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Lord of the Blings – Part 5

Written by d_k_c :: [Tuesday, 06 September 2005 19:06] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 01 August 2013 12:06]

Lord of the Blings – Part 5

by DKC


Crystal laid on the beaches soaking up the sun. She laid on the sand completely naked and she traced her finger along her nipple. So much she could do, all she had to do was wish for something.

She watched Lisa who was now trying to master her flight powers but wasn't exactly getting it. Sure she could wish the knowledge into her mind but that would spoil her fun.

Lisa was rocketing straight into the sky at amazing speeds, Her fists extended forward in her rocky flight path. Trying to straighten out, she ended up doing a loop and rocketed straight back to earth. An explosion rocked the island as Lisa hit the beach head first at an incalculable speed. Pulling her naked body out of the impact crater she was met by Crystal's laughter.

She waited for Crystal to stop laughing and asked “Lets do something fun!”

Crystal looked her in the eyes “What do you have in mind?”

“I don't know, lets go to the Bar!”

Crystal smiled “Been there, done that.”

“Oh c'mon, me and you, it will be fun, all the guys will buy us drinks and I can dazzle all the men and woman with my impressive … Wits!”

Crystal smiled and she was about to refuse the idea when a wicked thought entered her head. “What would you like to wear?” she asked Lisa.

Lisa thought about it for a moment and replied “I don't know you think of something.”

Crystal looked at Lisa's naked body massaged her breasts and


Lisa looked at her new out fit and was a little disappointed. Jeans and a tight white T shirt. Granted she still looked hot, a bulky sweater and pleated long skirt couldn't change that, but she was disappointed in her friends creativity. “Oh c'mon Crystal, you can do better then that”.

There was another >BLING< and Crystal was in practically the same out fit. “Nope, were going like this, maybe well win a wet t shirt competition.”

Lisa looked down at her huge tits that protruded over her built but thin body and laughed at the comment “Maybe!!!!”

Crystal rubbed her magical chest and


they were in a back alley behind some bar in Metropolis.

As they walked confidently around the building two men blocked there path. “Hey ladies, kind of dark in this alley for two young beautiful woman such as your selves to travel alone, don't you think?”

Crystal whispered to Lisa “Let me handle this.”

Lisa stepped back trying to suppress a smile.

Crystal confronted the two built men “I'm pretty sure we can handle our selves, so move out of my way or I'll make you move out of my way.”

The two men laughed at her menacing tone as one traced his finger along her firm breasts “By all means, Make me.”

Crystal frowned as she watched the man tracing his finger across both her breasts dimpling them ever so slightly. “Firm aren't they?” she asked.

“Definitely firm but pretty small in comparison to your friend's tits, you must be very jealous of her.”

Lisa giggled at the man's comment and Crystal's face turned red with rage. Her tits were a perfect D cup just because she made Lisa's tits bigger than hers, it didn't mean hers were nicer. Placing her hand down her shirt she made a wish. She wished that she could control the size of her breasts at will.


The men stared with lust in there eyes as she rubbed her chest. Putting her hands on her hips she walked toward them and they backed off jokingly “Uh oh, I think you got her angry Sam.”

Backing them up to the brick wall she stopped inches away from the smirking men. “You wish to see big breasts, consider your wish granted.”

Using her newly acquired ability, she began to make her breasts grow with but a thought.

The two men stared in amazement as they watched Crystal's white shirt stretch to its limit and then rip down the centre. The men were too awe stricken to even move as Crystal's boobs touched their chests and pinned them to the wall.

Crystal glared at the two men menacingly as they began to panic trying in vain to budge themselves free.

They began to punch, kick and bite her growing tits in a feeble effort to break free and then there was a crunch followed by another. The men went limp as Crystal's breasts crushed their rib cages.

Returning her breasts to there normal size she began vaporizing there bodies with her heat vision.

Lisa walked behind Crystal and pushed her huge tits in to her back. “That was the strangest thing I have ever seen!”

“You haven't seen anything yet.” Crystal replied.

As she replacing her white t shirt with a shiny pink shirt, the two girls emerged from the alley and went into the club. Every guy in the club stared with lust as the two walked through. Some men were bold enough to accidentally bump into their breasts.

The two sat down and Crystal asked “Ok now what?”

Lisa smiled “Just leave it to me, and enjoy the show.”

Lisa walked up to the bar where men gawked at her. “So any of you guys going to buy me a drink?”

Crystal grinned as she watched Lisa down a few vodkas, obviously having no affect on her. She placed her hand inside her shirt, rubbing her firm breast and wished that Lisa wasn't immune to the affects of alcohol.


Lisa poured 9 shots of tequila into a glass, gave the guys that bought it for her a wink, and downed it. Lisa laughed asking “Are you sure there is Alcohol in this?”

Although she did not feel the burning pain of taking such a shot, she felt a little light headed. Shot after shot, drink after drink, in half an hour she was far past tipsy and straight into drunk. “You guys want to see something cool?” she slurred.

Grabbing her elbows and flexing her chest, her tits became larger and firmer breaking through the confines of her tight shirt. The men gasped as her wondrous breasts revealed themselves. Grabbing a beer bottle, she placed it into her cleavage and started applying pressure on either side of her tits. In no time the pressure grew far too great for the bottle and it exploded, dousing her tits with cold beer.

“Who wants the first lick?” she asked leaning back on the bar thrusting out her chest.

Men from all angles were licking her body and feeling what ever they could. The very gentle caresses she felt were starting to take affect as her nipples became hard and stuck at least an inch out. She watched the men groping her and she continued to drink when suddenly a blond walked by her passing her an evil look. She smiled at the very attractive blond and asked her “How about you, would you like to have a little fun?”

The blond replied as she walked away “Leave me alone you freak!”

Lisa became angry, she had been called freak many times before her transformation, she'd be damned if she was going to put up with it now. Standing up from her stool she concentrated on the blond with her eyes. Two deadly beams of light shot out of her magnificent eyes but missed the target. The beams found there were way to the DJ as he became a pile of ashes. The blond watched the beams narrowly miss her and looked back at Lisa in shock.

“What did you call me Bitch!” Lisa screamed out.

The bar shook as her voice boomed through it rattling the windows and deafening the men next to her. She began to walk toward the blond, but stumbled and fell down.

Crystal watched and laughed, she noticed bouncers running toward Lisa and the show was about to begin.

Lisa got back up to her feet and more hands were all over her.

“Ok time to go” One of the bouncers said as he held her firmly.

“Ok but first can I have a kiss?” she asked.

Before the bouncer could answer the question, Lisa grabbed the back of his head and gave him a great big kiss. The bouncer fell to the ground dead.

Grabbing two bouncers by the neck she tossed them casually into the air, they never came back down.

With one bouncer remaining she asked him “Do I really have to go?”

The bouncer stumbled backwards and made a run for it.

Puckering her lips she blew gently at him sweeping him off his feet and knocking him out against the wall.

The bartender pulled out a bat and broke it over her head in a futile assault that went unnoticed.

Looking now for the blond that pissed her off, she spotted her trying to make for the exit like everyone else. Using her super seed she went after her. Paying no attention to the bodies she slammed into as she ran faster than sound. She appeared in front of the blond. Not seeing her coming the blond ran straight into Lisa's tits and fell to the ground.

“I asked you a question!” Lisa slurred and pulled the blond up to her feet.

The blond grabbed a beer bottle from the table next to her and smashed it across Lisa's head. Having no affect the blond thrusted the broken part of the bottle into Lisa's chest. The blond was now awestruck as her attacks accomplished nothing.

“My turn.”

Focusing her heat vision on the blond girl, Lisa began to spin out and stumbled to the left missing her intended target. The blond made a run for it, Lisa turned to the direction in which she ran but her view was blocked.

Power Girl posed confidently with her chin up high and her hands on her hips.

Lisa smiled at her old icon but, before she was able to speak, Power Girl tossed a devastating right hook into Lisa's abs. The shock wave from the mighty blow shattered every glass in the now emptied bar.

The attack didn't hurt Lisa as much as it made her more sick. Lisa grabbed her knees and Power Girl grabbed the back of her head and fed her the most vicious powerful knee blows she had ever delivered. Lisa fell backwards onto her ass where Power Girl planted her high heel boot square into her chest.

Lisa slid on her ass across the bar through a few tables and halfway through the wall. Power Girl tried to catch her breath and as Lisa stood up. Her breasts felt a little sore after receiving the powerful kick and she massaged them with both hands.

Using her incredible speed she charged Power Girl, putting her shoulder into her midsection. The Bar rattled from the amazing blow and Power Girl was launched through the wall, out of the bar and into a parked police car.

Power Girl picked her self up from the remains of the police car and flew back into action. Flying inches over Lisa's head at super sonic speed, she reached down and grabbed her red hair. Landing behind Lisa, she used her leverage to catapult Lisa.

Lisa was taken off guard by the move as she was flung out of the bar and into a near by gas station. There was a large boom and a square city block went up in an amazing explosion.

Lisa felt that and it sobered her up a little, coming to the realisation that she may perhaps lose this fight. She picked herself up amongst the flames relaxed herself and took a deep breath in. In no time the flames were out and contained in her powerful lungs.

Power Girl was breathing heavy, having exhausted most of her strength on the smaller girl, but was confident that she dealt the final blow. She heard movement and, to her fear, she watched Lisa enter through the exit she had created for her.

Lisa blew out as hard as she could sending the might of the flames that she had inhaled, along with incredibly powerful winds, straight into Power Girl.

Power Girl stood there taking the brunt of the incredibly hot wind until her costume began to peel and her skin began to burn. Power Girl put on a brave face and walked confidently toward Lisa with her fists clutched. Power Girl threw the hardest punch she could have possibly have thrown.

Lisa ducked the punch by doing a split and lashed out with her two fingers sticking them into Power Girl's pussy.

Power Girl's breath stuttered and she grabbed Lisa tiny wrist in shock.

Lisa looked up at the stunned Power Girl her fingers still in her pussy

“Relax honey this is going to feel good” with that she concentrated her powers to fire a power beam out of the tips of her two fingers and then another one and another.

Power Girl's hips jolted with every blast until at last her body could take no more and she collapsed.

Crystal began clapping her hands catching Lisa's attention.

“And where the hell were you?!”

Crystal giggled “I was sitting in that booth the whole time.”

“And you didn't see the need to help?”

“You were doing fine!”

“So what now?” Lisa asked.

“This place is dead, lets blow this joint!” With that Crystal massaged her breast and >BLING< they were gone.

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