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Lord of the Blings – Part 1

Written by d_k_c :: [Tuesday, 06 September 2005 18:44] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 01 August 2013 12:07]

Lord of the Blings – Part 1



It was raining in Metropolis city which made Crystal all the more depressed. She was 23, overweight, with short brown hair and wore thick glasses. Never happy, she sat and fantasized about being someone different, anyone but her.

Often she would pull out the cheap amulet she had won at the carnival years ago promised to grant the user 6 wishes. Every time she put it on the wishes were different and every time they didn’t come true. She put the Amulet around her neck and strolled out onto her balcony into the pouring rain and watched the people below from her cheap 10th storey apartment. After a few moments watching the busy streets she stretched her arms in the air and gave out a yawn, when all of a sudden lightning struck her amulet. The amulet, which at the time hugged her right sagging small tit, instantly vaporized and Crystal was knocked to the floor with out even realizing what had happened.

She awoke hours later in a daze, not exactly sure what had happened, but immediately felt the throbbing soreness in her right breast. She closed her eyes, with the pain being unbearable, and massaged her right breast as she thought “I wish the pain would go away.”


The pain was gone. Crystal looked confused, stood up and began to wonder. After a moment she said out loud “I wish my boobs were bigger.” but nothing happened.

She knew it was too good to be true.

“Nothing but a coincidence” she thought. Not realizing that she was struck by lightning and feeling fine she went back inside and watched TV.

As Usual Superman and Wonder Woman occupied the news, she was so Jealous of them and all the other super heroes out there that she almost hated them. What would she do if she had that kind of power she pondered. Would she use it for good or evil. The thought of having Superman's power was turning her on and she started to massage her right breast again and thought “I Wish I had the powers of Superman.”


She stopped rubbing her breast, confused about where that sound had came from and feeling very strange but, once again, thought nothing of it.

It was midnight and definitely time for bed, she picked up the remote, pressed the power button and the remote shattered. The remote was old and brittle in the first place, but her imagination was starting to run wild. Had she gained the powers of Superman?

Pulling her fat ass off the couch, she approached the coffee table, nervously clenched her fist and after a moment of hesitation dropped her fist down. The coffee table shattered into a million pieces, most acting like shrapnel cutting through walls and sticking into the cheap carpet.

“No Way!” She thought as she walked into the washroom staring into the mirror.

She took off her thick glasses and, she was sure enough, her vision was better than fine, but the short, fat girl with small breasts and terrible hair stared back at her. She bit her lip in preparation as her hand cupped her right breast gently stroking it she said “I wish I was thin and shapely with beautiful long black hair and almost a foot taller”


In front of her own eyes, she thinned out and grew from 4 11” to 5 8”. She was astounded by the results: her body was great and without the fat her face was very beautiful – something she was now very proud of – her black ravenous hair came all the way down to her chest that, she noticed, was very flat. She began to smile as she, once again started caressing her right tit “I wish my boobs were large, perky, firm and perfectly proportioned.”


She was mesmerized, as she watched her breasts burst out of her bra and expanded in her saggy low cut sweater showing cleavage so perfectly proportioned and nipples, which protruded at least an inch outwards. They truly were perfection and she knew it as she took off her sweater and stared at them in the mirror.

She placed her hands on her hips and thrust her chest outwards closer to the mirror. They were perfect and she couldn’t help but grab hold of them and squeeze them with a force only Superman could rival. She knew she would never need a bra to support her D cup breasts. She couldn’t wait to show her dominance and beauty to the world.

She started contemplating how she would do it, but then realized that she wished only to have the same strength as Superman. Surely with his experience, if it came down to it, she would lose that fight. No, she could do better then that.

She thought long and hard and then decided. Grabbing her perfect tit she wished that she had three times Superman's powers without his weaknesses and the ability to know her powers.


The information rushed into her mind. She now knew what she was capable of and that brought an evil smile to her face.

She was almost ready to get started, but she knew she had one wish left and there was only one thing she needed: a sexy indestructible costume. Since it was the powers of Superman she had, she thought it would only be fitting …


“YES” she said out loud as she looked her self up and down in the mirror.

The Big red S Distorting around her huge tits and her red hot pants which hugged every curve of her perfect ass and her red knee high boots which emphasized her perfect legs.

She was now ready.

As she stepped out onto the balcony, looking down, she started to feel sad thinking that this was way to good to be true. Soon she would wake up, she thought. Only one way to find out.

Jumping off her balcony backwards she closed her eyes and awaited impact. If this was a dream she didn’t want to live. Then there was a huge crash as she opened her eyes she saw the remains of the car that she landed in.

Crystal got back to her feet took one step back and looked at her apartment 10 stories up. She placed her hands on her hips and, with a concentrated squint of her beautiful eyes, two powerful lasers hit the apartment, creating a huge explosion, sending debris and what little possessions she had up into brilliant fire and smoke. Crystal began laughing, which rattled the windows around her.

“I’m Unstoppable” she screamed shattering windows for almost a square block.

“We shall see about that” Crystal turned around only to see Wonder Woman with her arms folded compressing her generous tits.

Crystal in a blinding burst of speed appeared behind Wonder Woman who – with perfect agility, which surprised even Crystal – flipped in the air and at the same time threw her magic lasso so quick that Crystal in all her might could not dodge it.

Wonder Woman tightened the rope around Crystal, which was fastened securely around her shoulders and squeezing around her breasts. Wonder Woman approached Crystal with absolute confidence “The lasso is indestructible don’t waste your time struggling, You will tell me who you are and what you want”

Crystal suppressed a smile as she noticed even Wonder Woman couldn’t help but stare at her perfect tits in a costume so impossibly tight it could be considered a second layer of skin. It's been said that the Lasso had special powers, which made the captive tell the truth well Crystal already knew this didn’t work on her. “Well I guess I would be Super Crystal and I want to feel your tits”

Wonder Woman looked confused as she stood next to the roped woman. Her confusion turned to horror as Super Crystal thrust her chest out and took a deep breath of air swelling her super tits. The magic lasso did not stand a chance as it snapped and Wonder Woman stared in awe at the sheer might that was this young girls chest.

Taking advantage of Wonder Woman’s confusion, Super Crystal had an easy time taking Wonder Woman’s top off in less then a second and gently feeling Wonder Woman’s left tit. Then, with a fraction of her powers, she began squeezing it.

Wonder Woman let out a scream and started pummelling Super Crystal's boobs. They bounced from left to right jiggling to every blow, but Super Crystal just simply closed her eyes and moaned slightly. The pain was too great for Wonder Woman who started to plead for mercy,.

“Awwww what’s the matter Wonder Boobs had enough already”

Crystal lifted her shirt so both her breasts were outside her costume “C’mon give them your best shot.”

“Do you mind if I give it a try?” Superman said, he had been watching for a moment and was infuriated with this cocky woman.

Super Crystal turned to him with her tits still hanging out, she felt nervous, she pulled down her shirt covering her mounds and put her hands her hips and thrust out her chest “I don’t know Superman, do you have the balls?”.

After what Superman observed he knew that a little heat vision wouldn’t kill this woman but he wanted to humiliate this girl as she had done to wonder woman. With Super Crystal’s chest still thrusted outward, Superman fired beams of light at her chest.

Crystal looked down at her chest as the beams struck, it felt nice and warm but to a mere mortal it would have been fatal. Super Crystal giggled “Is that the best you got?”

Superman smiled as he crossed his arms and then, with all his might, unleashed the full fury of his heat vision on the woman’s chest.

Super Crystal was still smiling from his first attack when the second attack came, taking her completely off guard. Her breasts were compressed from the sheer force of the attack and they began to reach impossibly high temperatures, glowing a bright white.

Super Crystal was in ecstasy, she looked down at her tits with eyes wide with joy and pleasure, noticing that her breasts were getting bigger. With her tits diamond hard, having absorbed so much power, Crystal fell to her knees.

Superman was relieved that she was not dead as he watched the poor girl hold her breasts, which were glowing white hot.

Super Crystal completely removed her super-shirt and then stood up pointing her breasts at Superman. She grabbed her nipples with her thumb and index fingers and squeezed. Two white hot lasers fired out of her tits into Superman's chest, sending him flying back through the nearest building behind him.

Super Crystal walked over to a barrel containing cold rain water, hoisted it above her head and poured it on her super heated tits. She was engulfed in steam. As she walked out of a cloud of smoke, she looked for Superman's body which, to her surprise, was not there.

Superman attacked her from behind at full speed, launching the hardest kick he could muster at the girl's petite, tight ass, hoping to send her into orbit.


Super Crystal hardly moved as Superman's foot of steel broke on something much firmer. She adjusted her hot pants and turned around “Well there you are, I was looking all over for you!”.

Never in Superman's life had he broke any bones everything else was simply much softer then him. Everything but this girls ass that is. Super Crystal picked up Superman by the back of his pants.

“You know I was going to use you as a dildo after you got me so hot but I figured the pleasure would be all yours, but I will give you something to remember me by.”

Super Crystal grabbed Superman's hands and forced them up to her tits and then she started compressing Superman's hands into them. At first they were soft and then there was no movement. Superman's hands started snapping and he started screaming.

“I’m going to do what I want! When I want! Whenever I want! Consider this a warning or next time it will be your face inside my tits!” and with that she let him go and he fell to his knees cradling his hand.

She walked behind him and wound up and unleashed a furious kick into Superman's ass, sending him into orbit.

Super Crystal picked up her tight blue shirt and put it on. She reflected on what just the few minutes had been like and pondered what to do next. She remembered a bar she went to a few weeks ago that didn’t let her in because of a dress code, but she knew it was because she was fat and ugly. Well, it was most certainly payback time, as the dark-haired beauty jumped into the air and started flying towards her next target.

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