with superpowers, her thin arms could deliver a surprisingly powerful punch. Before she had powers, she was able to handle girls much bigger than her and this situation was no different. Since gaining her powers she never had to put everything into a punch, but that was right about to change. There was a deafening boom and it echoed across the mountains, as Aleesha planted her tiny fist into Kate’s face.

Kate stumbled backwards hurt and confused. At first she couldn’t understand how the tide could possibly be turning. She had the same powers Aleesha had. More even! She had been nuked only hours ago and her body still showed signs of the extra muscle, far more muscle than Aleesha’s anyway. Then it dawned on her: she had never been in a fight in her entire life, while Aleesha had probably fought all the time. Aleesha could utilize every punch, deliver more power with every connection then Kate could ever dream. Kate became worried, if she was going to have a chance she had to learn how to throw a punch and quickly.

Aleesha zipped over to Kate at incredible speed and planted her elbow into Kate’s cheek, rattling her jaw and disorientating her mind.

Kate swung into thin air as Aleesha quickly got behind her. Kate tried to turn to her but felt she was being held in place.

Holding on to Kate’s cape Aleesha’s lips homed in on Kate’s ear and whispered: “Wanna know why Supergirls should never wear capes?”

With that Aleesha pulled Kate into the air with a firm grip on the top of her cape.

Kate gasped as she felt defenseless, her red boots a good 12 inches off the ground.

Aleesha began to twirl Kate in a circle, at first slowly and then as fast as her super speed would allow. Feeling that she could not spin Kate any faster she smashed her into the ground.

The ground shook violently as Kate’s slender body slammed into it. The only thing that prevented Kate from dropping thousand of feet into the earth was the tight grip Aleesha still had on her cape.

Kate, in too much pain to continue, began crawling away from Aleesha.

Aleesha held on to the cape as if it was a lash. She looked at Kate’s perfect ass as she crawled and couldn’t help but admire how good it looked, she wondered if her own ass looked so good … so hot. The thought gave Aleesha a wicked idea. Her eyes flashed and two magnificent beams of energy fired into Kate’s swaying buttocks.

Kate’s red panties began glowing as the tremendous amount of heat bombarded it.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you have the hottest ass on the planet?” Aleesha commented with a giggle, still firing the intense heat from her sexy eyes.

The pain was more annoying and humiliating than anything else. Kate turned around hard and fast forcing the cape out of Aleesha’s hands then gave her a dose of her own heat vision. The blast of heat from Kate’s concentrated eyes fired into Aleesha’s smiling face.

Aleesha grabbed her face in pain.

This was Kate’s only chance to turn the tide and she began getting back up.

Aleesha snapped out of the distraction quickly and planted her knee high black boot square on the ‘S’ symbol of Kate’s magnificent chest.

Kate’s breasts compressed hard into her own body and she catapulted backwards through the open fields over a dense jungle and into a mountain.

Aleesha smiled as an idea formed, every punch she landed on the Supergirl did not come without a price. Her fists were glowing and felt swollen. Her toes were still feeling the effect from kicking her in the crotch. However, hitting her soft breasts did not hurt and was an effective means of causing pain to the Supergirl.



Kate was becoming more and more frustrated as she pulled herself out of the rock wall. She was massaging her sore breasts when Aleesha dropped in on her.

Aleesha had taken to the air and it took only a few moments for her to find the Supergirl. Dropping feet first – faster than supersonic – her knee high boots landed on the back of Kate’s head driving it hard into the stoney ground. Aleesha grabbed her hand full of the Supergirl’s red hair and pulled her face out of the granite and stood her up.

Kate was wobbling and obviously disorientated.

Aleesha lined Kate up with no resistance. With super speed Aleesha began pounding away at Kate’s large round breasts. Kate’s breasts bounced wildly within the confines of her tight shirt as Aleesha’s fists worked them over. Aleesha laughed as she did it, she could do this all day, she thought. Kate’s head went limp and her body was motionless and she fell unconscious. Feeling it was time to end this Aleesha grabbed Kate’s throat and planned to hurl her towards the sun. But before she did she looked at the Supergirl one more time.

The beating she had received was colossal, but her face remained unblemished. Aleesha’s eyes scanned Kate’s body. Her x-ray vision could not penetrate Kate’s body, but she could almost see the power that coursed through her.

Becoming more curious with the Supergirl’s body she concentrated her x-ray vision even harder. Something far stronger than an x-ray emitted from Aleesha’s eyes and moved up and down Kate’s impressive chest. All of the flow of energy seemed to be going from her breasts to the rest of her body.

Wondering if the tight blue shirt was somehow interfering with her super vision, Aleesha tucked her small hands under the yellow belt and pulled the tight, long-sleeved shirt over Kate’s fantastic breasts. She placed her hands delicately on the Supergirl’s full breasts and watched the energies inside of them, as she squeezed them frivolously. The energies seemed to move to Aleesha’s hands. Almost as if they wanted to come to her.

Becoming more interested in her experiment, Aleesha rubbed her thumbs on Kate’s nipples and in moments the nipples became hard. Aleesha smiled as the energies piled up behind Supergirl’s engorged nipples. The Supergirl’s breasts became warmer perhaps even fuller.

‘So much power …’ she thought.

Aleesha didn’t know why or how, but for some reason felt that she could have the redhead's powers. Taking her own firm, round, Latino breasts she lined her dark nipples up with Supergirl’s. As their nipples touched, a red spark fired between them.

Aleesha gasped in pleasure and then another spark hit her nipple, this time from the other breast. Then what could only be described as a series of bright multi colored tiny bolts of lightning fired from Kate’s erect nipples and into Aleesha’s.

“Oh Dios mio! [Oh my God!]” Aleesha screamed in her native tongue as the strikes intensified making her breasts that much fuller and turning Kate’s well toned body back the way it was before the nuclear blast.

Aleesha swallowed hard, as she began to be overtaken by the arousal. She grinded her pussy on Kate’s pelvis and rubbed her tits firmly over Kate’s. Her hands found their way to Kate’s back and she squeezed Kate in to her. Their breasts compressed into each others with unimaginable force.

At first it was Aleesha’s breasts which seemed to compress and yield to Kate’s endowments. Power was streamlining into Aleesha’s body at an intense rate now, to her it was like a drug. More powerful than ecstasy, more wonderful than she could ever imagine. Within moments Kate’s breasts began to flatten and now yield to Aleesha’s ever firming prevailing chest.

Kate’s eyes opened and she panicked as she watched the Colombian bathe in her power. The Colombian’s breasts were now massive, easily categorizing themselves as double Es. Kate pushed the Colombian away from her and gasped.

Aleesha looked at Kate with a wide eyed expression.

“Mmmmm that was nice.” she said while making the motion to grab Kate’s smaller chest.

Kate was in panic mode and threw the most vicious elbow she could have possibly ever thrown into Aleesha’s head.

Aleesha looked at Kate in irritation. The hit was a hard hit. Not hard enough to hurt Aleesha, but hard enough to make her realize that the Supergirl still had vast amount of power left in her.

Kate threw another strike, this time a straight arm punch straight into Aleesha’s face. She gasped and looked in wide eyed shock at her aching fist.

Aleesha smiled at her, “Not so super anymore, are we Supergirl?”

Aleesha’s hands grabbed Kate’s hips and she easily pulled off Kate’s top.

Kate watched in dumbfounded shock as Aleesha pulled the big ‘S’ over her incredible endowments.

Aleesha loved how sexy the top looked on her. She proudly squeezed her impossible chest.

“Look who’s super now!” she teased.

Aleesha drew in an enormous breath.

Kate watched fearfully as Aleesha continued her inhalation of air creating an eerie whistle that could be heard for miles.

There was calm as the deep whistle ceased and Aleesha smiled at Kate. She puckered her lips and blew an inconceivable gust of wind at Kate. The entire jungle in the direction of her blow capsized, sending trees high into the air along with all animals caught in the wind storm. What almost seemed like a small mushroom cloud of leaves began to form as billions of them began to slowly rain down.



Kate took the brunt of it, as she was fired through and out of the descending jungle. She blasted through a burning Abrams and rolled to a stop in an open field covered with corpses.

Lifting herself up, she looked at the many dead bodies which surrounded her. In a way this wasn’t just one battleground she was looking at. It was the future of humanity. Aleesha would bring a new age of darkness and people would die by the droves.

Kate shuddered to think what this woman would do to America with her vast increase of power, much less to her. It was over and all she could do was wait for the inevitable.

Kate used her enhanced vision to look at Aleesha, she was still overwhelmed with her new powers and a new body. Much of the energies from her breasts poured into the rest of her body causing her muscles to grow. She began to take the form of a fully fledged fitness model and Kate couldn’t even fathom how much power she had stolen from her in order for that to happen.

Kate looked away, soon she would see her up close and personal. All was lost. Then Kate saw a familiar face. She never knew him well, but there was Cly one of the members of Vojtek’s team. His eyes were still open but he had been dead for sometime now. Their weapon, as she had predicted, was futile against Aleesha but – as strange as it seemed – she believed it may be her only hope.



Aleesha watched the leaves slowly rain down and marveled at her own power. Blowing a house to smithereens was nothing new to her, but uprooting an entire jungle, now that was something entirely and incredibly new.

She wondered how vastly improved her heat vision was, as she looked at the still waiting American army miles away. She was sure one concentrated blast of her heat vision would wipe out the entire regiment, but first things first.

She looked back at the redhead. She still had vast amounts of power in her and was still more of a threat to her then the entire US military. More of a threat to her than anything in this world.

She adjusted the ‘S’ on her oversized chest, so that it distorted evenly around it.

She smiled to herself as she said it in Spanish “¡Este es un trabajo para Supergirl! [This looks like a job for Supergirl!]”

With that Aleesha zipped through what was left of the jungle, pulling her fist way back and preparing to knock the redhead out of the solar system.

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