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Milena's Diary Chapter 2

Written by conceptfan :: [Thursday, 01 November 2001 07:50] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 22 September 2012 10:49]

Milena’s Diary



All of my stories have been written for an exclusively adult audience. They contain descriptions of violence, some of it of a sexual nature. They also include other sexually explicit depictions. They are in no way suitable for minors. Furthermore it is against the law in many parts of the world for this type of material to be read, either by minors or by minors and adults. Please make sure you are not acting contrary to local legislation before reading on and please do not read any further if you find this type of material offensive in any way.

This is a work of fiction and any similarity between the characters and events depicted and any people/events in real-life, past or present, is purely co-incidence. A number of the characters and events portrayed are inspired by, or based upon, existing works of fiction. Although I have made every effort to keep plagiarism to a minimum, I must acknowledge a debt of thanks to the many artists and writers who have shared their talents with the public.

I've released my stories to the public domain to make sure that as many people as possible who share my interest in this type of fiction can enjoy them. Please feel free to re-distribute them by whatever means you like, provided you respect the following points: (1) The stories will be re-distributed exactly as they are - unchanged and unedited. (2) No other person will claim authorship of any of these stories or any part of them. (3) The stories will not be distributed for profit, either on their own or as part of a group of other works.

Lastly, thank you for your interest in this story. I hope you enjoy it!



Monday 14th May 2001 - 3:00 pm

When I finished writing the last entry, I thought I’d had the most amazing day of my life - and it wasn't even noon yet! I knew that I should've been tired, but I felt great. I wanted to experiment some more with my new powers. I left my vest and knickers on the floor and took out a short summer dress from the cupboard. I'd not worn it much because it didn't really look right on me, but I figured that with my new body things might be a bit different. I placed it over my head and started to pull it on. There was a tearing sound. My nipples had ripped two slits in the front of the dress. I tore it off my body one-handedly in frustration.

Then I had an idea. I picked up my "super vest" and put it on. Taking another dress from the cupboard, I carefully pulled it over my head. No rips this time. I was about to leave the bedroom when I spotted the open hatch in the ceiling. I remembered fleeing through there this morning. It was a very different me looking up at it this afternoon. My bedroom is fairly high-ceiling - about four meters I'd say. I wondered if I could jump high enough to close the hatch. I positioned myself underneath, slightly bent my knees and sprang upwards. The next thing I knew, I was rocketing through the hatch. Some part of me caught on the ceiling, enlarging the escape hole considerably.

I continued rising until I could see the entire roof below. Then, inevitably, I slowed and started coming back down. I fell back through the hatch, ripping another piece of roof and landing back on my feet about half a meter from the spot where I had first jumped. Dust and plaster rained down from above where I had smashed the ceiling twice in ten seconds. Not only that, but I'd ruined another dress. At least I'd learnt a thing or two about my new jumping capabilities. Like not to use them indoors. There was dust everywhere. Especially on my dressing table. There's things there that I treasure, such as the jewellry box my mother gave me on my thirteenth birthday.

I picked up the box and carried it over to an open window. Tilting the box downwards I pursed my lips to blow the dust off it. I swear I only blew gently, the way I would to extinguish a candle. Not gently enough however. All that was left of the box when I hurriedly stopped exhaling was a small piece of wood between my fingers where I was holding it. The rest of it had flown down to the ground outside along with a large chunk of window frame and a small piece of my bedroom wall. Looking down, I saw the chunk of box embedded about ten centimeters into the hard ground. I was devastated. I've treasured that jewellry box for years.

I realised that there was going to be nothing left of the house if I continued using my new powers inside. The damage was impressive; the holes I'd torn in the ceiling, the two ruined dresses and most spectacularly, the gaps in the wall by the window. I was annoyed at the work and expense I'd created for myself and upset about the box mum had given me, but I have to admit I was more than a little bit turned on by the idea that I'd performed significant home alterations with just my breath. I was eager to experiment some more, but I knew that it would have to be outside. Keeping my vest on, but deciding not to bother with the panties, I grabbed a T-shirt and a pair of running shorts and headed downstairs.

The T-shirt I took used to be really loose on me, now it fitted over my vest like a second skin. I caught a glimpse of myself in the hall mirror. I couldn't go anywhere public without attracting too much unwanted attention, so I just went into the garden out back. I was anxious to test out the limits of my newly-discovered "super-breath". I stood underneath the big oak in the middle of the garden and blew gently into its branches as if I was cooling soup. Almost every leaf on the tree immediately tore loose of its branch and lifted upwards, creating something like a green nuclear mushroom cloud. The leaves fell slowly down to earth to cover the entire garden with a bed of oak tree confetti. Very pretty it was too.

I tried blowing a bit harder. The bare branches shook and some of the smaller ones broke off. A little harder still and the larger branches began to snap and fly skywards only to crash down to earth when I stopped exhaling. I was impressing myself now. I found that I didn't need to take a deep breath before blowing; the air just seemed to come from within me. I took a few steps back, so that I was standing a few meters from the trunk of the tree. It had to be a meter across. I blew as hard as I could directly onto the trunk. The entire tree began to bend away from me.

I continued to blow. I heard the sound of cracking wood then suddenly, the trunk ripped in two. Before I could stop my breath, the top half of the tree which must have weighed ten tonnes, even without leaves or branches, flew a hundred meters away, past the end of the garden and smashed into another house. It tore a huge hole in the second floor, before finally coming to rest half inside and half outside the house. I'd broken a fifty-year old tree in half and hurled it through the air and through the side of a building just by blowing on it. The other house looked like something you see on TV after a hurricane disaster. I felt fantastic. I still do just thinking about it.

Walking up to the broken tree stump in my garden, I punched it with my right fist. My arm was embedded in the tree up to my elbow, but I hardly even felt the impact. I did the same trick with my other fist, about twenty centimeters to the side of the first hit. Then, I tried lifting my arms. At first, nothing happened but I kept lifting. Slowly but surely, the trunk began to move. Roots I had never seen began to break through the surface of my lawn all around. There was a series of cracking sounds and then, in a shower of earth, I tore the trunk free of the ground.

I adjusted my grip so that I held the huge piece of timber between the palms of my hands and raised it overhead. It felt about as heavy as a medium -sized bag of sugar. Looking at the devastation I'd caused to my neighbours house, I didn't think they'd mind if things got any worse, so I hurled the base of the tree towards the gaping hole I had accidently made earlier. It was a direct hit, the second tree-half landing with an almighty crash right on top of the first and causing very little extra damage. How considerate of me. I used my super vision to zoom in and inspect the chaos I'd made. It felt great to see the amount of destruction I had brought about in just a few short moments without even exerting myself.

Just then I heard the distant sound of sirens. I should have known that two halves of a tree crashing through the upstairs of a house wouldn't pass unnoticed. I didn't feel like sticking around to explain things to the police. Of course, it wasn't that I was afraid of them. Far from it. I don't ever have to feel afraid again. The police can try what they like. Uncle Tony and his pals can try to kill me all they want for all I care. It won't do them any good. But I didn't want to be on the scene when the cops actually showed up. It was time for me to go somewhere else to practice being super.

I decided to go into town. I knew there was a good chance that I would come across someone from Tony's organisation, but to be honest, I was actually looking forward to a confrontation. More out of habit than anything else, I thought I'd go by car. I retrieved the keys from the house and walked out to the front. I obviously still have quite a bit of adjusting to do, because when I went to unlock the driver's door, I succeeded only in mangling both the key and the lock. I tried to put things right by bending the metal back into shape with my fingers, but the entire handle just came off in my hand.

Not knowing what else to do, I poked my finger into the ripped hole in the metal and stroked at the mechanism. I must have pushed something out of the way because the door swung open. I climbed in and carefully closed the door, not wanting to cause any further damage. Of course, it wouldn't stay shut - not until I bent a bit of the frame with my thumb to hold it. With extreme delicacy I pushed the ignition key in. This time I managed not to ruin either key or keyhole. Slowly, as if I was handling a tiny new born animal, I started to turn the key. It was then that I caught a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror and realised that I was still wearing my overly tight T-shirt. Too late to change now, I thought.

I should have known that my dear Uncle's goons, having failed to find me at home this morning, might have assumed I would return for my car. And that if they were trying to kill me, they might well have seen the car as an excellent booby trap. It's not as if they haven't done it before; in fact, that's how Tony became top dog in the first place. Perhaps I wasn't thinking straight, but I really didn't think that my car's ignition would be connected to a bomb. Maybe I wouldn't have left the tank full if I'd known. By the time I had fully turned the key to start the engine, it was too late to do anything about it anyway.

The explosion was huge. Suddenly I wasn't sitting in the car at all. It seemed to just disappear from all around me. Chunks of metal and glass flew violently in all directions. Quite a few slammed into me. The metal deformed as it bounced off me. Some bits of red hot panel actually moulded themselves to the shape of my body before falling to the ground. Glass shattered into dust. Then for quite a few seconds all I could see was red and orange as I was englufed by a massive fireball. It felt like sunbathing in midsummer. I could see flames reaching as high as the house all around me. I never realised how beautiful the centre of a fire is.

I was still in a sitting position, but there was no seat underneath me anymore so I stood up. I walked slowly through the burning wreckage until I was clear of the flames. The fire licking at my body sent a thrill through me which is difficult to describe. I felt powerful and quite horny too. Then I saw why. The explosion and burning had completely destroyed my T-shirt and running shorts and I was wearing only my super-vest. The flames had been touching my exposed sex. I laughed. I'd discovered a brand new style of masturbation! I also resolved never to go out again without my special knickers - you never know when you might be in an exploding car...

Leaving the flaming remains of the car, I ran upstairs to get my panties. I was amazed that the fire had not left a single trace on my body. No black soot marks. Nothing but silky smooth flawless skin. Then I heard the sound of police sirens once again. I didn't know if they were responding to the flying trees in my neighbour's bedroom or the exploding car outside my house. I didn't waste any more time on fragile clothes. I just jumped out of the upstairs window in my vest and panties. I landed on my feet on the concrete, hardly having to adjust at all to absorb the impact, although I did put a meter-long crack in the driveway.

I started jogging into town. I didn't think I was going particularly fast, until I realised I was overtaking a family car on the main road. I wasn't pushing myself at all, but I was doing sat least sixty k.p.h! I came alongside the car and stayed level with it for a while. I turned to see the driver. I could not believe it. Staring at me, mouth hanging open, was Enrico, one of Uncle Tony's men. I wondered why he was in such an ordinary car - Tony's guys usually drove big German petrol-guzzlers. There was no-one else inside, so I guess he was on some kind of "unofficial" business. I felt sorry for him, having to drive such an ordinary jalopy. I decided to help him out by cashing in his insurance.

I was still jogging level with the driver's seat and Enrico was still staring at me, mouth open. I flashed him a smile and then increased my pace a little, easily overtaking the struggling little car. When I was about ten meters ahead, I stopped, turned around and jumped into the car's path. Using my super-speed, I was able to watch Enrico in slow motion. I saw his surprise turn to shock and then fear. And I saw him slam his foot on the brake pedal far, far too late. Not having my ability to stretch time, he never stood a chance. The car ploughed into me. Or rather I ploughed into it.

The steel wrapped itself around my thighs and knees. It was like someone enfolding my legs in a duvet. I remained motionless as the front of the vehicle crumpled up against me. The windscreen shattered and the metal continued to concertina until the much more solid engine was pushed up against my crotch. Unable to move forward, the car's momentum forced the compressed wreckage upwards, folding on itself as it pressed on my waist, and my navel. It was magnificent to see the jalopy crease up into an unrecognisable mess against my flawless body.

The steering column, unable to make any impression on my invulnerable stomach, found Enrico's chest to be far softer. I'm sure he never felt it, but it did look pretty disgusting. It kind of spoilt the moment for me. I stopped savouring the sensation of the heavy, hot and crushed engine pressing against my cunt. Hurriedly, I reached down with my right hand and grabbed the mangled car, pulling it off my legs as easily as if it really were a blanket. Keeping my one-handed hold, I tossed the remains of the jalopy and its driver aside. It landed noisily fifteen meters away from the side of the road in someone's vineyard. The vinter's going to be busy cleaning that mess.

I feel kind of sorry for Enrico - unlike the other four guys I killed this morning, he hadn't been trying to ice me. Then again, word must have gotten around that I'm a marked woman and Tony must be offering a reward for anyone who finishes me off, so he probably would have done the same to me. If only he could. Or anyone else for that matter. Still, I was beoming aware of the growing trail of destruction I was leaving. Sooner or later, the police have to figure out that it all seems to centre around me. Even if there was nothing they could do about me, I didn't fancy becoming public enemy number one. I realised then that I need to get out of town and lay low for a while and consider my next move.

But before I could do that, I had some loose ends to tie up. For starters, there were quite a few things still at home that I didn't want to leave behind - some clothes, a few keepsakes, this diary of course. To get them, I had to go back. The place would surely be crawling with cops investigating the mysterious explosion of my car. I didn't want a showdown with the law, but I did want to get my stuff. Not really having all that much to loose, I decided to take the risk. I mean, what could a couple of policemen do to me? I jogged back down the road towards my house.

When I got there, I saw only one police car. That meant a maximum of two cops. I spotted them both, poking through the wreckage of my car. It was easy to slip round the back unnoticed. I looked up at the bathroom window. It was closed, but it would be my best entry point, hidden from the view of the lawmen. I bent my knees slightly and sprang up, sailing through the upstairs window, shattering the glass and breaking a chunk of metal frame with my elbow as I passed. I brushed a few bits of broken glass out of my hair and my cleavage, and headed towards the bedroom, keeping low so as not to be spotted by the cops outside.

Clearly, I wasn't careful enough, because my sensitive ears picked up the two cops discussing the sound of shattering glass. Through the bedroom window, I saw one of them making his way to the back. A short while later, he returned and gestured to his partner. They drew their guns and approached the front door. I had to work quick. Being super, this was not a problem. I grabbed a suitcase, threw some clothes in it and a couple of nick-nacks with sentimental value. I took what was left of my special jewellery box - for old time's sake I guess. Lastly I grabbed my diary from the bedside, and closed the case. I used to struggle to lift my full suitcase, now it feels like an empty plastic bag.

I was about to make my way downstairs when I heard footsteps headed towards me. So I turned around and went back into the bedroom. Opening the window - I was trying not to make any noise - I jumped out still holding the case. I landed easily, putting another crack in the concrete. I thought the operation had gone perfectly, but evidently I'd been spotted because I heard a shout from the upstairs window. I ignored it and started to walk slowly away from the house. The cop shouted again, but I kept on walking. I heard the shot and felt the tap in the centre of my back.

I could have run off at that point, but I knew that if I did, the cops would broadcast my description to every uniform in town, making life awkward for me. So I dropped my case, turned around, took a couple of steps forward and leapt back into the bedroom through the open window. I landed gracefully in front of two deeply shocked policemen. Public servants or not, once they recovered from the surprise of my entry they both began leering at my chest. I was pretty pissed off by this - I mean, were these guys trying to arrest me or ogle me? I wanted to teach them a lesson, but I knew I didn't have time. I had to get rid of them quickly.

A few strides brought me in reach of them both. Four eyes followed my advancing breasts. Their lechery really annoyed me. Lifting my arms, I grabbed each by his collar before they had time to react. They were probably too hyptonised by the sight of my chest to move anyway. They snapped to life pretty quickly when I lifted both of them off their feet, grabbing my arms, huffing and puffing and futilely trying to break my grip. One started kicking my thighs and his colleague followed suit. I hardly even noticed their blows.

Getting nowhere with their boots, they started pounding my face with their fists. I could see the bruises forming on their hands. I smiled. I was really enjoying the way these two well-trained men were giving it everything they had but only managing to hurt themselves. But I knew that time was not on my side. I brought my hands together, smacking their heads against one another. Immediately they stopped struggling and went limp. Neither of them was breathing anymore. I dropped them on the floor and turned around. I leapt out of the window for the third time and added yet another crack to my driveway. Without pausing, I grabbed my case and ran.

I didn't really think about where I was going, but I found myself heading back to the beach. Perhaps it was because it had offered me successful refuge this morning, I don't know. Anyway about two minutes later, I was walking into the cave where I'd freed the genie. This time, it was easy to find my way inside. My super eyes found the darkness no challenge and, as for the tight squeeze through the narrow rock passageway, well, my super tits had taken care of that this morning. I had to smile when I spotted the channel I'd carved in the wall, but the grin disappeared when I saw Freddie's body slumped in the corner, a look of surprise fixed on his pale face.

I put down my suitcase, opened it and pulled out this diary. I sat down so I could write down everything that's happened since noon before I forgot it. And that's where I am now. I need a plan. I've got everything I wanted from home, but pretty soon every cop in the country will be looking for me. I have to go abroad and as soon as possible. They'll be looking for me on the border and at the ports and airports. I'll have to slip out undetected. But before that there's the small matter of the contract on my life organised by dear old Uncle Tony. I mean, I really ought to pay T. a visit sometime soon. After all, it's thanks to him that I met the genie. It would be wrong of me not to express my gratitude.


Conceptfan, November 2001

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