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A Day in the Military Chapter I

Written by Camille Jones :: [Monday, 17 September 2012 18:33] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 20 November 2013 18:04]

A Day in the Military


Chapter I


By Camille Jones

(Author’s Note: This is the first in the series. Sorry that this chapter is a bit slow for now but I hope that it’s good considering it’s my first story! Thank you very much for reading!)


            The sun barely creaked over the horizon in the small German town, but already one of their residents can feel the wondrous effect the rays are having on her body. Camille Jones cooed softly as she stared out from the balcony window of her boyfriend’s apartment, seeing the sun rise slowly but surely. Soon enough, the rays hit her face as she gasps, feeling the radiation being absorbed and ‘recharging’ her body. She smiles softly, obviously enjoying the feeling of her cells starting to buzz with energy as her sock-covered feet are hovering a few inches off the hardwood floor.  She tosses her dark chocolate hair a bit, rich and vibrant and draping over her shoulders as her emerald green eyes seemed to shine brighter than the sun itself.  Her muscular and athletic physique is gaining more definition, straining against her tanktop while her pajama shorts barely cover her rather generous glutes, the tell-tale sign that her body is almost done taking all the radiation it normally can. As she finishes, she then remembers to start brewing a pot of coffee for her sleeping boyfriend.


            Though Camille can survive with only a few hours of sleep, her boyfriend Tom needs the standard eight hours. However, after last night’s passionate love-making marathon, she knows that the only way she can wake him up for work is if she brews a fresh pot of coffee and let the smell waft into his bedroom. Besides, now that her tastebuds are much more sensitive, she enjoys drinking a cup or two in the morning after she fixes it with a bit of cream and brown sugar.


            As Camille starts to make some breakfast, her ears picked up the zombie-like groan that escaped from her waking boyfriend. She giggles softly to herself as she casts a warm glance of her heat vision on the frying pan, cooking the bacon that is currently sitting on it. The chestnut brown-haired supergirl smiles at her improved control over her heat vision as the strips begin to sizzle correctly. She hears him shuffle in after he takes a trip to the bathroom, slowly but surely reaching for the pot of coffee.


            “God, I feel like a truck ran me over last night…” he groans before he takes a sip of his coffee. He did not care in particular that it was not fixed the way he wanted, he just needed something to wake him up. Camille just giggled softly before turning off her heat vision, giving him an apologetic glance.


            “Too rough?” she asked before she sees him nod faintly.


            “But it was most definitely worth it.”


            “Yeah, last night was amazing to say the least, but I’ll try to ease up next time...”


            She goes back to cooking, flipping the bacon over with her telekinesis as she then feels a set of arms around her waist followed by a kiss on the cheek. She then kisses him back, not breaking her glare.


            As Camille finishes cooking breakfast, Tom found himself to have enough strength left to set the table after he popped a few pain-killers. Camille then plates the food carefully, a healthy and hearty spread of eggs, bacon and her protein oatmeal pancakes for the both of them. While Tom sits down, Camille merely opts to sit cross-legged on the air right across from her boyfriend. As both of them dig in, they both smile as they continue eating. Tom is smiling because he finds his girlfriend’s cooking amazingly delicious yet he feels he can taste her essence in the food. Camille is smiling not only because Tom is smiling but she tastes wonderful symphonies of flavors that she has never experienced before her transformation into a supergirl.


            Finally, though it took sheer amounts of willpower, Tom manages to put down the fork for a moment.


            “So, what’s going on in the amazing world of Camille Jones today?”


            Camille paused, realizing that she did not mention her big plans for the day.


            “Erm, well….today, I’m going to go and finally figure out just how powerful I really am.”


            “Really? That’s fantastic!  How are you going to do that though?”


            “Well, someone from the United States Army cont—“


            “Excuse me? Did you just say the U.S Army!? Cam, I’m not so sure about letting the government testing you.”


            “I know how you feel, but I already went over a few ground rules with them. I’m not going to give them any form of ID. They are not going to collect any DNA samples from me and they are not going to ask me any question that pertains to my private life. They are only there to test how strong I am and how invulnerable am I.”


            “Right dear, but…”


            “But what, hun?”


            “I’m just afraid of you getting hurt out there.”


            She almost scoffed on reaction, knowing that there is nothing the world that can possibly hurt her physically, she just wants to confirm that for sure. However, she realizes that he is just a caring boyfriend afraid of his girlfriend getting hurt. She then smiles softly before she reaches out and strokes his hand gently. Her touch alone, even as simple as holding hands puts him in a sense of bliss as he returns the gesture.


            “Baby…” Camille started softly as she smiles at him. “I appreciate the concern, but I can more than handle myself. I mean, I can fly at supersonic speeds as if I was taking a jog in the park. My clothes tend to burn off when I go that fast but I'm perfectly fine." Tom's mind begins to wonder, imagining a naked Camille streaking across the stratosphere, perfectly unharmed and enjoying the friction of her speed and air rubbing together engulfing her in a fiery blaze. His mind then snaps back from that little fantasy, returing his focus for her saftey.




            Camille sighs softly, knowing that he is still not convinced despite her showing off her powers for him last night. She can’t blame him, that wild night must have rattled his brain a bit. To remind him, she decided a demonstration is in order. She then grabs her fork before she sticks it slowly into her mouth. Tom watches with his brow arched in a confused manner as he sees Camille’s tongue move around inside her mouth. However, when he saw the end result, his mouth was agape.


            Camille reveals her handiwork with a broad smile on her face, knowing she got her point across. The fork was now mangled in a small piece of art, the prongs completely bent out of shape and into the form of a heart. She then hands him the mangled fork as he stares at it almost in disbelief. Sure she performed quite a few feats the other night but knowing that her tongue is just as strong as the rest of her body is almost mind-boggling.


Seeing that he is convinced and finished with his plate, she calmly picks up the plates before superspeeding to the kitchen and starts washing the dishes.

            “Alright, alright. I don’t think I need to worry about you handling yourself out there. Just come back when you are done.”


            Camille giggles before superspeeding to her boyfriend, stopping just in front of him before giving him a kiss.

            “Thank you baby, and trust me I’ll be coming back as soon as it’s over. Oh, I forgot to mention one teensy-weensy little detail….”


            He sighed, “What is it now?”

            “I kinda promised the boys over there that I’ll put on a ‘performance’ for them…”


            “Define ‘performance’…”     




            He sighs even deeper, the tone of her voice giving away the hint as she then shrugs her shoulders sheepishly.


            “Don’t worry, they won’t touch me at all. Just a little dancing here and there and that’s it.” She says to him to which he just smiles and shrugs.


            “I’m not too worried about that actually. If you can trust me to keep such a big secret, I think I can have faith in you as well.”


            Camille then smiles before she kisses him on the lips, hugging him close and tight as she was ecstatic about him giving her his blessing. She did not check her strength, blissfully unaware of the sound of his rib bruising a bit.


            “Thank you babe! Trust me, I don’t want to mess what we have going up. I’m a one-guy kinda gal anyways.”      


            “G-good t-to k-know, now l-lemme go. Can’t. Breathe.”


            She gasps as she then releases her embrace before she blushes in embarrassment.


            “Sorry. Still not quite used to it.”

            “We’ll call it growing pains,” he managed to say after catching his breath again. “Now let’s go, we both have a big day ahead and I can’t afford to be late and neither can you.”


            They both continued getting ready for their day. Tom was in his business attire, a classic two piece suit that presented him as the gentleman that he is. Grabbing his suitcase, he prepares for another day in his office while Camille was getting ready for today. Her olive shirt stretches over her large chest, exposing a bit of her well-defined abs. Her tight jeans accentuated her wide hips and rear, though how she managed to fit her powerful legs into them is a mystery in its own right. She wore her military combat boots that reached up to her calf, giving her a bit of a tough look. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail, the logic behind is that her hair sometimes gets in the way during her flight.  Clutching her large handbag containing a few outfits to change into, she then heads for the balcony with Tom following behind her.


            “Alright, well I guess I’m off.” She says as she slowly hovers up from the balcony floor.


            “Alright hun, take care of yourself out there.” He says as he then leans up to kiss her on the lips. She smiles in the kiss, knowing that the taste of her lips will linger onto his mouth up until she arrives back at his apartment.


            “I will, knock em’ dead in the office today.”


            He scoffs softly, a bit resentful about his corporate life. “I will, I will.”


            “See ya soon!”


            With that, she then hovers up higher before she then flies up past the skyline. She turns around to give Tom a wave before she takes off in a burst of speed. Tom waves back as she takes off before he hears a faint ‘boom’ just beyond the horizon. He then sighs softly before he looks up in to the sky and smiles softly.


            “How the hell did I get so lucky.” He says to himself before he turns around and heads out the door, locking the door behind him as he makes his way to his work.

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