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Lord of the Blings – Part 3

Written by d_k_c :: [Tuesday, 06 September 2005 18:56] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 01 August 2013 08:55]

Lord of the Blings – Part 3

by DKC


Crystal reflected on the previous days occurrences. No one on earth could possibly stop her but they were more then welcome to try. She needed to reveal herself to the world and what better way to do it then to pay a visit to the daily planet. Making a grand entrance straight through the roof of the daily planet all but stopped there busy work day as they watched the woman with her arms folded under her chest. Crystal looked around smiling contently as everyone stared at her in shock “I'm here for my interview.”

After a few moments Lois stood up and bravely asked her to step into her office and Crystal obliged. Lois and Crystal walked into her office and Lois closed the door. Crystal sat in Lois's chair and the interview began.

“Looking at your outfit I'm assuming you are from Krypton.”

Crystal looked down at the stretched out S on her shirt and replied “I have the powers of Superman, but I'm not from Krypton.”

“So how were you able to get these powers.”

“I simply wished for them and it happened.”

Lois looked confused “So you wish for things and it happens, can you prove this?”

Crystal hesitated before answering. “I think I had only 6 wishes but you have made me curious.”

Crystal grabbed her tight blue shirt and pulled it off and set it on the floor.

“What are you doing?” Lois asked as she stared at the woman's perfectly rounded breasts.

Crystal smiled and replied “Go ahead and wish for something.”

Playing along Lois said “I wish I had hot cup of Java”

Crystal rubbed her right breast and said “I wish Lois had a hot cup of Java.”


Even Crystal was surprised thinking she had no more wishes left.

Lois looked in shock as the cup of Java magically appeared in front of her.

Crystal smiled contently “Oh, come now Lois you can do better then that wish for something else.”

Lois, still thinking this was some kind of trick, replied “No thank you, I have everything I need.”

“The way you have been checking out my tits I would disagree”

“I haven't been ...”

Crystal interrupted Lois with an evil grin and once again massaged her right breast and said “I wish Lois's breasts were twice as large and 5 times heavier.”


Lois already had nice breasts that weren't too large and not too small, her shirt before looked as if it was straining to keep them contained but now her shirt ripped down the middle in a feeble effort to contain much larger breasts. Lois looked down in shock, her breasts were huge and the sheer weight of them was already teasing her back. “Wow you look terrific Lois, no need to thank me it was my pleasure.”

Lois was speechless, but finally she said: “These look ridiculous on me turn them back to normal.”

Crystal began to laugh hysterically, Lois blinded by anger grabbed the lead box on her desk which was a gift from Luthor pulled out the green stone and threw it at Crystal.

Crystal caught the Kryptonite in her mouth and began chewing it and blowing a Kryptonite bubble. Crystal stood up from the desk “Well I guess this interview is over, I'll see you around.” and with that she put her shirt back on spit out the Kryptonite and flew out through the brick building.

As Crystal flew through the sky, she started contemplating all the wonderful things she knew she could now do. She could be ruler of the world, or for that matter the universe, but that would be way to easy. No she would take this nice and slow for now.

As she started flying over the ocean, she was hit from above sending her belly flopping into the waters. She was shocked at how hard she was hit. It didn't hurt all that much, but it still shocked her.

Crystal rose from the waters with her arms folded under her chest and saw Supergirl standing on the water waiting for her. She was wearing a short blue skirt and a tight white shirt with the Big S on her small perky tits. “I'm impressed” Crystal said “even your big brother couldn't knock me like you just did.”

Crystal then grabbed the sides of her breasts and squeezed them together “Care to try your heat vision out.”

Now it is not well known that a Kryptonian girl is about 5 times stronger then a Kryptonian male when she is fully charged, knowing this Supergirl winked at Crystal and said “You first.”

“You asked for it” Crystal Unleashed the full fury of her heat vision on the blonde girl's chest and after a about a minute was stunned that she was still standing. Even more stunning, her small perky tits were absolutely huge.

With all her might Supergirl grabbed her now enormous breasts and squeezed them with a force that could crush any substance in the galaxy, but was barley able to make an imprint on them. “Thanks, I needed that.”

Crystal still standing confidently replied “Ok, Your turn!”

Supergirl unleashed the full power of her heat vision on Crystal, but directed it at her eyes and, for the first time since gaining her powers, Crystal felt pain beyond imagination. She screamed in pain cupping her eyes, which she could no longer see through.

In a flash Supergirl attacked, unleashing a furious kick into Crystal's crotch sending her at tremendous speeds out of Earth's atmosphere and into space, where she attacked again.

With her eyes still burning and her crotch more than swollen, Crystal began to feel fear as she realized this girl may very well kill her. She put her hand under her costume grabbing her right breast “I wish that-”

Too late, Supergirl threw a tremendous right hook into Crystal's mid section. Crystal's hands left her breast to cradle her aching abdomen. With Crystal hunched over, Supergirl grabbed the back of her head, “Didn't anybody tell you never fire your heat vision at a kryptonian girl's chest.” and with that she fed Crystal vicious knees to her face.

Crystal was falling in and out of consciousness as Supergirl crossed her arms with approval. Supergirl casually floated over to Crystal taking off her tight fitting super top and then taking off her own, “I love your top, mind if I borrow it.”

Supergirl changed shirts and looked down approvingly at her new super tight blue top, which covered only her huge chest and exposed her belly. Her breasts were amazingly large and extremely hot, however she was still dismayed with Crystal's perfect breasts even she had to admit they were the nicest she had ever seen. “I'm curious” Supergirl asked “who's tits look nicer mine or yours?”

Crystal was in too much pain to reply or for that matter hear the question as Supergirl scratched her chin contemplating her own question and after a moment replied “Definitely yours, well suppose I can change that.” Supergirl grabbed each of Crystal breasts and began to squeeze.

Crystal cried out as she heard the crunch of her tits being deformed by the blonde girls petite hands “Please, I'm sorry. Please stop” Crystal sobbed.

Supergirl would have normally taken pity on her foe but after hearing what this girl did to her cousin and those people at the bar, never mind her dear friend Wonder Woman, she felt no pity for her. Supergirl's hands continued to grind Crystals breasts into nothingness and crystal finally passed out.

Still working on her breasts Supergirl spoke to the unconscious girl “You poor thing you didn't even pose a challenge, I wish you had twice the power in you then maybe you would have given me a challenge”


Supergirl was stunned by a right hook that caught her completely by surprise and actually hurt her as she was flung 100 miles away from crystal. Crystal, still unable to see grabbed her right breast “I wish I had my vision back” BLING. Crystal's Vision returned just in time for her to dodge a punch from Supergirl. Flying as fast as she could trying to buy some time both girls were confused as to where this new found energy came from. Crystal could see Supergirl catching up, grabbing her right breast again she said “I wish I was a Goddess a thousand times stronger then Supergirl”


Crystal stopped running and faced her opponent as Supergirl slowed and squared off with Crystal.

“Ready for round 2?” Supergirl asked.

Crystal more confident and more angry than she had ever been in her life looked down at her breasts, which were squashed and disfigured rubbed her right breast again.

Supergirl heard a >BLING< and was shocked to see the girls squashed breasts pop back to normal and her bruises disappear. Supergirl was even more shocked as the brunette still fondled her right breast and then the unimaginable happened in the vast distance of space, Crystal began to grow from 10ft tall too 100ft. Little did Supergirl realize that Crystal was not 100ft taller just that she was just that much smaller. Supergirl had seen enough to know she was in trouble, trying to make a quick get away but only to be grabbed by Crystals hand, Crystal brought Supergirl up to her face.

“Given the nature of your attack, I feel as though your punishment should be nothing short of sweet irony” and with that Crystal inserted Supergirl into, quite literally, a valley of cleavage and began to squeeze her breasts together.

Supergirl's elbows began to buckle, trying in vain to prevent the walls of feminine flesh from closing in on her until finally she was squished in between two giant globes. Supergirl's begs for mercy were muffled and ignored.

With her breasts squeezed together Crystal closed her eyes in satisfaction and then began rubbing her tits together up and down at super sonic speeds. The friction built up was far too great for Supergirl's invulnerable body and costume and she combusted into a puff of smoke. Staring at her naked chest Crystal wished for a tight fitting invulnerable metallic dress and made her way back to Earth.

The possibilities were now endless

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