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Lord of the Blings – Part 4

Written by d_k_c :: [Tuesday, 06 September 2005 19:03] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 01 August 2013 08:54]

Lord of the Blings – Part 4

by DKC


Returning to Earth Crystal realized that her power level was way too high and with a quick rub of her wonderful chest she decreased it considerably. Still she was confident no one on Earth would be able to even challenge her. World domination would be far too easy for her, one rub of her great breast would see to that.

She decided she would enjoy this slowly. She would punish all those who were mean to her and reward all those who were kind to her. Remembering her one true friend she felt it was time to pay her a visit.

Lisa awoke from her bed startled by the Goddess who stood at her bed side. She was beautiful wearing a skin tight silver dress with her hands on her hips and a chest that stood high and proud.

“Who are you?” Lisa asked.

Crystal smiled down at her “You don't remember your best friend?”

Lisa was confused by the question “I don't know who you are.”

Crystal couldn't help but giggle at her friends confusion. Lisa was a dear friend of hers and she was the only person she had ever kissed. “It's me Crystal,” spinning around in a circle she asked “what do you think of my improvements.”

Staring at her friends wondrous breasts she got out of her bed and placed her hands on her chest “It can't be, there's no way , that's impossible.”

“Trust me, Lisa, it's me.”

Lisa still transfixed on her friend's amazing tits and body she asked “How is this possible?”

Crystal began to giggle “Well sit down and let me show you.”

Lisa sat down wide awake now.

For the next hour or so Crystal explained to her passed adventures and how every time she rubbed her breasts and wished for something it came true and how she became the super heroine she was now.

The story turned Lisa on as eventually she embraced her old friend for a kiss.

Crystal shed away from the embrace. “Lets do a few things before we do that”

“Like what?” Lisa asked. She was a very heavy girl with very short red hair and a very podgy face.

“Do you mind if I make some adjustments?” Crystal asked.

“Really, you can do that for me?”

Crystal place her hand inside her dress and said “Don't watch me, watch yourself in the mirror beside your bed.”

“There's no mirror beside my …”


“… bed???”

Lisa watched her self in the full length mirror and then there were series of >BLINGS< and her transformation was in progress. Her red hair began to grow down to her lower back. Her body began to lose its mass until she was a very fit young girl with defined muscles. Her nose shrank and her lips became fuller, her waist shrank and a six pack appeared. Her ass became perfectly rounded and firm and then her tits started to grow bigger and bigger, until her pyjamas ripped and they popped out.

“I love it!” Lisa exclaimed as she felt her firm DDD globes. Turning back to Crystal “Thank you.”

“I'm not done yet” Crystal replied and then asked “Who's your favourite super heroine?”

“Well Power Girl I guess but …”


Lisa turned back to mirror and saw her self in a tight one piece white bathing suit wearing a red cape and a red belt with knee high blue boots and blue gloves.

Even Crystal wasn't immune to how beautiful she looked.

“I look just like Power Girl!”

Crystal smiled at her, “Correction, you are Power Girl but with three times her power.”

“I'm going to go now, but I'll return tonight. Give your new powers a try. We'll discuss if you need any changes later” With that Crystal was gone.

Lisa stared at the mirror, she was overwhelmed by her new beauty.

“Well,” she thought “time to show the world what I'm made of!”

She walked outside her apartment to the elevator and eventually she made her way outside. Men gawked at her as she stepped outside her apartment building and on to the street. She still couldn't believe her one piece bathing suit, which fit so tight, was actually restraining her tits from bursting out.

“Hey babe, nice tits, wanna fuck.”

Lisa always dreamed of having men wanting to try to pick her up. She always wondered what there pick up lines would be, but never did she expect a pick up line like that. It was rude and it insulted her. She walked over to the man and asked: “That all depends. Can you fly?”

“Babe, I can do whatever you want me to do!”

Lisa grabbed hold of his cheap sweater and gave him a wink. “You got that right hon'.” and tossed him in the air.

Not knowing her full strength, the man screamed as he zoomed into the upper stratosphere before descending. The feeling of power overwhelmed Lisa. After a moment she walked over to a parked car and, just for curiosity sake, kicked it as hard as she could. The car sailed into a building a mile away where it exploded. She was lost in her moment of joy to notice the police car pull up.

“Freeze bitch!”

She looked up at the officer pointing a gun at her. “Now that's not a very nice thing to call me.”

The nervous officer trained his gun on her but, in a blur, she was gone. While he tried to figure out what just happened, there was a soft tap on his shoulder. Turning around quickly, she was directly behind him.

Lisa watched the panicked officer pointing the gun at her chest and fire. She could have easily dodged the bullet but she wanted to know if she truly was Power Girl.

At point blank range the bullet nailed her chest making it jiggle ever so slightly. Her eyes widened at the new and wondrous feeling, the feeling of stopping a bullet with her huge tit.

In a quick move she snatched the weapon away from the officer. Pointing the muzzle of the gun at the bottom of her chest, she fired shot after shot until the gun was empty. She then squeezed the gun until hot metal oozed out of her hand.

“Now what shall I do about you” she asked the officer who was already calling in for reinforcements.

She stood there for a moment contemplating what her new body was capable of and how she would test it on this officer, when she heard a >PING!< The distinct sound of a bullet bouncing off metal. It was a bullet, but it wasn't metal that it bounced off of but rather her own ass.

The police got there quick, quicker than she had expected and more were on the way.

Pointing her finger at the officer on the radio, she concentrated and a blue beam shout out of it. The man – and the police car – exploded and she turned her attention to the perimeter that was formed directly in front of her.

Pointing both her fingers at the perimeter she fired shot after shot of lethal beams of energy and police car after police car burst into flames.

The Police returned fire and she bathed in a lead shower. She spread her arms and pushed out her chest to give them an attractive target. Then the shooting stopped and the police retreated.

“Awww. Where's everybody going?” she laughed and then was rudely interrupted.

“I told them to leave.” turning around Lisa couldn't believe it She was face to face with Power Girl.

She had always admired her, even fantasized about her, but never did she meet her. Lisa's attraction to Power Girl was more than apparent, as her nipples began to harden and point out of her costume.

“Oh my god! You're Power Girl! I'm like your biggest fan!”

As Lisa was in her rant Power Girl walked up to her and swung easily her hardest punch.

Lisa was too busy talking to see it coming as it made full impact against her cheek. Feeling a little discomfort where she was hit she massaged it with her hand.

Power Girl showed no pain although her hand hurt like hell.

Lisa was more then a little upset about her idol's attack on her and then Power Girl struck again and again and with each blow Lisa backed off a little. Lisa was scared, this was Power Girl that was attacking her and as she was about to make a turn and run for it when the realization set in. Although she was the original Power Girl, Lisa was the new and Improved Power Girl and with quick wind up she delivered a mighty blow to Power Girl's face sending her rocketing down the street and into a light post. Thrilled and confident Lisa used her super speed to pounce on Power Girl.

Power Girl knew she was in grave danger as this girl, dressed just like her, smashed her tiny fist into her body. She slid 50ft against the concrete and was hit again.

Lisa turned her upper body and swung her chest at Power Girl's face. Her head whipped back as if it was hit by a tonne of solid steel.

In a last ditch effort to save herself she concentrated all her might into the palms of her hand and placed them on Lisa's huge tits. The discharge would have destroyed a building, vaporized a tank, or even mortally wounded the man of steel, but all it did to this girl was make her tits jiggle uncontrollably.

Lisa didn't expect the attack and nor did she expect the attack to feel so damn good as she vigorously rubbed her huge tits and her sex.

Never before could Power Girl remember a time when she was so outmatched, taking advantage of the opportunity to escape she took to the sky and sped away from the city.

Lisa looked up just in time to see Power Girl getting away and became excited, standing up she prepared for her first flight. First running at super sonic speed she lunged straight forward with her fists stretched outwards. She was flying, but only 5ft off the ground and she slowly started descend until her breasts touched the pavement. 2 grooves appeared on the road for miles as her breasts tore into the concrete and then she crashed.

Crystal watched the action from the clouds above and became incredibly horny. She placed her hand on her tit and wished that she was alone on an island with Lisa.


“Where am I?” Lisa looked around confused.

Then she saw Crystal, who was naked, approaching her.

Crystal placed her hands on Lisa's huge tits and began to squeeze them and rub them.

Knowing she could do no harm to her old friend, Lisa placed her hands on Crystal's firm ass and using her new ability discharged a powerful bolt of power into Crystal's tight ass.

Crystal felt the discharge in her ass cheeks and the pleasure of it rippled throughout her body. Crystal stared down at Lisa's breasts and, carefully, she began to heat them up with her super vision.

Her boobs were glowing red hot and Lisa closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure “More More!!”

Crystal was overwhelmed with lust as she ripped the one piece suit off of Lisa and began licking Lisa's super heated breasts.

The two fell to the sand and for hours upon hours they found new super ways to sexually please themselves.

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