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Milena's Diary Chapter 5

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Milena’s Diary




All of my stories have been written for an exclusively adult audience. They contain descriptions of violence, some of it of a sexual nature. They also include other sexually explicit depictions. They are in no way suitable for minors. Furthermore it is against the law in many parts of the world for this type of material to be read, either by minors or by minors and adults. Please make sure you are not acting contrary to local legislation before reading on and please do not read any further if you find this type of material offensive in any way.

This is a work of fiction and any similarity between the characters and events depicted and any people/events in real-life, past or present, is purely co-incidence. A number of the characters and events portrayed are inspired by, or based upon, existing works of fiction. Although I have made every effort to keep plagiarism to a minimum, I must acknowledge a debt of thanks to the many artists and writers who have shared their talents with the public.

I've released my stories to the public domain to make sure that as many people as possible who share my interest in this type of fiction can enjoy them. Please feel free to re-distribute them by whatever means you like, provided you respect the following points: (1) The stories will be re-distributed exactly as they are - unchanged and unedited. (2) No other person will claim authorship of any of these stories or any part of them. (3) The stories will not be distributed for profit, either on their own or as part of a group of other works.

Lastly, thank you for your interest in this story. I hope you enjoy it!



Tuesday 15th May 2001 - 12:00 pm


Being super just gets better and better.  Especially as I'm only just learning how super I am.   I've discovered another even more fabulous power!  That's why I'm writing this down.  It'll help me get things straight in my mind before I go and try out my remarkable new ability.  After all, this magnificent body I've been given needs to be shown off, and the same goes for all the great things I can do with it.  If that pisses people off, well that's the way it goes.  A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.  If folks don't like it, then they should keep out of my way.  That way, they wouldn't get hurt so much.


Like the crowd this morning.  There I was - I'd just finished writing the last diary entry and I was wondering what to do next, when my super ears picked up the sound of dogs barking.  Somehow, I knew straight away that those dogs were on my trail.  I thought I'd covered my traces on the beach earlier, but then I remembered; I'd taken care of my footprints and buried the soldier boys I killed, but I'd forgotten about their jeep.  I might be super, but it seems I can still make mistakes.  The hounds must've been following my scent all the way from the seashore.  Obviously, I still have a scent.  I bet it's a really lovely one - that would suit my fab new body.

So, anyway, I knew there'd be people with the dogs and I didn't think they were a hospitality squad coming to welcome me to their country.  There wasn't much point in staying in the dark cabin and waiting for them to come to me.  As it happens, it probably wouldn't have made any difference to the way things turned out, but I didn't know that.  I mean, I can't see the future.  I'm superhuman, not supernatural.  That's why I opened the door of the cabin and went outside to check out my unexpected visitors.


The sun had come up in the cloudless sky while I had been filling this diary.  Although I'd had no trouble at all seeing in the pitch-dark of the windowless hut, I would have thought that the contrast with the brilliant daylight would have temporarily blinded me.  Not a bit of it - my eyes adjusted in a fraction of a second.  In fact, I found I could look straight at the sun itself and zoom in to see the flares around its edge without any problem.  I could even see stuff with the blazing sun right behind it as if Earth's star was no more than a 25-watt light bulb.  Just another reason why it's so great being super.


Once I was outside, I immediately spotted two angry-looking mutts straining at their leashes as they practically dragged a guy in a black uniform through the wood.  There were two others with him, both wearing camouflage.  That pair were carrying rifles slung over their shoulders and the one with the dogs had a small pistol holder on his hip.  I could tell the animals were on my trail - they were pulling the handler right towards me, even though no-one in the party had actually spotted me yet.  Well, I was over two hundred meters from them at the time.  Not that the distance prevented me from studying every little detail of the men's faces or even examining the poor quality stitching of their clothes.


I waited until, finally, they spotted me.  The hounds - a pair of lean, vicious-looking beasts - were growling and showing their long fangs, and the guy in the plain uniform had to shout to make himself heard over them.  It didn't make any difference; I didn't understand a word of his language.  When I didn't react to him, he repeated the same phrase.  I guessed from his tone of voice that it was some kind of order, but, of course, I don't take orders these days even when I know what they mean.  I just shrugged, making my new, impressive breasts rise and fall, drawing all three sets of male eyes to my chest.  This might be a foreign country, but some things are the same all over the world.


There was a brief pause during which the trio stared at my partially-exposed cleavage so that I wasn't sure if the dogs or the men were doing the most drooling.  Eventually, one of the camouflage-wearers removed his rifle from his shoulder and pointed it at me.  He was the youngest of the group.  I could see that he'd barely started shaving so, to be nice to him, I threw him a smile, listening to the sudden increase in his heart-rate as I flashed my perfect teeth.  The dog-handler, clearly a miserable man, stopped leering at me just to shout his unintelligible instruction for a third time.  I waved my hand at him in a dismissive gesture.  That made the third member of the party copy his junior partner and raise his own rifle.  I showed my contempt for the implied threat by sticking out my tongue.


I take it showing your tongue is a major insult in this part of the world.  Or maybe the ugly idiot holding the leashes was in a bad mood.  Either way, he released his hold on the two dogs and they came sprinting towards me, barking and baring their huge jaws.  I didn't bother to use my super-speed as I watched the angry beasts charged at me, producing impressive leaps as they drew close.  They probably expected to knock me down to the ground as they jumped on me, but of course, I didn't move an inch as the two animals' front paws hit my shoulders and neck.  I saw that their long claws were fully extended, but I barely felt them as they slid down my body, leaving not so much as a hint of a mark on either my exposed skin or my magic, figure-hugging vest.


Having failed to knock me down or wound me, the dogs fell to the ground at my feet still making a fearsome racket.  One of them clamped his huge sharp teeth on my slender ankle.  Although the bite - enough to break a normal person's bones - hardly even tickled, I nearly panicked for an instant when I saw blood running down to my delicate bare foot.  It was only when I heard a high-pitched canine howl that I realised that it was the dog who was bleeding, not me.  His enormous fangs had been ripped from his gums as he tried and failed to pierce my flawless skin.  To shut him up, I gently kicked out the leg he'd attacked, not really putting much effort into it.  The poor creature sailed upwards through the air, over the tree-tops.  I heard, but didn't see, his body crashing down to the forest floor at least a hundred meters away.

The remaining mutt was angered by what had happened to his friend and, opening his mouth, leapt for my neck.  I flashed out my bare arm too quickly for the stupid animal to react and he shut his jaw on my smooth, slender forearm.  As I moved my arm out by my side, the dog hung helplessly by his teeth, his back legs a good fifty centimeters off the ground.  I could hardly feel its weight.  He might as well have been an empty polythene bag for all the strain on my discreet feminine muscles.  If I didn't know better, I'd have said that there was a look of shock in his big, dark eyes.  He clawed me furiously with his front paws, his enormous nails doing little but tickling the naked flesh of my arm and hand.


I brought my other arm into play, encircling the beast's neck with my free hand.  I swear I only intended to pull the dumb animal off of me.  I mean, I'm not used to handling dogs.  Especially vicious attack dogs.  And this was no way to get a first taste of it.   Anyway, there was a series of cracking sounds and suddenly, the creature went silent and limp.  I guess I'd gripped a bit too hard - or maybe a lot too hard.  Whatever, I'd killed two blameless dogs.  I feel worse about that than most of the guys I've "offed" since I met the genie.  That said, the hounds would've ripped by throat out given the chance, so I suppose that's life.  Or rather, that's death.  I flung my arm, sending the second dead dog off on a final flight through the uppermost branches of the surrounding trees.  His corpse must've got stuck somewhere up there, because, although I listened out, I never heard the sound of it hitting the earth.

It never occurred to me at the time, but I guess by finishing off the two dogs I'd done the miserable guy out of a job.  That's probably why, after watching with a shocked face as the second mutt soared over his head, he went for his pistol.   A bit bored, I watched as he lined up his little weapon and squeezed off a shot.  Maybe he was a true professional with a great aim.  Maybe he wasn't and he actually wanted to kill me.  Either way, I had more than enough time to see that his bullet was on course to fly about two centimeters over my right shoulder.  Now that, if you ask me, would have been a waste of good lead, so I jumped a tiny bit up and to the side as the slug neared.

Naturally, I judged my movement to perfection, and happily accepted my reward as the bullet crumpled up against my big, steely-hard nipple before pinging harmlessly away to the side.  The impact against my sensitive flesh through the thin, highly-stretched material of my vest, was as usual, delicious.  But it was too brief; it was a kind of reminder of how lovely it feels to be shot in the chest, a "taster" that left me wanting more.  "Do it again!" I shouted at the guy who'd shot me, but I guess he spoke as much of my language as I did of his.  He was just staring at the raised point on my vest where his bullet had hit me, his mouth hanging open.  Behind him, the young lad and his pal were staring too, rifles pointed promisingly at me.

With the tingle that the single bullet had given me still not quite completely faded, my mind turned, as it tends to do at times like that, to erotic fantasy.  I looked at the three men in front of me.  The former dog handler was an unpleasant-looking, overweight, sour-faced individual.  The sight of him would have been enough to end my reverie were it not for the last traces of pleasantness still spreading from my nipple.  Of the other two, one was short and middle-aged with a plain face, but his colleague... the young one... well, let's say that - before I met the genie anyway - I wouldn't have kicked him out of bed on a cold night.


As I looked at his handsome, youthful face, I remembered that I hadn't been with a man since my transformation.  I found myself getting curious.  Sure, I knew I'd have to be gentle with him, but... would it be possible?  I mean, a grenade had exploded in my knickers - and very nice it was too.  But could a man actually do anything for me now?  And if so, would it feel... better?  All I knew was that I wanted to find out.  First, of course, I had to make sure we were alone.  That meant dealing with the unwanted extra company.  And, if I could do that in such a way that they got to use their weapons on me, well, I had no problem with a little foreplay...

Seeing that all three guys were just staring at me, I decided to try some provocation.  I turned back towards the open door of the little cabin, as if I wanted to get something from in there.  I knew they would think that I was fetching a weapon.  The middle-aged camouflaged guy took the bait and fired what he thought would be a warning shot, aiming for the space between me and the cabin.  I saw the high-powered bullet's trajectory, noting with delight that it was not only larger than the pistol slug I had enjoyed a moment before, but that it also appeared to have some sort of special tip.


Before the genie, I never realised just how useful it can be to have such large, round breasts.  I only had to lean a little forward to ensure that the special bullet smacked into the side of my big left tit.  The "soft" flesh gave a little, dimpling momentarily as the amour-tipped mini missile ploughed into it before popping back out to its normal perfect roundness, pushing the now deformed slug away contemptuously.  A fabulous shiver of pure joy ran right through my upper body as the sensation of the impact spread over my torso.  If I'd been feeling a little aroused before, I was downright horny afterwards.  I wanted more.  "Again! Again!" I called out.


I wasn't understood, but at least there was a reaction from the ugly guy with the little gun.  Maybe he was freaked out by the sight of the rifle-shot bouncing off my breast, or maybe he was worried about whatever he thought I was fetching from the cabin.  Whatever it was, he pointed his pistol at my head and shouted something.  I knew his weaker bullets would be an anti-climax after the special-tipped one so, to make sure I could get the maximum benefit from them, I quickly pulled my magic vest over my head, dropping it at my feet. 


There was a gasp as I exposed my chest to the three men.  I heard their thumping hearts and their accelerated breathing and saw the growing bulges in their trousers, pleased to spot that the young one I was interested in had a particularly impressive lump down there.  I cupped myself, lifting my huge, firm mounds slightly, offering them to the would-be shooter.   The sensation of my delicate fingers, pressing far more forcefully than any bullet could into my feminine flesh, lifted my arousal to new heights.    Meanwhile, the ugly animal controller accepted my invitation and emptied his clip, his hands trembling as he sent his five remaining bullets careering towards my, if I say it myself, most impressive chest.


Without my vest in the way, the little bullets created a much bigger sensation as they ricocheted off my eager breasts, making the flawless skin ripple ever so slightly as they smacked into me.  One slug actually hit the inside of my left mound and rebounded into the right before falling, doubly crumpled, to the floor.  Another hit my right nipple dead centre, making my cry out with pleasure as it bounced back in the direction it had come from, actually traveling three-quarters of the way back to the pistol that had first fired it.  The others pinged off other parts of my chest, adding to the generally lovely feeling.  I hardly noticed that the shooter was still squeezing his trigger long after he'd exhausted his ammunition, staring, amazed at my unharmed, unmarked breasts.


"More!" I called out.  But nothing happened.  The pistol guy kept clicking his empty weapon, but the others just gawped.  Fortunately, it was easy to figure out a way to take the ugly guy out of the picture and provoke the others into action without even removing my hands from my chest.  I just leant forward, puckered up my lips and blew him a little kiss.  My brief "kiss" produced a gust of wind strong enough to lift the ugly fat guy off his feet and throw him about seven meters backwards till the back of his head smacked into a tree trunk.  Only then, as he slid, unconscious, down the trunk did his boots touch the ground once more.  Smiling, I turned to the two remaining men, giving the cute one a little wink.


My plan worked a treat.  Perhaps in fear, perhaps anger, they both fired their rifles at me.  I watched the two big bullets converging on my naked torso, pulling my hands out of the way and letting them hang by my sides.  I wanted nothing to come between the two armour-tipped slugs and my tingling, erotically-charged bosom.  Estimating the fight-path of the bullets, I steered myself carefully so that the first hit my left nipple dead-on and the second hit my right one just as precisely a split-second later.  The impacts sounded like steel hitting steel.  But they felt like heaven.

Each of the slugs was almost flattened as it bounced back towards were it had come from.  I know because I spotted them later, lying on the ground.  At the time, I couldn't have cared less about the two bullets.  My eyes were closed, my mouth open as I released an uncontrolled moan of pure pleasure.  My hands returned to my chest, my palms failing to cover my huge breasts as I caressed them, letting my delicate fingers make far deeper impressions in the tingling flesh than even the armour-tipped ammunition had managed.  My big nipples, fully aroused, were now enormous as I pinched them with easily enough force to crush steel bars.  I'd had enough foreplay.  I was ready for the main course.


I walked towards the two rifle-men who stood frozen in place, their eyes wide with shock as they stared at my perfect, invulnerable chest.   Ignoring the older one, I smiled at my intended.  They both just continued to gape.  Turning to the surplus man, I said sweetly "Run along, now.  I want some time alone with your young friend here."  He didn't even blink.  Somehow, I felt that even if he had understood me, he wouldn't have reacted.  I pointed to the forest and said "Go!" but still he didn't move.  I made a little running gesture with my fingers and gestured with my head.  This time, I think he got the message, but he still hesitated.  At least the look of confusion on his face told me that he wasn't in a total state of catatonic shock.


I decided to give him one final demonstration.  I reached forward and snatched his rifle from his hands. taking from his grasp without noticing any resistance.  There must have been some, because he yelped in pain and clasped his hands to his stomach.  Paying no attention to his discomfort, I held his weapon out in front of him, gripping it with one hand at each end.  Making sure he was watching closely, I gave my wrists a little twist.  There was the familiar scream of tortured metal as my casual movement snapped the long reinforced steel barrel in two as easily as if it were a thin, dry twig.  The guy's eyes grew even huger and the blood drained from his face in an instant.


When I caught his gaze again and repeated the sideways gesture of my head, there was no more procrastination.  He turned and sprinted into the forest.  By my standards, of course, he was moving at a snail-like pace, but I had no doubt he was running as fast as his puny male legs could carry him.  Now at last, I was alone with the good-looking one.   Seeing the look of fear on his lovely face, I gave him the warmest smile of reassurance I could manage.  That seemed to work; his eyes met mine and he visibly relaxed.


By this time, I was eager to get on with things.  Giving him what I hoped was a come-hither look, I beckoned him towards me with one finger.  He paused for a moment before taking a cautious step in my direction.  I matched his move with a stride of my own.  We were about equal height and I let him gaze deeply into my eyes while I studied his handsome face.  He was extremely young, but I had to admit, he was exactly my type.  The pounding of his heart and his rapid, shallow breath told me that he wasn't exactly immune to my charms either.  But then again, I was standing right in front of him, naked except for my invulnerable panties.


I let him make the first move.  Nervously, he brought his hands up towards my chest.  I smiled at him encouragingly and he took heart.  He was trembling as his fingertips brushed my breasts.  His touch was so light that even when I closed my eyes and concentrated, I couldn't feel a thing.  "Harder!" I implored, temporarily forgetting the language barrier between us.  He seemed to understand anyway, or maybe he was just getting bolder - perhaps he was starting to get into it, who knows.  For whatever reason, he began to caress my big mounds with much more gusto.  But his touch was still far, far too feathery for my liking.  "Come on!" I urged.  He took the hint and began to squeeze the flesh under his fingers with real urgency.

The poor boy was obviously warming to his task, but it wasn't nearly enough for me.   I could see the tendons now standing out on the backs of his hands, proof that he was putting everything he had into the effort, but his big, supposedly strong, masculine fingers were barely making the tiniest of dents in my softest flesh.  Getting frustrated, I brought my own far smaller hands up to cover his, thinking I would lend him some of my strength.  At the last moment, I remembered the idiot whose palms I'd crushed against my chest overnight and decided not to try.  Instead, I let him carry on his pathetic ministrations while I used my hands to carefully tear his clothes off him.  He didn't resist.  He was so absorbed in my breasts anyway that he probably didn't notice.  I had him completely naked in seconds.


I have to say that I was quite impressed by the sight of the young man without his clothes.  He had a fine physique with some lovely muscles.  Sure, I know that those muscles were only for show; I've got more strength in my little finger than he had in his entire body.  What most caught my eye, unsurprisingly, was his cock.  It was standing at attention, ready and waiting for me.  Now, I'm no virgin, but I don't think I'd ever seen one as impressive as that.  I licked my lips as I reached for it, taking it very, very gently in my hand.  Not gently enough, obviously, because he screamed in agony, letting go of my breasts.  Instantly, I relaxed my grip.  He looked at me fearfully.  I was beginning to get a bit pissed off with his fragility.


The shock of having his manhood painfully crushed had the worst possible effect on him as far as I was concerned.  He was beginning to go limp.  I needed him hard.  Afraid I'd castrate him for good if I took him in hand again, I tried kissing him.  He relaxed as our lips met, responding well to the kiss at first.  Unfortunately, I couldn't really feel much so I tried to put a little more into the embrace.  He stiffened and I noticed just in time that his face was turning blue.  Without even realising it, I had sucked all the air from his puny lungs!  Immediately, I broke off the kiss and he gulped down air for a few moments like a man who's been too long underwater.  When he looked at me again, the normal colour returning to his visage, his eyes revealed fear rather than the lust I'd hoped to see.


Not wanting to disturb the atmosphere any further, I figured I'd ease him down to the ground, hoping to relax him and put him back in the mood before moving things on to the next natural step.  I placed my hand carefully on his shoulder to encourage him off his feet.  Once again, it transpired that I had not been careful enough, because I'd barely touched his strong masculine shoulder with my delicate feminine palm when he collapsed as if he'd been shot.  He let out a cry as he landed, sprawled out at my feet.  Seeing he was more or less alright, and desperate to get on with it, I used my super speed to take of my panties and then dropped down on all fours, my knees on the ground straddling his thighs, my hands either side of his head.


The touch of my silky bare thighs against his had an immediate effect as his manhood swelled to its substantial maximum, brushing my crotch with a feathery lightness that was curiously stimulating for me.  It was like being teased and it left me wanting more.  I leant forward over him, letting my big, round breasts hang only a centimeter from his face and was rewarded with a look of sexual hunger in his eyes.  I was about to lean right into him and bury his head in my generous cleavage, when I stopped myself.  At the last moment, I remembered how easily I'd crushed solid rock and metal in there.  I didn't want to do the same to this guy's skull.


So I settled for softly, tenderly caressing his face with my chest by lowering myself a tiny bit over him and swinging my breasts with extreme caution to and fro.   Each light touch of one of my firm mounds moved his face from one side to the other as if he were watching a tennis match.  He seemed to enjoy it, although I soon noticed mild bruises beginning to form on his cheeks.  I raised myself off him before I could do him a serious injury with my "soft" womanly bosom and smiled down on him as I carefully lifted my buttocks to position my damp, waiting sex over his own throbbing organ.  I could tell he was as eager as me when he arched his back, lifting his hips towards mine.


I felt the lovely touch of the tip of his erection on the edge of my nether lips.  It made me desperate to feel him inside me.  I closed my eyes and slowly began to lower myself onto him.  But something was wrong.  Instead of the familiar wonderful feeling of being penetrated, all I got was the continuing sensation of the lightest of pressure on the outside of my vagina.  I felt him caressing my shoulders and my face as I pushed down a little harder, trying to ease his sex into my own.  Suddenly, I heard him scream.  Opening my eyes I saw that he wasn't caressing my face, he was pounding it with his fists.  He was frantically trying to get me off him.  He was in agony.  His shaft just wasn't parting the fleshy gates of my intimacy and, as I had pushed down trying to force him inside me, all I had succeeded in doing was to painfully squeeze his organ.


Exasperated now, I ignored his discomfort as I rolled off him onto my back, lying beside him.   Reaching over, I placed a hand on each of his hips and lifted him off the ground.  His big, muscular, manly body felt as light as a thin blanket as I easily maneuvered it over my own slim, feminine form.  I dropped him on top of me, paying no attention to his gasp when the impact of his chest against my own knocked the wind temporarily out of his lungs.  He tried to push himself away from me, placing his hands first on my shoulders and then on my firm round breasts.  His bulging biceps were the only clue I got that he was trying to press against me with all his might.  Not only could I hardly feel his efforts, but even when he pushed down on my chest with all his weight, the force hardly even dimpled my supposedly soft feminine mounds.

Keeping my hands on his hips I pulled his groin towards my own, trying to push him into me.  But it was no good.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not get more than the very tip of his member about a centimeter inside me.  His hard, masculine organ was simply to weak and fragile to penetrate my soft, feminine organ.  When I tried to force him in, his shaft bent and he screamed.  Totally frustrated, I decided to have one last attempt at getting him inside me.  It turned out to have been a bad decision.  An easy tug pulled his groin firmly towards mine, but there was no penetration.  There was just a sickening crunching sound as his fragile pelvis crumbled against my own steel-hard crotch.  I was just too super for him.  His eyes bulged and he began to screech, only for the yell to suddenly cease as his entire body went limp.

Looking down, I was greeted with a disgusting sight.  I'd crushed his middle to almost nothing, practically cutting him in half.  Shattered bone poked bloodily through his flesh in four or five places.  Thick, dark red liquid was rapidly covering his body as I flung it off me, turning away in horror as the corpse flew at least fifty meters through the air, blood flowing like a comet's tail from the terrible wounds I caused.  There was gore all around me, but not a drop remained anywhere on my smooth naked skin as I proved invulnerable even to getting dirty.  There was absolutely nothing to clean off.

Although I was in shock about what I'd accidentally done to my would-be lover, I was still in a state of extreme sexual arousal.  Absent-mindedly, I began to stroke my damp sex as I lay on the ground, my dainty fingers proving infinitely more effective than the poor young soldier's manhood.  I confess I put him completely out of my mind as I increased the speed and strength of my ministrations.  Soon I was completely lost in a self-induced erotic haze.  My fingertips reached deep within me, easily achieving what a man had proved utterly incapable of doing, finally giving me the full pleasure I craved.


My eyes closed as I involuntarily arched my back.  From deep within, I could feel something enormous growing.  Like the distant roar of an approaching tidal wave, the building sensation in my inner core conveyed barely a hint of the force of nature about to be released.   I heard myself yelling in pure pleasure as my orgasm finally broke with a simultaneous explosion of pure, brilliant light in my mind and unlimited joy in every other part of my body.  It seemed to last forever.  Countless pulses of energy spread outwards from the center of my sex, each one filling me entirely with delight.  I felt myself shaking uncontrollably as I let the incredible sensation take over my being.


What seemed like hours (but was probably minutes) later, I opened my eyes and stared at the sky for a few moments, slowly recovering my senses.  Gradually, I became aware of a puzzling unease.  Something wasn't right.  There was a confusing sensation of air moving across my shoulders, my heels and my backside.  But wasn't I lying on the ground?  I didn't understand.  Why couldn't I feel the ground?   I turned my head to the side and got the answer to my question.  No wonder I couldn't feel the ground.  My body wasn't touching it.  It was floating twenty centimeters above it.  It looked like I was lying on an invisible mattress!

Somehow, I knew straight away that I'd stumbled on a previously undiscovered aspect of the new "super" me - the power of flight!  All that I needed to do was to learn how to control it.  I tried concentrating on going up and down, and imagining myself floating towards the sky and then the ground, but I didn't move.  Just when I was beginning to think I was destined to spend the rest of my life suspended slightly above the ground, I cracked it.


It's all about tensing and relaxing muscles.  A little experimentation and I had the fundamentals.  My calf muscles give me vertical control; by tightening and loosening them I can rise straight up into the air or come back down to earth.  The muscles in my forearms hold the key to steering when I'm airborne.  It took a while to learn how to co-ordinate it all.  A few times, I misjudged and smashed into a tree trunk, each time with the same result: the trunk broke in two and I continued to soar through the air utterly unaffected.  I also put two deep craters in the forest floor by miscalculating the speed of my descent.  It was fun, especially with the knowledge that, no matter how careless I got, I couldn't get hurt.


Pretty soon though, I had mastered a sufficient degree of control to be able to weave in and out between the tightly-grouped trees.  Then, I found I could do it just as easily on my back or front and in any direction - even backwards upside-down.  I was flying!  The genie really did give me powers like in the Superman comics.  For some reason, this particular ability just hasn't shown itself until now.  Maybe I hadn't properly "activated" it, maybe the orgasm brought it out or maybe it simply took a few days to take effect.  Who cares!  It's just fucking brilliant!  Turning summersaults in the air, I laughed out loud.  The feeling of total freedom is indescribable.  It more than compensates for being far to super to be penetrated by a man.


After a few minutes' practice, I managed a fairly graceful landing on my feet.  I picked up my vest and panties and put them back on before grabbing this diary to write down the latest fantastic events.  Now, I'm going to try out the flying thing a little more.  I wonder how fast I can go?  Or how high?  Or how far?



Conceptfan, April 2002.


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