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Titaness – Part 1

Written by jnw550 :: [Saturday, 14 September 2002 15:46] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 28 April 2020 15:45]

Titaness – Part 1

By Stoneyman (a.k.a. JNW550)

“6 September 2002, Wickham Facilty. It is… 10:49 PM and Professor Laurel Hawks and I have finally come to an end result which we think will be satisfactory to our backers.” Jimmy places his small recorder down on an examination table.

Both he and Laurel have been at it for weeks. Months ago, professor Laurel Hawks was approached by three gentlemen in expensive suits regarding her research. She was looking for a way to chemically alter the human body to tap into and utilize its full potential. People have heard stories of mothers lifting cars off of there children. Parachutists surviving falls from thousands of feet. In most cases this was caused by quick chemical reaction in the body, adrenalin, which boosted the subjects’ physical abilities to far beyond “normal” levels. She proposed that she could tap into that part of the brain and trigger a psychological response that would release this chemical and sustain a constant state of heightened power. Unfortunately, the test subjects could maintain short durations before their bodies tore themselves apart, or the rush sent careening over the edge of sanity. Females tended to hold together better. None of the test subjects had been human, so far.

The “suits” claimed to be working for a private investor, whose daughter had lost the use of both arms and legs to atrophy during a long and horrible ordeal. She was never going to be able to walk, feed herself or have a husband ever. The men offered a generous sum to begin the research and provided an air-tight facility, with all the amenities, in which to do it. They said, as long as progress was made, the money would continue coming. No questions asked. Of course, Laurel couldn’t turn it down. It was a win-win situation. The two professors get to continue their experiments and possibly help someone in the process. One small problem: a human test subject. After explaining what the possible negative side effects would be, who would want to? After taking the injection, the chemicals rush through body and every muscle tightens to an incredible degree. The subject’s body begins to experience euphoria as the rush hits them and then their musculature takes on immense proportions, due to a protein derivative to help keep the body together. As mentioned earlier, however, the body usually ends up tearing itself apart.

“Are you ready for this”

“No. Not really.” Laurel said. After a coin toss, to be fair, they came to a mutual decision to try it on themselves. At least one of them. Laurel won the toss.

Jimmy look at her compassionately. “You don’t have to do this. We can keep looking.”

“No. We’ve run out of time. Those guys want something from us, and I’ve run out of scientific excuses.” Laurel explained.

“11:25. Professor Laurel Hawks will be the first test subject for the Titan formula. All results will be video taped and recorded on hard drive. Laurel, proceed.”

She looked nervously down at the vial and loaded it into the auto-injector. She thought of her family and friends and said a quick prayer. She didn’t bother strapping herself down. If this worked, they wouldn’t hold her.

Jimmy sealed the facility and moved into his bombproof booth in the corner. He looked over at the molecule accelerator, “… still on…” A passing thought, nothing more.

She raised the injector to her neck, quickest way to the heart, and shakily pressed the trigger. The clear liquid drained into her body as she watched. A convulsion hit her and sent the injector flying. On its way across the room, it found the accelerator and kicked it on to aim it directly at Laurel.

Radiation bombarded her small form and another convulsion hit again. The reaction was coming faster than normal. There was nothing that Jimmy could do, however. If he went into the room, he would melt away like a stick of butter. All he could do was ride it out. Laurel’s body began to swell as expected. Each convulsion flexed her body and each flex caused a growth spurt. The powerful rays continued to engulf her and something happened. Jimmy rubbed his eyes and watched as, incredibly, she began get taller. Muscles bunched to amazing proportions as she smiled in rapt satisfaction. The rush was beginning to overcome her. Her hands searched her breasts as they grew, slowly stretching her bra so that her nipples were exposed. The light tickled her nipples and they become engorged and crackled with energy. Her height grew to 7 feet and her thighs thickened immensely. Jimmy thought quickly and realized that the accelerator must be making her body dense enough to hold the strain. But as her density increases, so does the adrenalin output. It was a constant loop! At 8 feet, she seemed to stop getting taller. Her clothes were nothing more than strings wrapped teasingly around her superior body. Her chest moving up and down with her heaving breast. It had grown so that it hid her face. Jimmy knew she was smiling, or laughing. She began to stand and Jimmy gawked as a thing of beauty start to stretch her incredible muscles. Energy sparked from her sex and her hardened nipples, as a low sigh was felt throughout the facility. The rays had not stopped and she basked in their warming energy, growing even more powerful. What would normally melt away even the hardest of metals seemed to dissipate into her bloodstream. Laurel turned her wide back to Jimmy and walked toward the accelerator as if it were a waiting lover. She moved it to aim at her head and showered her face in the immolating heat as her shining hair billowed outward. Her arms surrounded her breasts and she hugged herself which created an overload. All power in the room flickered as the last of the accelerator’s energy was exhausted. Laurel giggled.

“Omygodareyouok?!” Jimmy was hysterical. He didn’t dare go into the room. The heat was still unbearable to a normal person.

“I am WAY more than ok!” The facility shook at the accentuation of ‘way’. Laurel covered her mouth in surprise. Luckily, Jimmy was in the booth. Glass shattered and the concrete wall exploded in the direction of her voice. "Oops," she whispered and signaled that 'they' should be quiet. Laurel curiously reached through the floor and rummaged around like a child in a toy box. The cement crumbled away as her arm opened a ever widening hole. Eventually she pulled out a piece of rebar and twisted it into various shapes before settling on a large heart. She thundered over to the accelerator, arms spread wide.

“Oh, I looove you!” She hugged the steel machine to her and it collapsed to her chest. Laurel playfully gathered the metal into her hands and rolled it into a small pebble. She was very pleased with herself. She dropped the dense pebble to the floor with a resounding THANG. Absentmindedly she turned around and her breast placed a sizable dent into an oxygen tank, which she hardly noticed. Laurel also didn’t notice the valve that used to be attached. Her nipple broke the end away and created a spark. A spark is all you need. Her body was engulfed in flames as the oxygen burned off from the tank. Laurel, laughing, raised her arms and turned in a circle and the flames grew. Thousand degree flame licked her soft skin, but she only smiled. Laurel looked over at Jimmy and winked.

“How about a kiss, Jimmy?” She puckered her lips and the flames danced into her mouth. She had the most perfect and sensuous lips. Full and red and as invulnerable as the rest of her body. The flames disappeared into her lungs as she grasped the oxygen tank and brought the broken valve to her lips. The oxygen had completely been taken into Laurel, but she continued unabated. The tank imploded with a ‘POP’ and crumpled smaller and smaller until it reached a hole it wasn’t able to fit into, Laurel’s puckered lips. Metal heated and steamed and softened as impossible pressure was brought to bare; until the tank also succumbed as easily as the air. Laurel put her hands on her hips and continued to ‘kiss’ as the facility began to shake for the second time today. Jimmy’s booth held, but he wasn’t sure how much longer. The 3 inches thick glass began to bend, and Jimmy was getting nervous. Laurel’s power had surpassed anything comprehensible. Her logical mind completely gone, obviously. Other objects began disappearing into her mouth. The steel exam table lasted all of a fraction of a second. The nitrous tank imploded splattering nitrous oxide all over her body. Finally, the steel walls bowed inward. Jimmy had to stop her before she killed him.

“Stop! Stop, please, Stop!” He frantically came out of his booth and found a vacuum with no air and collapsed.

Laurel finally stopped. “I was wondering when you would come out!” She sauntered over to the titanium door, which was slightly deformed due to Laurel’s display. She curiously pressed her hand into it and was rewarded with screaming metal and her hand print. She eyed it for a moment and began slicing her hands through it. A block about 10 feet high and 6 feet wide was torn away and set aside. The door was designed with security in mind, but they both thought that 15 feet of thickness were a bit much. With that thought Laurel stepped into it and the titanium part before her. She found she could walk through it as easily as if she wasn’t. Screaming metal woke Jimmy and he looked up just in time to see two round protrusions emerge from the security door. Each one topped with a perfect nipple. He ran away as the steel exploded like foam would to reveal Laurel smiling and naked. She went to her slab and pressed the metal together from the top slowly working her way down. After a few seconds, she was holding a 10 foot high pole 15 inches in diameter. She turned to Jimmy and tossed her head back thrusting her breasts skyward. Laurel brought the end to her wet sex and began feeding the titanium rod into her pussy.

“Run, Jimmy,” she sighed, “because I’m about to bring the house down!”

Jimmy wasted no time. He was no fool. He ran for the hole that Laurel’s body had plowed through the door. He made a stop at the weapons locker and grabbed a large rifle. The 50 lb rifle weighed him down, but he had to be certain. He was knocked off his feet as her moans shook the foundations. He found the large bay and hopped into one the vans. There was another, large plasma cannon in the back. He wanted to be VERY sure. Concrete fell from the ceiling in chunks and the building shook again. The bay door began to rise, however Jimmy didn’t wait for it to finish. Just enough space to get out. In a few moments Jimmy was barreling down the country road. In his rear-view mirror he watched as the roof was blown skyward and never came down when she screamed. Once he was at a safe distance, Jimmy pulled over and looked down into the valley with his binoculars. The whole place was coming down and Laurel was the epicenter of the destruction.

“I’ve got to stop her somehow. How am I going to do that, huh?” Jimmy asked himself. The ground bucked under his feet and he was knocked to his back. Jimmy scrambled to his feet just in time to see a crater sink into the earth and bubbling rock come to the surface. The ground had stopped quaking, so Jimmy raised his binoculars to his face to look again. Surely, she was dead. His mouth fell open when he saw Laurel emerge from the lava, splashing it around and pouring over her body like a little girl playing in a kiddie pool. He watched as the sensual titaness scooped the liquid into her palm and pour it over her nipples and bit her lip. He awed at the impossibility of this once human woman submerging herself in the swirling hot earth and spit lava in a high arc, as a stone fountain might. He watched rapt in attention and Laurel looked over at him, like she knew he was there all along. Laurel then feigned some playful surprise and covered her nipples with her fingers. She stepped out of the molten earth and became a white hot blur, shaking the cooling metal and earth from her immense form. She tossed her long, wet tresses behind her and moved over the remains of the titanium door. Laurel turned her backside to Jimmy and bended over to pick up the hulking piece of metal. The 50 odd tons floated off the ground and she began gathering the metal into her chest. The whining could be heard from Jimmy’s vantage point, even from a mile away. She looked over her shoulder at him and started pressing her hands into her breasts. Her hands moved around the front of her thighs and he couldn’t see what she was up to. Her hands moved over her hips and Jimmy watched her smearing the titanium and shaping it into a thong. She turned around and showed him her handiwork. He noticed the steam that slid up her defined abs. A simple thing, really. A strapless titanium bra that barely cover her nipples, of which she had purposely shaped the metal around. The bottoms were a tiny thong that dipped low enough to tease. Laurel brought her fists up into a bicep pose and her body nearly doubled in size. Her enjoyment was apparent as she couldn't even hold the pose. She raised her finger and scraped a “T” into the left breast, and beamed at Jimmy, then disappeared.

“What th… holee sh…”

“Hey, Jimmy!” Laurel was standing at the end of the road. A mile in two seconds. Jimmy’s sanity was beginning to falter. She waved excitedly at him and started to approach. He panicked and aimed his particle beam rifle at her chest. She stopped. Was she worried? Maybe this was good. Laurel cocked her head and frowned; then, as if she had made up her mind, she continued.

“Hold there, Laurel! We need to check you!” Jimmy exclaimed.

“For what?! Jimmy, I feel wonderful! I look wonderful, I can tell you agree.” She was right, Jimmy had a hard-on since her transformation. She crossed her arms behind her to show vulnerability to him. Her perfect, voluptuous breasts rose high on her chest. She could practically hide her face behind them. “I come in peace, Jimmy.”

“I said stop! I m… mean it, Laurel!” Jimmy was becoming way too nervous.

“Or what, Jimmy? You gonna shoot at me?” She teased. Jimmy guessed it wouldn’t do much after what he saw, but he had his ace in the van.

“You’re not stable, Laurel. And I WILL DO IT!”

“Seems to me you’re the one not stable… on your feet!” She chuckled as she lightly tapped her foot. Jimmy stumbled as the ground shook beneath him. She continued her slow approach. Jimmy scrambled to his feet and re-aimed his rifle. Laurel looked down and saw the laser site dance around the inside of her left breast.

“That’s a good spot, Jimmy, but I think it would feel better to the left a bit.” She licked her finger and traced a wet line to her nipple which Jimmy unconsciously followed. “Place it on sustained fire and we’ve got a winner, don’t we Jimmy?”

“Don’t make me.” Jimmy cried.

“I’m not, Jimmy. It’s all up to you,” she replied with guile in her voice. “Don’t be such a baby, Jimmy. Don’t want to touch me?” She slid her hands up her thighs and over her abs. Laurel smiled and curled her right hand into a fist. She flexed her massive chest and the metal stretched to accommodate their size. With a flash her hand slammed down onto her right breast and the shock wave knocked Jimmy off his feet once more. His face contorted with anger as he rose to his feet. He shouldered the particle beam rifle and took aim. Right at her big, dumb face.

“Oh goodie!” She giggled.

Jimmy pressed the trigger and the beam struck the center of her forehead. Laurel looked crossed eyed up at her forehead. Disinterestedly, she look back at Jimmy. She sighed, “I thought we agreed, Jimmy? Down here, honey.” Laurel peeled away the metal over her left breast and Jimmy followed her hand down as she caressed herself. The destructive beam leaving a trail of heated flesh as it moved over her eye and cheek. The beam continued down Laurels neck and slowly over her soft skin to her engorged nipple. She giggled like a 18 years old at Jimmy’s complete awe. Her nipple rose in temperature and became white hot. She peeled away the metal of the other nipple and looked down as the beam moved across her deep cleavage to that nipple.

“Baby, this isn’t even getting me hot.” She smiled. “Well, not where it counts anyway. How about we take another approach, honey?” Her hand moved over her stomach and to her erect clit splitting the titanium thong to peek out from her sex. The beam followed the trail and surrounded her clit in incredible energy. Laurel had only found this mildly amusing, however. Her wet pussy began to steam and Jimmy’s laser was getting nowhere. She waited patiently, arms crossed, for the rifle to burn off it's energy. Jimmy threw the rifle at her in disgust and disappeared into the van. Laurel grabbed the rifle and looked down the barrel.

“Wait, Jimmy-baby, there’s still a little left!” Laurel looked down the barrel and pulled the trigger. Her naked eye took the full force of the ray and then the rifle sputtered dead. “Oh pooh! Well, I hope you’re getting more playthings, Jimmy!”

To Be Continued… Next Time: Spreading the wealth…

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