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Katsuko - Part 1. The rise of the goddess

Written by Lulu :: [Saturday, 20 October 2012 10:56] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 02 April 2013 10:24]

Katsuko – Part 1: The rise of the goddess


(Special thanks to pansardum, gribble, njae and Camille Jones for editing and helping me.)


“…T-ten….ele-ven….come on Katsuko, only one more…you can do it…,” she told herself with clenched teeth.


To her frustration, her arms weren’t able to push the 66 pounds any further and so the barbell landed with a loud ‘CLANG’ back in the holder of the weight bench. Katsuko released a deep, frustrated breath and sat upright, thenshe turned around to face the mirrored wall. The 19-year old Asian observed her bodyand decided that she wasn’t bad looking. Someone might even consider her as above-average for sure, but her hard childhood and a long time in the Yakuza-organization had left marks on her. Wearing a plain-looking, baggy jogging suit didn’t help to make her appear more attractive. During the last few weeks the Asian girl had trained herself to become stronger. She had to, otherwise she would get punished again or something even worse. Katsuko didn’t want to think about what would happen, if she would fail again on a mission, but her fingers wandered instinctively over her shoulder, almost as she could feel the scar beneath the thick fabric. The sound of the opening door made her turn around again. A blond Asian woman entered the fitness roomand gave Katsuko an arrogant look. Her sporty clothing revealed most of her incredible features.


God’, Katsuko thought, ‘I would kill to have such a body’.


She was athletic, toned, possessed an ample bust and long legs that seemed not to end until they flared out into the ultimate combo of hips and buns. The girl could easily compete in a beauty or fitness competition. As the attractive blond walked by, Katsuko got a glance at the tattoo on her left shoulder. It was of the number 893, the secret code for the Yakuza organization which means “worthless”. It was originally received by the first members from the lowest class of society. Katsuko had never seen her before but knew who she was. Her name was Emi, one of the higher ranked members thanks to her relationship to one of the bosses. Instantly Katsuko took a step back and bowed down, letting the tall Asian beauty pass by her. Emi didn’t pay her another glance. It was dangerous to show any disrespect to a higher ranked member or even to the sexual affairs of one of them.Katsuko, not wanting to stay longer in the same room as this unpredictable person, stood up and made her way out of the fitness room. She had heard stories of Emi, who was infamous for her cruel, erratic temper and behavior especially to lower members of the Yakuza-Clan. She once even killed a girl, allegedly for staring too long at her, without showing any respectful gesture. However, Katsuko knew that she had only been killed because she was too beautiful a rival in Emi's eyes. While she stripped out of her clothes and prepared to go into the shower she remembered her own tattoo. It was an odd one, even by Yakuza-standards. It looked like a child had drawn a flower with four petals on her neck. The opposite petals were each drawn with one continuous line, forming an “eight”. In the middle, both “eights” crossed each other. Katsuko herself thought it looked a little strange, but she was happy with it, because she knew what it represented. This was thanks to an old woman, another member of the Yakuza, that acted something like a mother figure to Katsuko. Shortly before dying about 5 months ago she had told Katsuko it was a symbol for great physical power and beauty. More power and beauty than any human could possibly imagine having. Still, ever since she got this tattoo, she hadn’t felt any stronger or more powerful. Katsuko knew what it meant to have power; she saw it every day, watching high-ranking members of the Yakuza acting like gods within their territory. The more power you had, the more you were allowed to do. It was a valid rule since the beginning of mankind. She imagined how it would be to have powers beyond that of a human. Even beyond those of a superhero like in the comic books she had use to read, with a body matching those powers. As she stepped into the shower and felt the warm water rain down upon her body, Katsuko was too lost in her thoughts of having powers beyond imagination that she didn’t notice the sudden dim glow from her tattoo. The steaming water felt good on her skin as she thought of herself as some kind of supergirl. Easily overcoming any kinds of troubles and doing feats, no other being would be able to do.  She saw images of herself nude appear before her mind's eye. The Asian girl could feel herself becoming more and more aroused. Her nipples grew bigger, while her hands wandered down her soapy body. Even though she was in a public shower, she couldn’t hold back any longer; her sexual excitement grew stronger and stronger.


“Ohhhh….Yes”, she moaned.


The arousal grew even stronger. She had never felt such intense pleasure while masturbating.    



A warm tingling spread from her pussy into her whole body, filling every cell with pure pleasure. One hand moved towards her breasts, while her other hand furiously fingered her pussy. Her back crashed into the wall behind her and she slowly slid down to the wet floor, but she was too lost in pleasure to even stop or notice anything else at the moment. She now experienced orgasm after orgasm, while her body writhed in pleasure on the floor of the shower. After a while her orgasms ebbed away.


“W-wow…,” she breathed heavily.


Her hands wandered over her still erect nipples and sensitive breasts. Oddly she found that they felt bigger and firmer, but that couldn’t be, could it, she wondered. She was still dizzy from her orgasms, when suddenly Emi appeared in front of her.Katsuko couldn’t decipher the expression on her face as she slowly stood up, still lost in the afterglow from her dozens of orgasms.


"You belong to the Yakuza too, don't you?", Emi licked her lips, already seeing Katsuko as some kind of slave. “Well you seem to enjoy yourself quite a lot while alone, maybe a bit too much for my taste. Now it’s my turn to have some fun with you!”


Seemingly out of nowhere Emi produced a knife.But before Katsuko could step backwards, another wave of arousal rocked her body suddenly. This time it was so intense, that she fell to her knees.


“Ah…yes…fuck….ohhhhHHHH….YES! Mo-more…ohhhh ahhh…yes…yes…YES!”            

Without even noticing, Katsuko's wildly moving hand crashed into the tiled wall behind her, letting small cracks appear in the tile. Emi backed away.


“What…what is happening to you?”, she shouted with a mix of fear and curiosity, watching the erotic bliss and the transformation of the other girl.

Goosebumps wandered over Katsuko's skin, as she furiously started to finger herself more wildly and faster than before. Her toes curled in ecstasy and Emi could see them ripping through the floor.


“Mmh…yes I uhhh…I want to be stronger than all those heroes combined. I want to be invincible…the embodiment of POWER!”


When the orgasm hit Katsuko, her scream of pleasure left the walls cracked, the mirrors shattered and even hurled Emi against the lockers, where she landed unconscious. Katsuko panted heavily from arousal; oddly she didn’t felt exhausted, but if possible, even more horny than before. She didn’t mind the crumbled shower, nor the unconscious body of the Yakuza girl lying on the ground, as her view fell upon her reflection in the remains of the broken mirror on the opposite wall.


Her body seemed to be much slimmer than before, but also much more toned. Her legs showed muscles that she had never seen before, neither on herself or any other girl, except some elite fitness models. “Wow they look perfect!” As a test, to see if it really was her reflection in the mirror, she raised her arm and flexed it.Her reflection did the same and she was instantly greeted with a lean bicep and triceps under her fist.But even while completely relaxed, her arms showed toned muscles. They weren’t massive though and she still retained a feminine build. None the less, her legs and arms looked as if they were the result of years of non-stop training. Katsuko almost cried with joy. This was exactly what she had trained and dreamed of for the last few weeks. Her view wandered to her upper body. Her flat tummy had developed into a lean, feminine six-pack which was easily defined even without flexing. Katsuko absolutely marveled at her toned arms, legs and midriff, but she was absolutely shocked when she saw her breasts. They were enormous. They had grown from a mere B-Cup to what she thought was a EE-cup, maybe even bigger. They were each easily bigger than her head now. They didn’t look like those fake things from some porn stars, but instead had a perfect tear-drop form which seemed to ignore gravity. Her nipples, still quite erect, were nearly thumb-size now. The sexy 19-year old couldn't stop admiring her new body. It looked perfectly shaped and with every move, she could see the lean muscles dance under her skin. Another orgasm rocked her body just by the mere glance at herself. Even her face was perfect. Full lips, a nose appropriate to her delicate face and perfectly almond shaped eyes. Her long brown hair fell down to her back like a brown, silky waterfall.


“I’m perfect”, the Asian bombshell whispered.



Katsuko was sure, she had never seen another girl with such an arousing, beautiful and erotic body like hers before. Every movement, every pose in front of the mirror was so seductive that Katsuko couldn’t help from orgasming again, without even touching herself. She didn't even feel exhausted anymore, more like she had rested very well for a long time. Even the hunger and thirst, that she had felt before, were gone. She took a step forward. When her foot hit the ground a loud “Boom” echoed through the room, causing the concrete to crack.


“Oh…uhm…did I become heavier?”, she asked in amazement.


She lifted her foot again, revealing a perfect imprint of her foot in the cement. Carefully she put her foot down again. This time the ground under her toes remained completely intact.


“I’m not heavier at all; I must have just stepped down harder. That must mean that I have become stronger... much stronger.” She observed her image in the mirror again. “With this new sexy, athletic body you bet I am”, she giggled.


As she walked back into the fitness room, she forgot about Emi who still laid unconscious on the ground. Katsuko stepped into the large, bright room with the countless weight-lifting machines again. Her toes touched the wooden floor and she heard a “CRACK” sound. Her toes splintered the floor boards without showing any hint of resistance. The seemingly unstoppable Asian girl loved the feeling of how her new powers easily overcame the man-made material. She wondered how strong her superpowered body really was now. With her strength enhanced, all of her movements got amplified in power by the same factor. She giggledwhile tip-toeing to the weight-machines; and still the building rumbled with each step and she left traces of her toes in the floor.


“….one-hundred-ten…one-hundred-eleven….one-hundred-twelve…this is boring, earlier I couldn't even lift this same weight twelve times. But now, even after around a hundred times I don’t feel exhausted one bit. Mmmh…I


wonder how much I can lift. There should be enough weight to test the limits of my strength here.”

She added more and more weight to the barbell, but never had difficulties in lifting it easily. If anything, the now super powered Asian couldn’t feel any weight at all. The metal plates yielded even under her slightest touch and imprints of her fingers were clearly visible. She tried to be careful, but had casually destroyed two barbells already, just by trying to grip them. The metal was like air to her powerful body. After a while, she decided to judge if she had a grip on something not by the feeling, but by seeing. She had to look carefully to see when her fingers were making contact because otherwise there was no way of telling. Nothing showed any resistance to her vast strength. Having put the maximum weight on the barbell, the new supergirl curled close to 2000pounds with playful easiness. She looked over to see herself in the mirror and realized that she still was completely naked. The sight of her petite body easily handling such an enormous weight without even showing any sign of effort, not even straining her muscles, was incredibly arousing.


“How fucking strong am I?”, Katsuko wondered, starting to feel like some kind of Asian powergirl.


She put the enormous barbell onto her tits. The metal bar was drooping slightly due to the absurd amount of weight on each side, while her breasts didn’t even dimple a single millimeter. She grabbed both ends of the barbell and pulled them down with her hands. Her breasts proved to be easily harder, firmer and stronger then the metal, as Katsuko bent the 2000 pound barbell around her breasts like a soft-boiled noodle. A metallic screech filled the room. Katsuko loved her new body and especially her powers. “If this is a dream, I never want to wake up again,” she moaned, feeling her arousal coming back stronger than before. The sight of herself doing feats no other human could do increased Katsuko's desire for power causing her to become stronger and stronger. She yearned to be invincible, having unlimited power to force the universe to bow down to her. Comic books and the Internet were full of stories with girls able to overpower any man, any army, and perform any imaginable strength feat. Girls who's bodies were almost as perfect as what she now possessed and who are able to knock planets out of their orbital axis, wipe out galaxies or rattle whole universes.


“I want to be even stronger. I want to make the powers of those women seem non-existent in comparison to mine!”


Her wish was paired with dozens of mind-blowing orgasms, which only made her become even more aroused than before.

Again her tattoo glowed and opened an invisible gate to her limitless ocean of power, where her body dived in again. This time the power came even faster, making her gasp with surprise. The brunette closed her eyes and let out a moan. Her whole body shook in ecstasy as she got off again and again, without even touching herself. The feeling was indescribable, while her powers soared faster and faster, impossible to keep track of with numbers, putting her former super strength to shame. It would need a mountain to test her strength now.  She grabbed one breast, amazed by how firm it felt, even to her grip. Katsuko seemed to forget about the barbell in her hand, while playing with one of her erect nipples.


“Oohhhhhhh…gooooooood…yes! Mmmmh…come on…. stronger…this…feels.. soooOOOOOHHHHH goooood! YES! Stronger than ANYONE. FUUUUCK. OHhhhhHHHH GOOOoooongggggh…..ddd! More…MORE…MOOORE! YES!”


She wasn't really thinking when she rammed the gigantic barbell into her pussy, her mind was too clouded with primal urges. The weighted plates at the end of the barbell simply shattered against the softest part of her body. But Katsuko continued to push, letting the metal compress until it started to glow white-hot. It wasn't long before parts of it simply oozed down her legs or vaporized when it was caught between her thighs and fingers. Her hands thrust the remainder of the barbell in and out of her pussy, moving so fast, that it appeared as an invisible blur. In a few seconds, she had reduced the 2000 pound barbell into non-existence, while reaching her pleasure peak. If anyone else had been in the same room with her, they would have become deaf by her screams of pleasure.  

She opened her eyes and breathed heavily, not from exhaustion, but from pure arousal that did not seem to ebb away in the slightest. Although having had dozens of orgasm, more than she had in half a year or even a year, she was still as horny as before. If her strength really was infinite now, her arousal was definitely too. She felt so strong, so invincible right now and she loved it.

Emi had woken up to the feeling of the whole fitness club shaking. Parts of the ceiling had fallen down to the floor, lockers had toppled over and rifts ran throughout all the walls. She had to cover her ears when female moans and lustful cries rattled the whole complex. When the sounds and the quaking stopped Emi grabbed her knife, which had landed near her, and then cautiously stood up and went into the weight-lifting room. When she entered she was shocked by what she saw, it was the other Asian woman, completely nude, bathing in the sight of her own glorious reflection. Emi couldn’t help but stare at the new incredible features of the other girl. She had never seen anything like her before. Every inch of her form embodied the words “SEX” and “POWER”. Emi herself had, what most would consider, the body of a goddess. She could easily put most supermodels to shame and had never felt inferior to any other woman, but now she was envious of the super woman before her. She almost felt the urge to bow down on her kneesand worship the Asian goddess infront of her. Katsuko smiled, loving the effect her body clearly had on other people. The fear that Emi previously instilled in Katsuko had completely vanished. The Asian hottie knew that she never had to feel fear again. Katsuko finally had what she always wanted... power. Thinking about her strength got her get wet again. She wasn’t afraid of showing her nude body in publicnow; after all there was nothing hotter walking under the sun than her. Casually her toes pilled the wooden floor under her feet. Luckily for the whole planet, with her infinitye powers also came the instinctive knowledge of how to control it. Katsuko knew that she could now end whole civilizations or even break apart the entire planet with just a wiggle of her toes. Thinking about this last possibility, Katsuko felt a slight increase in her constant arousal and rubbed one of her super nipples.


“Mmh…I'll definitely have to try that out on a lonely planet soon”, she thought.


Emi was still gawking, when suddenly, faster than a blink of an eye, Katsuko had crossed the distance between the two of them. The gigantic breasts of the super-goddess were directly at eye-level with Emi, although at 5’10 she couldn't be considered small at all.


“I bet you want to touch them, don’t you?” Katsuko giggled. “Well who could blame you?”


Emi now began to feel afraid and backed away. Out of panic she pulled out her knife and rammed it against Katsuko's right breast.


“Stay away from me bitch”, she shouted in fear.


For Katsuko the whole scene appeared to happen in super slow motion. The powerful 19 year old Asian girl would have easily been capable of blocking or dodging the attack, but Katsuko knew that nothing could ever harm her again. So she stood motionless and calm while she watched the knife hitting her ample breast. When the normally deadly blade came into contact with Katsuko, it simply broke, leaving not a single mark on her perfect skin. Emi was shocked, while Katsuko’s confidence grew and she started to feel more and more like a goddess.


“Oops, sorry about the knife, but I can’t help that my tits are so firm, that even steel stands no chance”, Katsuko mocked her opponent.


Furious with anger and confusion, Emi ran into the changing room.


This can’t be real. What the hell is she?, she thought, running away from the seemingly unstoppably Asian girl.


Katsuko puckered her lipsand gently began to blow. The gale escaping her mouth was more powerful than a tornado. Emi was hurled through the hallway and, as if by serendipity, crashed against the locker she used at this fitness center. Katsuko just giggled, still amazed by the power she now possessed. Emi was a little dazed but quickly got up again and in a frenzy began trying to open her locker, desperate to get the gun she kept there. But her hand shook so much, that she wasn’t able to put the key into the lock.


“Need some help?”, asked Katsuko.


Suddenly Katsuko stood behind Emi and moved her carefully aside. She pushed one of her pinky fingers into the metallic frame of the locker. Her perfectly manicured fingernail passed through the metal, like a hot knife through butter. With her finger acting as a hook, she tore the whole door off of its hinges without showing any sign of effort. Playfully, she crushed the metal against her tits, making impressive imprints of them in it. She casually squeezed the door into a metal ball no bigger than her head, let alone her massive breastsand it begun to turn white-hot. Seeing this made Katsuko smile and she started to apply  more and more pressure. Her delicate looking fingers now turning the glowing orb into a squishy blob of  super hotand nearly blindingly bright metal. The heat radiated by the mass of metal didn’t bother her at all. Katsuko put a little more pressure on the now almost liquefied steel, until it oozed between her fingers. Whatever  matter that couldn’t escape between her fingers and her palm was simply crushed out of existence. Again Katsuko had proved her superiority and she hadn’t even strained herself. When the last of the molten metal had been destroyed or fallen to the floor where it continued to boil, Katsuko grabbed the gun and handed it over to Emi.


“Here, now, give me your best shot”, she giggled.


She leaned forward, pressing her oversized breasts into the barrel of the gun. Emi could swear the other end of the barrel was deformed slightly by the other girl’s massive breasts. Without any hesitation Emi fired three shots into Katsuko's tits and was surprised at how much the sound of the gun being fired was muffled. Meanwhile Katsuko had closed her eyesand bit her lower lip as she tried to feel the shots against her invulnerable flesh. She felt less than a slight drizzle against her skin, where the bullets had hit her.


“It must be broken”, she said innocently. “Let me give it a try.”


The overpowered young Asian girl grabbed the gun and looked into the barrel. Emi watched as two deformed bullets fell out of Katsuko's cleavage, while the third one remained stuck between her breasts. As Katsuko casually moved, her breasts suddenly squeezed together. The bullet disappeared in a bright flash, as the very atoms it consisted of were eradicated from existence.




Katsuko pulled the trigger three timesand three bullets hit her directly in the eye, but she didn’t even blink. The bullets harmlessly exploded against her eyeball and splashed like raindrops hitting something much harder than mere steel.


“Useless thing”, she complained, crushing it between her fingers like play-doh.   


Emi suddenly felt weak in the legs and fell to the floor, then slowly crawled backwards. She was now completely in awe and filled with terror by the powerful displays of the Asian goddess.


“Wh-what do you want?” she asked with fear in her voice.


“What do I want? I want to make you pay. Wasn’t it you, who wanted to hurt me before?”, Katsuko said with obvious anger.Her voice was so loud that Eri had to cover her ears.


“I want to see you try it now”, she giggled. “Tell your boss, I will make a call to him soon. He better get ready for me, the whole Yakuza better be ready for me. There is a new queen in town and her name is Katsuko!”


She then turned around, not even bothering to give the squatting girl another glance. With a kick of one of her long legs, she made half of the outside wall explode and then walked out into the night. She didn'e even seem to notice the cold or the fact that she was completely naked. Her fun had just begun for now. She reminded herself about what she thought of power. Specifically that the more power people have, the more they are allowed to do. With the powers of an unstoppable uber-goddess she literary could now do whatever she wanted. She smiled, bent her legs and then jumped into the clear sky. The force of her jump created a shockwave that rattled the neighborhood.  



(To be continued…)



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