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Milena's Diary Chapter 1

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Milena’s Diary



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Monday 14th May 2001 - 11:00 am

The last few hours have been the most incredible in my life. I'm not through for today yet, but I just had to stop and write down everything that's happened because I don't think I'll be able to take it all in otherwise.

It started at four this morning when I was woken up by noises coming from downstairs. I knew straightaway that it couldn't be burglars: criminals around here wouldn't dare try and steal anything from Tony Alto's niece. It's an open secret that the new bridge just outside town contains the remains of at least three guys that got on Tony's bad side, and no petty thief would risk a similar fate for a few bits of silver and a video player. So, whoever was downstairs had to have some connection with my uncle.

I figured that if Uncle T. wanted to talk to me, he'd probably do it himself, and not in the middle of the night. Chances were that these fellas weren't looking to sell me insurance. I was pretty sure I didn't want to find out. Luckily, I've planned for this kind of turn of events, and twenty seconds later I'd climbed through the secret hatch my Uncle's handiman had installed and was out in the roof, moving slowly towards the fire escape. I was going to slide down and make a break for my car, but when I got to the edge of the roof, I saw a huge looking guy just standing by the Merc holding a nasty-looking pistol in his hand.

That decided things for me. These guys were no good, and I had to make my escape on foot. I slid as silently as I could down to the ground and hid for a moment in the darkness. Just as I was about to start sprinting, another man came out of the house and walked up to the guy by my car. Suddenly, I recognized him: Georgie Alinto, Tony's right-hand man. What the fuck was he doing there? I didn't have to wait long to find out as Georgie kind of explained the whole thing talking to the other guy. I don't remember his exact words, but he said something like "We can't find her in the house. She must've split or something. Tony's gonna have our balls for this - he told me he wanted her out of circulation before 8 am or else."

Well, that fucked my plan of going to dear old Uncle for help. I'm not sure what I did (or didn't do) to get him so pissed off, but it doesn't matter. Tony never changed his mind about hitting somebody and his guys were amongst the best in the business. I started to run away from the house as quickly and quietly as I could, but I stepped on a twig or something and Georgie shouted "Over there!" and a second later a bullet whizzed past my ear. I knew my only chance was to keep running until I could find a really great hiding place so I didn't turn around or anything. I just sprinted for my life.

I was heading for the beach. There were less likely to be any of Tony's guys there than in town and there might be a few decent hiding places. Maybe they'd be a boat I could steal and I could get out of town that way. I could hear at least four different voices behind me. One of them - I'm not sure but I think it was Freddie, Tony's driver, actually shouted something like "Hey, Milena! Come back. Your uncle wants to have a little chat with you." "Like fuck!" I thought and kept on running.

I got to the beach in about five minutes - not surprisingly a record for me. I knew the guys had to be gaining on me, and that I had to find a place to duck down into pretty quick. It was then that I remembered the caves that we used to play in as kids. I figured I was close enough to make it without being seen in the dark, and I knew that those caves contain enough tunnels and crannies to hide a small army, let alone just me. As kids, no-one ever found me when I was hiding in there. Then again, no-one was ever looking for me with a contract and a shit-load of the latest deadly hardware. But it I knew it was my best chance and I didn't mess about.

I chose the big cave because I knew it had loads of tunnels and passageways leading deep into the cliffs. I threw myself in there and started to feel my way, as quickly as possible, deep inside. The passageways were much smaller then I remembered - narrow and low - because I'm not a small child any more, but I kind of vaguely recalled a path to a medium-sized, damp chamber that's so far from the mouth of the cave that it's dark in there - even midday in summer. When I made it I was so shattered that I just collapsed to the ground. I got a shock when I noticed I was lying in five centimeters of freezing cold water, but I didn't move. I just tried to get my breath back.

After a while, I felt my heartbeat returning to normal, and I began to breathe slowly again. I strained my ears, trying to pick out a sound that would reveal whether I'd been followed. There was nothing. I started to shiver and realised that I was wearing nothing but the vest and panties I normally sleep in. Both pieces of clothing were soaked, either in my perspiration or in water from the cave floor, or both, but I didn't care at that moment. I was safe. I started to think about what my next move should be. I had to get the hell out of the country - like maybe the other side of the world or something like that. I've been to Australia before and didn't like it much, but I was thinking more on the lines of living there as opposed to being dead here.

But before I could start planning intercontinental travel, I had to get the fuck out of that cave. I knew it would be light soon; Georgie, Freddie and the other goons would spot my footprints leading from the beach, and then they could either starve me out or grab a flashlight and come in and get me. I didn't like either option much. No, I made my mind up: either I got out then before dawn or I was probably never going to get out - ever. I wasn't exactly happy with my chances of making a clean getaway, but I figured that the cover of darkness might just be enough. There are no lights on that beach, and my Uncle's men were probably just walking up and down looking for me all over the place. Anyway, it doesn't really matter what those guys were doing right then because that was when it all happened for me.

I was just edging my way back to the entrance of the cave when my foot caught on something and the next thing I knew I was falling onto my face. I guess now that I was lucky that I fell into a deep puddle - dry rock would've hurt me. Anyhow, I started trying to get back to my feet but my the toes of my right foot were stuck somehow. I couldn't see anything in the dark, but it felt like my toes were jammed in some sort of metal ring. I reached down with my left hand to try and release my toes. I felt more metal attached to the ring imprisioning my foot; something smooth and curved that was slightly larger than my hand. I had no idea what it was and didn't care either. I needed to get out of there fast.

I tried to pull the object off my foot. My hand slid down the length of the it, but I was still trapped. I tried again and again, but without success. I grabbed the thing with both hands and gave it a huge tug, finally releasing my toes and letting the metal thing splash to the ground. Immediately I heard a sound like a rocket whooshing by, the air was filled with the smell of sulphur and my eyes were stunned by an incredibly bright light. I assumed that someone had found me and instinctively hit the deck, soaking my vest all over again. As my eyes adjusted, I looked towards the light. Then I looked up and up and up. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing.

First of all I saw the mysery object. It looked a bit like a sauce jug, but closed - sort of like one of those ancient oil lamps you see in old movies. The sort of movies featuring fat bearded guys in robes and turbans. Which is probably why I managed not to scream when I saw a guy matching that discription floating just above the lamp. The light shining all around seemed to be coming from his skin. I don't know how, but I managed to keep it together. "Are you a genie?" I asked, kind of like I was expecting to find one there.

The floating fat guy smiled at me and in a huge voice replied something like: "Not just a genie, madam. A grateful genie freed after many centuries imprisonment!" After the last few hours I wasn't sure what reality was anymore, so it felt sort of natural when I asked him if I would now get three wishes. The genie roared with laughter. Someone outside the cave must've heard him because there was a faint shout of "In here!" The ancient fat magician stopped laughing and I started panicking.

"The men outside." said the genie. "Are they seeking to harm you?" No point in messing about at this point I figured, so I said "Harm? They going to fucking kill me!"

"Then," said the big man, "you shall have your wishes. But two, not three. That should be more than enough for a mortal like you." The word mortal struck a chord with me - never in my life have I felt more mortal than at that moment. My dear Uncle's killers had tracked me down. I was as good as dead already. I had no choice but to believe in the genie - at least I had to try him out - I mean, it wasn't like I had anything to loose.

In the moments when I was planning my getaway, I guess I planned to change my name and get some sort of plastic surgery to alter my appearence so that I could live without the fear of being recognised by anyone in Tony's organisation. If I could do that now, then I could just walk out of the cave straight past Georgie and Freddie and the other goons, right? They'd think I was someone else and just let me go as they kept on searching. It seemed like a pretty decent idea, so when the fat man asked me for my first wish I said "I want to look different."

"How different?"


"Be precise, or you will regret the consequences." By now, I could hear someone stumbling around in the cave entrance, so I just blurted out something like:

"Taller, er.. more beautiful.. um.. younger, erm.. sexier." Well, if I had the choice then I might as well take it.

A few seconds later, I heard the genie ask me for my second wish.

"What about the first?" I asked.

"It is already fulfilled."

I looked down. What I saw nearly blew my mind. Instead of my feet as I was used to seeing, my vision was filled by an enormous chest. Two perfect round breasts filled my vest almost to bursting point. They sat high and proud on my torso with an unending cleavage between them, and the outlines of two big nipples clearly visible through my now incredibly tight top. Were these mine? I lifted up my hands to touch them, when I was distracted by the sight of flawless skin and long slender fingers. In fact, everything about my appearence had changed. My waist was much smaller, my hips slightly wider, my backside tighter and rounder, legs longer and shapelier. I looked fantastic.

"What is your second wish?" asked the genie again, interupting my thoughts. Now, convinced that he was for real and not having had enough time to get my head round what had just happened, I thought quickly. I was now surely almost unrecognisable to the goons outside. I was just about to ask for a couple of million US dollars to help me start my new life, when I heard Georgie's voice. I didn't catch every word he said, but it was something like:

"Whoever's in there, just whack 'em. No witnesses, OK?"

I was shocked. I was going to get to enjoy my new body for all of thirty seconds before getting shot. And what good would a bundle of cash do me now? For a third time the genie asked me what my second and final wish was. I thought about it - a bulletproof vest? Nah, they'd just shoot me in the head. A bulletproof head? Body? That was more like it - if I was invlulnerable like a comic book character then all my problems would be over. Suddenly, it came to me. I looked up at the genie.

"I want powers like Superman" I said calmly.

"Who is this 'superman'?"

"A comic book hero"

"A fictional creation?"


"What you ask may be beyond my abilities, but I have made a promise and I am bound to do what I can." As he finished speaking the light around his body seemed to flicker for an instant. Then he said "I have given you many of the remarkable attributes of the one you call "Superman". You have his senses, his strength, his speed and his invulnerability. There are some things that are not within my power to bestow but the remaining capabilities you seek are yours now for eternity. Use them well." And with those words the genie vanished and the cave was plunged back into darkness.

Naturally, I immediately assumed that the conversation with the magician and the transformation of my physical appearance had been an hallucination. But a second later, I found myself being able to make out shapes in the blackness as if my eyes had adjusted incredibly quickly to the sudden lack of light. One of those shapes was my own magnificent new outline. Had it all been for real? I was just about to find out when I heard a scratching sound nearby. I looked in that direction and, dispite the pitch black, I could clearly see Freddie tying to operate a cigarette lighter. Obviously, he had no idea that I was only a few meters away from him.

Gradually, I became aware of the sound of his breathing and then the thump of his heartbeat. A jolt of excitement shot through me - had the genie carried out my wish? Did I now have super-senses? Before I could discover the truth for certain, Freddie succeeded in operating his lighter. Now he was able to see me too. He faced me, lighter in one hand, gun in the other. My senses went into overdrive. I could see the pores on his skin, hear the rustling of his clothes, smell the metal of his gun. I felt fantastic. Somehow, I knew then that the fat magician had managed to achieve what I had asked of him.

"Milena...?" said Freddie. "What are you - her cousin or something? What the fuck's going on?"

I looked at Freddie. His eyes were firmly fixed on my chest, as if he'd never seen a woman before. I'm not exactly used to being looked at like that, but then again I'm not used to having five star perfect tits either. I'm not sure I liked the way Freddie was staring, but it was incredible to see him almost drooling over my breasts. It made me feel sort of powerful in a way. Just as I was beginning to appreciate that idea, he snapped out of his trance and pulled the trigger on his gun.

Instinctively, I closed my eyes. I heard the click of the hammer and the bang of the gun. I remembered my Uncle once saying that you never hear the one that gets you, so I thought he must have missed. I opened my eyes. The bullet seemed to be floating towards me in slow motion. I looked at Freddie. His face was moving in slow motion too. That was the clincher. No doubts now - I knew for certain I was super. After all, I was faster than a speeding bullet. Calmly, without moving, I watched the bullet approach my face. I felt a tap on my forehead like a rain drop. Then I saw the bullet again, now crumpled up like an empty drinks can and falling towards my feet. It had hit my head and the only damage was on the bullet! Oh, thank you genie!

I blinked hoping the world would return to normal speed, and was delighted to see that it did. Freddie looked like he had just seen a ghost or something. "W.. w.. what the fuck?...." he stammered. I had to smile at him. He'd just shot me in the forehead from close range and I'd never felt better. He was trying to kill me and a genie - a fucking genie! - had just transformed me into.. into.. a stunningly gorgeous invulnerable superwoman. Poor old Freddie.

He tried to shoot me again, this time in the neck. I've got to say, he was a professional alright, and hit me right on target. This time I didn't let things slip into slow motion. I felt the tap as the bullet hit me, and saw it rebound back towards where it had come from. It glanced Freddie's arm, tearing a hole in his sleeve. I saw a nasty wound through the torn material. Cursing he dropped his gun in pain. "Who the fuck are you?" he asked through gritted teeth. This time I told him.

"I'm what used to be Milena, Freddie, but I've changed a bit." He looked at me, utterly confused. I figured it was time for me to check out just how much I had actually changed. Or, rather, just how good a job the genie had done. I bent down and picked up Freddie's pistol where he had dropped it. He continued to stare at me in shock. The gun felt incredibly light in my hand. I tried to get a better grip on it. To my amazement, the metal began to deform around my fingers. It was just like something out of a Superman comic. Then I realised that that was exactly what it was: something out of a comic. But now it was real. And it was me.

I just had to do it. While Freddie stared in disbelief at his mutated gun, I took a step towards him. He made no effort to move as I lifted up my hand and held it with my palm a centimeter from his chest. I wanted to see if I could push him off his feet. I guess I shoved a bit too hard - although it didn't feel like I was making much of an effort. Anyway, he flew through the air, smashing against the cave wall some twenty meters away and well off the ground. He slid down to land in a heap and did not move again. It was fucking brilliant! With my new, pretty little hand I had gently pushed a big man, causing him to fly off like a cannonball.

Sure, I had killed him when I hadn't meant to, but then again he had been about to kill me. That reminded me that Georgie and two others were still outside looking for me, guns ready. A few minutes before that idea had filled me with terror. Now I only felt excitement. Every centimeter of me seemed to be buzzing with energy. I just couldn't wait to introduce the boys to the "new" me.

Having dealt with Freddie so easily, I was in a real hurry. Besides, there was no point hiding in a dingy cave anymore, even if there were three gangsters looking for me on the beach. I turned away from Freddie's corpse and headed towards the mouth of the cave. My sensitive eyes could clearly make out my route despite the darkness, and my steps felt incredibly light and easy. I was almost out when I came across a narrow passage. It had been a close, but comfortable squeeze when I first went into the cave. It must have been quite awkward for Freddie I thought.

Then I realised that I could no longer fit through. I was taller now and my breasts had become so much bigger. I tried turning sideways on and my left breast brushed the rough rock wall. Immediately I saw chunks of rock and dust falling to my feet. I had hardly felt anything, and I definitely hadn't put much force into it yet I'd pulverised solid rock with just my tit! It was too incredible. I leant into the wall, delighted to see more and more rock crushed by my breast. It felt as though I was destroying nothing more substantial than polystyrene!

I moved sideways. A deep channel began to appear in the cave wall, carved out by my magnificent bosom. I continued the crab-like motion. My other breast fit neatly into the groove I had carved, widening it slightly. I leaned further into the wall. Now I could see a second, much smaller channel appearing in the centre of the first. It took me a couple of moments to realise that my nipples were actually carving through the rock too. The softest parts of my body were crushing the solid walls of a cave! It was all true. The genie had made me beautiful and super.

I tried to take a step back from the wall. My back and shoulders slammed into the hard rock behind me, reducing a large chunk of it to rubble and considerably widening the passageway. I'm going to have to learn to be a bit more careful I suppose. I looked down at my fantastic cleavage. Whereas my vest had previously been quite modest, there is now a huge amount of exposed flesh at the sides, not to mention the front. Out of curiousity I lifted my hands and placed a few fingers of each on the outside of my tits. I couldn't believe how smooth and soft I felt, especially since that same flesh had crushed rock a few moments before.

I saw that a chunk of that rock - about the size of my fist - had fallen partly into the generous space between my - I have to say it - phenonemal breasts. It was rough and had to weigh nearly two kilos and yet it had sat undetected in one of the most sensitive areas of my body. I could not resist the temptation to experiment. Cupping myself, I eased by breasts slightly apart, allowing the rock to slip down between them where it fit quite snugly. I could barely feel the contact of the heavy rough chunk against my bare skin; in fact it felt more like a lightweight bath sponge in there than a rock.

Placing my fingers once again on the outside of my breasts I began to slowly squeeze them together. Cracks appeared on the rock before it began to break up. I continued to squeeze my chest until my tits were touching each other. There was no sign of the rock. Then I saw what appeared to be sand running out of the bottom of my vest. My beautiful bosoms had ground a piece of rock into dust!

I was in awe of myself at that stage, just staring at my unbelievable new body, my mind trying to take in what it was now capable of. I have to admit I was begining to feel a little bit turned on by what I had done. My fingers drifted absent-mindedly under the elastic of my panties. How incredibly slim I am now! My whole hand had disappeared into my knickers when I suddenly had a thought. I freed my hand a reached up to the wall in front of me. I was thrilled by the ease with which my fingers dug into the solid rock. I tore a chunk away from the wall as easily as I would have picked an apple yesterday.

Carefully, I pulled open the elastic on my panties and dropped the chunk in there so that its rough edge pressed against my sex. It felt great. I released the elastic and placed my hand on the front of my knickers. As I pressed against the rock I heard it crumble and watched the sand once again pouring out of my clothes. How fantastic is that! My cunt is now as hard as a diamond! I wanted to be bulletproof, but it seems I'm far, far tougher than that.

That was the moment when I realised that it isn't just me that the genie had made "super". It was when I suddenly thought that it was odd that all that rock crushing hadn't left even so much as a mark - either on my skin or on my vest and panties. I had asked to be like Superman in the comics; he had his ridiculous-looking indestructible clothes, and so do I. It's just that my "super-outfit" is what I used to sleep in. I looked at my vest. It used to hang loose and cover my navel but I'm taller and much bigger breasted now so it clings to my chest and leaves my midriff exposed. It's not what I would have chosen, but I suppose if you've got it, you ought to show it off a bit. Anyway, I'm not complaining.

Back in the cave, I was still considering my wardrobe when my thoughts were interrupted by a shout from outside. Someone was looking for Freddie. I had almost forgotten the men trying to kill me, let alone my Uncle's treachery - the reason I came to be in the cave in the first place. For the first time, everything that happened this morning really sunk in.

My own Uncle sent four of his top men to ice me. I don't even know why. I got away. I hid in a cave. I caught my foot on an ancient oil lamp. A genie appeared. He gave me two wishes. I asked to be stunningly beautiful. He granted my wish. I asked for powers like a comic book character. He gave them to me. Then, I took a bullet on the head and hardly felt it. Not only that, but I had casually pushed a guy, causing him to fly through the air like he was shot from a circus cannon. For an enore, I crushed solid rock to powder with the more sensitive parts of my body. And it wasn't even 8 a.m. yet!

It was all a bit too much for me. I sat down in the cave, ignoring the sound of rock being pulverised by my backside and hips. My mind was racing with questions. What did the genie mean when he said some of Superman's attributes were beyond his power to bestow? What had he meant by "eternity"? Could the changes be permanent? What did my face look like now? What did I look like naked? It didn't take me long to work out that the answers definitely weren't in that cave. It was time to face the music outside. What better way to find out once and for all just how super I'd become?

Anyway, I managed to get out of the passageway without smashing up too much more rock. It was dawn by then. I smelt Cuban smoke. As I got near the mouth of the cave, I spotted one of my Uncle's guys sitting on a small boulder, his back to me, smoking a cigar. It was easy to walk towards him on the sand without him noticing; especially after I found that I can hold my breath for ages and ages without really even noticing the difference. I got to about a meter from him. I could hear his heart - I could even hear the sound of his cigar burning.

I looked at the rock he was sitting on - it was about half a meter in diameter, and fairly round and smooth. I guess it had to weigh at least a couple of hundred kilos. It looked too much like a giant ball for me not to try. Besides, I figured I had already tested the strength of my hand on Freddie. It was time to see what my delicate feminine foot could do. I drew back my right leg and kicked the base of the boulder dead centre with about the same force the "old" me would use to kick a stray can down the street.

It was a beautiful sight. It's about a hundred meters from where the gunman was sitting to the breaking waves. The rock flew in a textbook arc to fall with a mighty splash at least a quarter of a kilometer out to sea. After a couple of seconds' flight, the goon with the cigar got separated from his seat. I could hear his scream of shock fading away as he too flew towards the water. With my super eyes, I could see him drop his cigar onto the sand as he passed the shoreline. He landed about thirty meters short of the boulder with a smaller splash. I scanned the surface of the water, but he never resurfaced. I figured it served him right.

I looked at my "new" legs in the early sunlight. So smooth, so long, so shapely - so perfect! And as I know now, so very, very powerful. It was like I'd become some sort of godess: Incredibly beautiful, seemingly indestructible and unfathomably strong. I was eager to conduct some more experiments. I looked up and down the beach. It's fantastic how my eyes can now pick up tiny details at great distances, even when I'm scanning a huge area at speed. About half a kilometer away I spotted the tip of a man's shoe sticking out from behind a large outcrop of rock. I couldn't see any other sign of human life anywhere, so I figured that the shoe had to belong to either Georgie or the other guy.

I was really keen to check out the owner of that footwear, so I started running in that direction. It felt great as I ran - not like earlier in the day when I was out of breath, aching and sweating. Now I didn't even need to breathe and my whole body felt terrific - even better than it used to feel when I relaxed in the sun. There was not a trace of perspiration anywhere on my magnificent body. The ground flashed by. I seemed to arrive immediately after I set off, yet despite my phenonemal momentum, I managed to stop dead without any trouble. I looked back at the distance I'd covered. If I hadn't seen my footprints stretching back to the mouth of the cave, I would never have believed that I'd just run half a kilometer. I felt too good!

Apparently, not only had I been incredibly quick, but I'd also been pretty quiet. I could hear a conversation taking place on the other side of the outcrop, both parties oblivious to my presence. As I listened, I immediately recognised Georgie's voice. The other guy must of been the fourth member of my uncle's hit squad. They were debating whether they should phone Tony and tell him that I'd got away. The guy I didn't know was urging Georgie to tell Uncle T. that Freddie had me cornered in a cave. I thought about Freddie lying crumpled and dead on the ground. And the cigar guy who'd become fish food. I figured it was time to introduce Georgie and his pal to the new Milena...

I stepped out from behind the rocks. "Hi guys! Looking for me?" I asked cheerfully. They both whizzed round to look at me, grabbing their pistols as they did. As the sight of me sunk in, their jaws dropped. They were both staring at my chest like hungry dogs staring at a steak. Finally, Georgie recovered his voice:

"Jesus! Milena? Is that you? You had plastic surgery or something?"

"Or something" I replied. I've got to hand it to Georgie - he was a pro alright. He got back to business pretty quickly.

"Milena, your uncle wants to see you, you know. He sent us to get you. We've been looking for you all morning. Where've you been?" His voice was sincere, like he really meant it. The cold-blooded bastard. I decided then that he was going to end up like Freddie and the other idiot with the cigar. I pretended to play along with him. After all, what could he or his pal do to me? I flashed what I hope was a really sexy grin at them.

"What are we waiting for then, boys? Let's go." They were clearly not expecting this. Suddenly, the one I didn't know sprang to life.

"Yeah - what are we waiting for Georgie?" he asked. "Let's get it over with." As he finished he raised his gun and pointed it straight at my head. I could hear his breathing getting slightly faster as he pulled the trigger. Then I heard the crack of the pistol and felt the strange rain-drop like sensation of the bullet hitting the bridge of my nose. I managed not to flinch.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" shouted Georgie. "You too chickenshit to shoot a girl?" And he raised his gun and fired off three rounds in quick succession. The first bounced off my right eye. I felt it slightly more than the previous one, but it didn't hurt or anything. I kept smiling as the second shot pinged off my teeth. That one I didn't feel at all. The third hit my chin with the increasingly familiar rain-drop feeling.

"What the fuck..." Georgie said in shock.

"Can't you boys even shoot straight?" I taunted. To be honest, I was beginning to enjoy being used for target practice. The two men came to a joint decision and began firing together. The sensation of dozens of hot bullets bouncing off my body was nice really; a bit like being caressed. It was particularly agreeable when they hit my breasts, almost a bit of a turn-on. I didn't let them know that, of course. I just stood casually pretending to examine my fingernails while the emptied their clips. Sadly, they eventually ran out of bullets. They both stood dead still, jaws wide open in utter shock. I decided to tease them a bit more.

"Sorry boys, I wasn't listening. Did you just say something?"

They didn't reply they just kept staring at me in disbelief. Well, staring at my tits anyway. I took a couple of steps towards them. They didn't move; perhaps they were in shock, or perhaps they didn't think they had anything to be afraid of. I was standing about a meter away from them now.

"So tell me fellas," I said, trying to sound casual, "what do you think of my new body?" They remained silent, eyes glued to my cleavage.

I turned to face the guy whose name I didn't know. "I see you like my tits." I said. "Would you like a closer view?" He seemed frozen to the spot, so I figured I'd help him out. I reached out and grabbed him by the front of his shirt, holding him at arm's length. He finally came to life, reaching up to take hold of my arm. I could see him struggling to remove my hand from his shirt, but I could hardly feel his touch. He began to put all his effort into it, almost lifting his feet off the ground as he hung off my arm. He started sweating and groaning. My arm didn't move a millimeter. I felt like a godess.

He continued his vain struggles. Slowly, I bent my arm, pulling him towards me. He let go of me and started to pound my stomach and breasts, the effort turning his face red and making him spit. It felt like being hit with a piece of paper. I pulled him closer and downwards. He began to hit me on the sides and then repetitively on the crotch. I had to close my eyes and concentrate to even feel his blows. I pulled him closer still until his face was only a few centimeters from my breasts. He kept on pounding me without effect.

"So do you like my tits then?" I asked him.

"Let go of me, bitch" he splurted out.

"I asked you a question" I said, assertively. I brought him even closer until his nose was almost in my cleavage.

"Let me go!" he was practically screaming now.

"Tell me what you think of my tits, you pathetic little worm." I couldn't help but let a hint of disgust enter my voice. He truly was the most pathetic sight I have ever seen.

Finally he saw the light. "They're.. they're great" he stammered.

I was a little bit disappointed. "Great? Is that the best you come up with? Here, have a closer look". I yanked him into my chest. I only wanted to give him a few bruises, but I underestimated my new strength. There was a sickening cracking sound. His head hung backwards at an unnatural angle, almost touching his back. A trickle of blood emerged from his mouth. I immediately dropped the corpse. It fell at my feet. A gentle kick sent it flying over the beach into the sea.

That seemed to bring Georgie into life. He turned and began sprinting along the sand. I gave him about ten seconds' head start, but still caught up with him within five strides. I grabbed him by the back of the neck carefully so as not to kill him and lifted him off his feet. Then I turned my wrist so that he was facing me, although his chest was at my eye-level as I held him aloft. He was a big man and well-built, but to me he felt as light as an empty plastic bag. His feet dangled free by my knees, his arms were limp at his sides. He made no effort to resist me, but I could see the fear on his face. He began to plead.

"Milena! Please! We were just doing what your uncle told us to do. Please! Don't kill me! Milena! I'll do anything you want me to!". This was even more pathetic than his pal. I dropped him in disgust. He fell in a heap on the sand, but immediately scrambled onto his knees. Looking up at me with eyes like a drowning puppy he sobbed,

"Milena! I'm begging you! Don't kill me!" I bent down and slipped a few fingers inside the belt of his trousers. Straightening back up again, I lifted him off the ground. He dangled from my hand like an odd-shaped suitcase. I tossed him underarm a couple of hundred meters out to sea, listening to his scream fading into the distance.

So much for the hit squad then. How easy it had been to defeat four armed men! I looked around the beach. There was no other sign of life. I walked the few meters back to the outcrop and sat down. The sand was strewn with dozens of spent, mutilated bullets. I picked one up and held it between my thumb and forefinger. I squeezed it until it was as thin as a sheet of foil in the middle. Then I closed it in my fist and tried to crush it further. I was surprised to see molten metal running through my fingers. Despite the fact that it had to be hundreds of degrees centigrade, it felt lukewarm to me. I opened my hand and poured out the liquid on to the sand. It immediately solidified, making an usual looking ornament.

I took another bullet from the ground and placed it between my teeth. I wanted to know if I could make bite marks in it, but in the end, my teeth sliced through it as if it were butter. I chewed the two halves a bit until my mouth was full of bits of metal. I spat them out. Some pieces hit a boulder about thirty feet away, embedding themselves in the rock. Others flew unchallenged to land nearly fifty meters further down the beach. Popping another bullet from the sand into my mouth, I spat it out whole. It travelled a hundred meters before hitting the ground. The next slug I placed on my open palm and flicked with one finger of the other hand. It flew even further away.

I walked over to the boulder I had studded with bullet fragments a few moments before. It was about twice my size. I knew it had to weigh several tons. I bent down over it. Placing a hand on either side of the huge rock, I stood up, bringing the rock with me. It felt about as heavy as a newspaper. I tossed it into the air about two meters above my head and caught it. I threw it up again, this time about fifty meters into the sky. This time I didn't catch it, I just let it fall onto my head. The impact knocked me ten centimeters down into the sand. It felt like being a child patted on the head by a well-meaning adult. The boulder was smashed into countless pieces that rained down all around me.

I soon got bored playing with bullets and rocks. I decided to go home to check out my new body and face in the mirror. A few hours before, as I had left home running, I was sure that I would never see the place again. Now I strolled back there, not a care in the world. I found the front door kicked in. I'll have to sort that out tomorrow. On the other hand, it might be fun to deal with an intruder or two..

I wasted no time, hurrying upstairs to stand in front of my full-length mirror, pulling off my "super" vest and panties. No wonder the four guys at the beach stared at me. I'm totally gorgeous. I mean stunning, drop-dead perfect. My face is now the equal of any magazine cover. Flawless complexion, large clear bright eyes, perfect nose - not too cute, not too strong. My lips full, red and beautifully shaped covering dazzlingly white, arrow straight, immaculately regular teeth.

This was the first time I got a proper look at my new figure too. I don't think I'd ever seen breasts like those in the mirror. It's as if they've been exempted from the law of gravity, despite their impressive size. But it's not just that they're large - really large - they're also perfectly shaped; round and proud and the ideal distance from one another. Because of those fabulous tits, I have to use the mirror to fully see my flat, smooth stomach. No amount of dieting or working out would produce a stomach as flawless as mine. It's a work of art. Just like my hips. And my thighs. Not to mention my rear. Or my legs. In fact, every single square centimeter of me is absolutely perfect.

Still standing before the mirror, I flexed my arms like a body builder. Remembering the way I'd hurled Georgie earlier, I expected to see huge muscles, but there was nothing but the mearest hint of a bulge beneath my skin. The same applied to my legs. I tried tensing myself and holding my large double bed over my head with both arms. I looked as lithe and slender as ever. Despite my unbelievable strength I have no more muscle than I did before I met the genie. It's just that my muscles are "super" now. All of me is. Beautiful, feminine and super. I truly am a godess. I think I'll put some clothes on and go out and have some fun.


Conceptfan, November 2001

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