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Jordan's Story

Written by jnw550 :: [Sunday, 01 December 2002 22:33] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 14 November 2012 04:06]

Jordan’s Story

By: JNW550 (a.k.a. Stoneyman)

The sun was flaring high in the midday sky. Seagulls sang and fed on unsuspecting crumbs from a family of four. Clear blue water reached onto the sandy shore and slipped away to rejoin the ocean. The beach wasn’t crowded. There were small parties going on every 50 yards or so and everything was quiet. Jordan, know to some as Katie Price, was enjoying the warm sunshine on her body. Her large breasts barely concealed under a few scant inches of cloth which strained to contain her wet breasts. Her tanned skin glistened under the light of the sun. She was stretched out on a white beach towel that contrasted with her golden-brown skin. She knew the sun wasn’t doing her any good, but it was nice to feel heat press to her. She barely wore a pink bikini which showed off her perfect, round rear-end when she turned over on her stomach. She reached her delicate fingers behind her to untie her top. If anyone were to notice, they would see how the compact sand gave way against Jordan’s unstoppable bosom. Three days ago Jordan had the luck of interrupting a magical ritual while she was lost in Germany. The ritual had given her the power of a god.

She was smiling as she heard the heartbeats of the men and women as her body aroused both. Today, she was letting her sexual influence stretch to those around her. Jordan has come to realize that nothing can keep her doing what she wants, ever. Her first time walking around naked had been fatal to those weak of heart. The mere sight of her had driven some into insanity. She learned quickly how to conceal her true beauty. Jordan still keeps a certain amount of her sexual power on, however. She also found she had much of the same powers as Superman, only exponentially greater than he could dream. Only last night she stopped the end of the world. A moon sized meteor moving toward the earth. Of course, it was too far away for earth science to see. Jordan only had to look into the night sky. She figured its trajectory and immediately took to the sky, leaving a football field sized crater and a vacuum that carried her vehicle into the atmosphere. She was laughing all the way. She went to meet the comet head on. Once she was within a few thousand miles she smited the immense rock with a clap of her hands. The resulting sound wave completely disintegrated the meteor. Unfortunately, Jordan was still getting used to being omnipotent. The wave continued to travel through space and knocked out a star and two more unfortunate planets.

“I must be careful!” she chuckled.

Today she was trying to relax, but of course, something always seems to happen. Jordan heard a horn bellowing in the great distance. She rose to look out over the water. Most could not see. Miles from the shore an oil tanker was capsizing. Cursing her luck she turned over on her back and debated to herself. She had forgotten about her modesty and her high prominent tits were exposed for all to admire. Two men buckled and fell over into the sand.

“Oh bloody hell!” she offered.

She rose to her feet and blurred out over the water. Her feet were moving so fast she skimmed the surface. A rooster tail 20 feet high followed behind her. She covered the 12 mile distance in seconds and floated on the surface of the water. Jordan walked over to the hull and read the name.

“Jahre Viking, huh? The worlds largest ship! Doesn’t look so impressive to me!” she smiled.

Jordan reached out her left hand and sank her fingers into the 3.5 cm of steel that separated the inside from the water. Slowly, afraid that a quick jerk would hurt someone, she brought the massive ship level. She then swam 30 meters into the frigid water to place her hands gently under the ship. Jordan lifted herself from the water to stand on the surface once more. Over 500,000 tons rested on her right shoulder. Using the one hand, she pressed the boat up and down a few times. The frame groaned and whined as it seemed to float up in her one-handed grip. Life rafts full of men watched amazed as an angel pressed their ship high into the air, all the while smiling cutely at them.

“Which one of you studs is the captain?” she asked.

“Th … that would be me, miss.” he spoke.

“And manners too. I could like this! You should be more careful, mister!” she bent over an kissed him gently on the cheek. All the men in the rafts sank lower as the massive shadow came closer to the water where they drifted. Using her powerful mind she floated the small rafts back up to the top deck. A little treat followed as she closed her eyes and fed them a sexual experience they would never forget, each designed with their individual needs in mind. The whole boat of men, and a few women, experienced orgasm after orgasm courtesy of sex goddess Jordan. She opened her eyes and walked them back to the shore. The beach evacuated as the looming ship seemed to fly onto the beach. The ground shook when Jordan deposited it on the sand. Jordan dusted off her hands and waved her new worshipers goodbye. They all ached for her noticed as the most powerful force in the universe walked away.

“It’s so nice to be a goddess!” she chimed.


A few days later …


“A ticket?! Public nudity?! They don’t know who they’re messin’ with!”

Jordan was furious. Days ago she had saved an oil tanker and its crew from death and now she was getting fined for her revealing outfit.

“They haven’t seen revealing yet!” Jordan stripped her cutoffs down her long legs. Her shaved pussy felt soft to her fingers. Since receiving her power she hasn’t needed to shave. One of the few plusses. She left her tight white t-shirt on. Her nipples poked at the fabric and her golden skin could be seen even through the shirt. Effectively, she was naked. Then Jordan marched down to the station. The streets rumbled with each step she took. Several buildings collapsed as the busty, blonde, and peeved goddess made her point clear to everyone around her. She was in charge here. She approached the precinct building which stood at thirty stories and almost took a city block. Jordan looked the building up and down. Bending over, she reveled at how easy her nipples carved through the stone and rebar. Her shirt ripped apart and her exposed tits demolished a whole wall of the immense structure.

“Mmmm. So nice! I hope you guys are paying attention!”

She went into a swan dive and swam through the foundation to find the center. She laid down on her back and brought her hands up in front of her breasts caressing them for a moment before pressing the building up and freeing it from its steel anchors. Jordan then let loose a gentle breath of air off which the building floated for what seemed an eternity, as well it could have been! One quick puff sent the structure of concrete and steel rocketing skyward for 100 meters where it seemed to hang. A moment passed and Jordan watched with glee as it came crashing down on top of her. Tons upon tons of material threatened to crush her, yet not even her soft tits felt the blow. The floor of the main foyer had two perfect mounds punch through the tile and rebar. Two engorged, pink nipples peeked out from the debris. Everyone waited and watched. One female officer saw each breast wiggle slightly. She listened closely and heard … laughter! A sweet laughter that began to violently shake the giant building like a Christmas present waiting to be opened. Jordan’s jiggling breasts alone were causing incredible amounts of destruction as cops evacuated the area.

After a few minutes, nothing in the city block was left standing. The police watched in awe as a beautiful woman’s breasts leveled the entire area. Jordan pushed aside the 20 or so tons of rubble on top of her and vibrated herself hypersonically to evaporate the dust that clung to her sweaty body.

“So? Is that ticket taken care of?” she giggled.

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