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Lord of the Blings – Part 2

Written by d_k_c :: [Tuesday, 06 September 2005 18:52] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 01 August 2013 12:05]

Lord of the Blings – Part 2



Super Crystal flew through the night sky revelling in her powers. It was 1 am and she still had time to visit the night club but first she needed to change clothes. Spotting a clothes store with her super vision and already picking out the clothes she wanted with her X ray vision she dived downwards and smashed through the roof setting off all the alarms. In mere seconds picked out all the clothes she wanted along with a cute pair of glasses. She ripped out a full length mirror then flew back into the night sky toward the tallest building. Crystal changed into her new clothes which consisted of Tight leather black pants and a tight button down white blouse which emphasized her perfect tits, she tied her hair into a bun and put on the glasses and checked her self out in the mirror. “Perfect”

Crystal jumped off the tower and flew in behind the bar as to not attract too much attention – that would spoil the fun. She turned the corner and spotted the line-up and the line-up spotted her. With her super hearing she picked up what everyone was saying about her.

Some girl looked her up and down and said “slut” Crystal was tempted to vaporize her right there but she held back.

Walking toward the entrance she spotted Ed. Ed was a good looking guy but, more importantly, Ed treated her with respect, which few people did. Ed was already looking at her when Crystal made eye contact and started to walk over.

Edward's heart started racing and Crystal smiled as she heard this. “Hello Edward” Crystal said.

Ed was too shocked for words, “How do you know my name?”

Crystal smiled again, “Come in with me and ill tell you all about it.”

They had no problem getting by the bouncer. Crystal simply told him what she was going to do and the bouncer was simply too dumbfounded by her beauty to do anything about it. They found a booth and sat down, Crystal simply smiled at Ed.

Finally Ed worked up the nerves “How do you know me?”

Crystal leaned forward and said “Its me … Crystal”

Ed smiled at her, “I know only one Crystal and I assure you its not you.”

“And I assure you, it is me.”

After about 10 minutes of persuasion Ed finally started believing. “Crystal you’ve changed so much. How did this happen?… Surgery?”

Crystal started to giggle “I’ve changed more then you can possibly dream and as for surgery!” Crystal unbuttoned her shirt revealing her perfect cleavage “Do they look fake?”

Ed got an immediate hard on, which crystal could easily see with her x-ray vision.

“You can touch them they wont bite.”

Ed was more then tempted to start grabbing and kissing her breasts right there, but he found the strength to resist.

Crystal could see Ed was shying away from the opportunity because of the attention she was getting from all the other patrons. It made Ed very uneasy.

Ed shook it off “Okay so how else have you changed?” and in that instant Crystal was gone. As he turned to his left, Crystal was sitting beside him.

“Well for starters I’m very fast … ummm … I have super strength.” grabbing the corner of the table with her petite hand she shattered it in front of him “Pretty much everything about me is super.”

Ed was dumbfounded and pointed at her breasts “How about those, are those Super too?”

Crystal gave a polite smile and grabbed his keys, which were on the table, placed them in her cleavage and squeezed her breasts together.

Ed really didn’t know what to expect, Crystal pulled his keys out which were mangled into a clump of steaming metal “Is that super enough for you?”

Ed simply could not take his eyes off her chest after that feat of strength.

“Are you sure you don’t want to touch them Ed?”

Ed placed his hands on her chest and was amazed how smooth and firm they were. Although he could push them inwards several inches, after that it was like pushing on a brick wall. Ed caught in his lust started groping Crystal breasts and started kissing Crystals lips.

“Ed I didn’t say you could kiss me!”

Ed backed off immediately. “I’m sorry.” he quickly changed subject “So what are you doing here, I thought you hated this place.”

Crystal smiled “Well, that’s precisely why I’m here Ed.”

Ed had a confused look on his face “I don’t get it.”

Crystal stood up “Just sit back and enjoy the show.”

Crystal walked onto the dance floor and immediately the guys were all around her, grinding with her as she danced in the most sexiest way. Finally a woman approached her shouting “Get away from my man!” and with that she shoved Crystal as hard as she could but was unable to budge her even an inch.

Crystal smiled at the woman and shoved her back. She flew across the bar making impact with the wall and collapsed in a heap. Crystal smiled, innocent or not everyone in the bar was going to pay for making her feel like shit. She grabbed the two nearest guys and launched them into the ceiling, then she shot her laser vision across the bar incinerating anything that crossed her line of sight.

The bartender pulled out a shotgun, ran up to her and fired point blank shot into her chest. Her tits wobbled slightly as she looked at the bartender.

“It's far too late to try to please me.”

She grabbed the bartender's head and smashed it into her cleavage. Looking down at her spoiled blouse she regretted leaving her super costume on the roof.

5 bouncers charged her all at once. Crystal puckered her lips and blew them a kiss. The wind was simply too great to measure, the entire bar was moved off its foundation and the 5 bouncer were thrown into the wall and some even through it.

Content with her retribution against this bar she made her way to the exit, but not before giving Ed a sexy wink who was still dumbfounded by the experience “See ya around Ed.”

She walked out of the bar and was greeted by about 100 police officers all telling her to freeze and when she did not a sniper fired a shot. The bullet hit her in the leg and as she kept moving another shot rang out this one nailing her in the chest. Then every officer began firing their weapons.

To her the bullets seemed to move in slow motion. Taking advantage of this she started gulping down as many as she could.

After 2 minutes the captain ordered the shooters to cease fire.

She stood practically naked, her clothes now all but ruined. She looked with an evil grin at the officers who looked at her with lust and confusion. Once again she drew in a deep breath from her nose, puckered her lips and blew. This time it was not air she fired at them, but their very own bullets that she had caught in her mouth. Police cars exploded and officers dropped until finally she had no more piece of metal in her mouth to fire out.

The police officers regrouped and began their assault.

Getting hit with this many bullets was a treat for her. She embraced the warm tingles the bullets made when they hit, especially the ones that hit her erect nipples.

The police thought their assault was having an effect as they saw her hugging herself and then collapsing on the road.

As she laid on the pavement with her eyes closed and her legs spread, she enjoyed those bullets which attacked her sex. She opened her eyes after a moment and noticed a chopper directly overhead. Puckering her lips again, she drew in a deep breath, so intense was the draw of air that the chopper was being pulled into her. The chopper lost control and the police fled as the crash was inevitable.

First the blades of the chopper broke against her chest and then she was engulfed in a huge explosion. Her body tensed up, as the brilliant flames licked her body and sent her into complete ecstasy over the amazing experience.

Eventually Crystal stood up giving the police officers who relentlessly still attacked her with there ineffective weapons a menacing stare. “You dare attack your Goddess!”

She began to hover 5ft in the air and made her way to the centre of the perimeter, where she began to spin in one spot. Soon she was spinning impossibly fast creating her very own tornado. Police officers and S.W.A.T. cars were lifted into the air and thrown miles away.

She came to an immediate stop and brushed the dust off her hands and chest. Content with her work she flew up into the sky and quickly arriving on the highest rooftop, where she grabbed her super clothes and in a quick spin she was all set for more fun.

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