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Lord of the Blings – Part 6

Written by d_k_c :: [Tuesday, 06 September 2005 19:09] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 01 August 2013 08:57]

Lord of the Blings – Part 6

by DKC


“So what do you feel like doing?” Crystal asked Lisa.

“I don't know.” she responded “Lets watch a movie!”

Crystal began to laugh. “We can do whatever our hearts desire and you want to watch a movie!”

“Sorry, I just feel lazy today.”

Crystal began to think, and then thought of something “Hold up. While I work my magic.”

Lisa looked over at Crystal and there were a series of >BLINGS< as she massaged her chest. All of a sudden they were both in lawn chairs and a giant plasma screen rose out of the beach. Lisa looked at Crystal confused and then asked “So what are we watching.”

“A reality show, should be good!”

Lisa smiled but was very confused “I don't get it.”

Crystal leaned back on her chair getting comfortable and explained. “I'm giving one lucky girl the ability to be a Goddess, and we get to watch what she does. Well, all the important stuff anyway.”

Lisa looked excited “Who?”

“I have no idea, enjoy the show!”


Ivy Lee was on her way to class, she was 17 and the only Goth in the entire school. Not caring what anyone thought of the way she dressed or acted she was subject to the harassment of many students. Today she wore a long black, V cut, tight dress that had the students attention.

As she turned the hall, she was tripped by the bully of the school. Not prepared for the trip she landed face first. Every one began to laugh at Ivy, as she gathered her books off the ground, not noticing that her nose was cut badly.

Jake looked at Ivy's outfit and commented “Nice dress Flat-so!” And the laughs began again.

It was rare for Ivy to lose her cool, but for some reason she snapped and attacked Jake. She threw her hardest punch at the bully.

Jake saw the punch coming from a mile away and dodged it, sending her tiny fist straight into a locker. There was a crunch and she cradled her fist, which was definitely sprained if not broken.

Jake and the others began to laugh again. The bell sounded and the group began to disperse, but not before Jake gave Ivy a tug on the back of her long black hair, sending her onto her ass once more.

She sat in the hall way moping and in her anger dreamed of getting back at them. She was late for class now. She stood up and made her way to the ladies washroom to clean up.

As she walked there a girl passing by giggled at her “Nice tan Ivy, you must fake and bake.”

Ivy ignored the comment, which mocked the whiteness of her skin. She entered the ladies room grabbed a cloth and began to clean her face up.

Although she was very white and somewhat short – standing at a mere 5ft4inches – her face was very cute. She had a button nose, big brown eyes, and a flawless smile. A smile that none hardly ever saw. She had a small tummy, not fat. Not by a long shot. Her figure was very appealing except the fact that she literally had no chest.

She continued cleaning her face when she noticed her elbow. The black Goth dress was ripped at her elbow and she swallowed hard trying to restrain her anger. She was about to leave the washroom when she noticed a book that was left on the counter. The title appealed to her immediately “Would You Like To Be A Goddess”.

She opened the book up but there were no letters inside. No printing of any kind. She flipped through the pages and then words appeared “Hello Ivy”.

Ivy was taken aback from this and dropped the book. She picked up the book again and opened it, the words began to appear again spelling out the phrase “Would you like to be a goddess”.

Ivy waited for something else to print out but nothing did. She began to think she was hallucinating. The book spelled out “Well, would you?”

She paused, her brown eyes wide open in confusion and excitement. Finally she responded in a whisper “Yes.”

Nothing happened, but she continued to stare at the book. Finally it wrote to her “Hold the book as tight as you can. The longer you hold the book the more powerful you will become … Are you ready to begin?”

She swallowed in preparation and said yes. She held the book in front of her tightly and it started to turn a bright blue. Soon the entire washroom was alight, sparks started spilling out of the book. She was scared and wanted to let go, but didn't.

All of a sudden a continuous bolt of electricity fired out of the book and into her chest. Her muscles began to shake, but she didn't let go. She was swallowed by the blue light as the beam continued to fire at her chest making it tingle unimaginably so. Still she held on clenching her teeth as the beam striking her chest intensified. Then she could feel her chest beginning to grow. Still she did not let that distraction stop her, she continued to hold the book. The beam intensified more and the book became more and more unstable, making it almost impossible for her to hold. She shook wildly trying to hold the book, turning in a complete circles to tame its powers.

Moments later she lost her grip and the book flew out of her hands. She was breathing heavy and down on one knee. Smoke poured from her body and she turned to face the mirror. She looked the same height, same face, same creamy white skin. Except one thing, she now had huge perfect creamy white tits.

She looked at them with favour as they were still steaming. They were enormous on her small frame and her hands began to move up toward them. She grabbed them, her small hands doing little to fully cover them. They were huge and they were firm. Firmer then she could possibly imagined. She squeezed her milky white chest with joy and there was little doubt she definitely looked like a Goddess. But was she?

She began to open and close her hand, the same hand she thought she broke, it felt fine. She began to ponder how she can test if she was a Goddess. “If I was a Goddess I could break the mirror with the snap of my fingers” she thought.

Taking in a deep breath swelling her huge creamy white globes she extended her hand and snapped her fingers. There was a >BOOM<. Not only did the glass shatter but the entire bathroom shook as the stalls were blasted from there bases from the friction of her tiny fingers. She smiled contently and for the first time in a long , long time exited the room with her head held high and proud.

Tina was walking to the ladies washroom and stopped breathless as Ivy walked out. Tina remembered Ivy having a much smaller chest and, although she remained white, there was something about her that seemed to glow. “Ivy is that you?”

Ivy paid no attention to her, as her powers began to make themselves apparent. She was aware of everyone in the school, what they were thinking what they were doing. The walls seemed to be transparent and every sound in the school was distinct and understandable.

Tina asked again “Ivy is that you?”

Not giving Tina a look Ivy extended her hand outwards toward Tina and with a slight wave she said “shoo”

Tina was hit hard by some unknown force flinging her across the hallway. Ivy made her way towards her classroom. She didn't even bother turning the handle, the door was no match for her chest as the door burst open.

Everyone looked at Ivy in shock as she walked to the front of the class and toward the teacher.

The teacher couldn't help but stare at her perfectly round firm tits that wanted so desperately to burst from her dress. Ivy walked up to the teacher thrust her chest out and asked “You want to touch them Mr. Daniels?”

The Teacher simply couldn't help himself as he grabbed her firm tits with both hands in front of the entire class room.

“I never said you could.” Ivy said as her breasts began to illuminate and two bolts of lighting shot out of them and into the Teacher. He collapsed onto the floor, his hair still smouldering from the tremendous jolt he received.

She turned to face the class. “A lot of you in this class teased me and one by one you shall all pay, starting with you Jake.”

Jake still couldn't believe this was happening.

Ivy tapped her hips with her fingers, trying to think of a creative way to punish him, when she noticed a classmate try to make a run for it. She didn't even think about it as her deadly eyes squinted right as he made it to the door. 2 deadly bolts of light shot out of her amazing eyes, leaving only the smouldering shoes of her victim.

She turned her attention toward Jake. “Come to me” she called as Jake got out of his desk and approached her unwillingly.

Jake was inches away from her and, as she was about to speak, Jake began to throw a punch.

She observed the starting of the punch as it moved in slow motion. Her Goddess mind gave her about a million options of what she could do to him with her newfound powers. One of them appealed to her over the rest. She gave him the ability to throw a punch a thousand times harder and faster then he could before.

The punch was thrown and it nailed her square in the chest. Nothing on her body moved her round firm breast didn't even dimple, but the shock wave of delivering the mighty blow from a mere mortal moved across Jake's arm shattering every bone in it. He fell unconscious and Ivy looked for a new victim.

Her eye caught Sarah. Sarah never really treated her badly, but Ivy was always envious of her large chest. “Don't you wish your chest was larger Sarah?”

Sarah was too frightened to respond as Ivy slowly began to blow out her cheeks. Sarah's breasts became larger and larger and larger and, when Ivy blew gently, they blew and Sarah collapsed to the ground.

Ivy laughed at her craftsmanship as she twirled around with excitement and glee.


“You don't think you made this chick way too powerful?” Lisa asked.

“Well I never thought she could hold the book for that long.” Crystal responded.

“Jeez Crystal with that kind of power she could take on anybody, including me!”

Crystal looked at her friend and gave her a funny look as she moved her hand to her magical chest. “You wanna find out?”

“Oh no, don't you dare!, I mean it Crystal!”



Lisa was in her Power Girl Costume and exactly where she knew she would be: in the class room with the goddess Ivy.

Ivy looked puzzle as she appeared out of thin air. “Power Girl I assume?”

Lisa was a little frightened by the girl and instinctively she fired her heat vision.

Ivy watched the beams strike her breast, feeling their warmth she shook them so both would receive the wonderful feeling. With Lisa still firing her heat vision, Ivy commented “That feels so good! You should try it”

Ivy willed Lisa's head to slowly drop, the bolts of light cut through the ground and eventually targeted Lisa's own chest.

Lisa could not stop firing the dazzling light from her eyes as her chest became red hot. The room became searing hot igniting anything organic as her chest reached extreme temperatures. Lisa just couldn't stop and it was beginning to hurt.

Ivy stood there amazed that she could control the movements of this heroine with but a mere thought.

Lisa began to scream as her chest became unbearably hot.

“Oh you poor thing, is that a little too hot for you?”

Lisa was back in control of her movements and her hands went up instinctively to massage her chest. She screamed again as her hands touched her own tits.

Ivy laughed as Lisa's hands burned.

Lisa reacting quickly raced up to Ivy and grabbed the back of her head and smashed her face into her impossibly hot tits. There was a lot of snapping and crackling as steam poured out of her cleavage with Ivy's head pressed hard against her chest. “You like that Bitch!” Lisa screamed.

Lisa was shocked to discover where all the steam was coming from. Ivy was licking her impossibly hot chest and the saliva from her tongue was making all the snapping sounds.

“I like that a lot actually.”

Lisa backed away from the Goddess Ivy, turned around and bolted away as fast as she could. She didn't get far as she ran straight into the firmness of Ivy's round tits. She fell to the floor in shock.

“Where do you think your going Power Girl?” Ivy asked.

In panic mode Lisa got to her knees pointed both fingers at Ivy and fired powerful jolts of energy.

Ivy crossed her arms smiling as the jolts of energy caused no ill effects on her. Once again Ivy got inside Lisa's mind and took control of her movements. Lisa's arms began to move opposite of each other one toward her ass and one toward her sex.

“Don't!” Lisa pleaded.

With her fingers in place Ivy willed Lisa to fire. First her sex, then her ass. One after another, jolt after jolt Lisa shook wildly.

Ivy laughed as she watched heroines bizarre masturbation. Ivy looked on at Lisa wondering how much this girl could possibly take when her shoulder was tapped. Turning around she was shocked to see Super Girl or rather Super Crystal.

“You want to play with me too?” Ivy asked the super heroine.

“You see that's not such a good idea.”

Ivy crossed her arms “Oh and whys that?”

“Because I took your powers away silly. You obviously don't have the maturity to use them.”

Ivy's laugh was met with Crystal's smile.

“We'll see about that!”. Ivy swung her hardest punch believing that contact from such a mighty blow would destroy anything including the Maid of might.>CLANK< She grasped her hand in pain as it hit Crystals invulnerable jaw.

Crystal looked down at her friend, “Ok you can stop doing that now, you look ridiculous.”

Lisa didn't know who to be more mad at Crystal or Ivy, but being mad at Crystal would get her nowhere. She got off the ground and focused her attention on Ivy.

Ivy still was trying to figure out what was going on as Lisa approached her. “So you like hot tits do you?”

Lisa fired off a low dose of her heat vision at Ivy's chest.

Ivy felt her new breasts burn in pain as her dress began to melt away.

“Too hot for you, maybe this will cool you off!”. With that Lisa took in a giant gulp of air and blew it as hard as she could at Ivy.

Ivy was blown straight through the wall by the fierce gust of wind.

“Was that really necessary?” Crystal asked.

“Don't even talk to me!” Lisa screamed back.

Crystal began to laugh “Lets go back to the beach before the cops get here.”


They were gone.


The fire alarm rang through the hallways which emptied out the school.

Student teacher Lena Lane – cousin to Lois Lane – searched for any students that still might be in the building. She ran fast from room to room and then into the ladies washroom. The washroom looked as if a bomb had gone off . The dirty blond stood there in shock, looking around the room when she noticed a book lying on the floor.

She picked it up and read the title “Would you like to be a Goddess”.

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